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December 13, 2013

Dear Moralists: Winston deserves Heisman, and your benefit of doubt; plus Dolphins/NFL Week 15 predix (good news), Heat three-peat result & more

1aa1fri13th1) It is SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14. Did you survive yesterday? The superstition and fear of Friday the 13th is sometimes called paraskevidekatriaphobia, and its believers triskaidekaphobes. 2) To the e-mailers asking, I have bunch of back-loaded vacation days I need to use before end of year. That's why I have had fewer columns lately. 3)  In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat quarter-mark poll, Marlins trade, Dear Greg & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

WINSTON DESERVES BENEFIT OF DOUBT AS HE MUCH AS HE DOES THE HEISMAN: Last night in New York they announced Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston as the landslide Heisman Trophy winner, 1aa1j-winas expected. He deserved it. He is the indispensable catalyst for the No.1 college football team in America. There are plenty who are bemoaning the vote result, though, and trying to apply an asterisk. These are the Moralists. They think that because Winston was investigated in a sexual assualt case -- never charged, let alone never convicted, but investigated -- that he does not merit the holy company of the Heisman. That's bulls---. The presumption of innocence applies here. There are two people on Earth who truly know if Winston is guilty or innoncent or the shades of gray that sometimes exist in between. Those two people do not include you or I.

UPSET BIRD DAY: WEEK 15 NFL PREDIX: DOLPHINS BEAT BRADY, BELICHICK: Patriots at Dolphins, in 1aa1fripixDecember, with playoffs on the line. Doesn't get much better than this, folks. (Dolfans, y'all better fill that damn stadium!) I like Miami in a home-'dog upset. Pats' luck in overcoming big deficits exposes a flawed team, now weaker with Rob Gronkowski's latest injury. Click on Week 15 Gems for full prediction capsules on the Dolphins and all other games, and on Broncos' Record Pursuit for our Friday Page NFL notes column. (Denver remains on pace to set the NFL scoring record even after last night). My week got off to a split start. I wrongly had Denver winning, but rightly had San Diego with the points.

MANNING BREAKS A MILLION HEARTS: You could almost hear it Thursday night. The air leaving a million deflated fantasy owners as their playoff hopes sank. Peyton Manning, consensus No. 1 scorer in fantasy football this season, managed only 17 points (at least in my league) last night, less than half of what his owners surely hoped.

Poll result: Heat three-peat hopes take a hit, but still buoyant: We asked in the last blogpost, at the quarter-mark of the NBA season, if you thought the Heat would win a third straight championship -- yes or no -- and 68.2 percent said yes. (You may still vote). We'd asked the same question just before the season started and then it was 83.0% yes.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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oh chit, Cote picked the Dolphins to win on sunday, so now we have to deal with Brady, the ref's and Cote's jinx..WTF?

I won't talk about the Heat until afer Fusbal is ova.

a lot of so called experts are predicting a Dolphins win which has me quite nervous since most of those people have no clue about anything.

Dukito, I know you are into christmas music, when my son was like 6 yrs old he made us play this song everyday, it drove me and my wife nuts..I hope you enjoy it.


17 points from Manning isn't that bad Greg not great but not terrible at all.

I don't see how the Patriots win Sunday. They have been below average defensively and Miami is playing much better on O. No Gronk is huge NE doesn't have enough skill players to beat a good Miami defense that is playing well as the season has progressed.

Miami 31

NE 16

Great call Greg Cote, all those fantasy football teams that coasted to the #1 seed with Manning and a couple other Broncos just got totally hosed in the playoffs!! 18 points for Manning, 5.5 for Moreno, 4.2 for Decker, 4.5 for D. Thomas, 4.9 for J. Thomas.

I got hosed by J. Thomas but then again he was a great waiver wire add in week 2 guy had a breakout year.

FINS UP! It's our time, finally!

With the denver loss last night, and the chance to be the #1 seed in the AFC, Pats go on a 3-0 run to end the season.
Pats- 31
dolphins- 24

HAIL TO THE QUEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you John Stewart in disguise?

I don't know what the outcome will be Sunday but it just seems the wheels have to come off the smoke and mirror Patriots season at some point. And this is as good a week as any....

Miami 24 Patriots 20

so Naples is calling for a Patsies win?..homer.

close game, I'll like to think Tannehill handles his business and has a solid game and our defense rises to the occasion..

28-25 Dolphins...

Tom you really changed your tune.

BB..I'm semi-optimistic about sunday, someone needs to put a beat-down on that damn Brady and it might as well be us.

sorry Naples..

Miami wins big FZ no worries i said we're running the table before the Jets game and we are 10-6 book it.

Well guy's I keep picking for Miqmi to lose but they always win, So I wont jinx the mighty Mammals here, I'll go with New England in a laugher 38 to 16.............

GO PHINS...........

BTW,It should be a crazy morning in the Household this Sunday The Wife and daughter rooting for the Evil Empire vs. the Mighty Mammals.....
God I hope they win...............

hehe..that's a new Anti..sort of reverse psychology for the game..ok I'll roll with it too, Patsies 56 and Dolphins 10.

hey, we need all the help we can get.

and now my fellow Cane fan's, Hitler reacts to the Gators losing to Georgia Southern..hehe


Big Baby

I haven't changed my tune. The Fish still suck and so does Ireland. It's just that the entire AFC sucks and New England is the suckiest 10-3 team in the history of the NFL. At some point their luck has to run out.

I knew you were a Fireland loon I guess I missed it when you came out of the closet.

The NFC isn't that much better than the AFC just stop it you're just trying to support your argument that Miami is a bad team. They are a good team learning how to win I could point to 10 moves that Ireland has gotten right to make this a playoff team with upside if you can't see progress then again I can't help you go watch curling.

Fireland loon? My goodness Big Baby I see you must still have your head up your ...


Ireland is a moron. Only the most delusional of us thinks otherwise. Let me help you. Here is a kit that will help you extract your head from your...


Yeah Fireland loon just about sums it up I thought Kazaam being gone I would n't have to go down this road again but you may have made that impossible.

Did you know that the Gator's mascot was so depressed over there season he joined the army????


Good luck Wally Gator....


I guess you missed the memo on Tom, he's hated ireland for ever..don't you know Tommy-son in one of the original "blog negativos"?

Anti, the Gatar's mascot in the army?..too funny.

Anyone notice that Kaz disappeared the same time Bernie Madoff was sent to the slammer.......

Kaz is dead or in jail. Won't be seeing him no more.

I am not a negativo FZB, I'm a pragmatico. You and Big Baby on the other hand are dumbfuckico.

Well boys, I'm going to chime in on this Fox News controversy where some chick announcer said that Jesus and Santa Clause were white. Well of course they were white, just like Batman and Superman. Which reminds me of the following story;

One day a black couple get invited to a costume party and the husband tells the wife to get him a costume. The next day when he gets home he finds a Superman costume on the bed and complains profusely that Superman is white and for her to get another costume. The next day he finds a Batman costume. Same thing. "Are you nuts get me a costume for a black man!" The next day he finds a two by four sitting on the bed. "What's this?" "That's your costume. You can stick it up your asssssss and go as a chocolate ice cream bar!"

Memo to that Jordan, or Gordon, or whatever the name is of that fish that got angry with me yesterday;

It's Christmas you brain dead libtard moron, Christmas, we're celebrating Christmas not Kwanza, or Hanukah, or Winter Festival, or Frosty the Snowman's focking birthday, you jack ass! Now get your head out of your ass and start hanging some lights on the roof, loser!

Ho ho ho.......


Sorry, Tommy, but I couldn't resist plagiarizing your image. Somehow I don't think you would mind.

No problemo Woody. That picture has universal application to certain type of person. You just happened to identify another. Good job.

Gezzuz Woody...hehe...too funny on so many levels...

And Tommy-son, what's a dumbfuckico?...

By the way Tom, you are a negativo...its ok is just a word.

And another thing, Ross is going to keep Ireland for another year...try not to have a coronary.

Hey liberals...

If we are going to compare Obama to Nelson Mandela....

Can we at least throw him in jail first for 27 years ?

Jimbo says Miami beats Pats by 10 points Sunday. That's the bottom line.

Correct sir. Peyton may go down as the best regular season QB in history but his playoff career is another story. The guy is wound so tight he implodes in the playoffs. Sure, he has a Super Bowl win... IMO Trent Dilfer or David Woodley could have QB'd that Colts to a Super Bowl win over an easy Bears team. That also bodes to the overvaluing of coach Tony Dungy...!

President Zero has done it again. Taking "selfies" with the Danish Prime Minister during Nelson Mandela's funeral. Another classy move by a guy who's supposed to represent the American people.

What the???? What I want to share.


FZB,fantastic idea putting Obama in jail for twenty-seven years would be a real Christmas present for our country! He is surely not even in the same class as Mandella,and never will be. The only thing they have in commom is they were both BORN in Africa. Just sayin

Don't know why you guys want to fire me. We should fire coach Philbin. If you look at the team I have assembled, it is good enough to beat anyone. The fact that we have lost so many close games demonstrates this. Poor play calling and clock management down the stretch cost us at least 3 games this year. I will be talking with my buddy Mr. Ross that if we don't fire Philbin, we need to at least replace Sherman.

Dear Cote

The alleged victim in the Jameis Winston affair deserves a fair and IMPARTIAL investigation. She clearly did not get that. The Tallahassee Police Department screwed up the investigation from day one. Everyone recognizes that. And the Leon County State Attorney is hardly IMPARTIAL since he is an elected official. ANY IDIOT knows if the Leon County State Attorney charged Jameis Winston with rape and caused Jameis to lose the Heisman and/or FSU a chance to play for the national championship that state attorney would be unemployed after the next election.

Bottom line the governor should have transferred the investigation to the state attorney of another jurisdiction. He didn't and because of that there will always be lingering doubts about what happened. Talking about doubts, Jameis's own witnesses have ZERO credibility according to the Leon County state attorney. What does that tell you Cote?

Tom, that state's attorney (Willie Meggs) is also an FSU grad, and big booster.
This was tainted from the begin inning, the so-called witnesses have changed their stories several times, and the time frame is so skewed as to be ridiculous.
Woody, FZB, hats off for getting it real.

Dear Greg Cote:

Would you give Winston the "benefit of the doubt", if she was your daughter?

Good point Jeff.

Hey Cote would you be satisfied with the "investigation" if she was your daughter or even the daughter of a friend?

I think I'll give the "benefit of the doubt" to the victim who reported the incident the day it happened with NO documented ill motive for doing so.

Liberals have a selective "benefit of doubt" or "presumed innocent until proven guilty". Ask George Zimmerman. NBC, CBS, ABC coverage of the Travon Martin death was slanted in forming public opinion, not factual journalism.


You're a douche, this whole disgusting cover up by everyone up in trashy-hassee is dinero driven , no one cares or is interested in the truth...sad really..from now on FSU should be known as Forced Sex University.

Jameis is another fsu thug. The police up there are so far up the team's ass that they will cover for any of them.
The victim went directly to the police after the gang rape. She said she blacked out and woke up being raped by these punks. The cops did not even test her for the date rape drug, and tried to intimidated her to just go away and shut up.

The "witnesses" were punk friends of Jameis who also participated in the gang rape. This is a real travesty. I guess if he was white and it happened down here the press and cops would have him convicted and sentences my now.

Dear Amoralist Hedonist Cote,

Winston, like OJ, deserves to be in jail for the crime committed. Just because a kangoroo, yahoo, inbred, hillbilly court in collusion with corrupt Southern cops from Tallahassee decided not to prosecute does not give him ANY benefit of the doubt.

Its' a disgrace that in the 21st century Florida is still like Mississippi in the 1950s.

You can vote Winston for the Heisman but I assure you that he'll have to give it up in civil court, like OJ.

Anti-Christ- Madoff went to prison long before kaz 86 us.

I think several of you hit the nail directly on the head with this Winston thing. The victim reported the incident immediately, and before JW became the fswho qb. The states attorney is a fswho alum, and booster, and he should have recused himself. And now the victim is asking the Florida states attorney to invistigate the whole affair. With that in mind, if I had a heisman vote, it would not go to Winston, on any terms. It seems that fswho has always gotten away with violations, even when St. Bobby was coach. Fswho could never do any wrong, even when they were breaking ncaa rules. The semiholes have always been the good child in the florida football family, UM has always been treated as the bastard stepchild. Has anyone asked Cote if he is an fswho alum? It wouldn't surprise

You guys are all idiots.

Cote continues to show what a Lib Loon he is; let's hope that the victim's attorney succeeds in obtaining a true investigation.

really jimbo?
zimmerman is a girl friend beating, gun pulling lunatic.

and woody?
"It's Christmas you brain dead libtard moron, Christmas, we're celebrating Christmas not Kwanza, or Hanukah, or Winter Festival, or Frosty the Snowman's focking birthday, you jack ass! Now get your head out of your ass and start hanging some lights on the roof, loser!"
jesus would be so proud of you.

dolphins are peaking at the right time.
clabo has improved tremendously, and ireland's picks like clay, pouncey, thomas and even jordan are starting to prove their worth.
only a brain dead, ridiculous, palmetto high "graduate" hating idiot would think ireland has failed and keep on that while the dolphins, despite locker room distractions, injuries and dramas are playing relevant football in december.
if we win out, we're in the playoffs.

david is there ever a time that you consider posting without being such a colossal douche bag? just wondering.

I don't hate Palmetto High graduates. I love them. Unlike some others we know, I actually graduated from Palmetto. I believe anti did too. And so too did my wife. I actually met her there 1968. And my father still lives in Pinecrest in the house I grew up in not far from Palmetto.

David in LA.......
I wont even respond to your "Palmetto High Grad" Thing, I think you know better, Any-hooooo, I agree that Ireland should not be retained after this season.
Wont go into the specific's but I'm sure the record of the fins under his tutelage speaks for itself........
GO FINS........................

i wasn't bashing palmetto; my 2 years were pretty enjoyable.
we lived off ludlam and 107th. i wonder if your dad was that crazy old coot who used to yell at the kids in the neighborhood..
Mr. fetterman ran a tight ship in marching band, and we were the best in the state. even marched in the cherry blossom parade in DC. fun times. the redneck tuba players always had cigarettes.. and other things..
tom, your head is in the sand.
clay, thomas, pouncey, misi, miller, and.. um.. TANNEHILL, all ireland picks, have more than proved themselves, and all are improving weekly.
there's some question marks on the corners due to injury, but we can't judge them yet.
the free agent moves were great, (even though we lost keller and gibson), money will be carried over to next season giving us $38 million in space, (THAT'S why you don't spend it all in a year you know you're not contending), AND the moves of desperation he DIDN'T make are just as important.
and he's only had complete control for 3 years.
not bad.
this team is on the upswing, and only a moron would deny it.

anti david just called you a moron.

just YOU, tom..

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