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November 28, 2013

Thank you, readers! NFL Bird Day picks and a special Bullygate Thanksgiving video from me to you

[1) It is THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Ryan Tannehill poll, sub-human Knockout Game, Brian the Dog, NFL Pix 'n Fantasy, Heat-Pacers inevitability, the Eagles, SOPY rankings & more. 2) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

1aa1hapthanksHAPPY THANKSGIVING, ALL!: Everybody is busy today (hopefully not too busy to swing by the blog!), but I want to take a moment to thank you all. Just that. Thanks. I want to thank my long-time readers in the newspaper and online, and of course those who helped make our blog a success when we started this venture back in September 2005. You are the No. 1 blog community at MiamiHerald.com, and I am honored that you have invited me to play a small role in your lives. Trust that you all, collectively, play a big role in mine. Thanks again, and have a wonderful holiday!

OUR BIRD DAY NFL PICKS: In the eighth year of the NFL Thanksgiving tripleheader, I see on the plate three close games and one upset. Lions edge Pack but don't cover. Cowboys feast but Raiders keep it inside a big line. And Steelers pull the upset in Baltimore. Click on Bird Day Gems for the three complete predix capsules, including a Cote Thanksgiving Timeline.

Poll result: Faith in Ryan Tannehill is shaky: We asked in the previous blogpost what the Dolphins' QB would be in three years and most said a solid starter (34.8 percent) or a marginal starter (30.6%). Only 8.0% said a star. Other votes were "gone" (8.4%), "reserve" (7.5%) or undecided/too soon to say (6.7%).

1aa1bully13BULLYGATE THANKSGIVING: A HOLIDAY VIDEO FROM ME TO YOU: Pictured clockwise from upper left are me, Dolphins coach Joe "The Pilgrim" Philbin, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. I'd like to thank all three men for taking time from their busy schedules to help make this video. Click on A Bullygate Thanksgiving to watch.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


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A Thanksgiving day memory.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving Ritchie.. Tribute to Incognito;


Jimbo that Denver player was wayyy outa line. He swung at Ritchie and then tried to bite his ear off...

Whoops it was a Texan not a Bronco. Well it's early and I have 20/200 vision...

Another Thanksgiving to remember Nov. 24, 1977

Miami Dolphins 55 • St. Louis Cardinals 14

Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, Detroit and Dallas have hosted the two Thanksgiving afternoon games, with the exception of 1975 and 1977 when St. Louis replaced Dallas. The Dolphins made the Cardinals wish they had never played that 1977 game. That day, the Dolphins set team records for points and yards (503) while Bob Griese became the first NFL quarterback since 1972 to throw six touchdown passes in a game. The Dolphins also rushed for 295 yards against a Cardinals team that actually was pretty good — St. Louis came into the game with a 7-3 record. The victory moved Miami to 8-3 on the season on the way to a 10-4 finish that unfortunately wasn’t enough to make the playoffs.


Can you imagine, 10-4 not good enough to make the playoffs. Hell this year 7-9 in the AFC is a distinct possibility.

Hey Mr. Dukey,

Please remember to fill your gift sack with a bottle of 'Eau My,' my new unisex fragrance is described as "subtle and charming, with top notes of mandarin zest, Italian bergamot and fresh ozone transitioning to night-blooming jasmine, white freesia petals and grated ginger.

unisex lol Thanks Georgy Girl...


If the League were to rule against Samwise Gamgee and suspend him for conduct detrimental to Jonathan Martin, he could always go back to helping Frodo reach Mount Doom.



that was the year of "ghost to the post"; the dolphins didn't get the wild card spot because the raiders were 11-3 and trumped their 10-4. it was a four team playoff system which was gonna be enlarged a year or two later after houston went 10-4, lost only divisional games to the steelers and bengals, and sat during the playoffs. bert jones is an underrated and basically forgotten great QB. lydell mitchell got fed the ball a lot for a guy who was small, slow, and weak. the steelers caught all kinds of grief for not fdrafting him and taking franco harris- what a laugh!! a fullback with the speed to run sweeps versus a slow gnat. lydell mitchell is the worst player to be considered, by others, as good. marshall faulk he wasn't.

happy thanksgiving ye-all !!!

you guys want a good laugh?..take a looksie at reason people like Obi keep getting re-elected...


I wonder what our two liberal nut cases (Cote and David) think about this...hhhmmm

OC's Golden Shopping Tip: If the item of clothing doesn't look good on that 18 year old Victoria's Secret model, it's not going to look good on your wife.


Tip for a long and happy marriage....


Honey you look Marvelous...


Ritchie is a throw back type NFL player. If he played back in the 70's, he'd fit right in.

Tom, I remember that game. Conrad Dobler went off & started fighting everyone around him because Miami was manhandling St Louis. Right next to Dobler was the great NFL analyst - Dan "Meathead" Deerdork. Ah,,, back in the day,,, Fins used to be a powerful team.

Thanksgiving praise: Thankful for life, love, friends.

Optimist: When you start getting down because the Dolphins are 5-6,, think about the Cam Cameron year. Things can always be worse.

Working this afternoon, got to see some Pack - Lions game, will miss the other 2. I'm kicking around the idea of hanging up my career in Dec 2014, venturing west & starting a new 2nd career. Almost new anyway,,, did real estate appraiser for 2 years as a hobby in Colorado before going to the swamp.

We think alike. Bet your like me, going Christmas & Bday shopping I spend time in Victoria Secret browsing. Hint-don't put the panties on your head, you will get tossed out of there by security. Mall guards are nothing to take lightly. Highly trained & years of experience dealing with old ladies & teenagers.

that sounds overly fruity


I remember exactly where I was that Thanksgiving 1977. What a great game. I had forgotten that Deerdork was a lineman on that Cardinals team. Now I better understand his antipathy toward the Fish. He's no doubt still sore and very embarrassed from getting his ass whipped that day by Kim "No Sack" Bokamper.


disagree wholeheartedly- richie incognito is a no-talent and wouldn't have "fit in". conrad dobler was another dirty player, but at least he could somewhat block anyone except merlin olsen. same with ron yary- a guy who consistently held deacon jones when the vicodins and rams played and pass plays were called. ron yary was a very decent run blocker who couldn't handle the deacon. richie incognito is nowhere near either conrad dobler or ron yary. a total no-talent problem at every stop on the trail. the st. louis line of the seventies- bob young along with dobler and dierdorf and j.v. cain before he croaked- was one of the better units in the NFL and blocked well for jim hart and terry metcalf.


another case of mismanagement by the dolphins; he gave them every penny's worth of whatever he made. given a little crack, he breaks free EVEN BETWEEN THE TACKLES!!! lamar miller, daniel thomas... couldn't even shine his shoes. put into an offense with the lions that has a decent QB and a wideout of the gighest order and reggie bush is having a really good- maybe even great- year. sorry that the lions haven't had an opportunity to see kellen moore play; one day he'll get a chance to show why the lions are sitting on the best three QBs in the NFL.

Yup Jimbo, Ritchie would fit in nicely in the past. In the present he's viewed as a caveman. Sweet Jesus, what has become of the game of football...

I understand Richie Incognito is having Jonathan Martin's sister for Thanksgiving.

Jeff, I thought he was havin' Jonathan's momma. Ohh that was just wrong and on Thanksgiving too...


it isn't often that these two clubs ae playing to keep their noses above water in the wild card race, but that is the way it will be tonight. steelers on a roll, ravens can all but get rid of them with a win tonight. the two coaches in tonight's game are in the top 7 of the NFL, play run and defend, and are solid guys without the arrogance that most perennial winners develop. as stated, the dolphins are hoping for a steeler win parlayed into a dolphin victory next week, which won't happen. the jets might even put miami out of the wldcard race on sunday. whatever happens tonight, we'll see what the dolphins can do against a powerful team physically next suday, and it says here they won't do much. if they can't run for 30 yards against carolina, tampa, or the others of that ilk, don't see them crackin' the steelers for much on the ground.

Happy thanksgiving to all!

Glad to have all you fools around to make me look far more intelligent than I am. Thankful the canes suck consistently and al golden is your coach and the troll steers your ship.

Poor widdle candy canes can't play when it's chilly out. Absolutely pathetic, Golden retriever is like the captain of the Titanic, watch out for those ice bergs!!

Georgia Southern

at home...

Hey Rawpiple,you sad little troll...you should never use the word "intelligent" when describing yourself...you are a Gator fan who trolls a Miami forum because like most Gator fans you are obsessed with the Canes...and you are dumb enough to do it after your awfully horrible team lost 7 in a row and one of them was at home to a high school team...oh and the Canes also beat you this year and 7 of the last 8...you are the epitome of stupid...now shape up,grow up and go out and try to get laid for once in your life...

gggeeezzzuuuusss roid ...don't let the Lizard asswipes get to U..hehe, U were right on one thing, they are simply too stupid to understand how bad and uninspiring their team is, I mean losers of 7 in a row and they're still obsessing about the Canes?...

losing to a fackin HS team?..in the swamp?..child please.

Georgia Southern dip chit's...

here's better news for the Canes and every SEC team, Muschump is coming back !!!, we should throw a parade...we need that cat to stick around for a while.


Tom,your post brought back a great memory of a great game. If you recall,the red hot Cardinals did not win another game that year! They never got over the beating by the Dolphins and the dirtiest player in the league at that time was Conrad Dobler and AJ Duhe had him so flustered that he lost it and was ejected from the game. Ah,good memories

I come on the Herald blog because I live most of the time in South Florida, BOZO and I have to listen to "the Canes are back, FOR REAL, this year", every single year and guess what??? Every single year, there is a false alarm.

You are bragging about beating the Gators when they dominated you in just about every stat category? Did you watch the game? So comparing games, Georgia Southern ran all over the Gators and Miami could muster what 50 total rushing yards? PATHETIC. Go crawl in your hole because your Canes are brutal! Home of the 3 star recruit and you think you are winning with a bunch of scrubs?? Get outta here! You have a better shot with the Florida Panthers. Football in South Florida is bad and has been bad for many, many years. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. You are in darkness for at least the next 5 years and probably much more.

God AJ Duhe was a fun linebacker particularly in Jets/Dolphins playoff mud bowl...


usually don't stay up till midnight, but the ravens and steelers made for a great game. bizarre doings at the end, but these two always put on a good show. we'll see how pittsburgh reacts against the dolphins, now behind the ravens in the wild card chase i presume.

The mission is now clear. Win one more game than the Ravens for a playoff spot. Honestly I smell blowout on Sunday Miami secondary doesn't allow passing td's they should feast on the erratic G. Smith who may not be a starter for much longer he's looking like a bust so far. Pittsburgh isn't very good either but can beat you if you don't cover their WR's other than that they are a shell of themselves NE put up 55 on that defense I like our chances even on the road.

Now would I want my team to win the stats or the game? hmmmm, this is a tough one... NOT! For Gators it's tough because they always lose the game which is why they always talk stats rather than SCOREBOARD

Clearly everyone with half a brain would prefer their team lose the stats war every week but WIN the game on the scoreboard.

21 - 16

7 losses in a row

Georgia Southern at home... (thank you roid)

Muschump retained

The entire SEC is celebrating the current and future irrelevance of Florida. MUSCHUMP RETAINED


No A. Cromartie for the Jets. That will have very negative implications for them should be an aerial show at least by Miami standards. Good enough for the win.


I was at that Jets v Miami playoff game when AJ had three interceptions, one of which he returned for a TD. The best part of the game was when it was almost over and the game was already decided, Mark Gastineau got a sack and started doing his ludicrous sack dance. He looked absurd. What a great day!!!


i like your enthusiasm amigo however winning five in a row with our offensive line and uninspiring offensive philosophy seems like a stretch to me...but miracles do happen from time to time..

GO DOLPHINS !!!!!!!!!!'

Tom and roid....only lizard fans gloat about winning the stat's battle while the other 99.99% of the people would rather win the game...its their retarded way...

Yes it is now clear why Dierdorf hates the Dolphins I knew there had to be a reason and that is it. That 77' game is still fresh in his noggin. He was one tough son of a gun though one of the meanest offensive lineman you will ever want to meet. No one wanted to play opposite him during his career.

here Dukito.....and try not to have an orgasm..


It's a stretch FZ but if we can upset NE at home we have a chance to run the table. Baltimore still has to play NE also. A loss Sunday however and it's season over for Miami.

Just clueless. Completely clueless. Even your thanksgiving dinner couldn't turn all the extra fuel devoted to your organs and your brain into something meaningful.

How many ACC championships have you won????? Can you answer that? Once you entered a conference, and a crappy one at that, how many ACC titles have you won???? I'll await your response....CRICKETS!!!!

It's not that crappy it's proably better than the Big Ten has been lately. Ok it's not the SEC congratulations it's still a competetive conference.

Rawpimple, you truly are a pathetic piece of s*** get a life loser.

Pimple it's not that we think the Canes are great or that we are satisfied with their performance the past 10 years. On the contrary, they're not and we're not. That said, we find it beyond absurd that a Gator fan comes here to rag on the Canes when the Gators are the laughing stock of NCAA football.

"It was the first win by the Eagles over a FBS school in 21 tries. Georgia Southern had lost 19 scholarship players to injuries this season."


Georgia Southern had the Gators so discombobulated that the Gators were blocking themselves.


But you keep on ragging on the Gators. It reminds us of what colossal assholes Gator fans are and allows us to relive the best of Gator LOWlights this season. Number one of course being.....


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