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November 11, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 4.7%; plus Miami falls at Tampa 22-19 but don't blame Bullygate; also Ross talks, results on Philbin-Ireland & more

It is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12. Hope all our military personnel get and feel the respect they deserve every day, not just on Veterans Day. 2) Congrats to Marlins' Jose Fernandez for winning NL rookie of the year. Deserved. 3) Click on Random Evidence for my latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with the Dolphins' Hell Week. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphin bullying scandal's affect on Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland, related poll, Incognito states his side of it & more. 5) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Richie Incognito on Rodeo Drive: Click HERE for the TMZ video. (Worst job in America: Paparazzi). 

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G9: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 4.7 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Monday night's 22-19 loss at Tampa Bay putting the Dolphins' season record at 4- 1aadsm5. That ties the season low set after a recent fourth straight loss. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Wednesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% (20.3-v, 66.2-s) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% (71.9-v, 26.9-s) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% (78.2-v, 20.8-s) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% (18.8-v, 39.4-s) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

G5: 33.5% (4.3-v, 29.2-s) following 26-23 loss vs. Baltimore.

G6: 6.5% (3.8-v, 2.7-s) following 23-21 loss to Buffalo.

G7: 4.7% (3.0-v, 1.7-s) following 27-17 loss at New England.

G8: 50.3% (8.2-v, 42.1-s) following 22-20 OT victory vs. Cincinnati.

G9: 4.7% (3.6-v, 1.1-s) following 22-19 loss at Tampa Bay.

Next poll: Nov. 17 following game vs. San Diego.

G9: DOLPHINS @ TAMPA BAY: MIAMI FAILS TO TURN DISTRACTION INTO VICTORY: Final: Much will be made of the negative impact of Bullygate on this game. That's the easy storyline. But that's also too easy an excuse for Miami. Dolphins started horribly and yet scrapped to a 19-15 lead. Where was the Bullygate distraction when the Dolphs had all the momentum then? Here is why they lost: Miami ran the ball 14 times for 2 yards. That is the worst running game in franchise history. (Repeat that last sentence). "It's hard to win in the NFL when you don't have any kind of balance," said coach Joe Philbin afterward. Meanwhile MIA's defense allowed the Bucs to run for 151 yards. That was the difference, not Bullygate. Don't get me wrong. This distraction did negatively impact the team, yes. But they came back to take the late lead. That sort of knocks the Bullygate crutch out from under you. ..... 4Q: Darrelle Revis picks off a Tanny bomb, and that's it. ... Tanny uni fairly clean tonight but that was awfully timed sack. ... A fair catch at the 5? Seriously? ... Dumb! Awful roughing-passer penalty against Phillip Wheeler on helmet hit. ... MIA's 19 unanswered points end with Bucs TD and 22-19 lead early in fourth Q. Bobby Rainey 1-yard run. ..... 3Q: Jimmy Wilson INT for Miami has Dolphs inside Bucs 10, but MIA settles for FG and 19-15 lead as quarter ebbs. ... Miami's first lead at 16-15 after Tanny to Matthews 19-ayrd TD pass and then failed 2-point throw to Mike (Invisble) Wallace. What up with Matthews tonight!? Eleven catches, two TDs for Rishard. ... Fins within 15-10, all mo' with MIA. Sagging Bucs reminding why they're winless. ... His name is Mr. Thigpen. ... His name is Brandon Fields. ..... Halftime: One great, late drive and Miami is right back in it. Tanny a sharp 15-19 but need a ground game. Dolphins have seven carries for zero yards. ..... 2Q: MIA finally does something. Ryan Tannehill 6-yard TD pass to Rishard Matthews and Dolphs within 15-7 late in half. Tanny 12 straight completions. ... "Everybody's havin' fun tonight for Tampa." --Jon Gruden. ... And it's 15-0. Dolphins falling flat. ... "Miami does not look ready to play." --Jon Gruden. ... Embarrassing. Daniel Thomas tackled in end zone for safety and 12-0 hole. ... Chris Clemons drops INT, then Bucs punt downed at MIA 2. That kind of night so far. ...... 1Q: Iffy interference call, but Brent Grimes giving up so much height to Vincent Jackson. ... "Miami better wake up." --Jon Guden. ... Bucs at 10-0 are gouging MIA's run defense right up the middle. ... T-Bay 7-0 when big fat tackle Donald Penn catches 1-yard TD pass from Mike Glennon. ... Bucs RB Mike James, ex-Cane, off in a cart in first series. Hard to say, but great news for Dolphins. ..... Original post: Have the Dolphins ever played a game under more bizarre circumstances? Can't quantify that, and it's rhetorical, but I'd say the answer would be no. Bullygate, starring aggressor Richie Incognito (suspended) and victim Jonathan Martin (on leave), has dominated the entire past week 1aa1dol9 1aa1bucsdoland served up a major distraction for the team. It's a scandalous national story with legs. It's about the sociology of football lockerroom culture. It's about race. It takes bullying out of the schoolyard to a whole new place. It could affect the futures of coach Joe Philbin and GM Jeff Ireland. This story is all of that and more, it isn't soon going away, and it's sure to get the Major Rehash tonight on ESPN's Monday Night Football. Almost forgot: there 's a game, too! And that's weird on its own, because Miami hardly is the only team surrounded by chaos tonight. The Bucs are 0-8, they've had a staph infection sweep through the lockerroom, and coach Greg Schiano is unpopular and fighting for his job. It's a perfectly delicious, so-awful-it's-great matchup! Weeks like the Dolphins have had can have a rallying affect on a team, and that's very possible tonight. But it's also impossible to predict. That's why this game has an anything-can-happen feel even more than most. Wouldn't surprise me if it was lopsided either way, a blowout by ... somebody. Having said that, Tampa Bay is home, has a decent defense, and rookie QB Mike Glennon has played well lately. Hey, Jacksonville won. Cows can fly. Hell Week continues. My pick was: Upset. Tampa Bay, 23-17.

OWNER ROSS SPEAKS, CALLS BULLYGATE A "NIGHTMARE": "We couldn't be going through a worse nightmare," Dolphins owner Stpehen Ross told the media this evening in Tampa in a pregame news 1aa1bucs strossconference. Other bullet points: Ross has appointed a committe that includes Don Shula, Tony Dungy, Jason Taylor and Curtis Martin to investigate and develop a team code of conduct. He says racist slurs, bullying and harrassment will not be tolerated. He says he will meet with Jonathan Martin on Wednesday and was "appalled" when he first saw Incognito's text that included the N-word. Ross said, "Right now I have total confidence in my staff." The phrase right now" is interesting. So is the fact Ross specified support for coach Joe Philbin, but not for GM Jeff Ireland.

Poll result: Most think bullying scandal should cost Philbin or Ireland his job: We asked in the previous blogpost (you may still vote) if you thought the Dolphins bullying mess should cost coach Joe Philbin or GM Jeff Ireland their jobs, and I was surprised that most, 54.5 percent, answered "yes, no matter what." It was 15.1% for "yes, if team fails to make playoffs," 19.7% for a flat "no," and 10.7% for "maybe or undecided." That's strong support from only 1 in 5 fans. Ouch.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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I believe Martin is a weak stick, and never return to football, period. Under "no" circumstances do you walk out on your team during the season! He could never come in another locker room again. Sorry, thst's the way it is. Better for him to pursue a career away from the game!

If one listens closely, one can see a number of "ex" Head Coaches and GMs auditioning for what will certainly be, new openings in Miami.


let's get Pioli and then let him pick his HC..Pioli should be the choice.

The funny thing is that we all assumed that Jeff Ireland made all sorts of player decisions largely based on whether the player under consideration had "character" issues. Right? I mean, did Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall not fall out of favor for failing the litmus test?

Bingo! Ethics are for preachers. In a world of business or sports where the bottom line is winning "the ends have always justified the means." The other, achem, more known and commented saying is only for Sunday school teachers and chumps.

If they play like they played against Cincinnati they should win tonight's game.


take a look'sie at this article....the Lizard nation is crumbling before your eyes..


OC..Oye meng, Ross has to make a change, he has no other choice here..I already know the new guy will get rid of everyone but maybe just a few (Tannehill is a keeper) and start all over again..bummer.

Spoken like a true dinosaur, Woodcock. Watch out for the tar pit!

There are meat eaters and pansy assess, OC.

You just keep on singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" while you look at the world through rose colored glasses.

Take my 5¢ psychoanalysis for what it's worth, but if this were a Hollywood movie, The name of the movie would be "Lockdown." Starring: Stephen M. Ross, as the clueless political Bureau Director; Jeff Ireland, as the controlling Warden, Joe Philbin, as the cook, Richie Incognito, as the loyal Warden's Captain of the Guards, and the team as the Convicts.

...oh yeah, and Mr. Woodcock, as the inmate receiving woodcock.

FIRE PHILBIN!!!!!!! I mean Elmer Fudd.

Fernandez voted NL rookie of the year, yeah boy..


OC...I don't care if you bash my boy Ireland anymore..I won't do it but no problemo if you do..

looking at the comments from Ross Cote is speculating that Philbin has more support than Ireland..to me that's a mistake, if you are going to replace the GM then you must let everyone else go and let the new GM bring in whomever he likes.

you can't hire a GM and tell him he must retain Philbin..not a bueno situation..

Ross and Ireland in a very serious conversation on the sidelines at Raymond James Stadium. Let's listen in...

Ross: So tell me again what is the plan?

Ireland: We're gonna sign marginal players to premium player contracts, release premium players who are paid marginal player salaries, and create an atmosphere in Miami that will turn off the most devoted of fans.

Ross: Well I would say you are executing your plan to perfection.

Hard to believe it's game # 9 here boys let's make it a good one.


Boys, its time to get ready for the draft...so who do we pick?

Wow, look at these two pricks. Worst photograph ever published in the Miami Herald.


Thanks Mary Martin, instead of Richie Incognito we have fat Jerry who has no clue.

I am very surprised at this but so far it appears the Dolphins are mailing it in. Pretty pathetic effort so far.

I say we call it a night boys...15-0 already...


FIRELAND, Tannefail, Phailbin. Need we say more. Stephen Loss.

Interesting that Ross sat with Nat Moore the entire game. Wondering if they were talking about Ireland's replacement?

Miami loses to one of the worst teams in the league. Pretty pathetic.

Adios Jeff. Adios Joe.

I actually feel bad for Joe Philbin. He deserved better from his GM.

What a horrible team and pathetic franchise. Waste of time no longer. Get rid of Ross he is a cancer to this organization as well as Ireland and Philbin.

Ross certainly described tonites joke: appalling, total embarrasment, worst nightmare. Season= OVER

Well, for those of us of age, we bring you Dandy Don...♬ Turn out the lights, the party's over, they say that all good things must end. Lets call it a night the partys...

Time to fire the staff and start over. this is a disgrace to the whole franchise.

Now they are really going to implode. I guess I need to go back and check the yearly blog prediction to see who had 4 & 12.

How long must we endure Ireland and this third tier coaching staff? Oh, I almost forgot that we have a fourth tier owner who is busy trying to get some more "celebrity" owners to lure the masses into the stadium for the sacrifices.

What a pathetic joke. Move to the left coast already.

Oh, and for the one or two Ireland fans, stick this one up your butts.

Pathetic indeed needs to be the word of the night. How in hell does a professional team rush for 2 yards?

Bye bye, Jeffy. Bye, bye Jeffy. Bye, bye Jeffy, we're thrilled to see you go.

Good riddance. The only positive of bully-gate is that we will get rid of the anchor that is Ireland one year sooner than expected. One less draft for him to screw up. One less offseason for him to blow.

Glad Mike Wallace is still the world's most overpaid decoy. Glad we handed Phillip Wheeler tons of cash that no one else was going to give him so he can have no interceptions, no forced fumbles and no fumble recoveries and one measly half sack in 9 games. How is that even possible? Glad we drafted rookie CBs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds that can't get on the field. Glad we traded up to the third pick in the whole draft take a situational pass rusher that isn't good enough to play run defense for a team that can't stop the run at all. Glad we mis-used Sean Smith for years than let him go to KC (where he has been dominant) so we could give Nolan "Sieve" Carroll some more snaps. Glad we wasted years of high picks and free agent dollars on an offensive line that gets pushed around like sissies on the field but acts like tough guys off it.

Watching this team makes me sick. Buffalo and Tampa are 4-15 this year.....and 2-0 against Miami. Glad we shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars and hoarded draft picks for another middling, untalented group of dopes that are going to once again go 7-9. They could have spent zero new dollars for the same result. Pathetic.

...and as the loser stench that permeates everything Miami Dolphins, gag-gah nice guy Stephen Ross appears to be cutting fellow nice guy Joe Philbin some slack. Thus, there appears to be no end in sight to a Dolfan's misery. Qatar has a brighter future than the Dolphins.

There is only one loser here, and that's Stephen Ross. It all started by not getting the stadium updated, but instead he donates 250 million to Michigan........This Ross guy is a shmuck, who knows nothing about football.

Perhaps if this was happening to Jeff Ireland, I might feel just a minuscule better:


Tannehill can't close games or come close to completing a deep pass. This is the third game in a row that I was hoping he would break a couple fingers on his throwing hand. Moore doesn't help them in the future but he will help them win now.


If they haven't been bullying that fat fock John Jerry they better start right now. He sucks. That fat ass isn't fit to work as a bell hop at the old Columbus Hotel in downtown Miami.

"Boy, Boy, can you bring up my suitcases.....!"

Anyone not voting very dissatisfied will be visited by Richie Incognito tomorrow morning.

It's not just the fact that the owner of the team looks like a chipmunk, or that the GM is a carbon copy of Spanky from Spanky and our Gang, but just when you thought things couldn't possibly get worse since Don Shula left, after all the horrors from the 19 or 20 stiffs who have tried to play the QB position, the Dave Bumstead era, the Cam Camaron era, the Tony Fatboy era, to the ridiculous B- celebrities who have been sold a little piece of the team, to the horrendous record on draft day, the horse shit new uniforms, that idiotic new "team song," and now this Richie and Martin laugh in, as bad as all that has been it pales in comparison to the quality of play that these bums have exhibited week in and week out on the field of play.

Just a sad, sad, state of affairs and one that can only get worse before it has any chance of getting better.

Gentlemen, and I use the term "losely," that was the Tampa Bay Bucs that we embarrassingly lost to on national television in a game that thankfully will not be remembered by many who saw it. Years from now, although the memory will have thankfully faded into the dustbin of history, a slight whiff of jiff from the aroma emanating from the stench of freshly laid horseshit on wet grass will still be lingering over Roland James Stadium for decades to come.

It's Time to give Bill Cowher complete control of this team

Agree Tom, Last time we had a "JAW" In charge it was Shula................
Lets face it, This guy would eat a Kitten.....


Tat's a face of a NFL Coach........

Well guys,,,

Let's all look at the " positivo" side of things...better draft position.

Tom..B Cowher is not a good choice anymore..he doesn't have the desired to coach..but Pioli would be a smart choice as GM , take a look at the team he put together in KC that fat Andy Reid is getting credit for.

Well one thing's for sure...fat John Jerry won't be here next year , personally I wouldn't bring back Wheeler, Clemmons , number 93 LB ( sorry forgot his name ) or Starks ( too expensive ) .

Try to trade C Wake while he still has value...maybe we can get a second rounder for him.

On the O Line only bring back M Pouncey..


There is no positive side to this...whoever Ross hires will just f this up some more...there are no excuses for this one...I said way back that 3-0 was an illusion and that it was the same old Phins...this team is wretched in so many ways...to lose to a 0-7 team with a back up qb and 3rd and 4th string rb's....2 yards rushing???!!!...inexcusable on every level...I could go on and on but what's the point...this franchise will now experience apathy like they have never seen...many fans have bypassed anger and frustration and are just starting not to care...a once proud franchise in total ruin...pathetic...

Ireland should be shown the door this morning...

and that boring,unoriginal turd Sherman should follow right behind his sorry ass...bad amateur play calling and a team with no killer instinct=losses to Glennon and f'ing Thad Lewis...just pitiful...

FZB-"you can't hire a GM and tell him he must retain Philbin"? That is exactly what the Jets owner told his new GM. He had to retain Rex Ryan as head coach,and he did. Although I do not agree with this,but Ross seems to love Philbin,so he might get a scholorship? I hope he does'nt,because I am sure he is a nice person,but he is definately not a head coach. Just sayin

The Fins Need to Take That Piece Of Crap Team out of my City ANd Send Them to Another Loser City Like Cleveland.

The Fins Should Just Lay Down And Lose Like They Have Done since Marino Was There.


Yes of course it happens like that sometimes but it's not the best way to go, fire everyone and start all over again, get a good GM and give him the power to do what ever he wants.

How THe Hell Can THe Fins Bully Anyone And Play Like Sissies On The Field WEek ENd Week OUt

Heres an idea. Get rid of those fake celeb owners, bring in a new GM with ultimate power to hire and fire, and more importantly, have Ross leave on a 4 year sabbatical, with no communications with the team whatsoever.

Well first time this season I voted very satisfied. With each passing loss Fin hammer another nail in iREhEADS & pHiLBiNS coffins...

Hey Ross did you take Jimmy Johnson for a ride on your private jet yet...

And Marino on a council?? A real pillar of ethics and family values. What hypocrites.

Dolphin soap opera continues.Disd Ellerbe look out of position/slow to react...on every single play or was it just me?THAT guy can t make plays or cover anyone till they get past him and then they drag him 3 or 4 yards....every time.He s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overated.Jelly Jerry is useless.Tannehill s inconsistent still but he s got no line to help him...all year.The running game was depressing to watch because it wasn t happening at all.Even the Defense in the first and 4th quarters was getting annihilated.The linebackers and line were getting shredded except for Starks....upon occassion.Wake except for 2 plays was average.Sherman and Coyle seemed clueless most of the game.No pressure but 2 times all game long on a rookie QB?????The Coordinators were really bad and the team couldn t stay with Tampa...that says it all ...right there.Ready for a new Administration Mr Ross.......first chance you get sir.Fans are waiting.....so please get back to us sir....at your EARLIEST convenience.Your investment is liquifying fast.

FZ I would have gone with idea of Pioli first. I jut don't see him leaving KC to come to Miami. Actually I'm not sure who would come to Miami at this point...

19 "very satisfied" votes for the Dolphins.

How many employees are there in the Dolphins front office?

Mr. Woodcock I just blew breakfast looking at your pic of Ross and Irehead...

Sad Dolphin fans will likely have to wait for Steven Ross to either sell or die before there is even a chance for this club to turn it around. Ross may be worse than Hugh Culverhouse was for the Bucs...

I'd have more respect for Ross & Philbin if they just resigned in shame...

Fins could not beat the Gators...

I never liked the choice of Philbin as coach, I thought it was just too fresh off the death of his son. I didn't think he had enough time to mourn and thus surprised by his hiring by Ross.

Well, it all backfired mighty quickly with the fiasco of Martin/Incognito. I think it's time Miami removed Philbin from the equation and find themselves a more younger and exciting coach.

Coaching is boring, they never play to win, they always sit on a small lead and end up losing. Continue playing when you have the lead. The fans wants to see some exciting football. Play to win the game.

Ha Ha OC, the school bus over the cliff reminded me of...


Ireland should just go to Thailand and check in and OUT of David Carradines last room...

Cote how could you be surprised by fans lack of support for Ireland and Philbin. That was a no brainer...

Who would have thunk Fin organization would have perpetuaslly sunk this low post Shula...

To bad edvery Dolphin fan couldn't have a penalty kick or two at Rosses, Ireland's & Philbin's nuts OC...

This team came out flat and uninspired and it ended up costing them...well,that and the fact the running game was non-existant(Thomas 4 carries for -2 yards,are you f'ing kidding me???) and the D got gashed so hard up the middle it is laughable(Soliai got pushed around like a little bitch)...this team has ZERO killer instinct...after the Wilson pick they should have stepped on their throats...but that douche Sherman calls a sweep?

Tannehill was once again just serviceable and proved he can't connect on any ball over 20 yards...no excuse for the ball to Wallace to be uncatchable...football 101 shit...he isn't a leader and I don't think he has the brains to be any more that what he is:average...and yes,he should have rushed for a TD...that was retarded...

Dumb penalties,Thigpin fair catch on the 5,wtf? The 2 sacks on the final drive etc etc...same old shit,over and over and over...nauseating...

Matthews and Grimes played well...everyone else was dog shit...

FZ it pains me to bring this matter up now but there is still the little matter of eating your young...

That was not me suggesting Cowher. I guess I agree with FZB on Cowher. His time has past. In any event we have much better candidates here for the housecleaning that is coming.

For GM how about OC Dolphin? He certainly has more football common sense than Ireland.

For head coach how about dukito duran? hE wouLD COnfuSE thE sHiT OuT of THe coMpETitIOn.

For cheerleaders how about FZB, Big Baby and david from la. You need bigtime homers for cheerleaders and these guys are the biggest homers on the planet. FZB and Big Baby were already spotted practicing earlier this week...


For director of human relations how about Woodcock? He is perfect. No more PC bullshit and no one can accuse him of showing favoritism to anyone. He hates everyone equally.

For strength and conditioning coach how about...


This has to help keep them in the gym and out of the strip clubs.


Tom I used to like redheads. That's been ruined for me...

Is the strength and conditioning coach Barbara Striesand on steroids?

I wonder wat the ratings were for last nights trainwreck...

Sure wish there was a media round table with Ross, Irehead & Philbin each taking turns reading posts on this thread out loud before nationally televised viewing audience...

Ross, Irehead & Philbin et al YOU SUCK!!!!!!

dukito,you don't see Scott Pioli leaving Kansas City,huh? Pioli was fired last year from KC and is currently unemployed. Altough he did a great job in New England,he could not get the Chiefs out of the basement. Plus,remember he is Bill Parcells son-inlaw. With that in mind,he does not get my vote.

Haleyray whoops my bad. Sadly I still don't see him coming to Miami for all the tea in China...

I don't see any competent GM coming to Miami until Ross is institutionalized...

So dukito are you saying OC Dolphin is not competent?

No Tom. I don't see OC coming to Miami until Ross is put away...

You're probably right. OC is too smart for that.

The first thing I would cut would be that damn gay "fight song." They might as well be playing "It's a Small World." They're both about the same.

I mean, if Ross insists on keeping it, they might as well start selling two huge plastic ears on a hairband at games so that the song matches the crowd.

I was at game last night in Tampa, it wasnt worth my 8 hours of driving, My first tattoo is of the dolphins. "these pro football players who get paid to go out every game and give 110%.. Wow we really suck. The whole organization. i just dont want a new coach, new gm,offense and defense coordinators ,scouts, video guys, AND THE team FREAKING Dr.
We have the blueprint of a great team in our Miami Heat.
Stephen Ross please get this 15 year nightmare back on the tracks it starts with u. CLEAN HOUSE

As part of my negotiated acceptance with Ross, I would insist that Ireland serve one season with the team while still on that extended contract he received. I would then concoct eight distinctly different halftime bits where Ireland would be featured.

I'm thinking a large cannon shot with across the field, with Jeff as the projectile, for the first game.

Ticket sales would skyrocket (no pun) in anticipation of upcoming humiliations.

From the Canes to the Fins, football in South Florida is on life support over just two weeks.

How the once mighty 3-0 teams have fallen. HARD!

Just fire Philbin now. Fire his sorry butt.

Ohhhh and fire Ireland first.

Then cut Mike Wallace. 4 receptions for 15 yards? Are you kidding me? How many millions does this scrub get?

Trade Tannehill for any draft pick we can get while he is still worth something. He is going to look good carrying a clipboard in 2 years.

Let's see here...Mike Wallace at $60M deal of which he gets some $12M this year, against his 495 yards, 40 receptions and one TD...Yup, that's $24k/ yd, or $300k/ catch. $12M for one TD seems high, though.


15-7 at halftime and i went off to dreamland to awaken to the details and my pals' reaction to this game. there was enough junk in half one to complain about, but the misery of the second half makes the first half look good. letting a 0-8 team, albeit an improving one, get out to a 15-0 lead, shouldn't be the end of the world. being unable to run the ball- 2 yards total- and calling for a deep handoff in the end zone which resulted in a safety? was it the ravens on 4th and an inch that daniel thomas got thrown five yards back? last nigh he didn't get near the goalline again adds ammunition to the ole shadow's longtime mantra- a team that gives up a safety will lose!! i don't know the stats, but that is what it looks like to me. terry glennon was excellent for NC state last year (beating FSU on countless third and fourth downs) and looks like he'll make the grade for tampa.


A) four yards rushing

B) mike glennon; terry gannon was an NC state hooster

whatever the errors, we forgot the 1 yard TD pass to a lineman who entered the game-an absolute red flag- and caught a ball thrown with glennon allowing the rushers to approach him. this young man is cool as a cucumber (trying to use cliches as much as possible).

I like this year's dolphins. The ones that I see every morning chasing fish just off the shore along Vista Del Mar......

Shad, I'm going to root for your Trojans against Stanford this Saturday. I think Coach Eddie O has done a heck of a job. Your blue blood alum probably won't want him as coach but I'm hoping he runs the table and forces St. Hayden's hand.

In the larger scheme of things non of this is even remotely important.

When are they going to fix the o line. The season is almost ruined and there is alot of finger pointing. What's next

One thing I like about this kid Tan is that he has courage. He has taken a beating since he's been here and not one word. Last night he actually sat in the pocket and waited till the very last minute to deliver the ball. They didn't lose last night because of him far from it. I thought he played pretty well with what he had to deal with.

Island, you just don't walk into Home Depot and tell the stooge at the front door with the little colored marker, "Say, Bro, which aisle has the offensive linemen?"

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