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November 29, 2013

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 78.0%; plus UM thumps Pitt 41-31, 'Bama loses, FAU tops FIU, Incognito, NFL Week 13 picks & more

1aa1miley 1aa1fat
1) It is SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30. Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My turkey soup recipe is below. (Click on the image at right for the disturbing animated version). 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Thanksgiving Special, Bird Day NFL picks, Bullygate Thanksgiving video & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

1aa1incogSignificant Bullygate update: The Dolphins and suspended bully Richie Incognito reached an agreement to extend Incognito's team suspension with pay. This is significant. It positions Miami to reinstate Incognito if the findings of Ted Wells' NFL investigation make that plausible from a public relations standpoint. It had earlier been reported Incognito would never again play for Miami. Well, that no longer seems nearly as certain.


CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G12: Results are in on the latest Canesfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 78.0 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Saturday's 41-31 victory at Pittsburgh putting Mami's final 1aa1csmregular-season record at 9-3 overall and 5-3 in the ACC. That is UM's highest CSM rating since Week 6. (This is not the season-ending CSM poll; we'll have a final one after the bowl game). This is the fifth year for these polls in our blog. They are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season in a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close, but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that will be around 9 a.m. Sunday.

2013 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 82.9% (19.9-very, 63.0-somewhat) following 34-6 victory vs. FAU.

G2: 96.7% (71.2-v, 25.5-s) following 21-16 victory vs. Florida.

G3: 95.7% (77.2-v, 18.5-s) following 77-7 victory vs. Savannah State.

G4: 97.6% (67.9-v, 29.7-s) following 49-21 victory at South Florida.

G5: 95.8% (60.4-v, 35.4-s) following 45-30 victory vs. Georgia Tech.

G6: 82.3% (41.8-v, 40.5-s) following 27-23 victory at North Carolina.

G7: 68.4% (31.2-v, 37.2-s) following 24-21 victory vs. Wake Forest.

G8: 65.7% (28.5-v, 37.2-s) following 41-14 loss at Florida State.

G9: 15.1% (4.7-v, 10.4-s) following 42-24 loss vs. Virginia Tech.

G10: 5.7% (2.5-v, 3.2-s) following 48-30 loss at Duke.

G11: 51.1% (6.2-v, 44.9-s) following 45-26 victory vs. Virginia.

G12: 78.0% (21.9-v, 56.1-s) following 41-31 victory at Pitt.

Next/Final poll: Following bowl game, date TBD

G12: HURRICANES @ PITT: Final: The bad news? UM's defense was spotty, especially against the run. The good news? Everything  else. Stephen Morris threw for almost 300 yards, Stacy Coley had three long TD plays totaling 139 yards, and Allen Hurns had nine catches for 173 yards to cap a terrific regular season for him. With the win bowl-bound Miami still had a chance to sneak into the ACC title game vs. FSU, but that ended when Duke won Saturday. ..... Halftime: The Stacy Coley Show, starring Stacy Coley. TD passes of 32 and 34 yards and a 73-yard TD run are about all you need to know of Miami's easy first half and comfy lead. The scary thing? Coley should have four TDs; he dropped a perfect pass in the end zone. ..... Original post: National television on ABC. Freezing-cold weather. Regular-
1aa1caneshelmetseason finales with bowl positioning in play. Lots to like about today's Canes at Pittsburgh game. For 8-3 Miami, a narrow favorite, a win also could see The U creep back up into the polls and keep slim ACC title-game hopes alive. Panthers are 6-5, pretty good, but Canes should win if Stephen Morris masters the conditions and turnovers are not a factor. (Admittedly, a lot to ask). The Hurricanes, with a win, are projected to meet either Texas A&M in the Chick-fil-A Bowl (Atlanta) or Louisville in the Russell Athletic Bowl (Orlando). That means Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater, so UM had better pack its pass defense for the trip. But that's getting ahead of ourselves. Beat Pitt today, or the bowl stakes shrink. My pick was: Miami, 28-24.

Other Week 14 state FBS games, chronologically:

FAU 21, FIU 6: The annual rivalry for the Don Shula Trophy was more of a Nightmare Bowl this year. FIU was a miserable 1-10. FAU had lost its head coach to a drug-related scandal around midseason -- but rallied and became bowl-eligible today. Remember: You can't spell "bowl" with "OWL"! My pick was: FAU, 37-13.

No. 19 UCF 23, USF 20: The Knights are rolling to an AAC title and major BCS bowl game and wouldn't be stopped by the ornery Bulls, but this one took a late escape. My pick was: UCF, 28-7.

No. 2 Florida State 37, Florida 7: Was this where we were supposed to pretend that the rivalry and home field and pride and all that good stuff would somehow turn this into a competitive game? I wouldn't bet on it. Jameis Winston,under investigation in a sexual assault case, calls the field his "sanctuary" and continues to thrive despite the distraction. Was close for a long while, but then the FSU offensive dam burst as you knew it would. My pick was: FSU, 41-14.

Week 14 national Top 25 matchups (all Saturday):

No. 4 Auburn 34, No. 1 Alabama 28: Iron Bowl was the Game of the Week and fittingly ended with a thrill, a 106-yard Auburn TD return of a missed field goal. Nick Saban out-coached himself to lose another shot at a national title. My pick was: Alabama, 31-21.

No. 10 South Carolina, 31, No. 6 Clemson 17: This was first time in 111 meetings both had been top-10 as both Tigers and 'Cocks angled for a BCS bowl. My pick was: Upset. Clemson, 27-24.

No. 8 Stanford 27, No. 25 Notre Dame 20: Stanford drive to a Rose Bowl wouldn't be derailed by the Irish. My pick was: Stanford, 27-21 (one point from an exact score).

No. 5 Missouri 28, No. 21 Texas A&M 21: Mizzou needed the win for the SEC East title and got it at home. Johnny Manziel is now 0-4 against ranked teams this year. My pick was: Missouri, 38-31.

No. 22 UCLA 35, No. 23 Southern Cal 14: USC had won five straight this season under Ed Orgeron, and seven in a row at home in this rivalry. My pick was: Southern Cal, 27-20.

My record: This week, 6-3; season, 79-27.

UPSET BIRD DAY: WEEK 13 NFL PREDIX: DOLPHINS BEAT STINKIN' JETS: Dolphins a slight underdog at 1aa1fripixJets Sunday but Geno Smith will find a way to see a Miami victory. Rivals might both be 5-6 but don't let the haters tell you it isn't a big game. Winner will still have a decent shot at an AFC wild-card playoff berth. Click on Week 13 Gems for full prediction capsules on the Dolphins and all other games, and on Outlook Cloudy for my NFL notes column, leading with the playoff picture. My week got off to a decent start with the Thanksgiving Day tripleheader; I went 2-1 straight-up and the same against the spread.

SAVE THE CARCASS! GREG'S TURKEY SOUP RECIPE: (Photo of soup taken on my kitchen counter, 2:45 p.m. Friday) To make stock, submerge turkey carcass in 3 1aa1gregsoupquarts water. Rough-chop and add a handful each of celery, onion and carrots. Add 2 bay leaves, salt and pepper and teaspoon Cajun seasoning. Bring to boil, lower heat and simmer at least 1 hour. Strain and reserve stock. Pick remaining meat from carcass and add to pot, along with 2 cups chopped leftover turkey, 1 cup of diced onion, 1 cup diced celery, 1/2 cup fined-diced carrots and 1 tablespoon dry Italian seasoning. Add 1 1/2 cups uncooked ditalini (white rice may be substituted). Stir, simmer until pasta is done. Stir in handful of fried onion crumbles, and S&P to taste. Serve. (Good now, better reheated tomorrow). Enjoy!

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Well its do or die for the Dolphins...Miami 29 the stinkin Jets 18...

Pimple...from the last blog..dude you act like a 10 year old, get a life.

Canes SHOULD WIN TODAY but our defense is slower than slow and our senior QB sucks and that is usually a bad combination, still Canes 42 and Pitt 35...

Pimple it's not that we think the Canes are great or that we are satisfied with their performance the past 10 years. On the contrary, they're not and we're not. That said, we find it beyond absurd that a Gator fan comes here to rag on the Canes when the Gators are the laughing stock of NCAA football.

"It was the first win by the Eagles over a FBS school in 21 tries. Georgia Southern had lost 19 scholarship players to injuries this season."


Georgia Southern had the Gators so discombobulated that the Gators were blocking themselves.


But you keep on ragging on the Gators. It reminds us of what colossal assholes Gator fans are and allows us to relive the best of Gator LOWlights this season. Number one of course being.....


I'm kinda partial to Pitt on this one. Used to live within walking distance to Pitt stadium in Oakland Pa. Watched Danny Marino launch rockets like no other college QB during his junior & senior season. Don't really have a "favorite" team when it comes to college ball. Took in many Air Force games in my 17 years residing in Colorado. Fair weather LSU fan because I live there now. Keep an eye on Ohio State. Got no special love for Urban Meyer but his teams are usually winners & he recruits well. Ohio State has what,,, 23 wins in a row?

Canes have a slightly better team than Pitt but the cold Pa weather lends as an equalizer.


As a BC fan I would like to see UM lose and have them both finish with 8 wins.

Re: shadow

Last blog topic comments we both posted about Incognito playing in current & past NFL. In fairness to the argument I don't think Ritchie is a center piece on anyones O line but the bottom line he is good enough. His antics & sometimes dirty play has run him out of the game. The guy playing in his place now is not the better guard. The rules have changed for blocking. Linemen are allowed to use their hands where in the 70's, they would be penalized. D linemen were allowed to swat heads & brutalize their blocking opponents. Much has changed. 70's linemen weren't the fat slobs that are on current NFL rosters.
Conrad Dobler wasn't HOF material. Deerdork was considered a decent NFL tackle. It would be wrong to confuse him with Jackie Slater, John Hannah, or the Cinci great Munoz.

For everyone ragging on Duke they are headed for the ACC title game and haven't lost on the road this season. Give them some credit that is a major accomplishment for that program.

On the above mentioned top college matchups. Everyone of those games could be an upset. IMO the safest matchup is Stanford beating Notre Dame.

Dierdorf was more than decent Jimbo he was feared talk to some former players about him he was a nasty SOB.

R. Incognito is a good run blocker but not a great pass blocker but yes he's better than a backup he's starter material. Jake Long is rated as the 3rd best tackle by PFF looks like we can second guess that decision.

I live in Pennsylvania and it is cold today but certainly not "arctic like" or any of the other hyperbole South Florida writers use.

As a Miami native and transplant to the north, I've also learned that such fallacies as people having "thick blood" (as if such a stupid idea was real) or simply being "more used" to the cold are complete nonsense. In fact, I often find myself complaining less and enjoying the cold MORE than people who have been here their entire life. It's heat and humidity I cannot stand---despite having grown up in it.

As far as it affecting the game in any way, I say garbage. It's only a difference maker if the players allow it to be in their heads. It is just as cold (or hot) on the other sideline.

When the Dolphins had great teams in the 70's did the cold ever affect them on the road? No. When the Buccaneers had that great defensive team that won the Super Bowl did a frigid day in Philadelphia slow them down in the NFC Championship? Nope.

The weather stuff is a cop out and falsehood.

Jimbo- 2 things. Dierdorf is in the hof. back to your last blog about the rednecks and gravy. Where I come from, the old italians to this day, call the sause gravy.

Canes vs Pitt in the YAWNNNNNN bowl

Alabama still has tough games left with Auburn and the SEC title game.

I also like the Michigan State matchup vs Ohio State. Any time you can bring a top defense to a big game, you are most likely going to be competitive.

FSU has the easiest path and should crush Florida and Duke. FSU is in. Who the play will be interesting.

I would like to see Saban vs Meyer. Two best coaches in the game by far but FSU is not losing even without Famous Jameis.

Are there any teen activity centers for Albanian-American youths in the Deerfield Beach area?

Looking back keeping Long would have been a plus however when you consider his injury track record and the way he had played the last three years and the money he was asking it was a good business decision to let he walk..

No one could have anticipated what that asswipe closet fairy did..it's just one of those things.

Hopefully we can re build that O L next year, the only one worth bringing back is Pouncey.

Big Baby-FZB- You may luck out against the steelers after last nights game. The players were droping like flies. What a rough game. I think it will be a streatch for the dolphins to score 29-33 pts against the jets. Mark my word, they manhandle your o-line. I like the dolphins 19-16, but it could go the other way just as easy.

Shadow- I thought you lived in southern california?

Jimbo- SAUCE !!!!!!

FZB- Forget about long. The great BB likes to say, you are better off getting rid of a player a year early, then a year late.

A loss to the Jets would cap off a very, very disappointing Dolphins season. I don't see it happening all we can hope for now is to play relevant games in December there is still a chance with a win over what is really a bad Jet team. You heard Cromartie is likely out right Naples?

Big Baby

There is NO chance of Miami making the playoffs. Here are the current playoff standings...


Please take note that of the 5-6 teams, Miami loses EVERY tiebreaker. 8-8 will not be good enough for Miami if just one other team gets to 8-8. The only chance Miami has to make the playoffs is to go 4-1 down the stretch and claim the Wild Card outright (NO TIE) at 9-7.

It ain't happening.

Baltimore has Lions, Patriots Bengals to finish the season. Things might get interesting go Dolphins!

Not sure why grabbing the last playoff spot in the AFC is even very relevant or interesting to anyone. It would just mean extending the season another week and getting a lower draft position for Miami or anyone else who wind up there.

As it would have absolutely no bearing on the Dolphins prospects in 2014 and beyond I could care less about getting that last playoff spot.

4-1 is not out of the question at all especially with a win this weekend the schedule is favorable. Meaningful December games is all that I am asking for Tom.

It's relevant and interesting because outside of a couple good teams the AFC isn't that good whatever. In my mind most teams in the conference could be upset. Pittsburgh won the Superbowl as a 6 seed in 2005.

Clarified waters of Southeast Asia, particularly those of Cambodian provenance.

It shall be a reckless memoir of so-called Pineapple Hospitality, as told by the Oracles of Hialeah.

That Steelers team that win the Super Bowl wasn't burdened with having the worst offensive line in football.

Miami has that issue. It won't be going away. And there is absolutely nothing they can do about it until the offseason.

It's not that I don't care about the individual games. Of COURSE I want them to beat the lousy, stinking Jets on Sunday. I'm a Dolphins fan. But that said, this team is far too seriously flawed to have any legs whatsoever in the playoffs. Given that, making it this year is nearly pointless to me.

Yup pointless is pretty much an annual Dolphin watchword...

I saw Clarified Waters of Southeast Asia play at CBGB's back in 1988. Great show.


it is hard to confuse/compare anyone with anthony munoz, considered by a whole bunch of people the best lineman to play in the NFL. six foot six, 280 lbs-and he pitched for USC's baseball team!! it was unfair to any DL to go up against a player biggger, stronger, quicker, faster and smarter-as anthony munoz was in 99.99% of the time. he came from ontario, california, where our family owned a market/slaughterhouse, and attended chaffey high so i was hip to him early on. came back from knee troubles to escort charles white down the field against ohio state on the winning drive which if i remember, had 0 passes needed. jackie slater- a great and durable (18,19 years?) and a terrific human being and major cog in the chuck knox era rams. to think of that slimeball in the same breath as these fabulous players on and off the field, is absurd. dennis harrah of UM and then the rams was three times the ballplayer that the vomitous #68 could only dream of being. yes, the rules were different then; if offensive lineman of those days could do what these guys are doing with their hands inside the shoulder pads of their opponents, they all would have been all-pro; only the likes of deacon jones, alan page, randy white, and others could have been able to get by. what pases as offensive line play now is puke. the OL of today don't even bother to get low in their stances and have their hands on their knees, like they do in canada. a horible deterioration of the game, among many aspects of today's NFL which stink. the announcers have orgasms when they see a form tackle; at least know with all the concussion business they aren't ejaculating over needless "hits". haved a great weekend and i am out for the Holy Sabbath to return for the end of what will be a rout going saban's way against auburn. imagine that- three tigers and two bulldogs in the SEC!!! THREE TIGERS!!!!!!!

shadow here's hoping when you turn the tube on tomorrow night you are blessed with a huge Auburn lead over satan's alabama.

D'Onofrio must go. That is all.

I hope the Dolphins were watching the Shula Bowl. They can learn from FAU how to call the right plays and run out the clock with a fourth quarter lead.

man standing on a corner in Michigan waiting for his 6-year-old daughter to be dropped off from school wasn't too worried about the van he saw circle him twice.

"I saw the van circle twice, and the second time three kids came out. I didn't suspect anything. I hadn't any enemies, or any reason to believe they would be looking to do anything to me," he told news station WILX-10.

He had no idea that he was the target in the "knockout game," in which a group of young men prey on an unsuspecting victim and attempt to knock them out while videotaping the attack to post later on the Internet.

Marvell Weaver, 17, approached the man and, instead of punching him, tried to take him down with a Taser.

"He shoved something into my side. I wasn't sure what it was. It had some force to it. I wasn't sure if it was a knife or a gun," said the victim.

The Taser didn't work, and that is when the victim, who is licensed to carry a gun, took out a .40-caliber pistol and shot Weaver, hitting him once in the leg and once an inch away from the teen's spine.

Weaver was sentenced to a year in jail for the attack.

"It was just a lesson learned," he told the news station. "I wish I hadn't played the game at all."

Before Weaver was caught, he says that he and his friends had attacked random people on several occasions.

"Not many, six or seven. It wouldn't be an everyday game, just a certain game to be played on certain days. You don't even try to rob them or anything. That's the game," said Weaver, speaking to the news station from prison.

Weaver says it's not gang related and that teens are playing it because they're bored. Plus, they've been seeing others doing it and getting away with it on the Internet.

"There's a price to pay if they wind up doing it. A good example is Marvell Weaver," said Lansing police officer Robert Merritt told the news station.

"What they tried to do to me wouldn't have been a joke if they would've succeeded," Weaver's victim told the news station. "My child would've been left with the aftermath of seeing her father in any type of way I would've been left."


Posted by: Rawpimple | November 29, 2013 at 01:48 PM

No one gives a flying f**** what you think about anything dips***. Watch whatever you want and STFU.


Posted by: Oliver Rubber | November 29, 2013 at 01:10 PM

How'd that work out for your dips***?

George Washington beats Miami 71-63. Now there's a shocker.
The U, where U stands for Unranked.

George Washington beats Miami 71-63. Now there's a shocker.
The U, where U stands for Unranked.

Posted by: Oliver Rubber | November 29, 2013 at 10:07 PM

Basketball? Nobody gives a sh*t about basketball. We'd much rather talk about total gut wrenching humiliation


dolphins have really only been beaten one time the Saints all the other games they were in them.... good game for the Canes today but the defense is not good....

hey dick pimple, nobody gives a S.H.I.T. about you. remember when the U was ranked 7th. Now THAT is humiliating.

how can anyone be satisfied with the canes at this point? They lose to VT, VT loses the following week and all we have to do is SHOW UP against DUKE, and we lose!! I'd rather get my butt wooped by FSU in the ACC championship than end on a down note and just settling for a bowl.

more cane hate from gator douche bags?
your team is in shambles, you've lost 6 games in a row, and you're on your way to the worst season since the 70's, and one of the 10 worst seasons of all time.
yet you're still obsessed with miami.
we're ahead of you and WE are the team playing under penalties and sanctions.
bunch of morons who didn't have the money or the grades to get into miami..

Well said David...

The lizards obssesion with Miami is quite puzzling ..

Canes finished 9-3 which is quite an accomplisment since we've been under the NCAA cloud/investigation for just about three years and lost out on quite a few local HS studs , We should be praising Golden for the great job he has done.

And now that the handcuffs are out and he can now go into any recruits home without having to mention the NCAA ?... Watch out!

On DoNofrio...I'm not ready to give up on the guy, he doesn't have the talent on defense , have you guys seen how slow and how bad our front four is?... Our LB's ? ..he deverves to be judged with better players, our next two-three recruiting classes are crucial, then we'll see

Glad to see Canes get win No 9 yesterday.Morris finally -played well ......like we all expected he d play all season long but didn t.Anyway.....he looked good and played poised and Canes overall had zero turnovers.Still not and won t ever be happy with a below average defense like they have.Miami s D lineman are s-l-o-w and still turning around seconds after an average running back just whizzed by them.Pitt averaged season long barely over 100 yards but gets 225 or something against Miami.Longest run of their year by ANY RB is of course ...yesterday....against the Canes.Still verrrrryyyyyyy unhappy with the swiss cheese Cane defense.THEY ve got a LONG way to go still to even be good again.Coley and Hurns were awesome of course.

FZB,you are so right. This team has suffered with a case of the LOT's (lack of talent) for far too many years and still pulled out a 9-3 season. They should have finished at 11-1! The loss' to Duke and VT are unexcuseable,but there again that LOT will bite you every time. DiNofrio and Golden will have them ready next season with a much better talent pool that they have not had since arriving in Miami. IMO

You can't build attendance at SunLife without a Defense. You can't win Championships without a Defense. Get it fixed, Coach.


that is EXACTLY what I've been saying, you can't win anything without talent, FSU fans have been ragging on Fisher for the last couple of yrs and now that he has a great QB he looks like a genius, Talent trumps all.

Golden has been handicapped for three years and has had to settle for lesser players, not anymore, yesterday's game was the last one for the Shannon era players still on the team, all nice guys but none should be playing on a D1 team except for a couple, good riddance.

the future is bright Cane fans...

Incognito suspension extended but with pay until the NFL investigator issues his report. He and the Dolphins agreed to a two game no pay suspension and all other games will be paid.


Bottom line to this story, Incognito is not coming back but will be paid the remainder of the season.

Just Schelping around

I am familiar with that story. The reason stated by the ute with a taser is common among their generation. "I'm BORED".

Get a job boy. Go to school. Help your elderly neighbors.

Reminds me of a common excuse used by family members of incarcerated young people "Society failed him/her." (I hear this shit weekly from visitors).

No mama YOU failed society by raising a convict.

We don't want Muschamp fired. We love having Muschamp in the SEC.

I met Spock at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia on May 18, 1991. He is extremely well endowed.

Oye, Cote, there's only one thing to do with left over turkey and that's to make croquetas with it.

4 - 8

"And the rout is on in Gainesville." He he.

4-8 lol

Yup, just like my Cane compadres have already stated...7 losses in a row and 4-8 to finish the year...Lizards are worse than mierda...I wonder what positivo spin the pimple will put on this..hehe

Give Muschomp a contract extension !

I want to extend my congratulations to the Florida Gators for scoring a TD in the FSU game. I am sure Gator fans everywhere are thrilled with scoring a TD as that no doubt exceeds their justifiably low expectations for their pathetic team.


Mousechomp for coach of the year honors.

FSU 41 - UM 14

Top 5 recruiting class 2012. Top 5 recruiting class 2013. What does that get you?

4 - 8 with a loss to Georgia Southern and the overwhelming choice as the 2013 Biggest Joke in NCAA Football

And what the f*ck does did the U get this year? a trip to the KFC bowl. The U is back! hahahahaha
oh, now you pussies will use the excuse that all the recruits stayed away from this crap institute because they were afraid they might not win any games. Blame it on the s.h.i.t. players you have now, not the ones that got away you whiners.

I know you're not the sharpest tool in the shed Oliver so let me repeat. Hopefully this will help you understand just how pathetic your team is....

Top 5 recruiting class 2012. Top 5 recruiting class 2013. What does that get you?

4 - 8 with a loss to Georgia Southern and the overwhelming choice as the 2013 Biggest Joke in NCAA Football

What does the U get? The joy of watching pathetic Gator assholes like you and your alter egos Captain Obvious and Rawpimple implode.


4 - 8 that's as in FOUR and F*CKING EIGHT with a LOSS to Georgia Southern. Yeah that's right, Georgia ffing Southern.

The horror the horror

Jonathan Martin on non-injury list

From a financial standpoint, the Dolphins have the flexibility to choose how much of Martin's base salary he will receive for the rest of the season.


They should pay Martin zippo. He didn't even earn his salary when he was playing.

I wish Al Golden would change that dirty white shirt that his mother likes. But man, the U really had a great year and we beat some great teams like FAU and Savannah State. I hope next year we make it to the top 25 again and then suck it up real good. Anyway, I have to go get to work on Al Golden's balls.

Ha! That's funny Tom. Why in the hell do you think Golden is a success? He lead his team to another amazingly mediocre year and then you act like they won the freaking Superbowl dude. Anyway, you can have Golden's balls, I'm still working on his shaft.

This is funny chit...

A fake Tom and a fake me...lol

I see that closet fairy Martin is going to get paid the rest of the year ...what a fackin joke .

Hopefully we can get back a 6th or a7th rounder for him...

Auburn is losing by 7 pts late in the 4th Q..heck of a game, go War Eagles !

Holy chit !!!!!... Auburn just tied the game !!!!!

Down goes satan, down goes satan !!!

I just witness one of the greatest college football games ever, what an incredible ending, congrats to my friend Tom...

Don't believe anything that other guys says.

FZB it was a great win for Auburn. Two games in a row miracle endings for the Tigers. If the win the SEC championship game they have a real shot at playing for a national championship. Unbelievable considering Auburn lost all 8 SEC conference games last year.

Boy's how about that Auburn win????????, Great game, Anytime the Great Satan losses is a great game.
Love how he got tat 1 second putback on and went for what would have been the win....
As for tomorrow, This game might just be the last time the San Diego Dolphins win this year...
We'll see..

What are some of the most celebrated vegetables of America?

Fancy times with paper clips.

SEC prevails again! Not like that Girl Scout league (ACC).

Mouning guys,

I have a dilemma in my hands...if FSU and Ohio State get to the championship, who do I root for?...I despise both teams...

I'll probably root for the Suckeyes ....

All right...Dolphins 28 , stinkin Jets 18....

Hahahahaha, J Foley gave Muschomp a vote of confidence, I hope he is a man of his word and keeps him around , as a matter of fact I think he should give him a contract extension, he is way too valuable to the Canes and the rest of the SEC ...hehe

Georgia Southern


7 out of 8

5 N-Chips to 3

Etc, etc, etc.....

Too many losers and morons on this board, a waste of time really! Cote's blog deserves much better than some of the trash I read here written by the losers and morons and yes you know who you are and so do we!

Stop licking Cote's ball Mrs.AnonymousCanes. Speaking of losers and morons on this blog read this:
"Too many losers and morons on this board, a waste of time really! Cote's blog deserves much better than some of the trash I read here written by the losers and morons and yes you know who you are and so do we!"

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