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November 24, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 7.8%; plus Miami falls late to Carolina 20-16, and to 5-6

1) It is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25. Click on Random Evidence for my latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with Dolphins. 2) My mind keeps saying don't worry about the Heat. My gut worries about a team at home that struggles to barely beat Orlando. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Canes whip Virginia, CSM poll, Gators fall again, Collball Week 13 roundup & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: Results are in, show a sharp spike. Navigate to the previous blogpost for latest results.

Click on The Little Team That Couldn't for my column off yesterday's Dolphins loss.

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G11: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 7.8 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 20-16 loss to visiting Carolina putting the Dolphins' season record at 5- 1aadsm6. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close, but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that will be around 9 a.m. Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% (20.3-v, 66.2-s) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% (71.9-v, 26.9-s) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% (78.2-v, 20.8-s) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% (18.8-v, 39.4-s) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

G5: 33.5% (4.3-v, 29.2-s) following 26-23 loss vs. Baltimore.

G6: 6.5% (3.8-v, 2.7-s) following 23-21 loss to Buffalo.

G7: 4.7% (3.0-v, 1.7-s) following 27-17 loss at New England.

G8: 50.3% (8.2-v, 42.1-s) following 22-20 OT victory vs. Cincinnati.

G9: 4.7% (3.6-v, 1.1-s) following 22-19 loss at Tampa Bay.

G10: 42.4% (7.2-v, 35.2-s) following 20-16 victory vs. San Diego.

G11: 7.8% (4.0-v, 3.8-s) following 20-16 loss vs. Carolina.

Next poll: Dec. 1 following game at N.Y. Jets.

G11: CAROLINA @ DOLPHINS: SECOND-HALF COLLAPSE DOOMS MIAMI: Final: Zero points in second half by Miami about says it all. No balance, negligible running game. This team simply does not close games, does not finish. (Click HERE for my column off the game). ..... 4Q: Old Cane Greg Olsen 1-yard TD flip from Newton and Carolina up 20-16 with 43 seconds left. Cats' first lead since 3-0. ... Another red flag successfully challanged by Philbin. ... Cats holding negates first down catch. Huuuge. ... Sturgis yanks a 53-yard FG try wide left. Nervous time. ... Dolphs force Cats punt. Every series huge now. ..... 3Q: Daniel Thomas out injured. ... Cats within 16-13 on Newton 5-yard run up middle. ... Ted Ginn Jr.'s family drops what should have been long TD pass. ..... Half: Tannehill 203 passing yards, 94.8 rating at half, and MIA defense limiting Newton to 45.9 rating, 100 yards. Stout defensive effort except for that last series. Miami halfway to what would be huge win. ..... 2Q: Hmm. Dolphins all but conceded field position and that last FG. Better not lose by three points. ... Cats drive for last-second 46-yard FG, pull within 16-6. ... Dolphs cash Carroll INT for 23-yard FG and 16-3 lead 61 seconds before half. ... Bad call. That was a helmet hit on Rishard Matthews in end zone. ... Nolan Carroll intercepts Newton, returns 24 yards. ... Sturgis adds 47-yard FG for 13-3 lead. ... Scoring change on that earlier blocked FG by Miami first credited to Dion Jordan. Now they say the kick glanced off a Panthers lineman's helmet. ... Dion Jordan sack, Dolphs making it tough for Cam Newton. ... Wallace 57-yard catch sets up Caleb Sturgis 32-yard FG and 10-3 lead. ... Successful Joe Philbin red flag reverses first down, causes Carolina punt. Dolphins 4-for-4 on chalenges this season. Joe Philbin! ..... 1Q: A bad crowd being treated to a good game so far. ... MIA 7-3 on 53-yard Tanny pass to Mike Wallace, only the latter's second TD of season. Pass underthrown but Wallace fought for the ball, beating the fabulously named cornerback, Captain Munnerlyn. ... Ted Ginn Jr.'s family returns punt 41 yards, sets up eventual 52-yard Carolina FG for game's first score. ... Cats drive stalls, 35-yard FG try blocked by Dion Jordan. ... Ryan Tannehill intercepted on first series on pass that was tipped by five different guys before landing in wrong hands. ..... Original post: Dolphins and Jets with five wins apiece lead a parade of seven other teams with four wins each in the mad jockeying for the AFC's 1aa1dol11 1aa1cramiafinal wild-card playoff spot. This is a bona fide playoff chase! (Even if it is on the low end). Beating favored Carolina today will take some offensive force not seen much from this team. I think the Dolphin defense will do OK containing Cam Newton's offense. It is Miami vs. Carolina's excellent defense that worries me. This is the best all-round defense Miami has faced. The Dolphins caught a break when Cats DE Charles Johnson and his 8.5 sacks were ruled out of the game. Or should I say Miami's beleaguered offensive line caught a break. I still have my doubts if Ryan Tannehill and crew can bust out offensively today. My pick: Carolina, 24-16.

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have the dolphins "busted out big" yet this year? have they scored 40 points in any game? isn't carolina one of the better defensive units in the NFL?


shoulda asked if they'd scored 30 (or 25) thus far this season. yes, it is time to "bust out"!! i guess maybe the statement was meant in the gambling sense of going "bust"

Cam Newtons 24 San Diego Bullies 12...........

I just have to say IT'S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE rather than an FCS losin cry baby whining stinkin Gator

shadow you have to have weapons, or get very lucky, to hang 40 on the board. Miami has no real weapons. The $60 million dollar man turned out to be a spit wad not the cruise missile we hoped he would be.

Georgia Southern....LOL

Georgia Southern out-gained the Gators 429 to 279 yds without a single passing yard. NOT ONE passing yd. They only threw 3 passes for the entire game. The Gators knew Southern was going to run EVERY play and still could not stop them. There is a word for that..


Tom I'm sure you're a decent person so I ask that you start applying the 3X Filter to your vitriol.

Is it without a doubt true?
Is it necessary?
Does it paint in a positive light?

Russell I am certain you are a decent person as well, but quite frankly I don't give a shit what you think.

Applying your 3X filter

That is without a doubt true.
It is necessary to let you know where I stand.
And it paints my view in about as positive a light as possible.

Got to say hat Wallace today s playing like a 60 Million Dollar guy, To Bad Tennhill keeps under throwing him...

To bad I sat Wallace in F.F.

Tannehill to Wallace is big but the best part of the Dolphins performance so far is the defensive line. They are winning the battle and putting constant pressure on Cam Newton.

Well there playing a good fist half, Lets see what type of adjustments Philbin makes at half time.....

Sources told ESPN that momentum is building within the Dolphins organization for Incognito to return before the season ends, a prospect that might have seemed unthinkable earlier this month.


Just as I said from the beginning, Bullygate is nothing but Martin-agent/lawyer created BULLYSHIT!

Somewhere I America Tony(fist-pump)Sporono Is smiling....

Another Ted(Opps I dropped Another one)Ginn classic play....

another blown game

Wow Wallace should have caught that.

Another Mike(Opps I dropped Another one)Wallace classic play....

Capt., How did the Gators do yesterday???

FIRELAND Phailbin Tannefail all led by Stephen Loss.

Oh, BTW,Capt. Agree with your 4:22 post, 6 Million he should hav caught it, It was the 1st pass Tennehill actually thro a good pass....

Georgia Southern 26 Gaygotors 20

Joe Philbin is an idiot.

How in hell do you call three straight time outs with the Panthers within field goal range, only to facilitate them getting to the one without forcing them to call their own time out? Just stupid, stupid coaching.

Had Philbin NOT called those time outs, Carolina would probably had had run out of them themselves and forced to kick a game tying field goal, instead of all that luxury to march it down.

Brainless. Just brainless.

anti Wallace should have caught that. It was right there and the defender was turned the wrong way.

At worse, they score a touchdown and the Dolphins have more time on the clock, plus their three timeouts vs what they ended up with -- 38 seconds and no timeouts!

At best, the game goes into overtime.


as the ole shadow mentioned, once the gator wonder boy shanked that kick-off against the ravens, i believe, he has been "unsteady" to say the least. 53 yards was formerly a gimme for caleb, a biblical name whose letters in the Holy Tongue spell "dog'!!! believe in coincidences?

Looked to me that the defender had a hand on the ball. Tough catch. Also, Miami would have been hard pressed to run down the full length of the field with only 9 seconds left to run a first and goal from the one.

No. This game was lost by Philbin. Bad end-game strategy.

GAME OVER.Dolphins just SNATCHED defeat from victory.Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.No (but very,very,very likely)not because a $60 million dollar receiver dropped a last second TD on the goal line.Well...that was a pretty good reason why they lost.Ummmmmmor Caleb missing a FG(again...but he s a Gator ..so what can you expect?).No not because the defense gave up a FG with 1 second before the half due to a mental lapse where Newton gained about 30 yards to set up the field goal.No....not when Newton beat the defense twice on 4th down and 4th and 1o at that.No....it was a TALE of 2 halfs.Dolphins and Tannehill especially were productive.However Tannehill was mostly unproductive as was Wallace in the 2 nd half.Both tandems were Jekyll and Hyde.They were very good in the first but both failed to produce points in the second half.THAT inconsistency from BOTH of them is UNACCEPTABLE.Anyway...we re in the same (low)status as the stinking Jets and we re really just not much better than them.5-6 and close games all year are pathetic.Miami just seemed to run out of gas in the 4th quarter and were not MENTALLY tough enough to withstand Carolina s toughness.These Dolphins DO make me cry.

Even still, shadow. The game had a four point difference. The dog hits it and they still lose by one.

Tom, Agree, It was the 1st pass Tennehill actually threw a good pass to him, I guess he wasn't expecting that....

The Dolphins have a pretty good defense. They can't however, run the ball to save their lives. The coaching is also highly questionable.


ryan tannehill does not have a bazooka arm; the two big passes in the first half were underthrown by 4-5 yards. i took a TO with the score 16-3 and time dwindling in half one; the offense did "bust out" and as posted on top, they went BUST in the vegas sense of the word. the dolphins are in a quagmire with the ravens, steelers, chargers, and somebody else i believe. they have beaten the chargers, lost to the ravens, and face doom at pittsburgh. gee, it was just 4 wins and 2 losses, wasn't it? plus how did tannehill eat up more than ten seconds (was it 18) on the game's last play?

btw, that was a cagy play by Cam doing a strong acting job after realizing one of the Dolphins had just touched him going out of bounds. That was why he was grinning ear to tear.

6 And 10..............

Very disappointing loss.


I have the game on TIVO and if Wallace had caught that ball it looks as if he would have been down on the one or two yd line. You're right. A Wallace catch and the game would have been over. No way Miami gets up to the line and a play off in 10 seconds.

Dolphins led the entire way, but for when it counted most, with 43 seconds to go in the game. Just sucks.

The two Miami running backs had a combined 16 yards for their 13 attempts. You deserve to be drafting first with those set of numbers. End of story.

Seems to me the momentum of the game turned when Miami just conceded a FG at the end of the first half.

It is what it is. They played a home game. Had they played that game away the Panthers would have clocked them by two touchdowns, at least.

The Dolphins are an incomplete team and you are not going anywhere not having a focused team, a seasoned coach with talented coaching staff, a freaking OL, and a running attack less capable than a freshman high school crappy team could field.

Seems to me the momentum of the game swung Carolina's way at the end of the first half hen Miami gave Carolina an easy 29 yd play conceding a FG. Absolutely mindboggling.

sorry for the repetition guys. i think the system is a little slow today. kind of like Miami's coaching staff.

Now we get to see a parade of eternal optimists rattling off if this, then that, and yes we still cans...

Eternal eight-and eighters.

Sell the team, Ross. You have no business in this business.

OC Dolphin,

who was it that wasn't counting his money by betting on a home underdog and getting the three points, as posted either friday or yesterday? betting on the NFL is not a sure thing-EVER!!!! except maybe taking the patriots against our home town heroes!! you know i am your basic retro run and defend believer, and this bunch let reggie bush go when he was the only ground game they have had; do people really believe that lamar miller is a quarter the player/runner that reggie bush is? PUH-LEEEEEZZZZZZZ!!!

Amen, shadow. Someone should inquire with their GM about that.

OC you are so right. Big Baby will be in the house soon crying how Miami was robbed of this victory by a bad call and how Miami dominated the game.

The truth is......

Miami had 3 big plays in the first half. Two passes to Wallace over 50 yds each and Nolan Carroll's interception that accounted for 13 of Miami's 16 first half points. And the two passes to Wallace accounted for over half of Miami's first half offense.

Miami was well ahead at the end of the first half but it was not as dominating performance as the score suggested.

This was a game Miami could have won but by no means was it a game they dominated and gave away.

Please, draft NO MORE GATORS. Even Pouncey is turning into a dog.
Question: WQHAT the he!! is it Philbin tells these guys at halftime that turns them winners to losers?
Same thing every 2nd half. Then he wastes a time out to yell at an official who isn't going to change his call.

do people really believe that lamar miller is a quarter the player/runner that reggie bush is? PUH-LEEEEEZZZZZZZ!!!

Posted by: the shadow knows | November 24, 2013 at 05:17 PM

Seriously who in their right mind would believe that?

It's not just Bush. Letting Long go. Giving away Brandon Marshall.

At this point, the Dolphins would be better served taking both RB out of their games and replacing them with two more OL types to surround Tannehill. It's not as if any opposing team fears a Miami running attack.

Very good game by the players; coaches stifled the playmakers with bad play calling; the screens were a joke though, poorly executed. and THill and stoic as he is; his long throws are poor; he is a slot passer and Wallace was a waste of money. Had the refs allowed that TD and the field goal by Sturgis gone in, and the defense held on 4-10; then we would not be talking this way. So to all those clamoring for fire him, fire him, burn my team shirt, blah, blah, get a grip.
The bigger picture is not the ineptitude of the organization, but a coaching staff that does not know how to squeeze out the most of the talent on this team.

Can Miami make the playoffs now? According to ESPN Miami loses all the tie breakers against the other four 5-6 teams. So if Miami ends in a tie for the last spot I gotta believe it is VERY unlikely they win the tie breaker. So to avoid a tie breaker how many wins will they need? I think 8 wins gets into a tie break and 9 wins takes it out right. Are there 4 more wins on the Miami schedule?

New York twice


Doubt Miami will make it but there are 4 wins there for the taking.

Voted Very Satisfied in honor of another nail in Jeffy's coffin. Sorry Big Baby...

What can a good coach do for a team????
Just look to the desert in Arizona for a Answer.....

Hey guys....let's look at the bright side of things...better draft position...anywho that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Ps...GEORGIA SOUTHERN JUST SCORED AGAIN!!!!! hahahahahahahaha !

tough loss. didn't catch the whole game, directv dvr issue. saw mid 3rd quarter on. hoping for the best but the season that started 3-0 with much promise is slipping away. IMO, the Dolphins are a couple player away from turing the corner. You can't expect to win when you can't run the ball at all & have a young QB throwing 40 + passes every week. Tannehill is one tough guy for taking that many hits & sacks.

All things considered, Ross should bring in Carl Peterson as VP of football oversight. Changing all your coaches & GM this offseason and expecting immediate miracles isn't the way to go. Evaluating everyone in the organization from GM, scouts, coaches and players makes sense by keeping the good & replacing the ineffective.

sorry about the typo's,, 16 hr shift last night & just rose after a needed 5 hr snooze. Coffee ain't doing its job yet.

Is the league going to apologize for that blatantly bad call like they did in the Baltimore game? That's twice now three if you count the phantom calls in the ne game. Ball on one yard line use a little more clock score a td Carolina doesn't get the fg before half 7 point swing. Miami doesn't lose if that happens that call was a momentum killer. Cam Newton is a fake as* punk I hate that guy that fake smug smile what a fake tough guy.

the Dolphins are a couple player away from turing the corner

Posted by: Jimbo | November 24, 2013 at 06:01 PM


Baby, Miami lost because they scored ZERO points in the second half... They lost cause they kicked 3 FGs in the first half
They lost because as usual they got out coached in the 2nd half.....
They lost because there "A couple Players Away"...
Oh yeah, they lost because they were out scored.....LOL...

6 And 10.............


Little Baby crying that the referees hate his team again!!!

Wonder if Little Baby ever called Peyton Manning a "punk" for smiling after touchdowns?

Another fake tough guy.

What call was a momentum killer Big Baby? If you're talking about the unnecessary roughness call on the Panthers last drive, the Dolphins did not have the momentum then. That penalty did not decide the game.

If you're talking about the Dolphin coaches conceding a 29 yard play to set up the FG at the end of the first half, I agree. That definitely was a turning point in the game.

To clarify Captain Obvious is the fake tough guy, Peyton is the real tough guy and that other weirdo has been part of my fan club for a while it seems. Dude email me I'll send you an autographed picture of a smiling Big Baby.

PS: The Candy Canes lost to DUKE with their 1st string QB, not their 3rd string.

As bad as Miami football has been this year, pro and college, compared to the Gayturds we've looked like the Monsters of the Midway. Dude, you lost to something called Geogia Southern, what ever the fock that is.

I have to hand it to the Gayturd, Captain Obvious aka Oliver Rubber, for at least showing up. I didn't think he had it in him. But to suggest Miami's loss to a 9-2 Duke team is anyway comparable to the Gayturd's loss to an FCS team is taking absurdity to new heights.

Oliver aka Captain aka Rawpimple you need to try a new angle of attack. The one you are taking is as laughable as your team.

The Candy Canes lost to DUKE, DUKE is terrible, how could anyone say Miami is as good as the MIGHTY GATORS??


lamar miller can't do much on the field- i think he has had one long-50 yards if i remember- run this season; i believe the dolphins got quite a few long runs/catches form reggie bush, who has been more han adequate at every stop on his football trail. lamar miller hasn't done too much, and only gets sentiment for having been a cane. jake long was horrible his last two seasons here, and brandon marshall dropped many passes; the loss of brandon gibson has been the worst calamity this year.

Manning led Broncos are tearing the Pats a new one. Ahhh, the consolation of seeing Brady & gang fading into the sunset.

And Ireland just keeps on giving and giving. When will he be fired?

Saskatchewan Roughriders just won Canadian Football League championship primarily behind the running of former Dolphin Kory Sheets who set a new rushing record in the Grey Cup game. He is now a free agent after two outstanding seasons in Canada. (I know, I know, the CFL is a much lesser league, but Sheets certainly looks a hell of a lot better than anything the Dolphins have replaced him with!!!)

horrible loss.
we missed incognito this game. and pouncey as well.
run blocking was awful; that's not miller's fault; although him losing yardage trying to make something happen WAS his fault.
i caught the 1st half and then headed to my gig in palm springs.
pioli was the color man on the 710 espn LA broadcast.
boy would i love that guy running our team..

This was our best game ever gals. We are a class act all around.

Do you know the difference between Tom and a refrigerator? Well, a refrigerator doesn't fart when you pull the meat out.

I told anyone who would listen, the Dolphins are a 7-9 team. If the Gators can keep Muschamp around for another season, it looks really good we'll be keeping UM's terrible Defensive Coordinator and Ireland, Philbin and his sorry staff as well. Thank God! We have the Miami Heat. I will really cherish and appreciate our football teams championships if we ever get close enough to sniff one in my lifetime! A give a solid "no confidence" vote to both UM & the Dolphins today!

I agree with oc.. Ross has no business,being in this business.

How,s that prevent defense working? Same Dolphin gameplan every week, get a lead and try to hold it then the defense gets tired, finally last 2 minutes prevent defense and lose. By the way the prevent has never worked for the Canes either, Miami coaches(pro and college)don't have a clue how to end games.

Whoa nelly!!!!

A fake FZB posted at 12:52 am...too funny...Tom, it wasn't me buddy I can assure you I was in lala land at that time..it had to be one the west coast guys...hehe..or Dukito, he keeps odd hours..

Well guys we have 5 more games for this year and hopefully Ross will clean house, I mean everybody including the coaches...Later on I'm going to play a little GM and tell you who we should keep.

BREAKING NEWS !!!!! Georgia Southern just scored again !!!! Hahahahahahaha.

TOM.......I totally agree....the momentum seemed to turn when the Dolphins had a MAJOR MENTAL LAPSE just before halftime and allowed Carolina 3 points they NEVER should have had...with 1 second remaining in the half.THAT told them right there they had a chance to come back in the second half.I was yelling at my TV then.I felt it begin to slip away right there...with a bad feeling instead of the team feeling positive about itself.That gaffe allowed doubt to seep in.THAT was the key point(and points..except for the final second TD of course)of the game to me.THAT defensive lapse was inexcusable.Bad teams keep finding ways to lose...that s all.

NOT comparing Wallace to Duper or Mark Clayton..................................but..........either one would NOT have dropped Tannehill s last second heave.Wallace just cannot catch when being even touched by the opponent or heaving breathing by them.The guy s not an elite receiver by any stretch.He only has elite speed.He s a little better though than Ted Ginn though that s not saying much as we all already found out.This tandem put up zero points in the second half and Tannyhill s not scored in the fourth quarter for how many games now?????THAT is not a good QB.He s better than Henne but not an elite QB.He still lacks the IT factor.Yep stats say 310 yards and a couple long passes will do that.If no production in the very key second half....who cares then????????Tannehill NEEDS to IMPROVE though our awful O line and running game IS killing him I must admit.The defense was amazing for 3 quarters though.They ran out of gas and toughness unfortunately.Another wasted and awful season.

"Manning led Broncos are tearing the Pats a new one. Ahhh, the consolation of seeing Brady & gang fading into the sunset".

Posted by: Jimbo | November 24, 2013 at 09:53 PM

You were saying???

"Later on I'm going to play a little GM and tell you who we should keep."

The dumbass who spent the last year telling everyone how amazing Jeffy Ireland is will tell us what they should do next. That should be interesting.

worst coaching job I have ever seen. The last seconds of first half conceding a field goal was stupid and in
the 2nd half I can see no reason for the Dolphins calling time outs to allow Carolina enough time to march all the way into the end zone. Worst coaching in the history of the Miami Dolphins from a lifetime fan. Medellin Jim

Breaking News:

Cam Newton was seen today still practicing his fake A*s lame Superman routine in the end zone at Sun Life Stadium today. This time it was in front of the mirror and he followed it with his gay first down pointing routine. What a fraud.

Big Baby,

as that play happened, a flag not being thrown would have been ludicrous- cam newton was out of bounds when he got hit/pushed/shoved and the NFL is not tolerating contact with QBs (especially) after they have gone out of bounds. it is the way they have been calling them for the last two years at least. the fact that the traction was not what it would have been on grass is a moot point. letting mike tolbert run wild on those plays in the shadow of the goalpost was the reason the dolphins lost and didn't get a chance at OT, which they really didn't deserve for having scored 0 points in half #2, and for the -3 allowed with one second to play in half #1. philbin has shown that he can blotch a game with no timeouts left or with three timeouts left.

Breaking News:

Racist Bostonian still hates Cam Newton.

shadow I wasn't talking about that call at all but... he didn't get hit, pushed or shoved R. Jones barely touched him and it looked like he was trying to hold him up. Cam Glam slipped and flat out fell on his keyster and then to the surprise of no one came back onto the field with that smug smile of his again.

The Phins lost because of the reasons pointed out by Tom,Anti and OC...anyone who knows about football can clearly see that and if not you either know very little about football or you must not have not watched a single game of this Phins team all year(those would be the only 2 explanations)...to blame this loss on officials is just going full retard...just another choke job from an extremely mediocre team who don't know how to close...

Georgia Southern at home...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

Oh man,that will never get old...


went to z-land with the computer informing me that the broncos had burst out of the gate in the opening period, saw the obits written before ten last night, and then yinzer informed me that maybe something wild had occured in foxboro, which it did. coming back from 24-0? been done before: USC 55, ND 24 in the 1974 edition of what used to be a must watch tilt. i still remember the giddiness that ensued after the very determined anthony davis ran back the second half kickoff, after which then freshman LB david lewis came from the blindside to wipe out the irish returner and get things going. 55 unanswered points on a talented irish squad!!! AD might not have been the most physically gifted of our tailbacks, but he never quit; 6 KOs returned for TDs in three seasons, 3 against ND- 11 TDs in three games versus the catholics. one of the really great trojans

OMG I didn't even see this in the game how cool for elite athletes across different sports to have so much respect for each other!!


shadow I think Miami might have blown a similar lead to the Jets on MNF during the Jay Fiedler era.

Yes how Cool Miguel to see that fake A*s Glam Newton excessively celebrate a 1 yard TD run he should be so proud of himself.

Baby, Yes the fins were killing the jets something like 27 to 3 Or something liker that, Dave(No Nuts)Wannstadt was the coach and Vinny Testarverde ran off like 35 second half points..
In my opionion this was when the gate of inaptness began...

go DUKE! go PITT! either way another shitty season for the U (going nowhere again). Looks like the basketball team is unranked as well. What an overrated school that none of these losers have been to.


Big Baby,

i am not so sure that jay fiedler was at the helm of the dolphins for infamous MNF game thaat i believe ended 41-38 for the jets. yes the dolphins had a big lead, but whoever was the QB can't be faulted for putting up five TDs and a field goal. that world renowned #5 rated defense of zac and his brother in law, and two very adequate CBs couldn't stop a jet revival.

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