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November 17, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 42.4%; plus Miami wins, 20-16, Ted Wells speaks, Jimmie Johnson wins 6th NASCAR title & more

1) It is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18. Click on Random Evidence for my latest Sunday notes-column package. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Hurricanes-Duke game, Collball Week 12 roundup, Brazil soccer & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

1aa1nascarJimmie Johnson wins sixth NASCAR title at Homestead: NASCAR's Championship Sunday was vroooming about an hour southwest of Dolphins stadium Sunday, with points leader Jimmie Johnson getting a sixth Sprint Cup season title. Click on Becoming The Best for my column on Johnson's triumphant day.

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: See the (sad, season-low) results of latest CSM poll in blogpost directly below this one.

Dolphins investigator Ted Wells speaks!: NFL-appointed Bullygate investigator Ted Wells this morning issued the following statement: "We look forward to meeting with Dolphins players, coaches and staff in order to get the facts and prepare a thorough and fair report. The Dolphins organization has been very helpful in arranging the interviews and urging their personnel to cooperate with the investigation." Wells has asked all Dolphins personnel to not comment on the investigation.

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G10: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 42.4 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 20-16 victory vs. San Diego putting the Dolphins' season record at 1aadsm5-5. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9:30 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% (20.3-v, 66.2-s) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% (71.9-v, 26.9-s) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% (78.2-v, 20.8-s) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% (18.8-v, 39.4-s) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

G5: 33.5% (4.3-v, 29.2-s) following 26-23 loss vs. Baltimore.

G6: 6.5% (3.8-v, 2.7-s) following 23-21 loss to Buffalo.

G7: 4.7% (3.0-v, 1.7-s) following 27-17 loss at New England.

G8: 50.3% (8.2-v, 42.1-s) following 22-20 OT victory vs. Cincinnati.

G9: 4.7% (3.6-v, 1.1-s) following 22-19 loss at Tampa Bay.

G10: 42.4% (7.2-v, 35.2-s) following 20-16 victory vs. San Diego.

Next poll: Nov. 24 following game vs. Carolina.

G10: SAN DIEGO @ DOLPHINS: Final: A huge, huge win for Miami today. It was that in the playoff chase and, as much, it was that for a team, a lockerroom that was dealing not only with five losses in the previous six games but with the Bullygate scandal. Ryan Tannehill was good enough today, with 268 yards and a TD, the running game picked up (104 yards, 5.5. per), Charles Clay caught six passes for 90 yards and a score, and the defense was good enough. A great team effort, and a proper finish. ..... Halftime: Dolphins defense playing reasonably well and tattered, makeshift O-line allowed only two sacks, a manageable number. Tannehill fairly sharp but for the one pickoff. Win within reach. They'd better close the deal a hell of a lot better than they did six days ago in Tampa. ..... Original post: There are reasons tangible and intangible why today is so crucial to the Dolphins. Tangibly, Miami and San Diego both are 4-5 and angling for that sixth and final AFC East playoff spot. With a win today and two games left against the Stinkin' Jets -- who lost 37-14 at Buffalo today to fall to 5-5 -- the Dolphins would be
1aa1dol10 1aa1dolsdsomething
closer to in control if they come out of this at .500. Come out of this 4-6 and you're a longshot again. This is the thing lost in the ongoing brouhaha that is Bullygate, with ESPN saying offensive line coach Jim Turner is part of the NFL investigtation and people calling for Tony Dungy to come in and clean house: The Dolphins still have a real shot at the playoffs by winning today. Intangibly, this beleaguered franchise and its frazzled fans desperately need something good to happen after two weeks of Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin hell and five losses in the past six games. The news that center Mike Pouncey is out today with kidney and gall bladder issues is just the latest wave of woe as an already depleted offensive line takes another huge hit. The line was bad even with Pouncey, Incognito and Martin. Now it's a fire drill for Ryan Tannehill and the running game. Despite it all, I like home-'dog Miami in a slight upset in today's 4:05 start. Part of it just the plain hunch that the Dolphins are due for someting good to happen. But some of it is X's and O's stuff. The Chargers defense allows the highest opponent passer rating in the NFL, and the Bolts' run-D allows 4.8 yards per carry. There is a big opportunity today for Tannehill, Mike Wallace, Lamar Miller and the rest if the rag-tag line can give Tanny sufficient time. The young QB  was asked this week what he'd say to frustrated Dolfans inundated with the embarrassment of Bullyagte. "Hang in there," he said. Well, make it easier fot them to do that, Ryan. Win today. Winning doesn't cure tall. But it's the essential start. My pick was: Upset. Miami, 24-21.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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How on Earth are they supposed to "bully" anyone without the slightest semblance of an offensive line today?

There is absolutely nothing the Dolphins can do about this situation--no coaching maneuvers, no magic pixie dust, no nothing. They have lost three starters in that line in two weeks and the two remaining starters are completely subpar players.

This is a defensive coordinators dream.

I won't even be angry when the Dolphins fail to move he ball or protect Tannehill today. I cannot expect the impossible.

JRS empty AGAIN. Pretty sad for a team still in the playoff hunt.

Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner is a person of interest in the NFL's investigation of Jonathan Martin's harassment claims and the culture within Miami's locker room, sources told ESPN.

Turner is beloved by many of his players but also is known for using loud, insulting and profane language with the players.


So now we see what has come out of Martin's meeting with the NFL Friday. He's told the investigator that OL coach Jim Turner is LOUD, INSULTING and PROFANE.

Are you ffing kidding me? This is getting more absurd by the minute.

Martin: "Coach Turner yelled at me too loud, said naughty words and told me I'm soft."

NFL Investigator: "That is just terrible. He yelled at you? No way. He said naughty words? That is ff...err just horrible. And he told you're soft? How dare he hurt your feelings like that."


So our O Line coach is loud, insulting and profane..hehe..you think that closet fairy Martin would have made it pass boot camp in the marines?..I would imagine those marine drill sergeants are pretty tough..

Someone please tell that douche bag Dan Dierdorf to STFU. We get it Dan, you hate the Dolphins. I do have one question for Dan. Hey Dan why is it that when you sneeze into your hanky, it leaves a shit stain?

Man,I would like Tannehill a lot more if he could actually connect on a pass over 20 yards...can't blame Wallace or the O-line for that one...

Tom, please refrain from your homophobic comments.

Dolphins are playing to win. I like it. 2:21 to go. 2 more first downs and Miami comes away with a huge win.

Oliver I get it, you're gay. Now that perfectly explains your last name, RUBBER, which of course is a very important tool for you. If I said anything to offend your sensitivities I am really sorry. I don't know what I said that you took as homophobic but obviously I hurt your feelings. So please accept my apologies. I like that we have gay bloggers, like you, who join us. Diversity of sexual orientation is a good thing so welcome to the blog.

By the way, big win for Miami. 5-5 and tied for the last wild card spot.

Oh wait I get it Oliver. It must have been what I said about Dierdorf blowing his nose and getting shit stains on his hanky. OMG I had no idea that is way gay guys do. I thought that was just kiss asses. You know, a BROWN NOSE. But given your sexual orientation you should know better than the rest of us. Well I for one will make no judgement about what you choose to do in the privacy of your home. If doing that floats your boat, well good for you.

Duke scores again!!! Freakin duke....bawahahahahhaha

Canes lost to duke in football...just think about that....really think

Wow. The mighty cheaters have fallen hard

Rawpimple, go play with yourself, if you can find that little vienna sausage little girl

Did you think about that? Duke? You lost to duke in football. Duke. Coached by some redneck. Duke. Bunch of nerds. Sure they play good basketball but football? Did you see their stadium? High schools in Miami are better. Duke!

You lost to duke. U lost to duke.


Nearly half hundred was hung on you by duke.

Holy crap!


Look we knew you weren't in Florida states league. You lucked out against Florida, wake, and North Carolina.

You just lost to a bad vtech team and lost to fin duke!



What?.... Oliver is a fag?...ooopps, my bad, I meant gay..not that there is anything wrong with it..

Pimple..dude, you really need to get a life, ok we get it our defense is horrible and we've lost three in a row but guess what dip shit, we still have 7 wins and we beat you guys..21-16

Well what do-U-know we beat the Chaaaages , how about that..my. Boy Tanny had a very solid game and the O Line was semi decent..

No, no you still don't get it. We know your defense, al golden, and your offense stinks.

You lost to duke though. Duke!!!! Duke!!!!!

You lost a football game to duke!!!! That's what you haven't fully comprehended. Duke!!!

Blow me asswipe...

Good team win today against another AFC playoff contender. 5-5 & still alive. Depleted O line played decent, defense played good enough, coaches called a good game, using the clock & time outs to best help the Fins win. I'm happy, voted somewhat satisfied.

Did anyone else watch the Saints beat SF? Brees almost had his head ripped off on sack by SF linebacker. Ref's called unnessary roughness penalty, SF coach Harbaugh almost jumped out of his skin. Correct call, it's the rules but I thought it was a great, devastating sack... the way football is supposed to be played. Funny how the league promotes videos of big hits but wants to "protect" everybody & get rid of bullies.

Can't believe Miami lost to Duke Saturday. Wow, let me ax U fans a question,,, Miami Hurricanes a better team than UCF?

Leave Oliver alone,, there's no place for bullies in sports blogs. :)

Jimbo...at this time I think UCF is better...

I know your a big promoter of Atlanta QB Ryan. If you were the Fins GM would you trade Ryan Tannehill for Matt Ryan straight up... under the assumption that they both would have 4 yrs remaining on an average NFL $$ for QB (hypothetical)?


I would make that trade in a heartbeat. Matt Ryan is a proven NFL QB. His team has had multiple trips to the playoffs and was one play away from the SB last year. On the other hand, the jury is still out on Tannehill.

Disregard what is happening in ATL this year. They have a lot of injuries and I get the feeling they are playing lousy for Clowney.

I also agree with you that we should leave Oliver alone. We don't bully here based on sexual orientation.


the 49ers got jobbed, as drew brees was hit nowhere near his head. i never heard that the rule stated no contact above the shoulders, but rather nothing to the head. your basic homer call by any one of the corrupt NFL officials.

PEPE- born in brazil!!!

being born in brazil i would imagine makes him eligible for the brazilian team. if he chose to play for brazil, i don't think he'd get a ribbing from the portugese fans since he plays in spain. if i were him, i'd take my chances playing for my country of birth.

we have many injuries too; but we gutted one out today.
i'm still mystified by the play calling; 3 running backs AND tanny averaged over 5 a carry, yet there was never a commitment to run; had we run even TWO more times on that last drive, the chargers wouldn't have had as much time on that last drive.
we gave rivers the ball with 2 minutes left; it is insanity.
you folks can scream about ireland all you want; every GM has hits and misses, but thomas, an ireland pick, averaged 5.7 a carry and miller was at 4.3.


how many more games will this happen?
how many more times will tannehill line up in the shotgun with no runner in the back field?
how many times will miller gain 8 yards on a carry, and then watch as we throw 2 incompletes in a row?
how many times will they REFUSE to go downfield with wallace? (today they actually tried it and tanny blew it)
the coaching of this team is pathetic.
you can easily attribute playcalling as the difference between our record right now and maybe being 8-3.
baltimore, buffalo, new england, all could have been won had we ran, or in new england's case, CONTINUED to run..

Go fins! U can do it mens.

Phins could've also lost some games that they won if not for bad play calling on the other side. Every game we've won was close as were most that we lost. NFL admitted refs screwed up the Ravens game. NE always adjusts very well at half time. Last week Tampa pummeled Miami both sides of the ball. Maybe they should bomb more, but Tannehill isn't a great passer especially downfield. Yes, there could be some better play calling, but watch some neutral games where you're less involved emotionally and you'll notice lot of strange play calls being made. With the national embarrassment and average play, sort of just want to forget this season. Dump the goofey staff (and owner if we coild) and see what we can do next year. Last night's soccer game was rocking Sun Life with nonstop boisterous excitement, near 72,000 actually there. Phins not quite establishing the same effect,

To my surprise the Dolphins somehow pulled out a win, now if they can go on a run the next 4 games and restore my confidence in them ?

Clay, Matthews , Wake, Vernon , D Thomas , the whole O Line and Tannehill had solid games..there's still a little bit of hope but Carolina is a pretty tough opponent, we'll see.

So the NFL investigation is concentrating its investigation on our O Line coach a former marine, so closet fairy Martin couldn't handle a little criticism so he walked out on the team and ran to the principal's office, gents, the pussyfication of the NFL is well under way.

I wonder what Dick Butkus or the Zonk think about this...

As for the Canes... Its time for Golden to bench all those slow, underachieving left over players from the Shannon era and go with the young guys , let them take their lumps and get a little game experience, it will serve them well going into next year.

In Golden I trust..

And just like that, the last undefeated team in the NFL lost...and the 72 Dolphins record lives on..

Perfectville....population ONE

FZB,it is a well known fact that at least 20% of Marine recruits can't make it thru boot camp. My brother is an ex-Marine and I have a nephew that is in the Marines right now. They are "real" men like Butkus and Czonka. Guys like Martin make "real men" want to puke! I can not imagne any other team in the NFL wantng a turn coat like Martin in their locker room. I think he is cut out for water polo,maybe?

Pass the rose colored glasses my way.

please keep on trusting in Golden forever! 4-6 loss seasons are wonderful! Throw a parade! In fact, give him an extension. 10 years. Poor guy couldn't recruit, coach, or do anything under this cloud. What do you expect? For him to beat Virginia Tech? No way. That is impossible given all this program has been through. Did you expect him to beat Duke? Come on! Stop with the high expectations. I say we give him an extension immediately!

Poor Anthony Chickillo. Decided to play for a garbage team and get run over by a bunch of nerds. 358 rushing yards for Duke.

Duke lined up and smacked U in da moufs.

Bunch of scrubs on that defense.

50 points to Duke and heads should roll.

358 rushing yards to Duke. Bench the whole front 7 except Perryman. Bunch of scrubs. Now we are seeing the Al Golden 2-3 star recruits show their true colors. Just because you sign 30 it inflates your stats. Quantity over Quality is Golden's motto and he is doing it again.

This next Canes game is gonna have some environment. I think about 15k and even FZB wont even be going. Kazaam jumped off the MacArthur causeway after the FSU debacle. Imagine if he saw these past two weeks.

I say you dress Donnna Shalala up and put her on the Dline because she cant do much worse than these 2-3 star scrubs in the front 7.

50 points to Duke should get people canned and players benched.

Hope we arent bringing any recruits to the next game because that atmosphere will be like a funeral.

Kudos to the Phins in their tough win yesterday.The makeshift O line played hard and that s all you can ask for.The team is sticking together.Turner s language is no different than what I heard in Army basic training decades ago.It was a nuisance but nothing overwhelming.Still didn t like the ---- in ur mouth remark by Cogs but Martin did need to toughen up too(fact).

Duke ?

Hey come on now. Duke is really good. They have a power running game and one of the best defenses in the country. I expected to lose that game. Duke could even beat Florida State and will then make a BCS bowl. Duke plays tough defense. They have an NFL QB and an NFL Oline. Their WRS are 5 star recruits. Miami was on severe sanctions and scholarship limitations. We couldn't sign anyone to our class. Golden has worked wonders here.







Confusuous say
Life is like a dick, sometimes it becomes hard for no reason.

A husband is supposed to make his wife's panties wet, not her eyes. A wife is supposed to make her husbands dick hard, not his life.

A drunk guy is a liability, but a drunk girl is an asset....

Success is like pregnancy. Everybody congratulates you but nobody knows how many times you got F**ked to achieve it.

Looks like this blog was taken over by the BLUE DEVILS!!!!

Pretty bad when Duke is talking smack to you regarding FOOTBALL!!!!

I sure do LOVE my Gators. We're 4-6 with a loss to VANDY and staying home for the holidays. The three SEC teams we've beaten have a combined in conference of 1-17. Oh yeah baby!!! Thank goodness we're not 7-3 and going bowling. Now that would really suck.

Some of you guys seriously seem to exist in some kind of time warp where the Hurricanes are still an important and relevant team that kids dream about playing for and opponents fear.

All of that ended YEARS ago. The Canes are just another mediocre program these days, with little fan support and few of the resources that bigger universities have.

Why bitch and moan so much about it? They are never going to return to the status they once had. It's like yelling at the sun for rising in the East.

Sorry to inform you but the Gators were a USC loss to Notre Dame from playing in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME JUST LAST YEAR!

What have U done??????????

Have you EVER won the ACC???? EVER??????? You haven't even shown up to the game as a participant.

When you win that WEAK conference of yours then you can talk.

Until then, YOU JUST LOST TO DUKE!!!!!

You have no room to talk ANY smack whatsoever.

Now crawl back in your hole and exchange your Hurricane jersey for a Lebron one.

BOOOOOOM MFer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it werent for the sanctions we would have been in the ACC title game last year.

5 loss division winner!!!!!!!!!!

I want my T-shirt now!!!!!!!!

Only people who actually WENT to a particular university should be interested in their team. I think it's weird for a bunch of uneducated grown men who never spent an hour in a college classroom to latch onto a college team full of teenagers.

College sports are for the actual students and alumni. Anyone else following it is a freak.

Those assembled players who lose to a football team called Duke, stink to holy heaven.

We're still 4-6 and going nowhere. Now that's something to brag
About. At least we're not 7-3 and going bowling.

"Some of you guys seriously seem to exist in some kind of time warp where the Hurricanes are still an important and relevant team"

It's looking more like Philbin will survive this bullying episode and remain our coach of the future. I may have over reacted he deserves a chance I guess seems like the players respect him. No idea on Ireland anymore. David Miami is a pass first team and I have no problem with that they have the personnel to do it. Nice to see D. Thomas get some run yesterday guess we can't give up on him yet either but SD defense is bad. Give Brent Grimes a contract now. I said if our d showed up we would have a chance and we remain firmly in playoff hunt now huge win no doubt. 9-7 maybe 8-8 likely will get last playoff spot in AFC. Like the guy on Starsky and Hutch said Don't Give Up On Us Baby.


Still searching for evidence Tom?

FZB it's not about what Zonk or Butkus would have said you just can't allow a work environment like Miami had to exist any longer. Incognito went way over the line hopefully this thing is almost over but the lesson to be learned by all involved is that treating people with respect is important whether it's in any arena in life.

Wait they printed T-shirts for us winning our division last year?

Does anyone know where I can get one? Do they print our win/loss record on there with the outcome of the games?

I'd rather it say division champions without the record. If so, please let me know where I can get one.

Whoever said Deirdorf hates the Dolphins couldn't be more right that guy sucks.

I've lived in seven different NFL cities and in every single one the fans think that certain announcers "hate" their team. It's comical and completely ludicrous.

As a matter of fact, Dierdorf yesterday spent a considerable amount of time PRAISING both Tannehill and the coaching staff for executing a fairly effective game plan despite being handicapped by a patchwork offensive line.

Guess you completely missed it, though.

Dierdorf praises all other teams more than the Dolphins every time he does one of their games. I didn't miss anything except his usual awful announcing.

to the lizard loser's that keep on bashing on my Canes, yes we are a bad team, that 7th ranking was fool's gold, yes we are not ready for prime time just yet, yes is going to take a couple of more good recruiting classes to build the roster, yes we struggle to beat mediocre teams like NC,WF etc but here's the bottom line.

we are 7-3 and going to a bowl game and our future is ten times better than your crappy ass program...

21-16 dip chit's.

BB, Martin is the only player in the history of the NFL that didn't have the balls to stand up for himself, this story about bullying and harrassment is pure BS..bottom line is the guy is a coward and he has no business being in the NFL.

on wether Philbin survives at the end of the year, if Ross is going to let Ireland go then he needs to let everyone go including all the coaches.

Philbin may be innocent but that's how it goes sometimes...Ross needs to hire a GM and then let him hire his own people, that's the only way this will work.

In my world

4 - 6 > 7 - 3

16 > 21

3 > 5

I also think this liztarded babe is seriously hot..........


Just back from my shuttle launch. Didn't see the game. Hope San Diego players self-respects is still intact after biting bullet against Miami. One word of advice to Dolphin players. Don't blow this opportunity to be rid of numbskulls at the top by winning games..

Only little kids think that NFL announcers and refs are "against" their team.

Rawpimple, is that a light brown, mushy, little brown turd hanging from your lower lip?

Normally I would tell you to wipe it off but on you it's an improvement.

Only little kids think that NFL announcers and refs are "against" their team.

Yes former players especially announcers are biased against other teams this isn't news in any way shape or form new to sports are you?

Seriously Liztarded,

that lizard chick is one hot babe..thanks for almost making me throw up.

Dukito, worry not mi amigo, Ireland will not survive this and you guys will soon rejoice...sniff, sniff.

gent's...you all think Martin's feelings would have been hurt by this guy?


duke San Diego isn't a good team. Miami from a talent perspective is a much better team. The players aren't mailing it in so you can fulfill your Jeff Ireland being fired fantasies.

FZ bro you said you wanted Miami to lose for draft positioning??!!

This team controls their own destiny right now and should be the favorite right now to get the 6 seed and go into KC and kick their overrated as*es what happened to my compadre this hurts.

Yes of course Big Baby. I don't know what I was thinking...


the way things look with our offensive line I think we'll be lucky to finish 8-8..I hope I'm wrong.

no BB..it was said tongue-in-cheek..I said I'll be rooting for my Fins but if they were to lose it would mean better draft position..

but I'm rooting for wins, let's see if we can beat Carolina..


pass first team? really? that's nonsense.
and we DON'T have the personnel, obviously.
you know how to decrease the number of sacks?
there was NO REASON for us to have attempted more passes than RIVERS.
it happens every week.
we out throw opponents with WAY BETTER QB's than we have.
sherman is an idiot.
even the ending of the game yesterday had more drama than it needed to have.
had they run at least ONE more time on that last drive then the chargers wouldn't have had that much time on the clock.
when both your running backs are averaging almost 4 yards a carry or higher, and neither has gotten the ball more than 18 carries a game, something is wrong, PERIOD.

Hey Miami fans...heard u drafted a younger version of me.

Good luck with that Tannehill guy. Not elite. Not terrible. A guy who can guide Miami to lots of 7-9 seasons!


yes amigo, I agree with you..Sherman is not a very good offensive coordinator..no imagination what so ever.

FZB you just don't know a real woman. That's a Gator-Babe. And a 4-6 record and no bowl game are serious accomplishments to brag about for the seriously liztarded. Love my Gators. Love Muschump. He'll bring of years of 500 football. Oh yeah babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Can't wait to get smacked by Vandy again....and again....and again....hurt me....oh that feels good.

david you're saying that they aren't a pass first team?

Of course they are in a West Coast offense short passes are as good as runs that's always been true since it's inception.

Chad you couldn't have run this offense in a million years not accurate enough thanks for stopping by though.

now i know why tom is so homophobic. he just got ass raped by al golden and his golden shower boys yet another time. that will teach you to follow a loser team that gives you false hope of finishing in the top 25 year after year! GO VIRGINIA!

Check the numbers I'm better than TannyFail.

Chad can't even beat out Gabbert...

and what has happened to our run defense?..

tannehill is 7th highest in interceptions and 3rd highest in fumbles.
he's on pace for being sacked more than any QB in history.
his line is in shambles, he's missing his starting tight end, slot receiver, AND binns whom you might remember as having one of the better camps for receivers.
he also has 2 running backs hovering around and over 4 yards a carry.
what part about that says we should out pass hall of fame QBs every week?
in OUR circumstance, short passes ARE NOT as good as runs; in fact, runs are better.
they eat time, keep our opponent's offense off the field, and they minimize the risk of tannehill screwing up.
you can still run out of the west coast offense, baby.
it's not the SCHEME i am criticizing, it's the play calling.
it's atrocious, and you can attribute it to at least 3 losses on our record.

It's a pass first league get on board.



since the beggining of time a good running game is a QB's best friend..

Yes you have to run to open up the pass game age old idea and true. I still want a successful pass dominated offense.


Big Baby--

You are precious to me. You are a sweet and considerate young lady who is always polite and has excellent posture and table manners.

hey guys i heard DUKE beat Miami is that true? Will Miami be closing down their football program now? That's pretty bad guys.

I like this Tannehill guy. Reminds me of myself when I was younger. Threw a nice ball yesterday right to the player from San Diego. FZB thinks it was an outstanding performance! Guy probably thinks Matt Schaub is better than Tom Brady.

I think we will see a good close game tonight. Maybe 5-6pt game. Pats on top, 24-19.

Apple (aka Teen Mom)-

You are very kind as well thanks for thinking so much of me. There are no ladies here on this blog except for you.

You are most welcome, my glittering princess.

You sound like a pedophile it's getting weird now.

Big Baby you are right we have no ladies on the blog, but we do have Oliver Rubber who admittedly is light in the loafers. No offense intended Oliver. Just pointing out what you admitted to yesterday.

Tom should be a good game tonight NE is missing many players on defense I wouldn't be surprised if Ted Ginn Jr. and his dad scored a touchdown tonight.

All fans that watch games, think the tv guys hate there team. Nothing new in the last 58yrs that I have watched the NFL.


I need Cam Newton to come up big up 6 points but the other guy has G. Olson and New England defense Go Panthers!

Fans everywhere think that the announcers hate their team and the refs are biased against them. You can't take anyone who says that stuff and actually believes it seriously.

I have enjoy Vishnu Rama Chips with Baba Ghanoush dip. Also, thrice ginger deodorant hair.

Three microscopic lobsters are eating a bagel on my kitchen floor. My cat Juniper was born on Mount Vesuvius in the Year 1568.

Mi piace mangiare frittelle con lesbiche.

Here is Mr. Corn Flamingo with his suit of meat. Oh, Ernest Borgnine! Anoint me with your Healing Balms!

Guy Benjamin has always known about you.

Ok now...

Did someone let out the loonies from the funny farm?

I saw Guy Benjamin eating a meatball sandwich once.

This fish is the NFL appointed Martin investigator.....


Hey, Rawpimple, is this your twin brother?

Wow, how is any self respecting Miami Dolphins football player supposed to keep a straight face while looking at this stiffs mug across the table from them during the interview?


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