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October 23, 2013

Who is most "beloved" Dolphins player ever? Poll. Vote now; plus London calling, Greg Oden, Red Sox, NCAA/UM poll result & more

It is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25. We'll have a new blogpost later today, but since our most-beloved-Dolphin poll below has proved so popular we're leaving this post up top for a while longer. 2) Click here for my latest column, on the NCAA/UM verdict. Now let's move and forget all about renegade booster, um, what was his name again!? 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): NCAA/UM verdict and poll, Bryant McKinnie, NFL Pix 'n Fantasy, World Series odds, SOPY rankings & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

London calling for Dolphins: NFL announced that Dolphins vs. Raiders would be one of three games played in London next season. It'll be Oakland's home game. Miami played in the first-ever regular-season game at Wembley Stadium, losing 13-10 to the Giants on Oct. 28, 2007.

WHO IS THE DOLPHINS MOST "BELOVED" PLAYER EVER?: Two points I'd make about the Sporting 1aa1belovedNews. First, it used to be The Sporting News, even called itself 'TSN.' Then it quietly they dropped the The, just like The Miami Herald did, and is now simply Sporting News. Whatever. The larger point is that Sporting News just named the most "beloved" player for all 32 NFL franchises, and for Miami they chose Larry Csonka. (Click here for the gallery). "Hmm," I thought. My assumption would be that Dan Marino was the no-brainer pick, but maybe I'm wrong and they got it right. Debate or doubt, of course, form the petri dish in which our blog polls grow! Remember, this is not a greatest-player poll. Instead we invite your vote by however you define "most beloved." Make your choice and say why.

1aa1carlcard"LET'S GO RED SOX!" (NOT THAT I'M BIASED OR ANYTHING): Series now tied 1-1 heading to St. Louis. I'm nervous. ... Original post: I foresaw a Tigers-Dodgers World Series, so I'm delighted to be wrong as the Red Sox-Cardinals WS launches with Game 1 tonight at Fenway Park. Many loyal readers may know I was weaned on the 1967 Red Sox and the Year of Yaz. It's what turned a little kid into an avid sports fan, which in turn astonishingly somehow led to a career. It will be emotional for me tonight as Carl Yastrzemski throws out the first pitch. I predict a Red Sox championship, 4 games to 3, while fully admitting that's roughly 97 percent wishful thinking and 3 percent logic.

ODEN PROMISING IN HEAT DEBUT: Greg Oden played four minutes in Wednesday's Heat exhibition. But when it was your first game action since Dec. 5, 2009, that's a big deal, especially when your first touch resulted in a dunk. Miami will continue to baby Oden's progress, but this was encouraging. Michael Beasley's early effort has been encouraging, too. The Heat bench will be hugely better if these two perform as the club hopes. Early days, but the gamble on each seems smart right now.   

1aa1kinglbjSurprise! LeBron pick again for MVP: Bovada has it LeBron James at 3-2, then Kevin Durant 4-1 and Derrick Rose 11-2. For the scoring title it's Durant 7-5; for rebounds it's Dwight Howard even; for assists it's Chris Paul 3-2; and for rookie of the year it's Orlando's Victor Oladipo at 12-5, with notable others including Tim Hardaway Jr. at 12-1 and Shane Larkin at 20-1.

Poll result: NCAA's final verdict on UM was fair: A majority of 70.2 percent said the NCAA got it right Tuesday in docking the Canes with scholarship reductions but no additional postseason ban. Another 18.6% called the punishment too severe, while 11.2% said Miami got off easy.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Cote get on the Gronk story! Especially considering I heard Mrs Cote signed up for a Gronk-tini and additional football knowledge.




Tommy Vigorito

scott schwedes would be second

Jim Jensen, Irving Fryar third and fourth

Ex-dolphins jewish WR Greg Camarillo fifth

sixth, Cleo Lemon who beat the Ravens giving the fins their only win for Cam Cameron

this is for the phallus lover Mr. Woodcock

seventh, David WOODley

eight, all of the Killer B's

Imagine how good the Fins would be in 2013 if they had the Killer B's in their prime?

the Blackwoods as our safeties? Money

I know he'd never win any poll for "most beloved Dolphin ever" but my personal favorite was (and is) Nat Moore.

Plenty of bigger stars, I know...plenty of guys who combined great play with being outstanding people, too, but with Moore you have the combination of a kid who grew up in Miami, gave the Dolphins a very long and productive career and has probably done more community service and local charity work than any player or coach in the history of the franchise.

All the names are great ones, but here's one vote for Nat. We could use more people like that.

Nat Moore and Jimmy Cefalo: if that combo didnt instill fear in you, nothing will.

Marino hands down the all time fan favorite.

Mine: Csonka

soooo. Williams sister have an eye for NFL talent. Question is: Which Williams sister will replace Jeff Ireland as Fins GM?
3 straight losses is hard to swallow after 3-0 start.
"You are your record." stated by Bill Parcells. Most accurate words The Tuna ever spoke.
Tony Sporano sighted at Waffle House in Toupalo Mississippi. He was caught on video by local legend Delmar Wayne Jackson's Iphone - cheering on the double order of bacon for only 25 cents. After his meal, Tony had obese middle age waitress' pushing blocking dummies for tips. Word is he's partial to Beatrice, 40 yr old white female, 4'8" 285 lb, cankles, bunion on left foot as his lead waitress/blocker. Apparently he had mistaken her for Ritchie Incognito.


Cecil "the Diesel" Collins...

Csonka played seven years in Miami it's 13 duh.

Boston in 5 I'm tired of hearing how good St. Louis is and how nice their fans are Boston already beat 2 teams better than the Cardinals the Rays and Tigers.

The National League is a vastly inferior league to the American league yes I know SF won 2 recently but they had pitching St. Louis doesn't win 97 like Boston did if they are in the American League.

I respect The National League and their style of play but anyone who argues that it's a comparable league to the AL bring it on I'd like to hear that argument.

Garo Yepremian. If not him, then Joe Auer & Charlie Leigh.

Marino and Csonka. Kinda depends on whether I find myself in the mood to crash through a barn wall or outrun a coverage and catch a frozen rope 30 yards downfield.

Since my hands are still good enough to catch a wet soap bar with eyes closed, I'll side with Marino.

Lava right OC lol!

...I know, I know. All you youngsters use that fancy liquidy, overly perfumy stuff you squirt onto a plastic pom-pom.

You got, BB.

Although catching a bar of Lava is easy, as it has grip. You should try a regular bar, like Irish Spring or Dial.


just for the hell of it, Card's in 5..hehe

Who wins tonight?

It's going to be cold it might get down to around 40 degrees during the game same for tomorrow.

From a history standpoint the 75' World Series began almost a full two weeks before the current one being played.

Card's win tonight..set the tone for the series..say 6-3..

Over the past 30 years, AL teams have won the World Series 14 out of 17 times when having home field advantage.

hey BB,

it looks like your mayor forgot to take his med's on time, the guy is a looney..


Oh yeah he never gets anything right when it comes to sports he's going out with a bang!


our first mock draft for next year...it'll be here before you know it.


BB. Duh. Should I finish my post by asking. What would BB do?

No if he is your favorite player vote for him if you want I was referring to Sporting News who clearly got it wrong.

FZB, don't believe what CBS analysts show about Miami drafting only the 5th OL guy to come off the board. The way they're currently playing, they'll most likely be in position to draft the first guy - Jake Matthews, OT from Texas A&M.

...btw, is there like some rule that says that in order to be a top OT your name needs to be Jake?

Most beloved player ever: Bryan Cox

I liked Bryan Cox before he went and played for the Jets and Patriots that ruined it for me.


Well the mockers clearly see our problem, OT. Sad thing about this mock is they have us drafting 17th which means they are predicting 8-8 for the season. Yup that sounds about right. SOS.

second most beloved Dolphin player behind the Cecil the diesel is Uve Von Shaumann..

loved him after he missed those two FG tries agains't the Charger's at the OB..

I think the third one has to be Alfred Ogelsby

John Bosa

Okay, I think I have you all beat on this one. The most beloved Dolphin by any Dolphin coach had to be George Wilson Jr., and by his dad and coach, George Wilson Sr.

Ahh, those John Stofa, Joe Auer days.

Anti, it's before your time, but back in 67 the Dolphins actually had a QB by the name of Dick Wood!

So the blog Nazi is out deleting our posts. What unadulterated bullshit.

OC I noted that it is hard to forget Dick Wood.....WoodCock's father....


It is tricky how Dick Wood reversed his name to name his son Wood Cock.

awww.. sorry tom.. maybe they decided to fact check your dumb a#$..
as for most beloved dolphin, for me it is marino.
almost every year he played, we were "in the mix".. i miss those days. i also miss the feeling that we were still in almost every game, no matter the score. those were some exciting teams.
a real testament to shula's coaching genius; he built 2 completely different teams with 2 different systems. there aren't too many coaches today that could do that. everyone has their system, but shula changed his multiple times to suit the talent he had.

Not only is Csonka the most beloved player in Dolphins history he was by far the best player we've ever had. Marino had great numbers but he was a whiner more than he was a winner. Csonka was a winner and he was the best full back to ever play the position unless you say that Jim Brown was a full back when he really wasn't. Other than that there has never been a better power running back in the NFL. Marino for all his records wasn't even the best quarterback of his draft class, Elway was.

I don't have a problem with Danny Boy being ahead on Cote's poll, after all, a good 90% of the people who voted didn't see Csonk play. But those of us who saw them both know that Danny Boy will never achieve affection that Csonka has. Winning after all, is everything. And no one had a bigger stamp on that 17-0 season than Larry Csonka.

By far the most accomplished player in Dolphins history is Dick Anderson. He's not the richest, famous or mot popular but in term of being an all around good role model, I think he has achieved the accolates. He's also a very good athlete. He earned the respect of teamates as well as players he plays again. Unfortunately his carreer was cut off short because of the knee injury suffered in the Pro Bowl at the Orange Bowl. Together with Jake Scott, opponents usually shied away from throwing deep against the tandem.

Bravo T Tell, I had it Csonk, Dick A., and Buonaconti, with Marino somewhere in the picture. Yea, yea we've all seen the beautiful release Danny but where's the beef?

Marino is the perfect idol for the new, "look at me" generation of flash over substance. Frankly, old Danny Boy, as much as I enjoyed watching you play QB for us you couldn't carry Johnny Unitas' jock strap to the field, son.

Ahright BB your off the hook. Csonka had intangibles that many of the now generation doesn't understand.

I'm hearing all the rumblings from fans who compare T-hill to Henne. Is it me and only a handful of Dolphin fans who think this young guy brings a lot more to the offense than given credit for? Granted, he's only two years in(not even two) and I see a kinda still raw QB who has so much more upside not fully implemented yet. Seeing Henne you knew he was the talent level of a Dilfer.

I am sure that Taylor would have a chance to win if Dan Marino was not in the poll. But, Dan is the man.

That does not diminish how beloved the other guys are, Jason, Zack etc.

Jake Scott was more talented than Dick Anderson.

Ricky Williams was more talented than Larry Csonka.

Irving Fryar and Keith Jackson are among the 10-12 most talented Dolphins ever.

Dwight Stephenson is the most dominant and talented player in the history of the franchise, albeit in a career that was too short. His selection to the HOF despite that is testament to it.

I Am Correct your name implies that you're a contrarian, right? You're either 40 years of age or younger, or you wear coke bottle glasses, or you walk around with a red and white cane, or you have a weird sense of humor.

My name is factual. Everything I wrote can be debated or disputed but those doing so would be wrong.

I have spoken.

Clorox Jones and Listerine Smith are the most beloved Dolphins ever.

I would really have to go with all of the '72 Dolpfins as they all played as a whole team and more that one person stood out and nobody mentioned Don Shula yeah I know he wasn't a player for the 'phins but I give the whole team credit on offense and defense.

"Beloved" is not the same as "best". Marino is the most beloved. The vote proves that. Now was he the best? I think not. Best? You have to go back to the glory year teams and pick one....Griese, Csonka, Scott, Anderson, Buoniconti, Fernandez, Warfield, Twilley, Kiick, Fleming, Garo, Little, Kuechenberg....and on and on and on.

They were all great which is why they went 17-0.

Howard Twilley??

Honestly, I'd say even Marlin Briscoe was more talented than him. Just as Tim Foley was (at best) a marginal guy that probably wouldn't have started for quite a few teams.

Those were great, great TEAMS--don't get me wrong--but it's not as if every single player was individually great.

Mr. Woodcock,

amazing that the "danny boy" lovers haven't tracked you down and prepared the crucifix for stating that unitas (or anyone else) was even remotely within #13. mike1 and i used to be about the only bloggers that thought that marino was way overrated and that passing yds/TDs alone do no a great QB make. plus the question is "most beloved dolphin", and i just don't think that even those who say he might (repeat might) be the greatest dolphin ever woiuld say he was beloved by the fans. #13 was feeble for the last 4-5 years, wasn't alowed to call audibles, and couldn't even make a hand-off properly; as mentioned above, marino wasn't even the best QB of that year's draft- john elway was light years better than ole danny boy.

ok so Twilley was an exaggeration. But I think you get my point

Shadow, "It is folly to speak wisdom to a fool."

You are entitled to your own opinions but not to your own facts.

The fact of the matter is, that despite all the gaudy offensive numbers, and let me tell you that enjoyed watching Dan play as much as any Dolphins fan, Earl Moral did more for the Dolphins than Dan Marino did.

Mr. Ammonia Johnson,

Sir, are you the mayor of Liberty City?

The fourth best player in Dolphins history was Jackie Shipp ..( honorable mention Jay Brophy )...

Bud Brown was better than Jake Scott..

Don't you guys think that Ryan Clabo is better than Norm Evans?

And fifth most lovable / best player in Dolphins history is Dick Westmoreland..

Since OC brought up some players from the inaugural team I thought of Rick Norton a first 1st round draft pick of the Dolphins in the Dolphins first draft. Norton was a QB at Kentucky and was taken by Miami with the #2 overall pick in the AFL draft. The Dolphins that year also had the #1 overall pick and they selected Jim Grabowski with that pick. Grabowski chose to go to the Packers in the NFL who selected him the 9th pick in the NFL draft.

Norton never made it with the Fins and was out of the league in 1970. Sadly I just read that Rick passed away earlier this year at the age of 69. Far too young.

Most despised Miami Dolphin...,

Cam Cameron in a tie with Jeff Ireland

Flipper is the most beloved dolphin ever. Oh, how his playful antics would cause children to clap and cry out in delight! That little scamp!

It was tragic when poor Flipper was caught in the giant propellers of a cruise ship leaving Port Everglades and cut to ribbons...his mutilated flesh devoured by sharks and chunks of his rotting, maggot-ridden flesh washing ashore to the horror of beach-goers.

But he was great.

Woodcock and Shadow,

Unitas is not better than Marino Woodcock send me some of what you are smoking.

Earl Morrall did more than Marino dude put down the pipe.

Jimbo yes agree Tannehill is still raw but the talent level is there I think.

I am correct gets credit for naming two great underrated Dolphins in the same sentence in Fryar and Jackson. Marino made them stars.

Damn Woodcock you've definitely been called out by Big Baby. Now he wants to know your supplier.

Nice shot BB. Way to hit back hard.

John offerdaul! Mark brothers! Smoking Ricky had us all screaming during his prime. Jake Scott. Mercury Morris. Patrick sustain/Sam Madison. Wes walker as a dolphin.

shadow Marino was as good as Elway they were two totally different styles but Elway had a great team at the end of his career. They are both Top 5 all time in my view. They had cannons for arms Elway remains the greatest running QB of all time still in my eyes better than Tarkenton Vick might be close.

I see no one mentioned Manny Fernandez...
Who could ever forget a obvious intoxicated Manny coming off the flight from the 17 and 0 season with cocktail in hand being helped off the flight by Vern Den Herder and Nick Bonticonte.....

wow.. baby and i actually agree.
put marino on those 49er teams and they win 5 in a row, period.
"me generation" my ass.
marino was an amazing teammate who made EVERYONE better.
even scott mitchell.
look how HIS career took a dive after he left the dolphins. that's how amazing marino was; he made it look easy and overrated.
as for not knowing how to hand the ball off, that is ridiculous.
QB's learn that in pop warner.
strongest arm, and best release ever.
just listen to the guys that played with and against him.
the only thing that hobbled marino towards the end was jimmy johnson.

WTF is going on around here?... My Card's lost ?...chit it must be a misprint.

They didn't just lose they looked like the Bad News Bears. I was looking for Walter Matheau in the dugout and expecting that kid with the motorcycle to ride across the field.

St. Louis called Brett Favre? Matt Moore must be worth at least a second round pick right now wonder if they will move him.

I say no I like Matty just where he is.

Unless a good trade presented itself then you have to think about it. 2nd may be too high but I would not take less than a third his value may never be higher right now.

oh boy another London game at least it's a home game for Oakland I don't know why the NFL insists on tapping that market oh yeah money. Those people like football a little I guess but talk of having a full time franchise there ridiculous it would never work.

Big Baby,

john elway made that terrific run in denver's first super bowl win for a crucial first down, but to say he is the best running QB ever is a fairly ludicrous statement- consider fran tarkenton, roger staubach, michael vick, randall cunningham and even bobby douglas and i don't think elway come up as even #3 among this bunch and there are plenty others. have never seen a team implode as the cardinals sis in the first two innings last night- that pop-up that fell to the ground was little league stuff.




please note that bobby douglas did most of his running damage in 4-5 years and almost got a 1,000 yards one year for the bears.

Senor Woodcock,

see, it didn't take long for the danny boy crowd to jump through the proverbial blogsite roof upon reading anything crirical of #13.

Johnny Unitas, QB, Baltimore Colts, 3 NFL championships, HOF, holder of the longest held passing record in NFL history, voted starting quarterback of the NFL's first 50 years all pro team, played during the golden era of football when the rules that he played by allowed almost anything to disrupt the offense, consummate teammate and leader, favorite quote, "Talks, cheap, let's play."

Dude, congrats on your Redsox win last night, I'll give you a pass because I like you and I know that you had a few last night celebrating the Sox big win, but Baby, you sir, don't know jack about Johnny Unitas.....ah, that's Mr. Unitas to you, chump.

Nice slaughter by the RedSox last night...Say, as liberal as that town is, shouldn't it be the Boston BlueSox?! Anyway, I'm happy for ya, BB.

Question: Should James Harden be credited for starting the Amish look in athletes? I mean, that was ridiculous last night. I think even the bat boy was sporting one. Here is one of the coaches pointing out how many more games they need to win:


Tommy Boy, Earl Moral came off the bench in 1971 and was instrumental in guiding the Miami Dolphins to their first Super Bowl win.

Dan Marino played quarterback for the Dolphins in a storied career complete with incredible highlights and personal milestones. Thanks Dan, you put on a great show.

The object of a football team is to win a championship.

Earl Moral was directly responsible for bringing a championship to the Miami Dolphins, how many championships did Marino bring to Miami?

Who did more for the Dolphins?

I rest my case.


You don't have to sell Tom on Earl Moral, Woodcock. I believe he's still has his autograph, from when he was a kid and waited patiently by that southwest gate where the players exited.

Don Shula, one of the greatest coaches in NFL history took teams to the Super Bowl with three quarterbacks two are in the HOF one is selling real estate in Ocala. The one selling real estate was followed by a young phenom with a rocket arm. Shula and Marino then took almost the very same Dolphins team that David Woodley took to the Superbowl to the big dance once more. Dapper Dave, those lousy teams that you say Marino had around him must have been pretty good to take a real estate salesman who wasn't even the starter at his alma matter to the Super Bowl, eh buddy?

Then Tommy is getting Alzheimer's or he's a style over substance guy.

Not ludicrous to compare Elway to Tarkenton

Elway 3407 career rushing yards 33 tds

Tarkenton 3674 career rushing yards 32 tds

Bobby Douglas had a much shorter career thus less stats.

Vick and Cunningham were better running QB's than Elway but I guess what I meant to say is of all the all time great QB's he is the best rusher among them.

Woodcock don't make me look up Unitas career numbers they weren't good at all I don't care what era he played in he couldn't hold Marino's jock.

Comparing Morrall to Marino makes you look like a numbskull Earl was a good player helped them win but really?

Marino never, ever had a complete team by which to win championships. Last I checked it takes 52 other players accomplish that feat. Moral, Griese, Unitas, Elway, Montana, Brees, Favre:all those guys had equally potent support elements; running attack, defense, special teams, bench, coaching, etc.

Not one of the following championship earning quarterbacks were half of what Marino brought, each to their respective teams: Jim McMahon, Phil Simms, Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Kurt Warner, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, all won championships. Why? because they all had what Marino did not have.

Championship ring/s makes for a lousy "greatness" measuring stick. Just ask Karl Malone.

shadow that was little league caliber last night 3 errors and two misplays that might have well also been errors maybe the worst defensive performance in World Series game history but I would have to look that one up to confirm.

Beltran made a great catch against the wall in right but if they are without him for the remainder of the Series I like my Boston in 5 prediction even better.

shadow I love Marino more than anyone but it has taken me a long time to finally admit this but I will now for the first time publicly.

Dan wasn't clutch in the playoffs consistently enough.

There I said it I feel better now see I can be critical of Dan too.


It wouldn't have matterd if he was on better teams he still would have won multiple rings.

Big Baby, normally when I deal with a fool I leave them alone, give them lots of rope and let them hang themselves with it, but in this case I will just hand you the rope and make it easy on the rest of us here.

"There are lies, damn lies, and statistics."

Mark Twain

It's a dumb argument. It's like trying to decide who is more photogenic - a donkey's butt or Mr. Woodcock. 90 out of a hundred polled, say the donkey's butt.

Now to address my dear friend OC who is quite an old geezer but the part of his brain that handles the ability to pay attention never fully developed.

Since the only measuring tool for success in a sports franchise are championships, by that premise, logically, it is an incontrovertible fact that Earl Moral's contributions to the Dolphins 1971 team far outweigh Dan Marino's contributions to any team that he played with while he was a Dolphin.

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