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October 16, 2013

Are the Dolphins a playoff team? New poll. Vote now!; plus Heat/NBA over-unders, Doctor Sleep, texting at the movies, Stick-Figure Family backlash & more

1aa1bossIt is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17. I'm back in the Friday Page Dungeon today trying to survive this week's NFL picks. If you hear screaming call 9-1-1. 2) Yesterday was "National Boss Day," a contrivance to which underlings everywhere might mutter, "Isn't every day?" My Boss is pictured. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): NFL Pix 'n Fantasy, LeBron revealed, happy anniversary Steve Bartman, exhilaration and disgust, SOPY rankings & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Canes-North Carolina: Watch for a new, separate blogpost on tonight's Miami Hurricanes-North Carolina game around late afternoon today.

Heat seen as NBA victories leader: Predicatbly, new betting over/unders from Bovada for NBA regular-season victories have Heat on top at 61.5. Followers are Clippers 57, Bulls 56.5, Spurs 55.5 and Rockets/Pacers both 54.5. Caboose is 76ers at 17.

ARE THESE DOLPHINS A PLAYOFF TEAM?: I know. It's a bit early for this. But Miami has so seldom been 1aa1dolposin the NFL playoff picture the past dozen or so years that just being in the conversation is worth chewing on, even pre-Halloween. Besides, the bye week is a pause that invites reflection. The Dolphins at 3-2 entering Sunday's game here vs. Buffalo would hold the sixth and final AFC playoff spot (the second wild-card) if the postseason started now. But five teams are 3-3 and three others have two wins, so the competition down the stretch will be fierce. Betting odds right now (Bovada) are that Miami will not make the playoffs. What do you think? I remind Dolfans who are voting (probably the majority) that this isn't asking what you hope happens but rather what your gut honestly feels will happen. Pull the lever with mind not heart, if you are able. Vote and say why, and check back often to monitor evolving results.

1aa1drsleepDOCTOR SLEEP: Just finished reading Stephen King's latest, Doctor Sleep, a sequel to The Shining. (Not a prequel, as I'd caresslessly called it originally). I'll offer no plot hint except this: I'll never again pass a Winnebago on the Interstate without a glance at the driver. This book is far from my favorite of his, but I flew through the 500-plus pages fast and would recommend it. Then again I'm one of King's Constant Readers. He suffers critically from his popularity, but I'm proud to call him my favorite novelist (not counting Pete Dexter, who, opposite of King's prolificness, doesn't write nearly enough to suit me).

MULTI-TASKING IN MOVIE THEATERS: Movie theaters -- dying like newspapers and hand-written letters -- 1aa1cellmovieneed life breathed into them, but the idea that has caught my eye seems counterintuitive to say the least. A San Francisco venture capitalist named Hunter Walk suggests designated rooms or seating sections that allow (and thus tacitly encourage) texting, Tweeting and web-surfing during the film. At least two chains, Regal and IMAX, think it might be a good idea. Hmm. Remember when you went to the movies to escape the sort of reality embodied by cell phones? Dear Fellow Human: If you cannot leave your smartphone alone for 103 minutes, you may have Attention Deficit Disorder. Seriously.

1aa1figstickSTICK-FIGURE FAMILIES: We've all seen the stick-figure-family decals on the rear windows of cars and (most often, it seems) SUVs. They in turn have spawned response decals such as the one pictured -- and some more crude than this. It's in the same vein as the bumper sticker that reads, "My Kid Can Beat Up Your Honor Student." Response decals are not new. Remember when 'Baby On Board' begat 'Mother-in-Law In Trunk'? But the new wave reflected in the one pictured seem a bit coarse; no, mean-spirited. What's next? A bumper sticker that reads, "You Love Your Schnauzer? I'd Love to Eat Your Schnauzer with Fava Beans."  Or how about a reponse to those R.I.P. in-memorium stickers that reads, "I Don't Give a Crap That Your Loved One Died." C'mon, people! We turn a dark corner as a society when being mean is such a point of pride that we have it on a rolling billboard. Be nice!

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Too many seasons they've shown flashes of brilliance and invincibility, only to tremble at heights and come crashing down. I feel like the team fights harder when they've got nothing to prove (0-7), and falters when they're hot(3-0). I feel confident that a football team is above .500, but nervous because it's the Dolphins.

I think the Dolphins will make the playoffs if the pass defense plays better and the o line improves how is that?

Greg we don't have a lot in common but Stephen King is pure genius and also my favorite novelist look forward to reading Doctor Sleep.

May favorite is the shut up and drive bumper sticker the driver is always some wacky dude.

No playoffs this year then when? Beat Bengals and have to split with Pats to have any chance.

With Miami s O line and key injuries so far....the Phins have looked good at times and like at New Orleans....not too good at all.It s far too early for anyone to know who s making the Playoffs.Phins can only hope to continue improving and getting healthy(ier).With those 2 key things......Miami can improve and get healed....maybe enough to play better overall than they have so far after 5 games.Can t get better sitting on the bench.

Lol!! 3-2 off the break, healthy and a better schedule. We make the playoffs barring any major injury. Dolphins have a darn good team!!

Said 6 and 10 this year, So if they can at 6 and 10.............

Oh yeah, Here you go..............


I voted solidly confident, 10-6 and the playoffs.

no problemo.

OC regarding your last post to me it would not surprise me if they traded Rondo at all but the trade would have to be a good one. Rondo is paid very well but it is still a team friendly number for a player of his status he wouldn't be difficult to move but he would have to be recovered from injury like you said.

10-6 and the playoffs...

no problemo

This team is so far from the playoffs its rediculous. They've been lucky so far. Catching teams with injuries has been their forte. Hell look at the Bills game coming up.
Even though I bet whoever plays QB for the Bills puts up 30 against this defensive backfield.
Ireland has had 5 years to improve this O-Line and look where they are. Worse than when they started this overhaul.
There is no confidence in this team as you can tell by the poll. Its not that we dont love the team, its what they ahve become that we hate.

Ostrich and Ostrich2 vote yes. BIG ffing surprise. HeadUpYourAss has not voted yet. I'm waiting anxiously to see how he will vote.

My head isn't in the sand if they fix a few problems and improve in a few areas this is a plyoff team Tommy Boy.

Ostrich just changed his vote. Now he says Miami is NOT now a playoff team. However, they will be a playoff team if "they fix a few problems and improve in a few areas."


10-6 and the playoffs...this is a recording.

Already on record at 11-5 Tommy Boy you know that.

OC and anyone that likes older flicks..check this out.


I know that Ostrich. But you'd think that after seeing this...


and this....


being a rational man (unlike HeadUpYourAss) you might reconsider.

Note: check the yards per game.


pay no attention to negativo-Tom..let him be.

Boys, they better win this weekend against Buffalo or else, cue the fat lady.


Be nice mi amigo. Just pointing out the cold hard facts.

What is worse being called an Ostrich or Negativo?

Ostriches are nice. They lay nice big fat eggs.

we are beating the bills foe-sho and then NE...

listen up guys, this is the NFL which stands for the national parity league, every one is pretty bunched together except for a few teams, I know we have big problems on the O Line but EVERY team has major problems somewhere, look at everyone's record..

we beat the Browns and then they beat the Bengals, we beat the Colts and they beat the 49ers...etc, I'm confident the team will stay in the hunt, we came out of the first 5 games 3-2 when most pople thought we would be 1-4, come on now.

10-6 and the playoffs...who cares about statistics...

sorry Tom...

Don't take Buffalo lightly, FZ. They bring in the third best rushing attack into the game, which means that their line must be doing something right. That's exactly opposite of what the Dolphins have been bringing to the game.

ONCE the phins hire a REAL HEAD COACH with PRIOR experience they will win meaningful games (Saints, Ravens)

Their coaches are OLD (top coaches all over 50+) with STUBBORN WAYS and the players are suffering for that.....

Couldn't be further from the truth Philbin is a players coach and he has the respect of the players in the room he's getting it done in both areas right now.

Miami Mount Rushmore has to include a little of everything:

COACH- Jimmy Johnson: perfect representation of 1980's Miami. Gritty, disciplined, with the right flash. 52-9 with some memorable wins over Florida, FSU, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame speaks for itself.

QB- Jim Kelly: Miami's only hall of fame qb was at UM four years and sparked the winning tradition. He got the ball rolling.

WR- Michael Irvin: The key guy on those innovative 80's offenses whether with Vinny or Walsh. His HOF career with Dallas and 3 sbs is impressive-but with Miami who could forget the long catch he had in the comeback against FSU en route to the perfect season in 87.

DB- Ed Reed-Several impressive athletes in the early 2000s for Miami, but none have had the accomplished college/pro career that Reed has had. 21 picks at Miami. 17 in his last 2 years. Unheard of. Always shined in crunch time. Nole killer, Hokie killer, Hurricane legend.

To point the sheer inaccuracy of that statement from va both Belichick and Pete Carroll are much older than J. Philbin they have done ok.

Joe Philbin's a joke, offensive line coach, complete hack.


I respect the Bills but they have major issues at QB, we win.

and Philbin is just fine as our head coach.

Winning record as coach so far give him a chance those players are playing hard for him and respect him.

real talk and va must be related to Kaz...

haha I remember kaz and his anti joe philbin anti everything Dolphin talk I don't miss his being here one bit his agenda was obvious Dolphin season ticket holder my left foot.

Hope he's ok though.

No Philbin is NOT ok....he fooled everybody into thinking he was an offensive guy.....his stuff does not work....he does not adjust to the defense....and he is a bit too egotistical in his approach (like Walt in breaking bad if you've seen the show). Else you keep players that can help a young QB (bush, long, etc) and not try to 'coach up' young inexp players....

He has been outcoached against GOOD teams/coaches for 2 years.... check the record

They better win on Sunday or I'm going to be forced to listen to the entire 4th movement from Götterdämmerung Brünnhilde.

You seem like your mind is made up if Miami makes the playoffs or goes on a run I will think of you and remember you as that va clown guy who said Philbin couldn't coach have a good night.

Phins need to get healthy and O line must work smarter and harder.Then......we ll see if Miami s record gets better.Until Miami shows they can beat teams consistently......they ll stay the same.Also...good luck to the Canes tomorrow in Chapel Hill.Low temp. will be 56 degrees around halftime.Ha.That s cold to Miami kids.Hope they continue to run their HOT Offense though and I d expect they will.NC will come to play and play hard.Canes are just better on both sides of the ball.I think Miami will play well and get a nice win on ESPN.GO CANES.

I would much rather be a negativo than an ostrich. Here's a close up of BB.


This is year two for Philbin and the Dolphins are not yet a complete team built to the west coast offense, it is still a work in progress but the players that are here have bought into his philosophy and are playing hard for him.

The Dolphins wanted to keep Long but at a reasonable price and he elected to leave, as for Bush ?...how many yards do you think he would have rushed for behind our O Line? Yup, not many, if we would have kept him then we would not have Hartline or Gibson or maybe Keller ( to bad he got injured ) there is so much money available.

NONSENSE Ostrich2. Miami has $20 million of unspent cap space. Only the criminally uninformed, like our friend HeadUpYourASS, believe that crap or Obi's crap.

just sayin........

Keeping It Real Always if the Canes can't play in 56 degree weather they are a bunch of pussies sounds like you might be one too.

I have a small weenie.

Criminally uninformed?....mmmmm

Alrighty then

The Card's just lost a tough game but we are still up 3-2 going back to San Luis...no problemo.

The Canes will win tomorrow, this is not the same old Canes under the last two clowns ( Coker and Shannon ) no worries there either.

Ostrich2 you said, and I quote,

"The Dolphins wanted to keep Long but at a reasonable price and he elected to leave, as for Bush ?...how many yards do you think he would have rushed for behind our O Line? Yup, not many, if we would have kept him then we would not have Hartline or Gibson or maybe Keller ( to bad he got injured ) there is so much money available."

That my head in the sand friend is NOT TRUE and you know it. Or you should know it. The Dolphins have $20 million of unspent cap space. They actually could have kept Bush AND Long if they so chose. In fact, when they were negotiating for Branden Albert Ireland acknowledged that compensation to Albert was NOT the issue. It was compensation to KC. Bet he wishes he had given up that 2nd rounder now.

So the only ones who will buy your nonsense are the criminally uninformed, like our good friend HeadUpYourAss.

I have not read anywhere where Ireland has said he wished he had made the trade for Albert you say " I bet he wishes he had given up that 2nd rounder" but you are speculating, if you must know...KC never gave Miami permission for the doctors to check Albert physically so you can't blame the Dolphins for not pulling the trigger.

The reason I know this is because I heard Armando on Joe Rose's show a couple of days ago said so, he also said that the Dolphins made Long a very good offer , one that was for more money than the Rams but not for guarantee money Long was asking, so Miami was willing to pay Long as he stayed healthy..

It is what it is, you keep on harping on the negatives but the Dolphins still have a winning record, soon they'll be 4 and 2 , are you still going to complain?

FZB OMG that's not what I said. I'm saying that now as bad as the OL is playing I bet he wishes he had made that trade. And if he's not feeling that way he's even dumber than I thought.

Of course KC never gave Miami permission to examine Albert. Why? Because Miami never agreed on compensation to KC.

At the end of the day Ostrich2 you can make all the excuses you want for your retarded son, not the Dr, but the fact of the matter is he is retarded and he's made way too many bonehead moves to be retained. The only thing he has going for him is the Dolphins owner is the Rain Man.

FZB I will complain until I believe Miami is headed in the right direction.

3-2 don't mean shit. My boys when they were young would come home from playing in a golf tournament and say something like, "I was 2 under with 4 to play". I would then ask what did you shoot, "77". My response, "too bad golf in 18 holes and not 14." I say the same thing to you. A football season is 16 games, not 5. In 2011 everyone was singing the praises of the Bill through their first 5 games, they were 4-1. The finished 6-10.

You ignore the fact that the Dolphins are not winning the way normal teams win. Gaining more yards than their opponents. There is a smoke and mirror aspect to the Dolphins so far this season. I'm just not convinced because there are too many glaring holes on this team.

Call me negativo all you want. All I want is a SB and Ireland will NEVER bring us a SB. He's too ffing stupid.

Fins should beat Bills easily coming off bi-week. They will be 4-2 heading to NE. Win this game and they are for real, lose and the struggle continues.

Yes, Jim Del Gazio, that's what should be expected. Quite frankly, they should beat Buffalo and go on to give NE a great battle for #1. Every awesome team goes into every matchup expecting to win yet we see SF, NO, Seat., and others come up short. Translation: Even the best of teams manage to disappoint. So it's with that in mind that we must recognize that the Buffalo game is not entirely in the bag. Again, they should win, but...

I've never been more lucid over the conditions which rule and run our Country. Normally a very optimistic guy, I find myself crestfallen. A dissertation which I will spare you all. Still, for reasons forged in belonging, this one always seems to console:


Thanks for bailing out my mood, STP.


"Sad thing is most of the people in our country, like our friend HeadUpYourAss, develop their view of history from the propaganda spewed by Hollywood."

no tom, you idiot. you don't "develop (your) view of history". it is what is is. everything i have stated is a fact, not an opinion.
calling obama a nazi is an opinion; a rather offensive and ignorant one.
explaining how he's lead as a centrist with, um, actual policies that are republican in origin PROVES he's a centrist.
you are an ignorant, bullying tool who didn't even know provisions in the affordable healthcare act already went into effect 3 years ago.
you actually called me a liar, you douche, because you are too stupid to know it's already in effect!
nothing you say has any merit.
nothing you say is developed from cognitive reasoning.
it is all hate and ignorance.
i toast your dumb A#$ every time you open your mouth, and will continue to do so.
keep it coming..

you even blamed the housing crisis on the CRA, when EVERY thinking person with an ability to read and understand english KNOWS that the loans made by banks, the loans authorized by the CRA we mostly paid back! the CRA only applied to banks, you silly old man.
like i said, NOTHING that comes out of your mouth need be taken seriously.

No reason to believe their O-line will get any better. Or Sherman's play calling.

I see them at 8-8, and out of the playoffs. Again. I strongly believe the next GM will have both a deep respect for, as well as an ability to identify and sign O-linemen who can block just a little.

Yeiah...Obi saved the day once again!!!.. Hooorrraaayyyy ! For Obi.

Fear not my blog amigos , Ireland and Philbin will concentrate the next off season in fixing the offensive line not with a quick fix of a veteran lineman but through the draft which is the right way.

Anti says 8-8 , while it could happen I still think is more like 10-6...No worries ...yet.

Our defense is getting healthier, I think Ellerbe is going to miss the next game but Patterson, Wake and Soliai are back..Buffalo while a young team has major issues at QB which is only the most important position on the field .

Canes play tonight...I see 6 and 0 in the future...Go Canes !!!

If there is a change in the GM position it won't happen next year since Ireland got a year extension and if Ireland gets fired then Philbin will also be replaced .

That scenario would be a problem, the new guy will clean house and the whole process will start all over again...no bueno, its better to let the process play out and allow Ireland and Philbin built the team to their philosophy, remember Ireland has only been in charge three drafts / free agency periods and Philbin has just been here one season and is just 5 games into his second season.

Patience my young Jedi's ....patience.

I'm not "solidly confident" that the Dolphins will make the playoffs but they have a good chance. They won't go any further than that until they clean house of their GM and coach tho.

This GM, this O line, this coach, playoffs?
No way.

good morning HeadUpYourAss. hope you have a great day up there. if you're looking to get your head out this might help...


FZB you're right Ross is not going to fire Ireland. Miami's season will not be so bad (probably 8-8 at worst) that Ross will fire him. In fact, as you predict, it might event be a really good season (10-6 or even 11-5). The softness of the 2nd half schedule certainly gives Miami that opportunity.

That said, Ireland has made so many bad moves that Miami's chances for improvement have been substantially retarded, kind of like Ireland himself. Why no real LT? Why give Brandon Marshall away? Why draft Jordan when our needs were so great on the OL? And on and on and on.

Herbie Smells isn't very optimistic it seems.


"it happens every spring" is a nice little movie about beisbol; from that time period also came "angels in the outfield" and the lost to mankind "the kid from cleveland", which had real ballplayers from the indians (redskins, injuns,-whatever you wanna call em) in the plot. the indians had just woin the series and were a hot commodity- lou boudreu (?), larry doby, bob feller and the rest making up the cast. it was one of those "million dollar movies" that RKO stations played every weeknight and twice on sat. and sunday. lou bodreu (?) was the player-manager of that team and if i am not mistaken, also a member of the tribe. we love old movies because the new ones ar all car crashes and mega shootouts with the same story line (if you can call those plots) with a rare exception. last time i went to the movies was in israel to see "pulp fiction", and also liked very much both "the ususal suspects" and the horrifying "requiem for a dream", which featured that great soundtrack and one of the best performances i have ever seen by ellen burstyn (?) as the mother who also goes down the path of drugs. "requiem" is one of my favorite films, but is so depressing as to be difficult to watch a lot. i'd rather watch errol flynn as robin hood for pure fun and action, with the beautiful + olivia de havilland-what a fox!!!


UNC has been pesky, to say the least, for the hurricanes. they may be in an off year, but i don't think they'll get run out of the stadium at home. being a thursday night i get to watch the whole game, and am looking forward to a really good dose of mr. duke johnson. has anyone seen storm johnson of UCF play? he seems to be having a nice year under the radar, like MJD when reggie bush (real great move by jeff ireland to get rid of him) was getting all the pub when they were playing in LA at the same time.


wears #8 like mister duke, a lot bigger it seems, but has some moves and speed. johnson and johnson and get out the band-aids for defenses!!!

shadow USA bailed your El Tri squad out but I'll admit that International soccer is better when Mexico is relevant. I was rooting for Bob Bradley and The Pharoahs but it doesn't look good right now for him.

Can't mention baseball movies and The Cleveland Indians without mentioning Major League the greatest baseball movie ever I like Field Of Dreams too despite it being criticized by many. Angels in the outfield was good I think I only saw the most recent version though Bull Durham was good too.

Sorry I only mentioned movies made in the last 25 years I know there are other good ones made in the 50's and 60's just haven't seem them maybe I will.

Mr. Baseball with Tom Selleck was good a very underrated baseball movie in my opinion.

My two favorite baseball movies are Pride of the Yankees and It Happens Every Spring. My all time favorite sports movie is Jim Thorpe All American.

Tommy Lee Jones good in Cobb Eight Men Out underrated too.

The Natural and Field of Dreams...

Both awesome

Field Of Dreams was great I don't get the people who say it was not a good movie and there are many.

If anyone should know about hate and ignorance it's you david.

Right on BB! Your new Delta Tau Chi name is ....

BSD....short for bullshit detector.

guess what Cote, the season is 16 games, not 5-6. IF IF IF!!! Lazy, lazy, journalism.

sports movies?..lets see now, top three for mua..

field of dreams
bull durham
the natural

special mention..bang the drum slowly

oh my....


you guys should all be happy, Obi saved the day you know or maybe he didn't?

the Canes SHOULD WIN TONIGHT but they have turned the ball over 6 fackin times the last two games, that has to stop.

1. Rocky
2. Caddyshack
3. Raging Bull
4. Pride of the Yankees
5. Hoop Dreams

is caddyshack a sports movie?..

with all these QB's going down maybe we should trade our back up QB one Mr. Matt Moore...say for a couple of third rounder's?..or a solid lineman to shore up our O Line?

I would do that...the downside to it would be if Tannehill gets injured but hey sometimes you need to roll the dice.

what say U guys?

Is Caddyshack a sports movie? No, FZB, it's a love story. No wait. It's a western.

You can't trade your #2 QB when your #1 QB leads the league in getting killed. Come on, FZ. You're better than that!

maybe is because I don't think golf is a sport?

and the Dodgers still suck...

oye Julian...where's my autograph dude?..and can you get me Dal Maxwill's also?

no wait, I rather have Bob Gibson's instead...

ok, so what are the odds of Tannehill NOT getting sacked this game?..

I just got a call from my sis, she was able to get a couple of $100.00 tickets for the Dolphins/ Bills game, so I guess I'm going, VIP passes..yeah boy..

oh FZB.. obama didn't "save the day".. he just refused to negotiate with terrorists that had no demands.
hey uncle tom? maybe you should blame the dolphin woes on the community redevelopment act; makes as much sense as the other garbage you post here; is ireland a nazi too?
FZB, notice uncle douche's last post:

"it might event be a really good season (10-6 or even 11-5). The softness of the 2nd half schedule certainly gives Miami that opportunity.

That said, Ireland has made so many bad moves that Miami's chances for improvement have been substantially retarded, kind of like Ireland himself."
this is why no one takes you seriously. baby, FZB and i have predicted this all summer. so in essence, what you're saying is we can improve from being a sub .500 team to a playoff team, but ireland's bad moves ensure we don't get better?
do you proof read? maybe your wife can help; although since she chose YOU her cognitive skills might be as bad as yours.
weren't you the football expert predicting we'd probably be 0-5 right now?
you know NOTHING about football.. or obamacare, apparently.

Mr. Woodcock,

carlisle had jim thorpe, but according to charles bickford, who played pop warner in your favorite sports movie, yale had "tom ashenbrunner". "jim thorpe" was a terrific movie (another million dollar movie that played all week on KHJ-TV, the RKO affiliate in los angeles. very poignant ending with burt lancaster getting out of them truck and drop-kicking a football into space. another movie that has evaporated is called "saturday's hero" with john derek as a star player who sees the underbelly of colleg sports. john derek- svengali to ursula andress, linda evans and bo derek- all of them as maddog, RIP, used to call "trainsmoke"- really, really hot and beautiful!!

geez David..lol

NOW we're good enough to go 10-6, or 11-5, but ireland has made it impossible for us to IMPROVE?
how does that even make sense?

HeadUpYourAss opportunity is not reality. Miami COULD win 10 or 11 but only because of a soft schedule. the 2008 team won 11 and no one in their right mind would suggest that team was on the right track. so if this Miami team wins 10 because of a SOFT schedule I'm going to give that nitwit Ireland credit for that? OMG that's like giving Obama credit for a declining unemployment rate that comes primarily from people giving up looking for work.

what has Ireland done for this team? well Miami's offense and defense are BOTH ranked in the bottom quartile of the league based on yds gained and allowed. BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE! that's actually WORSE than last year. WORSE? yeah worse. so please tell me what part of this you do not understand HeadUpYourAss? i'm here to help.

Big Baby, FZB, and real david must be the brain trust of this blog, I'll bet they predicted the Dolphins would be horrible every summer for the past five years too.

Old Danny Thomas had no balls, ee eye ee eye oh.
And with no balls he was a bust, ee eye ee eye oh.
With a three yards here, a three yards there, here a fumble, there a fumble, everywhere a fumble fumble ole Daniel Thomas had no balls, ee eye ee eye oh.

the real david is not part of the brain trust. Not possible. He came to see me after getting his ObamaCare insurance about a head problem. I've seen the scan. There is nothing there. He has no brain.

luxury head from ass removal kit


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