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October 31, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 50.3%; plus Miami beats Bengals 22-20 in OT, ends 4-game skid; also NFL Week 9 pix & more

1aa1joehall 1aa1haphallIt is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1. Happy new month, all. Hope everyone had a nice Halloween. The Dolphins did, even Joe Philbin (pictured), who'd gone trick-or-treating dressed up as a thoroughly beleaguered NFL head coach. 2) Red Sox Nation! 3) Sorry that wager on the Heat going 82-0 didn't work out for you. 4) In 
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Click on Bigger Than Just A Win for my column off last night's Dolphins game.

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G8: 50.3%: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 50.3 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Thursday night's 22-20 overtime victory vs. Cincinnati putting the Dolphins' season record at 4-4. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close, but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that will be around 7 a.m. Saturday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% satisfaction (20.3v, 66.2s) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% satisfaction (71.9v, 26.9s) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% satisfaction (78.2v, 20.8s) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% satisfaction (18.8v, 39.4s) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

G5: 33.5% satisfaction (4.3v, 29.2s) following 26-23 loss vs. Baltimore.

G6: 6.5% satisfaction (3.8v, 2.7s) following 23-21 loss to Buffalo.

G7: 4.7% satisfaction (3.0v, 1.7s) following 27-17 loss at New England.

G8: 50.3% satisfaction (8.2-v, 42.1-s) following 22-20 OT victory vs. Cincinnati.

Next poll: Nov. 11 following game at Tampa Bay.

G8: DOLPHINS 22, CINCINNATI 20 (OT): Final/OT: Finally, a victory! Miami ends four-game skid (sorry, I'd earlier written five) with 22-20 triumph on Cam Wake's third sack of game, dropping Cincy's Andy Dalton in end zone in overtime. Defense rose up when needed, Ryan Tannehill had zero turnovers and Lamar Miller rushed for 105 yards. A quality win over a strong Bengals team. Moire than that, a desperately needed win by Miami. ..... Halftime: Strong Halloween night performance so far by Miami. Team has 142 yards rushing and a 6.5 average and Ryan Tannehill has a 91.7 passer rating. That sounds like it should be worth more than 10 points. But when the defense is limiting the Bengals to 141 total yards, that's enough for a 10-3 lead. ..... Original post: Have the Dolphins ever had a tougher week than this short one preparing to play a very good Bengals team tonight? Have the Dolphins ever seemed less ready for a prime-time national stage? The four-game 

losing streak after a 3-0 start is the hub of the despair, of course. With that has come severely shaken confidence in coach Joe Philbin and more ominously in young quarterback Ryan Turnoverhill Tannehill, who has 14 turnovers himself (nine INTs, five lost fumbles) in seven games. Wait, there's more! One offensive lineman, Mike Pouncey, is served with a subpoena in the Aaron Hernandez murder case, an issue made bigger by the club's refusal to comment on it. Another lineman, Jonathan Martin, has left the team under emotional duress, reportedly after ribbing from teammates, fellow linemen, that was not received well in the team's lunchroom Monday. There are additonal reports of growing tension within the lockerroom and on the coaching staff -- the picture of a team fraying and in jeopardy of ripping apart. Otherwise, it's all good! No team in the NFL needs a win more desperately right now, and that includes winless Jacksonville and Tampa Bay. (Yes, the state's three NFL teams are a collective cesspool at the moment). Now here's the strange thing: I like the Dolphins tonight. Despite the losing streak, the turmoil and all of the off-field stuff. Miami needs this so much more than Cincy does. The Dolphins are not as bad as they appeared in the second half in New England last week. And I think Miami will be able to run the ball on a Bengals defense mssing middle linebacker Ray Maualuga. Now let's see if I'm nuts or a genius. My pick was: Upset. Dolphins, 24-20.

UPSET BIRD DAY: WEEK 9 NFL PREDIX: The Dolphins have already played and yet the NFL has the 1aacote2temerity to continue with its schedule. Miami's win last night, by the way, ended a combined 25-game losing streak by the state of Florida's three teams: A current 13 straight L's for Jacksonville, eight for Tampa Bay and what had been four straight for the Dolphins. Click on Week 9 Gems for all of our latest NFL picks, and on King Sport Halftime Awards for our midseason trophy outlook. (My week got off to a great start last night. I picked Dolphins in an upset, 24-20. It was 22-20).

DRUGGIE COACHES RESIGN AT FAU: Put on Earth to make Dolfans feel better about their team, FAU football is rocked by the sudden, scandalous resignations of coach Carl Pelini (pictured) and offensive

coordinator Pete Rekstis for using unspecified illegal drugs. A university source told me it was marijuana, but that is not officially confirmed. As bad as the drug use here is the hypocrisy: Coaches preaching to their kids to do the right thing and represent while they do the opposite. I don't know that Pelini will survive this to have any coaching future beyond perhaps a pity-hire by his more prominent coaching brother Bo. Maybe the shamed Pelini can develop an acumen for used-car sales? (BTW, anybody else think Dopin' Carl looks like an older Kenny Chesney?)

Poll result: Heat will repeat. Repeat. Heat will repeat: I asked for a yes or no and 83.4 percent said yes. Not surprising, maybe, coming in a Miami Herald blog. But the vote was virtually the same (83.6) in Florida, where a higher concentration of Heat fans might be presumed.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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From previous thanks shadow winning a WS never gets old for this fan as in all sports you never know if or when the next title will come so enjoy them all.

Glad you are optimistic about the Dolphins it's a must win against your Bengals we will really see what this team is made of tonight.

I never commented on Lou Reed either it occurred to me Sweet Jane (live version) is probably on my top 10 favorite songs all time.

No idea why Sweet Jane isn't on this list but it's a sampling of some of his songs for those who liked his music.


Dirty Boulevard great song too.

Cut Jonathan Martin, he sucks to begin with and is weak minded to boot.


congrats on the BoSox winning the WS..they were the better team amigo.

dissapointed in my Dolphins so far but I'm not givin up on the season, Go Dolphins !!!

Lou Reed was an underrated talent..

listen guys, mental illness is serious chit, easy on J Martin, I hope he can get his life back in order.

the Heat lost last night to Philly ?...WTF ?

I said Boston in 5 I was off by one thanks woodcock and FZB.

Tom is still bitter that Boston won get a life Tommyboy SOX are champs again how sweet it is!

This dolphin team is such a mess right now, they just sent some poor OL to the nut house. Who the hell on this sinking ship has a right to criticize anybody? Truth be told, that human cancer wallace is probably the main guy behind most of the trouble.

A bad loss tonight Naples and you're right they are a mess but lets wait until then if you don't mind.


for the first time in a while I'm beggining to wonder if we have the right HC and offensive coordinator..

the thing is this team is not getting blown out by anyone now I know talent wise we are not there yet (specially the O Line) but some of the calls by Sherman are just a bit bizzare..

hopefully the team can get this thing turned and in a hurry.

I'd be willing to bet that nobody on herecan make it all the way through Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music...

"OMG of course the players will complain about the play calling when things are falling apart. It couldn't possibly be the players themselves. Gawd forbid.

The root problem is not play calling it's personnel. Play calling is a secondary issue, the primary problem is Miami does not have the players in the right positions to be competitive."

wrong again, tom.
the NFL is the most evenly matched talent pool in all of professional sports. the parity of the league is unmatched to any other.
play calling is the NUMBER ONE reason why we aren't at least 5-2.
TWO GAMES at the very least were lost because of sherman's refusal to stick to the running game and go with what works.
FZB, i am with you. i am beginning to doubt the coaches on this one.
tonight is a must win.
baby, congrats on the sox; ortiz put up gehrig and ruth numbers.. unreal..

I think most of this is falling on personnel too many players underachieving.

FZB says it't just the coaches and the play calling. Why? FZB doesn't want to admit his retarded son Jeff Ireland is actually retarded. Sorry FZB but in an NFL sense Ireland is severaly retarded and the current mess that is the Miami Dolphins is entirely his creation. And that includes the freaking coaches. Who the hell hired the ffing coaches?

Come on now you know. Come on FZB you can say it. Who hired the coaches? Come on....

(FZB whispering under his breath) ireland


Ireland chose the players and chose the coaches. So if they suck he's ultimately responsible. Truth is the Dolphins primary problem is we have a retarded nitwit for GM. All the other problems you note come straight from that fact.


Yeah if ah I didn't know better AND I DON'T, I'd think this Fins organization was trying to lose...

I understand that Jeff Ireland will not watch tonight's game, instead opting to go to a masquerade party, and dressed as the Chief of the *Lenape Native Indians.

* The Lenape tribe received $24 worth in beads in trade, for the island of Manhattan.

Ireland hired Philbin and Philbin hired the coaches.

and you know why I think Ireland deserves one more year, you guys are acting like the Dolphins are SB contender's, there are still holes on this team and it takes more than a couple of yrs to fill..

I assured you next year will be the year Ireland proves he belongs or not...and no I don't wanna hear this nonesense Ireland has been here and in charge for 6 yrs because is not true.

Sherman is f***ing getting high on his own supplies. I'm telling you. Fly pelicans fly....

Clearly the picture of a man caught in the highbeams of an eighteen wheeler...



Tom it's hard for parents to admit their children have ah, ah problem...

Wish I was a Jets fan...



Ok, ok so I can be one mean spirited f***! Yo mommas...

Oh the horror! Martin losing his mind, Dolphins losing 4 in a row. Ah, can we go back to 3-0 and have a do-over the last 4 weeks?

Florida teams have a combined record of 3 wins and 19 loses. Don't drink the water!

FZB how does that make things any different? Ireland is responsible for all the decisions made by the coach he hired. And honestly do you really believe Philbin could hire an OC or DC without Jeffweee signing off on the hire? Really?

I am so sick and tired of the Dolphins losing. It seems the cycle of mediocrity the Dolphins find themselves in will never end. If the Fish win 8 games you'll probably get your one more year FZB but mark my word, the result next year will be same as this year give or take a game. We're not getting better. There is not a single statistic you can point at that suggests this team is better than last year or the year before that.

This year we are now 28th in total offense and 21st in total defense. Last year 27th in offense and 21st in defense. In 2011 Miami was 22nd in total offense and 15th in total defense. If anything it looks like Miami is regressing.

The Miami Dolphins are a sad organization and I am pained to have to write that. But it is true. They are a sad organization and we their fans are the ones who suffer the most. Players and coaches come and go and for the most part they lose their allegiance to the Dolphins once the paychecks stop. Fans on the other hand, real fans, are fans for life so their pain goes on and on and on as long as their team continues to lose. That's us.

Gawd I miss Don Shula and Joe Robbie. Men who had a clue about running an NFL franchise.

"still holes on this team"? And there won't be new holes created this offseason??

Little know fact...

In 1936, Zeppelin Company chairman, Dr. Hugo Eckener had plans to formally name his newest craft, the D-LZ 129 - The Jeff Ireland, but German Chancellor Adolph Hitler felt that a more "german" sounding name would be more appropriate.


INDEED DON'T DRINK THE WATER! FLORIDATION! REMEMBER PURITY OF ESSENCE! Women sense my strength and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women Mandrake but I do deny them my essence...

By happenstance, the name - The Jeff Ireland had seriously been considered for another craft, in Britain, back in 1911.


Very pretty picture OC... Gaze at the flames and you can see the faces of Mr. Ross, Jeffweey, Philbin, Sherman et al...

We will only be able to gain yards on the ground if our idiot coaches actually call running plays.

I think you made a slight mistake dukester. Ross, Ireland, Philbin, Sherman, et al abandoned ship and they all made it to the lifeboats. We're the ones stuck on the sinking ship.

Jon Martin should not be allowed to rejoin the Dolphins this year.

Martin going nuts and Pouncey getting investigated for murder are both part of my plan.

Someone please tell Tannehill to STFU. Everyone knows it takes ten years to put together a real NFL team and I'm only in year 6 errr 3.

So it's all unfolding a planned, just like it was drawn up on the ole blackboard. Well done jEffwEEE

Ryan look at the bright side. Mr. Martin is not a face eater...

Ha, fun stuff. They need to find www.DolphinsTruth.com

Fact: The Dolphins will not get the number of good players that they need and there will be no qualified head coach willing to come into this mess as long as Jeffy Ireland is sitting on the throne.

Dolphins could finish 3 - 13 this year, and that idiot would still trash the draft. Sorry, but this is a lower tier organization and will remain so with the current ownership, general manager, and coaching staff in place.

Ross and Ireland have dragged this franchise down below even being the laughing stock of the league. Sad.


Every year the Herald writers pose the same questions. "Has there ever been a team more desperate for a win than the Dolphins?" "Is the team in turmoil?" Etc etc...... Let's face it our beloved team is truly a band of losers. From top to bottom this franchise has put on a display of losing for over 30 years. Sure some great performances are always smattered here and there with Danny slinging the ball around to Clayton and Duper. And Jay Fiedlers heroic performance in the playoffs, the unlikely Chad Pennington year was fun too but relevance, real relevance in the NFL? Not anymore. As fans we don our Halloween costumes every Sunday during the season unfortunately it has become a habit to dress as the Grimm Reaper by week 8 for the past decade as the season is already dead for the Dolphins.


No no deadfish, learn to enjoy losing...

Jeff Ireland is horrible, his record is indefensible, Stephen Ross is the only football fan on earth who can't see that.

No,there are a couple on this board also...amazingly enough...

STFU sell, sell, sell. WTF do you know? Of course my record is defensible. Just ask me. Or ask FZB and Big Baby. It's not my fault the Dolphins suck. None of this is my fault. It's Parcell's fault. And it will be for at least the next decade.

I place the spotlight tonight squarely on coach Philbin. Let's see what kind of motivator he can be. How well he can make adjustments. Clearly, he was not up to the challenge last week, as Belichick schooled him after making his own adjustments in the second half. Still, the team has had so many things go against them recently, that even a mediocre inspirational speech by their HC should be enough to turn this thing around.

Call me cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but I think that the Dolphins win tonight. Come on Dolphins. Are we not men, or are we Devo?

jEFFwEEE I want to see you in my office toot sweet. Ok all this criticism of your work simply makes me want to extend your contract through 2069. Congratulations my boy...

OC you could replace Philbin with Vince Lombardi or Knute Rockne and it would not matter with this group. Unfortunately you can't build a house that will stand up with balsa wood.

just my 2 cents

I'm watching ESPN and am I the only one who sees some strange shit on Steve Young's face? It looked like he had dirt all over his face.


There's some loonies on the blog today, oh wait ..yeah I get it now..its halloooowweennn !

Here are my keys to tonight's game, score more pts. Than the Bengals..

oc, THEY WERE GOING TO CALL THIS LITTLE TOWN jEFFey IrEhEad but decided upon Anchorage...


Bet the house on Cincy!!!! Dolphins will not win again this year.


he knocked a kickoff against the ravens out of bounds he has been pretty bad. what should have been a score, even a sporanolike 3, came up 0. the young man's psyche has been like a shattered fiberglass car body- can be patched, but will never be the same. HELP!!!!

Yeah so I see Fins are winning for the moment. Only on Halloween kiddies. Jeffwee and Co have taken more of a nose dive than my career post The Great Escape...

shadow, wow they're running the ball abit. If my faith in this organization from top to bottom wasn't shattered like fiberglass I might be saying "Go Team Go!" As it is I just don't give a s***...

Ok, now we go into the twilight zone, the second half. Lets see how they adjust after half time.

What are you talking about, Shad, OC said that picking a kicker with the 5th pick was a great move....He he.

Lou Groza he's not.

How many of these guys do you think know who Lou Groza is, Shad?

I hate reruns.

fins tacklers remind me of those old All State commercials. For u old geezers that remember

OMG what a way to win a game. A safety in OT. That may be a first.

Holy chit ! We won the game !

Yea baby!

Ok, ok I won't be a total dick. Congrats to Fins and coaching staff for sticking with the running game and winning a tough one. See Coach, running games aren't such God awful things afterall...

Called it.

Soliai, Grimes, Wake: NTBFW...(not to be ####ed with).

Anyone else notice how McKinney projects a far more imposing presence on that left side? Kazaam was right on that one. Ireland should have moved to get him earlier, in the beginning of the year.

what up FZB?
great win against a playoff team.
wake is back to form, and the defense really responded.
funny how that offense happens when they change the play calling.
that's over 200 yrds for miller in 34 carries over the last 2 weeks.
aside from setting up the pass, it's increasingly obvious that it's also a strength.
between clay, miller and thomas, this is the best 1-2-3 punch we've had since the 70's.
we're .500, and the division is still open.

You called for a pizza, OC?

At this hour?

Big win for the Fins.

Did you know that OC called it. OC, did you call the Cam Wake safety with time almost running out in OT? Wow, you are the man, OC........

I don't know how a team can blow 14 point leads so easily time after time but at least the one move Parcells made that was good (Wake) came through. Maybe Ireland will one day make a good move too


OC called for a .......Pizza?, funny..hehe

Guys, a glimmer of hope, a couple of thought's

Cameron Wake makes a HUGE difference on this defense.

The Wheeler signing ( which I loved at the time ) seems like a mistake now, he's been bad.

Gritty win by the team, this tells me they are not giving out on the season, nor should we.

Football is a simple game, if you give a QB a running game and time to throw he will find a way to beat you, for those of you giving up on Tannehill, shame on you, did you guys see that last drive?... Got sacked on first down and came back and threw a great pass to R Matthews, impressive...the kid is the real deal.

Why did Sherman stopped running the ball in the second half.

Yes OC, I agree with you on McKennie and yes Kaz was right on that one, where are U Kaz?

Does anyone know the status of Patterson and Incognito?... We need those two guys.

Hola David,

Right back at you buddy...yes great win...

Now if the Canes can somehow pull a miracle up in trailer-hassee on saturday?

Oh and one last thing , I never make excuses for blown calls by the officials but man the fackin zebras have not been kind to our Dolphins the last two weeks..I mean come on!


FZB,I agree,the freakin refs must have a major hate for our Fins the past two weeks. They call PI on Hartline and then when he gets totally mugged,no call! WTF? Like I have been yelling for weeks now,they finally let RT roll out of the pocket and buy time. It's not rocket science,it's football. If you do not have the horses up front to protect the QB,get him on the move. Duh!

So Dolfans were figuratively laid last night and in their drunken lustful exuberance they were convinced it was the most beautiful thing ever when they went to bed last night. But when they woke up this morning they screamed from the fright of seeing it with sober eyes in the daylight.

Let me see if I can explain what it really looked like so that you understand why they screamed.

the Dolphins...

1) scored only 13 points on offense.
2) were outgained by 120 yards
3) yielded 13 more first downs then they made
4) were 3-14 on 3rd down while the Bengals were 10-20
5) ran 32 fewer plays then the Bengals
6) gave up 3 more sacks
7) got incredibly lucky on pass to Sanu that was INT

Now I've heard told that even sex with a fat ugly chick is good, but it's nothing to brag about and not something you would do again unless fueled with alcohol or drugs.

Truth is the win last night was like getting laid by a fat ugly chick. So the Fins got their nut, they won, but it's not like it signals a major turnaround. All the problems that existed before the game manifested themselves during the game. This is NOT a good team and only those who are delusional optimists will walk away from this game convinced the Fins are on the right track. Kind of like the 40% of America who approve of Obama.

The one real positive from this game is that hopefully those calling for Tannehill's head with STFU. The guy can play. He just needs protection and real playmakers around him.

It was a fun little win,but keep perspective...we have a boat load of problems...

Already looking ahead to the San Diego game in almost 3 weeks.

Forced 4 TO's and played good enough when it counted the refs were trying to lose us another game but Miami said not today.

Ran the ball 30 times L. Miller is the real thing we are in good shape there.

The oline stepped up despite the injuries season saving game no matter what anyone says so much for the divided locker room theory.

I hope this team figures out how to tackle before the next game...and hopefully they figure out how to convert 3rd and inches...and even though Tanny had some great moments he still has horrible pocket awareness...

Still,good to see them get a desperation win...that Grimes Pick 6 was great to see especially since it's such a rarity for the Phins...good win,only the Phins could do it in such an odd fashion..the fans needed that one...

As bad as the refs were(and have been)at least they didn't screw us on the safety and the Hartline catch...usually those don't go our way...


Miami forced 3 turnovers, the INT on the MIA 10 yard line was a perfect pass to Sanu that should have easily been caught. He makes that catch and game over.

Think about the things that had to happen for MIA to win. A 94 yd pick 6. A safety in OT. A dropped pass inside their own `10 that is picked. It's a win but it was not pretty.

roid the Hartline catch was not a catch. he never got his second foot down. even the nfl network guys said it was not a catch. since it was inside 2 minutes i was it was not reviewed. good break for the fins.

Yeah,I was questioning whether that was a catch initially...I think that second foot barly got in but it looked like it was after the knee had already touched out of bounds...regardless of whether it was in or not I was just surprised we got the call...we needed some luck and we def got it a few times in that game...

and the Bengals lost the game and their best player...

I was really surprised at how soft AJ Green is. I was shocked he did not fight for the ball that Patterson intercepted. Pretty surprising for what is supposed to be one of the top 5 WRs in the NFL.

I TiVo'd the game and have watched Hartline's catch 10 times and I never see his foot hit the ground. It looked like it was going down and then it just stayed parallel to the ground until after his body came down out of bounds. My guess is if they had reviewed they would not have overturned because it is very close.

According to Armando....

This game put general manager Jeff Ireland in the crosshairs.

This game put coach Joe Philbin in the crosshairs.

This game put quarterback Ryan Tannehill under a microscope.

They can all take a deep breath. All is well for now.


Seriously this is what the delusional think. One lucky win where Miami gets beat everywhere but the scoreboard and "All is well for now."

We're doomed. Time to go look for a bridge. Wish I still lived in SF.

Tommy, those fat and uglys are most appreciative of anything thrown their way, and some have the sweetest, well, you know what I mean.

How bout them Dolphins!

Spread apparently up to 24 at Tallahassee. Good, let it go to 30, the higher it goes the angrier the Canes will be.

We have the horses to go up there and run the rock right down their throats if our kids go up there and play like possessed demons at a Baptist revival in Tupelo, Mississippi. .

The Canes can and the Canes will!

Jameis Winston; Dead! Bobby Bowden; Dead! Freaking Criminoles; Dead!

Whose with me, lets gooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Mr. Woodcock,

not only don't many remember lou "the toe" groza, they probably don't remember marie "the body" mcdonald either, although "the body" could have been asociated with june wilkinson a couple of decades later. what are gonna call the new-fangled best kicker-"the instep"? i think FGs are boring as can be, even with caleb "the instep: sturgis looming over the ball.

Why hasn't Jon Martin been cut from the team yet? It's almost noon.

Big Baby,

a lot of bengals were out of the game, but just had an inkling that my team was not gonna shake loose this aearly from the ravens. they were miserable in the first half- the drop by a.j. green was horrible as was the interception thrown before the half, at which i headed for the pillow and the incredible tinkling of the keys by thelonious monk. wasn't surprised that the dolphins won, but from what the bloggers say they put in another lousy 2nd half performance, excepting that the bengals were lousier.


Kazaam would be proud you went from saying it would be a meaningless win to then saying it was a good win to now saying that is was an ugly win Bravo sir.

shadow- we own the Bengals that is at least 3 straight by my memory and the season series lifetime is in their favor also I think.

It was not always pretty but that is the NFL no one remembers ugly wins come December the interception return TD by Grimes was a flat out athletic play and Tannehill showed that he will not be rattled by pressure or losing streaks great win for Miami.

Losing Atkins is a big loss sorry about that.

Actually I was surprised they didn't review the Harline catch. I though it should of been incomplete, his left foot never hit/dragged the ground, we were very fortunate to win. I also thought the Bengals TD should of standed, no way that was holding on Cincy and a few plays after that, they through a pick 6!

Dolphins got lucky last night, but I'll take it. They are still a bad team and were fortunate Bennard got hurt. That guy single handily beat the Canes last year!!!


Criticizing AJ Green after the game he had is the definition of insanity since you like coining phrases.

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