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October 17, 2013

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 82.3%; plus Collball Week 8 (updated) with FSU, Gators, UCF shocker; also NFL Week 7 picks & more

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"Canes game, Red Sox-Tigers, NFL football, Heat-Nets, Panthers hockey ... man, TV heaven Thursday night! Miley Cyrus could have twerked right past me in my living room and I wouldn't have noticed her." --Greg Cote

Click on Finding Their Way Home for my latest column on the Canes as they entered their first game as a top-10 team since 2009. I reminisce about how the top 10 used to be home for Miami, and how this team won't have accomplished much -- by this program's high standard -- until it takes up residence there, not just occasionally visits.


CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G6: 82.3%: Results are in on the latest Canesfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 82.3 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Thursday night's 27-23 victory at North Carolina putting 1aa1csm10th-ranked Miami's record at 6-0 overall and 2-0 in the ACC. That's a clear drop due to the narrow escape, but still a buoyant number. This is the fifth year for CSM polls in our blog. These are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season in a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 8:45 a.m. today/Saturday.

2013 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 82.9 percent (19.9v, 63.0s) following 34-6 victory vs. Florida Atlantic.

G2: 96.7 percent (71.2v, 25.5s) following 21-16 victory vs. Florida.

G3: 95.7 percent (77.2v, 18.5s) following 77-7 victory vs. Savannah State.

G4: 97.6 percent (67.9v, 29.7s) following 49-21 victory at South Florida.

G5: 95.8 percent (60.4v, 35.4s) following 45-30 victory vs. Georgia Tech.

G6: 82.3 percent (41.8v, 40.5s) following 27-23 victory at North Carolina.

G6: NO. 10 HURRICANES @ NORTH CAROLINA: Final: This 27-23 escape in Chapel Hill by Miami won't impress the polls, or maybe most Canes fans. But man UM fought and earned this win. Didn't play particularly well -- Stephen Morris threw four INTs -- but won nevertheless. That's impressive, even if the overall performance was not. Morris' picks and the pass-D giving up 395 yards were negatives, but two overriding postitives stood out. One, Tracy Howard's two interceptions, especially that late, last one. And two, mostly, Dallas Crawford stepping in for injured Duke Johnson and carrying 33 times for 137 yards and two TDs. A yeoman's effort. Some fans may disagree, but I see this as a big win for UM because it was pulled from the hard road on a night when nothing came easily. ..... Halftime: Tough half for Canes, who trail by 17-13 and already have lost a big chunk of their offense to injury in Duke Johnson (presumed concussion) and Phillip Dorsett (left knee). Offense has really struggled, with the only UM touchdown coming on a return of a blocked field goal. Stephen Morris has struggled (10-for-22, 2 INTs), and Miami's pass-D has been strafed by for 234 yards. This is not winning football. UM's newly minted top-10 ranking in peril. Still think Canes will pull it out, but not impressive thus far. ..... Original post: Former Miami Hurricanes coach Jimmy Johnson once 1aa1canesuncdescribed to me a college football schedule as three-tiered. You didn't worry about the "low teams" (think FAU, Savannah State) because they had no chance to beat you. And you didn't worry about the "high teams" 1aa1canes6(think Florida, Florida State) because you knew those weeks would have your team's complete attention and energy. It was the "medium teams" -- think North Carolina, in Chapel Hill, tonight -- that in some ways required the most coaching, because they could beat you, and your team's full attention was not always a given. This is the potential trap into which the 5-0, 10th-ranked Canes walk tonight in their first game as a top-10 team in four years. UNC's Tar Heel's are only 1-4 but are capable of a home upset in this big ACC division game. The Tar Heels have won four of the past six in this series. Maybe that is why UM is favored by only a modest 9 points. I like the Canes big, though. N-Car's go-go offense could be a challenge for Miami, but the Heels' bad defense should be no match for Stephen Morris, Duke Johnson and company. My pick was: Miami, 41-20.

Other Week 8 state FBS games, in order of interest:

No. 5 Florida State 51, No. 3 Clemson 14: It was the ACC's first top-five matchup in eight years, for one blessed week knocking the almighty SEC off the top of the collball marquee. Both teams unbeaten, Miami's Hurricanes chasing each. Winner here is allowed to think it might meet Alabama for the national championship, and it's FSU overwhelmingly. Seminoles had not won in Death Valley since 2001 but absolutely dominated. My pick was: FSU, 34-30.

No. 14 Missouri 36, No. 22 Florida 17: Mizzou is now 7-0 after upsetting Georgia last week and then handling the stumbling Gators, who'll drop liike a rock from the polls. I thought freshman Missouri QB Maty Mauk would have a tough time vs. UF defense. Wrong! My pick was: Florida, 20-16.

UCF 38, No. 8 Louisville 35: UCF's Knights were solid, but I gave them little shot on the road against Teddy Bridgewater's soaring Cardinals last night. Plainly, I underestimated Blake Bortles. My was pick: None. (Did not publish a prediction in time, so saved myself a loss).

Off this week:

FIU: G-Panthers a sullen 1-5 but winnably home vs. Louisiana Tech next Saturday.

FAU: Owls 2-5 and facing a near-certain L at No. 24 Auburn next week.

USF: Bulls 2-4 and (uh oh) hosting a smarting Louisville on deck.

Week 8 national Top 25 matchups:

5-FSU @ 3-Clemson and 22-Florida @ 14-Missouri (see above).

24-Auburn 45, 7-Texas A&M 41: Johnny Manziel strafed Auburn 63-21 a year ago. Knew this would be closer, but got it wrong. Well, I had A&M's 41 points right, anyway. My pick was: Texas A&M, 41-27.

No. 13 Stanford 24, No. 9-UCLA 10: Saw visiting Bruins as a weak unbeaten, and was proved right. Stanford lost at Utah last week but rode a 12-game home winning streak into this one . My pick was: Stanford: 28-21.

My record: This week, 3-2; season, 44-11.

UPSET BIRD DAY: WEEK 7 DOLPHINS/NFL PREDIX: Peyton Manning makes his first return to 1aa1fripixIndianapolis this weekend but believe it or not there are other games going on and we pay attention to them, too. One is Bufffalo's visit to Miami in the Dolphins' first AFC East match. The score will be 24-17, Miami winning but not covering a silly-big betting line. too. As for my Upset of the Week? It's a big one, and it involves an unbeaten team. Click on Week 7 Gems for all of my latest NFL predix capsules, and on Faith Is a Fragile Thing for my Friday Page column on why Sunday's game is so important for the Dolphins and their fans. (My week got off to a good start last night. Had Seahawks winning and covering at Arizona, and they did both).

DWYANE DISSED BY ESPN: Ouch. Heat star Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant got into a social-media tiff because Durant suggested Wade was no longer a top-10 player. Well, ESPN's NBA Rank of all players just slotted Wade 18th -- a plunge from his No. 8 ranking a year ago. Oy! 

Poll result: Confidence that Dolphins will make playoffs is weak: We asked in the previous blogpost (you may still vote), and 45.3 percent called themselves "not that confident," 41.9% said they were "nervously" confident and only 12.8% were "solidly" confident.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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This is the type of game that teams under Shannon and Coker lost, to me is another stepping stone for this young team to show some maturity and beat a team they are supposed to beat...

NC has always giving us trouble up there, ok Canes show me, I think they will..

The U 34 and the bad guys 17...

hey FZB!
now tommy boy says the dolphin schedule is EASY.
seems like a 5 game sample size is enough for our football challenged friend to call the season.
tommy, there's nothing you can help anyone with.
it's funny how most punditws, DO, in fact, say miami has improved.
it wasn't about the superbowl this year, douche bag.
it's about next year.

go canes!

Thanks FZB for jinxing us. If we lose, what are you going to say?


no #8 or #4 is not gonna make this an easy game in half #2. UM has not done well in chapel hill and they'll need to really get it together or this one is coming down to the wire. many, many mistakes and if not for that FG return UM would be in real trouble.


If you actually had the ability to read you would know what you write is unadulterated bull shit. But you can't so we get to continue reading your nonsense.

I tried to help you with a remove head from ads kit but I guess you just like it up there. To each his own.


No matter how this game turns up and it's not looking good so far it's very clear we are not ready for prime time just yet...

They. Need a little more seasoning...

It is what it is..

Nice comeback!!!!

Happy with the win but very disappointed in our offensive line and specially with our senior QB...no way they beat FSU committing the turnovers they keep on making.

I should be happier but I'm not...I guess I'm totally negativo today.

Watching the beisbol game now...Baston is up 4-3 in the 8th...

What kind of prevent defense is that? That gives them the only shot at scoring they could possibly have. I don't get it. Coaching is suspect at best. Defense is not aggressive at all. On their heels all night and never attack or putting pressure on the QB. Very disappointed! I see 2-3 losses!

Pains me to say it but Canes aren t as close to getting more elite as I hoped...after tonight s game against NC.Dallas showed heart and took NC s heart though.Credit to the O line and Coley for showing patience and resorting to the run on the last drive.Morris was horriffic tonight with his 4 picks and poor mental approach.He s been inconsistent all year.This win feels like a loss.D Onofrio wasn t prepared to pass rush much.Every once in a while.....there d be a rush.Crawford s the MVP who carried the load.Hope Duke and Dorsett have no serious injuries.Still......so much work to do YET for the Canes.

no such thing as a bad win for any fan. If your looking for a blow out or some type of style points then your setting up for disappointment.

Happy for the comeback win but disappointed in the overall performance.

Da U QB stinks, time for a change,. Defense puts no pressure on QB, FSU will beat Miami
by 21 if things don't change in a hurry. Morris was dreadful, why are they sticking with him.

Good teams find a way to win when they play terrible, So I guess the Canes may be improving, But Gotta tell you, They have a ad game vs the Nole's......
It will be worse then the Notre Dane game last year.....

I feel great. Huge comeback win doing it in the best way possible....running downhill in the fourth quarter with a power running game. Defense stopped Carolina in the second half and we overcame 4 interceptions. During the drive that won the game Morris hit two huge passes for first downs. The last one went 20 yards. Crawford came in off the bench and was a stud. I don't know why you're not happy FZ that was a huge win. The kind that you can build on. They might not be like the Canes of old but they are certainly not like the lousy Canes of very recently....

"no such thing as a bad win for any fan. If your looking for a blow out or some type of style points then your setting up for disappointment." -jimbo

they went on the road, lost their star running back AND receiver, and lost a key defensive player, had their QB play his worst game of the year throwing 4 picks and they still pulled out a win?
i vote very satisfied.

uncle douche bag? figures you'd post as doogie houser; we all know where HE likes it.


Thanks for calling me out , I deserve it..you Jimbo and David are all correct, a win is a win and winning ugly shows how this young team is maturing right before our eyes , they lost their best RB and WR , our sr QB had one of his worst games ever and our defense was giving up big play after big play ( mostly in the first half ) and this young team didn't panic , hung in there and came out with a win..

We are now 6 and 0 and should beat Wake Forest next week and be undefeated going against the criminoles, now chances are we'll lose that game but they'll battle to the end and won't give up like so many teams under those previous two clowns head coaches ( Coker and Shannon ) ....lets go Canes !

Morris is a good QB qho makes mind boggling passes that result in INT's. He's done this now ever since subbing for Jacory. I can't wait for the Ryan Williams era to start.

keeping fooling yourselves that the hurricanes are a top ten team...NOT!

Any win is a good win....and a ROAD win is even better.....

Fear not, quite the contrary last night was good for one reason....They got the "Bad Game" out of the way...
every team has a bad game during the year, the question is can you overcome adversity and still win.....question answered....

oh HeadUpYourAss how homophobic of you. you certainly are the prototypical liberal hypocrite. congrats.

i suspect jimbo will be glad to know that you COMPLETELY AGREE with him. i bet he feels validated having the HeadUpYourAss stamp of approval.

LeBron says KG and Pierce owe Ray Ray an apology for going to the hated Heat?


Ryan Williams now please.

For your pleasure gents, you too HeadUpYourAss, unless your homophobic comment was a little bit of self loathing, ala Larry Craig, in which case you should just skip it.


HeadUpYourAss here's another self-help book for you...


Hey BB

What Lebron said was KG and Pierce owe Ray an apology because they're hypocrites. Turns out KG and Pierce did exactly the same thing as Ray but just a year later.

Kudos to KG for telling Lebron STFU it's none of his business and it's the hated Heat he doesn't get it.

Totally different KG and Pierce got traded they weren't free agents so "exactly the same thing" doesn't apply you Heat homer.

Oh BB that's nonsense. They had NO TRADE contracts. They left because they wanted to leave. IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME THING. OMG talking about homers....you are the poster boy.

UNC record this season may be 1-4 or 1-5, but UM history record in C.H. is more defeats than victories, this is not say that the team played poorly last night, but at the end of the night, they plunked a victory from a N.C. a team which up to the last 16 seconds remaining in the game were a threat to the maligned UM "D". Let's forward the tape ahead and try to envision the next UM game challenge in Tallahassee, and ask ourselves; how do we feel about the UM chances to go up there and try to beat an elite FSU team with another subpar performance like the one the UM team had on the C.H. stadium field?

Not a pretty showing by UM. Our offensive line is still pass protecting poorly, and Morris's mediocrity really shined last night. With all the NFL scouts in attendance he can now aspire to being a backup in the CFL. I certainly hope that Williams gets substantial quality playing time next game.

Glad that they hung on and salvaged a garbage performance, but I am afraid that this is not a top ten team. Lots of improvement needed, but at least we are moving in the right direction. Will continue to keep my fingers crossed.

Pierce didn't have a no trade and once KG saw Pierce and Doc go what was he supposed to do?

LeBron is the poster boy maybe he should shut up and apologize to the Cavaliers what a fraud.

No one who knows football thought or thinks that this is a top 10 team top 20 or 25 no question. But what the are is a rising team and after a decade of being a descending one it is a breath of fresh air to once again have the pure joy of watching a Hurricanes team that is competent and competitive. We still have a long way to go but I sure like where we are going.

BB I stand corrected on Pierce. KG should have stayed in Boston if he was going to live by the standard he imposed on Ray. He didn't because he knew the ship had sunk. Ray just figured it out a year earlier. KG is a hypocrite. End of story. Pierce is too, just as big.

Our next President?

good one Jimbo. loved it when the guy said he was going with Hillary and not Benghazi. OMG that was funny.

Tom the point is not who is a hypocrite it is why is Lebron commenting on it STFU already and worry about your own team. You're obviously a Heat homer whatever you say is from a different view. Fact is Ray Ray took less money from the Heat because his feelings were hurt over Boston acquiring Jason Terry he didn't want to leave but his ego was bruised and he made his choice. Could have made 10 mil more in Boston but maybe the 2nd ring was worth it.

He is worrying about his own team. Did you forget RAY ALLEN is a member of the Heat? And who cares why Ray left Boston? He has that right. It is KG and Pierce who should have kept their fat mouths shut. They acted like classless assholes. Ray Allen was an important part of that championship team and they turned on him.

I say ff KG and Pierce. Lebron is right if either of them had a scintilla of class they would publicly apologize to Ray.

"Silly big betting line" I don't think so really it's at home against a 4th string QB as bad as Miami has been on defense they should cover easily the -8.5

This may be eveidence of why your record picking games has sucked this year Greg.

LOL they turned on him because he went to the stinkin' Heat Tom that's just not acceptable bro keep waiting for that apology lol!

Really is that what you would do with your friend BB? Turn on him because he decided he wanted to be somewhere else? Seriously? Oh wait, I forgot, you're from Boston. Never mind. Stupid question.

And I don't expect an apology from the classless, KG and Pierce. If they had class they wouldn't have to apologize because they never would have been assholes in the first place. And given they have no class, no one is expecting them to do the right thing.

LOL glad to see that you are so butt hurt by the whole thing that's enough for me LOL!

I don't give a rats ass. You got this going calling out Lebron. Im just calling you out on your bullshit.

Go Fins

Sorry BB. I hate
From my phone. It always
Gets fed up

You clearly care Tom you spent a paragraph calling KG and Pierce classless you're butt hurt and that's ok.

Quite the contrary I was trying to help you understand they are assholes so you would understand Lebrons comment.

Obviously I failed. You're from Boston. I get it.

You're an ignorant hick I get that too maybe LeBron will put some vaseline on your hurt butt.


the canes won last night largely owing to a "chop block" penalty that tokk NC from the 3 yard line back to the 30, and two stoopit NC penalties on their offensive lineman which changed the scenarion from a 3rd and 1 to a third and 11. crawford was great, the passcathers caught the ball when needed and UM won despite 4INTs and the loss of two star players. but as the ole shadow says, if you aren't two deep you are not a good team. it seems the canes are two deep in the backfield and at wideout. FSU/clemson is gonna be a great watch- i am one who thinks FSU might be the best team in colloge football. i like clemson and their coach very much and a win at clemson (too many "death valleys" in college football) would be a herculean task.

I apologize if you aren't a Heat fan but you sound like one. Bottom line is LeBron shouldn't have said anything KG and Pierce live by a certain code right or wrong they protect the brand.

FZB- I hope your daughter got the tickets for free!! I can see a c-note to see the Pats play, but the bills? Have fun, and have a cold beer for me.

Hick? Ooh that hurt

Naples I looked at tickets for the Miami versus New England game next week they start at around 200 each on Stubhub etc for Section 300 not worth it. I went to NFL ticket exchange where you are supposed to be able to buy unused tickets and you can only buy tickets there if you sign up for the wait list for Patriots season tickets what a crock. How can they get away with that it's supposed to be open to everyone like if you go to another teams NFL exchange website you can buy whatever you want one more reason I hate the Patsies sounds like a Kraft creation to me.

I love how some folks are attempting to create their own justification of supporting their opinions as to what a man can say or cannot say.Any man can say whatever he wants.He has to be prepared for opposing views.If he s a real man...guess it won t bother him much.Most don t like shedding tears in public.Whatever.

Mr.Ross , PLEASE replace that idiot Jeff Ireland. Been a fan since 1971, Dolphin Digest subscriber for more than 15 years until I unsubscribed 3 years ago. To be a successful team one must build primarily through the draft, which happens to be Irelands biggest weakness, other than few want to coach under him and the addition of some good (some Overpaid)free agent pick ups...how many ? Yes, we are improved offensively but we have so many holes and Ireland won't get it done.
Offensive Line , defensive backfield, running back (None of them can block worth a lick) and the jury is still out on the coaching staff. THE END

ray allen wasn't just hurt by terry's arrival in boston, he was also annoyed being a part of trade speculation talks every season, and boston's refusal to give him any assurances.

tom, everyone has a right to find love in any way; i'm not homophobic at all. you, doogie, and all my gay brothers and sisters have a right to please themselves in any way they desire, just don't mess with kids that's all.
you're fine in my book, uncle tommy. go get em!

Bum Phillips r.i.p.

Hey wha-Do-U-know...meet me in St loui Louie ..Card's win !

Watch it BB...we're coming for you guys next .

Dolphins Comment:

Fins coming off bye week against Buffalo. Miami should win in a blow out. Patterson should sit out & completely mend his groin injury. WR Gibson is doubtful against Buffalo. Fins could play TE Sims & Clay at the same time by dumping the 3 WR set this week. Using a two TE set should help get a running game established. Jump on Buffalo right off the bat like they did against Indy (14 pts first 2 possessions) and Bills don't have the QB to stage a comeback.
IF Miami comes roaring out & sets the tone early, good indication the coaching staff is doing their job. Philbin had 2 weeks to prepare for the struggling Bills. I'm going to DVR the game, got 16 hrs work tonight. The schedule ruins any weekend plans but I get off Monday morning thru Thursday evening.


Saw Escape Plan yesterday. That's the new Stalone/Arnold flick dealing with jails and how a self proclaimed expert gets out of them. Would not recommend. Not just the fact that that is probably the last thing you'd want to see on your day off, but the script is also boring and predictable.

That's the same impression I got when I saw the movie preview. "Bad Grandpa" looks like a good laugh.

Watched the Cards v Dodgers last nite. Sad performance by Puig. I like watching him play but he has to learn little league basics......hit the ffing cut off man. His play in the outfield last nite cost the Dodgers any chance of winning that game.

Oh my...

Nice to see the Gators getting smacked AGAIN. Guess we won't be seeing many Gator fans any time soon. Thank GAWD!

Congrats FZ on the Cardinals win hopefully we'll have the chance to sweep you again like in 2004 but I am not looking past tonight.

Puig is a great player but as Tom pointed out he needs to learn fundamentals he doesn't run out balls hit either. Someone needs to coach him up before he gets the lazy ballplayer label.

Say Lizard's ...

It looks like U lost another one, fine job Mus-chimp, hehe, Tom, you're right those asswipe Gatars won't show their face around here for a while..

BB..this is a much different Cardinal's team, specially the pitching but you guys need to win first.

Puig will be fine, he is just a little immature but man what a player he is.

FZB you misspelled his name. The Gators coach is Will MusChump not Chimp

That 04' Cardinals team had a much better lineup than this current version they were pretty loaded but pitching seems better now.

Mr. Woodcock,

it took our host a couple of days after we posted about the "house of david" beards on the bosox, but he got around to writing an article today on the subject of the religious ballclub in discussing "the winning team", in which grover alexander sunk to the depths and played for the HOD. will try to read the article now but mr. cote is a little slow in gleaning info from his posters!!


What are you clamoring about? Wade goes from #8 to #18 and you thing that somehow that's a bigger dis than when you take Kobe going from #6 to #25?!!!

And don't give me the injury excuse. Derrick Rose goes from #5 in a year he didn't even play to maintaing a top 10. Now how is that even remotely accurate? What, was the ESPN voting done by MSNBC?

Dread. Another Boston team wins. You can take Big Baby out of the area and into a safe place and you can flush the rest. Naples is already in Florida, so he's saved.

spare me, OC.
an achilles injury at kobe's age is a way bigger deal than a knee injury at rose's age.
name the players that came back 100% from it.
kobe is now a glorified jump shooter.
as for accuracy, FOX is the worst, by the way.
speaking of which, how's the man lover tommy boy doing? you come out of the closet yet?
you figure out yet obamacare is 3 years old? lol.. douche bag..

great football day today; i think 6 teams ahead of us lost; we could be a top 5 team by sunday night.
if we can beat FSU, sky's the limit.
but we all know the NCAA will somehow rear their corrupt head right when we do.
they must be run by republicans..

I'll bet you a donut that Kobe will outperform Wade when this year is over.

...name the players that came back 100% from it? Dominique Wilkins. But Kobe doesn't have to come back 100%. He could level off at Elton Brand territory and still put up double digit ppg. Dude is far more complete and fundamental and his 60% would still be better than most player's 90%.

I still blame D'Antoni for Kobe's injury. The guy just wore him out and played him too many minutes last year. D'Antoni must be a democrat.

That Tigers team is broken they have been underachieving for years the Red Sox just gave them a lesson in TEAM.

Is Fox still interviewing Verlander lol how sweet it is!

well let's see david let's sum up your list of qualities...

you're a serial prevaricator, don't bother looking it up it means you LIE about everything

you fucked my wife...who by the way SFB happens to be dead which makes you a necrophiliac

you fucked my daughter...who is a minor which makes you a pedophile

and now to top it off your a rabid homophobe, which makes you an asshole.

did i get them all? probably not but you are off to a good start. i'm sure your parents are proud.

What may be a signal of good news for the Dolphins today, Hammerin Hank Goldberg picked Buffalo to cover the points (-7) against Miami. Given The Hammer is 12-25 for the year in his predictions, I gotta like Miami's chances.

(real) dave,

methinks hat UM has no chance against FSU, barring a florida-type meltdown, which isn't likely. the canes are a smallish, very quick team, FSU is a big and strong quick team. i was disapponyed that mister duke johnson and dorsett were hurt; as i have been told #8 is ready for next week, but #4 is out for a while. dallas crawford was excepotionally good filing in, as was allen hurns and cohorts. FSU is loaded at every position and has the best QB in the country, evident from his first snap. jameis is by far the best freshman (i believe he is a true freshman) i have ever seen since they allowed frosh to play.the guy has remarkable physical skills and gets th ball to his guy in very, very tight situations. there is a lot to like about the hurricanes, but i don't think they can handle the seminoles.

I remember when Nebraska came in ranked first and had three great players and.......when the two point conversion attempt fell harmlessly on the ground we were national champs.

You gotta play the games. And, I don't know what team you've been watching but Miami is huge, our O line might be the biggest in the conference.

To beat FSU they need to power run the ball, play ball control, and keep FSU's O off the field. If I was Golden I would be looking at film of the undefeated season.

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