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October 20, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 6.5%; plus Miami falls to Buffalo 23-21 for third straight loss

It is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22. Click on Random Evidence for my latest Sunday notes-column package, this one leading with the Beardtown Red Sox. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Canes, FSU-Clemson, Collball Week 8 roundup, NFL Week 7 predix & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Click on Choke Collar for my latest column, off Sunday's Dolphins loss. 

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G6: 6.5%: Results are in on the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show a nosedive to 6.5 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 23-21 home loss to visiting Buffalo putting the Dolphins' season record 1aa1dsmat 3-3. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close, but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that will be around 9 a.m. Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% satisfaction (20.3v, 66.2s) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% satisfaction (71.9v, 26.9s) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% satisfaction (78.2v, 20.8s) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% satisfaction (18.8v, 39.4s) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

G5: 33.5% satisfaction (4.3v, 29.2s) following 26-23 loss vs. Baltimore.

G6: 6.5% satisfaction (3.8v, 2.7s) following 23-21 loss to Buffalo.

Next poll: Oct. 27 following game at New England.

G6: BUFFALO @ DOLPHINS: AFC EAST OPENER FINDS MIAMI AT CROSSROADS: Final: This was a bad, bad home loss, to a division opponent, coming off a bye, and blown late. Not much good to say. Writing my game column now; should be online sometime after 7 this evening. ..... 4Q: Dolphins fail on last-play Hail Mary, lose AFC East opener and third straight game overall, falling to 3-3. ... Revenge of the Kicker! Carpenter, cut by Dolphins in preseason, kicks 31-yard FG for Buffs to put MIA down 23-21 with 33 seconds left. ... Tannehill stripped of ball by Mario Williams and Bills recover at MIA 34 with 2:48 left. ... Monster sack by Dimitri Patterson. NOt as monster as Mario Williams' on Tannehill, but close. ..... 3Q: Buffs within 21-20 on Carpenter 20-yard kick after Dolphins goalline defensive stand forces visitors to settle. ... Sharp drive for MIA's first lead, 21-17, ended on Tanny-Gibson second TD hookup of game. Dolphs have scored 21 of game's last 24 points and sezied momentum. ..... Half: Dolphins are 0-for-7 on third-down conversions but are back in it on two TD passes by Tannehill. Miami is playing win-caliber defense and plainly has the momentum entering the half. ..... 2Q: MIA within 17-14 on Tannehill 13-yard TD pass to Brandon Gibson just before half. Gibson with an acrobatic leap into the zone. A 46-yard strike to Mike Wallace keyed the drive. ... Ex-Dolph Dan Carpenter aces a 39-yard kick for 17-7 Buffs lead. ... Chris Clemons INT sets up MIA at Bison 31, but takeaway is wasted as drive sputters, ends in missed 51-yard FG try by Caleb Sturgis. ... That's more like it. Miami within 14-7 on 7-yard Charles Clay pass from Tannehill. Lamar Miller 30-yard sparked the drive -- and the crowd. ..... 1Q: Miami's worst quarter of the season has mercifully ended. Tanny 2-for-9 with two picks, and a passer rating of 2.3. ... Nightmare continues! Tannehill intercepted at goalline, his second pick. Scattered boos heard. Surprised not more. ... Fred Jackson's 3-yard scoring run digs a 14-0 hole for Miami, which cost itself 40 yards of field position with a penalty on a punt. ... Oy! Nightmare start. Ryan Tannehill picked off on first pass, returned 19 yards for Buffs TD by Nickell Roeby. ..... Original post: Bye weeks give coaches luxurious time to tinker with and smooth out their own team's flaws while also better preparing for the 1aa1dol6 1aa1dolbuff2next opponent, so a loss or poor showing by 3-2 Miami today would be doubly disappointing. I look for two key elements. 1) Offensively, the line is challenged to block Mario Williams and a good-sacking Buffalo defense and keep Ryan Tannehill's uniform clean -- which it hasn't been though a league-worst 24 sacks. Joe Philbin 1aa1dolbuff1also must commit to the ground game and a beatable Bison run-D. Would be disappointed if this wasn't a 15-to-18-type carries game for Lamar Miller. 2) Defensively, stop RB C.J. Spiller. He's been the Dolphins-killer lately, with 320 yards and a 5.7 average the past three meetings. Block Williams, limit Spiller and all shall be well. It better be, because this is an "intersection game" for Miami. Fan confidence in this being a playoff team is weak or wavering, and a loss would send it plummeting. Miami must shake two straight losses, move to 4-2 and get on a little roll to assert itself as a real AFC player. My pick: Dolphins, 24-17.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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well let's see david let's sum up your list of qualities...
you're a serial prevaricator, don't bother looking it up it means you LIE about everything
you fucked my wife...who by the way SFB happens to be dead which makes you a necrophiliac
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and now to top it off your a rabid homophobe, which makes you an asshole.
did i get them all? probably not but you are off to a good start. i'm sure your parents are proud.

You two kids still at it???? ...hhhmmmm

On my way to tha game...yeah boy, Dolphins win 27-13... No problemo.


Over/under on how many times Tennehill gets sacked.......
I'am going with 5..........

Anti, I'll take the under at 3.

With Clabo and Martin on the line I'am going with 5 Myself...

Anyone who insensitively posts commentary denigrating family members needs to understand that such "scorched earth" recourse to winning an argument, succeeds only in proclaiming just how uncivilized the offender truly is; but for a terrorist, an enemy, or one lacking moral character. Needless to say, the offense made far the worse, when the family member has passed away.

Doesn't anyone monitor these posts?! This Tom guy should be banned from posting on the Herald.

Just sayin," I think you might have swung through a high, outside breaking ball.


the ducks don't have a defense if washington state gets almost 40 on them. even if the points came in "garbage time"-RIP chickie baby- it seems as though stanford will beat them again when they play in palo alto. it is amazing how many points they score, but the ducks remind one of paul westhead's basketball teams- score all day, don't play defense, and get the ball back to run and shoot some more. westhead's loyola teams put the biggest bashing ever on a defending champoion when they scored almost 150 (or close as i recall) but when their ttal offense game met the impending champs of UNLV they were history. seems like oregon will lose before FSU or alabama or, UGGGH, ohio state.

shadow, these days, non-stop offense is what the new viewer prefers to see.

lol, we've become a more offensive population.

How can you tell if your wife is dead? The sex is the same but the dishes pile up!!

What are you talking about, OC? On the internet when you get into a fierce argument the automatic call is to go after the family. It's a scorched earth policy similar to what Scipio Africanus did in Carthage when he salted the fields and put every single man, woman, and child to the sword.

Have at it, boys. Hell, every single day in Congress they call Obama a son of a bitch.

What can you say, the better team won.

That was a complete crap sandwich losing to that garbage team at home is freaking pathetic.

How about those bye-week adjustments.......
Same old 7 and9 team again......

This is one of the worst losses in a while. At home after a bye week against a team with a backup QB in a divisional game. There is no excuse for how ill prepared we were. Philbin and Sherman need to get there heads out of their asses. Just pathetic.

The entire lost rests on Tyson Clabo...cut him immediately! Ireland should also be horse whipped! Instead of drafting an O lineman, he drafts a broken down D lineman. For Gods sakes!

Why do I subject myself to this $h!tty team year after year? I had gotten so used to losing that this little 3 game win streak to start the season had me excited. I thought for a minute that maybe for the first time since Marino retired we were on the way back to being a respectable team. WTF was I thinking??? We have become another version of the Browns, a team that will always suck! And please Jeff Ireland trade Clabo to someone in the CFL, AFL, or to Sam Adams for a 6pk because I don't think you could get 12. Sign the Wal-Mart greeter or anyone, but get him off the damn field!

You guys don't understand Ireland has only been in charge three years he needs at least six to undo what Parcells did.

I really don't know why we get mad anymore. We've been putting up with the same crap for the last 30 years. Doesn't matter who we draft, hire as coach, or get as GM we still suck. We've tried JJ and Parcells and nothing changes. I wish I could just stop watching and not be a fan anymore.

Four more years!, you must be related to Ireland cause you're a moron too.

Give Ireland 3 more years is tantamount to insanity. He could not pick groceries let alone players. Tannehill will not last the year getting hammered the way he is getting hit. We will be drafting another QB to replace his busted ass. Nice job O line!! Total embarrasement.

wow!! those Dolphins are still a joke. They start 3-0 and then loose the next three including a divisional game to the Bills. I thought they might have the answer when they drafted Tannehill, but I guess he is the same Quarterback that played at Texas A&M. When he was in college every time it was time to step up in the big games he chocked with turnovers. Looks like he's doing the same thing in the Pros.

Would not lay this on QB. Be a student of the game jerky. The key sack that cost the game was a missed block by Clabo. Ryan actually did very good.

Maybe Ross should give Idiot Ireland Another extension.....
There sure were a lot of orange clad fans at the stadium today, I think by years end there's gonna be about 30 thousand no shows.....

Foley have you watched the last three games? He threw 4 pics vs the saints he threw 2 pics today, and you say he did a good job. I think you need a new pair of glasses!!

So far, Ryan Tannehill’s stats are closer to former Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne

Tannehill has gone 10-10 and thrown more interceptions (18) than touchdowns (17). He also has fumbled 15 times, losing seven.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/03/3666118/ryan-tannehill-has-uphill-climb.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/03/3666118/ryan-tannehill-has-uphill-climb.html#storylink=cpy

Tannehill may not be playing great, but he's certainly not the reason we lose. The O line sucks. Receivers drop a ton of balls and our running backs can't run for sh**. We've won games because of Tannehill in spite of all the crap around him.

tanny has definitely regressed. and the play calling is still awful; we should've ran the ball WAY more.. it WAS working. sherman needs to go.
tom? i said those things to rile you up because you called me a liar.
the homophobic charge is the funniest, though.
i know you're slow at reading, but i'll repeat: i do not hate you because you're gay. your love choices are yours and yours alone to make and far be it from me to stand in the way of men finding happiness with each other.
in fact, i don't hate you at all.
blaming the housing crisis on a law that only applied to banks, (when unregulated fannie and freddie were primarily responsible), and calling me a liar because YOU are the idiot that didn't know the PCIP clause of obamacare is already 3 years old just reminds me how ignorant and silly most of the voting public is. and it serves as a reminder that out of touch republicans receiving the support of a dumbed down out of touch electorate too stupid to know the laws they're screaming about, (just because a black guy implemented them), equal more democratic victories in general elections!
silly man.
try running down to TWIST tonight on washington ave. there's no cover, (i know how cheap you are), and you'll be sure to find a nice boy down there to drown out your football and obamacare sorrows.

losing at home to an inferior team with 3rd string QB is unacceptable! play calling matched the play execution! our # 17 supposed to be the FRANCHISE QB who can not have a game without a fumble and/or an interception or a pick six! this is what the franchise QB looks like? LUCK, WILSON, KEAPERNICK, RGIII are head and shoulder above #17. play calling absolutely stunk. how many sacks did our great, fantastic, superb, defense have? this is why other teams play in front of sellout fans and our team plays at home to half empty stadium.

Hey jerk off, who needs the glasses dumbass. If you knew anything about football you would "clearly" see that the O line is weak at best. Can't throw the football without protection. I guess you can't "see" that. Stupid fans are another whole issue. Go back to sleep "rwhite", when you wake the phuck up you might, might figure it out!

Bitch on the players all that you want, but they are there because Ireland doesn't have a clue how to build and run a NFL team. He owns this mess and it is because of him that we could not get an experienced quality head coach. Him and Ross.

I am sure that Philbin has one of the cleanest, neatest locker rooms in the league, and he can really stare down the press, but so far his ojt tenure as a head coach is a failure.

I have been a dedicated fan of this team since its inception, but now I just don't care. That is really sad. I am still a fan, but will not support this foul organization. Ireland must go.

Wait, I thought spending the most money in free agency meant you were supposed to be good...

Well, we will evolve out of this...eventually. I can't tell you when that will happen, but it will happen. I am a native Miamian and have also followed the fins since 1966. This to shall past!

run the ball, are you insane? Dolphins could not block a ground hog, and there running backs? If we can call them that are the worst coached runners I have ever seen. Play calling, yeah thats a laugh, got great players, no one knows how to really use them in a good scheme. The scheme does not fit the players they have

zone blocking is nt what these guys can do, either change the players or change the scheme. You have been trying to make it work, it does not, change it

dang this team started 3-0 is staring at the possibility of ending @ 5-11
So thinking they'll pull one of those swing games = 5-11

oops, sorry 6-10

Man those Ireland nuggets sure are making an impact. O coach Sherman was a prognosticator that Tannefail will be the most improved. Yeah at giving the other team points.

Kimbo says the Dolphins are the worst team in the AFC East. The Dolphins are in reverse. The Dolphins need me to make a comeback to play on the OL. Either that or kick Ireland's butt back to Dallas









5-11 AT BEST!!!!










It was very sad watching this game. One could see the frustration and defeat in the Dolphins players beginning in the first half. I feel sorry for them being trapped in such a lousy organization. Awful owner, incompetent general manager, poor coaching. Doesn't get much worse than that.

But wait, there's more! Ross will come out stating that he has complete confidence in the ability of Ireland and the coaching staff to get to the the Super Bowl and win a championship! Guy is delusional.

Dolphins suck donkey dicks.

The real Don Soldy, so now you are both on Amandos and Greg's blog with your troll nonsense. Get lost loser. Get on 95 North right back to the Meadowlands. Or better yet, drive into a pole doing 80 mph. Either way, get lost little girl, everyone is sick of you.


We are most definitely in trouble and my prediction of 10-6 looks very,very bleak right now, with our offensive line we'll be lucky to win 8 games, shame..

On a more positive note the Heat are about to start their season...

FZB, Please when you see your Son Jeff, please kick him right in the nuts....
BTW,The Fins wont sniff 8 wins...
Lets face it http://youtu.be/u4rMNCLjrv4

Mr. Woodcock,

geez, all these new bloggers or guys are using "nomme de plume"s to vent their frustrations. did the dolphins use all of their time-outs again today in the second half; i was listening to "the columbia radio workshop" because i thought that when the dolphins went ahead in the second half it was the beginning of a rout-guess again chester!! if the coaches literally burned their timeouts again-please inform me- then the dolphins are stuck with guys who may be able to teach the gae but can't think on their feet, a fatal flaw for any coach in the NFL.

So FZB you are finally starting to see the light.

How many more years must we endure Ireland??????

Hmmmmmmm.so after a BYE week.....THIS is what the Dolphins brought for all to see today?It looks like the Bills had the bye week and prepared better.....even with a scout team QBN.THAT is pretty bad in itself vs Tannehill.Tanny gave up 3 picks.Yeah...you can blame Claybo....I do too.You can blame the O line in general.....especially the LAST 2 drives (key drives mind you) of the game...and I d sure blame the O line again regarding that.Most importantly.....why wouldn t a heady QB with just over 3 minutes left in a game needing to drive the field for a FQ........just stay in the pocket stupidly...like a dead duck providing target practice while bot moving?Makes NO sense Tanny wasn t moving,stepping up in the pocket,rolling out,scrambling.....something....like Jimmy says....THROW THE DAMN BALL AWAY TANNEHILL.Oh well.Tannehill is looking more and more like Chad Henne.There was hope for this team at 3 - o but after 3 straight losses......has Philbin lost control of the team or did Ireland s failure to draft o linemen finally catch up with the Phins?I d say both.

Sorry for the typo s .Can t edit this.I was in a hurry to vent as I just got back from the other coast (of Fla).Very disappointed in the inconsistent play of Tannehill and even the defense.Miami looks out of sorts the past few games.Could that be why they lost 3 in a row?They re NOT improving as a team....to say the least.

Hey (mr. civility) Tony, O line is sad, pocket was to move to protect your #17 who can not throw on the run or in the pocket, too many floaters too much air! no zip i.e. int intended for heartline.


Hey Oliver, I am not a huge Tannehill fan, but the poor guy is not getting much protection from the offensive line. However, I do not think that he was first round material, and that, coupled with the poor Dolphins organization, will make for a very long season. Unfortunately, not a productive one.

Dolphins players, for the most part, are WEAK WUSSES!!

Plain and simple.

The owner is a jerk-off....the General Manager doesn't have a clue.

They've turned this once tradition-laden franchise into a laughing stock!

Makes me want to vomit.


Anyone notice how poorly thrown the first and second down passes were on the final drive. Both did not even reach the receiver. Then third down was an overthrow. I have not seen anything special about Tannehill except maybe he's quite good at turnovers. This team is a joke. No future. I can't even get excited over high draft picks because we draft losers. What a difference maker Jordan is. I feel like boxing up all my Dolphin gear, dropping a deuce in it, and mailing it to Mr Ross.

Tony Foley; you say Tannehill can't throw the the ball because the offensive line? I watched him throw it right into the Bills DB'S hands twice today and he didn't even have any pressure on him. The first time he threw it and the Bill's DB picked it off and ran it right into the inzone. The second time he threw a floater right into double coverage and was picked off again. I think you've been spanking your monkey so much you must have went blind!! you can't win if you keep giving them the ball back. That's just the way it is.

A good point was brought up in a previous post. It doesn't really matter how high we draft next year if Ireland is calling the shots. He will squander the picks again and drag us further into the abyss. This guy couldn't pick a duck out of a hen house.

Wow. Testament that through the drudgery of day-in-day-out most posters just read, but when there's something to say---a bunch of Dolfans come out and register.

Sort of called it. Watch out for Buffalo. Anything goes within Inter-division games.

Maybe Jeffy the drunk FIRELAND can trade down to draft a paraplegic long snapper. I swear that a hole is on the Pats' payroll.

Matt Primetar, Ahahahahahaaha, still laughing. Dude, that's the best post of the day.

That's funny stuff all over the blog. The one about the duck in a hen house is classic.

We shuda got Brees, We shuda sucked for Luck, we shuda got coach Harbaugh, we shuda got Peyton Manning, we shuda kept Jack Long, we shuda drafted an olineman vs. a dlineman, we shuda been 4-2 going to NE with some momentum, but nooooooo, success is not meant to be. It is the curse of Joe Robbie.

Hey "rwhite", funny you reference your "monkey pulling" when you have nothing else to say! Apparently this is an area where you excel at??? That's OK numb nuts, at least your proficient at something!

With the exception of Cincinnati and Denver, who will make the playoffs, those 13 other teams can beat up on each other and stand as good chance of making the playoffs. Jacksonville is the only team that is clearly out of it. The "NEW" season starts next week.

Next week: Dolphins lose at NE., 5-2 Miami 3-4, Buffalo loses at NO 3-5, Jets lose at Cinci 4-4. Everyone is 8 and 8 at the end of the year and whoever has a QB with the longest beard goes in to get pummeled by Obama's healthcare navigators. I think I'll train to go skying.

Wow! Turnovers will kill ya.

Still like Denver representing for the SB.

It's Time to start the Matt Moore

Another Miami defeat and I just blast stuff like this to drown out yet another disappointment.


FZB, you attended the game. Should we blame you?

Great, everyone is asleep bumming over the loss. Hint...it's not that bad when your expectations are that they are going 11 and 5, and beating everyone in the division.

Great dancing to make it all better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_Sf0gi-mGI

...expectations were NOT that they were going...

OC, what was my prediction 6 and 10 or 7-9?

You were 9-7 I think, but let me check.

Here you go, Woodcock:

11-5: Big Baby, (the real) david in los angeles
10-6: Jimbo, FZB, Cliff
9-7: Andrew, OC Dolphin, IMAWriter, Greg Cote
8-8: Naples Jack, I am Kazaam, Mr. Woodcock
7-9: Tom, the shadow knows
6-10: Anti Christ, dukey

Right now they look like a 6-10 team. duke and Anti have the inside track. duke has called it correct on at least one previous year. He Sees it clearly.

They could have overcome those turnovers OC had they not gone 3 for 13 on third down nice you having Miami losing to an injury ravaged NE team next week too I see.

I didn't forget your comments about Boston either yesterday that city deserves only blessings for what occurred there earlier this year those were the comments of a bitter man.

Not bitter, BB. You should know me by now. I seldom go that deep into any local workings of the city. Of course, Boston, its people, and for that matter, all America witnessed a terrible thing this past year with the bombings and all. My snappish comments concerning Boston are intended to be taken superficially, and on par to all the many fans who happen to dislike the Yankees, or the Cubs, or the Lakers, or whatever. I happen to not like anything Boston, but for you, of course, baked beans, clam chowder, the group Boston, the rich heritage, the patriotic history, the universities, and a few other things. Certainly not the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and weather.


I was at the game yesterday and I'm telling you Tannehill was not the problem, even on his pick six to start the game, his offensive line is the worst in the NFL also lets not forget the fact that HE IS IN HIS SECOND YEAR, and he is still growing into the position, I have no worries what so ever about him.

Now the O Line...J Martin will be ok at LT, he's only problem and is a big one is strength, his foot work is fine but he gets push back into the QB ..in time he will do just fine.

Incognito, fat John Jerry and Clabo..none are fit's for a zone blocking scheme and none fit for other various reasons, incognito while a solid veteran is inconsistent, fat John Jerry has a lack of talent ( thanks Parcells ) and is not quick enough to be a pulling guard which is a must have in zone blocking and Clabo is too old and not quick enough ..next year none of those players will be here and J Martin will be stronger, he will either ' get it' or he will be moved back to RT..

Sure blaming Ireland is the thing to do and while I'll be the first to admit that signing Clabo was a mistake he also had the foresight to only give him a one year deal, I also know that Ireland and Philbin HAVE ONLY BEEN TOGETHER two years and that my friends is not enough time to turn over a roster under a new coach...

We all knew this was not a SB team and yes some of us may have been a bit too optimistic ( me, BB and David ) but make no mistake about it, we are on the right track .

Curious to see how " over reaction monday will unfold " hehe...

I did not recommend starting Matt Moore. We have another Tom here.

I actually think Tannehill has real NFL talent that when surrounded by a real NFL OL he will shine.

I predicted 7-9. But I thought they would be 2-4 now not 3-3. Then again in the 7 wins I had 4 wins against the Bills and Jets and that ain't happening.

Here is the rest of the schedule

Sun, Oct 27 @ New England
Thu, Oct 31 vs Cincinnati
Mon, Nov 11 @ Tampa Bay
Sun, Nov 17 vs San Diego
Sun, Nov 24 vs Carolina
Sun, Dec 1 @ New York
Sun, Dec 8 @ Pittsburgh
Sun, Dec 15 vs New England
Sun, Dec 22 @ Buffalo
Sun, Dec 29 vs New York

Figuring it takes at least 9 wins to get to the playoffs where are the 6 wins in this schedule? I just don't see it.

Whose fault is that? Bill Parcells of course. Couldn't possibly be Jeff Ireland. Right FZB? Right BB?

Hey OC: No lie........your music videos were "cooooool".Nothing like getting a little escapism to get one s mind off of another ugleeeeee Dolphin loss.Now that s keeping one s priorities in order.Too funny.Hope my Canes keep on winning.

Once again the fins are the bottom feeders of the AFC East, which by the way is still owned by the New England Patriots and will always remain that way as long as Brady and Belichek are standing upright.

The fins are a joke and for all you people that bought into all this hype and broken promises shame on you.
You have a college wide receiver playing QB, you have a college coach calling college plays in the NFL, you have a head coach standing there every week looking like Elmer Fudd with little or no clue as to what's going on, an offensive line that is helpless and beyond repair, no secondary and a non existent running game. They bought a $60 million dollar receiver that they can't get the ball to and when they do the college QB either misses the target or the guy drops the ball. They acquired a New York Yankee payroll with New York Yankee results...home for the playoffs.

All this put together by an incompetent GM who should be run out of the league. So the bright side to this miserable season will be the end of Ireland and all his BS and maybe just maybe the Miami Dolphins will stop this decade long rebuilding process.

I tried telling you all about the Fins when they were 2-0 and 3-0. You can't win consistently with a crap OL and who knows about the QB. Ireland neglected the OL and we lucky went 3-0 and we give that fool an extension? What a joke.

I don't get it why wouldn't they bench Tannehill and play Moore week after week more sacks more give way!!! and can't seem to be a stand out I was hoping that with what They spend in the off season and they can't get on the same page why does other team seem to get it but tannehill don'tI think if your a good leader you should see that read above i am not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just too bad those dudes didn't take a few more with them!

Let's Go Dodgers!!!!
oh, sorry...

Say Cote, where is the "they suck donkey dicks" option?

The OL broke down once again costing Miami what should have been an easy win. I don't blame the OL or Tannehill. This is all on that nitwit Ireland. He knew the OL was a problem which is why he negotiated with KC for Albert. Unsurprisingly Ireland blew it. Put Albert on the left side and Martin in the right side where he belongs and this is a playoff team.

Sadly it is the SOS for Miami fans. And even worse Ireland isn't going anywhere.

Are you sure, OC? 8-8? Come on, man! No freaking way that I gave Mullets 8 freakin' wins. Didn't I say 6-10?

You're starting to lose it, OC. May I suggest a strong dose of "fitina" in the morning, noon, and night for you.

Armando is such a joke, he's in love with Jeff Ireland, defends him at every turn. Now he's crapping all over the coaches for yesterday, actually blamed them for the offensive line!

FZ the problem wasn't the o line yesterday it was our QB and coaching staff run the ball 3 times and punt on that last drive and it's game over.

I am no longer expecting much out of this team going forward but they have enough in the tank to beat a New England team riddled with injuries and not enough playmakers on offense.

Brady no td passes last 2 out of 3 games under 50 percent passing last 2 games this NE team is beatable no question Miami has to save their season and beat this depleted team or the playoffs look less likely by the week.

Jets ran the ball 52 times they have no one to replace Wilfork, Mayo and Talib if Miami can't exploit that defense they likely aren't a playoff team anyway this is a season saving game next Sunday.

BB, please send some of what ever you're smoking to Mr. Woodcock, care of the Whale of a Wash, Manhattan Beach, CA.

Thanks bro, do you think you can Fedex it?

Mr. Woodcock,

is "the surfboarder" ailive in hermose beach? we spent many a sat. and sunday late morning waiting for omelettes, even though they whiped up their eggs with water. i have forgotten the name of the eatery to which we switched, but we dropped omelettes for dim sum, first at grandview gardens right of the harbor freeway on broadway, i think, and then the real move to exquisite team sum at any of many places in monterey park.

good friend, can i get an answer on the dolphin TO situation at game's end? i am surmising that they spent all three second half TOs before they got the ball back after dan carpenter did them in. since he kicked that kickoff out of bounds against the ravens, caleb sturgis has been not the guy who came out of camp kicking perfectos.

Is anyone watching what's happening in KC? Joe P should be completely embarrassed by the job he's done. There is no accoutability in this organization, that's why we were stuck with Tony S. for so long. The O-line might stink, but I also don't see any leadership coming from Tannehill. So much hope, so little substance!

I wish I had my previous posts about Miami and their coaches....I have said numerous times....

CANNOT HIRE LIFELONG ASST COACHES with NO experience as H.COACH and expect to win....
CANNOT DRAFT a WR to play QB for you because of his ex college coach....
These coaches are horrible at play calling and in game adjustments. Offense and defense. they do nothing to help the PLAYERS SUCCEED in the games.
IRELAND STILL NEEDS TO GO - let go of BEST Olineman WITHOUT replacing him properly. Let go of BEST RB and relied on young kids without an OLINE.

They used all three time outs after the fumble recovery. The problem was not just the offensive line, with the game on the line after the fumble the Bills managed one first down and that took the clock down to 38 seconds when the offense took the field.

Strange game, this is now two weeks in a row that they lose a game that they could have won. The offensive line played good through out the game until the end of the 4th quarter. Could be they got tired? Maybe time to rethink that Thursday off routine. Who knows if they win the game 21-0 we're all singing a different tune. As it is, there doesn't seem to be one team which stands out in the AFC East including NE. I think BB said it well, next week is the season.

Still BB, if you can find time to get to the Fedex office I would appreciate an over night delivery.

Joe Robbie in his present state would be a better owner than Ms. Ross. Smells better too.

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