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October 06, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 33.5%; plus Miami loses to Ravens 26-23, falls to 3-2; Marlins Park to host college bowl game

It is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8. ESPN reports that Miami (Marlins Park) and Boca Raton (FAU Stadium) will host annual minor college-football bowl games starting in 2014. 2) Click on Random Evidence for latest Sunday notes-column package. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Collball Week 6 roundup, Canes whip Georgia Tech, state schools go 7-0 & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

CSM voting is in!: The latest Canesfan Satisfaction Meter poll results are now available in the blogpost directly below this.

My Dolphins game column: Lots of dissatisfaction (as reflected in poll results below), and I'd say too much. The 3-2 record at this point is better than most expected going in, and there is neither shock nor shame in losing at New Orleans and by 3 to the defending champions. Miami is very flawed, yes, but still improved overall and thick in the playoff chase. I delve further in my column off Sunday's game. Click on PERSPECTIVE, PLEASE to read.   

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G5: Results are in on the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show a plunge to 33.5 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 26-23 home loss to Baltimore putting the Dolphins' season record at 3-2. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% satisfaction (20.3 very, 66.2 somewhat) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% satisfaction (71.9 very, 26.9 somewhat) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% satisfaction (78.2 very, 20.8 somewhat) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% satisfaction (18.8 very, 39.4 somewhat) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

G5: 33.5% satisfaction (4.3 very, 29.2 somewhat) following 26-23 loss vs. Baltimore.

Next poll: Oct. 20 following game vs. Buffalo (after bye week)

G5: BALTIMORE @ DOLPHINS: Final: The Dolphins just didn't do enough right today. Poor on 3rd downs. Too many red-zone fizzles. Click on column link above for my full opinion on the game. ..... 4Q: Miami misses 57-yard Caleb Sturgis FG try wide left with a half-minute to play and Dolphins lose 26-23. ... BAL up 26-23 with 1:42 to play on 44-yard FG. ... Dolphins tie it 23-23 on Reshad Jones 25-yard interception return TD on ball deflected high into air by Dion Jordan's hit on Flacco. ... Miami within 23-16 on another Sturgis FG, this one from 49. ... BAL rings up a 94-yard drive ending in Rice 3-yard TD run and 23-13 Ravens lead. Game slipping away from Dolphins. ..... 3Q: MIA punts on 4th-and-2 from BAL 45. I might have gone for it there. ... Marylanders back up 16-13 on 25-yard FG. ... Ravens tie it 13-13 on Ray Rice 2-yard TD run set up by an arguable interference penalty against Grimes in end zone. ..... Half: Tannehill's first half was 14-for-21 for 178 yards, one TD throw and a 108.8 rating. That'll work. So will Wallace's six catches for 99 yards. So will Miami's defense keeping the Ravens out of the end zone and limiting the visitors to four first downs. Six points always a nervous lead, though. ..... 2Q: MIA up 13-6 with 46 seconds left in half on 9-yard Charles Clay scoring pass from Tannehill. Brian Hartline 30- and 21-yard catches set up the score. ... Settling, settling, settling. Offense awakens on Ryan Tannehill 49-yard strike to Mike Wallace, to Ravens 13, but red-zone offense fizzles and settles for tying 25-yard Sturgis FG. ... Crows back up 6-3 on 50-yard FG. ... MIA punts to open second Q; offense doing nada. ..... 1Q: Dolphs tie it 3-3 on 37-yard Caleb Sturgis FG. That's settling after first down at BAL 29 after fumble recovery by ex-Raven Dannell Ellerbe. Paul Soliai had jarred ball loose from Ray Rice. MIA settled for kick after Mike Wallace drop on pass thrown behind him -- a combination bad play that drew light booing from crowd. ... Miami punts on first three possessions. ... Based on purple jerseys here, today's crowd appears to be about one-fourth Ravens fans. ... Ryan Tannehill interception call overturned upon review, but sack ends series. ... BAL up 3-0 on 42-yard kick, after Torrey Smith beats Brent Grimes for a 41-yard completion. ... Bad sign. Miami calls first timeout 73 seconds into game then falls short on 3rd-and-1 run. ..... Original post: A year ago the Ravens would have been favored in this game by about a touchdown; now Miami is a narrow betting fave. That measures both the Dolphins' improvement and the 1aa1dol5 1aa1dolbalfact the defending champion Ravens are 2-2 and coming off a bad loss in which Joe Flacco suffered five interceptions. At 3-1 Miami is still in good shape looking forward but they need a bounceback game and some momentum heading into the bye week after Monday night's embarrassing loss at New Orleans. Embarrassment is a strong word but Miami did not really compete, and the defense got absolutely cut up by Drew Brees. Baltimore's offense is not as good, but we'll still be looking for particular improvements in the Dolphins this week. The offensive line must play better and the secondary must play better. Miami must be prepared for a heavy dose of Ray Rice after he carried only five times last week, but run defense continues a Dolphins strength. My pick: Dolphins, 24-20.


Poll result: Pirates, Rays have your rooting interest: We asked in a previous blogpost which of the final eight MLB playoff teams have your rooting interest to win the World Series, and the Pirates (21.1%) and Rays (20.0%) were the winners.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Win today and the road to 11-5 is clear Miami has a cake schedule soon go Fins!!!!

Phins 21 Ravens 16

Miami will go 8-8

Go Red Sox
Go Patriots


That was one of the most inept offensive half of football these eyes have witness in a while BUT we are fackin ahead !!!...go figure.


Keeping with my 6 and 10.............
Sorry for the "Nagativo"........

Man that O-Line is..... Well Offensive...

Phins played decent but Baltimore played better.Phins secondary lacks such depth,has injury bug of course.Grimes had a real tough day unfortunately.Miami s O line looks almost prideless and Miami s receivers are not concentrating in crunch time.Tannehill tried hard but has become so gun-shy from getting nailed....he s starting to hear footsteps.So much for Pouncey s warning this week because his O line still gave up 5 sacks and a zillion hurries.THAT is the DOOM of the team.NO O line to pass block long enough and forget about blocking to create room to run for the backs.O line is patchwork and deplorable/worst link of the team.3-2 is not good enough in 2013.......still.

O-line weak. Mike wallace can join them in that category.

Man the Dolphins stink!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEt ready for another losing season!


the locals locked hartline out of the game, and every other passcatcher became a passdropper. whatever they didn't like about davone bess, they dropped more today than he did in his career. how in the world did theymanage to not tie the game after that incredible escape on 4th down? no time-outs meant they had to "clock" the ball on first; the ole shadow believes a team has to get to the game's end with a TO to use. tannehill can really throw the pill, but he can't get any blocking or guys who can hold on to the ball when it counts; a result of a revolving door into the offensive line, which can't run block or pass protect- a sorry statement.

6 sacks
six sacks

can't wait to hear douche bag dave's insightful analysis of this

Winnable game but anyone here would have taken 3-2 at the break the team is making progress.

The Bills coming out of the bye if they lose that one then I am off the bandwagon still enough good so far I think but yes that o line needs repairing maybe time for a trade.

This team isn't making progress at all...what are you talking about? Our record is an illusion...our O-line is a joke,we have no running game,predictable,sophmoric play-calling,a qb with zero pocket presence and wide receivers who can't catch at crucial times...Anti Christ nailed it..this is a 6-10(7-9 at best) team...the sacks have become an epidemic and it's only going to get worse...lot's to think about during this by week...

Man, Ireland can really dig up those acorns. However, the good teams grow oak trees. He must go.

You are what your record says you are it's progress compared to past years any moron can see that.

No it isn't....its the same old middle of the road,vanilla bullshit...any dipshit can see that...

Big Baby,

gotta watch what you write- if you are seeing the progress, well then you must be a ....

QB holds on to the ball to long he is the reason for most of the sacks and the incompletions

If Fireland has a job tomorrow, I will be very sad.

Team is no better than 9-7 right now. OLine cannot pass protect and a offensive coordinator that has no imagination. This coaching staff is clueless.

They clock in on first down with a minute to go in the game already in fg position. Absolutely the stupidest play to make. You need downs at that point. Then Tannehill takes a sack. You have a coaching staff and a 2nd year QB trying to learn on the fly and this will cost them some games. They will finish 8-8 or 9-7. I don't know how this is improvement at this point. They are just a middle of the road team. Again.

Gonna go with 6 and 10..Cant believe they gave FZs Son a extension...


Officially we have the worst offensive line in the NFL , add to that Tannehill's inexperience in the pocket and you have a loss HOWEVER just about everyone of you guys would have taken a 3-2 record going into the bye week specially coming off games against The Saints, Colts , Falcons and last year's SB winner the Ravens .

All you idiot, fair weather fans that just wait for losses to come out and complain can just STFU ! Disclaimer, my last remark was not intended for my regular blog amigos hehe.

Yes we have major issues in the O Line but this team is heading in the right direction, the schedule coming out of the bye week is more favorable, we are still on target for 9/10 or 11 wins...everyone just needs to chill.


Hey Jimbo. Don't forget I told you to take Romo this week for your fantasy team.

Heck of a game going on now between the Cowboys and the Broncos.

41 / 41 with 9:40 to go in the fourth quarter...wow...

shadow not sure where you are going with that but we now have THE EASIEST SCHEDULE IN THE AFC yes it's true Tannehill is making chicken salad out of chicken sh*t right now we are still winning 11 games.

Tom, yep, Romo & Cinci's D. Started Rivers & Miami's D. Rivers could still light it up tonight.

Dolphins: voted somewhat unhappy. This was a game that Miami could have won easily. Ravens started out sluggish and if Miami could have run the ball, caught the ball, blocked this game would have gone a different way.

3-2. Good overall start of the season going into the bye.

I agree with Tom about the O line. Miami's young backs aren't getting any opportunity to show their talent. Tannehill is getting killed out there. Something has to give.

WR's dropped passes left and right. Wallace, Hartline, Gibson all guilty.

DT's Soliai, Starks, Odrick are playing great. Misi had some big time tackles with "pop" today. DE's Vernon, Jordan played well. Pass interference calls on CB's at critical times were a back breaker.

My 10-6 finish looks on target.



like most NFL teams with a winning record, Miami Dolphins have weaknesses. This team would be a great, top 5 team if not for the poor O-Line play....

New England has a better record but they are a far cry from a couple seasons ago. Losing NT Wilfork to season ending injury will degrade their D from good to mediocre.
Jets.... come on man!
Buffalo.... another season below .500

New Orlean Saints proved that Miami is a decent up-and-coming team but not elite. Saints have a top NFL QB in his prime with multiple talented targets. That game was really hard to watch.

Ravens game was one that Miami didn't take advantage of opportunities presented and let get away from them.

IF this Dolphins management believes they are in contention to win now..... Trade next yr draft picks for a good LT from a losing team. Move Martin to RG - move Martin to RT, Clabo to RG. The O line lack of talent blatantly exposed by switching to a zone blocking scheme making things worse? IS the O-line coach to be blamed?

Thought--Spending high draft picks on O Linemen doesn't always pay off. Example-Steelers. Team drafted linemen are young and mostly 1 & 2 round picks. Look around the league, most good Lines don't have guys drafted in the first rd but mostly 3rd, 5th , undrafted guys who are coached up and play well as a unit.

BTW,, Martin is rated higher than Jake Long so far this season. Pouncey is very good, Incognito & Jerry are known as good straight ahead mauling run blockers. Clabo was supposed to be decent & Martin is talented enough to start at the NFL level,, maybe not LT.

greg & other chicken littles

In past 14 years, A Dolphins team with a tough first five games would have been lucky to get 2 wins if ANY.
Look at the whole body of work, not just the last 2 games.
Well, Saints? top team in NFL? top 3?
Ravens? Super Bowl champion.
consider that.

The sky ain't falling.

Big Baby,

don't fret- here is the syllogism:
MAJOR PREMISE: any moron can see the improvement..
MINOR PREMISE: i (big baby) can see the progress (implied)
CONCLUSIUON: therefore, i am a ...

i am also one who can see the improvement in tannehill, but the supporting cast is letting the young man down. today was horrific; the young kicker had his first bad FG attempt (he had another bad kick on a kickoff that went out-of-bounds: raven ball on the 40).

Big Baby,

the AFC east is gonna be a mess, especially if the jets win tomorrow night. NE is floundering and will lose to NO, after which comes the dolphins' real test- playing at foxboro. if they don't gag on offense, tehy should be able to give the patriots a game.

tom, you're an idiot. but it's still nice to hear my game analysis is so important to you.
it's funny how you all blame the line. they gave up a few today.
but no one is blaming the real culprit for today's loss:
mike sherman.
this was the worst called game i have seen in years.
i am usually reticent to blame coaching; unlike tom, i don't pretend to know more than general managers and others in the profession that have spent their entire lives learning the game.
however, when your running back gets 7 CARRIES the entire game and you never trailed by more than 7 points, something is wrong.

the ravens? 40 running plays, including 2 by flacco.
the dolphins? 11, including 2 by tannehill.

even when they averaged under 2 yds a carry at halftime, baltimore still stuck with it, keeping our defense honest and grinding out yards to keep us a little off balance.
i don't remember ONE TIME we actually ran consecutive running plays.
40 pass attempts for a 2nd year QB who is still on a learning curve?
giving lamar miller only 7 carries when he's averaging almost 5 yds a carry AND is a rhythm runner?
we get the ball back with just under 5 minutes left, we are already in field goal range, (barely), and we call 3 straight pass plays, THREE, resulting in 3 incompletes and a sack that pushes us even farther out of field goal range?
any defense facing us is going to tee off and get these sacks, because everyone with a brain, (uncle douche tom excluded), knows we are throwing the ball.
on every series.
every down.
every play.
even with no one in the back field.
in shotgun formation!
we never did this when we had the best QB who ever played.
until they commit to running the ball, this will continue.
baltimore barely broke any major runs, but 3 yards here, 4 there made a difference. they stayed with it.

tom brady's team ran 18 times today.
aaron roger's team ran 33 times today.
peyton manning's team ran 31 times today.
and we ran 9 running plays. NINE.

what the F is this team doing to tannehill?
the coaching lost the game today, defense played well enough to win despite the injuries, and all is not lost at 3-2, (agreed, jimbo).
but blaming this loss on the line misses the point in my opinion, but what do i know?

This is the worst OLine in Fins History! They got pushed around big time.

Tannehill makes a great play on 4th down than spikes it and gets sacked. Once again his lack of awareness and intangibles is obvious. Wilson and Luck would not make those mistakes.

This coaching staff is weak. Why wouldn't you roll out Tannehill on a run/pass/throw it away option?

Need to beat the Bills who may not have EJ. BTW - Canes line would be an upgrade over those soft Miami Linewomen.

Why do people think we are ahead of where we thought? We were 3-0 but if you are an objective fan you were not excited.

We knew the o-line was bad and Ireland did less than nothing. We new Wallace dropped the ball and he is our big signing. We don't have a legitimate RB.

The loss of Keller was a big hit. Our LB core is pathetic.

Hell, the uniform colors aren't even the correct blue unless my eyes are going.

And to top it off...Didn't Ireland get a raise?


the line needs to play better. IMO when you play 3 WR, single back in shotgun formation, running isn't your priority. T-hill needs to up - under center more.


Jimbo I usually don't agree with Cote but he just wrote an article agreeing with me and you citing progress. Through 5 games Miami is in good shape at 3-2 c'mon folks with Henne we're likely 0-5 right now Tannehill has played well despite the o line being garbage.

shadow small vocab words please my Masters Degree is from a small not on the map University thanks professor.


This is the NFL where parity rules and there is not much of a difference between most teams and the difference between winning and losing is minimal, a game can easely turn on a bad tackle, a penalty or a missed assigment.

The Dolphins were IN THIS GAME TO THE END despite the fact that the offensive line had a terrible game and our offense over all was horrendous, David has a good point our offensive coordinator has shown zero creativity in the last two games, my god if our O Line is having so many problems how about rolling out Tannehill more or just get rid of the football quickly, screens etc..no imagination at all.

Our defense for the most part has been solid, those two pass interference penalties were phantom calls, over all we are not SB contenders but we are not the same old Dolphins either...

Thanks Jimbo for calling out the chicken little's...yup, the sky is not falling people..yet,hehe

11 wins FZB? Stop smoking crack.

Ireland has spent half a decade pouring resources into the Dolphins offensive line and somehow they get worse every year. Giving him an extension was a huge mistake. Tannehill is the ONLY thing he has gotten right and he is getting Tannehill killed by putting together such a sieve. I just hope they don't ruin Tannehill for life getting hit like this.

jimbo, baby, FZB..
i asked for more roll outs 2 weeks ago. i'm not saying the line is perfect, but i believe all of our issues, while real, (none of us said super bowl this year), are being completely exacerbated by the play calling.
forget "unimaginative", FZB. they ARE showing different formations.
i'm talking about passing constantly on 1st down.
about completing a big play to clay or wallace, then immediately throwing 3 more times in a row to a 3 and out (with some sacks), instead of ATTEMPTING a run.
how do they call ZERO running plays on that last drive before the botched field goal, when were were practically already in range?
we always throw, defenses are realizing it and daring us to beat them on the ground while sending everyone in to get tannehill.
lamar miller is AVERAGING almost 5 yards a carry.
and we haven't seen ONE GAME where he's gotten a running back's share. anyone who says we don't have a legitimate back after such a small sample size needs their head's examined. if anything, the sample size would suggest MORE RUNNING. not less..


Just so you know Ireland has had three drafts not six amigo , You are a typical Dolphins fan you just rather lay blame than look at the true facts, just to remind you there was this guy in charge named Parcells?

Of our current offensive line Ireland drafted Pouncey and J Martin and signed Clabo for just one year, Clabo has been bad, Martin has improved from last year but over all has been average at best and needs to greatly improve his core strength but has youth on his side and will be fine in time..Incognito and fat John Jerry are part of the old style under Sparano and don't fit our new zone blocking scheme, more than likely neither will be here next year.

SF is just killing the Texans..Matt Shaub a veteran QB with a very good offensive line hasn't been able to do anything and has thrown three INT's...

dbd (douche bag dave) lived up to his name with his typically lame analysis. 6 sacks today dbd, 6. that's 24 for the year. far and away the most in the nfl. sherman doesn't do the blocking douche bag. he just draws up the plays. if that nitwit ireland had addressed to OL as he should have, this would be a team that is competitive for the SB. as it is now, this a low level playoff team....maybe.

just to clue you in dbd, the reason the Fins did not run the ball on that last drive is the OL run blocking in this game was even worse than their pass blocking. in case you missed it, they averaged 2.0 yds per attempt today.

thanks for the laughs dbd, if nothing else you certainly are entertaining.

Here is Miami's primary problem guys, they give up more yards than they gain. And the deficit is huge. About 80 yards per game. As I wrote last week only two playoff teams last year were out gained by their opponents and the deficits were small (12 or 13 yds per game, not the 80yds per game deficit the Fish currently have).

Miami needs to tighten up the D and start learning to block on the OL. If not, this once promising season could turn to shit really fast.

"Here is Miami's primary problem guys, they give up more yards than they gain."

wow uncle tom. what expert analysis. and to think i left palmetto for boarding school when i could've stayed and been as insightful, angry, and wrong as you.
we're missing 3 starters on defense, you old fart.
and we still held the superbowl champs to TWO touchdowns, while giving up more in the way of field goals. the tackle you were screaming for ireland to take is currently ranked last in the league, genius, while misi and jordan, both ireland picks, had amazing games.

"sherman doesn't do the blocking douche bag. he just draws up the plays."
and if you READ my analyisis, you'd see that i was criticizing precisely THAT, tommy racist idiot.
you are a complete tool; read my analysis again. i addressed the yards per average. WITH ONLY 9 ATTEMPTS.
does it strike you as odd that baltimore had the SAME AVERAGE with MORE ATTEMPTS at half time, with a superbowl winning QB, and they still stuck to the run?
they aren't calling run plays, genius. run blocking is about repetition and rhythm; you commit to running and you DO IT, especially when it's a one score game.
tannehill didn't call 40 pass plays, you fool; sherman did.
have you ever even PLAYED football? or were you standing next to that fence on 77th ave with your jeans in a bunch, tears in your eyes watching george mira bag all that pinecrest tail?
no wonder you're so angry.
try sex.

Something that may be being overlooked is Tannehill's speed of release. Obviously, a young QB is not going to have the level of experience of say, someone like a Manning or Brady, who have seen practically everything a defense can throw at them. The ability to read situations correctly has a direct impact on the amount of time a QB makes his reads and holds on to the ball.

There is also the physical ability of having a "quick release." Marino was a poster boy for having that ability, as is Payton Manning. Is it any wonder then that Payton Manning has only been sacked five times?! You take smarts, couple it with experience, wrap it with decent protection and send it into motion with the proper offensive scheme and you have a winner.

Tannehill does not appear to me to have anything other than a normal release. He has not played enough to amass quick interpretations over defensive schemes, his line protection is new (zone blocking) and perhaps less than ideally put together and any help a big, talented TE was lost at the beginning of the season.

His league leading sacks status is not purely a simple, single - "fix the line" problem. Although that would surely help.

Realistically, creating a condition by which Tannehill will have more time (protection) to pass the ball seems immediately unrealistic. It's not likely that Ireland will find some big, talented, affordable, blocking genius who just happens to be currently working at Publix. Secondly, Tannehill's learning curve will have to occur at its own pace, and you can't teach quickness. One either has it or does not.

Which leaves the conundrum of how to maximize the chance whereby Tannehill actually survives the season. Well, as stated above, if Tannehill will not be provided the luxury of having more time to throw the ball, then the coaching staff HAS to find ways of having him hold on to the ball less time, without sacrificing efficiency. This may mean: more slants, more quick strikes, more passes to the TE.

For what it's worth, this is what I would be trying to sell to Philbin.

Finally, the other time-tested, proven way of preventing your opponents defense from clobbering your QB, is in having a credible running attack. Based on the offseason player personnel choices made, somehow, that appears now not to have been a priority.

Hey FZB,why don't you STFU,you idiot...just because someone posts a dissenting voice doesn't mean they are fair-weathered...it means we aren't happy to make excuses for the same lousy shit,year after year after year...I've been going to Phins game for 36 years...I was at the double OT Chargers playoff game when Strock almost brought us back...I was at the 85 Bears game where we preserved our record...Ive traveled all over the country to watch this team...I've had season tix for 20+ years...stop making presumptions about people you know nothing about...

You are the type of fan who is content with mediocrity...put your blinders on and ignore the harsh reality of a mid/low level team that is vanilla and has a retard for a GM who STILL hasn't addressed this O-line problem which is beyond horrendous...amongst a slew of other glaring problems...

I know you want to have your perfect little tree house club where your little core group can have your little circle jerks together...and if anyone comes in to your wittle tweehouse you get all over protective and start telling people they are fair weathered...you don't know jack shit about me and I have supported this team for decades...aren't you like 70 years old or something...grow up,man...it's just a stupid forum...douchebag...

OMG douche bag dave comes to the house once again with NOTHING!

hey dbd we have given up way more yards than we've gained in ALL but one game...Cleveland. Have we been missing 3, THREE, defensive starters the entire season? by the way, who were the 3 starters? wake started and played briefly, who else was missing yesterday? you don't read you just rant. let me help you dbd...

Yards per game above (+) below (-) opponent

CLV +16
INNY -50
ATL -78
NO -134
BALT -90

take out CLV and Miami is underwater by almost 90 yds per game. dbd those are the statistics of teams that almost always lose more than they win. but of course i wouldn't expect a boarding school alum, like you, to understand that.

and thanks for letting me know mom and dad sent you to boarding school. i knew you couldn't possibly have graduated from a great high school like Miami Palmetto High. Palmetto does not graduate functional illiterates. by the way mommy and daddy were rich enough to send you to boarding school (???????) but couldn't help out with the surgery you needed before obamacare came along? omg you are such a ffing liar.

well you were entertaining once again dbd. i laughed a lot. keep it coming. like i said, low hanging fruit is good to have around the blog. and YOU my misguided young friend are the lowest of low hanging fruit.

I know some of you (dbd in particular) hang on every word of Armando, well here's his headline this morning...

Ryan Tannehill a sitting duck behind atrocious Miami Dolphins offensive line


let me repeat the relevant part of that headline....


Spot on analysis by ARMANDO....

With the score tied and the Dolphins holding momentum and the football Sunday, Terrell Suggs began one of Miami’s final possessions by actually grabbing left tackle Jonathan Martin by the shoulders, carrying the 300-pound man back into Ryan Tannehill’s face, and while still holding on to Martin, tackling Tannehill for a sack.

And two plays later, Suggs moved over to the right side and pushed Dolphins right tackle Tyson Clabo aside as if swatting a fly before collapsing Tannehill for another sack.

A drive that began hopefully at the Dolphins’ 26 yard line, was a wreck at the 16 when Suggs finished his work. And when the Ravens used the field position gained in part by those sacks to drive for a field goal that would win this game, you saw how offensive line play matters.

Ravens 26. Dolphins 23.

And, yes, this loss is on the offensive line.

Oh, it’s not on the offensive line merely because of that embarrassing snapshot Suggs took late in this game. It’s on the offensive line because this group was bad all day.

And last week.

And the week before that.

And in the season-opener.


All right guys,

ITS OBVIOUS we have major issues at offensive line and is also obvious there is nothing we can do right now to fix it and is also makes no sense to even complain about it, like old Nick Saban always says..it is what it is..

But here is a solution for the rest of the year...

Start Nate Gardner at RG , bench Clabo and move fat John Jerry to RT....I believe fat John Jerry is a better tackle than guard...


When the Phins really compete and are healthy and only give up a reasonable sack or two.....fans aren t so upset.(With a loss).However when even Pouncey calls out (last week) his own O line and they still give up even more than last week s 5 sacks....it s beyond disheartening.It pisses fans off big-time.I hate all these "so-called" great fans who in their own frustration continue to call out fans in general as being fair-weather fans.Who the crap cares....or who s business is it for YOU to call them out as what YOU think they are/or should be in your eyes????Fans are fans and they can be whatever they want to be.THAT s got NOTHING to do with how they see the team or how the team plays.Everyone and anyone has the same voice as anyone else.Too funny that some fans think they re the "best fans",elite fans or whatever.It s so frickin stupid.

Well gents I didn't jump on Fins bandwagon this week and they still lost albeit not as badly as a**whoopin' Taints put on them. Stated differently it taint JUST me, myself and I causing Fins to lose...

tannehill must scramble out of the o line when he has to,he is not doing that,fire the quarterback coach now!

FZ I'll give you from a certain point of view it makes no sense to rag on Miamis O-Line woes and yet from a slightly different perspective it makes all the sense in the world. Jeffey et al should never have gone into this season without trying DAMN HARD to address it PRIOR TO the stasrt of this season...

start of this season yeah...

Roid rage-

Again very appropriate the biggest keyboard commando here so because you travel you know more about football than anyone?

I guess you are like the guy in the Dos Equis commercial The Most Interesting Man In The World congratulations you should hear yourself too funny!


richie incognito a "straight ahead run blocker"?mauler? the guy is sooooo bad and the worst looking guy in a uniform that i have ever seen. looking at brynat mckinnie for help? maybe they need a saxophone in the clubhouse band. he is old, lousy and a psycho.
i do believe the post that said that jonathan martin was having a better year than jake long.

I think Ross should give Ireland a 2 year contract extension......OOOOPS, that was already done before the season started. The misery continues.

Tom nice pick of Martin on his a** trying to pass block with only his hands...

Big Baby,

good guy that you are, nothing personal ever slung at you; just that in my way to a BA in history i took logic and also went t a yeshiva where they taught the learning of the Talmud via syllogisms. now, back to reality- mike sherman hates to run (heard that from a radio analyst) and running nine times in an entire game is suicidal!! no matter how football has morphed into the passing mode, the decent and above teams still run as noted in the post above. like a jab in boxing- you don't have to hurt the opponent with it (although the number of jabs will eventually take its toll), but it keeps the other fellow in the ring at a distance. running nine times is asking the other team to go full bore for the QB, and with a dolphin-like O-line that is trouble. be well


logic tells me that being one game behind in the AFC East right now is a good thing Patriots upcoming opponents are a combined 29-23 the Dolphins opponents are a combined 22-28. Heard Brady on the radio this morning he sounded like a beaten man who knows he's been dealt a bad hand on offense this year Miami will be in it to the end.

shadow if they could protect the passer they wouldn't need to run this would be a dangerous offense if the oline wasn't historically bad they win that game yesterday running game or no running game with decent pass protection.

We knew about Hartline but Brandon Gibson is having a very good year for Miami very reliable player Wallace did some good things too but the drops have to stop now that includes everyone can't believe they didn't at least tie the game at the end bad break.

A better running game may have helped though Dummervil and Suggs are a tough tandem you be well also.

shadow This team makes me pine for Marino "running teams" LOL

shadow, how's this for a bit of syllogisms?

The Dolphins' pass protection sucks. Richie Incognito pass protects. Richie Incognito sucks.

The Dolphins' running attack sucks. Daniel Thomas runs for the Dolphins. Daniel Thomas sucks.

Somebody please explain how a professional football team attempts just 11 runs and gets a total of 22 yards for a game. Anyone?...Any rationale?...Any thoughts?...

♬ Where have you gone, Larry Czonka, A Dolphins nation turns it's lonely eyes to you (Woo, woo, woo)... What's that you say Mr. Ross, Joltin Zonk has left and gone away (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) ♬

"Somebody please explain how a professional football team attempts just 11 runs and gets a total of 22 yards for a game. Anyone?...Any rationale?...Any thoughts?..."

hey tommyboy? guess i'm not the only one singing that song. lol.. maybe OC is a functional illiterate too?
i didn't realize i NEEDED surgery until i had insurance that enabled me to discover i had the Fing problem in the 1st place, you nitwit.
and yes we have more money, and apparently more brains, (although that isn't saying much), than you, idiot.. lol

"All in the context of resonable expectations" greg would like you to consider when voting.

Judging by the voting that idea has been dismissed along with all reason did any team in the league have a more difficult schedule than Miami did through 5 games I doubt it.


OMG douche bag dave you can't even remember your own lies. You said you couldn't get insurance until ObamaCare because of a pre-existing condition. Now your lie is you didn't find out of the condition until you had insurance. Well since the ObamaCare insurance is not even in effect getting insurance for you had nothing to do with ObamaCare.

At the end of the day, it is clear for all to see that you amre a serial prevaricator and the blogs biggest douche bag .

Keep it coming dbd I love low hanging fruit. Easy pickens .

Being a believer is one thing.......But to follow Jim Jones to Guyana is another......

So by that logic OC....Being a Fins fan is one thing, but to follow or believe in Ross & Ireland is a WHOLE OTHER SET OF SHEEPLE!!!

Nope Tannehill looks really good and that is all that matters his accuracy has improved he makes plays on the run and has shown to be effective running a hurry up offense. Very optimistic still should we clean up the mess on the oline he can't do it all by himself.

I don't know that this signals a reason to panic. We are talking about losing to last year's SB champs and quite possibly, this year's. Now, if this trend in the lack of protecting Tannehill continues, AND if Tannehill gets injured as a byproduct of that, then, yes. Absolutely.

I still think they finish 9-7, and sneak into the playoffs, on the strength (lack thereof) which comprise the AFC. Come on. There are only six teams in all of football that have a better record, and they've beat one of those at their home.

Are they to be feared? Probably not. Will they make it into the SB? doubtful. Should Dolfans feel exuberant? Based on soooooo many disappointing, year-in-year-out seasons depends on one's patience.

No question that they are headed in the right direction. The question should be whether one is happy going 90 mph or 20 mph in that direction.

I'm pretty satisfied with the Dolphins right now. They have played a brutal first 5 games. Two wins on the road against two quality teams, and a come from behind win against another quality team at home. They had as much chance on Monday night as if they played Denver. Yesterday's game was a tough loss but they competed till the end and made up a 10 point fourth quarter deficit. What more do you want? The kid had a chance to tie the defending Superbowl champs with a 57 yarder, if he made it it would have been news, missing a 57 yarder is normal.

Tannehill has played great given what he has to work with. The defense has played great even though they have lost several key players. Even with the offensive line problems they're scoring the ball. Yes we all wish that they could play like Denver but that's not going to happen. Frankly, you have to be pretty happy if you're a Dolphins fan with what you've seen in the past five games. Now we get a much needed bye and a softer part of the schedule. Are they going to the Super Bowl? No. Are they going to win the division? No. Have they played much better than last year and have a shot, granted an outside shot of making the playoffs? Yes.

Give them a break, boys.

This is no place for rational discussion OC. Feared not yet but listen to the other teams and coaches talk about Miami and it is clear that the attitude and mindset of this team has changed for the better under Joe Philbin. Miami is fast becoming a team no one wants to or likes to play. Getting Wake and Patterson back will do wonders for this team.


Miami is definitely better. The problem is if we didn't have such a knucklehead GM we could be VERY GOOD. Even a retard could see we needed OL help before the season started. Unfortunately our GM is not that talented. As it is we are once again a middle of the road team treading water.

This is not a middle of the road team Tom they are more talented than that I think.

BB they could be better than middle of the road if our nitwit GM took care of the OL like he should have.

Woodcock with a definitive no regarding winning the division he must have missed the 18 for 38 Brady put up yesterday and the 95 points through 5 games they have put up this season. I know they are missing a few players but they were utterly dominated and they will lose next week against New Orleans it's game on for the division the rest of the way trust me fellers.

Joe D today's game doesn't need O-lines or runningbacks just potential pass catchers. I know I don't get this new fangled game either...

haha regarding ZONK, Pretty much OC pretty much...

Are you sure it's not dukey Howitzer?

Mr. Woodcock I would like an O-line and a running game to go with Dolphins other assests. Petty I know...

Also I would like this progressive organicity to cease and desist before it brings down my other ASSETS...

OC, Howitzer was a hell of a gun. Jimbo I just ammended my list of WW-II toys to include a Howitzer which I will keep in whatever room in which I am sitting in case of home invasion...

sucks for you dukey. You're in one of those wuss, mambi-pampi, gun control states.

Too late dukester the 47%ers who pay ZERO income tax (like our friend dbd) have taken over. Unfortunately there are more consumers than producers in our country. We're doomed.

Throw away running backs and bring in more wide receivers Coach...

Damn straight. You go directly to jail even if you only shoot yerself in the leg OC. Tough, tough state on GUN LIBERTY...

Man this state even ran Paul Kersey out of town...

If everone is armed crime immediately drops SIGNIFICANTLY...

Predators have more difficult time discerning easy pickins...

Really how many predators would really want to tangle with my trusty Sturmgewehr. Jimbo? Not a whole lot is my contention...

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