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September 19, 2013

Dolphins/NFL Week 3 predix; plus Tannehill's climb, Wade/Leno video, Yo Vinnie! The new Panthers, Canes trail by 60, your verdict on me & more

1) It is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. Today I am at Random Evidence Laboratories birthing the Sunday notes-column package. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Me-on-Le Batard-show poll, NFL Pix 'n Fantasy, Dolphins ranking, prep pipeline to pros, latest SOPY rankings & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Updated Super Bowl odds: From Bovada entering NFL Week 3, we see Broncos (4-1) and Seahawks (11-2) separating themselves, with 49ers now third at 8-1. Dolphins title odds have improved to 33-1, from 40-1.

1aa1dolqbRyan Tannehill's increasing challenges: Beating Brandon Weeden's Browns was nothing. Beating Andrew Luck's Colts was bigger. Now, with the Falcons on deck and then the Saints, QB Ryan Tannheill has a chance to establish himself further while also chasing away two old Dolphins ghosts. Matt Ryan and Drew Brees were the two guys Miami could have had. Now Tannehill faces both for the first time, back to back. Click on Tannehill's Climb for my column.

UPSET BIRD DAY: WEEK 3 PREDIX FOR DOLPHINS, NFL: The Dolphins will raise smiles in Sunday's home 1aacote2opener by beating Atlanta, presuming Tannehill (sore shoulder) is good to go. This feels like an upset but isn't. But this is: Pittsburgh over Chicago in my "Aawwk!" Click on Week 3 Gems for the details and full prediction capsules on these and all NFL games. And click on Building A Home-Field Advantage for my Friday Page column on the Dolphins' attempts to make home games special again. I blew last night's game. Had Eagles covering but they got run over by Andy Reid.

WADE ON LENO TALKS TITLE, GABRIELLE, LEBRON WEDDING: Heat's Dwyane Wade on Jay Leno last 1aa1dwlenonight (click HERE for the video) talked about the repeat championship, about fatherhood, and (without much info) about attending LeBron's wedding. Most interesting was his admitting he and girlfriend/actress Gabrielle Union "kind of took a step back" in their relationshiop but have gotten back together and, "We're going strong now." Leno never would have asked about that without Wade approving or perhaps even suggesting it, so it tells you Dwyane wanted it out there.

YO, VINNIE! NHL PANTHERS CHANGING OWNERS: Interesting dynamic with our four major pro-sports owners down here. Heat's Micky Arison, Dolphins' Steve Ross and Marlins' Jeffrey Loria all are very high 1aa1catsownerprofile -- Arison for success, Loria for notoriety and Ross somewhere in between. The hockey Panthers' various owners have barely had any local Q rating at all. I'd like to help change that with the Cats' pending new owner, Vinnie Viola, because I love his name. Vinnie is pictured. (Oh come on, play along!) I think a team with an owner named Vinnie Viola should adopt a "family" atmosphere. I suggest a Machine Gun Night, although, for propriety's sake, no bullets, please. Red Wings fans threw octupi on the ice; Cats fans could throw horse's heads. The new marketing theme: "Buy Season Tickets ... Or Else!" I like Florida's chances to get back in the playoffs under this new owner, especially because the opposing teams' leading scorer and goalie keep mysteriously incurring broken limbs just before the puck drops. [Note: The preceding exploits ethnic stereotypes and therefore may be in poor taste. The good news? It's no worse than when I did something similar when the Dolphins hired Tony Sparano].

BETTING CANES THIS WEEK? UM TRAILS BY 60 POINTS AT KICKOFF. YES, 60!: The little Savannah State Tigers have a habit of giving up tons of points. They mustn't recruit defensive players. They have already 1aa1savstgiven up 77 and 66 in games this season. Oklahoma State rang up 84 on 'em last year. So Saturday's game at Miami finds the line galloping from an opening 55 points to a current 60 -- third-biggest college line ever, says Pregame.com. The game is mostly off the board, meaning no bets at major Las Vegas sports books. But where you do find it playable, UM is giving more than eight TDs. Wagering rule of 1aa1mahjonggthumb: Take the 60 points, take any opponent getting 60, I don't care if it's my mother's Mah Jongg group (pictured). Aside to NCAA: Big programs should be allowed their cupcake or two, sure, but mismatches of this degree embarrass the sport. On a brighter note, things look up for Savannah State after UM. In their next game they are only an early 11-point underog to mom's Mah Jongg ladies.

Poll result: You love me! Well, OK, you sort of like me...: I asked in the previous blogpost if you thought I should continue as a part of the Le Batard radio show when it goes national. Extracting the 13.6 percent who don't listen, my rating was running about 4-to-1 favorable, with 69.6% saying yes (enjoy my appearances) and 16.8% saying no (think I'm not very good at radio). Thanks to all!

KERR DOUBTS HEAT: Analyst Steve Kerr predicts Miami will not win a third straight NBA championship, 1aa1kerrswhich might merit points for boldness except that hardly anybody wins three straight titles. Kerr, of course, is most noted for spending his NBA career riding Michael Jordan's coattails and devaluing the championship ring by having five of them (3 Bulls, 2 Spurs) but being an incidental passenger on all of them. If Kerr's current voice were commensurate with his playing career he would not be allowed to have opinions, let alone share them aloud.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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First in the house.

Who cares what Steve Kerr thinks? He's irrelevant.

I was just thinking it would be nice to have Brandon Marshall and Jake Long still on our team. Could you imagine Wallace on one side, Marshall on the other and Hartline in the slot. OMG what a WR group that would be.

Sad thing is our feckless GM Ireland got nothing for Jake and Dion Sims, Michael Egnew, Will Davis and some guy no longer with us for Marshall. Sims, Egnew and Davis are backups. Yathunk we would be SB contenders with those guys on our team? Sad thing is Miami has the cap space for both and needs both especially Jake.

Like I have been saying, Ireland might luck into a good situation here but it really will be luck. The guy is an idiot.

A Panthers season ticket holder bashing Ireland there is some irony in that.

Tom, hate to burst your bubble but had we kept Long, we could not have signed Wallace because of the cap would not allow use to. As for Marshall my misinformed friend, there simply would not be enough footballs to keep bot Marshall and Wallace satisfied. Wallace has already made an issue about the number of targets thrown his way. Could you imagine him and Marshall agruing about who is targeted the most. Aside from that Philbin is the one who made the decision he didn't want a lockerroom distraction like Marshall not Ireland. And you are absolutely wrong about the cap space for all 3 player, and wrong about cap space of Wallace and Marshall.

jmike you're wrong on both accounts. Go take a look at how much we have left under the cap. We have more than enough for Jake with the existing lineup.

Let's examine Marshall. They got rid of him BEFORE we were even thinking of Wallace. Philbin made the decision?.........hahahahahahaha. As for Marshall being a distraction......Wallace was a distraction in Pitt and that did not stop Ireland from signing him. That's all BS nonsense.

At the end of the day if you want to win you need playmakers and the FACT is we gave away two great playmakers, one for NOTHING and the other for way less than market value. And BOTH of them would fit in perfectly.

You're just another apologist for one of the worst GMs in the league.

well now, it sure looks like T-Hill is getting some national attention now, good to see.

Tom, for the record..jmike is correct, Philbin didn't want Marshall around specially with a rookie QB (Tannehill) and requested that Marshall be traded, trust me on that information, is true.

and Jake Long is not a play maker amigo, while he is playing ok for now, his body has been braking down the last few yrs and he is not the same player, the Dolphins where correct in not giving him a big contract.

so the Fla Panthers have a new owner, what's hockey?

sorry BB...


For the record he's not even close to being correct. Come on use your common sense. Do you really believe if Ireland wanted to keep Marshall that he would be gone? Seriously? Ireland the guy who convinced Ross to keep him as GM and pass on Harbaugh as coach and GM. Seriously?

The both of you are so naive.

As far as Jake Long is concerned PFF disagrees with you. They have him rated as one of the best tackles in the NFL this year. Moreover, St Louis has yet to yield a sack this year. Which no matter how you look at it is way better than the 9 sacks allowed by our offensive offensive line. And even if they wanted to get rid of him because of contract Ireland should have traded him the year before to get something for him rather the nothing.

Miami OL

9 sacks....second worst in the NFL
2.4 yds per carry rushing....second worst in the NFL

Seriously FZB MIA could use you or me on the OL and they would be better.

Harbaugh played Ross/Ireland and the Dolphins to get a better deal with SF, the Dolphins didn't pass on him since they never made him an offer and he told MIami he was not interested, it never got that serious, that is a fact.

I do agree with you that we have to do a better job of protecting Tannehill and running the ball, fat John Jerry and Clabo will not be with the team next year, they are not that good and don't fit the zone blocking scheme the Dolphins use.

the O LIne should do better on sunday, they are more familiar with each other and the Falcons D-Line is not that good..

You believe what you want to believe FZB. You're like a Democrat. You believe all Ireland's and Ross's bullshit just like Democrats hang on every word of the Obambulator. Fact is, Ross refused to give Harbaugh the control he wanted so he never considered the offer. Those are the facts and that are not subject to dispute. You can have your own opinion but not your own facts.


like I said, you don't have to believe me at all but the reason why Ross kept Ireland was because he talked to people in the organization and outside of the organization and found out Parcells made all the decisions on personell for the 2008,2009 and 2010 season in many cases going against the recommendation of Ireland.

Ireland is viewed around the NFL has a good talent evaluator, Ross made the right call, Parcells did nothing while he was here, just look at his drafts and free agents signings compared to Ireland, its not even close.

Ross wanted to replace Sparano with Harbaugh but it never got serious enough to exchange proposals, by the way Harbaugh is not in charge of personnel in SF, its Trent Baalke, now Harbaugh does have imput (just like Philbin here) but Baalke is the one that makes the final decision.

one more thing, the guy that built the SF 49'res is John Schneider who is now in Seattle with Pete Carroll and has already built a power house team there.

what you don't get is that it takes more than two or three years to build a great team in the NFL and even if you have a great team you still have holes, no team is perfect...when Ireland was left in charge his first year he was drafting for a power football philosophy under Sparano and the next year with Philbin he had to draft for the west coast offense, not easy amigo..


FZB said "no team is perfect."
Not so fast my friend, the Perfect Season!
Seriously, I know where you're coming from, and in today's NFL, just about everyone is beatable, unless you're up against J-Ville.

Tom, I understand your point, but Long is ALWAYS rated a top 6 tackle UNTIL about game 8, when he breaks down. Hopefully, you'll post up here and admit you were hasty about calling along a "playmaker."
I promise, if Long is playing at a high level game 14, I'll do the same.

Regarding the 9 sacks, IMO at least 2 against the colts, and 1 against the browns were Tanny not getting the ball out, either to a receiver, or throwing it away.
One play Sunday, he must have had 10seconds.
What's positive, is the 2nd half Tanny started stepping up in to the pocket, as did Marino, and all the good ones. sometimes, I think he drops too deep, making him susceptible tom an outside rush. We're more solid in the middle of our O-Line, I believe.


Good point , I stand corrected...the 72 Dolphins were and still are perfectos...

Ross is the owner and Ireland is his GM. I hope both stay around for a long time. Tired of fans who keep complaining about Ireland. Who TF you think put and signed this defense, the Dolphin mascot? As far as Jake Long goes, I have zero problems with that. He has broken down and has had multiple injuries the last two years. He won't finish this season either. The Fins are well on there way to a very good season barring any devastating injuries. Ross realizes the good teams are patient and don't go changing philosophies and GM's every three years. If someone wants instant gratification I suggest Porn Hub. Leave the football to the experts.

It's looking like D. Patterson (who we clearly missed last week), P. Soliai, and C. Clemons aren't playing on Sunday rest that shoulder Ryan we may need to score some points.

FZ no prob bro if I was born in Cuba I wouldn't care about hockey either.

FZB: "...what you don't get is that it takes more than two or three years to build a great team in the NFL"


How about San Francisco? They went from 6-10 to 13-3 in one year after hiring Harbaugh. Or Seattle? They went from 5-11 to 11-5 in 3 years after hiring Carroll. Or New Orleans? They went from 3-13 to 10-6 in one year after hiring Payton. Or Atlanta? They went from 4-12 to 11-5 in one year after hiring Mike Smith.

Each of these teams hired new coaches and GMs and went from major loser to bigtime winner in 3 years or less. SO IT CAN BE DONE, JUST NOT BY OUR LOSER GM!

My gawd FZB you sound more and more like Obama every day. Obama blames everything on Bush, you blame it all on Parcells. Obama says be patient it takes time for the economy to recover, you say be patient it takes time for Ireland to develop a winner.

Know what I say, YOU'RE FULL OF #%^&! A quality GM would of had us winning long before now.

FZ, I think Tommy Boy just insulted you by calling you a "OBAMA"........
Tom, Please refrain from these Insults..

Good Lord Guys I see Cote has picked the fins to win....
OHHHHH Well 2 and 1 is better then 0 and 3.....

tom, you sound like an idiot. an angry, yet ignorant idiot.
the GM and coach need to work in tandem; that is finally happening this year. ireland is in his 3rd year and philbin is in his 2nd. once again, if you think ANYONE BUT PARCELLS was calling the shots while he was cashing his checks here you know nothing about the man.
as for the sacks, you can place a few on the running backs missing their blocking assignments as well as a few on tannehill keeping the ball a bit longer than he should.
put you and FZB on the line? great. miller and thomas and the receivers still miss their blocking assignments.
speaking of receivers, i don't recall wallace's diva attitude including domestic violence issues and personality disorders. once again, comparing those 2 makes you look really thin upstairs.
the irrefutable facts are this team has improved tremendously. is there room for improvement?
of course there is. and i'd rather be 2-0 and improving than where we usually are.
this team is moving the ball, playing lights out defense, and doing it with almost no penalties.
they're playing with discipline and they're exciting to watch. oh... and they haven't lost yet!
and for the love of god stop bringing up politics. no one blindly follows anyone. except idiot republicans like you just going against whatever the black, i mean, whatever the president says.

Yeah Tom,

Like Anti says, no reason to insult me like that, and listen to David, he knows what's up with the Dolphins....

On the other hand, Cote picked us to win so we are fack for sure.

I wish I was in havai....but looking at ass and tatas not nebulas...

(the real) david in los angeles being called an "ignorant idiot" by anyone but you would seriously offend me. however, from you i take it as a the highest form of flattery. you could not have paid me a higher compliment. for you see my young friend, the information in the message is unalterably linked to quality and character messenger himself....you.

FZB my good friend, I'm sorry. Likening you to Obama was a low blow. I apologize. To make up here are tata$ for your pleasure.


About as low as it gets....likening anyone to Obombo! Well maybe likening one to Kerry or Hillary is a bit lower!


mama mia !!!!!!!

I accept your apologies and the tatas you posted.

hey, Where is everybody?

is it me or am I the only one on the blog today..

wait, or maybe I'm the only person alive in the world.

no, no, or maybe I'm in another dimension.

or maybe , and this is the last possibility, I'm just going a little mad.

you can question my "quality" and "character" because i think you're a political cretin all you want.
i could care less.
you'll be dead by the time the facts come in, so once again, bringing up politics on this blog serves no purpose.
that being said, i know more about football than you do, as evidenced by your neophyte posts. and THAT will be easily proved by the end of this year.
once again, leave politics out of it, old man.
and watch this team win 11 games, the AFC east with a 2nd round exit, one more draft and free agency period, then a superbowl appearance 30 years to the day of their last, with the same opponent NEXT year.

hey FZB? you'd think the haters would be happy to be proved wrong.. what's more important to them, being right about their ridiculous opinions of our amazing GM, or the success of our beloved dolphins?
and what will they say next week after we hand matt ryan is a@#?

right on David,

the Dolphins are indeed an up and coming team and you're right, most people are blinded by the fact that Ireland has been here for six years and automatically blame him for every bad move made by the tuna, its like the guy was never here.

do they actually think that any owner or any head of any corporation would pay someone 4 million per year and don't expect them to make ALL decisions?..child please.

the Dolphins are not a SB contender yet, they have holes in the O Line and TE etc but they have the two most important pieces, a head coach and a franchise QB, as we move forward am sure Ross will resign Ireland and we'll be on our way..

ps-I'm sure most Dolphin fans would rather be happy they where wrong about Ireland than want the Dolphins to lose just because they hate the guy..

FZB we all go alittle mad sometimes...

Have a good weekend everyone go Fins!

Wassup, Dave. Your politics might be focked up, might be 'cause sometimes you actually sound quite intelligent to have voted for Buckwheat, but I like your attitude about the Fish.

Go Dolphins.

Intelligence doesn't mean anything look at The liberal University system and all of the crackpots working there (sorry shadow).

All right muchachos,

Looks like both the Dolphins and the Falcons have all kinds of injury issues but I think the dirty birds are worse, I still see a Dolphins win...keeping my fingers crossed.

Is this the game our pass protection shows up?.. It better be.

"Intelligence doesn't mean anything"..
it's funny how only the people WITHOUT it have the temerity and ignorance to suggest something so preposterous.
only someone who thinks the miami heat were one and done would write something so ridiculous..
go dolphins!

FZB, you hit a good point on your last post. Falcons have some issues, average D, questionable pass protecting O line. Throw in their monster RB Stephan Jackson is out, both stud WR's are hurt (but will play)& listed as questionable helps Miami win at home. Dolphins are getting thinner at DB's with Patterson out, Clemens questionable & both rookie CB's not 100% will give Ryan big opportunities with TE Hernandez. Soliai is out this game and possibly next week against New Orleans.

Keys to Miami winning are. Tannehill protects the ball, O line improves in both pass protection & opening running lanes, D brings constant pressure, DB's don't give the big plays & convert 2 or more turnovers. Limit Gonzalez to 60 yds & 1 TD.

IMO - Miami wins a close game 31 - 24.

NOTE - Fins K Sturgis was worth the 5th round pick. That guy appears to nail everything inside 60 yards. Sturgis nailed a 58 yarder in preseason & last week hit the 49 yd FG twice considering Indy called the time out to play with his head.

No matter how well (IF) Fins manhandle (possible) Falcons, I don't feel Miami will match up very good next week in New Orleans vs Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham. If Miami can start at 3-1, I would say this team has a great shot at post season play.

Thanks Jimbo..

Are you guys aware that Tannehill is the best rated passer in the AFC east?... Yup, ahead of you know who.

Off to take grandson number one to T-Ball ...later


If MIA starts 3-1 I think they're a lock for the playoffs. Very soft 2nd half schedule. The next three games and the Cincinnati game are big. Three of the four games are played in JRS. I would have NEVER thought MIA could beat ATL, but they definitely have a very good shot. And I think they have a good shot with BALT and CINC.

The key.......THE OL.........THE OL.........THE OL!

Go Fish!

I thought going in Miami had a very decent shot to win the game based on talent and relative good health.However...seems like it was a rough practice week in Dolphinland and with Wallace slowed down and Miami s secondary......I m now wondering if they can now even compete with Atlanta.Talent match up would have been great to see but Miami s injuries have soared quickly.If Miami s front seven don t pressure Ryan relentlessly .......seems it will be a long day for the Dolphins.Hope I m wrong.GO FINS.

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