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September 30, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 58.2%; plus Miami falls to 3-1 at Saints, 38-17; Heat media day, Lebby goes natty & more

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G4: 58.2%: Results are certified in the latest of our Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame polls, and they show 58.2 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Monday night's 38-17 loss at New Orleans putting Miami's season 1aa1dsmrecord at 3-1. This actually is a fairly high overall number following a loss, and includes a plurality of 39.4% calling themselves "somewhat" satisfied. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9:15 a.m. today/Wednesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% satisfaction (20.3 very, 66.2 somewhat) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% satisfaction (71.9 very, 26.9 somewhat) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% satisfaction (78.2 very, 20.8 somewhat) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% satisfaction (18.8 very, 58.2 somewhat) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

Next poll: Oct. 6 following game vs. Baltimore.

G4: DOLPHINS @ NEW ORLEANS: ARE THEY READY-FOR-PRIME-TIME PLAYERS?: Final: Big pic? Can't get too down. Miami is 3-1 at the quarter turn after a road loss to a very good team. Defensive injuries hurt Dolphins tonight, though not as much as four turnovers hurt -- all by Ryan Tannehill. Problem areas beyond the turnovers: Brees made the MIA pass D look just awful. Mike Wallace had his third quiet game in four. And the Dolphins O-line/pass protection continues in serious need of major, immediate improvement. ..... 4Q: Tanny arm hit at release, causing 3rd INT, 4th tunover. Done. ... Too little too late but MIA finally gets a defensive takeaway inside own 10 when Jimmy Wilson strips Sproles of ball. ... Tannehill suffers 2nd INT, 3rd turnover. Fork time. ... Fleur de Lis up 38-17 after a 29-yard FG. Time for Dandy Don Meredith to start singing from the grave. (How creepy would that be!?) ... MIA within 35-17 on Charles Clay 3-yard TD pass from Tannhill. Still need a miracle. ..... 3Q: Cajuns miss FG try! Something goes right for Dolphins! ... OK this is getting embarrassing. Brees' 4th TD pass is 43-yarder to Graham. Chris Clemons didn't have a chance. ... Brees' 3rd TD pass is a 4-yard flip to Ben Watson and Cajuns are in charge at 28-10. Miami needs some deep shots on O and sudden answers on pass-D or this one is done. ..... Half: Two things are killing Miami at the half: Turnovers, both by Tannehill, each have led to Saints points. And Darren Sproles' 7 catches for 114 yards have victimized Miami's defense. Tanny's numbers are fine -- 9-for-13 for 128 yards -- but his INT and lost fumble are the difference. ..... 2Q: NO up 21-10 in final minute of half on Sproles 13-yard scoring catch on 3rd-and-11, thanks to a Nolan Carroll failed gamble on D. More points off turnovers. ... Tanny picked off late in half, his second turnover of game. That's the difference so far. ... Dolphs within 14-10 on Lamar Miller 5-yard scoring jaunt. Marcus Thigpen 50-yard catch and run sets it up. ... N'Awlins up 14-3 on 27-yard Brees strike to ex-Cane Jimmy Graham. Rookie Jamar Taylor with decent coverage, but Graham too tall and the pass too perfect. That's points off a turnover, which Miami absolutely cannot afford tonight. (Also can't give up first down on a 3rd-and-20).  ... Tannehill fumbles, turns ball over on run, ending drive into Saints territory. ...... 1Q: I must say, a fairly encouraging first Q. ... Might have liked to have seen MIA go for there on 4th-and-1 from own 45. Like Jon Gruden said, you're probably going to need to score 30 to be in this game. ... Miami within 7-3 on 34-yard Caleb Sturgis FG but disappointing because Dolphs eschewed a QB sneak on 3rd and inches. You don't hand off six yards deep in that situation. ... Impressive Saints opening drive for 7-0 lead on 4-yard Darren Sprol draw-play TD run. That was the series you worried about if you worried Drew Brees might have a big night. ..... Original post: Miami 3-0 for the first time since 2002 and aiming for its first 4-0 breakout since '95. Drew Brees' Saints also 3-0. The 1aa1dol4 1aa1dolsaintsMonday night stage and the nation watching. Oh my. Easy theme in the Big Easy: Are the Dolphins ready? Are the Dolphins ready at long last to fit this stage and be national players again? We'll see. For now, oh yes, I believe we are ready for some football, thank you! Excitement aside, I'm afraid Dolfans should perhaps be worried tonight. Brees is awfully tough to beat at home and tougher to hold under 300 yards, and Jimmy Graham has the skills to exploit Miami's tendency to struggle against top tight ends. It isn't that I doubt the Dolphins; I think they're a playoff team. It's that Brees at home on a Monday night is a tall, tall order. My pick: Saints, 34-20.

1aa1danrunDAN MARINO'S LEGS: To my attention came this story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about this, the 35th anniversary of Dan Marino's senior season at the city's Central Catholic High. The point of the piece is what a great runner Marino was in high-school, surprising since he never was with the Dolphins during his Hall of Fame career. Marino fans may enjoy the story. Here is a photo of the prep Marino on a TD run -- all the more remarkable because he appears to be missing a foot.


IT WAS A MAJOR, MANIC, MONSTROUS, MARVELOUS MONDAY IN MIAMI!: (Man, I love alliteration!) It wasn't just the Dolphins last night. Two pretty big South Florida events happened earlier in the day...

1aa1heatmediadayThe Heat's road to a three-peat begins now: The double-champion Miami Heat reconvened in the bayside arena for the first time since the place still had the sweet stink of champagne and confetti on the floor. It was Media Day as the team ceremonially christened the 2013-14 season before jetting off to the Bahamas for a four-day training camp. The highlight: "I want to be the greatest of all-time," said LeBron James -- more directly than ever. Click on Defeating Doubt for my column off Media Day.

1aa1danradioLe Batard goes national: The Dan Le Batard Show on 790 and 104.3 The Ticket went national on ESPN Radio starting yesterday at 4 p.m. The show was canceled at 5:45. OH I'M JUST KIDDING, RELAX! The show was not canceled and will be a big hit despite my occasional on-air involvement. If you heard the national debut, what'd y'all think? Congrats to our buddy Dan!

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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5 to odds are that Cote wont be in New Orleans but be at Bayside to continue his Man crush with Lebron.....
Cote is your wife jealous????

Mickey Arison is losing it. I see that Carnival has named a new CEO in response to the chit cruise and other not to pleasant recent episodes.

Memo to Mick, bro, you put the brothers on the Heat not on the boats......Hell, this guy probably can't even swim.

Haven't been 4-0 since 95' the year Marino battled it out with Bledsoe in that memorable opening game wow that's eons ago.

Not having D. Patterson hurts J. Wilson and N. Carrol better be ready glad to hear C. Clemons should be playing that's big.

Win or lose Miami is back on the right track with a national game people are talking about and headed for a winning season good times all around go Fins!

Haven't been 4-0 since 95' the year Marino battled it out with Bledsoe in that memorable opening game wow that's eons ago.

Not having D. Patterson hurts J. Wilson and N. Carrol better be ready glad to hear C. Clemons should be playing that's big.

Win or lose Miami is back on the right track with a national game people are talking about and headed for a winning season good times all around.

Mike Wallace needs to have a big homecoming for the team to win I think and limit turnovers.

Key To the game is to Score more points then the Saints...
Do That and they should win....HEHE

I am apparently redundant.

that's profound Anti, very profound...

big Baby- You are still not 4-0 yet. Lets not put the cart before the horse.

I was just summarizing what Cote had written I added in the part about Mariono versus Bledsoe remember that game?

I think both QB's threw for close to 500 yards that day Irving Fryar had us a day too what a game that was.

Good guys won of course.


You and your fellow Pats fans best be concerned. Looks like your man-mountain in the middle is out for the remainder of the year with a torn achilles. With only an undrafted rookie and a walk-on as backup, the next film clip you'll see is every team sending runners up the middle.

Mr. Woodcock, I think he found his CEO after he finished pumping your mom. She begged him to keep swimming in her canyon.

My heart says the Dolphins lose a close one, while my mind pictures the aftermath of Katrina with aqua and white jerseys stomped and littered all over the place.

Big Baby- Per the last blog comment about tompkins, I mentioned during preseason, this kid is going to be good. I got to about 6 practice sessions in August, the guy caught every thing brady sent his way. I think that by week 10 against the broncos on a sunday night game, the guy will really start to shine.

He looks like the real deal playing very well for an undrafted rookie but that Where's Welker sign they showed with him dressed as Waldo was priceless.

He still has a minor case of the dropsies though.

Nah, my mom died when I was born that had to be your mom. I gather you can't swim either....He he.

Carnival s CEO change is old news.Read about that weeks ago.

yes tom; you are still an idiot.
and i a liar.
when factoring in tax breaks and rebates, your "high tax rate still nets out to ZERO.
you're also still angry, still wanna blame everything on the black guy, AND you started the name calling.
i can respctfully disagree with FZB and OC.
OC is principled.
you're just an angry old man who doesn't want a black guy with any power, outside of holding a guitar or a ball.
step aside, old man.
a corporation's responsibility and mission is to protect the interests of shareholders and create as much profit as possible.
a real government's responsibility is to protect the interests of the people.
only an idiot like you would argue for corporations at the expense of this country.
YOU are the reason we are in a mess; you are too stupid to see how much you're being duped.
and if you continue to insult me i will keep calling out your dumb A@## every time you open your mouth.
yes, you got schooled again. now go check that prostate.
go dolphins!

The Fins are improving, but not back to elite level. They are actually at barely playoff level. Their OL is atrocious. They cant run the football and Tannehill may be sacked more than anyone in the NFL. All signs point to things turning dark down here. That said, everyone and their mother is on New Orleans. I wouldn't be surprised if the Fins pull this one out. Public is all over NO, some I bet are mortgaging their home.

Total offense fins are 27th
Total defense fins are 15th

18th in total defense but thanks for playing they haven't been elite since 1985 so you can stop reporting news from the telegraph machine now.

14th in passing we're getting there.

David, Keep up the good fight,Any-hoooo Thoughts on tonights game???(BTW, Seem You,Tom And myself have one thing in common....(Palmetto Panthers baby)(You cant be all that bad,In my book....)

14th in passing offense.

wow, three Palmetto Panthers on this blog?..no wonder is gone to chit lately, hehe, just kidding guys.

hey I went to Coral Gables high people, I'm high class all the way, well, at least I think I am.

Brady is still Brady but that damn offensive line gives him like 7 secods everytime he goes back to pass, I'm jealous.

I think I'm getting over my negativo ways, now I think the Dolphins are going to win by like 155-3

The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else, and when takers decide not to work because makers will take care of them, and then makers decide not to work simply to fund takers, watch out!

Socialism will always fail.

sorry David, I'm still not sold on anything Obi is doing, sorry amigo.

Shadow may I recommend the Trojans hire Randy Shannon as their next HC???..

Good point FZ they have had an elite offensive line for years it seems it is the key to their success also.

and now we have documentation why we call them the far left loons. CUCKOO CUCKOO

Can someone drop off a Costco container of Prozac right in the center of LA?

listen up guys, IF the Dolphins lose tonight, the sky is not going to fall and I don't want anybody going in the tank...

Payton Manning and the Broncos look like a machine, never seen anything like it, the closest is the 73 Dolphins, they just killed everybody that year.

Gotta say I see them(Fins)resting a already injured Wake, And Solari, This isn't a Conference game, No a Division game,But I'd love t see Miami go over thee and Beat them....
We'll see...

say Captain,

you haven't been around for a while, well since the Canes beat the chit out of the Lizards (not really but it sounds good) anywhoo, welcome back, you too Pimple.

On paper, this game looks to be a blowout. The current line is 7 points, the Saint's team defense is rated at #4 to Miami's #18, and the Saint's team offense rated at #6 to Miami's #27. All this made worse by the fact that it's a Monday Night game at the dome.

If Miami manages to win this thing it will easily be the most satisfying win since that 2007 game against the Ravens.

Since beating the Jets in 2008 to win the AFC East you meant right?

FZB, The Patriots a few years ago had the same thing going, Looking unbeatable,Great QB, Undefeated , ETC,ETC only to loose the Super Bowl, It's been my thinking the team thats peaking and healthy at the end of the year will usually take home the hardware...

That one and the Bradyless win using the Wildcat were close. But I'll still take that one win to prevent going winless for the season.

LOL, OC, You might be right, with-out that win the fins would have ended 0 and 16...
I forgot about that game...

Winning the division it isn't close no one remembers teams that went 0-16 in the history books really I used to feel that was a big win but looking back now who cares.

and the main reason we are beating the Aint's tonight is because we have better looking cheerleaders..no doubt.


Exactly, Anti. I don't think anyone would fear going up against Brock Osweiler, as backup, through the playoffs.

I don't know, BB, I don't think I will ever forget that Greg Camarillo catch.

Guy's Top 10 games in Fins History??????

Other than that, the best Dolphin's moment had to be the complete bewilderment by the entire Patriot's defense, and in a bit of double pleasure, as expressed by Belichick every time the cameras were on him, during that first time they saw the Wildcat. Bill was so pissed that if memory serves, he ran up the score on us both games during the next season.

Loved that game Ronnie Brown ran for 2 threw for one I think.

1. The Garo SB win
2. The longest game (even though we lost)
3. The win to keep Chicago from going undefeated
4. The game for the win where Marino faked the spike, then threw a TD. (Jets wasn't it?)
5. Any of the offensive clinics that Marino had during his prime
6 & 7. The two I listed above

...off the top of my head.

Ronnie Brown, Greg Camarillo, Jim Jensen, Tommy Vigorito..ahh the glory days

OC, Are you referring to The Kansas City Chiefs game or the San Diego loose in the OB back in 82????

top ten?

1-the longest game/1971/ Miami 27 KC 24

2-Dolphins beat the Skins in SB perfect season

3-Marino beats Bledsoe in a opening day shoot out(I was there)

4-Dolphins 21-Colts 0 1971 AFC championship game, Dick Anderson returns INT for TD (I was there).

5-Miami beats Jets in a monzoom AJ Duhe's 3 ints's

6-Marino beats Pittsburgh for the AFC-C-ship

7-Miami beats the Patsies with the wild-cat

8-Miami beats Oakland in 1973 to go to SB VIII, Bob Griease passes 6 times in the whole game, the Raiders knew what what coming and they still couldn't stop Zonk.

9-MIAMI beats the bears in 1985 preventing them going undefeated, Marino was on fire that night.

10-one of my personal favorites, the Dolphins lose in over time to the Bills in Marino's first start as a pro, I was there, I remember the scene, we had just lost a game and everyone was high fiving each other like if we had won, we all knew we had found our QB for the next 15 years.

The longest game was played against the San Diego Chargers. I can still see images of Kellen Winslow being helped off the field by teammates, only to come back after briefly resting and catching yet another money-ball to keep a drive alive and ultimately, win the game. Best performance by a football player I've seen.


we won the longest game at KC...27-24 in 1971

we lost a heart braker to the Chargers at the OB.

Great list FZB you sure have witnessed some great games.

FZB, I'am Glad you brought up that #10 game, I was gonna say that's top 3, I too was at the game with my old man(The last game we would attend a game together) On the way home listening on the radio I remember Shula saying "Yeah it's a tough lose , But We found our offense of the future and his name is Dan Marino"..He said it with conviction like he knew....

I stand corrected. The longest game was indeed the game against KC, also should be there as one of the 10. Just remembered that the SD game "felt" as long or longer.

Posted by: FZB | September 30, 2013 at 02:16 PM

Pains me to say it, but that Patsies 17-0 squad was equally dominant, and not that dissimilar. Moss was the big difference, allowing Welker to catch about a billion that year.

Oc, Yep, Don Strock coming in for a ineffective David Woodley down 24 to 3 in the Second QTR I believe is a ESPN top 10 game....

Thanks BB,

I've been lucky, I have lived in MIami almost all my life and was very close to the old Orange Bowl so going there was never a problem..went to a zillion games there for the Dolphins and the U.

now I just go to the Canes games and on occasion to a Dolphins game.

#1, the first Super Bowl, everything else, (though fantastic games and moments) a distant 2nd.
Enjoy the game everyone!
GO Dolphins!!

only a moron would call obama a socialist when his crowning achievement is the passage of a healthcare reform law that was proposed by nixon, the heritage foundation, AND the standard bearer of the republican party; the guy that WON THE NOMINATION last election.
is the law perfect? far from it, but it IS a 1st step, and it will work which is why the right is so vociferously against it.
EVEN REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS know they will never win another general election.. lol
i think we are winning tonight; i'm feeling it but you are right; an L doesn't not ruin the season.
ireland has us on the right path, idiots like tom be damned.. :)
go dolphins!

We might be without Soliai Ellerbee and Misi tonight that could spell doom we'll see.

Football is John Grudens beach I heard him pregame with Tirico and every player he was "excited" about seeing tonight isn't playing.

Anyone wanna give Lane Kiffin a job?


great story about you and your old man at that game, you never forget those memories.

this is the play I most remember about that SD game, everything else is just a blur, also hated Uve Von-chit after that game for a long time, sorry Uve..


That hook and ladder just goes to show how brilliantly prepared Shula teams were.

sorry guys, I don't wanna be too negativo here but I rather they sit Soliai, C Wake, Misi and Patterson for this game and have them ready to go against the Ravens.

losing to an NFC team is not going to break our season..its a long season, we need to get to a minimum of ten wins, if we can beat the Ravens,Bengals and Patsies (at least one time) we'll have the tiebraker of head to head in our favor, heck we already beat the Colts.

having said that, go Dolphins !!!!

Guys check out this Video of the 83 draft and the talking idiots of ESPN.....


SFB being called names by the likes of you is a badge of honor on this blog.

Lol he's called me every name in the book that little weasel.

He did call you sweetie not sure what to make of that but I think we can speculate.

Unless I am the last to find out of course.


the video you posted of that 83 draft is hilarious, Dr. Z never lived that down, he used to say Dolphin fans everywhere used to give him all kids of grief about his Marino comments...funny.

and speaking of the 83 draft, ESPN has it on their 30 for 30 specials, its called Elway to Marino, must see TV.

Lane Kiffin is welcome here as our fry daddy.

Gentleman, Just came from a Neighborhood Grill And the servers and bartenders were all Giddy that they were going to be off work because of "The Government Shutdowmn", These Idiots think there getting a vacation because of this Fiasco,Is it me or is the population just stupid?????
I mean really???These morons seem to think Everyone is not getting paid...That they have a three month vacation, BTW, I'am not making this up.... This is why I call for a reduction of the Population by a third.
To many STUPID people in the USA....


the dick anderson INT return against the colts is my favorite play of all-time; i haven't watched it in a while, but it seemed like the dolphin DEFENDERS layed 7-9 perfect blocks on the colts, including a well-deserved wipe-out of johnny u near the goal line. seems to me that the dolphin defenders, who probably played two-ways in high school and maybe college, remembered how to block properly, or maybe even better included running back and blocking for INTs in practice. shutting out the defending SB champs was an indicator of what was to come in the next few years.

Shadow, Was just around 6 years old but remember me and my dad listening to it on the radio,Rick Weaver said it was the bullet to the heart for the Colts. They beat the colts 21 to 0, Never seen the play on video though., Do you have a website I could check it out???

you sound like (the real) stupid street urchin getting his information from the huffington post, chris mathews, oprah, ladies from the view.

"To many STUPID people in the USA..."

Oh oh ...the Heat have extended coach Spo's contract ...what will Dashi say to that?


Alright guys its almost game time , looks like Soliai and Misi will play and C Wake is out.

Hopefully NO INJURIES...let's go Dolphins !!!!!!

Huge, huge game for Miami...this could be our coming out party, boys. On national TV. Oh, would I love seeing that.

Go Fish

Biggest Dolphins game since the Shula era.

Does Jimmy Wilson still work for the Daily Planet??

Good touchdown. Still hate the new color.

We're playing them even except for the turnovers. Keep hold of the ball in the 2nd half and Miami can still win this game.


YOU CAN't win fackin football games by committing turnovers !


my boy T-Hill needs to get his chit together..

Anti, I don't think Jimmy Wilson works for the daily planet but I think Jimmy Olsen does.

Well that was fast. It appears this game is over and it's only half way thru the 3rd quarter. Good night.


who calls for a sweep on 3rd and inches? you can say that a game is never lost that early, but that was a really dumb call-tannehill should have just leaned over pouncey. throw in a few mike wallace drops-one right in the breadbasket while he was ahead of his defender- and this might be a different game.

To all the homers that think Miami is a playoff team.
Let this Saints game be a wake up call so you can see what a real playoff team looks like. New England still owns and controls the AFC East.
Miss Reggie, Dansby and Long. Get rid of them so Ross can pay Wallace who drops key passes just like Marshall did.....
Tannehill....good kid...in time.. but can't compete with the elite just yet. Keep trying Miami..

Turnovers made this game hard to watch. Yuck, now I got to listen to Saints fans all week. Should have skipped the game and went to Bourbon Street instead.

sonny? blow me. we are a playoff team.
we're also a young team. turning the ball over like that against the saints isn't going to win you any game. we'll see who owns the division in december, douche bag.
for rest of the blog that knows football, (except old idiot), tonight's loss was awful; all the things we were doing to reach this point we stopped doing, from committing turnovers, penalties, sloppy QB play, not getting off the field on 3rd down.. just a nightmare game.
but we're still 3-1 with room for improvement. i hope patterson and wake come back soon.

They're going in the right direction. They are a young team, which means -learning curve. Also, and as stated earlier, they were playing against arguably one of the top four teams this year. A team who could easily represent the NFC against (for now) Denver in the SB...AND at their home - on MDF!

Just like a confident teen who thinks they can conquer the world, but soon finds themselves making unexpected mistakes, A young team is apt to do these things: not pounding it down the middle on 3rd and inches, on the 5, not going for it again on 3rd and inches at midfield BS, then punting, the Tannehill fumble.

These plays were all consistent with what should have been expected, as was the second half, when experience and confidence by N.O. just took over.

Given the whole pic, I was rather impressed by Miami's overall growth. Their stout run defense, and pass rush.

I would not be surprised to see them go 3 and 1 again throughout their next four games.

Dapper Dave, I thought Obi's crowning achievement was swimming one lap without floaties in the White House pool, no?

Dolphins suck. Tannehill sucks even more! Tannehill leads all NFL quarterbacks in fumbles and sacks...too bad he doesn't have a sack where it counts.

Hey (real douche or david whatever you call yourself)
Try watching a game loser and then make your idiotic comments.

All right guys...

Did I just read OC say " we are going in the right direction" ?.. Yes indeed we are, this game was about maturing in the big stage, this is a different team, they will get right back at it and win next week..

Mistakes and miss matches on defense and turnovers on offense , no one around here is saying we are a SB team but we all knew we where playing a SB contender .

A couple of thoughts, is there any doubt we need to re sign Soliai?
We need Cam Wake back, badly
We need Patterson back, even more..Carroll is just ok as a third QB, Wilson sucks

Disappointed on our play calling, 4th and inches and you try a sweep?
Tannehill keeps fumbling the ball, that is disturbing.
The WR didn't make too many plays
Our offensive line continues to have issues protecting T-Hill

All in all, these are very correctable mistakes..the sky is not falling ...let me just remind all on this blog that when we where making our predictions we would all be very pleased with a 4-1 record to start the year which is what we are going to have..

Hey sonny..we are a playoff team amigo.

Lets see now...we went 3-1 in our first four games with 3 games on the road..now we play three out of four at home..against beatable teams, yes OC, I could see us going 3-1 in those games.

Home- Ravens
Home- Bills
Away - Patriots
Home- Bengals

Maybe a playoff team, at best. O-line and secondary are BAD.

I could see us going 1-3 as well. 2-2 seems most likely, which would be an excellent 5-3 start. It's good to see the team moving in the right direction. It's good to see certain areas of the team flourish.

But it's terrible to see how much money, time, picks, etc have been poured into the offensive line with no results. They are going to get Tannehill killed. Ireland got his extra year and he better fix it somehow.

Last night exposed that Miami is a 5-6 seed at best and one and done in the playoffs. And that would be big progress. But, it was sobering nonetheless.

FIRST,do I think the Dolphins are a better team than last year? ...yes.Do they have better players?....yes.Did the team demonstrate that last night?NO.Though I thought NO would demolish Miami...it still WAS painful to watch.It is very clear that the Dolphins are FAR AWAY from PRIME TIME/READY FOR THE STAGE.Beginning with the still very INEXPERIENCED Philbin s horrific play call to run a left wideout run instead of a QB sneak with inches to go on 3rd down and the Phins on a good scoring drive...they got stuffed.Then...3rd and 1 later and THOMAS got stuffed.Tannehill fumbles then.Then 3rd and 20 for NO and Miami s secondary/LB s disappear for a NO first down.Unforgivable.Seconds before the half...Nolan Carroll tries to be the mighty hero and whiffs.What should have been a halftime score of 14-13 ends up being 21-10.It was essentially ...GAME OVER by then.All that too ...in just the first half.Phins have A LOT of work to do...to improve.They got OUTCOACHED on both sides of the ball and Wallace dropped passes right on target.He s NOT the receiver Miami THOUGHT they were getting.He drops far too many passes.

I will agree that Payton outcoached Philbin and Sherman pretty badly last night but they have been fine for the most part.

Great signs:

Tannehill when he has ANY time, the running game looking better, Charles Clay, Brandon Gibson, Paul Soliai.

Bad signs:

Reshad Jones got a big contract last year but he still can't cover anyone in space. Passer rating against him this season, 144, that's a nightmare. Offensive line is a wreck. Linebackers and safeties still can't cover tight ends or backs. Mike Wallace stinks. I know we had to sign him and get a deep threat but he is more of a bust than I figured. Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson still blow.

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