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September 22, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 99.0% (record); plus Dolphins 27, Atlanta 23; Tannehill leads winning late drive as Miami remains unbeaten at 3-0!

1) It is TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 243. Heat signed Larry Drew II, former UCLA point guard and son of the current Milwaukee Bucks coach. 2) Click on Random Evidence for latest Sunday notes-column package. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Canes whip Savannah State, CSM poll, Collball Week 4 roundup, my Philly mea culpa & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: See results of latest CSM poll in blogpost directly below this.

Click on Ryan Comes Of Age for my column off Sunday's Dolphins win. This team matters again, and Ryan Tannehill is why.

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G3: 99.0%: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show a record 99.0 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 27-23 victory over the visiting Atlanta Falcons putting Miami's season record at 3-0. That includes 78.2% who call themselves "very" satisfied. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 8:45 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% satisfaction (20.3 very, 66.2 somewhat) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% satisfaction (71.9 very, 26.9 somewhat) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% satisfaction (78.2 very, 20.8 somewhat) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

Next poll: Sept. 30 following game at New Orleans.

G3: ATLANTA @ DOLPHINS: TIME FOR MIAMI, DOLFANS TO MAKE A STAND -- Final: The Dolphins are relevant again because Ryan Tannehill has made them so. Click on Ryan Comes Of Age for my column off the game. Beating a good team when you don't play a great game is a nice sign for Miami. ..... 4Q: Jimmy Wilson interception with 26 seconds left clinches it. ... Dion Sims 1-yard TD pass from Tannehille with 38 seconds left and 27-23 Dolphins lead. ... Bryant wide right on 35-yard try with 4:46 left in regulation. Big miss. ... Bryant 33-yard FG has ATL back up 23-20 with 11:39 to play. ..... 3Q: Miami ties it 20-20 in final minute of 3rd on Tanny 18-yard strike into end zone to Brian Hartline. Was set by up special-team fumble recovery at ATL 19. Don Jones jarred ball loose with huge hit and John Denney recovered. ... Tannehill is intercepted from Atlanta 35 on ball that glances off Charles Clay's fingertips. Missed chance; drove started at 50. ... A smart red flag. Ball was trapped. And sho nuff catch is overruled. ... ... MIA within 20-13 on Sturgis 50-yard FG. Even with the make, though, wonder if Dolphs should have gone for it on 3rd-and-1 from the Falcs 32. ... ATL now up 20-10 after 2-yard TD throw from Matt Ryan to Levine Toilolo. (Levine Toilolo!) Tannehill fumbled on a sack at Miami 12 to hand-deliver the score, helped by Nolan Carroll pass interference in end zone. ..... Half: I'd say Dolphins are thrilled to be only down 13-10 at half and that ATL is oppositely concerned, considering Falcons' domination. Time of possession favors Falcs by a ridiculous 22:48 to 7:12, and Miami has allowed 15 first down. Need to get off field defensively and sustain a drive our two. ..... 2Q: Caleb Sturgis 46-yard FG on half's final play has MIA within 13-10. ... Dion Jordan big 3rd-down stop forces Falcs to settle for 20-yard FG and 13-7 lead. ... Dolphins defense is being gouged. Tanny might need to put up 30 the way this game is going. ... Not good: Cam Wake on a staionary bike instead of on the field. ... MIA within 10-7 on Daniel Thomas 5-yard scoring run. Lamar Miller 49-yard burst and gorgeous 3rd-down Tanny to Brandon Gibson completion led the way. ... Matt Bryant 52-yard FG for 10-0 lead. ..... 1Q: Miserable first quarter for Miami. Fans just about zero to cheer so far. ... Sack and punt end Miami's opening drive. Not the start you envision for your home opener. ... Wow, MIA defense just got hammered and handled on an 80-yard, 14-play, near-9-minute opening drive. Matt Ryan 7-yard shovel pass to Jason Snelling finished it for a 7-0 Falcs lead. ..... Pregame: Pressbox calamity! I must say: the elimination of the pressbox popcorn machine has my mood grayer than the sky. The sky has since cleared, but I continue to mourn the void of my comforting snack. ... Light rain falling. (I guess I didn't really need the word "falling" there, did I?). ... No surprises on inactives list, which confirms DT Paul Soliai won't play today. ..... Original post: The Dolphins have piqued curiosity with a 2-0 start forged on the road. They have become a little bit of a talking point in the national media, all of the chatter in the "are they for real?" context. Today's 48th franchise home opener 1aa1aaa3 1aa1atlmiaanswers that, either with a resounding yes or with the question (and doubts) still lingering. Beating a very good Falcons team would announce these Dolphins as real -- as playoff-caliber. Dolfans also are on stage as the club tries to reestablish a home-field advantage. Miami has been only 36-44 at home over the previous 10 seasons, hardly an advantage at all. The quarterback duel will be an interesting subtext today. Matt Ryan, of course, is the QB Miami could have drafted No. 1 overall in 2008, but took tackle Jake Long instead, with Ryan going third overall to Atlanta. Ryan Tannehill outpitching Ryan today would in some way (at least symbolically) justify that earlier decision. Both team have fought injury issues this week, including Tannehill's shoulder, but Falcons RB Steven Jackson is the only prominent starter definitely out. My pick: Dolphins, 24-20.

1aa1shula50HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, DON SHULA!: It was 50 years ago today, Sept. 22, 1963 (exactly two months before JFK was assassinated), that Don Shula achieved his first career coaching victory in what would end up as a record-setting number. His Baltimore Colts beat the San Francisco 49ers 20-14 in low-60s temps at Kezar Stadium in the season's second game, led by Johnny Unitas' 288 passing yards. Thanks to reader Fred Linger for the tip, and for the image of the game program from that day.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost..


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GO PHINS..........
Back from my Work in the Pacific(Lovely Island BTW) Ready for the fins to go 3 and 0...........

Fins 31 Dirty Birds 24

I think is going to be a low scoring game, a lot of injuries on both sides ..

The key will be our running game, if we can keep the ball away from the Falcons offense then we win the game, and no turnovers ....

Let's go Dolphins !!!!

Dolphins 22 Falcons 20 ...

FZB, So far your half right, It's low scoring so far.... For the Fins..

Fins 49 Falcons 10 SUPER BOWL HERE WE COME!

Yea sure, like we don't have the best looking cheerleaders in the league!

FZB and Dave in LA much props to you two, you guys have been saying this team was on the right track and 99% of the rest of us gave you crap. Huge win, boys! Huge freaking win!

A game that Atlanta was in position to win. Miami played sluggishly most of the game. Great come back. Ironic how the winning TD was a beautiful one armed grab by Dion Sims. Game sealing int was partially by pressure of Dion Jordan. Both are rookies drafted by Ireland.

3 - 0! SWEET!

Looking to next weeks matchup against N.O. - CB Patterson better be healthy or Breese is going to abuse Miss Carol, Nolan Carroll. Oh, when are both rookie CB's healthy? Getting Wake & Soliai back are critical.

I think with today's game roster Saints would put up 38 points on Fins. Struggle against 37 yr old Hernandez,, try shutting down Jimmy Graham. Drew Brees is 10 times the QB Than Matt Ryan.

I'd like to know the real story behind Wallace, Tannehill and Philbin.
There's obviously something going on here behind the scenes. You don't spent $60 mil on a guy like Wallace and don't throw him the ball. He should be the first look for Tannehill going through his progressions and he doesn't even get a glimse.

Good Fin win despite the struggles Miami s defense had all game long getting to Ryan.Pretty much....they didnt.What a huge mismatch Julio Jones had on Carroll.Wow.THAT was ugly to watch all game.Tannehill stays often too long in the pocket but is remaining composed on long drives and he is handling the pressure of game ending drives much better and calmer.His leadership is improving big time.Miami s receivers are making big plays THIS season so far.Gotta love 3-0 at this point in the season.GO PHINS.

Very nice to be 3-0.

Huge Win!! Tannehill is unshakeable. 2nd and 1 at the 1/2 yard line with 38 seconds left? Throw to Sims. This was a tough game but we never ever quit. Love this team!!

Again with the "somewhat." Holly chris are you guys for real? Talk about a bunch of jack assess. What the fock do you guys want?

Told Ya !!!!...

3 and 0 baby, sometimes is better to be lucky than good, in reality we should have lost this game but guess what? ....good teams find a way to win, now The Dolphins are not an elite team just yet, our defense is getting pushed around at the line of scrimmage and our offensive line is not getting the job done but they are a resilient team and our young QB is growing up.

Heck of a win ...and yes, they are on the right track.

Players of the game...

Tannehill ...he wasn't getting any help out there but he hung tough and delivered with the game on the line.

Gibson...great game, made a bunch of catches to get us much needed first downs.

Richar Matthews..also made a few important catches ...coming intonhis own.

Odrick was a monster today

Sturgis was great, totally worth "wasting" a 5 th rounder for him

Dion Jordan had a very solid game, hopefully this is the first of many.

I'm very concerned about our injuries...hopefully no one is out for the year...

Go Dolphins !!!!!'

omg the Fins are going to the Super Bowl.

I wonder what the negativos will say after today...chit , we're only 3 and 0.., right?


Voted very satisfied. Solid win against a good team that lead most of the game. Something worth to note about the running game,,, it will improve as the season progresses. For one, the O line is changing from a straight on blocking approach to a zone scheme. Two, the young running backs are getting valuable play time experience.

In space no one can hear you scream. I think it's those god awful unis. Oh well...

Big win for the Dolphins. Woody is right. FZB and david in la have been predicting this all along. He missed another regular who has been on the Fish bandwagon from day 1, Big Baby. All three of them have been saying Miami would be strong.

I'm starting to be a believer.

The only negatives out of the game are the injuries to the D and 5 MORE SACKS. I honestly fear for Tannehill's life. The way he is playing we should all pray for his continued health. The success of our team depends on it.

Oh BB the only reason I have not been in the house earlier is I was in Charlotte today for the Panthers v Giants game and it is a 6 hour trip home. Just got back.

I told OC that he was right about the field goal kicker. Kid's money. We stopped a pretty good offense today without Soliai and Wake. Just a hell of a win, bro. I'm starting to like this Philbin guy a lot. No nonsense, accountant type. Two penalties in two games WTF? Monster game next week.

in the past this game would have been a loss. we wouldn't have scored enough. those turnovers would've killed us, being short handed on defense would've killed us, and any team on a winning drive would've been helped by us committing penalties and giving up just enough yards for that heart breaking game winning field goal kick.
this team has "crossed the rubicon"; it is definitely a new regime, and a new era.
i disagree with you, FZB; i don't think we were that lucky. when stops needed to be made in the 2nd half, we made them. when we needed to find a way to score, we did. this team hung in there and kept fighting til the end, and that is why we won.
anyone voting less than VERY SATISFIED needs their heads examined; with the injuries, with the sluggish start, and playing a team one play away from the super bowl last year WE STILL HUNG IN THERE AND WON IT.
we found a way to win that game, and i have never been prouder in the last 5 years than i am right now.
5 sacks is too many tom, i completely agree, but once again tannehill i felt was responsible for 2, and the running backs were responsible for 1-2.
there's room for more improvement and we're still doing so.
3-0 boys.

Do you think the Dolphins have a chance to beat New Orleans ?

Jimbo ,

The Saints are on a roll and we are playing them on the Dome , you all know what a positivo homer I am but I don't see us winning this game.

Hopefully none of the injured players stay out too long...3 and 0 guys..enjoy it.

FZB is partly right that the Fins got a little bit of luck. The Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith going for a field goal on 4th and inches from the Dolphins 2 yd line early in the 4th qtr was a huge mistake in judgment. I was listening to the Dolphins radio broadcast of the game and the broadcast team (Rose, Cefalo and Griese) were astounded that the Falcons were not going for the first down. Before the Falcons kicked the field goal Joe Rose said I hope they don't change their mind and go for the first down. Bet Smith wishes he had that decision back now.

That said, david in la makes a excellent point that I definitely agree with. This was a game, as was the Indy game, that Miami ALWAYS used to lose. Miami never had the winning drive at the end. They always gave up the winning drive. This is a very different Miami Dolphins team.

Another thing I want to point out. FZB has been saying all along he thought Tannehill would be as good or better than Luck, RGIII, Kaepernick, and Wilson. FZB right now I'd say you're right. Tannehill is playing awesome football and what's really impressive is he is doing it with an OL that sucks the big one (I still blame Ireland for that).

I gotta admit it is getting to be fun to be a Dolphins fan again. Beats the hell out of being perpetually frustrated because of mindnumbing incompetence.

Go Dolphins!!!

Awesome win. Last year they would have never pulled that out, good to see them play 60 minutes. They have to figure out how to keep Tannehill on his feet though, he's getting hit way too much.

What an awesome game to be sitting in the Stadium. I haven't seen a game like that ever in that Stadium!!! This team never quit. Through the injuries, sacks, fumbles and poor defensive play in the first half, they stated in the game and never gave up. I am so proud to be a Dolphins fan. Folks, we have our franchise QB who will do nothing but get better.

Thanks Tom I know woodcock meant to include me right woodcock?

I said that Tannehill would be a star and lo and behold he is developing into one.

I hope they beat the Saints I really don't like whiny Drew Brees that should be a good game.

There are reasons for concern with injuries etc. but I don't think anyone imagined a 3-0 start will people start to recognize this team yet?

bobbyd12 it sounded like it got louder towards the end of the game but it didn't sound loud through three quarters we need to ratchet up the intensity earlier.

Six hours Tom wow that is dedication you must really like The Panthers.

Two penalties the last 2 games is awesome very well coached team how good does the win in Indy look now after they dismantled SF.

It looks like conventional NFL wisdom is being turned on it's ear this season there are a lot of good teams from years past looking very bad right now.

I'am still going with 6 and 10......
Someone tell me how Ryan Tenn. is going to play a full season with that O-Line....
(Hows that for NAGATIVO???

Good Morning, Cluttered Blog!

Just back from week's vacation, and away from technological devices. Actual snapshot: OC reading the WSJ at the lobby of the Hilton while enjoying his usual black coffee.

Passersby: Is that a newspaper that guy is reading?

Yes, call it - an old fashioned vacation. Just Jr. and the Mrs., at Disneyland's two themed parks and hotel pool for the week.

Did watch the game yesterday, and as everyone on here, am very pleased with the results. Did anyone else notice how the Falcons tailored their game plan towards a more run focused attack? They had to know that man-mountain Paul Soliai would not play. At one time, the telecast put up a graphic showing how much more the Falcons had had run plays, versus in their other two games. And it almost worked. They basically had control of the game, but for the last four minutes or so.

Anyway, I don't know how any Dolfan would be anything but - Very satisfied.

OC welcome back your dire predicitions about Miami have thankfully not come true worst case we come out 3-2 and I think anyone would have taken that scenario pre- bye week hope you had a good time in the House Of Mouse.

Had a great time, BB. Living in SoCa for 35 years, 30 of them in OC one typically gets season passes. We would go upwards of 20 times a year, oftentimes for just a few evening hours midweek to break the monotony of the week. Moreover, given that we lived just 17 miles away. Jr (19 now) grew up at the park and we all felt the need for one last nostalgic hurrah.

As far as the early season goes. You will remember that I had them winning the Browns and Colts games, with a maybe for the Falcons and a no-way for the Saints. Also officially clocked in with my 9-7. Realistically optimistic by any standard.

That sounds like revisionist history to me OC all I remember is doom and gloom coming from you.

Regarding the first 5 anyway you did come around with your season prediction.

I love how Drew Brees is whining about dirty hits lately when his team was the gold standard for a few years look in the mirror Drew I really hope we beat that team.

Had to go back into the old records. So much easier now with the new technology...

Browns W
@ Colts W
Falcons L
@ Saints L
Ravens L
Bills W
@ Patriots L
Bengals W
@ Buccaneers W
Chargers W
Panthers W
@ Jets W
@ Steelers L
Patriots L
@ Bills L
Jets W

Posted by: OC Dolphin | September 03, 2013 at 02:15 PM

I am waiting for Naples to come on and tell me again about Tannehill and his ESPN preseason QB ranking any day now where are you Jack I mean it's ESPN how could it have been wrong LOL!!!!


Tom, what I said on Tannehill was that according to some NFL scouts (according to my NFL amigo) Tannehill's ceiling was just as good as RG III and possibly Luck if given the proper time to develop but boy it sure looks like he's getting there is a hurry.

I don't think there is any doubt we have our franchise QB, he just needs help out there, my god our right side if the line is horrible, Clabo and fat John Jerry can't pass block, both our running backs can't pick up a blitz either...but enough of the negativo stuff.

how bout props to Rishar Matthews, he had a terrific game...

Hey !!!, Egnew had his first catch in an NFL game!!!

Dion Sims had his first catch and a game winner !

Caleb Sturgis doesn't miss !

Michael Wallace hasn't complained yet!

Dion Jordan pressured M Ryan into that last int !

we won ugly !

only one penalty !

how's that for positivo.

yeah BB...

Naples DID SAY that Tannehill was, let's see how should I say this..dog pupu?

Yes he did say that but he won't admit it he held that ESPN ranking near and dear to his heart trouble was it was made by that blowhard donkey Jaws.

That ranking has him currently in at #14, but higher than Romo, Brady, Flacco, and Kaepernick.

Sounds about right wouldn't mind seeing it be better I think he was ranked 23rd to start the year by ESPN.

...it must be valid, as evidenced by their placement of Henne at #32.

His weekly progression was #17, #16, and #15 for an average (against other QBs) of #14.

It's nice to see 17 heartwarming stories about Ryan Tannehill maturing, but can you PLEASe report on some NEWS that is important: What's the status of Wake, Misi, and Solai??

Well FZ it looks like you won't have to eat your young afterall...

The key will be to get him some protection. He's being hit and sacked more than anybody else. Something that many of us who remained critical of Ireland and his failure to effectively prevent this from happening.

Enough strikes with a ball peen hammer, and even granite breaks in two.

OC do you still believe we are getting swept by NE?

There is no way that happens this year. No way.

Sorry, TonyM,

No updates anywhere yet, but if there's one good aspect about all the injuries; they're on the team's deepest areas - defense. Aside from Keller's devastating loss, the offense remains healthy.

Those hurting include: starter Dimitri Patterson, Pro Bowl defensive tackle Paul Soliai, starter Cameron Wake, Philip Wheeler, Dannell Ellerbe, and Koa Misi. All unable to either play or finish last game.

Ouch OC you have us losing to the Steelers and Bills.

Unfortunately, I do, BB. Our best shot at beating them would be with our home game. Unfortunately, that comes near the end of the season, and when the two teams may find themselves battling for either a playoff spot or division tittle.

It's a long way out, and injuries will play a large part in whether they do or don't. I think the last time the Dolphins beat Brady was back when they would still serve you food aboard an economy plane flight with actual china plates and silverware made out of silver.


tannehill has progressed in year two just as his coaches said he would. the young man that FZB tipped us off to two years ago + is becoming a really, really good QB. it was difficult watching him get sacked 5 times, but the guy just kept playing. the decision by atlanta's punt returner to wave everybody away from the ball and then try a runback was crucial to the dolphin win- but if the other guys are gonna play stoopit, ya gotta jump on the chance, did anybody watch the end of the bills/jets? a thousand penalties between the two teams and they both looked putrid. tannehill is light years ahead of either of their rookie QBs; however i am not saying these awful teams won't put up a fight against the locals. as the announcer stated, starting 3-0 means a 75% chance of playoff time. and in cleveland's new regime, my still favorite player caight seven balls and the browns won-YAY!!!

The Steelers game is at Pitt., and the Bills game will take place during a blizzard with a somewhat less-than-juggernaut accomplished running attack.

Sticking to your guns I like it OC but I have Miami winning the division this year.

That is hard too overlook shadow. The nonchalant attitude on part of Ireland and Philbin to prioritize something as vital to wellfair of Tannehill & team success as an offensive line. As warm and fuzzy as the feelins are now it will all go south in a hurry if Tannehill is injured due to inept play on the line...

hahahahahaha !!!

check this out guys, I told ya !..Ross is no dummy.


I just wish Kaz was here...I miss that boy.

Good start......Glad I have been wrong so far.....

BUT.....3 games do not make a season, and as I used to love to tell my little league team.....


Just remember our Fins of the past - usually undefeated September's led to winless December's. And as a student of history - "those who do not know there past are doomed to repeat the same mistakes in the future".

So don't drink the Kool-Aid just yet.......


I did glance over to the Jets/Bills, as it was the game being televised next to the Dolphin's game over at the sportsbar. It seems easy to see (to these eyes) why Geno Smith is being favored over Sanchez. Aside from the ineptitude of the guy from my Mission Viejo, Smith - refreshingly so, appears to have a cannon for an arm, and his connections to Santana Holmes reminded me of yesteryear's Namath to Maynard.


Must be happy times at your house, I see your stepson just got an extension.....

He did well, much like a good prostitute - always negotiate from on top!!!

By the Way.....

Hows that Chip Kelley offense looking now???

Dont forget 1st & only win was vs Redskins who have allowed like 3000 points in there first 3 games!!!

all kidding aside guys,

i knew the Dolphins offense would be a year long process but I'm officially worried about all the injuries to our defense.

the good thing is in the AFC it doesn't look like we have any super teams other than Denver, now I don't think we get out of New Orleans with a win but against the Ravens?..man, they looked good yesterday, we can't count them out, it will be a struggle to beat that team.

Shadow, thanks for the props on Tannehill.

FZB, congrats on Ireland getting an extension. I guess that means that you will continue to receive those weekly stipends from one of Ireland's scouts, and for all the shameless plugs and support you deliver in each opportunity you get in this blog:)

what?.. no comments from you guy's on the Dolphins extending my son Ireland?

come on boys, let's show some respects for my boy.

I said last week his fingerprints were all over that win in Indy and the theme has continued FZ I was never a Fireland nitwit but I think you know that glad you were right now let's win some more games!


I have always maintained that extending Ireland was a good move but how do you feel about it?

LOL Kazaam may never come out of hiding I am positive he is reading this blog though hi Kazaam!

I'm pretty sure that Kaz, Tom, Anti and I would all agree that Ireland's decision making would take - ahem - a hit, were Tannehill to go down after one too many shots.

He is currently leads all QB's with the number of sacks inflicted upon him (14). Not to mention the many hits after he releases the pass.

FZ, ask me that question if, and favorably when, our beloved Dolphins accomplish 1/4 of what has occurred at the top of our division for the past decade or two.

I have it on good intel, that Kazaam has quit his gig with UM marine thing to join Glenn Beck's staff as an astrologer.

FZ I would have waited till the end of the season to determine my level of committment to Jeffy...

FZ, Let me Play you this classic....
OB4E, Great quote...


OC Dolphin,

don maynard!!!! one of the greatest of the AFL's many great players, and probably one of few to say they had played with the NYG and NYJets. he and namath were a good tandem, with the late george sauer, jr also a vital contributor in SB #3. even though it is chopped into pieces on youtube, i have to acquire the "story of the AFL" which is on a DVD. it was a great league with many innovations- hank stram's "moving pocket"at KC, oakland with the bump and run coverage of willie brown and kent mcloughan (?), the goalposts back of the end zone, names on the backs of players jerseys,the passing tree of sid gilman, and i believe that pete gogolak was the first of the soccer-style kickers, methinks even before jan stenerud and brother charley gogolak, that made the greatest mark on football today- the FG kicker who can routinely boot them from 50 yards. tom dempsey was an aberration because his deformities allowed him to kick head-on and get so much surface area on the ball, leading to his still unbroken (i believe) 63 yarder against detroit. maybe jason elam in the thin air of denver bested him by a yard, but it took soccer-style kickers to even get close. loved the AFL and the fiercest rivalry in pro football-raiders/chieves. nothing in the NFL-packers/bears, giants/redskins- matched KC/oakland in ferocity until george allen revamped the redskins and made them competitive with the cowboys. i often go to the AFL website to recollect

At my age, BB, I can't remember what I had for lunch. I do remember FZ and Dapper Dave being 100% behind this team from last year. If I forgot about you I apologize.

Hey Dapper, we definitely need to get together to watch a game here in LA.

Frankly, In my opinion this team's start is as good as that of any Dolphins' team that I remember. Two wins on the road and an opening home game win against a playoff team coming from behind on an 80 yard march, you can't do any better than that which is why I can't believe that some of you said "somewhat satisfied." Amazing.


Joe Namath was ideal for the AFL. The stodgy, existing NFL would never have allowed Joe Namath to feel comfortable wearing those white shoes. The spirit of the 60s defined that new league, and coupled with their rules-structure, made it a more "offensive" styled game. Naturally, since the Dolphins were an expansion team into the AFL, it made it easy for many of us "Miamians" to follow their match ups.

The league was also fortunate in that it secured a new lucrative TV contract with NBC, which allowed it to compete in obtaining incoming collegiate talent.

Another bonus attained through the AFL and in their eventual absorption into the league was that it brought with it the two point conversion.

Woodcock!!! Wassup!? Oye, Mickey says Hi.

Guy's,How much are they charging for the Dolphin Flavored Kool-Aid over in So. Fla??
3 Games does not make a season...

I didn't realize that we play NO on Monday night, Wow!

Even if we don't win but we play those guys tough and lose a close game it will be huge. NO is playing as well as anyone in the league and the Drew Brees Jimmy Graham combo cannot be stopped. Also their D has been playing lights out. This "will" be the test, gentlemen.

Wassup, OC! Hope you had a good vacation. I had something akin to Ebola from Friday through Sunday. I was out for the count. Somehow I'm toughening it out today but I'm running on impulse power the warp drive has been off line for the last four days.

Big Baby- RELAX!!!! The season is not quite 25% over yet. I understand your joy so far, but things can change on a dime so fast. I will admit that only Luck and Tanneh, and Wilson, are the only 2nd + 3rd yr qbs who are playing well. What is going on with wallace?

Woodcock- I hope you got on the seahawks game sunday against th jags. It was easy money, like stealing candy from a baby. That was the only game I bet on sunday, and made $200. Like to bet 2 games $100 a game, but this was to easy.

Wallace tweaked his groin probably playing hurt you can hopefully catch him in primetime next week tearing up the Aint's.

PFF has Tannehill rated in the Top 10.

Miami leads the NFL in Red Zone scoring.

The Jags, ahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa. They suck. Good move Naples.

Guy's I found out who David in L.A is............


Sorry,(the real) david in los angeles .......

Base Commander,

seeing slim pickens riding that baby and waving his hat means only two things- the mushroom cloud will be in view and "we'll meet again" will be coming through the speakers. never enough "strangelove" or for that matter,"the strangeloves"!!


the good ole brill building!!

any version of this song is great-little willie john (author of same), the hit version by miss (read lesbo) peggy lee, or these fellers from cincinatti who are better known for re-working "my girl sloopy" by the vibreations:


Chit Anti,

Obi is training a whole new generation of beach bums?....I thought you knew that..

Thank you liberals.

Tannehill is rated in the top ten by PFF ?... Imagine that.

that's funny, anti.. you're wife sure didn't mind being on the beach when we.. oh well..

"Guy's,How much are they charging for the Dolphin Flavored Kool-Aid over in So. Fla??
3 Games does not make a season..."
thanks for the update, anti.
douche bag
we're allowed to appreciate huge improvements, a #1 rated red zone offense, a highly improved secondary, draft and free agency picks panning out, and the national media finally noticing we're a real team.
or maybe we should keep complaining all the time like YOU apparently enjoy doing?


Anti still belongs to the ' I can't believe the Dolphins are a good team and I don't know how to act crowd '...he'll come around, eventually.


Does anybody REALLY think that anything other than a Denver/Seattle SB is the final resultant? Yeah, Miami made some moves...hee-hee-ha-ha. But seriously, let's all strive to stick it to those in our division and not for one moment think that Jeffy's production is remotely close to those two teams.

Interestingly enough, a team is either getting better, neutral, or worse. Gladly, NE is not a team I would be placing in the better category. Correct me if I'm wrong, but everyone else in our division is getting better, while NE is getting worse.

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