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September 15, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 98.8%; plus Dolphins 24, Indianapolis 20. Miami 2-0 as Tannehill out-duels Luck, makes Wallace happy

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G2: 98.8%: Results are now certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show a robust 98.8 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 24-20 victory at Indianapolis 1aa1dsmmaking Miami's season record 2-0. That includes a stout 71.9% calling themselves "very" satisfied. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9:30 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% satisfaction (20.3 very, 66.2 somewhat) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% satisfaction (71.9 very, 26.9 somewhat) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

Next poll: Sept. 22 following game vs. Atlanta. 

G2: DOLPHINS 24, INDIANAPOLIS 20: TANNEHILL LEADS BIG ROAD WIN: Final: MIA 2-0 after big road win today and the simplest way to put is that Ryan Tannehill outplayed Andrew Luck. Tanny went 23-for-34 for 319 yards with a TD and no picks, for a 107.4 rating. Dolphs limited Luck to a 79.7 rating, holding him in check in the second half including a big stop late in the game. Miami's defense bent all day (giving up 448 yards) but held when it counted. Good signs offensively beyond the QB, with Mike Wallace 9-for-115, Charles Clay 5-for-109, and RBs Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas combining for 99 yards on 22 carries. Big day for Miami. ..... 4Q: Dolphins defense denies Luck on fourth down! Win at hand! ... Brent Grimes has position in front of Reggie Wayne for a big end-zone INT. Any such play at this point could be a game-saver. ... Miami gives ball over when first down on 4th-and-1 play is overturned on review. ..... 3Q: MIA back up 24-20 on 1-yard TD run by (huh?) TE Charles Clay, on his first career carry. Score set up by Wallace's 34-yard catch to the 1. ... Dolphins punt again. ... Bizzare sequence. Turnover by Miami on controversial ruling that makesa fumble of an apparent forward pass. Then a successful red-flag challenge by Joe Philbin negates a play to the 1. Then a Colts TD pass is negated by an illegal-shift penalty. Then Nags settle for 38-yard FG and 20-17 lead. ..... Half: The good news first: Tannehill an efficient 13-for-21 for 209 yards and a TD, including 96 yards on three passes to Charles Clay and Mike Wallace at 7-for-70. The bad news: Pass defense has given up 242 yards to Luck including 124 on six catches by FIU's Hilton. Also, running game still negligible for Miami, with Miller 6-for-34. Second half Rx: A lot more pressure on Luck. Miami has only one sack and no other QB hits so far. ..... 2Q: Ice this! Indy ices rookie kicker Caleb Sturgis, who calmly drills 54-yard tying FG on second try to end half. ... Indy up for first time 17-14 just before half on Ahmad Bradshaw 1-yard run. Killer play was T.Y. Hilton's 46-yard catch over Brent Grimes. ... Brian Hartline big 24-yard third-down catch, but series still ends in game's first punt. ... Indy within 14-10 on Coby Fleener 3-yard TD flip from Andrew Luck. Reshad Jones late on the coverge in corner of end zone. ..... 1Q: Audible number of Dolphins fans in Indy. ... At 14-3, MIA, this is the offense Dolfans have dreamed about. Charles Clay 67-yard pass play sets up 10-yard Lamar Miller scoring run. ... Indy within 7-3 on 30-yard FG, after Chris Clemons tips away pass into end zone. ... Miami 7-0 on Ryan Tannehill 18-yard TD pass to Mike wallace. Wallace, agter last week's complaint, catches 3 balls in row including the score. They're using Wallace out of the slot, not wide. Interesting ... Colts bonk a 52-yard FG try off left upright to end game's first drive. ..... Original post: When there are only 16 games every one of them changes the context in which a team and season is viewed. That is particularly true 1aa1dolcolt 1aa1a2with the Dolphins, who have been mediocre for so long that any optimism on the part of Dolfans is naturally fragile. We have become the Show Me state. That's the framework for why today is so important. Beating the lowly 1aa1dolcolt2Browns was nice; this is a bigger challenge. At 2-0 after another win, Dolfans would be moving closer to being genuinely, solidly excited about this team. But at 1-1 after a loss I think more of a "here we go again" pall would settle across the fandom. Am I wrong? An interesting subtext to every MIA-IND game henceforth will be Ryan Tannehill vs. Andrew Luck (they are pictured). Last year's draft made them natural, career-long rivals, with Luck cast as the star Tannehill must chase to catch. Colts a narrow favorite today but I have a hunch about this one. Unlike last week I think Miami remembered to pack its running game for this trip. Think the Dolphins pass rush will bother Luck. And I think Tannehill will make Mike Wallace happy this time (!). My pick was: Upset. Dolphins, 24-23.

1aa1hallzachZach Thomas has an outside shot: Former Dolphins Zach Thomas, Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain are among 16 first-time eligibles under consideration for 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction. The two cornerbacks have zero shot, realistically, but Zach could be interesting. No way for him on the first ballot and long odds to ever get in, but with time and lobbying, I give him a fighting chance.

Fun Fact (actually, not that much fun): This is only the 11th time in 48 franchise years that Miami has begun a season with consecutive road games. And only the second time (along with 2010) since 1988.

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Dolphins 30 Colts 20

2-0 to start the season.

Why does Miami have to play Indy 2 years in a row in Indy? What kind of scheduling is that. I thought the No Fun League did everything the right way.

Game day boys. I hope Jimbo is right.

Dolphins have more talent throughout the roster than the Colts. Outside of QB, TE, Miami trumps Indy player for player at virtually every position. Reggie Wayne, TY Hilton are good, Miami matches with Wallace, Hartline (expect some more good #'s from him), Gibson.

Miami horrid running game week 1. Fins emphasis on the passing game during preseason ruining the running game week one. There will be no viable running game when Tannehill is in shotgun, except if they run empty backfield and QB runs. Fins running a new zone blocking scheme, doesn't fit all the linemens strengths & lack of continuity. This unit will improve with repetitions.

Indy's D isn't very good. Tannehill will feast on that. Oakland gave them fits last week.

Miami's D will continue to bring pressure on Luck. Luck is good enough to not get rattled & is good for about 2 TD's. Fins D is good enough to hold Luck to 20 pts, Fins O needs to score TD's.

Fuk Sleep, Phins 16 Colts 21....
Sorry to sound "NAGATIVO" but I've been down this road several times....
But WTF GO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DA Dolphins 427 Colts 3

Like Cote said tough to get excited about a team that has genuinely sucked for decades not without lying to oneself or having a bad head injury. Historically this teams ability to tank would prohibit real excitement until they actually made it to the playoffs...

Yes I am officially a fair weather fan...

Duke, Besides FZB, Who isn't????


Good point...

I might get some tingling in me twig and berries should Fins demolish Colts though...

What What our runningback ran 10 yards for a score!

Damn if Fins hadn't sucked so badly for so long I just might get to watch this on NFL package. Paying 250.00 for years of ineptitude made me trash Direct TV...

I see Bills have old school unis on. Do the Fins? Damn I miss those things...

Sure TY Hilton is a great player, but if we picked him we wouldn't have gotten Michael Egnew!

Hmmm. Any pressure on Luck. I see he's putting pressure on Dolphins championship caliber D...

I know I know game is hardly over yet Dolphins have uncanny ability to turn those smiles upside down...

315 yards of offense for the Colts in the first half. And the strength of our team is??????

Ohhhhh, My.....

WOW, Great kock, Odds on he hits it agian???????????

Tom I was thinking samething...

hahahaha Pagano. Sturgis has ice in his veins. Can't ice him.

Go Fish!!!

Double WOW.........
Gotta say one thing about Idiot Ireland, He knows Kickers.....

lol yes his kickers...

What are you on drugs, Fat Boy? These three stiffs couldn't even make the Jr. High School Hall of Fame. That fish Surtain couldn't even make the Red or White team at Kinloch Park Jr. High School.

Well time to make the doughnuts...

Guys Look at Rodgers today At half hes got 320 Yards passing and 3 TDs At The half, Maybe if The Redskins find some type of Offense another NFL record will fall....
the Dutchman may be in trouble... 554 yds, We'll see....

Tyson Clabo giving that the old ole effort.

Is this defense really different? We'll see. They have a chance to win the game at the end. Stop Indy from getting into the end zone and Mia wins.

Wow, now that was impressive. Great win.

Great win for the Fish.

Tannehill is for real. Maybe Miami navigates a brutal schedule and maybe they do not. But they finally have a QB. Great performance on the road.

Chit yeah !!!!!!'

2-0 ....

Great win!

O stand Humbled..

Well 2-0 is 2-0 and they did beat Colts in Indy. Not bad...

Two road wins to open the season.......AWESOME.

Two things that still bother me...

Tannehill has been sacked 9 times so far. At that rate he'll be sacked 72 times in 16 games. If that is not fixed he won't make it to the end of the season.

Miami has rushed 50 times this year for 121 yards or 2.4 yds per carry. AWFUL. Even the 27 for 101 today or 3.7 yds per carry will not do.

All that said, 2-0 is a great start. Next up ATL. They can be scored on. A full JRS might help the Fish pull of a really big upset.

Yeah as pass happy as NFL is and despite my lack of objectivity when it comes to power running games being preferable balance is still necessity to to be great even today..

hey FZB? how about them dolphins? fire ireland, huh? :)
2 AND O baby.
how are you negativos feeling now?
the running game was much better today, tom. it kept the indianapolis defense honest. you can't average both games; the 1st was an aberration and i seriously doubt we'll ever run that poorly again. i know it's early, but our strength on offense appears to be the passing game. we're doing fine, we have an Fing QB and our defense will keep us in every game this season.
go dolphins!

2-0, very happy with the win. Miami had the possibilities to score over 30 on the Indy D.

Miami played well against a very good QB, WITH 3 talented CB's out, Patterson, Taylor, Davis.

Any word on DT Soliai's leg injury?

My prediction is,, Miami goes 1-1 in the next 2, Atlanta, New Orleans.

damn david do you have a ffing reading disability? I noted their improved running game today but even thought it was better it was nowhere near good. 3.7 yds per carry won't work in the long term. And if you watched the game you would know that the running game was not working. 27 carries for 101 yds and 34 of those yds came on three carries. That's 24 carries for 67 yds (2.8 per carry).

That said, I agree it was a good win. Any time you go on the road and win in the NFL it's a good win.

If Jimbo is right and MIA goes 1-1 in the next two I think we are serious contenders for the AFC East. I'm still not convinced because of the bad OL play. 9 sacks in two games and NO running game is not good.

Wow, I just saw that fish, Dave "Bumstead" on TV. He's apparently an assistant in Tampa Bay. LMFAO, the Bay might lose 16 games this year. What a total loser.

Peyton Manning with 7 TDs. Are you kidding? The man with no neck strikes again...

Dear Naples, Woodcock, Kazaam, etc.

Tannehill is for real I'll stick to 11-5 tough next 3 but if we weather the gauntlet it's playoff time at long last despite defensive lapses they came up big when it counted.

Dolpins win a big game and everyone is MIA....missing in action. WTF Dolfans?

What up guys !....

Just came home from my grand-daughters first birthday, props to my daughter for "allowing us" to watch the game..

How about that guys, 2 and 0 to start the season, Our young team is starting to learn how to win and Tannehill IS THE REAL DEAL, you could say he outplayed Andrew Luck, its not. Easy to win the first two games of the season epecially on the road, I think they are going to start to get a little more national recognition.

Our defense had a rough first half but played much better in the second half.

Tannehill looks better and a lot more comfotable than last year, he is alo getting more in zinc with Wallace.

Our running game was much better today.

How bout our rookie kicker?

Tom is right, the O Line is still a concern.

And did our numero uno had a brain fart?...WTF?

David, I agree , the negativos can't say chit ...

Nice start to the season. While Tanne had better stats than Luck, it is obvious he is not in the same league talent wise. Tanne will need his supporting cast to shine and the D to win some games like they did today. He looked good in the pocket at times and some other times holds the ball to long. Use your legs boy!

"Somewhat satisfied."

That there are 150+ people who voted like that reminds me of my friend in high school that used to go with us to a party and when we got there the place was full of chicks, they had food and alcohol,and a band was playing, and he would say after we had been there for five minutes, "Man, this place sucks let's go."

I (also) saw Wannystache on Bucs - Saints game. Special Teams Coach. His career seems to be progressing backwards. Next year he'll be valet parking coordinator at the Meadowlands.

Lloyd "Your in luck, theres a town right down the road".
Lloyd "We'll catch our break sometime".
Harry "We just got to keep our eye out".
As the bus full of bikini babes rolls away.

....Harry "Just when I thought you couldn't be any dumber, you go out and do something like this,, and competely redeem yourself!"

LMAO, Jimbo.

Mouning guys,

The Dolphins are a 1 pt favorite against Atlanta which is a surprise.

The story coming out now as to why Jordan didn't tackle Luck is because he thought Luck had gotten rid of the football and didn't wanna get a penalty, well that explains it I guess.

It is very possible now the Dolphins could start the year 3 and 0 just like I predicted, sniff, sniff, I'm getting a little misty eyed just thinking about it.

I think the REAL reason why Mr. Negativo ( Kaz ) is not posting anymore is because he doesn't have anything to complain about.

Well geez ......I m sure happy with the Dolphins win yesterday.It was a great team win with everyone helping out.(Well......maybe not Clemons so much) but hey....the rest of the guys played well in general.Clay came up big and dependable despite a couple drops.He s been a huge surprise so far early on,thankfully.Wheeler and Ellerby are proving their speed has improved the LB position.Starks is ...well....Starks.a stud.Martin played decent.Miller s running improved and made that final play 10 yard run to seal the victory.Wallace is worth his huge salary it seems.Tannyhill is becoming the real deal with still alot of potential and huge upside and growth yet in his young years.Philbin seems very cerebral and turning into a good Coach.Hmmmmmmm......finally......all of this,these players.......compliments of Jeff Ireland.NOW......the MAN deserves credit and all the doomsayers are quiet today and are forced to shut up.THIS Dolphin team is not the Dolphins of old.Oh yeah....I left out Grimes.....thanks for getting him too Jeff.Now I ll call you Jeff for the first time as I have newly gained for you sir.Great offseason acquisitions and BIG franchise win,THANKS Jeff Ireland.Today....I m giving you your due sir.Guess Mr Ross was right about you and Coach Philbin all along.GO DOLPHINS.

I was wondering if Kaz became chum. Maybe he only hangs at Armandos Fine Corinthian Leather Cordoba now...

Wannstache the Coach who wouldn't leave. God his rein was pitiful and pitiless...

man the crickets sure are loud in here...

In space no one can hear you scream...

The fins are getting no love from the TV talking heads. All the highlights are of Luck's low lights.

lol figures. Well Rasta ahem we know Dolphins have sucked egregiously even more than female attorney that defended the Menendez boyz. Oh by the way San Fran looks quite impressive..

At this rate FZ we may not see Kazaam in here all year long he's not a Dolphins fan it's obvious.

No respect nationally is fine just keep winning the national media is a joke anyway.

one pint favorites FZ is that true wow they were in the NFC championship game last year hey Naples call your bookie respect is calling.

Very satisfied.

I don't think any of talking heads recognize Miami in there really keen new uniforms for f***sake...

yah yah their new unis...

Hey whoever posted Nazi She-Devils in heat hows 'bout some more of that to pass the time...

Good read on Tannehill (I know Tom Bleacher Report but I like this writer maybe it's not all bad).


Naples is going to join Kazaam in the ranks of the missing when the Dolpins win this division send a postcard Naples we'll miss you and your Andrew Luck Bromance!

Nice article BB. Didn't you trash the Bleacher Report just last week?

Tannehill does look good. The 8.2 yards per attempt is awesome. The win at Indy was a great win. A win at home against ATL would be off the charts. I would have bet FZB one of my paychecks the Fish would not go 3-0. But they they a very good chance of being 3-0. I certainly hope the fans fill JRS. This team deserves real fan support.

I'm still concerned about the OL play. No real running game and Tannehill has been sacked 9 times. OUCH. They keep playing like that and Tannehill may not make it to the second half of the season.

Mr. Woodcock,

i was here when madison/surtain manned the corners, and i disagre with your appraisal of surtain. sam madison was better, but they were the best tandem of cover corners while they played here. the NFL did a 10 best of sets of corners, and besides mike haynes/lester hayes of the raiders, my men of the 70s ken riley/lemar parrish of the bengals made the list at about 8 or so and i remember that they gave a nod to the dolphins pair. a really really underappreciated set was pat thomas/rod perry of the rams that lost to the steelers in the super bowl because eddie brown, the free safety, was late getting to john stallworth on the huge TD pass that sealed the game. pat thomas was a very good cover man, but even more hellacious as a run defender- he took on pulling guards low and took them out nof the play. also to be considered is darrell green and anybody who played alongside side him and neon deion who, to these eyes, baited QBs into throwing his way and picked off quite a few. i remember the famous one when he was a 49er and ran one back against his former falcons buddies jawing at them all the down the sideline.


you informed us way back about ryan tanehill, and your guy is good, very good and improving with each game. he has had two excellent games so far this year and we are looking for yet another against a tougher test in atlanta; in the meantime, as his coaches promised, he would improve this year more than any other of last year's rookie QBs. he has turned into a solid citizen on the field with a lot of help from, gulp, charles clay, who is doing everything and more than asked. he is wearing 42 and doing paul warfield proud.

Sorry Shad, I started at corner for the White team at Kinloch Park Jr. High School in 1967, and trust me Patrick Surtain couldn't have started for either the Red or the White team at Kinloch Park Jr. High School.

Surtain for a 4th rounder was a steal Jimmy Johnson did make some good moves while he was here despite the bad ending.

SUR-tain SUHR t-tan

Madison was solid but overrated if you ask me he got burned at the worst times time and time again.

Sorry BB, but neither of them could have started in the Red and White game in 1967.

Jr. High woodcock?

I know we all peaked then anyway life was never better.

BB, at Miami High he "might" have had a chance to make the team since the coaches policy of no long hair, no facial hair, no bell bottoms, and no drinking and smoking kept 3/4 of the best athletes from Jr. High from going out for the team.

Had Troy Vincent not blown knee during kickoff he would have been a Miami great. As it was he didn't do badly with Eagles...

Yes good player he did go on to have a good career with Philly probably shouldn't have let him go.

Wood - stop picking on BB....

He is still wondering why that "AWESOME" Chip Kelly Eagles offense he was "spouting off" last week about could not beat the east coast travelling San Diego Chargers.....

BTW think the Fins scored as many points with there "regular" offense as that AMAZING eagles offense...

Never said it was awesome just that some teams are running some component of an option effectively now dunce.

mike Vick went for 480 I think something is working there Philly's defense is AWFUL.

Dunce Cap 4Ever rules.

BC over USC this week new QB won't get it done against the Eagles I am afraid.
Posted by: Big Baby | September 10, 2013 at 10:57 AM

I may be a dunce in your eyes.....but as you can see in black & white above in your own words...You are a Mass-a-Chocha homer idiot plain for everyone to see...

What was that final score.......hhmmmm....

USC 35 - BC 7......

At least get closer in your prognostication next time...

Yes i missed by a mile on that one but only an idiot rags on Phillys offense after Vick goes for 428 and 3 td's.

You're too dumb to spell Massachusetts that's the real reason you say Mass-a-Choca you were sitting in the corner with your dunce cap on during geography class.

just like "keeping it real" mentioned, there hasn't been too much Jeff Ireland bashing as of late, good to see, I don't there is any question that he has done a much better job on the three years he has been in charge than his former boss, Parcells was a total fraud.

Baby, thanks for posting that article on Tannehill, he is now 3-1 against Luck,Weeden and Wilson of the Seahawks, not bad.

and speaking of the Hawks, they look like the next SB champion, wow, what a great team.

Shadow, thanks for the props on Tannehill, I should take all the credit but in reality my NFL scout buddy is the one that told me this kid had all the tools to be a great one and the Dolphins where drooling about him and that he was going very early on the draft, the NFL knew about him, I guarantee you the Browns, Bucs and Jaguars are very sorry they passed on him.

MIchael Vick won't last half a year running that offense.

Jimbo...the Dolphins are not 3-0 just yet but they have a chance at it, Atlanta is a dome team coming to the 305 in our heat and humidity plus they also have a few guys a little nic-up, our defense needs to come after M Ryan and we need to run the ball.

the Dolphins have the defense, special teams and QB play to be in just about every game.

The Ireland bashers will be gone for good after this year FZ I expect this place to be pretty boring this year.

The linbacker changes are already paying dividends Wheeler and Ellerbee were tackling machines yesterday.

Our FA corner Grimes helped seal tha win and Wallace Tannehill and Clay produced.

Ireland's finger prints were all over that win yesterday no one thought Miami was going to win that game except us and Jimbo I think we are on record.

whoa, check this out..now I know is WAY TOO early in the season and things will change but Peter KIng has the Dolphins ranked 5 in his rankings..


BB, not "choca" it's "chocha." Ask FZB or OC to explain the difference. He he.

ok BB...here's a lingo lesson for you...Cubanize style.

we use the word "chocha" to describe a certain part of the woman's anatomy that is shaped like a diamond if you get my drift.

Hey FZB and BB

Ireland is still an idiot. We've done nothing since he's been here. We go 2-0 to start a season and all of a sudden you forget all the bad moves he made? Well not me!

Even if the Dolphins win this year, Ireland is still a clown. And if Tannehill gets hurt because of that pathetic OL well then he's a criminal clown. just sayin........

If they win and you call him a clown then who looks like the clown?

Does any one know the status of Soleai, or how ever you spell his name's status? If he's hurt bad that's a big loss.


I know getting old must be difficult specially if you start to kind of forget things but let me just remind you that my boy Ireland has only been in charge for three years and he has had to overhall basically the entire roster while at the same time fix the cap mess he was left behind.

these are the players he has drafted that are contributors to the team since he went solo.

2011-Pouncey, Thomas, Clay and Wilson

2012-Tannehill,Martin,Vernon,MIller, Kahduu and Rishar Mattews

2013-incomplete since most rookies don't make a major impact their first year but our young kicker is a stud.

and this past free agency period he signed Grimes,Wheeler, Ellerby, Wallace, Gibson and Keller and picked up Patterson at CB on waivers and kept Clemons, R Jones, Harline and Starks...yeah, very bad moves indeed.


FZ anyone can see that the team that beat the Colts yesterday was constructed by Jeff Ireland some people cannot and will not look beyond their own noses to see or understand that.


I am not going to recount all the stupid moves made by your obviously adopted son. Well either that or the retarded mailman snuck in there ahead of you. He could not possibly be of your seed.

Of all those draft choices how many start? 4? And at least one of those starts because all the other TEs on the team suck beyond belief.

We'll see what happens. It is looking good so far this year, but we still have 14 games to go. That's a long time for our OL to keep Tannehill safe. Remember at 9 sacks every two games that's 72 times for a year. Marino for his career was sacked ONCE per game. Good protection leads to a long career for a QB.


I miss the days when Kazaamster would shove a gold plated steam shovel in his mouth here every day.

Wassup, Kazaam!


come on man, you can't fix every hole a team has in three years, the O Line is still a work in progress, I can almost guarantee you Incognito, fat John Jerry and Clabo won't be here withing 3 yrs.

Incognito and Jerry are holdovers from the prior power football philosophy and Clabo is an older player, I'm sure next years draft will concentrate in the O Line and getting us a solid TE...it just takes time amigo.


they haven't said anything yet on Paul Soliai...keeping my fingers crossed that is not serious.

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