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September 08, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 86.5%; plus Dolphins 23, Cleveland 10 as dominant defense lifts Miami in opener

1) It is MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9. Hurricanes blast all the way up to No. 15 in latest Associated Press poll after Gator thumping. Top 10 probably two wins away. 2) Click on Random Evidence for today's latest Sunday notes-column package. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Canes beat Gators / Collball Week 2 roundup, Stephen Ross poll result & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird) and Vine (Greg Cote). 

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 96.7%: See results and details in the blogpost immediately below this. Click on They Earned It, They Deserved It for my column off the game.

Click on Dolphins Need More Harmony, But Also More Wallace for my column from Cleveland off the game.

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G1: 86.5%: Results are in on the season debut of the sixth season of Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame polls, and they sow 86.5 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's season-opening 23-10 victory at Cleveland. However that is a "soft" number, as 66.2% called themselves only "somewhat" satisfied. The 1aadsmDSM is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9:30 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% satisfaction (20.3 very, 66.2 somewhat) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

Next poll: Sept. 15 following game at Indianapolis.

DSM Season Results

2012: 29.8%

2011: 34.9%

2010: 3.8%

2009: 31.2%

2008: 96.9%

G1: DOLPHINS 23, CLEVELAND 10: DOMINANT DEFENSE CARRIES MIAMI IN OPENER: Final: Dominant defense led by Cam Wake's pass rush and three interceptions carry Miami past bad Browns in season opener. Click on Dolphins Need More Harmony, But Also More Wallace for my column from Cleveland off the game. I deal with the diva display by Mike Wallace after the game. ..... 4Q: Apparent late Browns TD pass nullfied by holding penalty. ... Dion Jordan first career sack in final two minutes. ... Sturgis 36-yard FG for a 23-10 lead with 3:59 to play. Game time. ... Daniel Thomas 1-yard TD run and 20-10 MIA lead with 6:48 to play. ..... 3Q: Earthtones within 13-10 on 39-yard FG. ... Patterson, the 2-pick guy, out with a groin strain, questionable return. ... Tannehill nifty 34-yard TD strike to Brian Hartline for a 13-7 Miami lead. Now that's a play! ... Marcus Thigpen 70-yard punt-return TD nullified by a Nolan Carroll holding penalty. Geez. MIA finding ways to lose. ..... Half: Well, Miami is losing at the half to a bad team despite three takeaways. Here's why: Tannehill has a 57.2 QB rating, Lamar Miller has 3 yards rushing on 7 carries, and Mike Wallace has 0 catches on 0 targets. ..... 2Q: Cleveland with first lead, 7-6, on 7-yard TD pass from Weeden to Cameron with 0:28 left in half, on 56-yard drive set up by INT off Tannehill. ... Patterson's second INT of game is the third by the MIA defense. My thinking the Browns had a chance is being sabotaged by the suckosity of Brandon Weeden. ... Browns completion to TE Jordan ruled down at 27 of Miami. ... Yes, yes I did predict Cleveland would win. Right now I'm not exactly sure why. Caveat: Long way to go and Dolphins' offense isn't doing much. ... Miami cashes takeaway for Sturgis 49-yard FG. Rookie kicker looking good. And so is Joe Philbin for that successful challenge on the INT. ..... 1Q: Dimitri Patterson INT for Miami sets up Dolphins near Cleveland red-zone as quarter ends. ... MIA 3-0 on Sturgis 45-yard FG with 1:29 left in quarter. ... Brandon Gibson big drop forces MIA punt. ... Nolan Carroll intercepts Brandon Weeden on deep ball. The bad news? He'd down at the Miami 1. ... Underway on a gorgeous, breezy afternoon by the lake in Cleveland. ..... Original post: "Must win" is used so casually in sports, especially in football, that it's annoying. And to even address "must win" in a freakin' 1aa1clevemainseason opener seems like lunacy. But if it ever applies right out the gate, does it not apply in today's 1aa1cleve1Dolphins opener in Cleveland? The reasoning: Miami has such little margin of error, that if you are devising a path to the playoffs and circling games you count as wins, well, this is one. Without question, this is one. A loss today and the Dolphins immediately invite sort of a "here we go again" gloom in fans whose optimism is fragile. Am I wrong? I'll be in Cleveland today and have a particular eye out for Ryan Tannehill's retooled offense, which has added Mike Wallace, is featuring Lamar Miller, but lacks a proven tight end element. The game is dead-even on the betting line. When that happens I almost always think the home team is the safer bet. My pick: Browns, 23-20.

I'll have a live boutique blog from the stadium right here during the game so check back.

'PASS' QB RANKINGS RETURN: The Miami Herald's Passer Success System (PASS) NFL quarterback rankings are back for a 16th season. Click HERE for all the details.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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I also see it as 3, maybe 4 points, but in the other direction.

At 430 pm today, the Dolphins will be on the clock.


your guy is looking great, but his cathers are playing stoned; brandon gibson, brought in for a reliable third down receiver, already dropped a first down. cleveland looks totally inept on offense.


can anybody in this game besides hartline and bess catch a pass? this looks like a pee-wee game; the browns can actually go into the second half ahead 7-6!!!

6-10, offensive line is a disaster. Still can't finish drives. Finally, Ireland will be gone at least. Pathetic.

I'm actually flashing back to the 1-15 season. Why not put Dion Jordan at left tackle for f*ck sake? They have how many rushing yards? Three INTs and they hang six? Wow. Getting into the vodka now.

Ireland has built an offensive juggernaut.
The Herald's sports writers are chipping in to erect a statue of Ireland and Ross in a loving nude embrace.

Can Dion Jordan run the ball?

Andrew I look at Alfred E and think, "He'll probably give Ireland a raise no matter how poorly this team does...

Looking forward to this season..well until the end of the first half....totally inept......again..40 year fan..no run..no blocking..6 pts..again...bad team ..again

Huh Oakland just went ahead of Indy and Miami has 9yards rushing...


rushing is gonna be obsolete shortly. SF and seattle rune the ball and the rest tread water on the ground.

Correction DAH RAIDERS are still losing...

At least the GAYTURDS are suicidal today.

I wonder if Dion Jordan can run the ball?

F*** Gametrax. The Raiders are winning they're losing they're winning, they're losing all at the same time. F*** the f***in Raiders and the Diaz brothers too...

Buffalo is beating NE in the 4th? Huh?

Those groins are taking a beating out there...

Jets beating TB...

Went with somewhat satisfied. It's a start...

I'm very satisfied. Tannehill looked fantastic even though he faced a lot of pressure. That's huge long term.

Schedule is too tough/too many holes to compete this year, though.

A dolphin fan since 1968. Cleveland is worst team in NFL. Dolphins just might be second worst. Voted VERY dis-satisfied.

The Miami defense in nothing to be &%$@ed with. Wake recorded 6 hits on Weeden and 2.5 sacks. Not to mention a bunch of throw aways by the QB under pressure.

Gibson dropped the first pass, but redeemed himself by having a solid game and also in doing some of the workload that a quality TE would do (if we had one).

This defense will keep the Dolphins in many games, but it's a long season fraught with potentials for injuries - as exemplified by Dion Jordan, who to me, looked as if he re-tweeked his shoulder. The guy so far appears to be made of paper mache.

Hey! Anyone here seen where a running game around here????

Glad to see Tannehill finally MADE some plays to secure a win in the second half.He was too conservative or the play-calling was in the first half.Defense looked good.O line was terrible in run blocking which led to a horriffic running game.Good win though for the first game.VERY TROUBLING news just out though that Wallace is very upset with not being used more.Say what?????????hE S NOW DISCOVERED TO not BE A team PLAYER??????Didn t know he was a poison on the team.He needs to shut up because Cleveland s Hayden beat him like a drum in coverage.What a sore winner this guy is........GEEZ..........his FIRST game with his NEW team already.It s pathetic.

Salguero's Dolphins in Depth has an interesting article on Wallace's hissy fit.

Canes win, Dolphins win. Looking forward to the day you haters and fake fans go away for good. Nice 2nd half, great Defense. Fins 10-6 this year


Tannehill had a solid game, looks better than last year already.

Fat John Jerry sucks, our whole running game sucks, at least our pass defense was better in the second half.

Looks like Tannehill is developing a little chemistry with Gibson and Clay..

Our rookie kicker is a keeper.

There is nothing negative on our defense...top 5 in the NFL...we are going to be in every game.

Meant to say our pass protection was better in the second half...

His first NFL game with his NEW team and Wallace is ALREADY crying/pouting and being a me-first player...........and AFTER a WIN?tHAT S TROUBLING AND NOT A GOOD SIGN FOR THE TEAM.Thought the guy was classy but apparently not.He forgot...there s no ME in TEAM.dISGRACEFUL.

But hey, at least we're paying him more than every other receiver in the league besides Calvin Johnson and almost Super Bowl MVP Larry Fitzgerald...

Keeping it real always,

there is no "I" in team; look at the fourth and second letters of the word-rewads like "ME" to this reader!

Tannehill play and defense give some hope. O-line opened zero holes for Miller. Hopefully this is an anomaly as I think Miller will be a very serviceable back.

I have to admit I did not see the game. I was at the Seahawks vs Panthers game in Charlotte. Talk about frustrating.

This is a huge win for Miami. It was huge because they absolutely had to have the win. Lose this game and a 0-5 start was the likely end result. So kudos to the Fish for winning a really big game.

The box score suggests a lot of work to do (running game, passing to Wallace, too many sacks, etc) but it can be done. Now Miami needs to figure out a way to win at least one (preferably two) of the next four games.

Guys Good win for the Mighty air-breathers, A win is a Win, I'll take it...
But I'am keeping with my 6 and 10, With that O-Line Tannehill will be out by by week 6, then we'll have the human turn-over Machine Matt Moore....
But hey, Great win, GO PHINS..

All right gys The Anti is off to Hawaii not for Vacation but for work for the next 3 weeks..
Will drop in a show off pictures as I did in the asshole of the world in south America, Hopfully my stay at the The Caltech Submillimeter Observatory in Mauna Kea is more pleasant...
Talk to you all tomorrow... PEACE

we won. period. D was amazing; the best i've seen in years. the offense is a work in progress, and i expect things to be better next week.
canes won, dolphins won.
haters? blouu me..

Where are all the Gator shit-talkers? Oh that's right,just like Jets fans,they scurry off after a loss...back to hide under their rocks...good riddance...

Mouning guys,

Great weekend for all Canes and Dolphin fans !... Extra bonus, we beat the Lizards and ND lost to Michigan.

On the Dolphins game, our running game was non existent , fat John Jerry and Clabo were pushed around all game, our RB's had zero room to operate.

Wallace complaining?..I have no problem with it but Wallace was going against Haden, their best CB and one of the best in the NFL, Tannehill DID WAS HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO, he went to were he had a better match up, Clay, Gibson and Hartline had better games.

I'm sure Wallace will be integrated into the offense soon enough, no worries there.

Tannehill, he looked poised out there, he had no running game to helped him and he still produced, he is maturing and getting better, I'm sure there will be games where he looks lost or throws a bunch of INT's but he is getting better .

Our special teams where ok, Thigpen had a punt return for a TD called back, WTF ?

Defense, We all knew this could be a really good defense but what I am most impressed with is our team speed, much better than last year and our pass rush is also much improved.

Somewhat satisfied. Miami wins a must win game, a first for them in almost a decade. BUT no rushing game and the OL SUCKS just as I predicted...Tannehill sacked 4 times. YIKES.

Oh one more gripe. Anyone else here wishing Miami had used the 3rd overall pick to draft a LT? OC hit the nail on the head with Jordan, "The guy so far appears to be made of paper mache." Plus we don't need him.

Unless they get that mess of an OL straightened out it's gonna be a long season.

I was partially right on Cleveland being good on the front 7 and Haden being a lock down corner. I was horribly wrong in that Cleveland's OL may be worse than the Dolphins. Weedon and Tannehill looked about the same except Cleveland dropped 2 INT's.

On defense the Fins are strong. On Offense, they are a MESS.

The fins neglected the OL and it is a disaster. Ireland better address this putrid OL. They have no RB. They have just ok WRs. The 60 million dollar man was shut down so stop whining. 1 catch is unacceptable. Shut your mouth and play football. This Dolphins offense is a mess. At least the D should be able to keep us in games.

That last Cameron Wake sack was unbelievable. Dude just ran through the RT to effectively finish any hopes the Browns had in mounting a last minute comeback. Game ball.

The Kotex writes a rather good article on the problems facing the Dolphins in the near future.


Congrats Greg. Seems you've been reading your own blog!

Attributions necessary for anti-, Kazimoto (wherever he is), rawpimple, OC, me and some others I can't recall. But no worries, you've ripped me off before and you've ripped OC off so many times in the past I can't count.

I guess this is where columnists find their columns. Yathunk?

I see PIMPLEBOY talks alot about fish, but nothing about the Canes.......


I talked about the Canes.

Canes won that is the bottom line but they were shut down offensively like I thought they would be. Duke Johnson was a non-factor, like I thought he would be and like he does against good teams. Morris' stock took a hit. What is almost impossible to account for is turnovers, especially the number Florida had. They dominated every stat (i guess even turnovers too). They had more offensive yards than Miami by double. They converted 3rd down more. They had more rushing yards. They moved the ball. They just stalled in the red zone. Florida needed a QB who could be a game manager and instead their QB lost the game for them. It's ok though. Our future is bright. Canes won a big one for their program and the only stat that matters in the end is final score.

Good win 6 sacks and 3 int's excellent I said Miami would win by at least a TD.

Tannehill threw a dart to Hartline for that TD very encouraging he was very efficient.

Colts defense isn't anything special I expect a win this week call it revenge for last year.

Coaching staff has a lot to do this week a few messes to clean up but hopefully that gets done and and it's full steam ahead to Indiana.

BB you're an ostrich.

Tom if you're referring to the Wallace, Starks, and to a lesser extent Soliai issues then maybe I am but I trust the coaching staff can fix the problems they are having.

Oline isn't playing great either but an opening day road win for this team who had lost 8 of 10 opening day games is ok by me for now.

Winning fixes everything Tom remember that.

Well Ass Pimple, I guess it's back to your job washing dishes at Waffle House. Nice. Chomp Chomp......

BB that is so true. But gaping holes in the OL are hard to mask when you play a real NFL team and not an NFL team that is better suited for the MAC if college football.

I wonder if Miami's coaching staff took notice on how Reggie Bush had 90 yards rushing on 21 carries and 101 yards receiving, and turned a short pass into a 77-yard touchdown.

Hey Woodcock did you check out what our Great White Hope WR did yesterday?

He won the game and he wears a zoot suit better than you did when you and OC were strutting them in your platform shoes back in 79'.

BB, Woodcock never owned anything like that. He showed up, (on rare occasions) dressed in preppy clothes. As for me, yes, had the 3" platforms, fine dress polyester pants, and rayon, multi-patterned long sleeves, with the appropriate top three buttons off to expose the chest.

Never had any doubt about you OC.

Few would argue that Miami's defense this year is better than last year's team. That being said, the team needs to showcase and demonstrate why so much $$$$ and importance was placed on Wallace. It remains to be seen if he is the offense's "difference-maker," because in my view, they have regressed in using Martin over Long, Miller over Bush, Clay over Fasano, and drawing even with Gibson against Bess.

OC good call on Reggie Bush. Another of Ireland's insane moves.

Ireland did bring in D. Patterson who had a very good game yesterday and Ryan Tannehill.

Jury is out on the 2 new linebackers but they seem to bring more speed and energy.

Signing Hartline to a long term deal was a good move.

Bringing in Tyson Clabo was a good move.

Bringing in B. Grimes was a good move.

Signing R. Jones to a new deal was a good move.

Gibson is better than Bess better route runner bigger target can lie up anywhere Bess can't.

M. Wallace was a good move it's early you can't teach speed, youth and ability his time will come.

In a copycat league, every team Miami faces will be studying film on how Cleveland made Wallace disappear. Couple that with the common sense knowledge that Miami will enter the Colts game itching to go to Wallace early and often and your offense becomes that much more predictable.

Expect some picks early on Tanny.

all right now,

yes the offensive line has issues on the right side (not LT or LG) but Clabo is a solid veteran and he'll be fine, fat John Jerry is the problem...

Wallace needs to shut up and get with the program, this is a team game, the fact that Hartline,Gibson and Clay had solid games proves his value, we will be ok there also.

it is not fair to judge Dion Jordan off of 17 snaps of his first pro game, the guy is coming off shoulder surgery, didn't get a chance to rehab or participate in off season workouts and is probably not 100% yet..

it is also not fair to critize our RB's when they had zero chance to run the ball..

the Colts are next, call me crazy but I think we are going to beat them, I predicted we'll start the season 3-0..anywho..is still better than 0-1 right?

Aloha Amigo's.....
FZB, I see from your 12:57 post you've added Vodka to your Kool-Aid....HEHEHEHE

Koa Misi also just signed at least Parcells didn't totally strikeout but close Odrick and Wake were good he may have brought in Starks too if I remember and he picked Hartline.

Wallace was being covered by Haden and a safety over the top which open up the rest of the field for everybody else, the middle of the field was wide opne all day and I'm confident they will find other ways to get Wallace open..

the Colts defense is not as good as the Browns, it should be a good game.

Baby, good post on the good moves Ireland has made, this guys only see the "negativo" stuff.

I'm positive Ireland is a negative.

OC if you can't see that Gibson is better than Bess then I can't help you bro it's obvious.

Gibson may be slightly better than Bess, in so much that he's a bigger target. I doubt he has better hands, and I know that Gibson cannot run back or take punts.

its a good bet Anti is in this picture somewhere, enjoy your Havai experience buddy...and yes I am drinking the Kool Aid..go Dolphins !


Ok guys...here are Parcells and Ireland's number 1's..which of the two groups would you take?

Parcells...Long, Vontae Davis and Odrick

Ireland...Pouncey, Tannehill and Dion Jordan

He can line up in the slot or outside Bess was a liability on the outside and he's much bigger.

This is not Tiger vs Garcia. At most it's Garcia vs Poulter.


you are blind as a bat which is very appopriate since you live in bat country now..

Gibson is better than Bess and a major upgrade (sorry Shadow).

Bess was 5 for 47 at 9.4 ypc., to Gibson's 7 for 77 and 11 ypc. Same dog, different collar.

Oye Wood's,

bro you should have been there at Joe Robbie..

the Canes are ranked 15th in the lastest polls, they are by no means a complete team yet, they still have problems on the O Line and running backs and our defense is not as good as the Gators defense but they are on the right track, its aonly a matter of time now, In Golden I trust.

oh, before I forget..fak U NCAA

oh, before I forget part II..fak U little Nevin.

Put it this way, even if Gibson were to be marginally better than Bess for what the team is asking of the position, that difference is more than lost by virtue of what degree the've lost in having Clay rather than Fasano and Miller over Bush.

The team better capitalize on Wallace or this offense is worse.


come on man, you think Reggie Bush would have gotten 100 yard's behind our O Line?...Reggie is a great talent but MIller is no slouch either and much cheaper..if the Dolphins had retained R Bush then maybe we can't resign Hartline or Jones at safety or Clemons, it was a good decision specially when you have a young back like MIller waiting in the wings.

The Reggie Bush second guessing was inevitable today FZB I think we beat the Colts too their defense isn't as good as Cleveland like you said and I think Luck will be unable to figure the defense out.

so the Dolphins defense will face the following QB's in the next 4 weeks..

Luck, Ryan, Brees and Flacco...I feel sorry for those QB's hehe.

How dumb does Baltimore look though for letting Boldin go for a 6th round pick?

Luck is no Weeden. Neither are the rest of those gentlemen that FZ just posted.

The left side of the OL had no problems? Is that what you said FZB? It appears from live game blogging at the Bleacher Report that Jonathan "The Open Door" Martin gave up two sacks and several hits on Tannehill. One sack was to Desmond Bryant and the other to Quentin Groves. The commentary on Martin's overall play was not good.


Happy for the win but there are serious unresolved issues remaining for the Dolphins the least of which is Mike Wallace being unhappy. I tend to agree with whoever said that Tannehill needs to take out more insurance.....health and life!

The Bleacher Report that's not a news source.

Yup whoever, and I'm sure there was more than one, said we should have gone after LT in draft as a priority was obviously right. This team reminds me a bit of Philly Eagles when Buddy Ryan coached. Buddy seemed to treat Offense with disdain & as an after thought rather than intrigal part of team. I know if the opponent can't score they can't win but neither can you if you can't score...

On the plus side, the rest of our division (including NE) looks tame. I happen to watch the game at a sports bar and kept aware of the other games. Ron Jaworski may be right in predicting the Dolphins winning the division.

BB, The Great White Hope's father is black....

Dukey, Like the great Yogi Berrea once said "The team that scores the most Usually wins"...
Loved that quote....
FZB, Please do not operate a motor vehicle.....(HEHEHE)


I never operate a motor vehicle when I drink night-quill..

by the way Anti, since you is on Havai for a few days, why not take pictures of the scenery at the beach for the lads..

anti he also said get me another Picenic Basket!

The Bleacher Report that's not a news source.

Posted by: Big Baby | September 09, 2013 at 01:53 PM

So you're disputing what was LIVE BLOGGED? Come on BB. You're acting like an ostrich again. I can read the stat sheet. Desmond Bryant had two sacks. He's the RIGHT DEFENSIVE END for the Browns which means he was Martin's responsibility.

MARTIN SUCKS!!! So too does the OL.

Well the next 4 weeks will show where the Fins are as a team, Indy,Atlanta,New Orleans,Baltimore.....
We'll see, Again going with my "Nagativo" Prediction of 6 and 10, Though I will say the "D" looked good yesterday, Then I remember it was the Browns the fish were playing....


Yogi was right when he said "usually wins". USA Basketball team in 72 Olympics scored the most points and lost.....go figure. ffing cheating commie refs

listen to anti he's right. The next four weeks are key. And honestly the Fins need only win ONE of those four to have a shot at the playoffs. After that 4 game stretch things get much easier for the Fish. If Miami comes out of the first half the season 3-5 they are in the game. 4-4 and I'll bet they are a lock for the playoffs.

True it won't take long to see what this team is made of be it steel or fiberglass or rice paper...

ok now...next four weeks:

we beat the Colts, we beat the Falcons at home (home opener), we lose to the Saints away (very tough to beat them at the dome) and we beat the Ravens at home.

yup..4-1 in the first 5 games...

If this team were able to sustain drives, chewing up six or seven minutes at a time before scoring - even as little as 3 points - they would be a top four team. The defense is that good.

Unfortunately, they don't have a running game, and keeping drives alive will rest entirely on Tannehill.

Looks like someone still believes in Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Wizard Of OZ and that we are all more handsome, healthier, stronger than we were at 26.

OC you have gone from saying Miami can win the division to them having no runnning game to having no chance of starting 4-1 you're all over the map today let it play out.

Will do FZ, Just made our first journey to our Telescope, Hawaii is a place of extremes, one minute your down by the beach in warmth, 1 hour later your at 5 thousand feet and the place has no color, only brown sand atop clouds....
Just checking out the terrain
Truly AMAZING....
Was listening to dark side of the moon by Floyd on the way up, Did'nt need any "MOOD MODIFYERS"...

BTW, Beach temp this morning 79 Degrees,Temp at 5100 feet(Less then 45 minutes away 52 degrees... CRAZY..


the guys will always over react to everything, they stll haven't figure out yet that you are never as good as you look in a game or as bad as you may look, I'm sure the Dolphins defense will lay an egg sooner or later and at the same time the Dolphins offense can show great improvement.

you really have to let everything play out first (like you said) before you really know...what I really want to see is improvement every week from the offense, if they are better at the end of the year than the begining then I'll be happy.

FZB you kill me. "The guys" overreact? Seriously? OMG that's funny. You have taken a less than impressive win against a really shitty opponent and turned it into a 4-1 start for the Fins. Now honestly my soon to be geriatric friend, who is overreacting here? And I will give you a hint....it ain't me, anti, dukey, or OC.

13 point win against any opponent is good you're overreacting saying it isn't.


I've played golf at Kapalua one day then gone into Haleakala the next. Hawaii is an amazing place.

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