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September 10, 2013

Heat (re)sign Michael Beasley; plus Redskins nickname poll (vote now), 9/11, U.S. soccer, Miley bares all (video), UM's Duke, NFL Pix 'n Fantasy & more

1aa1am1 1aa1am21) It is WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11. On the 12th anniversary of 9/11 ... Never Forget! I'm Proud To BeAn American. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins win opener, DSM poll & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird) and Vine (Greg Cote).

U-S-A! U-S-A!: I think it's the right day to be patriotic, so here's a shoutout to the U.S. men's soccer team for whipping Mexico 2-0 last night and qualifying for a seventh straight trip to the World Cup. Not saying the Spains and Brazils should be quaking, but Jurgen Klinsmann has a very good, confident American team. Go U-S-A!

We're football-happy!: The first Dolfan Satisfaction Meter poll result rolled in at a solid 86.5 percent, one day after the latest Canesfan Satisfaction Meter showed a euphoric 96.7% following the Gator beating. Can't recall another week when both results were so favorable.

HEAT REACQUIRE POT SMOKIN' MICHAEL BEASLEY: I jacked "pot smokin'" into the headline to make it 1aa1beasclear I am quite aware of all the risks/baggage that comes with signing Michael Beasley. And, yes, it's still a smart signing. It's low risk. He comes cheap. Heck, a one-year, non-guaranteed deal is no-risk. If he decides weed is more important than his career and gets bounced, what has the Heat lost? Meanwhile, if he gets straight and gets serious, well, he is still only 24 years old. He's a career 14.1-point, 5.2-rebound guy. He's a flexible 6-9 forward. The upside is still way up. Besides, this orgnaization, and its leader Pat Riley have earned benefit of doubt on any signing, even or especially this one.

ON THE GROWING ISSUE WITH THE 'REDSKINS' NICKNAME: Washington's NFL team is standing firm on not changing it, and the NFL has not stepped in, but something close to a media boycott of the 1aa1redskinsnickname has begun. Several outlets including Mother Jones, Slate, Washington City Paper and New Republic now no longer use the name. And prominent sportswriters Peter King of Sports Illustrated and Bill Simmons of Grantland also have erased it. I support their doing so; it is their right. For years I have not referred to corporate names of stadiums and arenas as my own little moral stand, so I can't criticize someone else's. The thinking is that if the boycott grows -- if, for instance ESPN and the Washington Post stopped referring to Redskins or showing the logo/image pictured -- the weight for change might become too heavy to ignore. Imagine if a national TV broadcast of a Washington game purposely did not mention the word? I find this subject interesting but also personally conflicting. I'll admit that. I respect both the team and its fans wishing to protect what they consider a traditional nickname, but I also respect groups such as the American Indian Movement that consider "Redskins" to be offensive. It is one of the few topics on which I'm torn. That is why I have not columnized on this. Because "I see both sides" is a lousy starting point for any column. Do you have a stronger opinion than I do? That's what this poll is for. Vote and say why.

ESPN, ENOUGH WITH THE LEBRON NON-NEWS ON 2014!: Geez, are we facing almost a year of this non-stop? Of LeBron James being asked about next summer, essentially saying who-knows and having 1aa1jameskidthat fashioned as news? Headline today on ESPN.com's front: "LeBron has 'no idea' about '14 free agency." The implication is a questionable committment to Miami, or at least doubt. But in the story, right after he says he has "absolutely no idea" what might happen, he says: "I would love to spend the rest of my career in Miami with this great team and great organization as we continue to compete for championships. That's ideal." LeBron is smart and prudent to A) say he's happy here, but also to B) leave his options open. He doesn't know what will happen in 2014, OK!? Let's leave it at that, play a season and then all find out together. And in the meantime let's quit acting as if "I have no idea" constitutes news or the slightest tilting in any direction. Pictured: LeBron at age 6, offering only a coy, noncommittal smile as he is probed about his intentions in 2014.

1aa1cyrusmOH MY MILEY OH MY: Miley Cyrus, fresh from her tawdry twerking at the VMA's, has a new video out for her song Wrecking Ball, in which she swings on said wrecking ball while clothing-less. She also seems to be in love with a sledgehammer. Hey, this is a blog ... could I say it if it weren't true? ADVISORY: Do NOT click on the link if you are easily offended.

NFL PIX 'N FANTASY / WEEK 1: Ouch. Rough start against the point spread, and in fantasy. NFL 1aa1fripixpredix: We went a solid 11-5 overall on our Week 1 Friday Page predictions, but we were a dismal 4-11-1 (the Bears pushed) vs. the spread. The wrong side of too many 3-to-4 point lines leaves us some early digging to do. Had a great shot on our Upset of the Week call ("Aawwk!"), but Carolina gave it up in the fourth Q. Fantasy: Greg's Lobos lost 177-111, led by Larry Fitzgerald's 28 points. Remember in our poll you all made a clear favorite of the team in my league led by Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning? Good call. They combined for 80 points and that team won its opener, 205-105.

CANES' DUKE STILL NO. 2 BUT NEW LEADER IN OUR SOPY 'STATE HEISMAN' RANKINGS: This is the second season of our blog-exclusive State Offensive Player of the Year (SOPY) rankings, a weekly 1aa1duke2updated list of the most productive quarterbacks, running backs and receivers from the state's seven FBS schools: Miami, FSU and Florida, FIU and FAU, and South Florida and UCF. Miami's Duke Johnson (pictured) remains second despite a relatively quiet game vs. the Gators. Canes QB Stephen Morris won the 2012 season title with 1,900.5 points, edging FSU QB E.J. Manuel. Our simple formula awards a half-point for every passing yard and one point for every rushing or receiving yard, with six points for every TD scored or thrown. Our 2013 standings entering Week 3:

Rk (LW)   Player, Team-pos.               SOPY Pts. Wk2=Year

1 (4)     Blake Bortles, UCF-qb               141 = 318

2 (2)     Duke Johnson, Miami-rb            77 = 307

3 (3)     Marcus Shaw, USF-rb                94 = 292

4 (10t) Jeff Driskel, Florida-qb               176.5 = 278 

5 (9)     Storm Johnson, UCF-rb             146 = 259     

6 (1)     Jameis Winston, FSU-qb-*         BYE = 233

7 (--)    Rannell Hall, UCF-wr                 127 = 191

8 (--)    Stephen Morris, Miami-qb          84 = 186

9 (--)    Solomon Patton, Florida-wr       128 = 166

10 (6)   Mack Brown, Florida-rb             29 = 153

Bubble: Jaquez Johnson, FAU-qb, 141.5 FIU leader: Lamarq Caldwell, rb, 119. *-Note, FSU (Winston) has played one fewer game than others listed.

Cote's State of the State rankings: 1. FSU (1-0); 2. Miami (2-0); 3. Florida (1-1); 4. UCF (2-0); 5. USF (0-2); 6. FAU (0-2); 7. FIU (0-2).

WELL PLAYED, MIKE WALLACE. NOW PLAY WELL!: Dolphin Mike Wallace's so-predictable day-after response to his postgame diva act was to say he was mad at himself, not at the coaches or play-calling. 1aa1mwupsetThat's smart P.R. No team needs this kind of controversy, not this early, and especially not after a win. Click HERE for my column from the game on Wallace catching only one pass and then reacting as he did. He'll be a happier man this week. Indianapolis won't have a cornerback for him as good as Joe Haden, and the play-calling will attempt to make amends. Miami needs its $60 Million Man heavily involved ... and happy.

ON MAYWEATHER-ALVAREZ: No surprise, but Floyd Mayweather is a prohibitive betting favorite at 5-14 over Canelo Alvarez in next week's fight, a line designed to stem the flow of money on Money. A Mayweather win by decision is the result of choice at 10-19, and the over/under on pay-per-view buys is 1.75 million. Signs you may be a degenerate gambler: Betting the over/under on the PPV.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Looking at Driskel's "rapid ascent" in your SOPY rankings, I have to ask if you've considered putting turnovers in as a stat? Lost points for fumbles or interceptions (that way you cover all the bases, and not just on QBs). Seems kind of ridiculous that he'd vault all the way up to fourth after 2 INTs and a fumble.


been saying for a while that colge football was a better watch than the pros; now that the eagles are playing at breakneck speed they will all follow suit. as jon gruden said last night, the pros have been "invaded" by college football. goodbye to all those lazy plays in the pros where the ball is snapped one second before a whistle, which is vomitus. chip kelly is a confident fellow but let's see how his defense fares.

shadow do you think it will last?

Mike Vick already doesn't slide and takes many hits he has missed 13 games over the last 3 years due to injury look at RG III.

I don't know if that offense will remain fully intact for the long haul but one thing seems almost certain.

The option has come back after being dead in the league for awhile and it appears that it is here to stay with many teams likely running some variation of it if they have the personnel.

BC over USC this week new QB won't get it done against the Eagles I am afraid.

Hey, Ass Pimple, congratulations, boy. Looks like the word from Clem down at the general store is that Neckville will finally have the money to extend that one strand wire of electricity out to the "burbs." Your single wide is scheduled to be hooked up to "the grid" in 2050. Sucks for you, son, even by that time your Gayturds won't have a win against Miami........


What's old is new and what's new is old. Been watching football for a long time and there are no gimmicks. What's responsible for the high scoring are the rule changes. Heck, it's almost like playing flag football out there now. The worst call of the weekend had to be the call against San Diego last night (I know maybe one of you saw that since that game ended at 10:30 PM LA time) when this fat ass for the Chargers was called for a personal foul for barely touching the long snapper on a field goal attempt. This is par for the course for America in the 21st Century, we are now one decade into the "Pussyfication of America," of which that ass wipe, Barry Obama is the poster boy for.

No gimmicks Woodcock it's called the read option and it has been around for a LONG time.

Thing is no one ever thought it could work in the NFL and it has ask Green Bay about it in last years playoffs they were shredded by it.

Washington practices against it daily with RG III and they still couldn't stop Philly from torching them with it (that doesn't bode well for their defense I guess).

It is working for some teams that's all if you have the QB to do it but will it last is the question only a few teams do it but will it be a trend.

shadow knows this Stanford was the only team to slow down or stop Chip Kelly's Oregon teams.

Every team in the NFL wants to know what their secret was to doing it.

Gee, Shad, it's not fun to be a Brain Surgeon hater any more. Not with that fish that you have coaching. I miss the days when you guys were the most over rated team in the country and all the rich fat cats would have their butlers and man servants yelling "root, root" at the Coliseum while the Hoi Palloi, resplendently attired in magenta and gold polyester dined on canapes lathered in sherry cask aged Grey Poupon. "Oh the horror" as Buffy and Al sit on their hands as Jeeves does his best to belt out a good rendition of root, root, for good old Troy (Ahem, the only thing that Trojans are good for is to hold my jizz) as the score on the old scoreboard at the venerable Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum reads, "Tumbleweeds State 30 USC 3" at halftime.

Hang in there, Shad, help has to be on its way.

Root, root.

USC has a very good WR and two good TE's their QB's have stunk so far.

Gee, BB, you must be Italian or French. How else can one explain your definition of "slowed down or stopped them" when you reference the Stanford defensive efforts against Oregon...Bro, they went through Stanford's D like "Crap through a tin pipe."


There's no avoiding the elephant in the room Greg.

ESPN is LeBron tv or haven't you noticed?

Get ready for the Decision II.

That read option will die a quick death when the Quarterbacks used in that offense start going down like flies....

You can't run that offense & expect your QB to survive a 16 game season.....too many hits.....& now with the "concussion" issue & as Woodcock so eloquently states it "The Pussification of America/Football" you better have alot of extra QB's....

Personally I would like to hear Lebron's plans for the 2015 & 2016 seasons as well as who he will be boning...

Maybe but with Kaepernick, Vick and RG III you have to run at least some small form or variation of it it's too effective to not run it at least part of the time.

shadow teams should follow Fins example and lose offensive lines and running games. Just have wide outs and tightends in those positions instead...

Joe Philbin wants to pass on every down I think.

Orange, this just about explains everything that you need to know why Barry Obama and his like minded idiots suck donkey dicks.


Ahemm Mr. woodcock he is not afraid to use the IRS sir...

perhaps allegedly not afraid to use IRS would have been more accurate...

You, sir, are not that far off from the truth. The Secret Service paid my friend who lives in Miami a visit at his house. Seems like my friend was getting a little "too offensive" on the internet making too many disparaging comments about Barry. Of course freedom of speech be damned.

the pussyfication of american football, I like it Woody.

even better, the pussyfication of America..thanks Obi.

hahahahahahahaha !!

Canes fans, check this out, Hitler reacts to the gators losing to the hurricanes..funny chit.


Just finished watching Apple's public announcement for their latest and greatest phone. Puke colors for the teens, gold for the Gucci carrying hot babes, aluminum or black for dudes. 64 bits, a new camera, and digital fingerprint identification to access and for the NSA to know who is making the call.

Apple Schmapple I just picked up the Samsung Galaxy III and would recommend it to anyone great phone.

Crazy story about your friend woody but for that to happen he must have been making some threatening remarks no?

New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola is almost certain to miss Thursday night's game against the New York Jets game due to a groin injury.



I hate the Jets but I'll be rooting for them big time Thursday nite.

Tom with him out it's Edelman and a bunch of WR's I have never heard of and a 3rd string TE they are also missing a rb who went over a 100 last week.

They have a very good chance of losing this game if I was a gambler I take the 13 points in a minute.

Right now their stock is down ten bucks. So far this year Apple sucks donkey dicks. Time to bring Jobs body to the same place where they are storing Ted William's head to see if they can revive the MOFO.

Yes, yes, he apparently went over his chimp jokes for the month......

Just one problem with that bit of wishful thinking -- they're playing a Thursday night game at NE. Then again, it's not SF matching up against them. It's the freaking Jets, for Pete's sake!!!

They knocked on the door when he was at work and his wife almost died. They had that stern talk that dad used to have with me when they would call him and tell him he had to come to Kinloch Park Jr. High School to talk to Mr. Smith about Jr. misbehaving again......

Apple's demise interestingly coincides with about the same time Al Gore became part of their Board.

Speaking of Al the Weatherman. Someone needs to alert him to the fact that 2013 polar ice is up 60%.

It can't be good getting a visit from the Secret Service OC better be careful lol!

kids, let us remember the Jets do have a secret weapon at WR, one Clyde Gates...yup, the Patsies are in big trouble.

I think I'm safe, no one outside of this blog knows who Obi is...lets keep it that way just in case.

my phone?..I have one of those phones that don't take photos, don't send twitters but if someone calls me I can hear them and they can hear me and that is all that matters.

old school, all you young's-ter's can stay with your crappy technology.

Nothing to see here, folks...move along, move along.

Big Baby- $60million man, 1-15yds, $405,000 pats rookie undrafted FA, 3-45yd. $60mill. just does not buy what it used to I guess. Like I said before, this nitwit will go off the tracks by the 8th game of the season. He will find out that tannehill is not the same as having ben roths. as his QB.

BB, have you read any of Brad Thor's novels? Go to your library and check out Full Black for a better appreciation of the current capabilities of your caring BB (big bro).

No saw one of his books on the good seller list at Barnes and Noble the other day and thought of your recommendation I was there for childrens books and didn't pick it up I will next time.

Big Ben Naples? he's done bro a broken down shell of himself Tannehill will have a better year.

Naples, after seeing last week's Pit game, I'm not sure that Steeler fans are convinced that the guy who played QB that day for them was not the same as having Ben Roethlisberger as their QB.

Hey Guys

Any of you planning on going hiking with your wife any time soon?


You might reconsider.

Colts only a 3 point favorite against Miami at home respect has begun.

I knew I liked LeBron James for a reason. If you look at that early pic of his, he's smiling and holding a blue elephant. HE'S A REPUBLICAN!!!

LOL Naples your big money replacement for Welker is already hurt and they are now saying it could be more than one game I am laughing so hard I am falling out of my chair Glass Joe amendola!!!!!!

Mr Woodcock I'm pretty sure disorderly orderlies dropped Ted's head and only slurred speech, drooping face and drooling lie ahead for his ah reattached head..

lets not get carried away here muchachos, the Patsies should be able to handle the stinkin Jets..

it is time to go to el home from el worko..

later guys.

Is Mike Wallace related to former 60 Minutes newsman Mike Wallace? No probably not. He's definitely not related to Andy Rooney...

Did ya ever wonder if Kaepernick was related to Copernicus?

Big Baby,

anybody with a coach with some integrity deserves to eat lane kiffin's lunch (read wife). he is a dog and getting 7 ppoints off a mike leach team is beyond the imagination!! 10-7, is my kind of score, but that is when the 72 dolphins play the 75 steelers or 85 bears!!! as stated previously, the very truthful pat haden, USC's real golden boy, backed his coach at a press conference, but that will change when SC finishes with a 4-7 record and at the bottom of the PAC-?

Mr. Woodcock,

from previous posts the ole shadow thought you would understand that if lane kiffin went 1-11 (having beaten HAWAII!!!) i would be the happiest alum in these here united states. i despise the guy and i am sure that you have a better arm (and certainly football mind) than cody and max; last year i went "bizzerk" when USC was rated at the top of nthe polls and offered that USC wouldn't/couldn't beat the ducks once, let alone twice with kiffin senior at the defensive helm. believe me, i am having a better time watching this coach sink into oblivion than you are!! of the two co-ordinators, washington knew to take sarkisian over this dour awful excuse for a human and coach. didn't root for larry smith and was in the holy land during the paul hackett years; the 6-4-1 of both 70 and 71 are gonna look great compared to this misery of a team with a more miserable coach. boston college next for USC? take the eagles -13.

FZ - I would still use smoke signals & rotary phones if I could.........

Speaking of which...

food for thought.....

....How would they do a "real superman" today if there are no phone booths left ??!!

Guy's Check this Video out...
This is why I hate the Jets, And the thing is here's his Parents sittig there letting this Lil Spoiled idiot kid spewing crap from his mouth...
(Spoiler alert,the Young Amiga in the picture could be a A.C. Model)


Real Nice Parenting going on there in the city so nice they named it twice....

Orange Bowl, Superman would have to find an alley, an empty garage, play ground, public restroom or porn booth. Maybe an ABC lounge in Fla. I seem to recall them being very dark...

Anti what toxic/nuclear dump site was it found..

The Lobster or the Little Shit-head Kid??

I like Mr Woodcock--- Not in that way......2. Lebron was on a lottery team in CLE who had No cap space in the biggest free agency summer ever, 2010. Now, he is comin off 3 straight finals, 2 titles, poss 4 straight finals. and espn wants us 2 believe hes gonna up n leave..........COME ON NOW. Even if the heat lose in east finals or finals. Lebron isn't gonna waste prime yrs goin 2 REBUILD AGAIN.........

and cle cavs None of the rookies or kyries have won more than 23 games and NO PLAYOFF EXPERIENCE> HE AINT LEAVIN

all the neckville gator fans disappeared this week, just like Golden had 100 commits come to the game on a sold out stadium that hosts super bowls an bcs nat title games. SMART MOVE COACH G

I meant 100 future stars(prospects) not commits

Cote has had man crush on LeBron ever since the first time he saw LeBron nekked in the locker room. Quit meat gazing! You'll go cock eyed!

FZB, Came across this Video, Thought you like to take a Look....


I love Obama

I just finished watching NFL Network's "A Football Live - Don Shula." I can't say I've seen a better sports documentary than this one in a long, long time. I highly recommend it to any Dolphins fan.

Hey guys,

Wood's, I taped the Shula documentary , looking forward to seeing it in the next day or two.

Sept 11th today, may all of those innocent people that die rest in peace.

You guys think that we will ever live in a world where everyone lives in peace? ..Imagine that?, may the words of the great John Lennon become a reality.

No,there will never be peace...duh

CNN, OC? Wassup with that? I thought you were strictly a Fox guy, you turning pink in Austin?

Jets getting 12 points right now! 12 points, and the Patsys are down to the water boy, the trainer, and the parking lot attendant on offense. Unless Brady's wife walks around buck naked on the sidelines I have no idea how the stinkin' Jets don't cover.

We will never forget.

God bless America.

"Kazaam 54 where are you?"

big Baby- So this is how low your thinking has become. Your team is a 3pt dog, and you say they are finally getting some respect?

The President's speech didn't answer any questions to the American people. Time & time again he shows his lack of grasp of his primary job,, statesman of the free world. America has been the key power player in the middle east from the late 40's till now. Obama just gave a relatively weak Russian presence in the middle east to a regional power broker in a short time. The naive portion of our population believes that Syria is going to hand over all it's chemical weapons to Russia. Basically American taxpayers are going to pay for a rather small 4th of July show for the Syrian public. Were not removing Assad. Were not bombing his military, etc. Were doing what exactly?

Syrian note. The rebel fighters comprise of several different groups, many of them islam extremist. In the towns they are occupying they are beheading Christians that refuse to convert to islam & are destroying churches and anything Christian.

IMO,, stay out of Syria, let them kill each other.

3 point dog on the road is a pick em' game Naples so to answer your question yes.

We are crushing your man crush QB Luck on Sunday 1pm CBS be there.

Great minds think alike, Jimbo. Arm both sides and make sure you have a front row seat for the ass whippings. Afterwards just walk in and take everything that's not nailed down. This is from the first page of the first paragraph of the British Foreign Service field manual.

"The Wogs? We don't need no stinkin' Wogs....."

Dolphins will stomp Colts on Sunday.
Miami 30 Colts 20

Why? Andrew Luck, TY Hilton, Reggie Wayne is the reason the otherwise untalented Colts will manage to get 20 against one of the best D's in the NFL.

1. Long time O Coordinator T. Moore has LEFT Indy for greener pastures in Arizona (tumbleweed). What is reported,, Indy's new OC doesn't fit his game plan to maximize his most talented players strengths.
2. Colts O line stuggled in pass protection & running game... Miami's pass rush should dominate, leaving Luck to run for his life. Expect Fins to register no less than 5 sacks & numerous hurries/QB knock downs.
3. Colts D line...... weak front 7 overall, Mathis (in decline) is the only legit pass rusher. Miami will be able to pass protect, open running lanes.
4. Vontae Davis vs Mike Wallace.... Wallace is going to breakout this weekend.

Miami will leave Indy 2-0.

After watching Fins - Browns,, IMO,, if your running shotgun with 3 WR, quit the draw play.. don't work.
You need QB under center if your going to run the ball.
Hartline is in for a big season, he'll draw mostly single coverage from opponents #2 corner.

Sherman run this- Pitt used to line 2 WR's wide same side, Wallace outside another WR next to him on the inside. Wallace WR hitch pass/quick screen. other WR runs forward, blocks CB closest to line of scrimage, Wallace turns in, gets quick pass & runs.

Believe every word of your analysis Jimbo Miami is the better team and will win.

Got the NFL Ticket will see all Fins games. Only problem is I work Sat 3pm - Sun 7am, free double shift. Really, really haggered when getting up at noon to see Miami play early game.

Do what I do, just record the game and watch it later.

woodcock you're eating beat sprout omelettes and kale at 10 am EST watching the game who are you kidding.

10 am PST.

BB, the only bean sprout omelettes that I eat are Egg Foo Young at my local chink restaurant, and never for breakfast.

Hey Cote, this is the perfect solution to the Redskins name issue. Right now the Redskins use the same image of some injun that appears on the nickle coin. Not good. That injun has zero pizaz, no wonder people don't like it. Now, the team that really rocks when it comes to team names and mascots are the Cleveland Indians and the classic, Mr. Woodcock's favorite team mascot, the venerable Chief Wahoo.

Memo, to Dan Snyder, pay the Mistake By The Lake a royalty fee and put good ol' Chief Wahoo on the Redskins helmets.


Just like Cote to bring up some politically correct B.S. like the Redskins name. How about the Fighting Irish? Isn't that offensive to us of Irish ancestry? Why not just call them the Fighting, Drunk Irish?

Larry, my wife is from Derry. Sorry pal, but it's not offensive when it's true.......

Mr. Woodcock,

Kazaam is attending to a holdup in the bronx, after which he will go due south to take care of the outbreaks of fights in brooklyn.


hey barry j
why did you erase my previous post on mr. ross making eyes at the mls ...


Posted by: green | 09/11/2013 at 12:51 PM


He's hiding because his SB champion Ravens were blown out on opening night.

Hey I don't want to seem petty but if some schnook can come along and f*** up the Dolphins uniforms & logo on a whim then the Redskins need to lose their logo and nickname. F*** the Redskins. The team that is...

If the name of the Washington team was Kike Faces, Snyder, the owner would have changed it pronto. Same offense as red skin.

Good point Herb... lol

Miley Cyrus is really growing on me...

Yeah I know what you mean dukey. I'll be her sledgehammer...

Hey y'all that's my half nekkid daughter you're gettin' all lathered over er to which your all getting lathered...

so what are we is talkin-bout today?.

Redskins ?..no problemo with the name

Irish?..most of the one's I know are half drunk most of the time.

Dolphins beating the Colt'sies?..done deal

where is Kazimiro?..in jail or in mourning because his Colombian girl dumped his ass.

Cote?..a retarded liberal

Miley Cyrus?..a slut but doable.

did I missed anything?

FZB how about Duke Johnson?

Savannah State is coming up, so Duke should be getting amped up to play. He always shows up against the lesser schools so I am pumped! Although Duke is 2 for 2 getting hurt in games this season, so they may have to shut him down early. Actually the rest of the schedule Duke should be good to go, then he will crawl into the fetal position for Florida State, and should be ok to close out the year.

21-16 Lizard

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