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September 14, 2013

Collball Week 3: Saban has last laugh on Manziel; plus Canes/Gators off but plenty to see; big day for state (except FIU)

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The Miami Hurricanes, newly ensconced at No. 15 in the polls, and the Florida Gators both are off this week, so we take the opportunity to lead the Collball roundup with the Game of the Year. Sorry, Noles and FIU. You're here, but a bit further down...

NO. 1 ALABAMA 49, NO. 6 TEXAS A&M 42: Neither team remembered to bring along a defense, but you must give Team Saban and Team Manziel credit. They ut on quite a show. The Game of the Year hype lived up. ..... Original post: This is too delicious. The matchup and context are enough to make it shine with Game of the Year cred: Top-ranked Crimson Tide out to avenge last 1aa1ala1year's only loss, but needing to do so in the sonic chaos of College Station. But the game's two overriding personalities are what make this game must-see of course: Nick Saban vs. Johnny Manziel (pictured). 1aa1ala3 1aa1ala2Don't you wish it were possible for both teams to lose? To see a crestfallen Saban sullen on his postgame trudge? To see some of the noxious cocky knocked from Manziel? It is well beyond South Florida that dislike for Saban may be found, and dislike for "Johnny Football" also is national. (CBS today only grows the nauseating over-coverage of Manziel with a "Johnny Cam" trained solely on the A&M quarterback. And I'm sure the over/under on sideline shots of Saban would be, say, 20.5). Bottom line: Saban is the best coach in this game and has the best team. And he is 15-2 in his career in avenging loss. The 9.5-point underdog role insults the Aggies, though. It'll be close. Curious where your rooting interest is, or, in this case, perhaps it's who you'll most be rooting against? My pick was: Alabama, 30-24. 

Week 3 state FBS games:

No. 10 Florida State 62, Nevada 7 -- You could argue that games with 35-point betting lines are games that really should not be played at all. An impress-the-polls day for Noles. My pick was: FSU, 47-10.

1aa1bethuneBethune-Cookman 34, FIU 13 -- Oh my. I'm beginning to wonder if first-year coach Ron Turner will even survive the season with hair-trigger AD Pete Garcia. ..... Original post: Fascinating to watch the bet-line move on this one. FIU, a bigger school from a bigger conference and home, started out by rote as a slight favorite. Soon there was such a huge swing of money on Bethune-Cookman that B-C is now the pick by 3.5 points. They're begging you to take FIU. This is sad. Can't vouch for this game but can tell you the Btheun band will make halftime worth the rpice of admission. The game? That presents a classic question: Can a really solid smaller team beat a lesser big team? Wish I had a different answer in this case. My pick was: Bethune, 23-18.

UCF 34, Penn State 31 -- I gave the Knights an upset shot but thought Happy Valley (even though it stopped being all that happy) was too tough a venue. Instead, UCF's first win over a Big Ten school. My pick was: Penn State, 27-20.

FAU 24, USF 10 -- OWL POWER! The Bulls were nobody to be favored by 12 points but I didn't think they were this bad. Big roadie for FAU. . My pick was: USF, 24-17.

Off this week:

Miami: No. 15 Canes host Savannah State next and then visit USF so figure to be 4-0 (and possibly top-10) when they open ACC schedule vs. Georgia Tech.

Florida: No. 18 Gators open SEC schedule next week vs. Tennessee.

Week 3 national Top 25 matchups:

Alabama-Texas A&M (See above).

No. 16 UCLA 42, No. 23 Nebraska 21 -- Huskers lost to Bruins in L.A. last year. Well,  they did it again. At home. Blowing an 18-point lead. My pick was: Nebraska, 37-31.

My record: This week, 3-3; season, 16-4.

GOT SOPY?: Back for a second season is our State Offensive Player of the Year (SOPY) ranking, a weekly Top 10 of the most productive quarterbacks, runners and receivers from state's seven FBS schools. UCF QB Blake Bortles and Canes RB Duke Johnson are 1-2 entering Week 3. Follow along all season in the blog.

Poll result: Happy to have Beasley, but with reservations: We asked in previous blogpost (you may still vote), and 62.7 percent said they were pleased the Heat reacquired Michael Beasley. However 20.2% said no and 17.1% were undecided.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Would love to see Alibami and Satan lose but I don't think it will happen...should be a good game.

Its been 13 weeks since those mo-foes from the NCAA and the U had their little pow wow and still nothing , typical...since they have nothing they just wanna drag this on and on and on.


Guess I'm one of the few that likes Johnny Manziel. He's young, talented & having a good time living life. Fellas, remember what you were doing & how you were acting when you were his age. As for Saban, anytime he loses I'm happy. Go A&M!
My coworkers here in LA are pumped about this years LSU team. They like the NFL Saints but gush over LSU football.
I grew up in Western Pa a few moons ago. Used to walk a few blocks to see Marino play at Pitt. Penn State was strong, Steelers king and High School football was intense. 30 years later, only the Steelers seem relevant. PA football ain't what it used to be.

A Johnny Cam WTF? Hows 'bout a Lil Nicky Cam that follows him into his bathtub drops into the water and blasts him through the bathroom wall. Hard to hate Johnny Boy. Just looking at pic of his noxious mug makes me chuckle out loud. Hows bout Johnny in tub with Lil Nickey and whilst they're playing with each others rubber dickies both their cams fall into soapy highly conductive water...

Can Jordan play LT or run the ball between and betwixt the tackles?

The Cisco Kid isn't a friend of mine.
The Cisco Kid isn't a friend of mine.
He hit my car, and Poncho started to whine.
He hit my car, and Poncho started to whine.

He hit my car down at the 405.
He hit my car down at the 405.
A driver's license and of course they can.
A driver's license and of course they can.

Illegals have us pinned down here at home.
Illegals have us pinned down here at home.
Libtards came in and they ruined it all. Oh no, Cisco.
Libtards came in and they ruined it all. Oh no, Cisco.

Appears Saban and woodcock have one thing in common. Both pee sitting down.

Alibami beat A and M as expected ..I hate Saban but he sure is one heck of a college coach.

A lot of blow outs today, tomorrow can't get here soon enough.

Yankess lose again which is always a good thing.

I think the Dolphins will have a much better running game than last week, heck it can't be any worse right?

FZ no it can't be worse. This teams running game is more anemic than Marino teams..

Fins have bad rbs but their Ol is bad. Good news is the colts Ol is worse. Expect the 60 million dollar man to have a big game after the poor performance last week.

Colt 21 Fins 16.......
The fins just cant score in the red zone and are to quick to go after FGs......
Hope I'am wrong...
Interesting side-note, 'll be watching the Kick-off at 7am in the Morning......

No worries Anti...Dolphins will beat the Colts today...its in the.....wait for it, its in the Stars...hehe

Have you run into any sexy Hawaiian astronomer yet ?

Hate Bama and hate Manziel more. Really wanted to see a 300 lb Bama defensive lineman crush the little pimple face creep and put him out for the season. But at least he lost.

FZ, Getting ready to grab a couple hours of sleep.
Found a Bar down the road that's opened 24/7 and hs the NF package, Gonna have some bloody marys and poi...
BTW, Here's the best looking girl I've fund at the Scope...


Spam,Eggs and Poi...

Spam, eggs, rice, OK once in a while. Poi? terrible stuff no matter how you try to mask it, cover it, spice it. Oahu is a very cool place to be indeed.

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