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September 05, 2013

It's Upset Bird Day in America! Dolphins, NFL Week 1 predix; plus Stephen Ross poll & more

1) It is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6. I read that Le Batard from now on will hardly be writing for the Herald except when he wants to. Sort of like now. 2) Holed up today in the Random Evidence Dungeon concocting the Sunday notes column. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): LeBron's new TV show, debut of SOPY rankings, your grade on my fantasy team, Upset Bird Countdown & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird) and Vine (Greg Cote).

Pick for FIU home opener: It's tonight. Not convinced Orlando's UCF is all that special, but looks like it doesn't take special to beat the '13 FIU Panthers. My pick: UCF, 37-17. 

UPSET BIRD DAY: WEEK 1 PICKS FOR DOLPHINS, NFL: The mayors of several prominent Miami-Dade cities have officially declared today Upset Bird Day. OK, no they haven't. But only because they're all in 1aa1birdujail. Today of course marks the start of my 23rd season of Friday Page NFL predictions in the Miami Herald. Click on Week 1 Gems for the complete game-by-game capsules, and on Sorry, Houston for my accompanying NFL column outlining my division-by-division forecast and Super Bowl pick. The Friday Page unfurls with good news and bad news for the Dolphins. Strange as it sounds, I have Miami losing its opener Sunday at Cleveland, yet making the playoffs as a wild-card. I split last night's Kickoff Weekend opener in Denver. I had the Broncos beating the Ravens, but not covering the 7.5-point line. Nobody likes a showoff, Peyton. Geez.

ON STEPHEN ROSS, HIS STADIUM AND MICHIGAN: I admire billionaires who are generous and philanthropic. Bill Gates shares his wealth; Donald Trump, not so much. Maybe that is why they are held in such different regard. In that spirit I applaud Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for his $200 million 1aa1rosssdonation this week to his alma mater, the University of Michigan, a record donation for the school. Cynics always go straight to "tax write-off." Fine. It's true that when the legalities are worked out this will end up costing him considerbaly less than 200M. But he's still donating a ton of money that he didn't have to. What interests me the most in this is that his donation comes just weeks after Ross fought so hard in a losing battle to gain public funding for about that same amount of money for renovations to Dolphins stadium. Hmm. Half of me still applauds Ross, but the other half wonders why he doesn't just pay for his own stadium improvements. He'd get the money back, after all, because a franchise with a modernized, Super Bowl-attracting stadium is more valuable than what he has right now. Anyway, the poll is food for thought. Vote and say why.

1aa1nevermoreUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 1 DAY: [From Thursday] The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction pages 1aa1birduthis week -- Sept. 6, tomorrow -- and we began a 10-day countdown honoring outstanding notable birds. Today, at 1 day, we save the best for last and shine a reverent light on the mystical Nevermore, the mysterious namesake from Edgar Allan Poe's classic 1845 narrative poem, The Raven. This was inevitable, of course. The Upset Bird finds his heroic inspiration, his very muse, in Poe's talking blackbird. One said, "Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore'." The other said, "Aawwk!" Different times, same idea.

Ravens-Broncos Thursday night pick: Make it Denver, 31-27 tonight, with Baltimore beating the 7 1/2-point line but not the opponent. Click HERE for our introductory and full predix capsule, a morsel of an appetizer for our Friday Page debut. [Broncos won, 49-27]

Thursday state FBS-school pick: FAU at East Carolina. My pick: East Carolina, 34-17. [EC won 31-13]

I'M NOW 'VERIFIED' ON TWITTER: There is no way to mention this as an oh-by-the-way aside or 1aa1verifiedmention it at all without it seeming like bragging, so I'll admit it was a surprise and mini-cheap thrill yesterday to see that little blue Verified Account checkmark magically appear beside my Twitter name @gregcote. Didn't seek it. Can't explain it. Not sure what it does. The one drawback: Much harder now to say something stupid and claim it wasn't me.

THE LIST: HURRICANES VS. GATORS: The Miami-Florida rivalry by decades:

Decade    UM record / Coaches

1930s    1-1 / Harding

1940s    4-5 / Harding, Dunn, Gustafson 

1950s    6-4 / Gustafson

1960s    5-5 / Gustafson, Tate

1970s    3-7 / Kichefski, Curci, Elliott, Selmer, Saban, Schnellenberger

1980s    5-3 / Schnellenberger, Johnson, Erickson

1990s    0-0 / Erickson, Davis

2000s    4-1 / Davis, Coker, Shannon

Totals    28-26

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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It wouldn't be a Cote blog without the obligatory slap at a Republican now would it?

Greg my guess is that you have already said something stupid on Twitter.

NFL season starts tonight, let the games begin! None of the talking heads give Fins a win at home against the 4th rated AFC North Cleveland Browns. Here ye Here ye,,, Jimbo says Miami 24 Cleveland 13.

Republican...Democrat...who gives a shit...it's all a big bunch of SUCK..

Jimbo Fins are on the road first 2 games this season you ok dude?

Woo-hoo, football is finally here! A much needed distraction to pull us away from reality, and as we casually march into WWIII.

Shadow, you still haven't decided on how a post-less-Bess affects the record?

11-5: Big Baby, (the real) david in los angeles
10-6: Jimbo, FZB, Cliff
9-7: Andrew, OC Dolphin, IMAWriter, Greg Cote
8-8: Naples Jack, I am Kazaam, Mr. Woodcock
7-9: Tom
6-10: Anti Christ, dukey

Ravens are 7.5 pt dogs doesn't that seem like a lot for a defending SB champion?

I agree they aren't likely to be the same team this year though.

This looks like it is Manning's last chance at a ring he'll be 39 next year.

Another ring.

Boycott the Dolphins!! Ross can donate all the money he wants to his alma mater. But he earned the money in So. Fla and should have shown at least a little love to the U!!

Go Canes!!

The Canes are a sinking ship. Even Kaz abandoned them. Why would anyone put good money into an Enron while it is going down in flames?

Fan Breakdown:

60% Miami Dade Community College students and/or grads
5% True Miami Hurricanes fans
35% Gators

One Part cola.
One Part Captain spiced.
Garnish with Lime.

Too sweet for my taste, but brother-in-law's favorite concoction.

Really good point/counter point here from each ESPN analyst covering their respective teams.


Hey Captain O

Bite Me!!

It's just rawpimple in sheep's clothing besides there is only room on this ship for one Captain there matey arrrgghhhhh!

Reposted from previous blog due to the overwhelming fan response.

Captain, you must be Ass Pimple's retard brother that your relations keep locked up down in the root cellar. Is the root cellar near the single wide or the double wide in the family compound? The next time that you see your sister Ellie Mae tell her that Mr. Woodcock just put her carton of Lucky Strikes in the mail and thank her for the last blow job she gave me.

He could still write-off the stadium improvement against the team's earnings just as he would write-off the charitable contribution from his income.

What he/they are trying to do is open a large, tax-payer funded, feeding trough so they can do whatever they want with the money.

He cries poor-mouth to the tax-payers of Dade county and then sends $200 million to Michigan. Wow! what a disengenuous carpet-bagger.

Obama is an imbecile. The last thing that the U.S. needs is for the rebels to win in Syria. The perfect scenario is a prolonged civil war with more and more economic and human capital thrown down a dark pit. Someone should give Obama a copy of Rothschild's biography. The smart play is to talk democracy and liberty while making sure that Assad stays in power and the civil war draws in as many Muslim factions into the conflict as possible, and when the time is right help Israel take out Iran's nuclear weapons facility. This strategy is from the first paragraph of the British Foreign Service Field Manual.

I won't hold my breath that this will happen, unfortunately, the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue doesn't have the grey matter to grasp the concept.

is it me or are there more gator-asswipes on the blog than usual?

Ross can do whatever he wants with his money and while is true that his stadium/franchise would probably be worth more after the renovation is important to remember the biggest beneficiary would be Dade County because of the influx of turist money that a SB would bring.


Dolphins 27 Browns 13

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT-for those that have Direct TV they will give you all the NFL games for free the first weekend.

let us hope that Obi doesn't start WW III any time soon or in the future, after all football season is just getting started and we wouldn't want a little distraction like that ruin everything, right?

Hey FZB, check out the vote above, it's running about 10-1 against the carpet-bagger. We all know he doesn't need the money, esp. not $400 million, to put a screen over everybodies head.

The value of 'his' franchise will go up with the investment. There is no need to divert taxpayer dollars from needed services to do something this billionaire can and should do himself.

the money was coming from a turist bed tax, no one in Dade Cty or the City of Miami was going to pay a dime out of their pocket.

Super Bowls bring in money to an area and everyone was going to benefit from it, yes I agree the stadium would be worth a bit more but it would not be fair for the Dolphins to pay for the whole thing when all the revenue generated by the big events would benefit the people of Dade Cty.

those that have voted against are the uninformed, just like U are.

cry me a river..here's another example,

ELwadd wrote:

Boycott the Dolphins!! Ross can donate all the money he wants to his alma mater. But he earned the money in So. Fla and should have shown at least a little love to the U!!
Go Canes!!
Posted by: Elwadd | September 05, 2013 at 12:05 PM

Ross has made his fortune in NY City...not in South Fla
and showing a little love to the U doesn't apply at all, he graduated from Michigan, he owes nothing to the U.

Tremendas tetonas. Right up my alley.

I already had Dee Dee I really must say...

can you spell genetics FZ. A team full of those would make me care even less about the fate of this particular Dolphin team. In fact they could lose every one and I still would pay for my NFL season ticket. Truly I am far more interested in regular bloggers than this Dolphin team. If they happen to become winners it's the icing on the proverbial cake & that's all...


look what I found, maybe this will get your blood boiling a little for saturday's game..hehe


LA LA LA Nice Lady...

Hmm letting John Horneybrook go in unmolested. I don't like the sound of that FZ...


Ok ok Dolphin 466 Browns 3...


Wow, somewhat surprising. The 13 "so called" NFL/ESPN experts have overwhelmingly picked Cleveland to win their game against Miami. 10 to 3.

That's 10 votes to three, and not the score.

Good thing two of the three votes for Miami were from Jaworski and Carter. Carter is usually one of the top pickers and Jaws is a smart dude.

Cote exactly how do you know that Trump is not generous with his wealth? Do you have access to his tax returns that the rest of us do not have? Fact is he may be very generous and not make a big deal about it. I don't know and neither do you.

But I do know that liberal Democrats are the least charitable of all in our society. There are several well-respected academic studies on just that point.

But if you need a little more convincing go take a look at the charitable giving of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Al Gore. Obama never gave anything of substance (though making $300 thousand plus) before he decided to run for the Senate. Same for Gore except he waited until he was running for Vice President. Both made substantial sums and never gave anything. Joe Biden is exactly the same except he still doesn't give. I gotta say I respect Biden more than the Obama and Gore. Biden is a chincy with his money and isn't going to change for anyone. Gore and Obama are the same except they are whores to the political system. Their giving isn't from the heart it's for the vote.

Contrast the lack of giving of Obama, Biden and Gore with the charitable giving of Bush and Cheney. Both have long given substantial sums to charity and did so when neither was involved in the political process.

Ok so now I've made a number of assertions. GOOGLE their tax returns and report back if I mislead anyone. Not expecting a peep as I have the returns in front of me as I write.

With respect to Ross I had the same thought. If he has the wealth to donate $200 million (about $120 million adjusted for tax savings) then he has enough to pay for his own damn stadium. just sayin....

EXCELLENT POST TOM..on the fackin liberals that is..

Forget it Tom. You're objective and can see both sides. These cats run around with selective, political positioning. Barbara Boxer, Kerry, Biden, Obama, H. Clinton - all, wanted to impeach Bush for charging ahead into conflict. Now look at them. Hypocrites all.


A prediction is just someone's opinion and not a guarantee of what's about to happen, no worries.

Vladimir Putin is playing our President like Garry Kasparov against Curly Howard. This is embarrassing.

Smart dude, OC? The guy's Polish.

Just read that Curly Howard died at 48 from cerebral hemorrhage. I guess all those shots to his head with a hammer from Moe Howard must have taken a toll.

Sorry Tom, but you have to judge the JRS remodel on a different set of logic. To be fair to Alfred E., if that loser ass wipe Loria was given 500 large to build the giant toilet then in all fairness they should give Jew Boy McCoy the same to remodel that dump.

Woods, it doesn't matter where he's from. The fact is that he's no bigger than 5'-7" and that's with elevator shoes. Yet, he's "branded" himself as "The Most Interesting Man Alive." He's out there catching the biggest fish, bare-chested riding around on a horse, hunting down tigers, shielding American traitors. Basically rubbing the US's face in bear shit.

Liberals like to tell others what to do with their money. Meanwhile, they avoid paying taxes more than any other group I have ever seen. They are the least generous people. Ohhh, but they act like they are so concerned about others which justifies their existence.

I was talking about Jaws, dummy.

How many OCs does it take to paint a house? One Woodcock to hold the brush and 5,000 OCs to turn the house.

Cap, you keep posting comments like the one at 3:50 and I will personally apologize to you for the retard comment and the comparison to that idiot Ass Pimple.

Ross donates so that his name is displayed all over buildings. True class would donate under the condition of anonymity. S. Fla would be well served if he hitch hiked back to NYC. Nobody would miss him. AMF!

all big wheels that donate their "dinero" like to see their names on those buildings, its an ego thing and no one should have any problems with it.

Woody, Captain Obvious is still an asswipe, HE IS ALSO A LIZARD.

Danny Amendola on the Patriots injury report. OMG that is so funny. Those idiots let Welker go and signed Amendola for about the same amount that Welker wanted. Come on the truth about Belishit is he's an ass clown who lucked into the greatest QB ever. In 2000 his first year at New England the "genius" took his team to a 5-11 record. In 2001 his QB is Drew Bledsoe and they lost the first two games to mediocre teams. Bledsoe gets hurt in game 2 against the Jets and NE goes 11-3 the rest of the way with Brady.

Come on let's be real here. Belichick with the Browns SUCKED a bigger one than Richard Simmons. And the truth is he did the same in NE before Brady. NE wins because of Brady and when he goes that franchise will become the Raiders of the East.

Rex Ryan got a boner after almost seeing Seacrest's ankles. Nice floods.
The NFL is with it. "The Final Countdown" to open followed by Shirley Temple at half time.


FZ, Alfred E could put his name on the back of chicks a**es with his own line of blue jeans and I wouldn't care...

Hows 'bout Shirley Cyrus at half-time, Miley Cyrus' loosey goosey sister...

Greg Cote: Miami Dolphins will be in playoffs as wild card

FZB that is the worst thing that could have happened to Dolphin fans. Cote is never right. We're doomed by the Curse of the Cote.

Even Cote acknowledges his own curse....

Cote: And my Super Bowl pick is: Texans over Seahawks. I’m sorry, but, based on my track record, Houston, you have a problem. MIAMI TOO!


Yes well I was censured even using asterisks in place of crucial f***ing letters like I just did. Ok here I go again, WE'RE DEAD, WERE FOCKING DOOMED FOR F***SAKE!

OH WE'RE DEAD, WE'RE FOCKING DOOMED FOR FOCKSAKE! Is that clean enough for you Jimmy Olsen?...

Clearly this big spender reaks of high grade formica and plastic palm trees...


ha ha ha you freakin' censure cops got nothing better to do...

Of course we're ffing doomed. I gave you the Kotex Kiss of Death with my playoff prediction.

Follow the bouncing boobs..........

That's it, we're fackin doomed..U all know what a positivo I am but even I can't compete against the Cote curse...

Thanks a lot Greg.

Mouning yu all , you too Lizards.

Hahahahah, Tebow says he wants to keep his dream of playing QB in the NFL alive and rejected another team ( per Peter King of SI ) that was interested in him but to change to another position...water boy maybe?

Did anyone see Manning last night?...man !

That Walker dude looked pretty good last night, you think Brady is going to miss him?

And what happened to the Ravens defense?... Hhhmmm

Good morning FZB. Yathunk your son is nervous? Do yathunk Dolfans will be screaming even louder for his head if Miami loses to Cleve-land?

Anti thanks for the pick me up this morning. Oh babeeeee

George Zimmerman's wife filed for divorce. Can't hardly blame her. Zim is a dead man walking thanks to the lamestream liberal media. Some nut job egged on by leftwing lunatics is gonna get him and she does not want to be a collateral casualty.

WARNING: If you're headed to Philadelphia to hook up with a hooker beware.


Could that possibly explain Kazimoto's absence from the blog?

A return favor anti


Lets just say Woodcock made a great decision this week when he penciled in Peyton "Freaking" Manning as the starter at QB for my vaunted "Just Blow Me" fantasy team. Boy got me 51 points last night. He he.

Boys, this more than anything announces the arrival of Gayturd fans to Miami.


Woodcock, Manning scored a one game record 75 points in the fantasy league I'm in. None of my week one (2 opponents) opponents had Manning.
My starting lineup this week is:
QB Romo
RB Jones-Drew
RB Marshawn Lynch
WR Colston
WR Boldin
TE Jimmy Graham
D/ST Miami, started over Cinci D considering week 1 matchups
K Sturgis
Benched QB Rivers, RB's Shonne Greene, Mark Ingram, WR's Sidney Rice, Brian Hartline, TE's Zach Miller, Dallas Clark, Bengals D/ST.
one of my opponents scored 39 with Denvers TE.

Put a waiver claim in for TE J. Thomas today Jimbo and guess what I have # 1 priority after picking # 10 this year nobody has him.

Lucky for me I think that guy looks like he will be a factor all year long so long Owen Daniels as much as I like you bro.

I am also in two leagues and starting Miami D in one like you I think they could have a breakout year let's hope.


Ravens are done their offense looks paltry after T. Smith (who isn't really a # 1 WR) they were relying on D. Clark and B. Stokley all night long. Those two guys were unemployed this summer.

Their defense looks toasty granted it's only one game but I think we beat that team at home this season sorry kaz (Not really. At all).


Miami lost 5 games by a touchdown or less last season.

It's time to take the next step towards winning those games.

Dolphins gained talent on both sides of the ball this year. Add in a rookie FG kicker who can nail anything inside 60 yards. If you want to count the losses,, Sean Smith, Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Carlos Dansby, an argument can be made to counter the losses. Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown was wide open running deep routes against Smith, Long was oft injured, played stiff, lost any quickness he did have in last 2 seasons, Reggie put out a couple good games last yr, wasn't all that great in the other 10. Miami gets no respect from the TV/Radio talking heads until they start stringing wins together.

Big Baby, I drafted back to back RB's at rounds 1 & 2 (3rd in the odd rounds 12 in the even rounds) & got Graham in the 3rd round of a 14 team league. THIRD RD! He was drafted behind Vernon Davis & Jason Whitton. Top D's started to go in the 3rd round.

dude you should win it all easily if Graham went behind V. Davis and Witten then your league isn't very competetive ditto for defenses going in the THIRD ROUND lol!

if it's a family and friends league no offense.

Barring considerable injury I see Miami going 2-0 to start the season.
Cleveland's D is in the bottom 8, Offense features a good RB, best Wr is out, questionable RB and reportedly weak O line.
Indy has decent O line, good QB, good WR's, good TE, very suspect D.

Miami will use a 3 WR quite often, Hartline, Wallace, Gibson & possibly both Thomas & Miller RB's at same time. Wallace's speed will change teams D on how they play Miami's O. If they stack the box to stop the run, Wallace can beat any CB on deep routes. If they drop safeties deep to respect Wallace's speed (most likely), the RB's have great odds at getting consistant big gains & opens middle up for large slot WR Gibson. Key is Miami's O line & Tannehill playing well.

Road win at Indy would be sweet.

They really should have won there last year if butterfingers S. Smith catches the ball.

correction: Cleveland comment. They have decent RB in Richardson, questionable QB in Weeden. Weeden played well in the preseason and you can't read too much into that. Most opposing D's start a very vanilla type game plan in the preseason.

No way Cleveland wins this game with J. Gordon he's their best WR and he is just ok.


good to see some positivo talk about the Dolphins for a change, keep it up guys!

I also think we beat Cleveland but we are getting ZERO respect from everyone nationally, zilch, nada, which I guess is not big deal since is just their opinions.

you who I think is going to have a big game?..as a group our TE's...I think they are going to be paying too much attention to Wallace..

any-who, can't wait for sunday!..BB and Jimbo, would you guys be able to watch the game?

I can't watch it but have Red Zone so if there is a lot of scoring I will see most of it they show a lot.

Maybe Colts next week NE is playing on Thursday so we should get that one at 1 pm on Sunday CBS.

I think the Raven fans should be a little worried about how their defense looked last night..hehe and I like the fact that we get'em in the 5th game of the season...maybe we can beat'em..

I could go to a Sports Bar with Sunday Ticket and see it but I don't often.

I think you can watch it online through the NFL network?..not really sure...worth checking it out.

Maybe I'll try that thanks.

Bro, get DirecTV Sunday Ticket, it works out to around $2.00 per game.

Here's Woodcock's upset of the week boys, take the points and the home dog Panthers on Sunday against the Seahawks. If you really want to cash in take them on the money line, I think they have a good chance of not just covering but winning this game.

Sweet Jesus, GRISLEY ADAMS! Tom thanks for the Philly heads up...

I got Directv but I don't have the NFL package since all the Dolphin home games are televised anyways..

Tom that lady clearly has a couple horseshoes in her breasts...


Get NFL Ticket on DirectTV then you can watch every game even when you're not home.


Here is some positivo Dolphins talk.......

Dolphins win big in Cleve-land. After that???????????


it looks like there are a few options out there but I don't know how reliable they are..


Guys I don't want Direct TV I am happy with cable really.

FZ new Direct TV subscribers are getting Sunday Ticket for free right now you should call them and complain they should do something for existing customers no reason not to have it.

Well then you don't get no fooooootballlllll

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