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September 26, 2013

LeBron's wristwatch costs more than a house-*; plus Dolphins/NFL W4 predix, Wade-Durant feud poll, Beinfest firing, Le Batard update & more

1) It is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27. Today I'm at Random Evidence Laboratories conjuring Sunday's notes column package. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins, Marlins slammed in ESPN franchise rankings, Canes' 1,000 days of hell, NFL Pix 'n Fantasy, SOPY rankings & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

"Scientists estimate the sun will obliterate the Earth in 2.25 billion years. Appreciate the heads-up!" -- Greg Cote

1aa1lebwatchTHE SPLENDOR OF LEBRON JAMES' WRISTWATCH: I said in the main headline it costs more than a house. (*-OK, more than some houses). It costs $51,500. Not a lot for a house, granted. But a lot for a watch. Yet there was LeBron today in Miami at a lavish event to introduce his new limited line of wristwatches for Audemars Piguet, which I take it is better than Timex and Bulova combined. His line is called the "Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph" and it comes with an 18-karat pink-gold case, oversize Arabic numerals, a gray patterned dial and a crocodile strap. Sure you can spend less than 52K for a watch, but why would you!? Hurry, they only made 600 of these. Click HERE for the full story. The photo of the Heat's bon vivant is by Juan Fernando. The best part about LeBron's expensive, designer wristwatch? He can take one look at it and know instantly it's almost time to win another championship.

UPSET BIRD DAY: WEEK 4 PREDIX FOR DOLPHINS, NFL: A confession, Dolfans. I, aparently, am not a 1aa1fripixbeliever. (I think that might make me a heathen). I believe the Dolphins are much improved and pretty good, likely playoffs-good. I just don't believe they can outscore Drew Brees in the Superdome Monday night. Click on Week 4 Gems for my full predix capsules on Dolphins-Saints and every other game. And click on State Of the NFL for my Friday Page column, a by-the-numbers look at how many players every state college has in the league and who the best are. (My week got off to a good start last night. Had the 49ers winning and covering in St. Louis, and they did. Thank you, Frank Gore).

WADE/DURANT FEUD: REAL OR RUSE?: [Update: Wade said last night at a charity function that the feud is not a contrivance. Wait ... isn't that what you'd say even if it was? Hmm]. Most of you know by now that Kevin Durant said in an interview this week that James Harden should replace the Heat's Dwyane Wade in a Sports Illustrated top-10 list of 1aa1dwkdbest NBA players entering this coming season. Wade shot back on Twitter and Instagram saying he'll have to teach Durant some respect ... "again." Durant then replied, "Show me don't tweet me." It's interesting on the face of it because it's rare for one NBA star to call another one out, and Durant was all but saying Wade is overrated. But this little back and forth is even more interesting, to me, if it's fake as some suggest -- a social-media ruse, a setup for a new Gatorade commercial perhaps. I explore all of this in today's latest column, acknowledging the possibility it's fake but also the possibility it's real. Click on WADE VS. DURANT to read. (This is the updated version of the column, replacing the earlier version that unfortunately appears in print). I suggest the larger point that, either way, real or fake, this invites us to consider whether Wade, turning 32 in January, remains an elite/top-10 player, and to also consider his sensitivity to any doubts about that. Meantime, do you believe this feud is real or fake? Vote and say why.

ON LORIA'S FIRING OF BEINFEST: Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria dropped the guillotine on president of 1aa1beinbaseball ops Larry Beinfest this afternoon, not the least bit surprising. Suspicious as I am of just about anything Loria does, I cannot say Beinfest (pictured) built a record over his 12 seasons to suggest the change is unwarranted. He deserves some credit for the 2003 championship and for drafting Jose Fernandez in 2011. Those are nice bookends. But there was an awful lot of failure and bad draft picks elsewhere. The problem now? Convincing ourselves Loria will A) make a smart hire to replace Beinfest, then B) stay the hell out of his way.

ESPN PRESS RELEASE INDICATES I'M GOING NATIONAL WITH LE BATARD: The Dan Le Batard Show goes national on ESPN Radio this Monday at 4 p.m. The show will air Monday-through-Friday from 3-4 p.m. 1aa1eradioonly on 790 and 104.3 The Ticket, and then 4-7 nationally (and still locally, of course). ESPN has removed 'with Stugotz' from the show's title, but he's still the intrepid co-host. An ESPN press release says, "Rotating guest co-hosts, including Bomani Jones and Greg Cote, will often join Le Batard and Stugotz to provide listeners with a slightly different experience every day." This is the first time my name has appeared in an official report not associated with the police. Being a "rotating guest co-host" sounds dizzying. ESPN Radio has 24 million listeners on 450 stations, numbers expected to decline immediately following every appearance by me. The Le Batard Show will have an after-party at Whiskey Tango on Monday following the national debut.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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I don't know what is worse writing an article about a social media spat, writing about it in your blog, or me actually having to comment about it.

There just has to be something more relevant to talk about on the sports landscape.

Getting back for a moment to yesterdays nostalgia...

This goes to all the old cubiches out there FZ/Wood/OC....& this is way better than daft punk.....


Dam BB - The apocolypse must be near....second time we agree in 2 days....

This is what Cote writes up as news???!!!#$%


This guy gets the easiast paychecks in the world.....

I am with Wood on this.....USA has one of the biggest comebacks in sports history by beating the crap out of the Kiwi's & he writes this crap up...WOW...some sports writer....

This isn't even worth wrapping fish in!!


"Show me don't tweet me" wow them's some fightin' words there I can't get enough of this social media spat how will it end?

After writing the above article and not having "written" one since Monday...Cote should re-name his blog to:

"Evidence of an easy paycheck"

If your only going to work (& I use that term loosely for cote) 3 days a week @ least put out some decent content.....jeez....

I bet he took more time deciding where he was going for lunch than he took on that article...

Could this lead to a wait for it... Gatorade commercial? The world awaits...

Okay, Greg. Here's my two cents...

The Durant/Wade thing HAS to be staged. Otherwise Wade is speaking (tweeting) out of bravado. I mean, come on Dwyane. "show me, don't tweet me." Really!? How bout:

Durant's: ppg @ 28.1 vs your 21.2, or his total points of 2280 vs your 1463. His 7.9 rpg against your (not enough to register among the top 183 players). Perhaps you're better from the line...Nope. His .905 vs your.725. Wait, wait...you must mean 3 pointers. Nope, not that one either. Durant at 139 to - sorry, didn't make that list either. Blocks - nope. Minutes? Nope. He's got you there as well; 38.5 vs 34.7.

So what exactly do you want him to show you? The bottom of his Nikes as he flies over you?

Looks like Durant said show me don't tweet me but thanks for the stats OC.

Thanks for the correction. But if this is not a stunt, D-Wade might be suffering from blood restriction into the brain as a consequence of wearing a-bit-too-tight crop pants.

Hey dumbass, Wade was saying he's better than Harden, not Durant.

Oh, I see, 305dipshit, that makes ALL the difference in the world. My bad!


Harden 25.9
Wade 21.2


Harden 2.3
Wade (too low to make the list)


Harden 25.9 pts @ .851
Wade 21.2 pts @ .725

Durant is correct. At this point in his career Harden should be rated higher than Wade.

Wade= 3 rings (& Finals MVP)
Harden & Durant combined = 0 rings

Wade has NOTHING to prove....

When Durant wins a ring is when his opinion should count for something...

Also Wade is 31 & Harden is 24.......THAT IS A HUGE AGE DIFFERNECE IN PRO SPORTS....

OC since your "Mr Stats" - (& I dont have that much time on my hands)

Tell me what were Dwayne Wade's numbers the first 4 years of his career compared to the 4 years Harden has been in league ???

& Correct me b/c I may be wrong - but didnt wade win his 1st ring in his 4th year ???


Also correct me if I am wrong, But wasn't Wade a starter since his rookie year...

meanwhile mr. Harden was a sixth man b/c he could not crack starting lineup...until his trade to Houston ??

You cannot compare last years numbers also b/c Wade did not play in as many games as Harden.....


Slight correction to the posted FT/game. It's Harden at 8.6 made per game vs. Wade's 4.5, but the completion % is correct.

Getting the entire story wrong yeah that makes a difference. Wouldn't expect a dumbass who can't even read to know that basketball players have to play defense as well as offense but Wade is the best shot blocking guard in the league and Harden's a liability. They're the same offensively Harden's numbers SHOULD be higher because he was that teams only scorer but Wade is hands down the better defensive player, three time all defensive team.

Just saying, STFU if youre really this dumb to say Hardens a better player than Wade. Must be a Rockets fan.

It is either Nike trying to sell more shoes or even a worse trend that has been happening lately....

This next generation -(Generation Me as I like to call them), has NO FRIGGIN RESPECT for their elders !!!!

I don't really have any skin in this argument, other than to examine Durant's claim. If in fact he (Durant) suggests that Harden should be considered a top 10 guy over Wade, I would have to agree with him.

Earlier in Wade's career that may not be a valid. And this is not about rings. Anyway, it doesn't much matter to me, as y'all know I'm a big-time Laker fan.

Harden is a better player, 305. Deal with it.

OB4Ever, I don't see it as a "Generation Me" thing. I would bet his left testicle inside a pitbull's mouth that he's a card-carrying, Obama-Liberal. You can easily spot them. When faced with an untenable argument, they start to cuss.

Its an age thing to me.......

Cant compare guys who are almost a decade apart....

Unless you do it at the same time frame in there careers...

& BTW.......I cannot stand pro basketball....

Bunch of overpaid street thugs who would most likely be locked up if they werent playing....

I'm probably just the opposite, BB, (not the blog's BB) is the sport I follow the most.


wow dude !!! a Antiques reference, man, I gotta tell you we use to "slow" dance to that song all the time specially with "las gringas"..man they loved that.

we also played this one a lot...


all right muchachos, the Duran/Wade girly spat is very funny, we'll see the commercial hit the airwaves very soon..

on Wade better than Harden?..everyone needs to realize that Flash gave up the number one spot on his team to make room for the KIng, if D Wade were still the number one option I'm sure his numbers would be comparable to Harden if not better, its one of those arguments that can't be proven.

now Harden is much younger and a great talent so both sides have a point..


OrangeBowl was talking about Durant respecting elders, since you're too much of a dumbass to understand anything you read.

Like I said, Lakers fan, Heat hater, couldn't be more obvious.

...no, not really. I just read your post above and can easily see that you're an absolute moron.

ok now,

on to monday night's game, you all know what a Dolphins homer I am but I just can't see the Fish beating this team, we are hurting big time on the defensie line with two pro bowlers out and our offensive line is having protection issues and our running game is "nada"...Tannehill can't do it all by himself.

HOPEFULLY we can get a couple of turnovers and keep the game close..I wish I was more positivo about this game.

oopps, I forgot to mention that one of our starting CB's (Patterson) is also out...no bueno.

on a more positivo note the Canes should beat South Florida, they suck.

hey OC,

why don't you call 305 an asswipe, it will make you feel better, I promise...hehe

It is either Nike trying to sell more shoes or even a worse trend that has been happening lately....

This next generation -(Generation Me as I like to call them), has NO FRIGGIN RESPECT for their elders !!!!

Posted by: Orange Bowl 4Ever | September 26, 2013 at 01:30 PM

OB4Ever, I don't see it as a "Generation Me" thing. I would bet his left testicle inside a pitbull's mouth that he's a card-carrying, Obama-Liberal. You can easily spot them. When faced with an untenable argument, they start to cuss.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | September 26, 2013 at 01:41 PM

Yeah. Really.

FZB, BB acted appropriately. I made a mistake, he brought it to my attention without the need to insult. I then corrected myself and I thanked him for it. That's the "civil" thing to do. This one-time poster instead opted to insult. I don't particularly care what motivated him to lash out, but he did. He elevated the discussion to a personal level. He gets no respect from me.


without a doubt you sir are a gentleman..much props to U.

oc, harden couldn't carry wade's jock strap. his defense and shot blocking rival most guards in history as well; especially more than harden's. and where was he 2 years ago when miami destroyed OKC? you're a typical laker hater; you can't STAND the miami heat, your team is irrelevant, and wade, who could average 30 a game if he wanted to has, as FZB pointed out, taken a supportive role for the greater good of the team.
that concept is completely foreign to you i know; after all, you've been watching kobe bryant for 16 years but trust me, basketball really is a team sport.
one more reason to hate wade? he's 2 rings away from tying kobe, he's only 31, and he plays with lebron james. lol.. like i told you 3 years ago, it's OVER. when this run is over, wade will have more rings than kobe, NOT just lebron. that pop you heard last year wasn't just kobe's achilles.. :)

and you guys need to stop hating on daft punk. where they might be lacking in songs, they are definitely changing the game in production.
as a professional musician, it's nice seeing the trend to hire real musicians, record to tape in real studios, and to approximate old school recording. it's good for me and all the working musicians i know..

wow, now we have TWO Daft Punk's groopie's on the blog, imagine that.

all right you guys,

how do you all see the game monday night?..do we have a shot?

david, we can agree on your second post. And in clear contrast to how you may pigeon-hole the majority of us who are in our late 50's or early 60's, and GOP types; even more accurately in my case, a Conservative, I couldn't care less about Daft Punk's social issues. Bangalter is free to live the lifestyle he chooses without judgement and sentencing in my part. So long as those two continue to create and develop much needed changes to the existing musical norm. I've always had a keen ear to what's fresh and on the cutting edge.

Love their stuff.

As for your first post...I think you meant to write Heat hater, rather than Laker hater. Regardless, I don't hate the Heat, as much as I don't fuel my emotions any differently than with every other team, but the Celtics, which I do hate (sorry, BB). After any year where the Lakers prove to be, as you say - irrelevant, I passively swing over into the Miami camp support for all the obvious reasons. Ultimately, a Laker fan, even a Celtics fan I suspect, turns bitter when our teams miss out. As I've mentioned on any number of occasions, I've got so many Championship caps that I know what to do with. I'm content for as many years I may still have left on the planet.


should say: does not turn bitter...

Nobody gives a flying shit if you are Conservative or not...shut up about the politics already, you retards...


Alas, the bitter puppeteer behind the curtain finally comes out. Stay in rage, roid. But I was talking to david, not you. Why don't you post something worthwhile instead of the poison you seem to be intoxicated with. Jerk.

Insult? Grow up kid, you're on the internet saying dumb things because you're too dumb to understand what you read, you wrote a dumbass dissertation on Durant being better than Wade because you can't read and a dumbass rant on me being a "liberal" because you couldn't understand what that other guy posted. No wonder you're such a fan of politics.

say roid rage, its nice to have you back, since Kaz has gone the way of the DODO bird I needed someone to call an asswipe every once in a while.


Mr. 305xclusive. The model of perfection. The man doesn't even shit, he internalizes and recycles all waste product efficiently, silently. No odor, perfect in every way. A true marvel of human evolvement. An asshole.

The whole point is just that Wade didn t like a younger player NOT respecting his elders in the NBA where generally....that is a big thing that most all NBA players do........even if they had 1 ring.It s a brotherly fraternity and even Wade has never dissed an NBA player/called him out / put him down publicly.I don t think it s fake (their spat) but just Durant sticking up for his friend and STILL dealing with his trade to Houston which made Durant and the Thunder suffer a horrible season without him/with little good depth.Too funny.Whatever.

Yeah I think the the tree huggin libertards get extra credit for being able to do that...


Yeah don't look good this week for fins....only 2 people picked fins in pool this week (that is for entertainment purposes only)....A bunch also scratched out T.B. after they benched Freeman....

Hopefully it won't be like an SNL skit & they aren't "The not ready for Prime Time Players"!!!

Going to start posting "KAZ WHERE ARE YOU" on milk cartons!!!

Meanwhile back @ the NCAA.....(Cricket...)

Meanwhile back @ the NCAA.....(Cricket...)


That's a big leap from not being a complete dumbass who can't read to being "perfect", I'm not "perfect" by any stretch just not a complete dumbass like yourself. Back to your idiot echo chamber about "politics" gents, your foray into talking about basketball was a disgraceful waste of time. I'm back to Joe Goodman's blog.

So what exactly do you want him to show you? The bottom of his Nikes as he flies over you?

Posted by: OC Dolphin | September 26, 2013 at 12:56 PM

Since D-Wade is not here to answer for himself, I will help....

how about Durant show D-Wade 3 championship rings.....oh wait he doesn't have EVEN one.

Joe Goodman????

That's that asswipe lizard writer...say 305, are you a Lizard too?...if you are then it explains a lot of things..

You may admit to not being perfect, but your arrogance and pejorative attitude reeks of superiority. Don't let Harden's size 15s hit you on your way out.

...and guess which other dumbass can't read? Referring to me as a kid.

Sorry OC. Wish I had read the entire thread before posting.

Don't sweat it, Tom.

If the Dolphins were 0-3 Kazaam would be here believe you me.

I believe you are correct Baby...Kaz has nothing to complain about.

Watching SF and the Rams...the 9'res don't look like the same team..of course they are missing a lot of firepower on offense with their TE Davis and Crabtree out.

Oye OC...don't sweat the small stuff buddy, that 305 dude is a Lizard...


Nah BB Kazimoto is gone. Jail or maybe something even worse. He has been here non-stop for over 4 years. No way he just decided to drop out on his own. He's addicted to the blog. He loves the confrontation. I'm hoping it's not something really bad. I actually enjoy Kaz. If we all thought exactly alike his would be one mindnumbingly boring place.

Guy's as I wrote the other day Mr Kazam has joined Young Mr.Potter87 in Rome to be trained as the new Spiritual adviser to Penn. State University....

Talking Miami Dolphins football.......I know this is off topic but indulge me please.......what really impresses me about Tannehill is he is playing very well in spite of the fact he is getting NO protection up front. Just imagine how good he might be if he had a real NFL line protecting him. My hope is he doesn't get killed because that nitwit Ireland ignored the OL in free agency and the draft.

Tom, You know as well as me that if Idiot Ireland would have drafted a O-Lineman the natives would have been calling for his head on a platter...
Not that I'am taking side's with FZs Son, I find him a little bit more tolerable being that there 3 and 0, But they have no Depth and your right about the O-Line,Calling them horrible is being mean to Horrible O-Lines everywhere...
My Over/under on Tennehill is he'll be out with a injury by week 7......
New Orleans 38 Miami 21.....
They really should rest there injured, It's not a division game,Not a conference game, The byes in 2 weeks, Res the Injured... IMHO..

Nut don't fee bad for Ryan, While he's out with a injury he's got his Wife to nurse him back............


the dolphins are 3-0 and ireland is an idiot?
that's almost as stupid as saying the black guy is a socialist for implementing RICHARD NIXON'S and MITT ROMMNEY'S healthcare solution.. morons..

Hey FZB-keep it shut,old man...nobody was talking to you...you think you run this site with your little in click circle jerk sessions...you are an unoriginal doofus...oooh,you called someone as 'asswipe' for the millionth time,wow...good job,dummy...what a sad bunch of douchebags in their little tree house club...I wish Kaz was back,he was way more interesting than you turd lickers...at least he thought for himself and wasn't a follower...how about you let everyone know you are conservative again...we didn't hear I the first 7,000 times...or say postivo/negative as if it's even remotely cool or funny...you have the stalest material ever...sad...

Temper , temper roid...be nice to your elders.

Just remember, sometimes is better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

It sure looks that I spoke a bit prematurely on the SF 49'res yesterday...

I wonder how Jeff Fisher likes his decision now to go to St Louis instead of Miami, he wanted total personnel control and Ross didn't wanna give it to him ( which was the correct thing to do ) so he can't complain to about it and on top of that he passed on RG III...ouch !

Tom and Anti...there is a chance our offensive line can get their act together and start protecting Tannehill but it has to start soon , Tannehill is getting hit waaaay too much.

Sporano went 11-5. Parcells was the GM. You call Parcells and Sporano idiots. david in la you are so naive it is difficult to have a discussion with you. and please when you try to insert a political angle to your points please stop with your racist assertions (e.g. "the black guy is a socialist..."). those who oppose Obama are not all racists, just as those who support Obama are not all racists. remember Obama got the support of 40% of white and 99% of blacks. seems there is room for a voting based on race on both sides.

back to ireland. 3 games does not absolve Ireland of 4 years of mindnumbingly stupid moves. But then again why would I expect you to understand that. you still support Obama despite 5 years of his unbridled incompetence. go figure.

oh well I'll wait for your decidedly uninspired response accusing me of being an idiot racist.

I would say that Tannehill is in for a rocky ride Monday nite. Let's go back to the stats.

CLEVE has 12 sacks in three games with 5 against MIA

INDY has 9 sacks in three games with 4 against MIA

ATL has 7 sacks in three games with 5 against MIA.

MIAs three opponents so far average 2.3 sacks a game against all other opponents. Against MIA that average goes to 4.7 sacks a game.

NO so far has 8 sacks in three games or an average of 2.7 sacks a game.

If form holds based on these numbers I expect NO to get to Tannehill and sack him AT LEAST 5 or 6 times. OUCH!

I hope I'm wrong but if you insist a winning trend has started for MIA then you must also agree that a sacking trend is accompanying it. At the end of the day, how much longer can Tannehill take getting hit this frequently and not get seriously hurt?

I agree with ANTI-, NOT LONG, and most certainly not for an entire season. And who is responsible for MIAs shitty OL? NOT THE BLACK GUY that's for sure. I would say our most likely culprit is the whiskey swilling Irish guy.

roid rage how appropriate the biggest keyboard commando here lol!

Wow the drive time slot for LeBatard I may actually have to turnoff my real Sports Radio shows to check it out and listen to Greg occasionally but first I have to find out where ESPN radio is.

BB, did you notice how Tiger Woods was voted PGA Tour player of the year? Did Sergio get dissed?

He can win as many John Deere Classics as he wants as long as his 5 year Major drought continues I'll be happy.

Notice how he doesn't stress the importance of Majors anymore now that he isn't winning them.

I believe you just dodged my question. Come on, come clean. Which of the two golfers had the better year?

He was player of the year duh I am just a fan of Sergio and the bet was for who would win the Most Majors this year.

I never at any time indicated that Sergio was a better golfer than Tiger Woods.

Still dissin Ireland.You guys are too funny.Can t even enjoy the Phins when they are winning.

The golfer who impressed me the most this past year was Henrik Stenson. If he keeps improving look for that Swede to make some noise in the years to come.

I thought about going to The Deutche Bank this year to check out my boy Sergio I would just like to follow him for a day that would have been fun.

Watching him blow another 54 hole lead not so fun.

Stenson won that one Sergio played great until shooting a 73 on the final day.

Sergio has always had talent. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't seem to be able to call up a 5th gear on the final day, and when most needed. That is usually what separates great players (in any sport) from mere good ones.

Tiger must have been in 5th gear when he backed over the hydrant because he lost it.

One phrase describes Garcia best.....& you all know what it is....(& its not choker - at least not yet)


Looking ahead to this week's games and outcome, it is obvious that the Dolphins have a real test in front of them. Though underdogs, we should be somewhat encouraged that were they to lose that Monday night game, they may still find themselves tied for first place in their division. This, as the Patriots have to go into Atlanta and win their own game against a team who did not lose their second game last year until the 14th week of the season.

Hell has no fury as a pissed off wife wielding and swinging a sand wedge through your windshield.

Big game for Atlanta I think they win and avoid a 1-3 start but you're right Miami can afford a loss (doesn't mean I want it to happen).

I think New Orleans will revert back to their old ways (record breaking yards allowed on defense last year) and Miami will win in a high scoring game.


I just wanna correct you on a couple of things (re: your post of 8:24 am)

Ireland has been in charge 3 yrs, not 4..(I know people have difficulty with math in their old age)



BB, I listen to the LeBatard show on my drive home from work and he is entertaining (most days) ..I have listened when Cote is on and he's just a side kick to LeBatard (sorry Cote) , even LeBatard calls him show killer..hehe

most of the format is none sports, sometimes very funny..


I wish I could share your enthusiasm for monday, I don't have a good feeling about it..

the Saints are a totally different team in the dome, they rarely lose there..I hope you are right.

I watched Stenson practice at the range on the Wednesday before the start of the U.S. Open at Congressional a couple of years ago and what was really impressive is that his caddie was the short fat girl that used to carry the bag for Faldo, and she was eating a foot long sub with one hand while she was barking orders in Swedish to that fish Stenson who was doing his best not to shank a laser beam that would take out half of the golfers on the line.....

The problem that Sergio and most Spanish golfers have is that golf is mostly played during the middle of the day and that's the time that they are taking a siesta.

I think Seve and J. Olazabal skipped nap time.

Screw football. Boys, this is a tough tough day. Woodcock's Sweet 16, my bundle of superb stocks, has beaten the street for 47 consecutive days. Today, however, I'm in the fight of my life to maintain the streak which is now only 12 days short of J.P. Morgan's 1909 run of 59 days in a row when he beat the Standard & Poor 500.

I'm going to have to rally like Oracle did in order to continue the streak.....stay tuned.

I agree that today, Harden is better than Wade. However, Harden will never be as good as Wade was in his prime.

Nah, they played early in the morning and late in the evening, BB.

Oye Wood's...

give me one of those penny stocks that I can put my "dinero" into and hurry up, I only got 5-6 yrs to make my fortune..

Leave it to a law enforcement official, stand back my friends, during this last week I have conducted extensive surveillance to locate our lost soul "kaz". Mission accomplished. Kaz is actually a juvenile delinquent. Turns out the youngster was caught shoving his index finger up the families Siamese cats butt. Yes gentlemen , the same finger the lad uses to pick his nose. As punishment, Kaz's mother who is a svelt 300 lb and wears a mullet took Kaz's Spunge Bob IPhone for 60 days. No further information on the molested kitty.


How do you see this game?..I'm already on record that we are going to lose...

yes tom.. you ARE an idiot.
there are coverage sacks, missed assignment sacks, and holding the ball too long sacks.
they're a work in progress; like your political acumen.
one more thing?
aaron rogers was the most sacked QB in the NFL last year.
i'll insert as many racist assertions as i see fit; you're calling the president a socialist because he's using NIXON'S healthcare plan.
that automatically removed any sense of intelligence from your comments.
you're either an idiot or a racist; you can pick.
i told you to quit posting your ignorant political diatribes on our sports blog; you didn't listen. maybe you were running late to your KKK meeting..

ireland has been in charge for 3 years. the team that went 11-5 was a completely different team, with a stop gap measure at QB, among other positions.
in that time this team has improved in almost every category. we're younger and faster. if you cannot see that, then we can't help you.
ireland, similar to the black centrist, inherited a mess, and it will take some time.
right now we are 3-0 with plenty of room for improvement. if this team starts playing to their potential, the NFL is in big trouble..

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