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September 28, 2013

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 97.6%; plus UM blasts USF 49-21, Collball Week 5 roundup; Marlins no-hitter & more

1aa1sentinel1) It is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29. Welcome to the weekly Collball post, consistently our least popular blogpost. 2) The Sun-Sentinel reports today (see right) that the Dolphins will face New England Monday night. This would be a monumental surprise to both teams, and also to the Saints. Hey I make fun of my own newspaper all the time; I'm allowed to jab the competition when warranted! 3) Yahoo! reports Heat finalizing contract extension for coach Erik Spoelstra. Smart move. One less distraction in a season that will have plenty. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): LeBron's wristwatch, Dolphins/NFL Week 4 predix, Wade-Durant feud poll, Loria fires Beinfest, LeBatard show update & more. 5) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Marlins' Alvarez tosses season-ending no-hitter: Marlins end a 62-100 season today with a 1-0 win over a makeshift Tigers lineup on a wild pitch in the ninth, making a no-hit winner of Henderson Alaverez. Call that putting a cheery on top of a pile of s---.

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CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G4: Results are certified in the latest installment of the Canesfan Satisfaction Meter postgame polls, and they show a sesaon-high 97.6 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Saturday's 49-21 victory at South Florida putting 1aa1csmthe 15th-ranked Hurricanes' season record at 4-0. This is the fifth year for CSM polls in our blog. These are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season in a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 8 a.m. today/Monday.

2013 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 82.9 percent (19.9 very, 63.0 somewhat) following 34-6 victory vs. Florida Atlantic.

G2: 96.7 percent (71.2 very, 25.5 somewhat) following 21-16 victory vs. Florida.

G3: 95.7 percent (77.2 very, 18.5 somewhat) following 77-7 victory vs. Savannah State.

G4: 97.6 percent (67.9 very, 29.7 somewhat) following 49-21 victory at South Florida.

Next poll: Oct. 5 following game vs. Georgia Tech.

G4: No. 15 HURRICANES 49, SOUTH FLORIDA 21: Final: Miami rolled easily, as expected, but QB Stephen Morris left in the second quarter with (another) ankle injury. However it is not believed serious and he is expected to be ready for next week's ACC opener vs. Georgia Tech. Morris had ut up big numbers -- 11-for-16 for 222 yards and two TDs -- before departing. Duke Johnson had a decent day (84 yards rushing and one score) and had a kick-return TD negated by penalty. Original post: First, quickly, I must unburden myself of the continuing aggravation of the geographic abomination that is the University of "South Florida." The Bulls are based in Tampa. That's mid-state! A degree in cartography is not required! USF calling itself South 

1aa1canesbulls Florida makes about as much sense as a team called North Texas being situated near the Mexican 1aa1canes4border. The University of South Florida name should be shamed and boycotted along the lines of "Redskins," the crime here not against a people, but against common sense and a map. OK. I digress. To my larger point! This last non-conference tuneup for UM should not be in doubt because the Hurricanes are really good and the winless Bulls stink. They have lost 12 of 13 dating to last season. So it's time to pad the stats, Al Golden. Unabashedly, and voraciously. The Heisman Trophy hopes of your two reasonable (very) longshot candidates -- QB Stephen Morris and RB Duke Johnson -- are dead in the water after three games. The Duke barely has a pulse; Morris is totally off the grid. Neither appears among 12 players getting votes in ESPN's latest Heisman Watch (currently topped by Oregon QB Marcus Montana). Miami had a 77-7 win last week but Morris got hurt and The Duke was underutilized. This is bad. A team steaming toward the Top 10 should have somebody in the Heisman conversation. Nine of 14 teams ranked above UM and three ranked below have a man in the Heisman Watch. It is a wide open year. Tick-tock, Al. Name your score today. As important, let Morris (who should play despite ankle issues) or The Duke have a gigantic afternoon. Or both, if you're in a particularly good mood. My pick was: Miami, 34-16.

Other Week 5 state FBS games:

1aa1cockssteveNo. 12 South Carolina 28, UCF 25: The 3-0 Knights had a sellout crowd and an eye on crashing the Top 25 in what looked like the biggest home game in UCF history. All of this led to the homies being a very trendy upset pick here. But, sorry, I took sage Steve Spurrier coming off a bye week -- and was right, almost right down to the exact score. My pick was: South Carolina, 27-24.

No. 8 Florida State 48, Boston College 34: I had Noles' scoring almost down to the point, but underestimated the tough fight BC would put up (well, at east early). My pick was: FSU, 49-13.

No. 20 Florida 24, Kentucky 7: Gators last lost to Kentucky in 1986, 26 (now 27) games ago. Florida had won the pprevious five by 40.4 points on average. Still, I saw this one closer but figured UF's defense was the difference. My pick was: Florida, 23-17.

Rice 18, FAU 14: Rice is typically half-baked and beatable, but Owls on the road are seldom a risk worth taking. My pick was: Rice, 31-23.

Off this week:

FIU: The Panthers are 0-4 and have been outscored by 187-23. I think the bye week is favored.

Week 5 national Top 25 matchup:

No. 9 Georgia 44, No. 6 LSU 41: Despite the rankings and records I saw the Bulldogs as a slightly better team. That + home = win. I had to right, although defense had very little to do with anything in tis game. My pick was: Georgia, 28-24.

1aa1irishlepNo. 14 Oklahoma 35, No. 22 Notre Dame 21: I thought this would be a very tough environment for inexperienced Sooners QB Blake Bell. I underestimated OU. My pick was: Upset. Notre Dame, 27-20.

No. 1 Alabama 25, No. 21 Ole Miss 0: Nick Saban's offense has sputtered at times, but this was no place for Ole Miss to end a nine-game (now 10) series losing streak. My pick was: Alabama, 34-23.

No. 4 Ohio State 31, No. 23 Wisconsin 24: Buckeyes had padded in on a soft schedule and faced their first real test. I loved Wisconsin's ground game in this matchup, but misfired on the upset. My pick was: Upset. Wisconsin, 31-30.

My record: This week, 7-2; season, 28-7.


Poll result: Wade-Durant feud a fake ... or is it?: We asked, and 46.9 percent said they thought the Dwyane Wade-Kevin Durant social-media feud was a fake. But 40.7% thought it was real, and another 12.4% were undecided. 

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Greg, WHAT! You couldn't included a story featuring LeBron attending a Saturday game????

I wish for more grace and civility in this world.

Wow Tom ( from the last blog ) U calling the Fish over the Aints ?... I've been on the fence also but I'm still on the dark side of the force on this one...

Canes up big in the second qt ..expected but Morris's injury is a big time concern.

I think I'll watch the AL playoffs this year since the Yankees are not in it, in the National league I'll be rooting for my second team, The Cards...

Get ready for lots of games for from friendly Fenway FZ what an amazing turnaround from last season if our manager and GM don't take home manager and exec of the year something is wrong (maybe Francona in Cleveland).

S. Carolina has the backup QB in that could spell victory for the Knights of UCF and I think it will good on them.

Tom predicting a Superbowl awesome.

My BC Eagles are going to get pasted by FSU today oh brother.

an interesting and thoughtful response, OC.
tom just screams "talking points" or "fire ireland" like a woman who's va#$&i hurts. because in truth, all he ever does is quote republican talking points.
while i disagree with your assertion government is the root of all evil, (i think it's unbridled corporate greed and power), at least you acknowledge, AS I DID, that the democrats had something to do with it as well as (mostly) republicans. (just imagine how much the tolls on the turnpike would be, how much the fire department would be, etc, if government didn't control them).
it's one thing to argue against government programs; the republican party used to do that. NOW what they do is undermine them THEN complain they don't work.
or complain that a republican idea won't work because finally, (gasp!), a centrist democrat agrees with them.
just like clinton, (welfare reform, balancing the budget, etc), obama has co-opted many traditionally republican positions; some to great popularity and success, and much to the consternation of republicans and idiot/racist/name-calling bullies like our angry friend tom.
take a lesson from OC tom; i have NEVER in my history of posting on this blog called him any names.
he knows how to debate, (even though he's almost a wrong as you are). looks like you got schooled by me AND him.
go canes!

What the Bosox did was impressive BB , last year they where just awful ..what a turn-around
Enjoy the beisbol amigo I don't think the Celtics can win 30 games this year...

They might not win 20.

Every Cane fan should be very, very satisfied with the job Al Golden is doing at the U, finally after our last two clown head coaches ( Coker & Shannon ) we have someone that not only understand's our tradition but wants to build his own legacy ..

The man is a heck of a coach and a heck of a recruiter , he is rebuilding the program despite the negative recruiting he's going against while the U still waits still on those moe foes from the NCAA ...

Voted very satisfied...I stand with the U

david my misguided friend. i'm not screaming. i'm writing in small letters.....whispering. fact is i'm just stating a fact that EVERYONE here sees, but you. you are a talking points kind of guy. you buy obiwans bullchit hook line and sinker.

hey OC you feel better that david has never called you a name? not sure i want to be included in that select group.


gents, I have watched college football for a long time and I've never seen such " bad " defensive play, shame...

Tom...I think David insulted me once a long while back ..hehe

Is anyone watching the LSU / Georgia game?...heck of a game.

FZB I'm watching LSU/Georgia as I write. What a great game. Athens is a great place to attend a college game. Unbelievable spirit.

I'm looking forward to the Ole Miss v Alabama game tonite. I have a sneaky feeling Ole Miss may actually pull off the upset.

Wow !!!

Georgia just went ahead again!, man what a game... its a shame one of these teams have to lose.

Way to go Canes. Oh yea FZ as an honorary bandwagon jumper the Aints don't have a prayer against the Fish er Mammals..

Even the Washington Post believes ObamaCare should be delayed.

Buying health insurance will be as easy as purchasing a plane ticket or shopping on Amazon, the president has promised.

Maybe, but perhaps not on Tuesday — the day that millions of Americans are supposed to be able to start buying coverage under the sweeping law referred to as Obamacare.

Widespread reports of computer problems and logistical glitches are casting a pall over what many supporters envisioned would be a triumphant day for the embattled program. State and federal health officials have said in recent days that some key functions of the online insurance sites called “marketplaces” will not be ready right away. Some of the consumer guides meant to help people sign up for coverage are not yet certified to do so.


who cares, tom? so there will be glitches.
more proof you're too old to listen or pay attention?
i've stated repeatedly that i didn't vote for obama in 2008.
i've disagreed with him plenty; from the continuation of bush's wall street bail out to obamacare, actually.
i, like REAL LIBERALS, much preferred a single payer universal system. i've stated that plenty of times, but you are too angry/racist/old to remember.
there are no talking points here; just facts.
the fact is, an insurance mandate AND removing market limitations
not a talking point, not an opinion.
even O.C. wouldn't dare dispute that.
but you do. hmmmmmm....
i wonder what you republican geniuses were saying in the 90's when clinton was lobbying for his health plan and the republicans on the other side were arguing for, you guessed it, OBAMACARE.
no one on the right had a problem with it, and why would they? it's a conservative's dream; individual responsibility and the power of market forces.
it was only when the black guy co-opted it that you all got your panties in a bunch.
one more thing; i could care less what "everyone here sees but (me)'.. most of you fools and exilos blame ireland, think the heat were one and done, or even support the gators! lol..
if you cannot get your sports correct, the least i'd expect is some sort of cohesive, insightful and honest policy debate. lol..

You two kids are still going at it?... Guess what, no matter how long you argue about what's good or bad about Obama care is not going to make any difference...it looks like is here to stay and its well on its way to be implemented and only time will tell which side was right and which side was wrong ..

Universal health care in theory is a good thing but in reality it will be a nightmare to implement , the biggest flaw with it I believe will be the government subsidy of the plan, the less you make the more help you get, liberals will find that lazy people that get freebies will always want more and more, eventually that burden on the economy will be enormous and changes will have to be made or the economy will go in the tank again.

There are a couple of universal health care plans out there that seem to work, we should take a look at Canada's and Sweden's...they seem to have it together.

In the meantime, smoke the peace pipe you two, we all have front row seats to a landmark event in America that could go either way, if it works I'll be the first one to offer my apologies to Obi , what I'm afraid is that is going to be such a mess that it will be a long time before we can recover,, i hope I'm wrong about that.

this room full of white noise.

FZB i have no problem with david. he's entertaining. he reaffirms all i believe about obama's core supporters. they're uniquely uniformed and too stupid to realize it.

Trojans dismiss coach Lane Kiffin


well the ole shadow should be waking up happy this morning. USC is too good a program to stick itself with Lane Kiffin.

Agree Tom,

Lane Kiffin is a total jerk..in his defense he was dealing with crippling scholarship reductions that he had no control over and left him with no talent ...all in all probably a good move by SC..

True FZB, but he has been a loser everywhere he's been. They should have made this move at the end of last year. This just sets them back another year unnecessarily.

So you liked my MIA prediction for tomorrow nite. But take it with a grain of salt. I also predicted Ole Miss would be Alabama last nite and you saw what happened there.

Have a great day. I'm going to!!!

When USC brought Lame Kiffin back along with cohort Ed Orgeron they blew any chance albeit unknown at the time to have any NCAA sanctions reduced like with PSU.

Their fans keep dumping on Paul Dee (RIP) as the architect of their demise. Like Obama and the Dems like david in LA they refuse to see the fire for the smoke!

How's all that liberal policy working out for you in Calf david in LA, roflmao!

"all i believe about obama's core supporters. they're uniquely uniformed and too stupid to realize it."
once again, i didn't vote for obama, and support very little of what he is doing, but YOU, tom, are too "stupid" to realize it.
FZB, your concerns are valid, but considering it's an insurance MANDATE, not a government take over, (like idiots like tom think), i don't foresee your concerns happening. and it's interesting, like ireland, you'd be willing to offer your "apologies" to the president, and like ireland, tom will never come around. :)
tom, thank god YOUR views, much like your prostate, are growing old and not working, nor WILL they be working in another 20 years.
it's funny how you keep up the name calling, but still do not refute any of the facts i keep shoving up your a@%.. funny how you guys LOVE avoiding facts. racist, or idiot.. you pick..
go dolphins!

david if you didn't vote for obama it's only because you were too ffing lazy to vote. STFU please. every time you write something you just reconfirmed the obvious. you're dead from the neck up.

that aside, i do wish you well.

here is the base problem with liberals. they promote no business growth and a dependency of the citizenry on government. more welfare. more unemployment. more insurance. more and more and more freebies. that's why the idiots like this vote democrat.....


on top of that liberal tax and spend policies kill business in America. The fact that we have the highest corporate tax rates and regulatory costs in the world are the biggest reasons we keep losing jobs overseas. it's not because any politician wants to "offshore" jobs (another liberal bullshit talking point). Jobs have been fleeing under both democrats and republicans. The problem is it cost too damn much to do business in the States which is why business seeks locations overseas because there they find lower taxes, lower regulatory costs and lower labor costs. for at the end of the day, the job of a CEO is to maximize shareholder wealth.

individual states are now competing along those lines. some states are eliminating their corporate income tax in order to get business to relocate to their states. a very good idea. for at the end of the day, the best way to higher tax revenues is not with a higher tax rate but with higher INDIVIDUAL income. This is exactly what JFK said back in 1962 (you do know who he is SFB?)...

He said:

''Our true choice is not between tax reduction, on the one hand, and the avoidance of large Federal deficits on the other. It is increasingly clear that, no matter what party is in power, so long as our national security needs keep rising, an economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance the budget - just as it will never produce enough jobs or enough profits.

''In short, it is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low - and the soundest way to raise revenues in the long run is to cut rates now.''


if we want to compete we need to lower corporate taxes and get our regulatory costs under control. that is the biggest issue with obamacare it costs more for business and that costs JOBS. until we get our cost structure so that it is more competitive with China and India and South America we will keep losing jobs and the 7.3% unemployment we see now will forever be a permanent fixture and obama's legacy.

now i'm not expecting a dead from the neck up SFB liberal to understand these things, but i just throw it out there in case there is an adult in his house who might help him understand BASIC FFING ECONOMICS.

I'm done with this discussion. i'm not into discussing big people issues with infants.

Mr. Woodcock,

as the ole shadow pontificated, the very truthful and honest (not said sarcastically) patrick c. haden saw enough last night to go back on his 100% backing of that schmuck kiffin. it was only 20-14 at the half, when i went sleepy, and then came the onslaught. i generaly don't glee in people's problems, but will in his. what could make USC hire a guy who left the vols after one season? and marqise lee hurt- the season is over. the ole shadow's prediction that the trojans would be bottom feeders in the pac-? south seems true. last night made us both happy. bye, bye lane and his cute wife, now standing in the unemployment line!!

i'm happy for you shadow. college football is much better when traditional powers like USC, Texas and Miami are playing well. Here's hoping all three get back on track. Seems Miami is headed in the right direction. And USC made the right move last nite, albeit 9 months late.

Shad, congrats, I guess, on the Kif firing. As I mentioned not too long ago, it's not fun to root against the Brain Surgeons when they had "Lame" coaching them, it was much more fun rooting against them when that worthless pile of excrement, Pete Carrol was the coach. Now I root against the Seahawks. I don't think I've ever disliked a coach more than I dislike Carrol. I think I would pay two months pay to see him getting hit across the face with a two by four. But enough about that pile of chit, and back to your Brain Surgeons. Hopefully for everyone involved, especially me, the Surgeons will go out and hire Gerry Faust as the next coach at the University of South Central.

Root, root.

Dave, soon one of the ass wipes on your side will decide to speak for 20 hours straight probably on another brain dead nanny state law to ban more than one TV per household, you know have to save all those whales and polar bears and more than one TV....well you get the drift. Anyway you can ask OC to lend you the inflatable ass gasket that he used to ward off hemorrhoids during the 21 slow ones that he sat on his ass listening to what's his name.

Wassup, OC!

Slooow day on the blog today eh boys?

I guess parity is here to stay in the NFL, I mean the Ravens lost again, G-men and Steeeler's are winless and KC is now 4-0...I'm beggining to think we have a shot at winning the game tomorrow.

The Marlins close out the season with a no-hitter, how bout that..still, Loria is an asswipe.

I think Joe Biden should talk for 24 straight hrs...that would be a lot of fun to listen to.

Hey the Canes are now 4 and 0 and we still wait for those moe foes from the NCAA, I mean WTF?

Looking forward to tonight's NE / Falcons game..let's see how the Patsies do against a really good team...

Rooting big time for the Falcons.

24 hours of Biden non-stop would be a crime against humanity and a colossal waste of oxygen. That man consumes more oxygen in a room saying less of any substance than anyone in history.

Hey NJPF does Bob Kraft own only one shirt......medium blue with white collar?

Mr. Woodcock,

ed orgeron!!! involved in more scandals than he has fingers!! wasn't he the head coach at ole miss for awhile? i guess pat haden had to promote him because he was the "biggest" name on the staff and had been the boss elsewhere. did you see the ducks playing in that monsoon against cal? and they still scored 40+ points by halftime! eight possessions in the first quarter with their best burner injured on the opening kickoff!! the senseless plkacement of utah and colorado in the pac-south means that stanford and the ducks play in the regular season with one getting knocked out of the game for the vase early. the ducks and indians are a tough match for nay team, including alabama and ohio state, who will probably play for the title.

Ed's a great recruiter and a rah rah guy. Very good assistant. We had him back in the day at Miami and he was very helpful for the Canes. He knows that the only way to win in college football is to cheat like a MOFO! College football recruiting is one of the last vestiges of the true capitalism system where talent goes to the highest bidder. In the NFL there isn't the shenanigans that goes on in college but that's only because of the draft rules. When the AFL was fighting with the NFL both leagues did what ever it took to sign college players.

Rules and regulations are horse hack, or as that great American, General George S. Patton once said, "Fixed fortifications monuments to man's stupidity."

Shad, you better fire that ass wipe St. Haden soon or you will be fighting against Washington State for recruits.....

Brady's putting on a clinic.

It's all him. It's Brady not the bunch. This guy is the Magic Johnson of QB's, he makes everyone around him better.

"The fact that we have the highest corporate tax rates and regulatory costs in the world are the biggest reasons we keep losing jobs overseas."

as if we needed MORE proof tom is an idiot.
you and those funny republican talking points.
sure, our rates are technically higher than other countries, you're absolutely correct, tom.
now i have a word for you to look up:
you really ARE an idiot. and you know NOTHING about economics, (you're getting schooled by a guy who didn't finish college and plays drums for a living, sweetie). find me a corporation in this country that pays 35% tom, please. that's what i thought. now read on and learn something, old man..
the top corporations in this country pay on average 1/3 of that, and 1 out of 4 pay NOTHING.
the top corporations pay less than 5%, with loopholes, off-shore accounts, and other acts of subterfuge to avoid paying anything remotely CLOSE to 10%, let alone the 35% tom is screaming about.
all those awful regulations, like worker safety laws, minimum wage, child labor laws, maternity leave, etc are REALLY TOUGH on those poor corporations. they're only paying taes on 15% of their profits.

here's a list of some corporations that paid ZERO in taxes:
general electric
wells fargo
corning, inc.
duke energy
american electric power

yeah tom; it's that insane tax rate.
what a moron.. lol.. schooled again old man.
go palmetto panthers! and go dolphins!

Mouning guys...

Well, at least David called Tom sweetie...

Very impressed with Brady last night, he still proved he's one of the best but our guy is gaining on him fast, the Falcons have big time problems for a SB contending team to be 1 and 3?...ouch !

You never wanna see injuries but the Patsies lost Vince Wilfort ( from the U ) their best defensive player, bad for them and good for us.

oh david....more talking points cut and pasted from a liberal website as if they are facts. you are so shallow david. i picked two of your companies to examine closely, mattel and boeing and here are their published financial statements with the SEC for 2012 with comparatives for 2011 and 2010.



Take a close look SFB, BOTH COMPANIES PAID AN EFFECTIVE TAX RATE BETWEEN 17 AND 34 PERCENT EACH OF THE THREE YEARS. Not zero tax, not even close to zero tax.

Seems as if the liberal advocacy group you copied this crap list from got you good. You cut and pasted their lying bullchit without doing your own homework. Like I said you are a liberal progressive's dream voter. Your level of analysis goes no deeper than the talking point.

Before you play with adults do some homework. You're a ffing moron david which is why you are so taken with liberal bs talking points.

If you honestly want to inform yourself about the issues of our counter-productive tax system here is a good article for you. Not really expecting to read it since education does not seem to be a particular priority for you. But here it is anyway


I see from the end of your post that may have gone to Miami Palmetto Senior High. I'm sad because I too went to Palmetto. I can't believe an idiot like you graduated from high school let alone the great high school that I went to.

Now stop abusing me david. i feel so "schooled".

The Patriots on talent, other than QB, should be a bottom feeding team. Brady is unbelievable. As long as he is upright the Patriots will continue to win. Manning, Peyton that is, is having a great year but he is surrounded by great talent. This may be Brady's best year if they keep going. The Pats are 4-0 and it's all Brady.

I'm still predicting a Fish win tonight. This team has found a way to win when the game is on the line. Unlike past Dolphins teams that always found a way to lose winnable games, this team is finding a way to win these games.

Now of course my prediction goes by the wayside if Tannehill is hurt, a distinct possibility given NOs DL and our OL.

The University Of North Texas is North of Dallas it's almost in Oklahoma did they move the Mexican border Greg and not tell us?

Mr. Woodcock,

pat haden will never be fired; he will move from the athletic dept., where he was needed to patch the gigantic sinkhole left by mike garrett, to a spot in the school administration. am still convinced that he will be the university president at some point unless he gets hisself stuck into a self-made fiasco. tooo many credntials on and off the field to let haden go. he is a USC lifer.

Greg it seems that you sir need some cartography education.

It's mostly Brady Tom but the rookie Wideout Thompkins is on a record pace and that defense is playing very well it's going to be a tough fight to win the division the head to head matchups should be very meaningful this year.

That team has surprised me I didn't think they would beat Atlanta not sure how Cincy is favored by 1 next week over them after scoring 6 against the Browns.

FZ we know Wilfork is from the U he took money from Shapiro.

The reason those boys didn't pay any taxes is that they lost money, dumass. Which is why those companies have been a horrible buy over the past 18 months.

Do yourself a favor, Dap, and download the Woodcock Sweet 16 and make yourself some dough so that you can pay the bill for the increase for med insurance that the Musicians Uni sent you.

USC President? Who wants to be that when you can be the head coach of the Brain Surgeons.


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