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August 30, 2013

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 82.9%; plus Duke leads 34-6 UM rout, Gators win, FIU loses, Upset Bird Countdown (6 days) & more

1aa1amshirt1) It is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1. Click on Random Evidence for today's latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with UM-FAU. 2) Welcome to the COLLBALL WEEK 1 blogpost! 3) Pictured right is a new T-shirt popular at Texas A&M. What, they think Johnny Manziel's half-game suspension was too harsh!? His penalty for taunting yesterday makes you think this kid actually wants to be unpopular. We used to have a word for a a guy like Manziel: The word is "a--hole.: 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins wrap up preseason, why I published Nevin Shapiro letter, Stephen Morris tops Johnny Football, Upset Bird Countdown & more. 5) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird) and Vine (Greg Cote).

Herald football sections: Here are links to my contributions. Dolphins column: No more excuses. Playoffs, now! NFL team rankings: I have Miami No. 12 and in playoffs. Seriously. Hurricanes column: "It's a Canes thing. You wouldn't understand." But Al Golden understands.

"Pats cut Tim Tebow. No Dolphins rumors please!" --Greg Cote


CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: G1: 82.9%: Votes are certified in the season's first Canesfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 82.9 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Friday night's season-opening 34-6 non-conference home win over Florida Atlantic. (Overall satisfaction is a combination of those who call themselves "very" or "somewhat" satisfied). This is the fifth year for CSM polls in our blog. These are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season in a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9:30 a.m. today/Sunday.

2013 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 82.9 percent (19.9% very, 63.0% someWHAT) following 34-6 victory vs. Florida Atlantic.

Next poll: Sept. 7 following game vs. Florida.

CSM History

Previous final season results:

2012: 80.9% overall satisfaction (following 7-5 season)

2011: 22.1% overall satisfaction (following 6-6 season)

2010: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season)

2009: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)

G1: HURRICANES 34, FAU 6: NEVER IN DOUBT AS UM CRUISES -- [Click HERE for my column off the Canes' season-opening win]. ..... It was a systematic dismantling more than an overwhelming rout as Miami, likely glancing ahead to the Florida Gators' visit in a week, put a by-the-numbers 34-6 pasting on undermanned FAU. Miami's defense had its way, and sophomore star Duke Johnson rushed for a career high 186 yards. QB Stephen Morris was so-so but it hardly mattered. ..... Original post: So much going on tonight at Dolphins Hurricanes stadium as The U launches Year 3 of the Al Golden era. The 30th 1aa11 1aa1canesfauanniversary of the 1983 Miami national-championship team will be marked in a halftime ceremony, and this is the first-ever Canes meeting with northern neighbor Florida Atlantic. Both occasions have made this all but Howard Schnellenberger Week in So Fla, since he coached the '83 champs and birthed FAU's program from nothing. (Click HERE for my Schnellenberger column from earlier in the week). So much pageantry surrounds this game. Unfortunately the game itself figures to be an uncompelling rout, a "soft opener" for Miami before next week's mega-visit by the Florida Gators. FAU's Owls look to be bottom-feeders (keeping FIU company) in their new Conference USA 1aa1canesfau2home. The Canes, poised just outside the Top 25s, look to be very good, an ACC title contender, with Stephen Morris and Duke Johnson fronting a potent offense and with a much-improved defense, too. That pregnant NCAA cloud still looms over Miami -- shame on the NCAA for its interminable delay -- but we won't rehash that here. It's football time! Pick was: Miami, 45-10.

Other Week 1 state FBS games:

No. 10 Florida 24, Toledo 6 -- Gators missing five starters but didn't matter much as UF rolled to 24th straight season-opening win. Pick was: Florida, 41-10.

Maryland 43, FIU 10 -- Off-field turmoil set Ron Turner era off to a shaky start. Now the Panthers' problems turn to on-field. Pick was: Maryland, 34-13.

McNeese State 53, USF 21 -- Pick was : USF, 27-14.

1aa1jwinstonNo. 11 Florida State 41, Pittsburgh 13 -- Noles wrap up Week 1 schedule impressively. I could not have been more wrong in thinking a hostile climate would make it tough on freshman Noles QB Jameis Winston (pictured). He was spectacular. Pick was: FSU, 28-20.

UCF 38, Akron 7 -- Knights started us off with big home win Thursday night. Pick was: UCF, 37-16.

Week 1 national Top 25 matchups:

No. 8 Clemson 38, No. 5 Georgia 35 -- Game of the Week found Bulldogs loaded but I took Taj Boyd at home and nailed it. Pick was: Upset. Clemson, 30-27.

No. 12 LSU 37, No. 20 Texas Christian 27 -- Visiting Tigers lost ton of talent to NFL but had enough back. Pick was: LSU, 24-20.

My record: Week 1 and season, 7-1.

GATORS NO. 2 IN OVERALL INTEREST: Facebook has come out with the top 10 college sports programs on based on team pages. It lists them, in order, as Ohio State, Florida, Texas, Michigan, LSU, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon and Georgia. Guessing the list is football-driven except perhaps in the notable cases of hoops-mad NC and KY.

THE SOPY IS BACK!: Returning for a second season in the blog will be our State Offensive Player of the Year (SOPY) rankings, a weekly Top 10 of the most productive quarterbacks, runners and receivers from the state's seven FBS schools. UM's Stephen Morris won the 2012 SOPY award, edging FSU's E.J. Manuel. Watch for the first 2013 rankings in the blog on Tuesday morning.


Our Upset Bird Countdown -- 5 Days will be coming later today... 

1aa1birdbowlUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 6 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction 1aa1birdupages on Sept. 6, and we began a 10-day countdown honoring outstanding notable birds. Today, at 6 days, we honor Miami's iconic Bird Bowl, located on (where else) Bird Road. I'll tell you how long Bird Bowl has been around: Since back when bowling was actually popular. The Upset Bird enjoys the cacaphony of bowling -- the shatter of pins aurally mindful of an aviary flock flushed suddenly from a tree -- but has personally been prevented from trying it by his unfortunate lack of hands, let alone fingers.

1aa1birdsUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 7 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I kick off our season of Friday NFL prediction 1aa1birdupages on Sept. 6, and we began a 10-day countdown honoring outstanding notable birds. Yesterday, at 7 days, we featured The Birds, the classic 1963 film starring Tippi Hedren. As an Alfred Hitchcock aficionado, I cannot rule out the eerie physical similarity and possible link between the menacing crows that attacked Hedren and the ravenesque mascot of The Friday Page. Yes, there is a real possibility that my watching The Birds for the first time may have subliminally planted the dark seed that would grow, years later, into the Upset Bird.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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a new blog Cote?..WTF dude?

I like that shirt that's going around Texas A and M, we should borrowed it here...the NCAA can kiss my anus.

you're a sick man Anti, don't you know that some of us are getting up there in yrs?...

Ahhhh But FZ,With the right drug.....


Greg writes:

Facebook has come out with the top 10 college sports programs on based on team pages. It lists them, in order, as Ohio State, Florida, Texas, Michigan, LSU, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon and Georgia. Guessing the list is football-driven except perhaps in the notable cases of hoops-mad NC and KY.

But UF isn't a big time college program right Kazaam? I mean you did say that no?


Thank you Anti...

Guys, on NFL.com there is a nice article on Incognito, long but a good read..didn't know he had drug issues among a bunch of other things..well worth your time.


Boys, anyone who comes across the name of any Jewish investor who has started a publicly traded company to market marijuana please post the name of the company on the blog. I don't need to know of any hippies, Colombians, or Mexicans wanna be's, please only serious Jewish investors who know that there's going to be box cars of money to be made in this new "Growth" industry.


Yeah you kind of did.

They're not even one of the top five most popular teams in their conference, they're just another big state school nationally.
Posted by: I am Kazaam | June 24, 2013 at 02:07 PM

Not only are they Top 5 it looks like they might be THE most popular team in their conference.

Judging by Facebook pages, they aren't "just another state school nationally" they are the 2nd most popular in the country.

I'm not giving the fackin Gators any props, sorry BB

Woody..Pot as the next big thing?...hhhmm

Ooops, looks like Kaz has egg on his face, yet once again.......

I don't know what you guys are talking about, Kazimiro is perfect..after all he is known as the most interesting man in Key Biscayne.

right Kaz?

Let me be totally candid and confess that I, the great Mr. Woodcock, has egg all over his face for the Sturgis draft comments. The kid went 10/10 with a freaking 58 yarder and put almost every single kickoff out or nearly out of the end zone. When you're right you're right, OC. So far I agree, I think with Tom, who said that he was the only draftee that is starting. Hell, I'm going to pick him as my field goal kicker when I draft Sunday.

Even the new unis are looking good.

Facebook pages?

the great Woodcock with a "positivo" comment on the Dolphins?..no way, it must be an impostor.

what's facebook?

Former Miami Dolphins player Fulton Walker beaten in home robbery


Good old Fulton Walker....the one bright spot in the otherwise dismal 1983 Super Bowl XVII. And as bad as it was Miami still would have won if that ffing wimp Kim Bokamper had intercepted Theisman's (pronounced ThEEzman) deflected pass on the goal line in the 3rd quarter.

Probably as good a measure as any nowdays there might not be a better one.

Cock, Lets hope Sturgis isn't MVP of the team......
Also, Keep all three QBs, There gonna need all three this season.

bite your tongue Anti, don't put the whammy on Tannehill, we need him for the whole year.

fat John Jerry will be just fine, just as soon as he gets in shape which should be by the 12th game of the season.

6 And 10.................
Sorry to be "Negativo"....
But here's something Positive or the soon to be San Diego Dolphins........


On January 9th, a group of Pekin Illinois bikers were riding west on I-74 when they saw a girl about to jump off the Murray Baker Bridge. So they stopped.

George, their leader, a big burly man of 53, gets off his Harley, walks through a group of gawkers, past the State Trooper, and says, “What are you doing?”

She says, “I’m going to commit suicide.”

While he didn’t want to appear ‘sensitive’, he didn’t want to miss a be-a-legend opportunity either so he asked, “Well, before you jump, why don’t you give me a kiss?”

So, with no hesitation at all, she leaned back over the railing and did just that … and it was a long, deep, lingering kiss followed immediately by another one.

After they finished, George gets approval from his biker-buddies, the onlookers, and even the State Trooper, and says, “Wow! That was the best kiss I have ever had Honey! That’s a real talent you’re wasting Sugar Shorts. You could be famous if you rode with me. Why are you committing suicide?”

“My parents don’t like me dressing up like a girl.”

It’s still unclear whether she jumped or was pushed.

Guy's here's a video of Duke Johnson. this guy is going to to be great.
Him And Morris are gonna put the "U" back in the National championship IMHO.....



Your cheerleader for the SD Dolphins looks like a man with tits..

Anti I think FBZ is right. He's got a little weiner under that pink bikini bottom. Go take a look.

Chiefs Bills, Browns and Titans ranked ahead of Miami in the AFC according to SI.

That is a slap right upside the head by those goons over there.

Those of you who weren't around back in the 80s this is what canes football was all about...
#7 Miami at Arkansas, Those poor fools didn't know what was about to happened..


BTW, The RazorBacks were ranked # 10..

Chiefs Bills, Browns and Titans ranked ahead of Miami in the AFC according to SI.

That is a slap right upside the head by those goons over there.

Posted by: Big Baby | August 30, 2013 at 06:52 PM

BB, No comment............


The Chiefs have a pretty good team, last year they had a lot of injuries HOWEVER,

there is no way the Bills, Browns and Titans are better than the Dolphins..

10-6 and in the hunt for the playoffs, playoffs ?...yes.

Canes talk year after year with no results since Dorsey left. Win next week.

Posted by: Big Baby | August 30, 2013 at 06:52 PM

Those SI jerkoffs have been putting it to UM for 30 years, and now the Fins.
Somebody there must have gotten arrested in Miami for pandering to a minor.

FZB, as regards the Chiefs, it's Andy Reid love from the fawning press.
They think he's worth 10 games.
Chiefs in a 1 team division (Denver) like we are.

If Duke stays through his Jr Year, he has to be a top 3 Heisman candidate.
Who is better, or more valuable to his team? Proven again tonight.

2001 Canes, the greatest college football team ever.
The destruction of Nebraska was almost sad.
However, that a-hole Spurrier decides to announce he's leaving the Gators, the next morning. So all ESPN, etc talked about was that, not the BCS Championship.
I always hated Spurrier, but that morning I would have hired 2 guys from Vegas (if I had the cash.) LOL

Those of you who weren't around back in the 80s this is what canes football was all about...
#7 Miami at Arkansas, Those poor fools didn't know what was about to happened..


Posted by: Anti Christ. | August 30, 2013 at 07:09 PM


U sound as stupid as a Notre Dame fans in the 80's talking about how good they were in the 50's.

U've won ONE Championship in over TWENTY YEARS. Join the rest of us in the 21st. Century u silly cane cluck

Defense looked bad, as expected. FAU dominated in time of possession, and more from sh*tty bend-but-d'ono't-break defense than Miami hitting quick scores.

Gilbert and Muhammad looked good, Figueroa looked awesome.

Liked Gus Edwards, he got turned back again and again on a goal-line stand but he's a tough runner, he can compliment Duke Johnson, who made 186 yards rushing look routine.

Miami got out of the game relatively healthy, Scott's shoulder looked bad but WR is UM's deepest position.

Miami (Perryman/Coley) left huge plays on the field tonight but you'd almost rather have that going into this week's practices and preparation.

Canes win...offense needs work, Morris and the receivers need to get on the same page.

Way too many penalties, they have to cut on those.

Mobile QB's have always given Miami trouble, the Gator QB is a more tradition pocket QB , lets see how our defense respnds against a better team...Gator week is here!

Looks like we'll be ok in the kicking game.

Night ye all


Do ur homework... Driskel rushed for nearly 800 yards last year with runs of 30-30-50 and 80 yards.

Canes need more work. Coley should not even be on the field. The kid is not ready, yet. Defensive line did better against the run but has little penetration capability. The team overall was not bad. I'm sure they will be better by the last game. Can they compete with an SEC team? NO...will they win the coastal division?? Very possible.
Compare the Canes to Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M and a few others and you will see they still are few years away from even looking like one of those programs.
So be realistic Canes fans...they are not there...YET!

Just a few observations...

Expected the O-Line to be much more dominant. Trouble running in A/B gaps. Most big runs were bounced outside.

Again, the O-line. Morris seemed a bit uncomfortable/unsettled. Pressured all night.

Much better on D. Still need a big push up the middle though.

10-6: Jimbo, FZB, Cliff
9-7: Andrew, OC Dolphin, IMAWriter, Greg Cote
8-8: Naples Jack, I am Kazaam
7-9: Tom
6-10: Anti Christ, dukey

TE Clay Harbor might be a player who gets cut by Philadelphia, who might then tempt the oftentimes lackadaisical Jeff Ireland.

I'm beginning to think the Dolphins will only keep two QB's on the roster because they may want to keep a young promising player at another position ( like AJ Francis DT ) or they may trade a veteran that has a lot of value like ( R Starks )...

Lets face it if we are down to our third QB the season is done anyways...

OC, I don't know anything about Clay Harbor...has he done anything in the NFL?

Canes for the most part looked good but left too many plays/points on the field.Perryman s drop of a defensive TD was DEFLATING early on.You d think he could catch by now.Coley should have at least caught 1 of his 2 drops.Defense gang-tackled and hustled-I liked that for a change.They look better but need to play MUCH BETTER against the stinking Gators next week.Morris played well in general but was TOO inconsistent on key downs/key plays.Offensive line played decent but NOT as good as I expected they would.The Offensive line so far........are playing just AVERAGE.Without Duke.........they d not look even decent.The return guys ...especially Dorsett returned very little and did not look good.Dorsett CONTINUES on his route running to look inconsistent/not CEREBRAL enough as a WR to comprehend what good receivers are supposed to play like.Dorsett has some kind of MENTAL lapse every single game.....bar NONE.

FZB, here's a bit of background. The Eagles are heavy at the TE position and are (like everyone else) bound to cut at positions of strength. Clay Harbor seems to be the odd man out, who is probably better right now than Egnew. I would be willing to take him in, even keeping our existing three, while getting rid of either the last DB or WR.


I don't know what Kaz was watching but the defense was great last night. Time of possession is a bullshit stat. The average pass of FAU went for 3.7 yds and rush for 3.1 yds. They gave up only two drives longer than 7 plays and one of them was the last drive of the game when Miami was playing 2nd and 3rd string. This is appears to be a much improved defense over last year.

I would be more concerned about the Canes taking advantage of opportunities. Two dropped TDs by Coley and a dropped INT that would have easily gone for a TD.
Canes should have won by over 50.

I somewhat watched the game last night, while having dinner at Serranos Tex Mex in Austin. After the second "Supreme" margarita the Canes appeared to look as if they could whoop on Alabama.

OC Dolphin.....
You must have swallowed the "worm" to have that vision.
That's all it was a vision...

At $10 a pop, I'm sure there was a scorpion in there as well.


We have a Chipotle's restaurant ( mejicano food ) that just opened near our house , I have yet to go there, I just thought you guys should know.

Hahahahahaha !...Tebow was just canned by tha Patsies...it's quite obvious he can't play QB in the NFL but I wish him well, he is a good person..but on the other hand he is a Lizard.

Wait, I just had a crazy thought, we need a fullback and Tim Tebow is available ?


Nah, I don't even think he could beat out this Rodriguez guy we have...

Oye bro..$10.00 for a margarita?...I don't think they charge that much down here in the 305

FZB- The Pats cut TE dan fells. The guy would be a good pickup foe the dolphins as, he is better then anybody miami has had in the last 5yrs.

Big Baby- What is your prediction for the dolphins this year?

Funny after that last OC update I was just thinking of posting that.

I will say 11-5 call me crazy (I know you all will).


Yeah BB !.. That's what I'm talking about !... Don't worry about the negativos..11-5 could happen, when you are strong on defense and special teams you are going to be in most games.

OC, what's the name of the Ibis mascot?

Don't google it, just let it flow.

Here I'll give you a nice and easy multiple choice type test, the ones that you do the best at.

Again, no cheating, no Wikee, OC.

Is it;

A) Freddie

B) Chuckie

C) Carlito

D) Sebastian

If you get it right you'll win two tickets for the tractor pull in Bumfuck, Texas on Labor Day.

Yuk, yuk.

OK, OC, now we have to get just a little bit tougher. You already have 5 points for spelling OC correctly on the answer sheet.

Now, for an all you can eat corn cob dinner at Clem's BBQ in Slag, Texas can you answer this question.

Who is Melvin Bratton?

A) A slide guitar player for Brooks & Dunn

B) A banjo player of Ernest Tubb

C) An accordion player for Minnie Pearl

D) A running back for the Miami Hurricanes

Think OC, think.

Hey fat ass, WTF happened to OC's Cane's Satisfaction Meter logo? That was the best thing about your silly meter.

Gentlemen you do realize women with ah extra-large breasties will likely end up looking like beasts of burden before their time don't you? Have a glass of milk & a shower for f***sake...

Melvin was better at UM than pros. S*** didn't Fins have him for awhile?

Sure wish the Dolphins had a running game Coach...

Dat Gummit, Duke, don't give him the freaking answer!

Sorry OC, the second question doesn't count now that Duke focked up royally. Come on Duke. Do you have any idea how long it takes to come up with a test that's easy enough for OC?

Speaking of running games FZ, perhaps Jeffey could bolster his credibility by going after Duke Johnson now...

Like others, I do not think that UM's offensive line performed at a satisfactory level last night. Morris was just average and looked confused many times. Defense was a pleasant surprise and look for it to keep improving.

However, even though I am a life long UM fan, I do not have great hopes for us in the U Felony game next week. Really really hope that I am just too pessimistic.

Also want to add that our so called elite receiver corps could not get any separation from the db's most of the night. This could be a real problem in future games.

Mr. Woodcock I thought you were just joking and being sarcastic with that Bratton test for OC. I mean ridiculousy easy...

I see where SI has the dolphins QB ranked 25th, and the running game ranked 26th, not a good sign.

BB you're not crazy you're just being POSITIVO is the spirit of our blog brother FZB

According to Websters the definition of positivo is...

believing things that couldn't possibly be true.

Tom we know or at least seriously sense Jeffey is not PRAGMATICO as evidenced by what has been referred to as an "offensive line" highlighted by work in progress LT and a so called running game...

Easy for you, beefy for him, easy beefy Prime. Yea, easy for a Canes fan but OC has seen, maybe, ten college games in his entire life. I honestly think he thinks the Ibis' name is Carlito.

Sabastian Cabot right?...

Has my son announced the cuts yet?...

Watching Alabama and VT ..so far Alibami looks like Alibami always looks, hate Saban but he is a great college coach..

While the rest of the NFL has gone to there 53 men team, Jeff( FZBs Son) Continues to look through his acorns... My, My, My......

Guy's Lets hear it for Emma Cutts, Hooters girl o then year.........


Tim Tebow is POSITIVIO...

TEBOW: "I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback."

Where? In the Canadian Football League? Poor Tim. He has gotten a raw deal by the leftwing lamestream media. But he is not NFL QB material. Which means he may make it to the Dolphins roster.

Switch positions Tim and you might have a shot in the NFL.


the guy is awesome and has been since high school. thankfully Kazaam posted his norland highlights and mr. duke johnson might be the most explosive player in college football this year- he probably was last year. the gators have a decent defense and if he can avg. 8-10yds/carry against them the canes willcome out a winner and he'll be at thetop of the heisman lists very early. awesome player and great young man!

Are any of you guys watching the Georgia/ Clemson game?.. game of the day by far.

28-28 in the third qtr...

You're right FZB. It is an excellent game. Both are really good teams with big time players who will be playing a lot on Sundays in the future.

roberto dukito-duran,

Don't sweat it. Woodcock has never ever had to hold back upwards of 15 lbs. of sh** from breaching the environment, but he's still qualifies as an asshole.

Good move in keeping Devlin.

OC what are friends and family for...

Wassup, OC! Oye, be honest you thought Melvin Bratton was the former Chief of Police in Los Angeles, right?

11-5 for the dolphins; defense will be amazing, and i think tannehill will surprise many people.
duke is the man; i hope we run all over those idiots next saturday.

Still haven't heard from some of the regulars; shadow, woody, mike1.

11-5: Big Baby, (the real) david in los angeles
10-6: Jimbo, FZB, Cliff
9-7: Andrew, OC Dolphin, IMAWriter, Greg Cote
8-8: Naples Jack, I am Kazaam
7-9: Tom
6-10: Anti Christ, dukey

Woody always picks last plus he's always wrong anyways.

I'm still surprised we let go of our two young DT's , it was our deepest position so it makes a little bit of sense, hopefully we can put one of those in the practice squad .

4 WR's made it?... I'm sure they are looking to sign somebody there.

Same for the TE situation.

With something like 700 players to choose from, R. J. Stanford can't be too optimistic.

Here's a good summary for the various cuts made by teams:


Interesting observations beyond the Tebow story include; Vince Young, Brady Quinn (glad we dodged THAT bullet), Matt Leinart.

Also, After cutting both kickers, Cleveland currently hasn't got any left. Can we move the game up?!

A dollar says that Cleveland claims Carpenter (at least for one game) so that he can try to rub it into his former team.

By Omar Kelly
Sun Sentinel
10:25 a.m. EDT, September 1, 2013

The Miami Dolphins defense will be responsible for carry this team yet another season.

This isn't a secret to anyone with eyes, or a remote knowledge of how the Dolphins have played the last four seasons.

Miami's defense will be responsible for keeping the team in games, putting the offense in position to win it in the fourth quarter. The only change the defense has of delivering victories on a silver platter is by creating turnovers, forcing the issue.



That said, he is right that this team will go as far as the defense takes it. Miami's best hope is the offense doesn't lose games because they ain't winning any.

Now now Tom, be positivo .

I actually think the offense will be much improved, our WR's are much better and L Miller could be a 1000 yrd runner , hopefully we get no major injuries specially on offense .

Defense looks to be very good.

Here's another example of what a crap shoot the draft is, the Giants cut their second rounder from two yrs ago...Marvin Austin.

Also Danny Watkins G , was drafted by the Eagles numero uno a couple of years back.

The Packers cut DJ Williams TE drafted in the 5th round this past april but according to what I'm reading he has a lot of athleticism, maybe we can get him.

Boys, I'm getting ready to head out for the big 2013 fantasy draft a day of drinking, smoking, eating, and general debauchery combined with some football.

This year I'm going into the fray armed with my super dooper secret weapon......OC Dolphin. OC has graciously agreed to be my draft day consiglieri and will be sitting by his computer, with an organized draft day fact sheet that only the great OC could come up with to help your's truly devastate my opponents today. Not only does he already have every bit of information about every single player that has ever played in the NFL going back to Bulldog Turner, but OC has his trusty dusty ouija board oiled and ready to roll, not to mention astrological charts complete since the age of Hammurabi at the ready to give the Cuban Comet the best possible data to make my team the juggernaut of my league.

My job in all of this is to be standing at the end of round 12 18 hours from now. Don't worry OC, I have all the confidence in the world in my ability to consume mass quantities today, keep the line to Austin, Texas open, listen to your pearls of wisdom and only pee ten times in Tavo's pool.


Both D.J. Williams and Clay Harbor would be improvements over Egnew.

FZB, What flavor Kool-Aid are we drinking this year????

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