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August 13, 2013

LeBron's Miami future: Poll. Vote!; plus Dolphins cut PK Carpenter, '72 Perfectos at White House, '13 Dolphins' value, Ibis' rank among college mascots & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14. Relax, unsportsmanlike wing of Dolfandom, Tom Brady's knee is OK. 2) Dolphs cut Dan Carpenter today, meaning Gators rookie Caleb Sturgis has won kicking job. 3) LeBron decides against run for NBA players association president. One word: Wise. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): College-or-pro football poll, Jose Abreu defects, Jason Dufner wins, KC's '305 3,' LeBron speaks, Lady Gaga naked & more. 5) Join us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird) and Vine (Greg Cote).

White House to honor '72 Dolphins: OK so it's 40 years late. Quit nitpicking! The 1972 Perfect Season Dolphins are to be honored by President Obama at the White House next Tuesday, Aug. 20, that team's first such recognition. Coach Don Shula said he is "honored," adding, "It is a very special occasion and I know it’s something that all of us will enjoy and remember." (Aside to Mercury Morris: Resist the urge to pen a rap chiding Obama for not having a record nearly as good as your team's).

"RIGHT NOW" VS. NEXT YEAR: PREDICTING LEBRON'S MIAMI FUTURE: Two little words is all it took. "Right now." The full quote From LeBron James to ABC's Robin Roberts yesterday about his future with the Heat beyond this coming season: "I'm happy right now being in Miami. Hopefully, everything works 1aa1jameslebout." There is nothing wrong with that sentiment or the quote that conveyed it. It makes sense. The quote should not imply he might leave. But let's be honest: Down here, the entire 2013-14 NBA season will be played in the context of wondering what LeBron will do beyond it. And the search for clues and hints is on. He said "right now." Does that mean maybe not later? He said "hopefully." Does that suggest some doubt? The fun/agonizing part is that we really can't know "right now" what will happen next summer, because I doubt even LeBron knows. I could very easily see him re-upping with Miami, which will make an obvious priority of keeping him with all its money and might. But I also could see him going full circle with his Akron roots and returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, or winding up elsewhere such as with the Lakers, perhaps. Everyone will want LeBron, and no doubt a handful of teams with the wherewithall will pursure him hard. So what will haoppen? With the caveat that nobody knows, let's speculate. It don't cost nuthin'! We have had a bunch of LeBron-related polls the past few years but none asking this specific question about his future. As always please remember: We are not asking what you hope happens, but rather what you honestly think is most likely to happen. Vote and say why.

DOLPHINS' VALUE MID-PACK IN NFL: The Dolphins are dead-center in NFL franchise value, 16th among 32 clubs at $1.074 billion, according to the new Forbes rankings. No. 1 are the Cowboys at $2.3 billion. No. 32 are the Raiders at $825 million.  

THREE STATE MASCOTS MAKE TOP 25: Our peninsula swells with pride as Florida State's Chief Osceola, 1aa1algator 1aa1ibis 1aa1chiefoMiami's Sebastian the Ibis and Florida's Albert Gator rank No. 1, No. 12 and No. 24, respectively, in a new Sports Illustrated list of top 25 college football mascots. Click HERE for the whole parade. One aside to SI: Classic mascots, by my definition, are costumed. I may be wrong. Osceola, Ibis and Albert are pictured. Another thing: Osceola has a horse, which seems like cheating, and Albert has a female sidekick, "Alberta," also cheating. So I declare the Ibis the winner. 

STATE-SCHOOL GUYS PEGGED FOR 2014 NFL DRAFT: This we extract from Mel Kiper Jr.'s new list of top-five prospects at each position entering this college season. Including his top-fives and a "next up" 1aa1bridget 1aa1achickcategory of others to watch, there are six FSU Seminoles, three Florida Gators, one UM Hurricane and one South Florida Bull. The Noles: No. 2 DT Timmy Jernigan, No. 5 OL Cameron Erving and next-uppers OLB Christian Jones, S Lamarcus Joyner, OL Bryan Stork and RB James Wilder Jr. The Gators: No. 2 CB Loucheiz Purifoy and next-uppers DE Dominque Easley and CB Marcus Roberson. The Cane is next-upper DE Anthony Chickillo (pictured right). And the Bull is No. 3 DE Aaron Lloyd. The top-projected QB is Miami native and Northwestern alum Teddy Bridgewater (pictured left) of Louisville, with Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel third and UM's Stephen Morris meriting a "more I like" category below the next-up level.

UPDATED DOLPHINS, AFC EAST PLAYOFF ODDS: The propositionists at Bovada lay out AFC East playoff odds thusly: Patriots big 1-6 favorite, Dolphins 2-1, Bills 4-1 and Stinkin' Jets 6-1. Leaguewide its Broncos as overall fave at 1-10, and Jaguars as longest longshot at 15-1.

Poll result: College football defeats NFL: This was a surprise, at least to me, but we asked which season you most looked forward to, and you answered 60.8 percent for college football and 39.2% for the NFL. Not surprisingly, perhaps, the disparity was even greater in Florida, at 65.3% to 34.7%. Why not surprisingly? Hurricanes, Gators and Seminoles inspire more fan excitement in 2013 than Dolphins, Bucs and Jaguars.

Click back. It's certain I'll be updating/adding to this blogpost... 


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It's like asking if a certain team will win the Super Bowl or the field. LeBron will go to the team that gives him the best chance of winning multiple titles moving forward.

Pure odds are it won't be Miami but they have as good a shot as anyone because they'll either have Wade and Bosh or cap space.

If I was LeBron I'm not sure I'd want to play for a franchise that can't/won't pay the luxury tax on role players.

Dukito and Shadow (from the last blog).

check out this classic american cars in Cuba, the whole island is full of them.


why would Bron go anywhere else?

Canes and Dolphins?, sorry kids can't choose one over the other, love them both.

He'll go to whichever team gives him the best shot at winning multiple championships. Heat have as good a shot as anyone because they'll either have Wade and Bosh or cap space.

The only negative to staying in Miami is that Micky Arison isn't willing to spend his own money to pay role players like some other owners.

why would Bron go anywhere else?

it won't happen..nothing to see here, move along.

No story here. FZB is right. Move along, move along.

Cote's comments regarding those odds above - in plain language:

1. The Patriots still the class of our division.
2. The Broncos are the nation's new darlings.
3. The Jaguars are the worse team in the league.
4. And the Jets still Suck, Suck, Suck.

Why would go the Lakers they are in rebuild mode Cleveland makes more sense with K. Irving plus it would be a huge redemption story he would be a hero there again.

Kazaam is right though not bringing back Mike Miller was a red flag and while Bosh and Wade might be enough to keep him there is no guarantee.

OC bro no winner in our golf bet I guess are we on for next year?

Greg's post concerning odds up above, in plain language:

Patriots are still the team to beat in our division, the nation loves the Broncos, the Jaguars are the worse team in the league, and the Jets still Suck, Suck, Suck.

Blog is acting up. Didn't post the first version even with a refresh. Thought it believed it to be numbers-spam, so I rewrote it. Weird...



I posted something first then I thought it didn't post and then it posted...

so Cote, que pasa bro?

Maybe they have placed one of those five second delays like on TV.

Lebron will play with Meadowlark Lemon and the Harlem Globetrotters next year. I'm telling you it's money in the bank..

Rexy sucks TOES TOES TOES...

Anyone else think Tannehill is gripping just a tad, as J. J. Watt's mouth is beginning to water?


once had a 1948 plymouth "deluxe"- three on the tree, tube radio, SUICIDE DOORS, and the original hub caps. no power steering made it my sunday cruising car, but i couldn't compete with the cholos who had chreyslers with that awesome visor over the front windows and who really worked on their rides. a 1948 model bottom of the line plymouth rolling around qwest l.a. and beverly hills that got parked in front of the chis-chis restaurants relegating the benzes and other upper crust vehicles to the back of the lot. i wondered if those really fancy cars would be running 50 years after they were first sold. loved that mono radio with the real "push button" tuning.

I think there's SOMETHING VERY FISHY going on here, there seems to be more than one Dukes-Ter and "they" are taking turns posting at different times during the day, in the am, in the afternoon and in the middle of the night, there's no other explanation.

or maybe they come from different dimensions?..

Shadow..you'll go crazy if you ever get to Cuba amigo,
Cubanos know how to appreciate those american classics.

Somebody ansewer a question for me. I had a discussion with some friends about Bernie Kosar. did he win the heismen at Miami?

How can you not love suicide doors. I mean just the name suicide doors makes me want that car. Hmm better get a Venlafaxine level asap. Naples I keep thinking Flutie won Heisman when Bernie was playing. Can't recall if Bernie got one too

FZ I have a "dukey" projected in all realms except horrific, ugly and horrifically ugly realms. Good question though...


Bernie Kosar did not win the Heisman while at the 305 but I think he did stay in at a holiday Inn express while at school which made him appear smarter than he is.

Bernie came so close to Vinny Bowl. If it weren't for John Elway they would have made it and lost to either Giants, San Fran or Washington I believe...

Senor Woodcock judging by look on that young man's face following shark attack he looks to have balls of steel...

I'm 2 minutes into your classic cars video FZ and I just messed myself. Only vid that happened faster on was Nazi She Devils...

Ha Ha the Titanic. I love you, I love you & I f***ing hate you...

After watching the Jags game I have more confidence but I still have a huge question mark about the QB position.

FZ interesting take on Hemmingway. Older gent says, tongue in cheek, "Don't you hate him. He had it tough didn't he." Not for nuthin' but I got impression Hemmingway's life was not all ah peaches & cream...

Look Tannehill doesn't work out we go get Vinny Testaverde. Remember that heartbreaking loss he engineered for Jets on MNF. Miami was up like 30-7 in 4th quarter and lose the game. OUCH...

FZ I know you liked the Eagles doc like I did here's Simmons breaking it down a pretty good read.


ahh, the old man and the sea guy..yup, I would imagine he had it rough but he also had some very good times, I would think.

listen up guys, the Patsies are going down this year !

book it.

Dolphins win the east, yeah I said it.

and Woody, stop it with your Moriarty ways.

FZ if you don't get some laughs you're hanging by the facking neck Captain until you are DEAD DEAD DEAD ah.. before you 3rd bithday. Given Hemmingways shotgun blast I figured I needed to amend it...

We are the only 2 people on the blog who think so FZ.


it sure seems that way, they don't want to believe, lol

we can probably blame Kaz, Tom and Anti for all these negativism..

this negativism that is..

I have little influence over Las Vegas bookies.


why would LeBron want to sign elsewhere? His friends are here, he loves the city and who is he going to go play for? LA, really? that is to stupid to comment on, Cleveland? to the city that burned his jersey in effigy, and proclaimed their hatred upon him. Dallas? to play for the guy who called him overrated? Its stupid speculation and Riley has proven over the years he gets the guys he wants when he wants them regardless of who else is after them.

Hey Dukito, check this out, for a few 1,000's you can hang out with your hero..cool


Zonk for President in my book...

Ok here's a poll. What is your favorite alkl-tome football team. 72-73 Fins, 74-75 Steelers, 75-76 Raiders, 84-85 49ers who be it...

Hmm or was it 76-77 Raiders. Whatever really I care about the Raiders HA HA

Lebron knows he can lead and win big-time in Miami. It has been proven by history itself, and our team is still growing stronger (Oden). So as long as the Heat management is willing to equal/overcome any likely suitors out there ($$$) we will easily keep the upper hand.

Same team he made the wise decision to play for a few years ago, after all.

And now this whole city loves him back with a passion. If LeBron is the King, Miami is his rightful kingdom!!!

WTF All-Time NOT alkl-tome team. Time to rest in bliss...

B-B- FZB- EJ Manual will make a better NFL QB then tannehill. You can take that to the bank.

LeBron James' friends, family, and home are in Akron. He loves the city of Akron.

It's going to come down to where he thinks he has the best chance of winning multiple championships, and the landscape will be fluid at that point, the Heat will have an empty roster.

Miami has a slight advantage with Riley and the fact that LeBron's already here, but if another team can put together a better roster he's gone, and if that happens Miami fans would be insane to do anything but thank him for his service and an awesome 4 years.

I know I'll be relishing every game next year.

Perfect-season Dolphins invited to White House

President Obama will welcome the 1972 Dolphins for the first White House ceremony honoring the only team to go 17-0. Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Don Shula plans to accompany players from the team to the event.

Obama really wants to get Mercury Morris into the White House so he can score some weed and get that "choom gang" going again.

Wood' Ter..Dinah Washington was great..no complains from this old boy but the Floyd is the chit.

Obi is honoring the 72 Dolphins, nice gesture , of course I still think he's a total asswipe.

So Naples, you already can make a determination that EJ Manuel will be better than my boy T-Hill of the first pre season game and him going againt a bunch of scrubs , brother you should be a GM somewhere.. But I can tell you're getting a bit worried.

Kaz..agree with you, if LeBron leaves I'll say thank you very much for the two rings but I think is a long shot he does..just my opinion.

Tom ah men & women that have power in high places aren't to be ah trifled wit' my friend...


It's not my fault the Dolphins have sucked the big one the past 30 years. I'm not negativo, I'm pragmatico.

Talking about Bernie Kosar that boy has a serious screw loose upstairs. I think all those concussions are really getting to him. On top of that he has a seriously dysfunctional family. His daughter is a porn star. She calls herself Lexi Silver....


Tom you sound like my dad sir...

Thank you Ok I take that as a compliment.


the Dolphins have been bad for the last 10-11 years or so, I do seem to recall the Dolphins winning a lot of games with Danny boy.

10-6 amigo.

so Bernie's little girl is into porn?..it must be very hard on him and yes he does have a screw loose for sure.

Obi and Merc together in the same room?..that should be fun.

Yeah but I think the Marino teams sent Hootie & his Blowfish to the sanitarium. Entertaining teams but painfully so..

we can probably blame Kaz, Tom and Anti for all these negativism..

Posted by: FZB | August 13, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Ohhhh, My.... Negativism??, Really FZ, You've hurt my feelings..
On a up note, Vegas has the fins at 7.5 wins, There pretty good at this type of thing,What say you, Did I hear you call them a 10 and 6????

I mean was it life and death. Nooo but it ah wasn't all peaches & cream I-ther...

I still gatta go with my personal Jim Feist and say 6-10 but as we all ah know I've been mistaken before...

Hey Burt ask Cookie for ahhh cookie...

Eggzactly Ace. If it was 10 or 11 years I wouldn't be complaining. The last time the Fish went to the Super Bowl, I was 32. OMG I was young. In Jan 1986 I sat in the endzone and watched our last serious SB contender lose at home to ffing Patriots. It has been all downhill since then. In fact the last really good Miami win was on a Monday night in 1985 when the Fins beat the unbeaten Chicago Bears. I was there. In the upper deck. What a night. But it was 19 freaking 85.

When I was a kid my mother we take us to NY to visit my grandmother. When the Yankees would be leaving town for the weekend they would play their last game on Thursday afternoons. I went to many a Yankee game in the early 60s on Thursday afternoons. Most days I would have to sit in the upper deck. It was 75 cents. But every once in a while my grandmother would buy me BOX SEATS ON THE YANKEES DUGOUT. I was so close to Mante, Maris, Berra and Ford I could hear them breath. Those tickets cost my grandmother $3.50 I just went to yankees.com to see what those tickets cost now. $821.65. That's as in EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE DOLLARS AND SIXTY FIVE CENTS. And for all that you are close enough to hear Nunez, Soriano, Rodriguez and Sabithia breath.

Oh for the good old days when sports were affordable, the stars were really stars and the Dolphins competed for championships.

Anti...yes amigo 10 and 6 ...so you're saying you're not part of the negativo movement to have my son fired?

Easy Tom remember the old saying " what goes around comes around " ..we're close to being good again..

Of before I forget, U ok?, you haven't complain about J Martin for a couple of days..

Martin sucks. I'm ok.

The thing wit' Jeffey is if Alfred E. is problem Fins are dead in the water anyway. Find out whose idea bad uniforms were and there's your traitor. He is one assasinating Dolphins...

Maybe we could have a Resevoir Dogs circle wit' Jeffey, Alfred, BAD Co-Owners and King Carl all blowin' each others brains out wit' 38 specials. Maybe if we pray hard enough it could like happen

Dreams can come true...

Maybe that would be extreme. It's not my call...

Bruce the funny dog !

Hey Vito..the one responsible for the new unis is in SD..hint..he used to be our presidente.

FZ, He's(Dee) Laying the ground work for............
Wait For it...........

FZ who? Steven Douglas? Seriously such details escape me. Who is SD? I was the very rude inappropriate Vito but you probably knew that. Where is this SD person now? Doing time in Pelican Bay for his wanton destruction of Dolphin uniforms...

Boys, Want to leave you with this view of a "LEFT" coast sunset.....


God is great.......

oh my...thank you Anti

OC, I'm sun burned to a crisp in San Antonio. Heading up to Georgetown Thursday. Brews on 6th st seems solid on my end Friday evening. Any place you frequent have Stella, Heineken or any Europe beer on tap?

Got to comment about some stuff put here the last couple of days.
Jonas Gray, bottom line is that this guy was a top RB on ND before the knee injury. He gets the small yards and surprises everyone when he gets the big gainers too. This guy HAS what Donald Thomas or any other Miami back hasn't had since maybe Ricky Williams--break tackles. He runs STOUT. In todays NFL with shotty tackling he will gain positive yards consistantly. Donald Thomas looked the part but hasn't delivered, runs too upright, is fragile... So what, you dump a former 2nd rdr' - you got an undrafted Free Agent to replace him.

Duke, It has been my loyalty to stay with the Dolphins myth of being a perenial winner. Growing up outside of the Burg and watching Steelers tough play,,, well, your right. Friend I grew up with was diehard Raiders fan,, until Al Davis fired coaches every year,, he turned to the Steelers. I give him heck all the time of being a turncoat. We used to taunt Steeler fans on Franco Harris, 3 yrds & out of bounds, timid play, maybe that was why it was so easy for me to "portray" Franco on here... man, that was some good stuff.

Tom, I give you credit, you keep it real brother.

If Dolphins can make the O line play like a formidable unit, the sky is the limit. Everywhere else on this team seems to be brimming with rising talent. The D is projected to be a top 5 unit this year. The P is the best in the league & this Gator K'r looks great. Field position possibilities galore.

After second thought, I'd still keep Jonas Gray and cut Donald Thomas. KC might even want to trade for him.

They aren't giving up on Daniel Thomas yet I don't think nor should they even though I said he was useless last week.

I think it is mental right now with him with his size and strength he can and should be better.

Gray has some some positive signs I see nothing wrong with carrying L. Miller, Gray and Thomas on the roster.

Gillislee not sure about him don't know if they can keep 4 the next three preseason games could dictate that but I like what he brings also possibly.

Gray has looked ok but not good enough for me to say if he makes the roster for sure yet.

Jimbo - the team goes as Tannehill goes. It's safe to say he's not a superstar who's going to carry a team like Manning, Brady, Rogers, or Brees but he might be good enough to win with if they play to his strengths.

My biggest question this year is if the coaches are going to keep insisting on trying to copy Green Bay and make Tannehill sit back and pick defenses apart like Aaron Rogers or if they can design the offense to fit his skills with a run-first, play action attack. Their personnel with the strong inside blockers and weak tackles and a deep burner receiver is also better suited to a run-first game.

Can't get past this stat - Tannehill was the worst in the league last season from the pocket, second best on the move. Gotta play to his strengths.

I gotta give you credit Kazamster you have been right on for the last couple of weeks buddy. This team will live and die on how well this kid Tan plays. He certainly was a cut below how RGIII, Wilson, and Luck played last year. Given the fact that most of these rooks have a sophomore jinx it doesn't bode well for Tan. I sure hope I'm wrong. If he's playing like horseshit then hope for an early season injury 'cause that's what it would take for the kid to get benched.

Not happening Kazaam this is a pass first team.

Here's the stat I can't get past...

7-9.....year after year after year.

And if the OL is not straightened out and fast 7-9 will be good this year.

Jimbo thanks for the kind words my old friend.

Keep Miller,Thomas, Gray and Gillisle (or what ever his name is)..bye to Javorski Lane..

use Clay as the fullback

Fat John Jerry is back at practice but is limited, there is still a problem with the RG position.

T-Hill will be fine, he's got a much better team around him this year plus the defense and special teams have improved.

Devlin is injured so maybe he goes into IR and they only go with two QB's for the season.


Try to take your "positivo" pill today...OK?

More students anti. Nice. Jimbo I think Franco was instructed by entire Steeler organization the year after Raiders won their first SB to avoid getting hit so they would be ready to beat the Raiders the following year(s).

Here you go Woodcock your weekly training camp update Lambs are going to regret letting this guy go.


So long Bess thanks but it looked like you were running with ankle weights attached to your legs the last few seasons.

Ok we got choices. Dolphins suck this year and until the day we die we can suck it up and A)realize "WTF it's not like I'm going to cease being a Dolphin fan. I'll learn to enjoy losing like my friend Hunter S Thompson." For Jimbo, FZ, Tom, OC, & myself. Woodcock and others have CANES so your good to go, B)Have a good second team preferably out of AFC East to root for so you don't cannonball into a river full of Bull Sharks. That's for you Kaz. C)Frequent Mustang Ranch with Powerful antibiotics for dolls and Johns because you never know whose carrying the STD luggage... for you anti and the rest. Answers: A. A&B. A&C. B. B&C. A,B&C. All of the above.

Big Baby that was an uplifting article...

Oye FZ, I told you that your son was a freaking idiot. Ahahahahaha, and they took this cat in the "THIRD ROUND." No me jodas, this kid had star written all over him. And he fell in the draft for what smoking a few blunts. Wow, that's like saying Ms. Universe has yellow teeth. Por favor brother. Memo to your son, "Feel free to blow me."


Thanks duke anything to give you some hope...

This story absolutely proves my point that when it comes to football in America fans don't give a rip what a guy does as long as he can play and help their teams win a title. If that ass wipe Charley Manson could play they would give him a ticker tape parade if he hit the winning field goal in the Super Bowl.

Woodcock you might be right but there are 30 other teams who may regret passing on him too.

some Dolphin news from Barry Jackson:

Four quick Dolphins notes from Wednesday morning before we get to the buzz column:
1) We hear OL Nate Garner had arthroscopic shoulder surgery and is expected to be out two to threes.
2) Was told Pat Devlin has an injury (not certain what it is; one associate mentioned an ankle) that could keep him out a week or two. That's why Aaron Corp was re-signed last night.
3) Ryan Tannehill looked very sharp in practice. Mike Wallace caught a beautiful 45-yard pass over Nolan Carroll and Kelcie McCray.
4) Joe Philbin said starters will play at least one quarter against Houston on Saturday.

both the Dolphins and the Canes will kick ass this year

for me no second team to root for BUT if I had to pick one?..hhmm, good question, maybe the Packers but just maybe, (always loved their history).


I couldn't give a flying fock about anyone else. We had a chance to draft this guy on a team that needs defensive backs and we passes on him. I couldn't give a rip if some ass clown jumps in a lake and drowns that's his problem. All I know is that even Stevie Wonder could have seen that this kid was a steal in the third round. Pot smoking? Are you kidding even the community adviser in chief Barry Obama smokes blunts and he's running the whole show. Just for this they should run this fish Ireland right now.

the honey-badger is "mierda"...plus he's gay.

Mr. Woodcock, Charley huh. That's one grim pick. Speaking of The original Mission Impossible series. Why didn't they ever show Mr. Phelp's upon hearing audiotape of next Mission on deck, should he & his IM Team decide to accept, say under his breath sarcastically, "Pass" and head back to his IM Teams apartment to get loaded and bang what looked to be young hypersexual Leslie Ann Warren the rest of the IM Team members...

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