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August 22, 2013

Marlins attendance: Signs of life; plus Dolphin roster moves, T.O. sues Rosenhaus, my White House visit, NFL award odds, Mr. Incognito & more

1) It is FRIDAY, AUGUST 23. Dolphins cut five players today including LB Alonzo Highsmith. Others out the door: G Jeff Braun, G Chandler Burden, DT Chris Burnette and WR Kenny Stafford. 2) I'm back in the Random Evidence Dungeon midwifing the birth of this Sunday's notes-clumn package. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Blog Exclusive: With the Dolphins at The White House. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), on Instagram (Upsetbird) and on Vine (Greg Cote).

MARLINS ATTENDANCE: SIGNS OF LIFE, AND HOPE: A while back in the blog I mentioned I sensed fan resentment against the Marlins on account of owner Jeffrey Loria might be easing, and it was as if I'd outlined plans to vacation in Egypt or Syria. I had to be crazy! But now look: Eight of the 10 biggest 1aa1josemarlinshome crowds of the season have come in August. That includes 103,422 for the just-ended four-game series with the Dodgers. Some of that is the opponent, but not all of it. Some of it is that, since an abysmal 13-41 start, the team has been competetive/respectable at 35-36. As much, I think there is a growing sense that maybe that controversial "fire sale" trade with Toronto wasn't so bad for Miami after all and that, in turn, maybe 1aa1lbjmarlinsLoria knew what he was doing. Don't get me wrong: Loria still needs to spend more, especially for veteran bats, for offense, as we look forward. That remains a public-trust obligation of the new ballpark. But the framework of a promising young team is here, and we are starting to see it in the fan response. Rookie phenom Jose Fernandez (pictured above right) has been the hub of growing interest, and should now be in the lead for NL Rookie of the Year after his domination of the Dodgers' Yasiel Puig. And when LeBron James attends a Marlins game (as he did Wednesday, pictured above left), you officially have earned a bit of buzz. The sharp uptick in August attendance is good news no matter what you think of Loria, because it proves the fans are here. Combine the promise of this team with an owner who spends -- and owner who simply manages to not make fans irate -- and fans will respond.

T.O. SUING ROSENHAUS: Former NFL receiver Terrell Owens is suing agent Drew Rosenhaus over the hiring of a financial adviser, faulting Rosenhaus for "steering Owens to hire an incompetent and unethical financial adviser with whom the defendant had a ... business relationship." The suit was filed last night in Miami-Dade Circuit Court by the Miami law firm Carlson & Lewittes.

MY WHITE HOUSE VISIT: I have what people tell me is an interesting job. I have covered Super Bowls, World Series, NBA Finals, a Stanley Cup Finals, a World Cup, a Masters, an Olympics. I've been in the 1aa1housewhitecompany of sports figures from Muhammad Ali to Tiger Woods to LeBron James. I was there the night UM won the '83 national championship. But nothing I've covered connected with my work has struck me quite likely being in the White House for the ceremony honoring the 1972 Dolphins. It was an honor, a genuine thrill. I'm not a bucket-list guy, but if I were, I feel like I just crossed off a big one. When I wrote in criticism of the three former players who did not attend for political reasons, in objection to Obama's policies, I meant to convey that, to me, the White House is bigger than whomever the current occupant might be. Those three men have every right to stand on principle however they define it for themselves. For me, the White House is the most iconic symbol of the country I love, and it was an honor to walk those grounds, to attend an official press briefing, and to watch the president enter the East Room. I'll never forget it.     

DOLPHINS, NFL AWARDS ODDS: From Bovada, Peyton Manning at 5-1 odds is preseason pick for NFL MVP, followed by Aaron Rodgers 13-2, Colin Kaepernick and Drew Brees both 10-1, and Adrian Peterson and Tom Brady at 12-1. No Dolphin is among 39 men mentioned through 150-1 odds. Other categories: Passing yards--Brees the pick at 4-1; Ryan Tannehill tied for 21st at 50-1. Rushing yards--Peterson pick at 11-4; Lamar Miller tie-19th at 40-1. Receiving yards--Calvin Johnson pick at 11-4; Mike Wallace tie-19th at 40-1. Offensive rookie--Tavon Austin pick at 5-1; Mike Gillislee tie-16th at 33-1. And defensive rookie--Ezekiel Ansah pick at 6-1; Dion Jordan tie-11th at 18-1.

1aa1incognitoON RICHIE INCOGNITO: Couple of quick thoughts on reports this week that Dolphins guard Richie Incognito recently clocked a security guard outside LIV nightclub at the Fountainbleau. (This was just after that altercation involving him in the last preseason game). First, when a man reputed to be one of the NFL's dirtiest players -- or badass, if he's on your team -- gets in a fight, is that even news? Second, could there be a man less-suited to the surname "Incognito" than a 320-punt football player with a temper?

1aa1ddWHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?: I read this lead paragraph of a local story today and it made me sad. Here it is, verbatim: A Lauderhill couple assaulted and pistol-whipped an employee at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Tuesday for getting their coffee order wrong, police said. My comment: There is only one possible exception to this being an overreaction by the couple. That would be if they asked for vanilla or caramel in their coffee but instead got urine or arsenic.

Click back. Will be updating/adding much to this latest blogpost...


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Are you really that uninformed about what's going on in the town where you live, Cote? The spike in Marlins attendance is strictly due to "CUBAN BALL PLAYER YASIL PUIT."

Dude, you must live in Broward county with the rest of the inbred rednecks.

Come on, Woodcock. Give him a break. His wife might be reading his blog.

Nalga, Pavo gets hitched this Saturday.

Oye, Cote, why don't you report the Marlins attendance now that Puig and the Dodgers have left town.....Que clase de nalga.

This NFL season will be marked by a rash of knee injuries. It's going to be ugly. There, that's my sports take.

It's hard keeping one's mind on such trivial topics, given the growing demise of our world; Judeo-Christian cleansing in Europe, an American administration who is either inept in preventing such atrocities, or deceptively in bed with the very ones ushering in such change; race relations plummeting, where white boys get pummeled or killed by black kids, and not a peep comes out by the usual race-baiters. Yet the moment it's reversed and a: had-to-be-racist-white-but-we'll-overlook-his-latino-last-name-for-the-sake-of-our-one-sided-outcry happens...outrage is heard throughout the land.

The economy is lethargic, our "American" values subjugated, even rejected. All-the-while, every form of abnormal lifestyle is defended at the expense of the traditional. Lies and manipulation by our government leaders run rampant. Personal information for identification and likely, future discrimination and classification is unknowingly being collected by our government. Rights that every generation of Americans have fought and died for are constantly challenged and reduced.

My apologies to those expecting just pure sports takes. It's just disheartening witnessing such collapse of the world all around us, even if allowed to momentarily lose sight of it all, following sports.

Gezzis bro, you should have some decaff. No one gives a rat's ass about anything that you just wrote here, OC. For goodness sake's, man, get a life. I'd rather have a mule kick me in the nuts or be stuck in an elevator with Kazaam for three days than have to read this crap. Don't post this stuff anymore. My advice to you is to start drinking heavily, go down to 6th Street or what ever the hell it's called in Bumfuck, show up at one of those hoochie koochie shows and watch the bodacious ta tas of the babes dancing to take the caish out of your wallet.

Holly shit, bro, give us all a break.

Dam I just got back on this blog to be a little less depressed and OC throws that depressing crap out there....WOW.....Think I would rather suscribe to Kaz'z newsletter!!!

Somebody needs a hug more than I do.......

BTW......It figures cote sez there's an uptick in attendance......coming from anyone who works less & is so "outta touch" with his local peeps is normal.

Think about it.. how much actual work does this guy do ??

..He wrote the 72 fins article which lasted up here for 3 days....goes on vacation/outta town every month...He basically writes an article once or twice a week....GREAT JOB BUDDY!!! Better than gov't work if you can get it!!!

He is the journalistic version of "Un Chulo" !!!

Probably bucking for a free vacation fom Luria.....

Cote & the NCAA could have a competition to see who is more clueless !!! and/or works less !!!

the only promise i can make about the Marlins...Is I will never go to another game as long as Frankie and the Nimrods run the team...
and Puig is the reason for "uptick" as you put it...
clue for you...he is from Cuba...duh.

OC..WTF dude?..I thought that Tom and Kazaam had the market cornered on "negativo" stuff, after reading your post I think I'm going to commit Hara-Kiri..

well, its been nice knowing ye-all

well, I'm back now from the abyss OC send me...

The Marlins are drawing a little better specially when Jose Fernandez takes the mound, I know I've been there me-self.

this is a repost from the last blog, Make sure you click on it OC, you could use a good laugh.



dude, I think OC's move to Austin, Tejas finally send him over the edge...

the Incognito story is a non story, move along.

Oye brother, the guy could permanently play the part of the guy in Lil' Abner that walked around all day with a rain cloud raining on his head. The guy has to be the most negative person in Texas. And he's in the promised land of Texas. If he had stayed in as he likes to say "The Peoples Republic of California" he would have snuffed himself already. Come on OC, get with the program. I told you that you should have spent a week with Jr. in Las Vegas. You didn't listen to me, drove 24 hours straight to Bumfuck, did not pass GO, did not collect $200, did not get laid at the Bunny Ranch, and you ran over Bambi and now you feel like chit because you're having nightmares of what you did to that poor defenseless little Bambi.

So sad my ass. Get off your ass OC and stand up like a man and shout at the top of your lungs, "I have a right to party!" and start drinking, smoking, and snorting like there's no tomorrow, 'cause at your advanced geezer age tomorrow is not guaranteed. Maybe Dave in LA can send you a manual on how to party like a rock star.



no I think he's too far gone already..Maybe he is with Dukito...in another dimension.


I just read that the Lakers will be wearing black unis next year...What, they wanna copy the Heatles now?

Hey Kazaam, the Gators aren't really our rivals! Wow, what a dumbass you are son. The September 7th game is completely sold out at that dump by the Everglades. But according to you they're not our rivals......

Wow, what a nerd.


Greg, I'm awaiting your "personal observations on your White House visit" with bated breath. I'm sure you forced yourself past Shula and to the front of the line to ask the President why nothing has been revealed, no blame issued, no explanations, in (hold your breath) his promise to investigate: the libyan scandal, the IRS targeting of liberal oppositions, the NSA's practices, his capitulation to Putin, to the Brotherhood, to Syria. Or regarding his signature health care, and why his - do as I say, not as I do, of fellow politicians being exempted from (hold the laughter) "Affordable Healthcare, or corporations not needing to comply, or even his good brothers in various unions.

Did you gather enough internal fortitude to ask him - if these utopian, anti American, anti capitalistic, liberal and socialist policies we currently experience are so damn good, then why don't we feel better?

No, you probably did the predictable thing and oohed and aahed.


when someone is an acknowledged dirty player, as richie incognito has been for years, he's not a badass- he a sissy!! conrad dobler gouging merlin olsen's eyes- badass? no, sissy. badass to me means you have talent- maurice lucas, RIP, dick butkus, deacon jones,RIP... not no talents who basically hide behind the refs who can't or wont call penalties on every play. hockey badass- the great gordie howe, who defended himself from cheap or unwarranted shots and didn't need a designated puncher like tiger williams, or dave schultz,or that suntanned guy named peter who played-actually fought- for the panthers for a while. richie incognito is a "kitten" (wink, wink) who is about as ineffective a football player as one can find and who couldn't outfight calvin murphy (not many could, ask sidney wicks)-all that baton twirling gave him lightning fast and strong hands and quickness and hand/eye coordination, none of which incognitro can laim on his resume. a joke of a player starting for your miami dolphins!!!

You don't feel better than you do because you keep looking in the mirror, fish. You should get yourself a Lone Ranger mask and two rootin' tootin' cap pistols and a kegger of Lone Star beer and if you don't start feeling better when the keg's empty then there's no hope for you other than a face transplant route or a lobotomy.

Wassup OC! No one gives a rat's ass about Cote or even less Obi.......

Just read your comments, Greg. I'm glad you had a rewarding experience going over to the WH. For me, I would have turned the trip down. I do respect the office, but when I take note of the actions this particular president has taken, the "fundamental transformation" as he promised. The vision he and his administration believe in. All I have to do is bring to mind all the courageous Americans who sacrificed their lives in preserving life, liberty and the American way, only to have them rendered obsolete.

Sorry. In good conscience, I would have stayed home.

I gotta tell you, Shad, that I watched a replay of the game with the Texans and I was pleasantly surprised by the entire team. Yea, tough break with the TE going down but the D looked good, the kid threw the ball well and we showed life in the running game. And hell, I'm even starting to like the new white unis. If they had shown more T&A on the sidelines it would have been and even better telecast. All in all not bad. They might actually be watchable this year. Hope springs eternal, that is unless your name is OC.

Wassup, OC!

Woods, I wonder if you would be so dissing and nonchalant were this Cuba, family, and the revolution.

But it isn't. "Party on, Wayne!"

Good lesson for the kids out there:

"Politertainment media, not even once."


He's going to go mad after that one, Kaz.

Wassup, OC!

And this guy Beck is laughing all the way to the bank. He must be sending this fish Obama a Lieberman fruit basket every single day. The boy is the best thing that's ever happened to Glenn Beck's bank account. If he could vote for Obi for four more terms he would be the first guy at the voting place.

Shad, that loser Lane Kiffin is such a freaking joke that I almost feel bad giving you the business about SC this year. It just wouldn't be sporting of me to abuse the "Brain Surgeons" like I love to do when this clown is taking a scalpel to their scrotum every single day of the week.

Wow, they're crushing this guy's balls like a tin can. OC, now here's a guy who should be walking around with a cloud, or two, over his head. This poor sap has about 25 broads all being defended by Gloria "freaking" Alread. OC, the last thing that you want to see is or hear is her hideous face on TV and your name coming out of her pie hole. By the time she gets through cutting this guy a new ass hole you'll be able to drive an 18 wheeler through it.

Now, OC, this, is bad news not all that nonsense that you've been talking about all day.


OC..rumor has it that Cote chitted on his pants the minute he laid eyes on Obi..

Ain't that the truth Cote?

So I see that the San Diego mayor is set to resign..I wonder if Anti had anything to do with it, you all know what a trouble maker he is.

Mr. Woodcock,

no sweat ragging on kiffin junior; he is bad and despite what the very truthful pat haden says, another mediocre (and mediocre is what they will be)season and kiffin junior will be looking for work. USC is a mess, and whatever they do against the hawaiins, they are gonna get rocked in the conference worse than last year. i can't stand junior, a guy who bolted from tenn after a year.

Well, at least he doesn't have Super Cont Glojoe Alred suing his ass like that cretin looking geek in San Diego.

so Kiffin Jr is an asswipe then why the fascination with him?

oye Woody, are U ok meng?..I mean you posted something "positivo" on the Fish?? (5:04 pm post)..hhhmmm

so Los Marlins lost another close game today, 6-0

saw Fernandez versus Puig in person, great night monday night, both those Cubanos are the chit, they're going to make a lot of dinero in the league.

. For me, the White House is the most iconic symbol of the country I love, and it was an honor to walk those grounds, to attend an official press briefing, and to watch the president enter the East Room. I'll never forget it.

Strange, I remember reading a history book where Gobbels said the same thing when ADolph came into the Chancellery.......

OMG, Ted(I fell down)Ginn just returned a punt for a TD...To Ba for the Panthers, He only excels 1 time a year, To bad it was Pre-Season...LOL

Let not forget Snoop Dogs Video of Ted(Sie line)Ginn...


OK Guy's Your Honest opinion, I'am gonna show a Picture of my Daughter that I say her Bikini is WAY TO SMALL...
Just need your guys thoughts.....


AC, Good lord son.
Why would you post a picture of your daughter on this scribe??


If Puig was the reason for the bump, how do you explain averaging almost 25k for the San Fran series?

Anti...I can't really comment on your daughter's picture since you're my amigo...

The Patriots suck. I'm getting the feeling that even if the Dolphins only go 8-8 they may win the AFC East. The Lions made Brady look old.

When Cote posted his man..err...White House love on this here blog, he knew EXACTLY what sort of comments he would elicit. He's not stupid.
By posting his (Cote's) comment, he opened to door, which is precisely what he wanted.
I'm with OC on this one, both for his RIGHT to respond, and the content of his response.
If y'all don't want to read a blogger's political viewpoint, I'd suggest you request your fearless leader to cease and desist with posting HIS.

Tom, would be great if true. However, just hypothetically, if the Patsies offered a 1 on 1 trade, Brady for Tanny, just how long should Ireland wait to pull the trigger? LOL
Anything longer than a millisecond, I'd fire Ireland on the spot.

Brady may be better than Tanny but for the Patriots to be really good Brady has to be Superman. He used to be but it remains to be seen if he still is. What the whole world is going to find out when Brady's time is up is that Belichick sucks as a coach. He has made his career on the back of Tom Brady and without him he'll revert to the loser he was in Cleveland.

Tom, I wouldn't say a guy who has played in 5 (0r 6?) superbowls, often with receivers that wouldn't have made some other teams sucks as a coach.
Again, a trade...Philbin for Bellicheat? No go for you?
You don't really believe that?
I do agree, without Brady, maybe ZERO Super Bowls, but then again, THEY may have drafted a Flaco, a Rothlisberger, etc.

Bellicheat will retire when Brady does, 2 more years prolly.

He'll take 2 years off, then come back with....whomever has a 1st round #1 draft pick, lots of ocean, and warmth for his aging bones. That's right, my friend. The LA Dolphins. LOL

Hey Mr.Cock,stop speaking for the board...you keep saying"nobody gives a rat's ass" or "nobody cares" etc...news flash:you don't speak for me or anyone else...your opinions and thoughts don't mean jack shit to me...typical narcissist,who thinks he is a mouth piece...simple minded dork...take it down a notch,dickhead...it's just a stupid message board with a bunch of half-assed pseudo-intellectuals..heh,telling people to get a life when clearly you should follow your own advice...you are a joke...typical internet tough guy douchebag...

Wrong Writer. I do hope Belichick sticks around after Brady leaves. Then everyone will no him for the fraud he is. Belicheck is NO Don Shula. Don won with 4 different QBs (Unitas, Morral, Griese and Marino) across decades. Belichick has won with ONE QB and who is arguably the best ever.

So in answer to would I trade Philbin for Belichick, NO I would not. Unless of course Brady came in the deal because all we really know about the Hoody is he can win with Brady.

Tom and IMAWriter...

Don't put too much stock on the Patsies looking bad on a pre season game, they are still a very good team, now the Dolphins have closed the gap but this guy Brady is a once in a generation QB..

I do agree with you guys on Beli-Cheat , he is nothing without Brady..

Not only did Brady look bad the Patriots OL look worse than the Dolphin OL last year. Nice to see the Patriots in reverse and the Dolphins in drive. Now if ONLY the left side of Miami's OL does its job I think we can win the AFC East.

our offensive line is still a work in progress going from power to zone blocking, its getting there.

I now think Egnew will make the team because of Keller's injury..

is it possible they keep all 4 RB's?..Miller,Thomas,Gillisle and Gray?

Roadrage, it must be hard for you going through life wearing lipstick. I'd blow you a kiss if I could since that would be the first time you've ever had sex. I'm afraid you'll just have to continue doing the circle jerk like Kazaam with an old Playboy and a bottle of Jergens.


Looks like Joe Flaco needs to bone up on his Ebonics.


Oye Woody...who's this clown roadrage?..hehe

no. no Woody..Joe Flacco needs to hire this lady.


Either OC, his cousin AC, his other cousin, DC, or just another brain dead one tooth redneck from Gaysville.

Wassup Roadrage! No one gives a rat's ass about your opinions......

You two old farts make me laugh. The posters name is roid rage not roadrage. YOu need your eyes checked.

Hey I can call him what ever I want to asswipe.

and I'm not old..just fitty-9

You are also rude.

Who gives a crap, Chelse, Roadrage, has the same right to bitch and moan like we all do. Thank goodness we live here in America, and can still do that regardless of the nanny state morons among us.

Not to mention that I've known OC since elementary school, and although he has become more and more paranoid as he has geezed up he's still one of my best friends and I can call him out any time I want to. He gives me as much crap as I give him.

Wassup, OC!

you think I was rude to old Chelsea?..sorry kid.

Nah, she can take it, verbally and on her back.

Thank you, FZB. At least you appear to be enough of a gentleman to correct yourself. Now as for this other poster, Mr. Woodcock, I suspect he hides behind that name to mask certain shortcomings. Believe me, I know about false personas. Mr. Woodcock should more accurately go by the name of Mr. Littlecock.

Mr. Littlecock...hahahahahahaha!!!!

It's girth not length that counts, Jr. and I can get friction from a mayonnaise jar. And you, madame, are correct, Mr. Woodcock is no gentleman.

Wassup, OC! Oye, did you see that Obi is thinking about making every single male in the U.S. change his underwear three times a day.

Don't worry Roadrage, Obi is giving pansys like you and exception.

I don't know who roid was, but that wasn't me.

FZB is funny. That guy hates to think he insulted someone. He's easy to fluster.

so the Wood's-Ter has a small pipiro?...hehe

Chelsea....anyone that can take an insult and give it back is ok in my book, welcome to the blog.

by the way, Woodcock is not a bad guy, eventually you'll like him.

Don't say that, it'll ruin my blog persona.

Fock off, Chelsea.....

Oc..I don't know if you've noticed but I haven't insulted Kazaam in a while...he's been a good boy lately.

Careful. If he's black, you just did.

SO kAZ IS BLACK???..well that explains everything.

Hey Woody maybe you can get Chelsea to give you a blowjob and you can show her exactly how small you littlecock really is. Whadyathunk?

I found a pic of Chelsea. I'm sure you're gonna love her.


mike1 (wherever you may be),

BOISE-ESQUE!!!! kellen moore's numbers for last night: 12/15, 2TDs, 0 INTs. i believe the lions have found a more than adequate back-up for matthew stafford. my favorite college QB seems like he'll make the NFL, contrary to the opinions of many of my pals here.

and speaking of the word "boy"..back in Jr High in my much younger days..this is a true story.

this is when I was 14 yrs old circa 1967?, not knowing any "ingles" just yet, well just a few words here and there and starting school at the 305 I was at the cafeteria having lunch next to a black kid and he finished his lunch and got up and walked away but left his book's behind, again not knowing "ingles" to carry any conversation but I knew the basic stuff like boy,girl, bathroom so I decided to yelled at the top of my lungs "HEY BOY" !!just so I could get his attention that he had left his books behind.

well, the kid turned around and started cursing at me yelling at the top of his lungs and looking very menacing with his fits ready to fight (he was bigger than me too), now here I was having lunch, minding my own business and now I'm about to get into a fight and I had no fackin idea why..hehe

we got separated and when they asked me (through an interpreter) what I had said to make him so mad I explained that all I wanted to do was get his attention to let him know he had left his books behind, next thing I know they all started laughing and that's when they explained to me that calling a black man "boy" was a big no no in this country..

and that my amigos was my first intruduction to racism in America.

Sorry, shadow. mike1 is unavailable at the moment. He has changed his name to Ἄτλας, and is somewhat busy now.


yeah, where is old Mike..He hasn't posted any boring soccer stuff lately..

Nice story, FZB. My first experience was somewhat different. We were claimed by family who lived in Miami Shores, back in 61. Two days into the country we were taken over to see an American grocery store, I believe it was Food King. Anyway, here we are marveling over all the mountains of produce, isle after isle of food, meats, etc. Anyway, I set to explore on my own and wandered over to the canned goods isle. Two big black women started yelling words I could not understand and began throwing cans at each other. There I am, smack in the middle, ducking and such and thinking...wow! these negritas who live here are nothing like the ones back home. These Americans are violent people!!

My first experience with blacks in America was the second day here when we went to a restaurant and I asked the bus boy if he could "Please bring me some Grey Poupon."

this is what Omar Kelly posted..

I'm quickly learning MOST OF YOU clearly have no factual basis for hating Jeff Ireland outside of the fact the team hasn't won since 2008.

so true..ya-all just hate my boy Ireland just based on what you hear from other people and refuse to use your "cabeza" to think...

Now this is what I'm talkin' 'bout.

"How bout my Golden Panthers!"

OC, it doesn't say anything in the report about test stealing, cheating scandals, and gang bangs and orgies, are you sure that this hazing thing really merits a rebuke of these fine outstanding young FIU students? When I was at FIU this behavior wouldn't have even moved the needle.

Wassup, Mitch, how's Maidique doing........

"I'm shocked, shocked that there's been gambling and carousing going on inside these sacred halls....."

"Ah, blow it out!"

Bravo to Kooch and the other 2 Fins who passed up meeting that disgrace in the WH

Good brain on your shoulders, gocanes1.

dukey, the watchtower is looking for you. Set your directions to the light.


Greg, sixth generations of great, great grandfathers, going back deep into your lineage, Gregorious Cote Montesquieu de Champ, would be very proud of you and your WH appearance.

Cote a little darker pigmentation and one would hardly tell the difference:


Let them eat cake.

mouning guys..hoping everyone has a good and safe weekend, Los Dolfins playing tonight...hopefully they keep improving and no major injuries..

remember, positivo saturday today..

here's some classic Beatles for you guys and Woody no complains from you.


early boy loves girl song.


and another early classic from the fab 4..


your welcome

It's hard to consider the Gators our RIVALS when they DROPPED UM FROM OUR ANNUAL GAME DECADES AGO.

When you only play a school every 15 years, it's hard to consider them "rivals"!

Had UFelony NOT dropped UM from our annual game, then they, LIKE FSU, would be our in-state rivals.

F**K THE GATORS and their hillbilly fans.
F**K FSU and their hillbilly, inbred fans too!

GO CANES......"THIS IS UM COUNTRY" - the rest of you skank - get lost!

Woodcock, great observation comparing Beck's career with OBummer getting re-elected. I remember Rush stating that Clinton being in the White House for 8 years gave him plenty of topics/ammunition for his TV & radio show.

Got to share with.....

How many of you guys participate in NFL fantasy football? I avoided fantasy football until about 2 yrs ago dismissing the whole idea. Jumped into a 14 team league with correctional coworkers. Went back to Colorado last week so the wife could spend time with her grandbabies.... (smile) coincidence the leagues draft was set for Thursday evening at Fox & Hound sports bar in The Springs.... Being more prepared & seasoned I picked the following team. I picked 3rd in the odd rounds & 11 in the even rounds. Here is my team: S=Starter B=Bench
QB- Romo (S) & Rivers (B).
RB- Lynch (S), Jones-Drew (S), Ingram, S. Greene (B)
WR- Colston (S), Boldin (S), Sidney Rice, Hartline (B)
TE- Jimmy Graham (S), Z. Miller, Dallas Clark (B)
K- Sturgis
D/ST- Bengals, Dolphins (S=depends on opponent)
In draft order:
RB Lynch, RB Jones-Drew, TE Graham(can't believe he was in the 3rd round & idiot next to me drafted Vernon Davis in 1st rd), Bengals D, WR Colston, WR Boldin, QB Romo (was teetering on the fence between Romo & Russel Wilson), WR S. Rice, RB Ingram, RB Greene (if Tenn's Johnson sits Greene will be huge), Hartline (1,000 yd receiver last yr & Keller out for season makes Brian in the 11th round a steal), QB Rivers, TE Miller, Dolphins D, K Sturgis, TE Clark.

Wouldn't want Romo to lead the Fins as he has a tendancy to choke with the season on the line but the idiot puts up great fantasy #'s (same with Palmer) & has great weapons to throw to. Rivers is backup.

If your on a fantasy league, share your input.

Tom, agree. IF the O line plays decent, IF Tannehill doesn't regress, IF New LB's are better not worse, IF secondary is improved. IF rookie K doesn't miss when the game is on the line.

the U fans......

when the smoke clears and the final top 25 is set in January,,,, Will the U be ranked higher than FSU or Florida? Will they represent in a relevant bowl game?

just to share. It was really hard to leave Colorado and drive back to middle Louisiana this time. Have been eligible to retire since Sept 2012. Living in LA has worn thin in almost every aspect, good reason the cost of living is cheap here.

OC, I have put my name out there for joints in Austin, El Paso, Houston, Dallas-Ft Worth with the first 2 looking very strong at getting me to TX this calender yr.

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