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August 11, 2013

Ultimate football question: NFL or college? Poll. Vote!; plus Abreu defects, Dufner, KC's "305 3," LeBron, Gaga bares all (w/ vid) & more

Radio change!: This week I'll be in-studio today instead of Tuesday at 3 p.m. with Le Batard and Stugotz on 790/104.3 The Ticket. Ears welcome.

1) It is MONDAY, AUGUST 12. Are we that surprised or impressed that Michael Jordan can still dunk at age 50? Really!? 2) Click on Random Evidence for my latest Sunday notes-column package. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins rout Jacksonville in PS2, Canes' 'Mo' Duke' offense, Sapp dancing & more. 4) Join us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird) and Vine (Greg Cote).

"Saw an item about a book the size of a ladybug that can only be read with a microscope. I believe the book contains all the names of people who still like A-Rod." --Greg Cote

TAKE A STAND, FOOTBALL FANS. COLLEGE OR PRO?: Most folks I know, me included, might answer "both," but I don't give that option in the poll below. That'd be no fun. Take a stand! This means to be 1aa1collnflmapa 1aa1collmapsport-wide question, not a favorite-team question. For example,  it isn't Dolphins or Hurricanes. It's whether, in general and overall, you prefer the NFL or college football. No disrespect meant to high-school football fans. As for any fans out there who prefer the Canadian league ... would they admit it? OK, poll is now open. Vote and say why.

1aa1abreuJOSE ABREU IS FREE ... AND EXPENSIVE: Baseball America reports today (read here) that Cuba's star first baseman Jose Abreu, 26, has defected from the island bound for MLB riches. He will be a free agent believed to merit a huge contract. Jose has been called "the Cuban barry Bonds," which we'll take to mean the talent, thank you, not the PEDs.

IT'S A HAPPY NEW MEANING TO "DUFNERING": Jason Dufner, who played golf three seasons at St. Thomas Aquinas, won 1aa1dufner 1aa1duffneringthe PGA Championship yesterday. For the late-blooming Dufner, 36, it's his third PGA Tour title (all since 2012) and first major. Took awhile, but local boy makes (very) good. By the way, Dufner's Sunday paycheck was was $1.445 million, so if the Aquinas golf team happens to need new equipment, now might be a good time to gently ply the gratitude and generosity of a certain prominent alum. Dufner previously was best known either for blowing the 2011 PGA Championship with a Sunday collapse, or for the photo at right. This spring at an appearance at a Texas elementary school he was caught slouching comically against a wall, giving rise to the brief phenomenon, "Dufnering."

1aa1kc3THE ROYALS' "305 3": Marlins start three-game series at Kansas City today. Royals have one South Florida player you should know: Eric Hosmer, born in Miami, played at American Heritage. But KC has another local connection you probably don't know, with three coaches from Miami. They are (pictured left to right): bench coach Chino Cadahia (from Miami Springs High), third base coach Eddie Rodriguez (Miami High) and batting coach Pedro Grifol (Columbus High). Grifol is a Miami native; the other two were born in Cuban. Thanks to reader Henry Vilar for the tip and photo.

LEBRON JAMES SPEAKS: LeBron speaks to ESPN about the charity event that has him back in his Akron hometown, about the improvement of the Brooklyn Nets, about the Heat's addition of Greg Oden ("We're not asking too much from him"), and about considering running for president of the NBA players association ("My voice could be huge"). But LeBron also said something about perhaps taking on the latter role that I found interesting, and cautionary: "I don't know if I have the time to do it," he said. Click on LeBron Speaks to see and hear the entire interview.

1aa1gaga2NFSW VIDEO: LADY GAGA SHEDS CLOTHES, EXPANDS MIND: Who am I say Lady Gaga should not attend a three-day retreat in upstate New York in which she chants atonally and gets naked? Who am I to say that the Marina Abramovic Institute, founded by a Serbian performance artist, was not a mind-bending, positive experience for a singer whose concerts are part performance-art? Click HERE for a 2:19 video that may be one of the stranger you've seen. WARNING: There is Gaga nudity about one minute in, of the type pictured at right and also more explicit. The apt-to-be-offended are advised to not watch.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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More excited for the Hurricanes than the Dolphins or Ravens but I don't care about the rest of college football, definitely more excited about the NFL overall.

Couldn't see the Friday night game, anyone see how the offensive line and Jon Martin looked?

College, and it's not even close. Hey Cote, make sure that sad sack OC isn't logging on and voting over and over for the NFL. That boy hasn't seen a college game since they were wearing leather on their heads and raccoon in the stands......

I actually had to go wit' college football because the Dolphins don't make me cry. They make me puke...

Lady GaGa is a nutcase but she has a nice ass and tatas...nice going Cote.

To me Canes and Dolphins are the same, I'm a total homer when it comes to both.

Kazaam, the interior of the offensive line struggled the first three series of the game specially Samuda , Tannehill had no time to throw the ball but they got better after that , no issues at all with both tackles.

Gardner was elevated today as the starting RG also L Louis and fat John Jerry are close to returning, there is still time but they need to find answers at the RG position.

So what happened to El Tigre winning the PGA championship?

The OC whammy strikes again?

College football over the NFL?

Time to grow up people.

Dolphins O Line has been a turnstile of different faces (trying to) start as a unit. This issue needs to quit being an issue. With the $ & draft picks spent, the team will rise or fall with 5 big fatties up front. Can Jared Odrick play LT??? hmmm? He seems be the right size, nimble footwork & a nasty streak. Just something to think about.

NFL. It isn't even close. College football never has a legitimate/no gripe about it champion because there is no playoff set up. There is always some crap year after year (Canes beat Noles in 2000 & finish with same record-yet FSU goes to NC, Nebraska goes over Oregon a year later after just getting throttled by Colorado, OU goes in 2008 over Texas even though Texas won head to head, etc). College Football's a joke, and these "scandals" are getting so stupid. How retarded to strip Reggie Bush's Heisman several years after he won it. It's such a flawed system. Athletes are always going to get perks. The NFL is the best product with the best event (super bowl Sunday) in sports. I just want to watch football, and I'll take watching the star studded professionals over the guys who end up has beens once they graduate like Eric Crouch, Tee Martin, Jason White, Craig Krenzel, Gino Torretta, Vince Young, and so on.

That being said, the rivalries in college can be fun, and those wide right/wide left Miami games had some of the biggest hits and most explosive action you could find. NFL is king in this country, though. Best players, biggest championship, most national attention (NFL you find in major US markets like Chicago, NY, Boston, Philly, San Fran, etc---college it's hick towns like Norman, Tuscaloosa, Tallahassee, and College Station), and best product.

How is the U not on that college football map? WTF!?!?!?!

Lady Gaga,Love that she is embracing the "Natural" Look....
She might soon be a "Chica in La Casa Da Christo"...

This is more of a college blog, but Dolphinwise......Serious decisions are to come, August 27th, cut down to 75, August 31st cut to 53....who is getting cut? Why aren't we discussing it? Yes the U is important, but the NFL is paramount! College ball dies without the NFL. Nowhere to go!


re: jonathan martin and lack of posts- i guess no news is good news!! throwing rookies into the offensive line just wasn't done "in the good old days"; as previously mentioned, dear old george allen, RIP, only started one rookie lineman in his tenure with the rams (probably redskins too): tom mack of michigan, a guard who must have gone on to over 10 pro bowls when they meant something:



USC is gonna get mangled in the pac-? this year again. how did it slip by me that you are a UF guy, or did i misread yesterday's posts?


i guess i misinterpreted the "we" in "we haven't played since 2008"; did you go to UF undergrad and grad school in coral gables? i know a few who did.

How dare you.

redski, no more so Dolphins blog with a favor of everything you can imagine.

Lady Gaga video. Watching that video is similar to watching the hillbilly neighbor kids swinging a cat around by its tail. I may be sophisticatedly limited but I don't see the aaaaah in what she does. Either she is overated or Yoko Ono got through life as the most underated act in the world. Watching her bending over in the woods screaching reminds of a day I hiked Pikes Peak following a night of drinking Coronas & eating Paco's green chile.

meant to say "flavor" not favor - Mr redsky

OC-things still looking good on my end for Friday evening. I plan on being in Austins 6th st party district somewhere around 7-10 pm. Let me know what establishment you frequent. Should be another couple with me & my lady.

Fins would be well served to keep RB Jonas Gray and get rid of RB Daniel Thomas.

The lack of protection for Tannehill is still the biggest problem facing the Dolphins.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill (5 for 9, 75 yards, one touchdown, no interceptions) didn't throw to wide receiver Mike Wallace when he seemingly had one-on-one coverage and Wallace was open.

Reading between the lines coach Joe Philbin seemed to say Tannehill might have been uneasy in the pocket because of protection issues.

"I saw the same things on the pictures," Philbin said about Wallace appearing to be open on in-game Polaroid photos.

"But I feel the protection early in the game wasn't very good. So I think sometimes when that happens a quarterback can get off his primary reader. There were times he certainly didn't have time to set his feet and throw the ball properly."

On top of that it is looking more and more like Ireland wasted our top pick and a 2nd rounder on Dion Jordan.
Jordan ended Friday's game with one tackle, no sacks and no quarterback pressures.

Philbin wasn't asked about Jordan after the game but the No. 3 pick in the draft was again used in third-down situations, which is just as he was used against Dallas in the Hall of Fame game and the same way he's used in practice.

3rd overall pick a situational player...unbelievable. We sure could have used a LT. Lane Johnson or a trade for Branden Albert.

Goes back to a question I've always had - is it actually possible to ruin a young quarterback? We're meant to believe that's what happened to Tim Couch and David Carr but would those dudes have made it anyway? Could Tom Brady have been 'ruined' by a bad front line?

I like Shadow's position on Friday night's game, no news is good news as far as Jon Martin's concerned. Must be some free agent out there, I had a similar problem with the Ravens not replacing Boldin with a possesion receiver - Dallas Clark and Brandon Stokely are as washed up as it gets, but at least there is a sericeable backup for that role if Tandon Doss doesn't emerge.

Jared Gaither, Winston Justice, Jamaal Brown, ANYONE to give Miami another option if Martin gets hurt or starts hurting Tannehill.


Agree with you on kepping Jonas Gray but disagree on getting rid of Daniel Thomas this year, this is it for him, he either proves that he belongs or he doesn't.

wow Kazimiro, so U COULD be a closet Gatar?..say it ain't so amigo.

I'm confident as the injured players get back to practice (fat John Jerry and Lance Louis) that our O Line will stabilize and our offense will start to click a little better, will be ok there.

really Tom?..nothing like "over-reaction" monday eh?

so Dion Jordan is a bust because he is a situational player and god forbid all players that are taken that high in the draft HAVE to be starters from day one plus he had zero sacks and one tackle in the second fake NFL game of his career..yup, total bust.

one a bright note, that Gatar kicker we drafted looks like the keeper.

the kicker looks like a keeper that is..

Seriously FZB? You really think drafting a situational player with the 3rd overall pick (that really cost us the 12th and 42nd picks) is a smart move? It is so reminiscent of CamMoron's pick of the punt returning Ginn family as to be scary.


All I'm going to say is this, you could be right in saying Dion Jordan will be or is a bust but the guy has been in camp for like a month, missed all OTA's, the off season work out program, is coming back from shoulder surgery and is getting acclimated to the speed of the NFL game and learning the play book.

I think the kid deserves a little leeway here.


it looks like we'll have another Cubano headed to the major leagues soon, Jose Abreu the cubano Barry Bonds?..good to see those players deserting communist Cuba, Fidel can't die soon enough.

FZB I did not say he was a bust or would be a bust though if I was placing a bet now I would bet he will never be a star. What I am bitching about is it seems we wasted the 3rd overall pick on a situational player when at that spot you should get an every down player.

Let's look at the top 10 in the draft

Chiefs Eric Fisher #1 starter
Jaguars Luke Joeckel #2 starter.
Eagles Lane Johnson #4 starter.
Lions Ezekiel Ansah #5 starter.
Browns Barkevious Mingo #6 starter.
Cardinals Jonathan Cooper #7 starter.
Rams Tavon Austin #8 starter.
Jets Dee Milliner #9 starter.
Titan Chance Warmack #10 starter

Of the top 10 draft picks only the Dolphins drafted a player who is not starting. Well that's IRELAND!

College football is ok but unless you actually went to a certain university I really can't see investing much emotion in it. The college I went to is too small to field teams at a major collegiate level and I feel no particular loyalty to UM of FIU just because I grew up down there.

Seriously, I want those places to be respected academic enters much more than I care about how they do in football.

Pro football is where it's at.

Loved the Dion Jordan pick. Any player could not work out or be a bust, I judge more on the philosophy than the results.

If you want to get past Tom Brady and the Patriots you need a QB to put points on the board and a pass rush to fluster him. I don't give Ireland credit for drafting Tannehill because he was forced to draft him due to previous incompetence (making the safest pick in NFL history with Chad Henne as the starting QB).

It's the opposite with Jordan, that wasn't a position of need but it's the second most important position in terms of beating the Patriots and Dion Jordan was a unique talent.

Just because Jordan doesn't start doesn't mean they don't expect him to play a huge role - they want him to be a complementary pass rusher to Cam Wake and to contribute to 20 sacks between the two.

If he doesn't do that, then yea, he will not have lived up to his draft position this year. But he has a great shot to be a difference maker right away, even if he isn't on the field for running situations.

Dion Jordan is a luxury the Dolphins cannot afford with such huge question marks at the 2nd most important position on offense (LT).

Sorry Kaz it was a horrible pick and I say that EVEN if he turns out to be a really good player.

on the NFL versus College football..

why do we have to choose?, they are both exciting, don't tell me U guys don't tune in to the big college games at all..

Of the top 10 draft picks only the Dolphins drafted a player who is not starting. Well that's IRELAND!

Posted by: Tom | August 12, 2013 at 11:36 AM

I see a patented FZB coming tom...
He's about to call you toilet paper...

Well obviously they think Jon Martin will be the answer at left tackle, I'm not too disappointed that they didn't take a left tackle with their #1 pick but it's inexcusable that they don't have another option on the roster given Martin's horrible rookie year and offseason.


the most important positions to fill on a team are a stud QB, followed by stud pass rushers to get to the other teams QB.

the NFL is now a passing league, if you can't rush the passer then you have a big problem, now granted protecting the QB is essential but the Dolphins THINK they have their LT in Martin already and wanted to beef up their pass rush, its a move non one saw coming and got the best defensive player available in the draft (according to the experts) it was a gutsy move by Ireland and you need to give it time to see if it was the right decision.

now if a year from now Jonathan Marting needs to be replaced and Dion Jordan did nothing then you can go ahead a rip my boy Ireland all you want.


stop being a trouble maker, U know I don't rip My amigos.

hell I haven't even called Kazimiro any names lately.

on the subject of getting more depth for the O Line I'm sure they'll pick up a vet just before the season start's..maybe they wanna see how fat John Jerry and Lance Louis come back.


an innocent little mistake; give a guy a break. it's not like i inferred that you might have come from university of gestapo.

Haha, might as well have.


Barring any unforeseen issues, I should be back in Austin by that time. It will be close, though, as I plan to leave CA on Wednesday on a roadie with JR. back to Austin. My first inclination was to stop by Vegas, but said little dude is just 19 and would not be able to partake of the goodies. The other extreme is to do a 24 hours of Le Mans type deal, to which I'm not sure that would want to do.

I'll keep you posted.


so now the "liberales" are in a huff for a "sickening" joke played on our presidente Obi..hehe


I say it was right on the money, Obi the clown.

I watched the Jags game yesterday, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Even if it was the Jags the Fins looked disciplined on both sides of the ball, not a lot of penalties. That kid Grey played well again and the rookie wide out Bumphus, or something looked really good. Although I still think it's nuts to draft a kicker the kid looked terrific. Also, that African DE looked good. You can't have enough Africans on a team except for those midgets with the chicken bones through their noses. What do they call those midgets, OC?

I'm sure Cote's outrage will be posted soon..

right Greg?

the midgets are called "hobbits"..

No, no, that's only in the movies. Pygmies, that's it, we don't need no Pygmies on our team. Well, maybe an experienced witch doctor, one with a elephant bone through his nose instead of a chicken bone who can put a hex on Tom Brady.

Oye OC, you're not going to spend three days in Vegas with the golden boy? Que clase de nalga tu eres, socio. Nineteen? Brother, that's perfect, all he has to do is pull down the baseball cap over his face a little and he's golden for the pool parties, the strip clubs, and the chicken ranch. "A 24 hour LeMans type..." What are you a freaking Pygmy? No jodas, brother, this is your chance for greatness.

You're right Woodcock. I hear that that North African, Marwan Khalifa, is the bomb.

Here's the latest picture of coach Joe Philbin on an African recruiting trip this summer looking for an edge against the Patsys.


FZ,Did your son suffer a Severe head injury???

wait....WHAT? !!!

are you saying that Hobbits are not real?..chit, next thing you're going to tell me is that Santa Claus doesn't exist.


OC, Take Junior here while in Vegas....



you have a chance here to be your boy's hero for eternity, take the kid to Vegas, show him around and make sure you take him to a whore house or two.

it will clear up his complection real good....right Woody?

Ah FZ I was in a reverie wondering if you were mostly an optimist your whole life. Ah not there is anything wrong with that mind you. Strange first post I read/gravitate towards is yours. Well here is brunt of it is below..

"it's a move non one saw coming and got the best defensive player available in the draft (according to the experts) it was a gutsy move by Ireland and you need to give it time to see if it was the right decision.

now if a year from now Jonathan Marting needs to be replaced and Dion Jordan did nothing then you can go ahead a rip my boy Ireland all you want."

Well then I guess that answers that question. Not that there is anything wrong with it. The world needs optimists too afterall...

LOL Senor Woodcock why are those childrens nutsacks so HUGH for f***sake??? Jeffrey been playing alittle Jerry Sandusky shower tag with the lads???

FZ if my 1:45PM post has a malicious feel to it, it is not you amigo. I'm becoming a bitter increasingly bitchy Dolphin fan I'm afraid...

Sweet Jesus they have giant nutsacks AND TITZ for Christsake!!!!! Alright now that I got that out of me who is playing LT?

Anti, Ron Jeremy has his erection in everything porn does he not sir???? Forget question marks it was rhetorical...

Wow shadow laid the ole Gator whammy on Kaz. Kaz it didn't feel malevolent though...

Sometimes I think it would be easier to just be full-time Giants fan but this tenticle called Dolphin loyalty has me by the gonads. Jimbo I bet you've experienced this. Christ if you were full-time Steelers fan you would have SB Vinnys beyond compare and virtually no FOCKING HEARTACHE...

Eh at least Marino and that particular Dolphin team don't make ole dukie cry no more. Nope this is a new one HA HA HA cough, choke, spit...


ever since my early youth I saw my "papi" battle a terrible disease ( MS ) and saw him lose control of his bodily functions day by day and through it all he always had a great positive out look on everything that it rub on me.

I would asked him how he was feeling and he would always respond I feel like a million dollars!!, and if he acted like that how could I possible feel not positivo.

so yes my Papi is responsible for my positivo outlook on everything..

Nfl over college ball, 8 days a week. Vinc Young, Jam. russell great college guys, bums in the NFL.

FZ you're fortunate indeed to have such a person become part of your soul. Salute!

thanks Duke..

Another Monday and Jeffy Ireland still has a job.

Na, if I'm not going to a game I'm diving instead.

Oye Kaz, you're not afraid of the sharks? I just saw shark week and I don't know if I would go in the water, bro.

Rationally afraid swimming on steep shorelines, irrationally afraid floating in open water, not afraid at depth. Divers are way bigger and weirder than anything most sharks would want to test.

I've been bumped a bunch of times, unlike big land carnivores, sharks aren't territorial besides some inshore mating situations. So they're not interested at all in fighting you, they're literally just testing to see if you would be an easy meal, and you're not.

Almost no one gets bitten twice, humans have thick bones, they're not worth eating. Any kind of resistance sends most sharks skittering away, if you have a big camera rig like I usually do to shove in their face you're practically invincible.

What ever dude...you're not getting me in the water next to a great white anytime soon.

Yea, I'll just watch you on the discovery channel, bro.

Dolphins shut down Dion Jordan trying not to 'overload him'

No comment necessary.

Posted by: FZB | August 12, 2013 at 02:46 PM

Truly an awesome post, especially considering what you and your family went through.
I need to assimilate a bit of that optimism throughout my daily existence.
Especially as I'm YARDS older than all of youse guys, and still parenting 2 teenage girls, BOTH DIVAS!!


"yards..." sugests you're in your 80s. This group consists of three @ 60, a couple at 50s and 40s, one recent 27 year old and two duffers arm wrestling each other to determine who holds the geezer crown - the shadow knows and Naples Jack.

Hey, Kaz, Are sharks equally spooked by one wielding a Polaroid camera? How about a smart phone?

...humans have thick bones...

Woodcock, no need to worry if what Kazaam says is true. Go ahead and swim in the ocean all you want. With as THICK a scull as you have, you're probably completely safe. You're flabby midsection, not so much.

haha. No, not 80's, but I'm getting SS checks now. Still working, quite often with artists not much older than my kids.
If you think young, stay up with trends (as funky bad as some currently are, IMO) and do a LOT of listening, you can still be relevant. Except, of course in your kids minds! LOL
As for the Fins, I just want them to play good, hard-nosed, SMART football. I can accept the results. Unlike FZB, I find it harder to accept the lack of true NFL top 100 players (even top 150) drafted by Mr Ireland.

Enjoyed this blog MUCH. Woodcock had me rolling in the aisle.
Night everyone.

Ha Ha...

Goodnight gentlemen and let the blondes and brunettes bite. Let 'em smoke em if ya got 'em...

Ah, man...everyone is going to sleep. It's only 9 for Pete's sake!

Feel free to blow me, OC!

They get spooked by the contact with something rigid with no give. Not at all what they're looking for.


Yah so I plan to go to ah beddy by when Star Trek original series comes on. It's the episode with Parellel Universe. Our evil twins or rather they & their evil twins are transposed to each others Enterprise during an ah Ion Storm whatever the fock that is. Anti Christo what's a focking ion storm and is it as bad as a level five hurricane??? Anyway towards the end of episode Sulu enters sick bay where good Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura are fixing up "other" Spock(he's not really evil so much as trapped in more deranged illogical universe) Yeah right, so who enters sick bay next? Why it's evil Sulu complete with sharp letter opener and vicious scar on the side of his face. "Yeah he looks even more handsome with the scar on his face." For $64,000.00 anyone know the movie from which that line was lifted? Here's a hint his alias in movie was "Mr. Burt" because he was mistaken for Burt Reynolds HA HA HA Oh Oh that was rich!
Yeah so I see Sulu and you know what immediately comes to mind. Jimbo I bet you know sir. That's right,
"George Takei, what a guy." And that's the ah rest of the story...

That's some impressive bit of image capture there, Kaz. The next time I hit the depths I'll remember to tote along one of these:


Sweet Jesus, Bob Newhart is fockin' dry enough to make one choke & heave after imbibing on pure, sweet H20 directly from Heaven's Waterfall...

Hmm H2O ehh...

HA HA OC I just want a humble modest thing like Anna Kournikova's pussy milking ole dukey's lizard. Ya know she's milking it just for the hell of it. S*** the poor girl doesn't even have to like me as a person for f***sake...

Feeling good is good enough...

duke, where's that movie quote from?

Sgt. Elias you're nothing but a goddamn firewalker which is why I sprayed you with my M-16 dicklick...


Such violence. The war, riots, the the Black Panthers, the tearing up the draftcards. We fixed it Al and they hate me for it...

Platoon yes but not Mr Burt movie. Below from Nixon. Hmmm one more hint the guy who plays Mr Burt also plays ET Eddie Torrez the Extra Testicle lol...

I'm sure George Takei enjoyed playing a more manly version of himself, if even for that one episode. The new Sulu in the current films certainly does not seem to question whether his xy is mixed up and really would much rather be an xx.


Whoops Hofmann not to be confused with Abbie Hoffman. Sorry good doctor who lived and played to be 100 yrs old...LSD - My Problem Child - The Psychedelic Library. LSD was discovered on April 16, 1943 by Dr Albert Hoffmann, but was actually first synthesized by Hoffmann in 1938. Hoffmann was a Swiss chemist working for the Sandoz Pharmaceutical company in Basel, Switzerland.

Last image taken by Kazaam's digital, watertight camera, just before a sharp poke in the nose only managed to piss the shark off:


Ha Ha goodbye Kazzer or should it be Kaiser Wilhelm Kazzer III. Hmm I'm more up on disrupting chromosones OC. However your derangement regarding George Takei looks sound to me, which really doesn't say much for it I'm afraid...

The actors can blame it on the transporter. George and Leonard step on to it and...zzzzzzzzzzzz....the new actors switch who is the wide receiver.

I like that funny...

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