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The Ultimate South Florida What's-Your-Favorite-Team Poll: Dolphins vs. Heat vs. Canes vs. [your choice]. Vote now!

Special note to the Blog Family: I will be away on vacation all week and thus not tending the blog much for a few days. We'll be in Alaska with friends while our two young-adult sons turn our home into a party-wracked frathouse take care of things in our stead. Follow me on Twitter (gregcote), Vine (Greg Cote) and Instagram (Upsetbird) because I'll be posting mini-videos and photos daily from the Great Northwest. Meantime, I hope the following is plenty to chew on while I'm away. Ciao for now!

SOUTH FLORIDA'S ULTIMATE AND DEFINITIVE FAVORITE-TEAM POLL: Most of us follow more than one sport or one team closely, I'm sure, but I also believe most of us are able to choose only one team as our favorite if we must. I didn't say it would be easy, but that is your challenge here. Pick one. By any criteria you choose, name your one favorite team. Because this is the Miami Herald, our poll emphasizes what I consider to be the seven most popular South Florida pro or college teams as a starting point. Don't fret, though. If you are mostly a fan of a team not specifically listed (Gators fans? Yankees fans?), there are three other categories in the poll with you in mind. The composite will be a picture of who our blog readers support the most. And because our polls indicate roughly half of all votes usually come from outside the state of Florida, we expect plenty of support in the "other" categories, too. Our big expectation is Heat vs. Dolphins vs. UM football for the heavyweight title, but I have been surprised before. Consider your favorite team if you could pick only one, then cast your vote and say why. Enjoy!

Check back often to monitor evolving results...