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July 10, 2013

Draw line on 'roids & Cooperstown. Poll. Vote!; plus Sedano leaving WQAM, Wade's ex-wife, LeBron raps, Birdman the movie, Farewell to "The" & more

Cote radio doubleheader: Am back in-studio with Le Batard again today starting at 3 p.m. on 790 the Ticket and FM 104.3. Ears welcome.

1) It is FRIDAY, JULY 12. Jorge Sedano is leaving WQAM for ESPN, according to my colleague Barry Jackson. The Worldwide Leader is making a big reach to Hispanic listeners. That doesn't mean it's why he is being hired. But it fits and is unsurprising. 2) Dwyane Wade's ex-wife won't quit. She's back after Wade in a new lawsuit. Click here for the details. 3) Happy birthday to one of my musical heroes, @Mavis_Staples, who turned 74. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Giancarlo Stanton cavorts nude, Dolphin calls out Pats, Bosh to India, 2 Canes honored, Shh to Silva and Shaq, Heat poll results, no-class Seahawks & more.

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Farewell to "The": The Miami Herald without ceremony has dropped the "The" from its name and is now officially simply Miami Herald. Farewell, The. I miss you already!

BASEBALL'S DIRTY DILEMMA: STEROIDS AND THE HALL OF FAME: The Home Run Derby and 84th All-Star Game are almost upon us, and what should be a wonderful time for baseball is decidedly not. The 1aa1bbhallroidsMiami-born Biogenesis scandal sees Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and four current All-Stars among 20 implicated players who could be suspended right after the break. Click on Baseball's Midsummer Nightmare for my latest column. Hall of fame voters so far have shown little inclination to forgive PED-tainted players and let them into Cooperstown's hallowed halls, rejecting otherwise-first-ballot guys such as Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, along with Mark McGwire and Samy Sosa -- all rebuffed earlier this year -- and many more. What if you had a Hall vote? You sort of do in the form of this poll. One option I have raised in the past (not found in the poll) is to induct the tainted guys whose numbers are too overwhelming to ignore, but with a scarlet S for steroids, with permanent mention of their scandal on their Hall plauque. OK, now you draw your own line. Vote and say why you feel as you do.

LEBRON JAMES TRIES RAPPING: On his Instagram account last night Heat star LeBron James posted 1aa1kingjtwo brief audio clips of him rapping, intro-ing himself as "the kid King James." It totals roughly a half-minute of sound that includes maybe half of that of him in acceptable mid-flow. Click HERE to listen. I am told it was recorded when he and some close friends were in Las Vegas on a recent bro-holiday. The idea of LeBron immersing himself in hip-hop and loving an open mic is nothing new, or any surprise. Click here to watch a 2010 video of LBJ on stage with Drake. Whether this latest little foray is the precursor of a James rap album is unknown, but LeBron's close friendhsip with Jay-Z, Drake and others in the genre suggests something could blossom. Meantime, X@#! you, Lil Wayne!

HOLLYWOOD CONTINUES SHAMELESS USURPING OF HEAT NICKNAMES!: Like it wasn't bad enough there is a new movie called The Heat, the popular Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy buddy flick. Now, in 1aa1theheatmovieproduction, is a new movie called Birdman, a comedy that began filming this spring in New York City. The movie stars Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone and the ubiquitous Zach Galifianakis -- but conspicuously not the Heat's newly re-signed Chris (Birdman) Andersen. Andersen and his nickname had just begun making inroads on the long headstart of Birdman 1aa1birdmancaof Alcatraz; now, this new challenger. Pictured left: Birdman Andersen, saying, "C'mon, man!" at the idea of a new movie called Birdman. The mind casts back a year to Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse, the local short film that did not have Bosh's blessing. Where will the cinematic plundering of the NBA champions end!? Will actor Dwayne Johnson start spelling it "Dwyane"? How about a remake of the 1953 Western Shane, but not starring Battier? Enough, Hollywood. Enough.

1aa1heidiklumWHAT HEIDI KLUM DID ON HER VACATION: The former supermodel and Project Runway host recently vacationed in the Bahamas and Instagram'd this photo of her, um, tanline, with the caption, "Ouch!" We pass it along purely for educational purposes, as a reminder to always use sunscreen while tanning. As for a (mostly) sports blog showing this, well, ah, clearly this involved an outdoors activity, possibly beach volleyball. Yeah that's it!

JUSTIN BIEBER ENRAGES CHICAGO: An executive of the NHL champ Chicago Blackhawks made the 1aa1biebcuperror in judgement of Tweeting out this photo of pop star Justin Bieber posing with the hallowed Stanley Cup in the team's lockerroom. (Note the customized Bieber jersey in the background). Blackhawks' fans response has been swift, voluminous and full of rage. Three possible reasons: One, hockey is a very manly sport and Bieber, physically, looks as if he'd lose a slapfight to a female jockey. Two, Justin is a sports whore, by which I mean he poses as a fan of whatever city he's in, as when he wore a Heat cap during that playoff game here, that night he adopted the bling-n-whiteboy-thug persona and was booed when shown on the video screen. Three, if you don't love Bieber (an adoration confined mostly to adolescent girls who haven't defected to One Direction yet), then chances are you hate him.

Click back. Strong likelihood I'll be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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ShaQ Artest now LeBron this isn't news.

Shaq's album wasn't as bad as people say though ShaQ Diesel and Artest had a little talent but the Cote hero worship continues on.

Lil Wayne got mad skills Greg silly to bring his name up when discussing rapping he's in another class but you're still sounding a bit jilted by weezy lol!

How Can You Understand The Concept Of Size In Football And Not In Basketball.

Height Is Even More Important In Basketball.

The 2012 Dolphins? No. The 2013 Dolphins? Hell Yeah. By At Least 2 TDs And Even Don Shula Knows It.

On Birdman? Hopefully He Starts Next Season Over Hasbeen. And Joel Anthony. He Is The Better Player.

The Heat Head Coach Is A Racist!! He Doesn't Like To Play White Players.

At Dashi, what? I don't really like Spoelstra as a coach but he is definitely not racist. He didn't play James Jones, the winner of the 3 point competition either. He barely gave Rashard Lewis any minutes. Birdman saw more minutes than those guys in the playoffs.

Haha, 'skills'? Lil' Wayne is a performance artist, absolute garbage lyrically, worse than LeBron, who was terrible.

He's the most popular rapper on the planet the last few years in a class with Jay z and Kanye his record sales speak for themselves maybe you just don't like rap or Weezy which is fine but he's talented bottom line.

record album/ CD illegal downloads whatever.

I just remembered you like some rap the hate for Weezy must be like rooted in Heat hate like Greg.

Some things about music are subjective - this isn't. Lil' Wayne is a joke, like Justin Beiber. He's comically bad as a rapper.


Kanye West is also more of a producer and performance artist than an MC but at least he can rap.

Jay Z is the only real rapper in your list of rappers.

Speaking of performance artists - I missed this when Kanye West was on SNL but he tore it up.


Lil Wayne has been performing rap and hip hop since he was a teenager he can do it with the best of them.

Nothing to do with the Heat, I don't give a sh*t which celebrities like them as long as the Estefans are still on board. And I think it's funny Lil' Wayne banged Chris Bosh's wife.

I just like hip hop and Lil Wayne is a terrible rapper.

Rap is utter garbage

Shaq Can Actually Do More Than Play Basketball. And Rap.

On The Last Post, Señor Cote.

The Problem With Shaq Is More Than The Name. Shaq Calls Himself More Than Just Superman. The Diesel, Doesn't Like To Be Compared. Like Jordan. You Think MJ Likes The Comparisons. Howard Is Not Original. Shaq Doesn't Like That. One Of The Reasons Shaq Doesn't Like Kobe. Kobe Is A Copy.

LeBron Should Stop Being Friends With Jay-Z. How Can You Be The Greatest Rapper Ever And Let LeBron Come Out With Some Weak Stuff. Biggie Wouldn't Let Shaq Do That.

Jay-Z Is Killing Beyonce's Career And He Shattered LeBrons Before It Even Started.

Big Baby,

for us who listened to music (rock and roll type) of the glory years, about 1955-1975, rap is atrocious. and the "gangsta" image that the rappers must have to keep their "street cred" (UGGGGGHHHHHH) is horrific. theold music had its share of musicians involved with suicides-johnny ace,manslaghter-little willie john, playing around with "street meat"-sam cooke, and the real gangsters who controlled early rock and roll-morris levy and roulette records, syd nathan and king records, "payola", drugs- etta james, frankie lymon, little esther philips, dion; but at least they had talent and their music still has a following sixty years after it was introduced and is still fresh. lil kim, lil wayne,... garbage music from garbage people.

Shadow - with any genre, if you only hear the pop hits you're going to think it sucks.

Hip hop will still be popular in 60 years.

It will remain popular because art always mirrors its time and culture. Our education is abysmal, as are our values, morals and sense of family. Nothing shows us reversing that trend, in fact, it is getting worse. So yes, cRAP will continue to be popular well into the foreseeable future.

Maybe your education and values are abysmal OC but I think your use of 'our' is too broad a brush.

Yeah, sure, whatever.

C'mon guys I know you listned to that Car Wash song and Celebration Kurtis Blow anyone OC you danced to this admit it.


Vonta Leach was in Davie the day after being released but he has still not been offered a contract by the Dolphins, this whole time I thought he was the one on the fence...

No worries Dolphins are loaded a recently released FB isn't going to make much of a difference one way or the other.

He's the best fullback in the game and the Dolphins have zero proven running backs.

Fullbacks have gone the way of the dinosaurs it would be a nice addition but it certainly won't make or bereak them.

Nobody raps like NAZI SHE-DEVILZ, Kaz...

Whatz wit the Dolphins historical problems at running back. Even when they had RW he left in order to save himself the pain of carrying the ball 300 times per game under Coach and I use the term losely Wannstadt...

If there is one thing the history of football has taught us it's that fullbacks will not be contained. Fullbacks break free, they expands to new territories and crash through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh... well, there it is.

Fullbacks, ah, find a way.

Christ what a royal f***up Coach Wannstadt was but there have been so many thing to laugh and cry about with this team. ok enough with the negative waves I'll move on now...

Quite so here, here Ian...

Screw the bloodsucking lawyerz and get us a real fullback Capt. Ireland...

Big Baby,

what "car wash" song? do you mean the beautiful, beautiful "i wanna get next to you"? that is still a gorgeous tune, and the scene in the movie where franklin ajaye is looking at that chic while this song is played is one of filmdom's finest moments!! the movie was great-filmed at the robert taylor car wash on 6th street west of vermont- but the title song sucked.

Workin at the carwash, workin at the carwash yeah...

Not that one shadow I don't think not this one either Croce was awesome.


Yes the title song was the song I was referring to hilarious movie!

Blackhawks' fans response has been swift, voluminous & full of rage lol...

HaHA bunch of tools they deserve it GO BRUINS!

Well apparently the Mossad have taken Dr.Mengele SS Gynecologist into custady so there is now a job posting to ah fill that slot...

Hey Kaz..you like hip hop??? no wonder you're brain dead.

Vontae Leach will eventually sign with the Dolphins, no worries there.

sorry guys, rap music is no music..no offense to anyone

Yea, yea, no hip hop allowed in the nursing homes, it disturbs the residents.

To Us Hip Hop Fans It Is Hilarious To See A Guy Named Big Baby Standing Up For Little Wayne. The Irony.

Lil' Wayne Is Garbage. He Is The Best Of The Worst. That Is About It.

Rap Has Sold Out. And Part Of That Selling Out Is The Dumbing Down Of Hip Hop.

I Blame Jay Z.

And The Heat Head Coach Is Racist And A Homophobe.

Not A Homophobe In The Way We All Know. But As A Gay Guy That Hates Straight Players. Notice His Favorite Player Is C.Bosh.

Kaz you may want to suggest to your friend Justin he fly under the radar until he is able to reinvent himself and emerge with more palatable persona. Just ah tryin' to help...

all kidding aside,

most music is good if done in good taste, rap music has its place but not when they start denigrating women or cursing..

me?..like Jazz/blues, pop music, classic rock/ new rock and even classical...

Kaz, thanks for posting the Beatles tune for the lad's

Plus hockey playaz aren't generally known for there sense of humor in such instances...

here ya go muchachos..


not you Cote, you've been acting a bit strange lately.

Anyone ever read Piri Thomas' Down These Mean Streets. Great book about Cuban/Puerto Rican kid negotiating the mean streets of Spanish Harlem. Below is his website. Damn the guy looks as good as Merc...


FZ re: Cote not that there's ah anything wrong with it. Well yes, maybe there is afterall. A guy splashing about in Scope in his birthday suit is just not appropriate material for rthis forum...

Well yes Piri Thomas has mored on to another dimensional plane but ah he looked damn good in that pic...

yes moved and mored(?)


its funny but Cote puts the subjects and obviously we comment on some of them but I don't think anyone has even said anything on Stanton..

I think Cote is borderline a girly man ( not that there is anything wrong with it )..


what is the difference between hip-hop and rap? i think i can recognize (unfortunately) rap, but have no clue wha hip-hop is. i guess i like one rap song "ive it away (now) red hot chile peppers.


the Pepper's are a pretty good band, take a listen to some of their songs..



FZB - I posted that Beatles video to show that if you only listen to pop hits you're going to think that band or genera of music sucks. That Beatles song is complete sh*t, no different than whatever Justin Bieber's hit song was. But of course the Beatles are a great band with a lot of great songs.

I think I've figured out why Greg Cote has been so busy as of late. Apparently he's been donning a wig and black robe and judging a few miles north over at the Zimmerman trial.


Ah Cote is moonlighting as a something or other, OC...

Shadow - what people like about hip hop are the beats and the lyrical skill and flow of the rapper.

Broadly, rap music tends to have very simple, bass-snare beats and 'gangster' lyrics with very little flow or skill. Hip hop is just good rap music I guess.

This might generously be called rap music:

And this hip hop:

Kazzam, you are not qualified to pass judgment over that Beatles' song. You were not in the planet at that time, and as such, completely incapable of understanding the power such liberating music had to a global mass of baby boomers whose general expectations about music were somberly characterized by Mitch Miller.

It was like going from black and white TV to color. That song changed the world.

So did the Backstreet Boys, doesn't mean it's not poppy garbage.

Context, my dear fellow. Context.

The Beatles popular songs were all pretty sh*t compared to the rest of their catalogue.



Andersen didn't take any of the tax-payer MLE, that's some nice loyalty out of the Birdman.

One contract left, someone's gotta shake free.

This was the world which those early bubblegum Beatle songs shook to the core.


Only living through the experience of that time would begin to reveal its worth.


It makes no difference to me amigo, I love all Beatle songs...that's my era..glad I was there to witness it all.

This Bill Simmons article is brilliant. He's all over and exactly what I would do. He's also right about the Celtics as well. Come on Jimmy. Get with the program!


Bill Simmons would never have dreamed about writing an article about the Lakers 5 or even ten years ago what a sellout.

Since moving to LA he has become more out of touch with the East Coast than ever it's really embarrassing.

As a Boston sports fan to see him turn into such a Hollywood fink is depressing cool beans Bill you have turned into everything you used to hate.


jacorry harris who managed to land a spot on a CFL scout team, believes warren moon who told him he was "a great QB"!!! somewhere, somehow i justr don't think that great QBs wind up as a canadian taxi squad quarteback. warren moon who was great in college went to immediate greatness in the CFL and then to immediate greatness for houston- i don't see the same parallel with the former #12 of coral gables. i'll eat my "tallis" (prayer shawl) if jacorry harris ever starts for an NFL team!!!

Guys I noticed something funny(If youcan say that) During the Zimmerman trial, Look at the Picture of Trayvons Friendand Notice the Elevaor buttons behind her, Is Sanford Fla so small they have Trials in elevators..
Just wondering..



Read the Simmons article, pretty funny but makes a little bit of sense on a couple of points, the main one is you either have to be very good or very bad..

Bron is not leaving south beach

Too bad the Lakers have that new owner, you guys will be in the crapper for a long time.

Anti...that's a good observation..Muy interesante I say.

Yeah, I thought it a little strange..

The witness stand is handi-capable.

Hip Hop = Pop Rap

Rap= Lyrics and Original Thinking(Concepts). What Hip Hop Use To Be.

Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Song - Under The Bridge

That Is Just My Opinion.

Big Baby, I'm Not Making Fun Of You. Just That It Is Ironic That Lil Wayne's Daddy Is Called Baby.

Lil Wayne is ghetto to the core he will be lucky to stay out of a lifestyle that doesn't get him killed someday like the greatest rapper ever Tupac Shakur.

Just don't anyone tell me he can't rap it's just silly and it is subjective I don't listen to rap that much anymore but I respect the genre if it's done well.

shadow I think Jacory Harris could start for the J-E-T-S JETZ JETZ JETZ...

OR he could possibly play tightend opposite Tim Tebow. Maybe Finz should grab him before NE does...

How much speed does Harris have? Can he run routez. Maybe he could be next Marlin Brisco...

Wow speaking of Magic Marlin check out this website...


Cote good PR move with Heidi Klum pic...

How Many Millions Do You Need To Have To Stop Being Ghetto(Low Class)?

How Is That Acceptable Now? Along With The Bright Colors.

2013 Miami Dolphins 12-4.

Hurricanes Undefeated. Duke For Heisman.

Geno Smith Is Better Than J.Harris, M.Sanchez, EJ Manuel, And R.Mallet. He Is The 3rd Best QB In The Division. T.Sizzle Is First!!

S.Morris Is Better Than G.Smith.

btw, for all of you wondering why Woodcock has been oddly absent, lucky bastard is vacationing on a yacht off the coast of the island of Ibez, all expenses paid. Lucky mo-fo!

I thought Zimmerman looked retarded for lack of a better word...

Dukey, the prison commandant from the movie Seven Beauties is in desperate need of your gynecological services. Don't forget your oxygen mask.

Now OC if I had my Iowa Class Battleship of which there were five I believe. I used to know this stuff by heart. The Jersey, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa perhapz given it's class. If therez another I can't think of its name. So my point is if I had updated New Jersey complete with cruise missles I would hire my services to wealthy patronz such as Senor Woodcock and for a reasonable sliding scale fee I would ah see that their yachtz and jewelz and cash and women and children were safe from like pirates and such...

I'll bring some laughing gas too...

hire my services doesn't sound kosher but you get gist...

Zimmerman is two inches away from physiologically being labeled a cyclops.

Dukester, when you say you're in Labia, would that be upper or lower Labia?

It's where the clitoris major residez...

Here you go, buddy. Have a good evening.


Greg - I enjoyed your article on loyalty. It made me think of how I would rank S.FL sport stars based on loyalty (+10 plus years of service):

1. Don Shula - 2 rings and undefeated season. Ultimate professional
2. Pat Riley - 3 rings - Lebron sweepstakes winner
3. Dan Marino - 0 rings, but so fun to watch and pilar of the community
4. Bob Griese - 2 rings - class act and great commentator
5. Dwayne Wade - 3 rings and warrior.


Ellerbee saying we have a fast versatile offense and that Tannehill looks sharp other players saying Tanny looks much improved this is going to be a great season folks!

Depth in the secondary looks incredible right now this defense is going to be scary to play against can't wait!

Steroids in baseball and HOF polls the very definition of a slow sports day I guess.

I will be the next Eminem

That was an era in baseball like any other era. They have been cheating in baseball for 100s of years. Greenies, The Dead Ball Era. Babe Ruth Cheated, Ty Cobbs Cheated, Pete Rose Cheated. All The Great Ones Do In Baseball. Pitchers Included. Even Whole Teams.

Now The Question Is How Bad Did You Get Caught.

Barry Bonds Should Be Allowed. Roger Clemens Shouldn't.

Clemens never got caught.

Bonds didn't either but he did plead guilty to one lesser charge.

Do your homework.


the raiders got jim plunkett because the patriots couldn't block for him and actually ran him around end, causing a major shoulder problem to the greatest passer i can remember in collegiate football. he may have been out a year when the raiders went with dan pastorino (from northern californi also and played on the same side in the shriner high school football classic- dante p was the north QB, jim plunkett was a DEFENSIVE END (6'4" and 220 lbs.) in the 81 season the raiders picked up plunkett as a backup, and when pastorini got hurt plunkett came in and the raiders became the first WC team to win the SB. plunkett was a great QB even without the mega-arm, and a humble human being. at stanford, one of the three favorite college of the ole shadow-plunkett, bary beban, the late joe roth of cal, whose career and life were ended early by cancer. bill walsh was quoted as saying that joe roth could have been the greatest ever. it was heartbreaking seeing him play while carrying the dreeded disease. joe roth could do it all and had the tools at cal-muncie, wesley walker, steve rivera... they lost their chance for the rose bowl when they lost to the bruins, who went on to avenge a regular season loss to woody hayes by handling the buckeyes. wendell tyler broke free on a long run down the far sidelline and stepped out of bounds during his gallop, but the ref was too busy watching his torso to notice that he stepped on the sideline.

168 td's 198 int's and a 67.5 lifetime QB rating those are just atrocious numbers he's lucky to have won 2 SB's (83' team still one of my all time faves) on the backs of Kenny King, Marcus Allen and Howie Long.

The most td's he threw in a season was 20 I trust he had a better college career as a # 1 pick.

Career 52.5 percent comp percentage but he was a nice humble guy yes glad you remember him fondly I liked him also as a Raider fan growing up (sorry duke the Oilers first then Raiders now Miami!)

You're right though it was before my time but I have heard people say that he just got destroyed while in NE.

He wasn't a great QB though as you stated far from it that word should be resrved for the real greats.

Big Baby,

GREAT COLLEGE PASSER WAS PLUNKETT (in my cognizant years), and the late beano cook also had plunkett as his greatest. the guy receiving the most nominations was "slingin" sammy baugh of TCU, but he played college ball in the last 30s, even before the time of the old shadow. i don't measure a QB's college career by wat his NFL stats and the convoluted rating system the NFL uses. when plunkett got to the raiders, it was 10 years after he left college and he still had enough left ti find kenny king and let the raider FB prance 80 yards for a TD on what we strat-a-matic players would say was a "flat pass". stanford could have gone to 3 rose bowls under plunkett, but as a sophomore the indians lost to #32 in a tough, tough game in palo alto, as a junior stanford took the lead on a last minute field goal only to have mckay call a run on 4th and 5 (our old friend clarence davis) to keep the drive going for ron ayala's "time expires" FG, and in his senior year they beat us in palo alto 24-14, but the score doen't indicate how thoroughly the "thunder chickens" (stanford's DL) dominated the game. that team went to the rose bowl and came from behind against the buckeyes with two unanswered 4th quarter TDs to win 27-17.

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