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July 08, 2013

At long last, Giancarlo Stanton cavorts naked in spray of water (w/ pics, vid); plus Dolphin calls out Pats, Bosh to India, Canes' football honor, Heat & more

1) It is TUESDAY, JULY 9. Tuesday is Friday this week in terms of me and the radio. Not in my usual spot with Le Batard today on 790, but will be in-studio Friday instead. 2) Heat scrubs beat Brooklyn scrubs Monday to go to 1-1 in NBA summer-league, where results mean less than MLB spring-training games and NFL preseason openers, if that's possible. 3) Kevin Durant is marrying a WNBA player. I just placed a bet that their first child will lead somebody's league in scoring in 2035. 4) Saddest music headline of the week nominee: 'Surviving Doors to Reunite.' 5) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat's-biggest-challenge polls post-Dwight Howard decision, shame of Urban Meyer, Jose Fernandez an All-Star, Andy Murray reigns & more.

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Click on Good vs. Evil for today's latest column by me. It's on how sports has become a morality play, and how Jose Fernandez and Andy Murray spent the weekend striking a blow for the good guys.

ESPN BODY ISSUE: GIANCARLO REVEALED!: ESPN The Magazine's annual 'Body' issue, in which 1aa1gs1various athletes are photographed nude but artfully covered, is on newstands this Friday, and pictured right are two scenes from the mag in which Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton cavorts and flexes au naturel while being sprayed by a well-aimed hose. Click HERE for a 90-second video of Stanton's photo shoot. Below right is UFC fighter Meisha Tate. As a public service we are not showing 77-year-old golfer Gary Player in the buff. Niners QB 1aa1kapcap 1aa1meishatateColin Kaepernick and Mets pitcher Matt Harvey are among the most prominent athletes to be featured. (Kaepernick is pictured left holding a Dolphins cap he got in trouble for wearing to a Fourth of July party. Slow News Day redefined: This, as an issue). I doubt very much if Kaepernick, Stanton or Harvey would look as good as Meisha Tate wearing nothing but pink gloves and leaping on a beach, although Stanton gives it a shot.

A DOLPHIN CALLS OUT THE PATRIOTS! (WELL, SORT OF...): I doubt what 1aa1dannellenew linebacker Dannell Ellerbe said qualifies as Fightin' Words with the start of training camps looming, but these are summer's dog days in sports, so we do what we can. CBS Sports asked Ellerbe (pictured) if the AFC East-dominant Patriots at last are vulnerable: "I think they are," he replied. "I was brought here to hep knock them off. That doesn't mean we will, but we feel like we can." Take that, Tom Brady! Cower and quake!

BOSH TO INDIA: Heater Chris Bosh will be in Mumbai, India July 16-19 on an NBA goodwill and grow-the-game tour, the club and league announced today.

TWO CANES GET PRESEASON FOOTBALL HONOR: Hurricanes QB Stephen Morris and RB Duke Johnson are on the newly announced 75-man watch list for the 2013 Maxwell Award, given to the college football player of the year. The only other state players to make it are QBs Jeff Driskel of Florida and Blake Bortles of UCF.

TO SILVA AND SHAQ: QUIET, PLEASE: Previously unbeaten Anderson Silva lost UFC 162 to Chris 1aa1clarkkentWeidman, and, after watching Silva showboating and clowning, the result did not bother me in the least. I also would say "shhh" to Shaquille O'Neal for slamming Dwight Howard going to Houston by saying, "Not everyone can handle being under the bright lights." Shaq is still sore that Howard usurped his Superman nickname. Bulletin: You both stole it from the man pictured: Clark Kent.

Poll result: Pacers, Thunder are Miami's top obstacles: Sorry, Brooklyn. Adding Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett wasn't enough. Too bad, Houston. Signing Dwight Howard didn't do it. We asked who in new NBA landscape is biggest challenge to Heat Three-Peat. From the East you said Pacers at 59.3 percent, Bulls 25.6%, Nets 12.0% and someone else 3.1%. In The Finals you said Thunder 50.3 percent, Clippers 17.7%, Rockets 15.2% and someone else (Spurs again?) 16.9%.

SEAHAWKS' CLASSLESS MOVE: Seattle Seahawks' annual charity softball game Sunday featured guest umpire Lance Easley. Name ring a bell? He's the infamous replacement referee whose end-zone mistake handed an undeserved win to Seattle at the expense of Green Bay in Week 3 last season. Now Easley was yukking it up and posing for pictures with Golden Tate. I doubt the Packers, or the NFL, were amused.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Ahh come on, Greg. Shaq has every right to be upset over Howard ripping off his tribute moniker to Superman. Shaq was there first and that's that.

Would you not think it shallow of some future player to adopt, say - Dr. K, or Chocolate Crumbler, Admiral First Class, Illusionist Johnson???

Dwight Howard's self-declared Superman scores a big fat zero in originality. Not to mention that his usage is totally inaccurate. Not worthy of representation.

He's better off going with something like: Sleep Number 12, The Big Should I or Shouldn't I, Grin Master General...anything BUT Superman!


in character as clark kent was the very fine actor george reeves (in opening scene of "GWTW", also in "from here to eternity") who commited suicide after taking on the superman TV gig for years. when GWTW was playing in theaters, as soon as george reeves was spotted you could hear half (at least) of the audience shriek "hey, there is superman". george reeves was a good actor who will always be remembered to us baby boomers as the guy who ran into a closet of the daily planet building while tearing off his necktie and looking around before launching himself over metropolis.

Indeed so, shadow.

In a related point, it has become monumentally egregious what Hollywood continues to do with all our childhood characters. The new Superman movie is the biggest piece of trash I've seen in a long time. Its premier weekend was a flop and was only followed by a bigger flop this past weekend by another one of our time's characters - The Lone Ranger.

Any hope of having this generation partake in such things as a "story," or developing a character's depth is as foreign as a Francois Truffaut film.

What a waste of time, talent and money.

OC Dolphin,

i am not a great fan of dwight howard, but his numbers-aside from FT %age, are really quite good, leading the league in rebounds for the past several years. all of that doesn't change the fact that he is a malcontent and disrupts whichever team has him. i was really surprised by his shooting %age, even given the fact that so many of his shots are dunks. he still has no moves in the pivot and can't take a jumper to save himself. a whole lotta dunks, a whole lot. my last pro basketball post till next season.

The NCAA is a joke. If you're going to strip USC's 2004 championship YEARS later AND take back Bush's Heisman YEARS later, then shouldn't Florida's 2008 title be stripped for having Hernandez eligible when he shouldn't have been (punching and making bouncers go deaf, shooting up cars). Oh, but Miami is vilified for players going out on a yacht and doing what any college student would do. Vacate it you hypocrites.

Howard bench presses 345 pounds, and seemingly enjoys working out to produce the look of a pumped up Adonis. Such taut tension causes free throws to spring off with accuracy akin to nailing a spittoon in one bounce with a Wham-O Superball.

Then again, and to paraphrase Billy Crystal's Fernando Lamas, Howard clearly believes that "it's better to look good than to improve your game."

OC Dolphin,

yes, the weight room has taken over the world of sports when in our youth workouts were of a diffrent style. my friend from the college days at USC, sam cunningham, was 6'3' and about 220-225 and was chiseled, and he never lifted weights-never! pull/chin-ups, sit ups and push ups and he got to be might strong and fast. you are so correct about the "taut tension" that lifting weights causes. i don't know if pete maravich could bench press 150 pounds, but he sure had the strength to shoot 40 times per game and do what he did with the basketball, which may never be equalled. those old films of his ballhandling drills are electric.

Shadow - in all fairness the athletes of your day weren't nearly as strong or fast as the athletes of today.

The 7-9 2012 Miami Dolphins would crush the undefeated 1972 squad, no doubt about it.

boy it sure looks like there are a lot of people pissed at D Howard in LaLa land..


I don't know Kaz That 72 team could play alittle football. I'm not sure what this current club can do...

That nude woman looks like she took two too many Mollies and forgot there is a dress code on public beaches. Maybe she is one of Nick Nolte's or Ann Heche's friends...

Here ya go Shadow...enjoy.


and here is the very first episode...


duke - imagine a professional football team playing a college team made up entirely of 18 year old freshmen.

The '72 squad would be giving up 100 pounds a player on each line, it'd be like Wisconsin taking on Norland.

FZ we're in the same cosmic outlet once again at 3:25pm. I know why couldn't we be in Tinkerbellz nudey outlet instead...


You know I'm the biggest Dolphins homer there is and I worship the 72 Dolphins but todays players are bigger and faster and would kill the 72 Team, Kaz is right on this one.

just think about this, the OL in 72 averaged maybe 250 lbs per man, today's O Line's probably goes 310..it would be ugly.

Kaz & FZ lets just say my loyalty to that 72 Dolphin team is like my insistence on taking Sir Paul Warfield over Jerry Rice. It may not make sense to anyone but myself gentlemen...

I just had a dream Zonk had 4.22 speed...

I think this is worth re posting..


The 72's would be one advantage. At least for one game and it might just make the difference. A modern team might not know what to do with all the "so called" unnecessary roughness played against them (if the 013 team were to time travel back to 72). All the grabbing, blows to the groin, horse-collar, pokes in the eyes, spitting, tomahawks heads to receivers in midair, late shots to the QB, etc.

It would not be pretty until modern team gets at least a weak to practice retaliation.

a week, that is. maybe more.

In fact, if the game were structured to where oldsters were allowed to play their way and the newbs to play by current rules, that might be enough to have it even- i.e., offset the strength and size advantages.

Adrian Petterson would find himself going back to the huddle with a piece of ear bitten off.

lol...true, I remember the DB's would just beat the crap out of the receivers until the ball was in the air and even when the QB's threw the ball it was hardly ever inforced..

I tell you what Kaz. I'll agree in principle with you. Yes, today's athletes are bigger, faster, stronger...AS A WHOLE. Meaning, there are more of them on average. However, if you spotted me my choice of picking NFL greats here and there to fill out a roster, I believe I could field a team that could easily compete and win against any one of today's teams.

A team of the best players of the 2000s would dominate a team of the best players of the 1970s.

Haha, guy in Cleveland put in his will that 6 Cleveland Browns players be his pallbearers so they can 'let him down' one final time.

That's good stuff.


thanx for the postsings- i ahve the DVDs of the first four seasons, and especially like the early seasons when the show was in black and white, the stories were better, phyllis coates was a real beauty compared to noel neill, and the b&w didn't look as cheesy as the color episodes. the best of the best wass the early two-parter with the "mole-men" coming up from the underworld. thanx again for the post.

Kazaam, here's my defensive team your offense will be trying to score on. Bring it on. Good luck!

PS. Better pick a durable QB

An "in their prime and rules"

DT Alen Page
DT Mean Joe Green
DE Reggie White
DE Deacon Jones
LB Bruce Smith
LB Dick Butkus
LB Lawrence Taylor with (Ray Lewis, Jack Lambert on the bench)
C Dion Sanders
C Willie Brown
S Jack Tatum
S Ronnie Lott


again with the argument of the 72 dolphins vs. today's team? would you really want this year's line and not the 72 bunch? is anyone on this year's team as fast and elusive as mercury morris or as powerful RUNNING THROUGH HOLES (something today's linemen can only dream about) as #39? today's bums are allowed to hold onto the jersey's of their opponents and still can't "block" them. is mike wallace gonna make anyone forget about paul warfield? this topic always gets a response. do you think any of the past twenty NCAA basketball champs- bigger, stronger (maybe)- could have stayed on the floor with the "walton gang"? any horses that could get their nose ahead of affirmed's at the finish line, let alone try to keep up with secretariat or seattle slew, even though the breeding is supposed to be improving the species, they are getting diluted DNA far removed from the likes of bold ruler or northern dancer.

OC...forget about that defense you posted...I'll go with the No-Name defense..

OC - most of those players aren't from the '70s...

Shadow - one thing that's undeniable about NFL coaches, they will do whatever it takes to win. No one's playing fat slobs on the offensive line just to annoy you.

If smaller, agile offensive linemen could hold up and succeed against modern defensive lines they would be all over the league.

Closest you have are guys like Joe Staley - 6'5" 320.

Kazaam the "Cleveland Browns" are in Baltimore that new incarnation is a lousy expansion team guy should be a Ravens fan.

Ellerbee knows what's up he played two outstanding games against NE last year glad he's ours now.

Kaepernick wearing a fins hat awesome.

Lol OC It's not how you feel it's how you look and you look marvelous.

UFC fights Greg isn't that like cruelty to people or something surprised you watch I never have I miss good Boxing matches.

I can't believe all the chit Kaepernick is getting for wearing a Dolphins hat, it turns out he was hanging out with our own Rishar Matthews ( they were college teammates and Kaepernick's favorite wr while in college) he probably got the hat from him, people need to get a life.

Ellerbe said what everyone else is saying, no big deal plus he was not talking trash..the Patriots are weaker this year, I think their defense will be much improved but they have issues on offense even with T Brady.

Shadow, while Zonk and Merc could probably play today, that offensive line would not move any of todays DT's out of the way, I mean look at Solai , he's like 350 before lunch.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft addressed reporters Monday for the first time regarding Aaron Hernandez's murder charge, saying "If this stuff is true, then I've been duped and our whole organization has been duped."


What a crock of shit, you've "been duped." Yeah right. The whole world knew Hernandez was a bumb but you were duped. What a ffing joke. Fact is birds of a feather flock together. The New England Patriots are Aaron Hernandez.


as long as tom coughlin's son-in-law is in the NFL, there will be one "fat slob who can't block" in the pros. can any of these six five and 350 types touch their toes? ofensive line play is quickness, agility, and leverage- with size being way down the list; unless you are talking about the greatest tackle ever-anthony munoz- who was big, quick, strong, and agile; actually was a pitcher for USC his first couple of seasons out of chaffey high in ontario, CA.


Looks like the Lakers will amnesty Metta World Peace ...he's not the same player anymore, probably a good move.

I wonder what the Heatles are going to do...could they trade J Anthony for a bag of peanuts?


paul solai can't bend over and, is the equivalent of a blocking sled. if you don't think bob kuechenberg could outthink and outquick a fatso like him, just remember that in practice the linemen of days of yore were moving the blocking sled with the line coach standing on it- about the weight of paul solai- 10 yards per rep just to make the team. read the wiki posts about john hannah and anathony munoz and you will read that they were track and field and baseball players and more importantly college wrestlers- in other words-ATHLETES, not "world's strongest man" types. i am done on this issue- gonna watch some old TV shows, maybe tonight "johnny staccato" with john cassavetes (with that lovely wife of his gena rowlands), who was so great as "franco" in the "dirty dozen" too bad he bit it at the end.

Shadow - didn't say coaches aren't playing fat slobs, just that they don't play fat slobs to annoy you.

Coaches do whatever it takes to win, every game is hyper-analyzed, if it looks like halfbacks passing the ball will win games everyone will try letting their halfback pass the ball.

If smaller, more athletic offensive linemen could be successful against modern defensive lines than fat slobs then they would be everywhere.

good point shadow. the big fatties is still with most NFL teams O & D Line philosophy. Parcells, Jimmy Johnsons teams made it popular. Shula, Noll, Walsh, Lombardi liked them athletic & intelligent, & of course, tough. This day & age your O line can thrive with either type if the rest of the offense is talented. I don't think you could get away with having a rather slender DT in the 4-3 & if your running a 3-4 you gotz to have a stout, fat, relentless NT with a mean streak.

Hey fellas, got something to share. Read up on the last couple days posts & got to point out.....2 Questions...

1. do you feel that Urban Meyer had any "responsibility" on how Aaron Hernandez turned out?
If you respond "yes", please say why.

2. Musical taste question. Do you think an original great song by the original group is better than another band repackaging it? List a couple of examples.

Which rookie will make the biggest impact for the Dolphins this year?

duke, great range of post lately. Your talent is blinding, like looking at Jesus and Fergie standing side by side.... just sayin.

Why thank you Jimbo. I try, I try...

A True American and a great ROCKER....


Anti I am still reeling from your soccor game story. I mean WTF? I get impression that's common place behavior. Perhaps Aaron Hernandez simply electedthe wrong sport in the wrong country...

Dukester, I too feel that Mr. Hernadez should have been a soccer player in Brazil..

I thought pic of Dannell Ellerbe was actually the late great Dolfan Denny...

Urban Meyer was 'duped'.

Original better than cover:

Dion Jordan ROY.

I believe that this post is the first this year where Cote is fumbling over his MAN-LOVE Lebron James..

Considering Dion Jordan is coming off injury & hasn't practiced much, I don't expect big things from him till next year.
MY pick for most influential rookie on Miami's team this season is... TE Dion Sims.

Kaz, what? The 70s was the demarcation point for us vs. them? The postulate stands; NFL history would assemble 22 players who, theoretically, could kick the living ch** out of 22 current best players. Face it, you know it to be true.

I will agree that today's sports guys are - as a whole - more athletic, and better specimens. That being said, it would take somewhere ten/fifteen more years before one can assemble 22 who could topple the best of yesteryears crop.

You saw my list. Do you still think that you could assemble 22 players off the 2013 starting crop who could beat history's list?

Granted, J. J. Watt would be a tough matchup, even for the hall-of-famers.

it never ends, it never ends, oh, oh, oooooooohhh.



Interesting, and a good question by you earlier on.

I would have say that there are a number of songs that - to me - seemed better, when done later, by other groups. Firstly, Hendrix's Little Wing is an absolute classic and beautiful song done by Jimi. However, versions by Clapton, Vaughn, Sting, even The Corrs were close, if not better.

Speaking of Hendrix, his version of Dylan's All Along The Watch Tower was probably better than Bob's.

Credence Clearwater's version of "Heard it Through the Grapevine" was, I thought, better than Marvin's. Vanilla Fudge's version of "You Keep Me Hanging On," perhaps not better, but as good as that of the Supremes.

Great question, Jimbo!

Yea, the point was that players in the 1970s were much smaller and weaker than today's players, not that a team of the best players in 2013 would beat a team of the best players of all time from any era.

Kaz, almost half that team I assembled were 72s, earlier, or contemporaries. At some point the argument mandates a specific cutoff date.

btw, Deacon Jones played professional football from 1961 -74. He is considered to be the 2nd best player at his position by most observers of the game. If you do the research right I think you'll find that there are enough players - even by your 72 standards - who would pose serious challenges to today's elite, yet fluff products.


Like this one much better than the original:


Bob Beamon still holds the record for the longest jump any human has ever made. He was not a product of today's chemical additives, coaching, training, nutrition. Yet he dropped a 29'- 2.5" in 1968.

There are enough singular JIm Browns, pre 72's, in recorded athletics who would threaten your supposition. You would have to go deep into the earlier century, but not too early... less we would all find that the 300 would kick all 2013's a**es.

Pretty good, Jimbo, but you did make the connection that these are the result of being in a "liberal" Europe, No?!

all groupies must bow down...in the sacred presence of the Latex Solar Beef...

They just don't write lyrics like in the good-ole-days.


correct OC. I firmly believe that some of the best bands today could take songs from bands that they personally idolize and turn them into greater tunes. I'll be in your territory soon. Aug 14- 18 or around there. Let's meet up on 6th st somewhere and stir up some s**t.

Let's see if we can make it happen, Jimbo. I'm probably heading over back to O.C. Ca in about a week. I have two or three weeks left to button up our pad before getting it ready for long-term lease. OC jr. is living in it, while finishing up a summer session nearby at UC@Irvine (at 19, he's doing his best Risky Business routine, man of the house, the envy of his buds. Good thing Dad has been around the block and gives him lots of leeway.) Anyway, my plan is to drive back to Austin with him around the first week of Aug. I'll keep you posted.

OC - if almost half are from the '70s then over half aren't!

All I'm saying is the best team you could put together from the '70s would get killed by the best team you could put together from the 2000s.

Nothing to do with skill, just overall size and strength.

I have watched the NFL for a lot of years and I am as old school as anybody let me tell you something, the 72 dolphins would be a joke against any NFL team today. Bob Griese would not start for any team today.What did nick b. weigh, 195 lbs? They played a 14 game schedule, 2 more games would kill them. As bad a Tannah played last year, he would of torched them.


I think we may be airing different arguments here. Yes, modern players, as a whole, and inclusive down to the HS level, are stronger and receive better training. That part is self evident. The crux of my point is that such a short period of time is not enough to offset (in football) 140 years worth of distinctions by players within that same time period. We can arbitrarily assign a cutoff then label players pre/post, I suppose. Say - the new millenium. What I think you will find is that there are enough players who were as athletically gifted, as strong, as quick as any current players one could assemble.

Moore's Law does not scale across to humans in quite the same way.

But it's only because of the size of the pool - you have Deion Sanders on that defense, he last played in 2005! Bruce Smith and Reggie White played into the 2000s too!

So give me a pick of players from 2013 to guys who last played in 2048 or take the 1970s versus the 2000s - if the pool of players is the same size the modern team will be better.


Nick Buoniconti played at 5-11/220. He was never a mauler, but a quickness guy. That was Miami's advantage - quickness and gang tackle. Miami was a finesse team that did what they did through great coaching, speed, and precision timing and execution --with the lowest penalties!!!

But if you must compare, consider that at least three of today's starting middle linebackers are roughly about the same built as Nick; The Colt's Gary Brackett 5-11/235, Panther Jon Beason 6/237 and Seahawk Lofa Tatupu 6/250.

Tannehill did not play that badly last year he could have won 10 games easily with a kicker and a bit of luck just stop it.

That lousy end of year game in sub zero temps with nothing to play for and WR's dropping the ball all over the place was not an indication of the year he had.


More to the point...

Earl Morrall QB, 6-2/210
Larry Czonca FB 6-3/237 (and I doubt even today's players would want to tackle that guy)
Bob Matheson LB 6-4/225
Dough Swift LB 6-3/226
Jim Langer C 6-2/257
Bob Kuechenberg G 6-2/255
Larry Little G 6-1/265 (and the best pulling guard seen by these eyes)
Marv Flemming TE 6-4/232
Vern Den Herder DE 6-4/232

These are not small people. I dare say they compare similarly to your own team...ehr, sans double murderers...

Sorry, couldn't help that last one.

Didn't play that badly but he did play badly.

Stats don't tell the whole story - he was well into the bottom half of the league in every category but he just didn't pass the eye test. His throws were inaccurate when he had time to sit back in the pocket, only time he looked good was when he was running for his life.

OC - every one of those players except Morrall and Csonka would be very small for their position.

typo - Vern played at 6-6/252...I had my screen set at today's players and it arbitrarily cut off four inches and 20 pounds.

Marv Flemming? Vern Den Herder? Sure, whatever...

Big Baby- Stop it!! Tannah had a lot to play for in that last game. 0- points!!! If the dolphins tanked it, shame on them. IFIFIF, if the dolphins took ryan instead of a broken dow jake long, they might be a serious contender right now. ESPN is ranking starting QB for this year right now, young mr.tannah. is ranked 24 right now. Only 8 qbs ranked lower then him. Not a lot of hope in a qb driven league.

Yea, a 6'4" tight end is going to be at least 250, the difference is 20 lbs of muscle.

And a 230 pound DE??? That doesn't even fly in college.

Carpenter makes kicks against Arizona (who he carved up for 450) and NYJ and we're talking playoffs.

Sean Smith catches an int against the Colts and it's 10 wins that's not playing badly.

3200 yards passing and a 58 percent completion percentage is a solid year for a rookie by any measure end of story stop with the eye test bs.


By any measure?

How about measuring him against the rest of the league for once?

Manny Fernandez?

ESPN said it so it must be true lol!!!!!!!!

At 6-6/248, Dion Jordan (#1 draft pick, as you know) must have 4 lbs less muscle:)

252 is more reasonable.

Odrick is 6' 5"/290.

3200 yards - 20th in the league.

58% - 23rd in the league.

12 TD - 27th in the league.

Again, stats aren't everything but Tannehill did not have a good season last year and even more importantly, his passes looked inaccurate from the pocket.

Dion Jordan's a string bean, he definitely needs to hit the weight room.

Not to belabor the point. The game and rules were different then. It was less of a passing league, hence, a team looked for big guys who could also run. Today's game involves more passing. Quick passing at that. Naturally, one needs big fat guys who are not asked to pull and block a sweep.

58 percent is 58 percent that's not the definition of inaccurate.

76.1 QB rating isn't great but it's far from the bad season that you and Naples think he had.

As you so famously like to proclaim he was throwing to trash cans being pushed around in shopping carts for the whole season so to expect more is probably unreasonable.

That today's players are bigger, stronger, better trained? - YES, as a whole.

That any team today would whip the c&#@ out of any team or combination of players, pre-2000? Bullpucky. As I posted yesterday, I could assemble a team that would humble even today's NFL Champions.

Anything regarding Tannehill right now is subjective speculation. There is not enough body of work to know jack diddly.

OC - except that you have to use players who played in 2005. You couldn't assemble a team of players who played their prime years in the 1970s that could compete with a team of players who played their prime years in the 2000s.

There will be a roughly even amount of talent in those pools, and the players from the 2000s would be bigger, faster, and stronger.


OC Dolphin,

bob beamon's "broad jump" ( i am still in the past) was broken by mike powell, i think, or maybe mike conley sr, father of the ohio state guard from the reg oden days. both were under optimal conditions (bob beamon in the this air of mexico) and no one has come close to either since.


had, for the time, "undersized" offensive linemen and no matter who ran the ball, even that 30 year old ex-marine, they were avging almost 5 yards and getting 1,000 yards. and, by the way, the 400 lb. big fat slob gilbert brown couldn't prevent terrell davis and his team from winning the super bowl against reggie white ( a really, really great player) and the behemoths of green bay. denver's smaller, smarter, more agile linemen are a prime example that huge doesn't beat quick and limber necessarily. and jimbo is right in that walsh and noll and shula wanted athletic types in the line and were successful in using them. check out the SB films from any of the dolphins appearances in the early 70s and you will see what an offensive line is supposed to look like in action; and in the first of them you'll see that dallas also had a great o-line of non andre the giant types.


Where do you stand on the argument that a team comprised of "in-their-prime players," drafted in the last century would compete, even beat a 2013 team? Say...the Oakland Raiders. No, wait, let's make it interesting. Say the N.E. Patriots.

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