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July 22, 2013

Ryan Braun's astounding naivete; plus D-Wade's ex, Marlins fast-forward, my vacation details (just for the halibut) & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, JULY 24. The Royal Baby has been named Greg. OK, well that's what I heard. Alright, no I didn't. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Our Ultimate FavoriteTeam Poll; results below. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird) and Vine (Greg Cote).

RYAN BRAUN'S ASTOUNDING NAIVETE: Brewers star and former Miami Hurricane Ryan Braun is suspended for the remaining 65 games of the MLB season without pay for steroids/PEDs, and I have a 1aa1braunfull column that you'd see by clicking on Permanent Stain. It is Braun's gall and naivete that get me as much as the cheating. The gall: "I realize now that I have made some mistakes." So, so easy to say after you are caught and find no wiggle room, no escape route-via-technicality available this time. The naivete: "I am glad to have this matter behind me once and for all." Is he kidding? Braun's sentence won't end. His purgatory has just begun. His Hall of Fame shot is over and his name is shamed permanently. The fraud is pictured.

1aa1crazyexD-WADE PAYS BIG FOR HIS FREEDOM: Heat star Dwyane Wade paid ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches a $5 million settlement to complete their long, acrimonious divorce -- to essentially disappear from his life -- the Chicago Sun-Times reported. She protested as pictured outside a Chicago courthouse last week. The settlement includes a mutal "non-disparage" agreement. That means Wade cannot pubicly call his ex-wife crazy like I can.

MARLINS ANNOUNCE IT IS NOW 2014: The Marlins called up outfield phenom-designates Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick, who started in left and center last night in Colorado - Yelich with three hits in his big-league debut. To make room the club sent down slumping OF Marcell Ozuna (who continues a promising prospect) and 2B Derek Dietrich. I like the moves. Season is going nowhere, so fast-track the future.

CATCHING UP: THE 10 BIGGEST STORIES TO HAPPEN IN SPORTS WHILE I WAS AWAY: It was oddly liberating for me to be out at sea and largely disconnected from Internet service for much of 10 days. Here apparently is what I missed, from a Miami perspective, of course, as always: 1. Dolphins open camp: But, noticably, still-injured top draft pick Dion Jordan does not. 2. Canes open camp via ACC Media Days: QB Stephen Morris, UM could be very good if NCAA allows. 3. Heat waive Mike Miller: Champs used amnesty rule to waive popular gunner in money move. 4. Mickelson wins British Open: Lefty Phil bags his fifth major, keeping Tiger in major idle. 5. Marlins turn into Marlins again: A hot spurt, but now 37 straight scoreless innings (prior to two straight wins). 6. Mike Pouncey's hat: Dolphins center's lid reads FREE HERNANDEZ in support of ex-Pat turned accused murderer. (Seriously, Mike!?) 7. Mike Dee leaves Dolphins: Club prez bolts for similar post with San Diego Padres, with failed stadium-renovation deal a kick out the door. 8. FIU dumps top running back: Kedrick Rhodes kicked off team after arrest for discharging gun on campus. Dumb Athletes, Part 1,453,112. 9. Baseball's All-Star Break: Forget who won and don't care, but Marlins rookie Jose Fernandez pitched great. 10. Brit wins Tour de France: That would be Chris Froome. Or was he the only guy who didn't fail the drug test?

Poll result: 'Favorite Team' poll produces surprises, insanity: The timing of it skewed heavily in football's favor, and results reflected that. We asked you to name your favorite team, just one, and Hurricanes football beat the Dolphins by 35.6 percent to 25.8. That surprised me. This shocked me: FIU football (17.2%) beating the Heat (14.4%) for third place. That makes no sense. I tell you, I go away from the blog for one lousy week and y'all trash the place!   :)

1aa1fishmeWHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION: We and another couple did an Alaskan cruise (our second) out of Seattle aboard the Norwegian Pearl, which I believe was named in honor of Minnie Pearl. Anyone who tracks me on Twitter, Instagram and/or Vine likely already knows more than they'd care to about the vacation, so I'll limit this recap to the visual highlight, for me, which was the awesome sight of Glacier Bay, and and the personal highlight, which was halibut fishing, something I'd never done. Pictured: Me with some of the bounty. Very out-of-my-zone to be reeling in a stubborn 25-pound fish from depths of around 300 feet. Not enough to turn me into a devoted fisherman. But enough to make me ponder the thought. Anyway, I'm happy to be back.

Click back. May be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Wow ten days without internet this is what society has become (Greg patting himself on the back) I guess.

If it's during fantasy football season then yes it sucks otherwise don't mention it at all it's unimportant and makes you look like a narcissist.

I guess largely dosconnected doesn't include using Vine and Instagram lol.

well now Cote, welcome back..I don't think we missed you at all..hehe, just kidding there.

on FIU being more popular than the Heatles?..Nah, the blog was taken over by the FIU mafia and the rest is history..

you also forgot to mention on your top ten stories we had a Gator player arrested for barking at a police dog.

Kazaam and Tom are still "negativos" as always.

D Wade's wife has gone borderline psycho...

D Wade's ex-wife that is....


how about that rookie Cuban 3rd baseman you guys got eh?

the kid is good...we're taking over, Cuban's rule the major leagues !!!!

Iglesias? Yes good season he's a slick fielder but is a SS playing 3B because of circumstances right now didn't even know he was Cuban.

That's a lovely cruise Greg, I did a similar one aboard another NCL ship. The gold rush train itinerary was especially enjoyable.

Ok thanks he has become a much better hitter in just a year funny thing is he can't hit minor league pitching only hits in the Major Leagues but ok with me.

NCL ships are ok but Royal Caribbean seems to be a Superior Cruise line if you ask me I did the gold rush train tour from Skagway also amazing.

Al Golden says he's expecting the sanctions to come down within two weeks, I'll just be happy if this thing is over before bowl selection.

A little over a month until kickoff, I bought six more tickets to the UF game when they went on sale this morning! Can't wait for the season, offense should be great and one way or another we're going to get a referendum on Al Golden's 'best man'.

I don't think there was a FIU mafia at play, same would then apply for UM big time over Dolphins. I was initially surprised by FIU, but on second thought there are over 50k enrolled and their alumni network keeps compounding.

Wow, Those fish are really white....


"kooba" has always been a source of outstanding baseball players- el tiante, tony oliva, tony perez,... the passion for beisbol in your ancestral homeland has produced countless big time ballplayers and the players that have come over in recent years- chapman, puig, fernandez... are of tremendous ability.
here is the stat page of a great, great pitcher who had the misfortune of playing for the washington senators/twins- this man was a first class pitcher:



as much as i marvel at the ability of mr. duke johnson, i don't see him doing all the things that portis could do. mr. duke johnson is not a big guy and will not be as much of a threat near the goal line as the other great UM runners; also hear that joseph yearby has some ability and will get time and carries.
however, nobody but nobody ranks on the excitement scale as the incredible #8- the guy is a wow every time he touches the ball!! as stated, once the ole shadow saw his norland highlights, it didn't take much to realize that this is a rare breed of football player-and the guy can catch also. the ole shadow sees him as a smaller but more explosive version of my favorite football player ever, marshall faulk.

Shadow....thanks for remembering one Camilo Pascual...

Yes there have been a number of Cuban greats in the major leagues, let us hope there's a lot more to come..

Minnie Minoso, Zoilo Versalles, Tony Taylor, Cookie Rojas to name a few more.

Kaz, almost by accident I was talking to a guy that works for one of the two law firms that helped U/M with their defense against those NCAA clowns and I decided to go ahead and just asked him what's going on and if they heard anything yet, obviously he politely refused citing confidentiality issues but he did say they don't " really expect " any major surprises.

I would't be surprised if they already have a general idea of what's coming down ..

Welcome back Greg! Nice catch!

I've never seen albino fish before..interesting.

Hey Greg, did you eat all those fish?....or you just killed them and then dump them?

Off to "el trabajo"....later

Fz when I was in Alaska we caught salmon and learned about the many varieties of them I think there are 5 different kinds if I recall.

They were lined up on the dock like Greg's and it was a kodak momemt we took the fish back on board the cruise ship and they cleaned and served them for dinner nice chef service!

My guess is that Greg probably had the same option of bringing them back to the ship to eat maybe we can ask him at the next chat.

God, cruise ships sound miserable.

FZB - it's quite by definition that UM 'expects no surprises', can't wait for this sh*t to be over, it's pretty clear what a difference just having an end in sight meant to recruiting.

In all fairness that woman's sign just says 'Miami Heat star', she could be talking about Shane Battier.

I don't think there was a FIU mafia at play, same would then apply for UM big time over Dolphins. I was initially surprised by FIU, but on second thought there are over 50k enrolled and their alumni network keeps compounding.

Posted by: Hold Music (Quijote) | July 22, 2013 at 05:07 PM

a cowardly, oxyMORONic f-i-u-don't-matter fan assumes various aliases to conceal obsession ...


Yes sailing through The Inside Passage is no fun at all and seeing Glaciers is boring too ho hum I'd rather rip the Dolphins all day on the internet.

I don't think there was a FIU mafia at play

Posted by: Hold Music (Quijote) | July 22, 2013 at 05:07 PM


after seeing U way ahead, a jealous f-i-u-don't-matter fan -- probably Quijote -- freeped cote's poll (an ode to the late GREAT Neil Rogers which means to hack in order to create the illusion of popularity)


same would then apply for UM big time over Dolphins.

Posted by: Hold Music (Quijote) | July 22, 2013 at 05:07 PM

UM football ...
a south florida tradition ...

SINCE 1926

Sorry Big Baby, just find it depressing, I can't stand cruise ships, they pull up, dump their pasty tourists for half a day for whatever 'local' activity they have set up, buy their mass produced souvenirs, and leave their trash behind.

Basically a floating 'sandals' resort, just don't see the appeal. And they ruin any town that dredges a port for them.

I was initially surprised by FIU, but on second thought there are over 50k enrolled (2/3rds part-time) and their alumni network keeps compounding.

Posted by: Hold Music (Quijote) | July 22, 2013 at 05:07 PM

you employ specious logic ...
neither alumnus nor student necessarily equals fan ...
case in point: me
I attended uf undergrad & law ...
don't give a flying f_ck 'bout that school ...
a C-A-N-E to the core ...



puerto rico also had sent some decent-clemente, cepeda=very decent- palyers to the bigs. if the ole shadow remebers, orlando cepeda (the baby bull) never had a 40 HR year and he was cosidered a power hitter. the gianst let him go because neither he or the awesome,truly awesome willie mccovey couldn't play left ield and a team can only have one first baseman, so cepeda went to st. louis to become a prominent member of the 67 and 68 pennant winners. here is the stat page of a pretty much forgotten player from PR who was an adequate batsman and the best fieldin first baseman in the american league when he played:


The appeal of cruise ships is seeing places you would never see otherwise for me Italy, Greece, Turkey, Alaska, Canada Most of the Greater and Lesser Antilles, Mexican Riviera.

Those are some great sites there are some drawbacks but the industry gives back a lot also I think to local economies and governments it's not all bad.

You're a sick man green.

I was initially surprised by FIU, but on second thought there are over 50k enrolled (2/3rds part-time) and their alumni network keeps compounding.

Posted by: Hold Music (Quijote) | July 22, 2013 at 05:07 PM


Football pregame crowd picture, this week from WKU at FIU. Kickoff in three minutes. Seriously.
-- Michael Casagrande @ByCasagrande

so what ...
how many are fans ...
to be or not to be ...
that is the question ...
in a nutshell ...
take no for an answer ...




46 hrs and 146 RBIs in 1963, would have been the MVP except for the incredible year koufax had. let us see how mccovey fared:


imagine a line-up with cepeda, mays and mccovey winding up in second constantly because they only had marichal and gaylord perry (for a while) pitching. same with the bottom of the table cubs- banks, williams, santo- and they were cellar dwellers. pitching was, is and will always be what makes a winner- especially pre-corked bats, wound tight baseballs, ballparks the size of my kitchen, and the absurd notion of "the qaulity start".

You're a sick man green.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | July 23, 2013 at 12:47 PM


I got the fever ...


It is interesting how we condemn baseball players for eternity for lying about taking PEDs yet a president who ffs an intern and then lies about it...

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people. Thank you!"

...is considered by the overwhelming majority of Americans to be one of our better presidents.

Go figure. Is seems collectively we have our priorities a tad bit ff'd up.

That said, I hope all the PED user in baseball are revealed and kicked out of baseball. PEDs has destroyed the best thing about baseball........THE RECORD BOOK.

Tom you're last post should have been written about 10 years ago you're a little late to the party but welcome!

Martin is reportedly up to 312 and Richie thinks he can be good in a zone blocking scheme this season time will tell but here's hoping.

Right on shadow pitching wins in baseball it beats good hitting most days always has Cepeda had a great year for my Sox in 73' as a DH I think even though it was before my time it's still historical.

Big Baby,

up to 312, huh? is extra weight gonna keep j martin from keeping the dwight freeney and von miller types away from the QB? or is quickness and dexterity and leverage gonna do the job better?

richie icognito? that fat slob thinks a "zone blocking scheme" is make him into a lineman of quality? you think this idiot is gonna be able to locate the guy(s) he is supposed to be blocking? zoneblocking is like zone pass coverage: it means that you are unable to contain your man, be it defensive linemen/LBs or pass receivers (man-to-man){one-on-one}.
as stated, take all the drivel that comes out of training camp or the exhibition games and junk them- let's see what mister martin and that big zhlub (slob) incognito have to say after cleveland and the other four crucials at the beginning of the season.

Kazaam and Baby,

me and the missus have been on a couple of cruises, If you're looking to just relax and stuff your face then you'll have a good time (you don't even need to get out of the ship).

yup, baseball talk..good pitching beats good hitting every time.

Tom and Kazaam seem to be the only ones hyperventilating about Jonathan Martin at LT while everyone else is taking a wait and see attitude.

Now we know why the Dolphins haven't signed V Leach, they are using the TE's out of the back field a lot, maybe Clay does make the team after all, Javorski Lane looks like the odd man out...

D Wade's crazy, psycho ex wife got a cool 5 mil?

the godfather (aka Riley) is talking to Camby and Oden, I rather have Camby.

Camby???!!!! yeah if it's 1998 FZ otherwise WTF are you talking about.

Doesn't matter much who plays FB for this team FZ they won't be a factor they plan to run 4 WR sets most often with a single back and one TE playing on the line of scrimmage. No fullback in those sets.

Can see Clay maybe sticking because he can play TE/ and FB but don't think he's a great blocker.

U/M talk..

while I don't really pay much attention to recruiting and the so called star system or rating systems and chit like that I can't help but be impressed by what Golden is doing in recruiting here locally this year, its obvious that the NCAA cloud is lifting and great things are ahead for the program.


I rather see them get a two or three star recruit from down here than a 5 star recruit from any placed else, both J Johnson and Butch did their own player evaluation back in the day and pay zero attention to those stupid rankings, I'm glad Golden is doing the same thing.

In Golden I trust.

FZB - it started with the high school camps, Shannon charged $800 for both sessions, it was like he was doing players a favor to come to UM and work out with UM coaches.

Al Golden dropped it to $55, no reason to make money on local kids working out for you and giving your coaches a chance to evaluate them.


the Heat would only need Camby every once in a while when they go agains't the bigger teams (Bulls,Pacers,NY etc..I mean the guy is like 50 years old but he can propably still rebound and little bit and play a defense.

Yes they could use Camby to provide old and older man defense and rebounding he may be the oldest player in the league at age 39.

Still looks about 10 years younger than Oden.

Oden is going to get like 3 mil guarantee from somebody, the Heat can't afford him..just take Camby and trade J Anthony for peanuts to save on the L-Tax.

All contracts in the NBA are guaranteed and the Heat still have a $3.2 MLE contract available.

oden will get much more than that I think I like to call him a bust but there is a lot of upside if he could ever get it together.


Just a reminder, but I was the only one here who was hyperventilating over Cam CamMoron from the day he was hired.

just sayin..........

Only if he wants to play for the Kings or Pelicans and not the Heat or Spurs.

then he has to make a decision...you want "dinero"? or a chance for a ring...

Tom..I do remember that, I hope you are wrong on J Martin..

Fly Pelicans fly...

I think signing Greg Oden to the Heat would be a great opportunity for me to have a older father figure type on the team that I can look up to and learn from.

I like what I'm reading about the defense - clearly designed to beat the Patriots, which is the right way to go about it.

Less enthused about the offense, designed stay with the Patriots with a pass-first attack, except instead of Tom Brady we have a quarterback who was the second best in the league last year off play action and the worst in the league without it.

Dolphins were forced to pick Tannehill at #8 because they stuck with Chad Henne the year before.

They were forced to overpay for Mike Wallace because they gave away Marshall and can't draft receivers.

They have a quarterback who could be every bit as good as Ben Roethlisberger and they have Roethlisberger's #1 weapon.

But I don't see how this is going to work if they won't design their offense to match their personnel.

There it is you guys....mr. Negativo has spoken..

But he did say that Tannehill could be as good as Big Ben..

Eighteen months ago Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers failed a steroid drug test. He got off because of a technicality in how his sample was handled. At the time he denied steroid use and suggested his sample was sabotaged by the blood technician who took his sample. That man lost his job with baseball. Today Ryan Braun admitted to using steroids and he was suspended for 65 games. He is suspended without pay and his lost pay turns out to be about 3% of the total Ryan Braun will earn over the next 7 or 8 years. Not much of a penalty. Seems the only loser in all of this is the blood technician that Ryan Braun slandered. I wonder how he goes about getting his job and reputation back.

I think I will be boycotting major league baseball until they rehire the blood technician. Just cancelled by Atlanta trip for this weekend.

Tom, IMHO I say if a player denies PEDs and is found to actually be found using them he ought a get a Pete Rose type of Ban, His integrity is shot for lying, He'll Lie/Cheat and steal for the rest of his life..
Again JMHO..

Report came out that 34 percent of Urban Meyer's 2008 gators have been arrested. That's CRAZY! But the NCAA strips USC of its 04 title years after Reggie Bush got perks, and they continue to hunt Miami.

I think he could - second best in the league last year off play action.

Tannehill looks way above average throwing on the move.

Steroids are part of human progress. We use every modern convenience to help us in our daily lives but morons have decided that in sports we will continue to operate as they did in the dark ages. Well maybe not. I'm sure that somewhere there is a manager for the King Arthur Knights complaining that Sir Galahad used an illegal leather glove to rob Sir Lancelot from a game winning homer.

This idiotic steroid argument is a farce. Every generation has used the advantages offered by progress to make their jobs easier. If you really wanted to be fair to those that came before us. Then let every team take the field with their bare hands and obviously only cheaters would wear glasses to see the ball better.

Give it a rest Cote. Did you use a fish finder to help you catch those fish? Off with you to the cooler for cheating. Fifty days suspension from writing anything in the Herald. Hell, take as long as you want Cote. It's been refreshing without your hypocritical bull crap.

So now there's a report that MLB is thinking of giving A Fraud a lifetime ban ..hehe

Mouning guys...

Patients in the U.S. use steroids every day for a variety of conditions. Should they be given 50 days suspensions from their jobs because they take them?

Some are thought to be dangerous long term HGH is reported to cause a myriad of health and cardiac problems.

This entire steroid era began with Bob Costas and the Pollyannas that think like him. No one gave a crap what McGuire and Sosa were taking, hell they were using it right there in the locker room while the reporters were interviewing them, until Costa and the boys got the holier than thou attitude and fantasized about their days of youth and how Mickey and Roger were paragons of the game. Such bull crap. A bigger bunch of hypocrites you will only find at an evangelical prayer service in Selma, Alabama.

"I'm shocked, shocked, that there's gambling going on here."

The steroid era began in the 1980's long before Sosa and McGwire (although McGuire was juicing in Oakland since around 87-88' with Canseco.

Agree or disagree with steroid and HGH use they are trying to take it out of the game any point counter to that right now is sort of moot.

The larger issues right now is the Union and NFL discussing how they are going to implement HGH testing holy moly want to talk about a can of worms there it is.

Personally I think at least 50 percent of the league uses HGH and it doesn't bother me one bit but if they do this expect a complete and total decimation of team rosters and a worse product on the field which we might be looking at soon.

You're missing my point.

Who cares what they use. Every generation has had an advantage over the previous one it's called progress.

"Progress" is now being handled harshly by the professionsl sports leagues we watch doesn't matter how you feel about it making a philosophical argument may be interesting but it's moot.

This isn't even including the Olympic Committee who have been monitoring doping going back the 1970's they clearly don't belive in "progress" not even in 1976.

Did you figure out why it's 'morally wrong' to pay college football players yet Big Baby?

Nope I am all for the stipend system to my knowledge they haven't implemented one yet.

Quite the change from last football season Big Baby, glad to see you came around.

I was never opposed to it. It makes sense but right now it's not in place so current rules still apply.

Yea, in 1976 that imbecile Avery Brundage was still touting "amateur athletics." I know that it's a moot point since the sports industry has already declared war on steroids my point is that their policy against steroids is stupid and hypocritical. There are good laws and bad ones and good decisions and bad decisions, this whole steroid issue in sports is as stupid as the war on drugs. Steroids are here will continue to be here and people will use them because they work and people have access to them. This is tantamount to hillbilly cops chasing moonshiners during prohibition. The sad part of all this is that the idiots that came up with this war on steroids in sports have brainwashed all the brain dead fans into believing that it's a real issue. Someone should just walk up to that little midget Costa and punch him in the nose live on television as hard as they can. Freaking jack ass, reminds me of Kazaam. Hey, Kazaam are you related to that little piss ant too?

Blog's searchable Big Baby but I'm glad you came around.

College students are just that. College students.
Let's keep some form of ethics in place they have their whole lives to "get paid".
Posted by: Big Baby | April 04, 2013 at 10:09 AM

College athletes are different they just are they get enough breaks and adulation as it is now you want to pay them?
Being as close as you are to a University system I am surprised that you don't think differently but not really surprised you're like Woodcock cheat, lie, steal just win.
Posted by: Big Baby | April 04, 2013 at 10:14 AM

Woodcock question why are you arguing with someone who sees no value in the NCAA and thinks that college athletes should be paid for playing?
Posted by: Big Baby | April 17, 2013 at 04:46 PM

That said the problem isn't going away and I am no longer that interested in the issue unless it involves a player on one of my teams and even then it will only be mildly disappointing.

Your point that steroids work is true which is why players continue to use them but a line is being drawn now that they aren't fair and that could be viewed as "progress".

I don't consider that pay for play Kazaam the stipend is potentially a cost of living wage nothing more.

Boosters handing out money is what I meant.

No kidding it's searchable you said Rony Turiaf was a great player.

I never said Turiaf was a great player and there's no ambiguity in our conversation - we were talking about the NCAA paying players, not boosters.

Cost of living wage no problem but I have a feeling you're talking about much more care to elaborate?


I tend to agree with you. I could care less if football players use steroids. Lance Armstrong? WTF did you expect him to do? EVERYONE in the Tour de France dopes...and that includes this year. All of them dope. They have to to compete. I just don't care about steroids for most sports.

But baseball is different. The one thing good about baseball was the record book. You could reasonably compare players across time because baseball has remained largely the same game for over a hundred years. But now the record book has been destroyed. Before 1995 there were 18 times when a player hit 50 or more home runs. In the 18 seasons since then there have been 24 times when a player hit 50 or more home runs. The single season record has been compromised. The career record has been compromised.

I guess steroids in track also sucks. Who in their right mind really believes Usain Bolt and the other tow Jamaica sprinters are not doped? Of course they are. How else do you get the three fastest men on the planet from a country the size of Vermont. Seriously? Steroids have destroyed the track record book too which is really a shame.

Oh well. Just my steroid rant.

What is "fair?" Describe it for me. When is something fair or not? The bottom line is that the concept of fairness is subject to the definition that individuals give it. "The beatings will continue until moral improves might be fair to the guy applying the beatings but not to those taking the shots. This is just a ridiculous witch hunt one that has been fanned by rigid individuals who have decided that modern steroids are different than modern surgical procedures which allow Adrian Peterson to come back from a worse knee injury than the one that ended Gale Sayers career. Should Gale Sayers complain that Peterson's yards rushing last year carry an asterisk because he had the advantage of modern surgical procedures that he didn't? This is just ridiculous and all it's doing is drawing attention from where it should be on the field of play not in the league offices.

Sort of with you Tom but how do we justify our argument to include baseball but not football because of a record book that is a weak argument.

The SEC voted unanimously to give players $4,000 a season if the NCAA would let them.

Did you read the link I posted Woodcock?

I think maybe NCAA players should be able to make some income like other students that attend school, maybe be aloud to do endorsements etc, etc..
Then again WTF do I know???
I only work at a university...

Ok by me Kazaam that's peanuts.

That barely pays the electric bill.

Yea, so what, they think it's cheating because the league says it and reporters everywhere and fans who have bought into the argument haven't taken the time to actually think about the issue logically. In college they use aluminum bats but they are banned in the bigs. Totally and arbitrary decision. Same as steroids. The colleges have been playing with metal for years and they are none the worst for it. This is strictly a pollyana issue the same as prostitution, drugs, and alcohol. If they want to come up to the plate looking like Megatron let em. Who gives a crap. Hell, anything to make the second most boring game on the planet after soccer more watchable is a good thing.


Football is not the same sport. It has changed drastically over the years. That's why 50% completion rate was outstanding back in the 50s and now it gets you cut on day one.

As far was which sport I care about with respect to steroids is just my personal opinion. I don't get fired up about Von Miller using steroids. I assume all football players dope. I may be wrong but I just don't see how football players increased in size by 30% over the past 25 years without some chemical intervention. It just does not bother me.

Baseball is something else.

It affects wins and losses that seems to be the real issue otherwise your argument isn't totally unreasonable at all.

Kazaam, the hand writing on paying college players for their services is already on the wall. Once the Ed O'Bannon's court case is decided everything will change. The days of indentured service in the NCAA are soon to be over. The same legal principles that ended player restrictions in baseball with the Curt Flood decision will be applied to NCAA. This will have the same impact on college sports that the meteor that hid the Earth had on the dinosaurs.

Fair enough Tom as long as we both admit that we support a double standard.

Guy's here's a oldie but a goodie, It shows how great fin fans can be.....



so some of you guys are saying to go ahead and let these players take roids?..its a bigger issue at play here guys, what happens if the HS players or the college players or even Pee Wee football want to take them?..would you let your kids take them?

sorry guys but cheating is cheating.

Anti...yup amigo, you work at a University but is the University in you?..now think about that.

however, I do think the college players should be getting paid, I know they are getting a free education but $4,000 per season is not a whole lot and it would help a lot of these kids that come from poor backgrounds, it would help them feed themselves or have their parents come to a couple of games, the colleges are making millions off of these kids.

Brother, no one is advocating steroids for kids. There are things adults do and things that kids do. There are no kids in the bigs these are all grown men. If they want to roid up let them. The best baseball of the last 50 years took place during the roids era.

Not true High School players take steroids regularly or didn't you know that?

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