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June 15, 2013

Finals G5: Spurs 114, Heat 104: Miami must now win two in a row at home to repeat as champs; also, Miguel Olivo, NCAA clowns, Sad-O-Meter back & more

1) It is TUESDAY, JUNE 18. Watch for a new Heat-Spurs Game 6 blogpost very soon. 2) Congrats to the Panthers' Jonathan Huberdeau, the club's first-ever NHL rookie of the year. 3) Thanks for NBC Sports national radio for having us on again to talk Heat. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat Game 4 win, Dolphins poll result, Marlins Sad-O-Meter.

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New column from San Antonio and Game 5 Heat loss: Click on It Don't Come Easy for my latest column, on the job  Miami has left itself with a 3-2 series deficit.

FINALS G5: SPURS 114, HEAT 104: POOR SHOOTING, BAD DEFENSE PUSH MIAMI'S BACK TO WALL: Heat shot only 43 percent Sunday night in the Game 5 loss but giving up 114 points and 60 percent shooting to the Spurs was worse. Can't blame the Big 3, which combined for 66 points. And Ray Allen had 21 off the bench. Miami simply must play more tenacious defense, especially against Danny Green, whom they have allowed to score an NBA Finals-record 25 3-point baskets in five games. Heat now have gone 12 consecutive playoff games this year without back-to-back wins. But they won't repeat as champs unless they end that slump and win the next two at home. Winning Sunday could have made things so much easier. But what fun is easy, right? Watch for my column from San Antonio off tonight's loss online. ..... Original post: Strange, isn't? This Heat team won a club-record 66 games including 27 in a row but the question attached to Miami tonight is, "Can they 1aa1heatspurswin two in a row?" They haven't since the second round of this postseason, an 0-5 stretch after wins that has this NBA Finals 1aa1g5knotted 2-2. That must change if a repeat title is to happen, because if they don't win a second in a row in tonight's Game 5, they'd need to win two in a row back in Miami in Games 6-7. I still feel like the far greater pressure is on San Antonio tonight. In a 2-2 Finals, Game 5 winners have won the title 20 of 27 times, and that likelihood would be even greater for a Miami team with two straight chances at home. Miami is expected to continue its small-ball starting lineup with Mike Miller in place of Udonis Haslem. All breakdowns of analytics show Miami is better when Chris Bosh (or Birdman Andersen or Haslem) is the only "big" on the floor. That stretches the Spurs' defense and provides space for LeBron and D-Wade. Should be an emotional night in central Texas, as San Antonians might be seeing their own Big 3 on the home floor for the last time. The Heat need to send them home quiet to lock down another championship.

FOR HEAT'S BIG 3, GAME 4 WAS ABOUT RESTORING FAITH: It wasn't the how as much as the 1aa1big3 who that restored so much faith in that Finals-tying Game 4 win the other night. The Heat's Big 3 collectively -- and LeBron James, 1aa1big32Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh individually -- hadn't been themselves much of this postseason. Doubts crept in. But Thursday they made all of that go away. Thursday the Big 3 were exactly what we were cheering in that arena celebration three summers ago: Dominance. Not one, not two, but three stars, all aligned. They must be that twice more for Miami to repeat as champs, but I think everything changed with Game 4. Title likelihood swung back to Miami, and trust in the Big 3 blueprint was restored. I explore this fully in my Saturday column from San Antonio. Click Restoring Faith to read.

NCAA WILL COME OUT OF THIS PROTRACTED MESS LOOKING WORSE THAN CANES: So the NCAA infractions committee hearings on the UM/Nevin Shapiro case are finished and now we wait six weeks 1aa1ncaafor the verdict on possible additional lpunishments, and then likely more time as Miami appeals the decision. The question now: Which will end first? This saga that has already dragged on more than three years, or Shapiro's prison senetnec? (He's serving 20 years). I am as convinced as ever that the NCAA, with the bungled, corrupted investigation by its enforcement wing, will come out of this with its reputation damaged far more irreparably than The U's. (I took this photo of NCAA headquarters while in Indianapolis for the Heat-Pacers series. Based on recent history, the side of the building should have had a giant red clown nose affixed to it).

1aa1molivoCATCHER OLIVO QUITS ON MARLINS: Speaking of clowns, catcher Miguel Olivo walks out on the Marlins in the middle of the national anthem. He was upset about lack of playing time and team had ignored his request for a release. Dude, you're 34 and hitting .203. What a punk move. Whatever "professionalism" means, this act was its antonym.

SAD-O-METER IS BACK! (BARELY...): We have this blog feature we update as long as Marlins' winning 1aa1bbsadpercentage is under .300 -- as long as the New York Mets' infamous 1962 record of 40-120 (.250) is within dubious reach. Well, after the briefest hiatus, and by the barest of margins, last night's loss brings us back! Updated Sad-O-Meter: Current record 20-47, .299. Season projection: 48.36 wins, 113.64 losses.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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D Wade is an injured player and it would be difficult for him to duplicate his game four heroics, the knee is a tricky thing so he gets a pass however I feel a little better by the play of Bosh the last three games with three double doubles in a row.

Miller will probably start again so its going to be interesting to see how the Spurs respond plus they are fighting for their playoff life sine they don't wanna come back to Miami down 3-2

Right now I'm leaning towards SA...not sure yet..


That Is What Spo Should Write On The Empty White Board Of His.

If The Heat Play Heat Basketball Consistently They Are Unbeatable. And I Hope I Don't Have To Explain What Heat Basketball Is.

Inconsistent Team Play Falls On Only 1 Person. NO. Not LeBron James Or D. Wade. It Falls On The Head Coach. LeBron Can Keep A Bad Coaches Hired For A Long Time, He Did It In Cleveland. He Is To Good Of A Guy.

To Prove My Point From Now On Dashi Will Refer To Spoelstra The Home-o (E Is Silent) As The Head Coach. Since Some Feel So Personal About The Guy, I Will Talk About The Position. What It Entails. The 10,000+ Days On The Job. My Point Has Always Been How The Heat Head Coach Sucks. Some Will Say Ever Since Riley. I Might Agree.

This Is A Must Win Game 5 For San Antonio, A Need To Win For Miami.

Start Norris Cole Over Mario Chalmers. Dashi Starting Lineup If The Head Coach Had Half A Brain.



UD(Cause I Know The Coach Won't Play R.Lewis)

Off The Bench. Simple Stupid.

I Know This Has Nothing To Do With It. Can't Wait, The Fins Will Be Going 4 Wide This Season.

While T.Tebow Is Being Trained By C.Weinke. T-Sizzle Already Had A Couple Weeks Under Pennington, And Marino Visited Just This Past Week. Between That And All The New Receiving Weapons. The Fins Should Have A Top 10 Offense. Passing And Rushing.

Our New Slot WR Is Pretty Big. And Keller And Egnew Can Line Up On The Slot. Plus, L.Miller Can Do Enough Just By Himself.

Read-Option, T-Sizzle And L.Miller. With Wallace, Hartline, Binns, And Keller Or Egnew.

That Is Just One Of The New Things We Will See This Season. This Year Tannehill Might Be Allowed To Win Some Games With His Legs.

Mark Sanchez Is Mentoring Geno Smith. EJ Manuel Is The Bills QB.

We Can Easily Go 5-1 In The Division. And 4-2 In The Conference.

Opening match on right now. Gorgeous new stadium in Brasilia.
ESPN just did history of Brazil soccer , including their devastating loss in the 1950 WC Final in front of 220,000 fans. Uruguay came back from bring down to win 2-1.
It's neat that there is footage of that game and massive crowd. Brazil was not yet a major world power..that would have been their first title. It all began with Pele in1958.

Natl anthems are up.

Goooooooooooool,Brazil , Neymar. 3rd minute. Stadium is sea of yellow.

ESPN doing ICC World Cricket trophy. Not my sport, but always intrigued. India and S. Africa have advanced. England, N. Zealand in the mix tomorrow.

Goes to show that the definition of what is an exciting sport is usually based on a person's place of birth and acquired emotional attachment to a specific team. Someone growing up as a Cardinal baseball fan, finds baseball exciting, etc, etc,

Some people stick with 'their' sports all life. Others either get bored with ther original sports or like to expand their interests - see what ese is out there.

USA swept France 3 sets to 0 in World Volleyball League. In the same group, Brazil swept Argentina 3-0.

I'm trying to get tickets to the game in Bydgoszcz, Poland vs Argentina, June 28. But it's been sold out since February. There is no resale site, but there is an auction site. I'm not going to pay a fortune, but we'll see what can be done.

Geez Mickey, everyone is watching Phil and Tiger at the Open and you're watching a bunch of Euro trash and Injuns kicking a freaking beach ball around for three hours. You ever wonder why Americans would prefer to watch re-runs of Mr. Rogers on TV than watch that slop?

Soccer game lasts 1:45 minutes. You can set your watch to it. Exceptions when they need games to go to OT.

Golf? You're joking, right? Not the slightest bit of action, worse than cricket and baseball. Skill yes. action, no, A game to play socially. If TV didn't tailor the viewing to cut to just the shots and puts, you'd really have a bore.

You've outdated on your information about American TV ratings. And must not have seen a Seattle or US home game.
Why don't you take a peek right now at the Portland Tmbers home game on ESPN that just followed Brazil's dominant win. Those are Americans filling the stadium, singing,chanting, standing all game. Every game there is a sellout. And quite an atmosphere.

Go back and check the US ratings for last year's Euro2012 Final, the recent champions league Final, the 2010 World Cup Final..keeping in mind the game is not even in prime time.

Yea but it feels like three hours. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

mike1 you can watch the confederations cup on tv and listen to the golf on the radio and you won't miss a bit of the action


All right U guys...I'm in a bluesy kind of a mood tonight plus you infidels need to learn to appreciate the Blues a little more.






chit yeah !!!!

later, gotta drink some wine..hehe

Damn, thought Heat were playing tonight. Nothing else to watch. Tomorrow it goes against Miss USA..which. Like watching until they pick the final 15 or 10 because almost certainly, the picks will be a mystery and none of my choices will be in, won't miss the swimsuits..need to count silicons vs reals.

Judges are a weird crosssection who are simply celebrities to help with ratings.
I guarantee, you take 1000 regular men to vote and most likely you will get the hottest winner, if not, it probably will be a decent enough choice.

Oh, wait..beauty pageants are not only about physical beauty. Yet, they still pass up the ones with the intelligent answers, the whole judge thing is nonsense. ..much like BCS ratings. It's just fun to see the hotties

Olivo is being paid $800,000 a year. Instead of making the best of it or mentoring young players, he walks off the team. Yes, it's a crappy team, yes, your not playing but dude, $800,000!! No fan feels bad for you.

The biggest sport game of the day around the world was the Confederation Cup opener between Brazil and Japan in a girgeous new stadium for next year's Word Cup. Brazil provided an artsy display.

Yet, it was the MLS game that followed that was far more entertaining and lively. Portland home crowd, overflow capacity..2500 over the 18k. On their feet all game,. waves of chants, flag waving, singing. Where else do you see this in the US.

But...that is a given. The real treat was the game. Have to go on my list of top games wirh most action, opportunities, frenetic pace, leading to constant crowd roars. Wondrous shots and saves. ..and then came the goal of beauty. Pulled back, made a maneuver, and cranked a scorcher.

Think I'd like living in region like that.

Games are too short. Americans proposed to make the game have 4, 25 minute quarters. So they can fill in more commercials. .old NASL experimented wth TV timeouts. Everyone hated it.

TV tailors golf so it can be watchable. It's watched more as reality TV than a port. It appeals to amateur players of golf who become idols of certain players. and see if they can pick up techniques from the best. For 60 years, TV and media use their expertise to create something for TV. Most of the sports are created thru media hype , tailor made to be interesting nnTV,

Imagine if football, hockey, soccer, basket, baseball would be tailored just for the most interesting parts so you dont have to sit through waits.
Cut out huddles, timeouts, clock stops in football.
Go straght to last 5 minutes of basketbll game
Cutout time for faceoffs, penalty awarding
Cut out the 1 minute between each pitch, and the inning endings
Cut out anything that isnt a chance on goal, goal, or save.

That's what is done with golf. It's reality TV from a watching point of you. It's not like watching a traditional sport.

wade used a different knee pad this past game; rather than heating his knee before the game then padding it, he used a pad that actually heated his knee continuously throughout the game; he said after it hadn't felt this good in a while.
if that's the case, this series is over, as it would've been already had wade, (and bosh), been healthy.

Hey, Dave, is there a technical name for drum beats where the right and left stick hit the drums a tenth of a second or so apart?

That's 4:39 mark

mike1, your take on viewing golf suggests that you've never been caught in, or played competitive golf. It's what one would expect from an outsider who hopes to explain away why something is this way or that.

KEY CONCEPT: The majority of people who watch golf on TV, or go to events, play golf regularly, or have played regularly.

We watch because we can relate, and not because someone designed a "reality" snippet of action. Golfers would even watch any kind of banter amongst caddies and other players, after shots, were they telecast.

In fact, I would go a step further and say that golf's popularity is aided by the simple fact that most people of any age are still currently participating, vs. other sports which we played in our youths. The relating is still there for football, baseball, soccer, but our participation is less current.

Let me be the first to wish every father out there a Happy Father's Day. As for me, OC jr. flew in Sat. afternoon, after finishing up his first year at UCLA. Sure is nice having everyone back together again.

Hope y'all have great times as well.

btw, every year on Father's Day weekend, there is a motorcycle festival here in Austin. Bikers from all parts assemble here in town.

Jimbo knows 6th. st. Well, 6th St. is kinda like Bourbon St. in N.O., but at this point, more authentic (read less touristy). Anyway, the entire downtown stretch of the street is lined up with Harleys on both sides of the street, side-by-side as far as the eyes can see. A gazillion people out on the sidewalks, scantly clad babes ushering in the crowds into their particular dive bar. Live music everywhere, and all throughout the city groups of 20 or 30 bikes going this way or that. The whole thing culminates in a parade down Congress (the mains street in Austin). Imagine close to a thousand loud bikes reaving and crawling down a closed street.

I don't know, there is a particular energy in this city that I've yet to put a finger on. Maybe, there's a big flying saucer buried and left here underneath that somehow nets the result of keeping Austin weird.

Also, and for those keeping score, the NBA Finals should be done with by Tuesday. This thing turned the moment Parker became yet another of Miami's opposition's best player to succumb to injury. The guy is even channeling in a tear, and Ginobili seemed to turn 60 years old before our very eyes.

I originally thought 7, but given the health status of Parker, fogetaboutit.

yes, OC..
a flam.
and in response to your earlier comment regarding my tenure with the circus, there were plenty of rolls and cymbal crashes galore.

Buenos dias people, just like OC mentioned..

Happy father's day to everyone who's a dad out there..if your dad is still here among us make sure you give him a big hug , I can't do it with mine ...I miss U dad !' have a great day with your fam and stay safe.

Ok now....

The Heat need to put their big boy pants on today and stop this dickkin around and it better start with defense....here are the keys.

LeBron must be LeBron

Bosh needs to be the same he's been the last three games

D Wade ?... Who knows .

The bench..we need two or three from this group to step up.. Miller,Battier,Allen, Chalmers , Birdman or Haslem.

Yesterday was leaning towards SA but I don't know anymore...go Heat !

Baby...I watched the second and third periods plus OT of the Bruins/Hawks game and it was entertaining to say the least...congrats on your Bruins...1-1 now.

Typical Cane we didn't do n[]_[]ffin wrong, no acco[]_[]ntability, everyone hates []_[]s mentality Cote.

The Heat have been keeping my anxiety level high unfortunately.I watch and hope for a win now for medicinal purposes.It s been impossible to predict ANY of the games so far.Would LOVE to see the Heat win tonight.......taking the games 1 at a time only.GO HEAT.

Hey u-cheat.....blow me.

Happy Fathers Day to you too FZB and everyone.

A Cuban- American watching hockey will miracles never cease go B's!

Woodcock no one is watching Tiger they're all watching Phil this weekend.

Mike1 not many whistles in hockey either I like soccer but not enough to watch that much I really like USA soccer though root for them at every chance.

Looks lie Doc and KG headed to LAC but at what price?

D. Jordan, E. Bledsoe and a draft pick too steep but I'll take either player and a first rounder and call it a day.

Chris Paul will resign with LAC if Doc goes there otherwise he might not that should give C's some leverage this will help the rebuilding Celtics tremendously.

Who Is Going To Be The Coach? Celtics Are Done. Rondo Is To Much Of A Headache.

Boston Better Hope They Win The Stanley Cup Cause That Is The Last Title They Are Going To Win In A Long Time. No Superbowls, No World Series. Expect Another 80 Year Drought.

They Couldn't Even Win The Election.

Thanks Baby...

SI is reporting the proposed trade of KG / Rivers to the Clippers is dead ( for now anyways ) but its obvious now why Ainge is holding out on Rivers..He wants compensation, smart move.

Oye Dashi....I think the Heat will finally realize they need to win two of these games in a row to win the title, they may actually come ready to play tonight, what do U think?

Dashi you're too stupid for this blog stop talking to me you dolt I don't give a sh*t what you think about anything never mind Boston sports.

Happy Fathers Day guys. I hope each of you have a great day.


very nice that you appreciate the blues, and you tube is okay; but nothing like being in a little club 10 feet from muddy waters, freddie king, j.b. hutto, buddy and the juniors, sunnyland slim, and the countless others who performed in a magical place in lA onthe non-trendy side of melrose (west of fairfax) calle the ash grove, where admission was 1.50 and the acts were diverse- kingfish, doc watson, linda ronstadt with her then back-up band who turned into eagles. i am not a musician so i can't tell whether technically gary clark is better than butch trucks, but for my money hubert sumlin, guitarist for my favorite, howling wolf, is the best.taste this beauty with guitar duties shared by hubert sumlin and buddy guy!



and one of rock's greatest voices!!


countless hits and a voice beyond belief!!

try this one that was on the BS&T first album that gary clark took "i love you more than you'll ever know"
from- second rate when compared to al kooper's singing and the incredible arrangement:


THE GREAT GENE PITNEY!! (song by randy newman)

and the amazing david ruffin (song done in every show by the persuasions back in the day)


a little different than carl carlton or the original by robert knight:



You guys were talking about great guitarists the other day. You left out Peter Green. Green replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayal & the Bluesbreakers when Clapton left to form Cream. Peter Green left the John Mayal group after a short while to form Fleetwood Mac which originally was named Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. Here is a little Peter Green with Fleetwood Mac circa 1969 (before Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks).


A little more Peter Green


NCAA enforcement is getting money from the SEC...


Woodchuck, would you describe these fans as American and this game boring?

Check it out..clip is 1:45 seconds. You see the fan enthusiasm , exciting play, and a magnificent goal.

I agree with your golf comment OC. Can't compare watching it to another sport.

I watched ever sport as a kid, I was a sport fanatic. Went out and played golf. Decided i refer playing sports were I get exercise..football, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball

Mexiico v Italy on right now. First game in the completely renovated Maracana, which held 220,000 for the 1950 Final.

Confederation Cup in full swing...Italians just made superb runs and passes..to be thwarted by outsanding Mexican goalkeeper.Italians dominating.

Back-back games,
Next is Spain v Uruguay,

Shadow, The Euro under 21s are held in Israel. Netanya had 18,000 attend the under 21 semi final yesterday.

Championship game Tuesday.

By the way, I scored tickets of the World Volleyball league match between Poland-Argentina June 28.,
Had to watch the resale site a lot.

EeewwwMexico just hit the post.


I Believe The Heat Should Win Tonight. They Need To Win Tonight.

I Just Hope The Head Coach Does His Job.

Happy Fathers Day To Everyone.

And Wah Wah Is Just Mad Dashi Is Right. Boston Won't Be Winning Anything For A Long While.

Big Baby- When you call dashi stupid, you realize you are being very generous with this description.

OC, wish I were at Austin's 6th st. right now. I'll be there sometime in mid August. Got vacation from 11th-23rd. Thinking I'll be San Antonio looking around at possible relocation neighborhoods & Shitterbunns water park getting a public enema,,, i mean water slide fun. Spending some time in Austin-Georgetown & San Antonio.

Happy Fathers Day to all.


netanya is the beverly hills of israel, close to the meditteranean. mexico was much better today nwith dossantos starting and if they had played like this they would have scored a goal or two in the qualifiers, in which they've been putrid.


over the years we have done the peter green story a few times; for old time's sake i put "albatross" on the thread a few weeks ago.

Sad to watch Phil Mickelson give away another US Open. A missed 4 footer on #2 and horrible bogies on #13 and #15. On top of that more missed putts inside 15 feet than anyone else in the tournament. Phil should have won this tournament going away. What a disappointment. The only thing worse was watching Tiger play on Sunday as if he did not care.

Yes I remember shadow but when they talk guitarists he has to be included. Another great guitarist who gets too few mentions is Peter Frampton.

30 min til Miss USA

Without fail, Miss Texas and Miss California have to make the top 15 whether there are better choices or not, and so be it once again.
Much the same as in Miss Universe that Miss USA, Miss Mexico, and Miss Venezuela are guaranteed slots. Got to keep ratings goung as long as possible in the states and countries that provide the most viewers.
Swimsuit coming up.


I couldn't catch but parts of today's games. 3 of today's 4 teams are diving and faking teams and we saw Spain practice their moans. Brazil was a bit dirty yesterday.

You can play the best teams and players together and have a dull game.

Or, you can have lesser knowns produce among the most entertaining of games, Dallas at Portland yesterday was pure high paced, action packed entertainment with the backdrop of the rowdy, alwayd standing, chanting capacity crowd.

Shadow, most of the 2nd round African qualifying groups determined their winners today. They'll move on to the final, two leg round. S. Africa is out, So are past qualifiers such as Togo and Morrocco. A few groups are tight and won't be determined til Sepember.

By Tuesday, we'll have 3 more World Cup finalists determined from the Asian zone.

Big game tomorrow..Nigeria v Tahiti.
Any predicts on final score? 10-0, 20-0?

Quite a few of the final 15 have pretty faces, some seem to have real busts..but can't tell for sure because the tops are designed well. Just about no one has a butt. Probably related to ther tooth pick side profile.

I agree withe some, not all of the 5 eliminations to the round of 10. Think S Carolina should've been picked over Nevada.

Heat sucking wind. Gonna take a big 4th quarter to pull this one out.

The Heat down by 19 pts in the fourth Q..embarrasing to say the least.

No defense, no PG play and no heart..yup that's abouit it..

I blame Riley...

And can they please get rid of Chalmers in the off season?... And where is Birdman?..

Night ya all

I erred, they did pick Miss South Carolina in final 10..in fact, now in Final 5.

A new twist, they had public tweet for the 6th spot..meaning, one of the 5 that didn't make the top 5. Surprise, it was Texas. Ok, that's dumb. Texas has by far the largest population of those 5. So there are actually 6 finalists now.

Connecticut was not a good choice. What are they looking at. Utah as a pretty face, but no butt. Face wise, from these 6 it should be Utah or S.Carolina.

Crap, Heat down big. Last I checked they were down by 5. How'd that happen?
Is this series going to have one close game?

I take back Utah...those are fake, and no c-vage. No butt. Poor answer. Only has npreety face.

I think Alabama is the crowd favorite. Decent answer.

Illinois not bad. Not a standout. Intelligent answer.

S. Carolinais pretty. Decent answer.

Connecticut. Worst of the final 6 faces. Decent answer.

Texas, nice eyes. She could be worthy. Looks like Lynda Carter..maybe could be next Wonder Woman, tall. Decent answer.

Of course, I doubt my choices will win. ...

But based on final 6...I like S. Carolina, Texas...I could accept Alabama

Crowd likes Utah, Texas, Alabama in terms of noise.

Checking Miss USA website. s. Carolina could be fake too.

Lot of good lookers eliminated right off the bat, such as Washingon state. We barely even got to see 36 girls.

here come the results...

#6, S. Carolina ..... Bad choice
#5, Texas
#4, Utah. ... Ok
#3, Illinois
#2, Alabama
#1, Connecticut

That's hilarious..,,no way. She was my 6th of 6 And I wouldn't put her in the final 15.

10 points margin...was this the closest game so far?


In better news, US currently holding 2nd in Pool A of FIVB World League.
Swept France both matches ths weekend..but 2nd was unexpectedly close..3-2.

Top 2 advance. Russia, Italy already running away in Pool B.
How I'd love for these games to be carried live.

Mike, Do I need some sort of SUPER COMPUTER To figure this out??
I have access to one..

Mouning people...

Well now, its very obvious the Heat don't have the same desired to win as last year's team, they are better but there is something missing..

No defensive intensity
No one played with any sense of urgency but D Wade
Miller is starting but if he is not even attempting to score then they might as well play Haslem
Are you all not convinced yet Chalmers is the worst PG in the NBA?
The move by Spo of not playing Birdman is strange
Why is no one covering Green?

The Heat will probably win the next game and who knows what's going to happen in a seventh game but regardless of the result, Riley needs to realize you can't win consistently in the NBA playing small ball, the Heat are sourly lacking in the two most important positions , a defensive center ( which is out of the question now ) and a decent PG...


Hey Pimple.....

Just so U know another one of your criminal players got arrested yesterday..hehe, And you call our players thugs..what is that 60 in the last five six years?...douche.

Yeah some great matchup the Spurs are, Kaz. Great one! Our guards are getting ABUSED. Cole is getting embarrassed. Chalmers is getting crushed. Heat sure do matchup great against San Antonio. What an absolute fool! He bought in with the rest of the squares out there who have no clue. Indiana is such a tough matchup for the Heat, but the Spurs will be easier. BAWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

I could understand if that came from a stay at home mom who didnt watch the NBA but this is coming from a lifelong season ticket Heat fan who thinks he knows more about basketball than Pit Riley, Pop, Spo, and Doc Rivers combined. Crawl back in your hole. You have been totally exposed! Booooo Ya!

Heat guards are getting exposed. You want to know why Danny Green is wide open? Because Parker and the Spurs backcourt is breaking down the Heat's defense. That is opening things up for their sharp shooters. Now the Heat have to hope Lebron, Wade and Bosh have huge games and hope SA doesn't catch fire in any of the next two or it is another old Texas team beating the Heat in the finals.

Heat are a seriously flawed team that is only being masked by Lebron's greatness. They have no real big man and their backcourt is a complete joke. Norris Cole (Bimbo Coles) was getting completely abused by Parker. Was Spo watching the game? You need to mix something up. Birdman not playing is an enigma. Bosh is a major league Puss.


I Blame The Head Coach.

The Pacers Were More Talented Than The Spurs. The Spurs Are Just Better Coached.

The Heat Are The Most Talented Team In The NBA. They Have The Best Player Since Jordan. They Just Have A Below Average Coach.

The Heat Have The Players To Play Big Or Small. The Coach Just Sucks. Yes, The Heat Can Play Big. The Coach Just Sucks.

Heck, The Heat Can Play An All 6'8“+ Team.

Birdman 6'10“
Bosh 7'
Battier 6'8“
M.Miller 6'8“
LBJ 6'8“

Your Telling Me That Lineup Can't Rebound? Or Play Defense?

Not Saying All Game. Just 5 Minutes. :-)

If They Want To Go Small For 5.


But What Do I Know? Dashi Is Just A Idiot. But Even A Idiot Can Coach This Team Better Than The Current Head Coach.

And Playing LeBron And D.Wade 35+ Minutes A Night, Catches Up To You At The End.

The Heat Are Spent. They Used All Their Energy During The Regular Season. It Is A Marathon Not A Sprint. You Pace Your Team Throughout The Year. That Way Your Players Are Fresh Come Final Time. Bet San Antonio Didn't Have 1 Player Play Over 35 Minutes A Game All Season. That Is Called Coaching.

Haha, wow, you're a sad guy dukey brown - why do you care so much about me and the fact that I go to Heat games? Guess things must be going pretty well for you, huh?

Heat do match up better against San Antonio than the Pacers, Spurs aren't abusing the Heat down low like the Pacers could - they're not as bad a matchup for the Heat. That's just obvious.

But as I said and as you ignored because it doesn't help with your sad vicarious internet glory, the Spurs are a much better team than the Pacers. IF the Heat lose it will be because a great TEAM outplayed them, not because they couldn't match up with Tony Parker.

As it stands Green would be the Finals MVP with his absurd 3 point shooting, not Parker.

Spo got just absolutely abused by Pop last night. Spo had no answers. Good thing Riley is coaching up Spo now. San Antonio's guards are just dominating the Heat's guards. Domination. They are penetrating. Kicking and hitting open shots. Tony Parker bumped his fat little body and just bent Chalmers and Cole over. I say we trade Chalmers, Cole and Bosh for a stick of cotton candy.

In theory if you have two great teams that are evenly matched you'll have teams winning their home games and the top seed winning it all at home in game 7.

That's why this 2-3-2 format is such nonsense, if everything goes according to plan the top seed, which is supposed to have an advantage, heads home with their backs against the wall.

I doubt the Heat could have beaten the Mavericks in 2006 without the 2-3-2 format, it changes the dynamics of the playoff series too much, one day of travel is one day of travel, doesn't matter how far you're flying.

Settle down Heat fans. The Spurs won because they had an ungodly night shooting. 60% from the field and Danny Green was 60% from behind the 3-point line. If they keep shooting like that they'll win. ANYONE would win shooting like that. But it ain't happening. Spurs hit 5 more FGs than the Heat taking 16 fewer shots. No way this is happening again. Heat win game 6 and this is decided in 7. I still like the Heat to win it all.

Clippers need to ante up E. Bledsoe or D. Jordan whoever thinks either and a # 1 pick wouldn't help the Celtics rebuild more than KG and Doc is just not paying attention.

Doc could convince P. Pierce, KG, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul to play together and form a superteam in Clipperland.

While we're at it let's dispel another myth the NBA head coach has less impact on a team then any of the 4 major sports and it's not close.

The NBA is a players league more than any other always has been Doc is a great coach but he became great when he had KG, Pierce and Ray Ray not the other way around.

Pacers Are A Better Team Than the Spurs. The Spurs Are Better Coached.

Put Pop On The Pacers. Even Without Danny Granger. The Pacers Would've Whooped the Heat. In 5.

Coaching Matters In Every Sport!! How Doesn't It Matter In Basketball?

The Heat Head Coach Waits Til The Other Team Makes A Move To Take A While To Adjust. How Can You Win When You Are The One Constantly Being Checked. The Heat Have The Better Pieces On The Court. They Need To Be The Aggressor.

Has-been Was A -20 In 9 Minutes.

When It Is Not Your Night The Coach Has To Decide Quick, Time To Sit Down. Next Man Up. But The Head Coach Loves His Players. UD, JA, And Chalmers See Way To Much Playing Time For The Talent That Is On The Team. Wade Should've Started At PG, With R.Allen Or M.Miller Starting At SG. (Now You Have The Size Advantage)

The Head Coach Should Get Fined For Sitting Birdman. Uncalled For. Bird man Has A Better Jump shot Than UD. But If You Aren't Put In A Position. What Can You Do?

Tom I have always liked Phil and while it's too bad he lost he has 4 Majors and a ton of fans no big deal he will be fine.

He must feel like Greg Norman at the Masters a bit though.

Dude the Spurs have been shooting great all series. Danny Green has been shooting lights out for the entire series from the 3 point line. It isn't a fluke. Again it is due to the mismatch at the guard position. The Heat guards are a joke. Indiana couldn't take advantage of it because their guards are too young, inexperienced, or not very good. San Antonio has experienced, very good guard play. The reason Danny Green is shooting lights out is because of Tony Parker. Tony Parker is the MVP-although it is close. Green is hitting wide open shots because of Parker. Don't forget that Parker won the only close game with an incredible shot that, if they win, will go down in Finals history. Parker is the engine that drives that machine in San Antonio.
Heat can still win it all and win two in a row but if the Spurs shoot lights out--and it is a real possibility, they will close it out in 6. Spurs have 2 games to get/stay hot.

Tom - Heat don't have the margin of error to assume Green won't keep shooting this way, he's over 70% unguarded, 50% guarded for the SERIES. It's already the greatest three point shooting series in playoff history, and he has at least one more game to go.

Dude the Spurs have NOT been shooting great the entire series. The shooting percentages by game for the Spurs are

Game 5 60%
Game 4 44%
Game 3 49%
Game 2 41%
Game 1 42%

Two good shooting games both at home. Sorry Dude but no way the Spurs hang up another 60% or even 49%.

Heat win in 7.

Tom - just talking about Green, 25 of 38 , 66% from three for the series.

Maybe a five game fluke but the Heat can't afford to assume the law of averages will save them in game 6.

Can't wait for Tuesday, win or lose the Heat are always worth the price of admission when they're motivated!

Green is shooting 66% from 3 point land in the series. Great all series long. Neal 12 of 24 from 3 point land has provided the spark with Ginobili MIA. Last game Ginobili stepped up and Neal took the back seat.
The Spurs are breaking all kinds of finals records. They have been doing it all series. For you to think that they couldn't keep shooting lights out from 3 point land and put a hurting on the Heat is naive. This isn't luck. They are breaking down the Heat defense and getting open looks.

OC thanks for the Little Wing lesson. Tom I don't think I'll ever forget Albatross. That was indeed haunting. It's too bad Wade hasn't been healthy the entire series. Now I'll have to start hearing the soaring confidence of Spurz fans at work. Where have you gone James Worthy, America turns it's lonely eyez to you...

I didn't make up the stats. Took them right from the box scores. 60, 44, 49, 41, 42. And the 60 and 49 were in San Antonio. So what is more likely, 60 or 40? Green has been good the entire series but the rest of the Spurs are not shooting it that great. They had to shoot 60% to win by 10 last night. You seriously expect that AGAIN? Sorry but it ain't happening. Heat win game 6 big and game 7 will be fun. At the end of the day I expect the Heat will win.

My you are confident soldier. That's the kind of fighting spirit America and Miami needs...

Hola Duke and how are U today "mi amigo"?..

Que pasa, FZ. I'm not drowning today so I guess that makes me OK...

forget the Heat, I'm going to watch the Stanley Cup finals from now on..hehe

say Anti,

so you have access to a super computer???? hhhmmm, ok, I have an idea for you, how about this, you know that new movie about zombies?.."world war Z"?..

how about running a "zombie apocalypse simulation" to see how long we have if that were to really happen and then at the last "grasp/moment" for humanity a race of giant antz (friendly to humans) comes out from the center of the earth to fight the zombies for global domination and wipe out the zombies but leave only 300,000 humans left to start all over again..just like you want..

see how long that would take..that's all I got for you on that front.

OC I would razz you about Tiger's + 13 but Sergio put up a + 15 doh!

I'm glad you mentioned World War Z is about Zombiez ruling the earth. I know Kaz likes Zombies but I can't ah stomach them. Too messy...

Hey FZ howz 'bout GIANT BEEZ...

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