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June 25, 2013

Giancarlo Stanton gets nude!; plus let Heat enjoy this; also, Aaron Hernandez, still a football town?, Serena v. Maria, not-terrible Marlins & more

1aa1ljsi1) It is WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26. LeBron James is on cover of the newest Sports Illustrated, pictured. Heat today exercised team option to keep Mario Chalmers for next season. Smart move. 2) One of my musical heroes, Mavis Staples, has a new album out called One True Vine. Look forward to picking it up. (Yes, I sometimes still buy CDs!) Follow on Twitter @Mavis_Staples. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat-among-our- greatest-sports-accomnplishments poll, Paula Deen mess.

Follow us on TWITTER @gregcote and INSTAGRAM @ upsetbird and VINE @ Greg Cote. New stuff from Heat celebration, 790 The Ticket.

Heat commemorative special section: It's out today in The Miami Herald and online, and my contribution is this column on how Dwyane Wade is the quiet cause of all this. It was Micky Arison's money, Pat Riley's gumption and LeBron James' talent ... but first it was Wade's willingness and sacrifice.

GREEK GOD-LIKE GIANCARLO STANTON GOES COMMANDO FOR ESPN 'BODY' ISSUE: It hits newsstands July 12 and athletes who'll be naked but artfully covered include Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton (pictured 1aa1gstantonright), 49ers QB Colin Kapernick, NBA'er John Wall, WNBA'er Swin Cash, tennis player John Isner, volleyballer Kerri Walsh-Jennings and (oh my) 77-year-old golfer Gary Player. Need to wrap my mind around that last one. I don't think even women married to 77-year-olds want to see them naked, 1aa1gstanton2but I may be wrong. Other athletes involved are NBA'er Kenneth Faried, the Mets' Matt Harvey, drag racer Courtney Force, 49er Vernon Davis, women's soccer's Sydney Leroux, golfer Carly Booth, NHL'er Joffrey Lupul, snowboarder Elena Hight, boxer Marlen Esparza, rock climbers Chris Sharma and Daila ojeda, UFC's Miesha Tate, motocross' Tarah Gieger and tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska. Stanton's spread might cause the most attention the Marlins have had all season. They should capitalize with a Stanton Night, in which the first 5,000 fans to show up nude get in free. Hopefully Stanton's photo shoot was a bit bit more creative and less ridiculous (if I can say that) than the previous Body Issue appearance of then-Marlin Hanley Ramirez. Although who among us hasn't ironed in the nude at some point?

ENOUGH! LET HEAT ENJOY WHAT THEY EARNED: Two recent slices of local media bothered me a little. The microscopic over-analysis was out even as South Florida threw itself a championship parade. Dan LeBatard on 790 The Ticket was playing psychologist by reading a newly defiant, angry, "how-do-you-like-me-now" attitude in the Heat in the wake of their second straight title. A jump-point was LeBron brandishing his championship trophy in one 1aa1jameslhand and Finals MVP trophy in the other in a showy manner. He also put out an Instagram video (click here) that showed him quite cocky. (Still from vid is pictured). I think we make too much of too little to see overriding arrogance here instead of guys just reveling. And, by the way, a bit of arrogance is probably justified, after all the turmoil and hatred this team went through in 2010-11. I have actually seen a fair amount of humility in this Heat team overall, especially in the way they lavished praise and respect upon the vanquished Spurs. In my own Miami Herald, there was a news story about LeBron being "noncommital" on his intentions beyond next season, when he'd be free to leave. The piece flew on this comment James made to CNN: "I don't know, because I haven't really even thought about it. So when that moment comes up, I will approach it like a professional  and we'll see what happens." How benign! What else should LeBron say? And yet the implication was that James being "noncommital" may bode darkly for Miami. Sure enough, LeBron came out a day later and said it would be the "ultimate finish" for the Big 3 to stay intact beyond next season. The over-analysis of this team takes no holiday.

Poll result: Hold on, Heat. Are we still a football town?: This gauge suggests so, anyway. I asked you to put the Heat's three championships including back-to-backers in context with Miami's other greatest team-sports feats, and you placed the Heat only third with 24.7 percent. The Dolphins' Perfect Season/1972-73 Super Bowls won with 40.3%, followed by UM's five football national championships with 31.3%. The Marlins' two World Series collected the remaining 3.7%.

WHILE WE WEREN'T WATCHING, THE MARLINS GOT PRETTY DECENT: The Fish still have the majors' worst record, yeah, but since May 31 (while we were all Heat-obsessed), they have been 13-9 to shower some of the stink and shame off themselves. They began a six-game homestand with a win last night, and with the local stage pretty much to themselves for a while, this would be a very good time to continue not stinking.

1aa1aaronhernPATRIOTS TIGHT END ARRESTED, LOSES BOTH ARMS: The arrested part is for sure. Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez, Dumbass Athlete, was taken into custody this morning and charged with murder. My speculation that Hernandez also has lost both arms is based entirely on this photographic evidence, which also indicates Aaron got fat. Oh, and the Pats just cut him. (Can you play tight end, Tebow? Just asking...)

Dumbass Athletes, continued: Mark Sanchez: I guess the phrase Nude Booty Dance about sums it up.

TENNIS CAT FIGHT!: I love this claws-out back and forth between tennis stars Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, who are pictured here in more amiable days. This is a hell of 1aa1amiableas lot meatier than that little Tiger Woods-Sergio Garcia tiff but with not nearly the attention. Serena makes clear in a magazine piece that Maria is dating one of her ex's, and Maria fires back -- in a post-match news conference! -- by stating that Serena had a relationship with a man "that was married and is getting a divorce and has kids." And all of this in the midst of Wimbledon! The British tabloids haven't been this happy since those topless pics of Kate Middleton materialized.

YOUR 2014 STANLEY CUP ODDS RIGHT HERE: The confetti hasn't even fallen in Chicago yet after Blackhawks' win last night and already Bovada has rushed out 2014 odds for Lord Stanley's chalice. Leaders are Pittsburgh at 13-2, champ Chicago at 15-2 and Boston at 9-1. Your lovable Florida Panthers? Thirtieth of 30 at 100-1.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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The Marlins got pretty decent?
the worst record in baseball is pretty decent?
Are you high?
Decent is .500 for a season, not two weeks.
Decent is contending for something, other than the worst franchise in pro sports.
Decent would be nice...if it were true...

Cote loves to talk about whether Miami is a 'football town' or a 'basketball town'.

Miami is full of Miamians and will never be any kind of sports town, and that's fine. You can't beat the weather.


Sure about that? I mean besides those tools that left Game 6 early this looks like a lot of people attending the parade.


That's called stretching the truth to fit your argument.

Cote...Your friend LeBatard is an asswipe, you can tell him I said so.

BB, you know how Kaz is, you said it correctly amigo, "always stretching the truth" to make his point..right Kazy?

Kaz, why don't you go ahead and come out of the closet and announce to the world that you're a Ravens fan and hate everything Miami, the regulars on the blog already know the answer...

Parades aside Cote loves that question, is Miami becoming more of a 'basketball town' than a 'football town'? Basketball will never be as popular down here as football but Miami is just flat out not a sports town.

the minute the Dolphins start winning on a regular basis they will take over the number one spot, not even a question, this is a football town hands down.

Dolphins rule..

Kaz, are you a Jets fan also?

Cote loves any topic or question that he can parlay into a poll for blog purposes.

Not sure the poll measures the fan interest level as Greg assumes it may be a coincidence that people saw both of those accomplishments as being the highest.

If the Heat had won 10 champinships since 1988 the results may have been different same for the Marlins.

Just returned from a 2 week trip with the wife to italy and France, and cote is starting up the kind of sports town talk about Miami. Put it to rest, miami is a FOOTBALL TOWN !!!

Agree if the other sports were around in 1966 they might have a chance but they weren't they're too "new".

Sounds like a great trip.

Big Baby,

another fantastic stanley cup game even though the bruins let it go in the last minute. the stanley cup produces the most exciting watch in post-season play, and this year was truly exceptional. the bruins and the spurs had their games within grasp, but every second counts and chicago just kept coming. a terrific series, to say the least. the NHL, even with so many dog teams, still has the greatest playoffs. it is not a great time in boston with gronkowski out and hernandez about to face old sparky (don't worry, he'll get the rae carruth/ray lewis protection that the league desires. the red sox are going great guns, the patrios will soon commence another division winning season, and all will be a-ok. just think about what would/could have been had my beloved leaves held on to a 4-1 lead deep in period three!

RE: all this great news from dolphin HQ

let's see where the locals are after 4 games of the regular season- they still don't have an offensive line and i am not sold on #17 after his not so bad/not so good rookie year. they open in cleveland where i hope davone bess catches 10 passes on their really mediocre secondary.

Say Naples...It sure looks like the Patsies are going to need some new TE's...

Gronk is finished and you know about A Hernandez..

maybe Tebow can play there..

Great series I wanted at least a game 7 those teams are very evenly matched my early predicition is they are both back there next year.

Another division winning season for NE? Not this time my friend my 10 y/o son (a Patriots fan) asked me today who Brady will be throwing the ball to and then predicted a 7 or 8 win season.

Your Leafs what can you say it's been since 67' and they are still waiting the backpage of the Toronto Sun today said it all.

Big Baby,

if big bsby junior predicts a 7 or 8 win season for NE, tell him to crack open the piggy bank and take the overs if they are at 7 or 8. the patriots will win at least nine, maybe up to 11- have too see their schedule. they have six games with the dolphins, jets, and bills and will win at least 4, and maybe 5 of those.

Buenos dias people...

The next month or so will be a very sssslllloooowwww month on the world of sports so we need to find something, anything to talk about...so what's it gonna be?..

Maybe Anti can give us a doomsday class? Or

We can talk about the merits of a healthy diet?..


you can talk about aaron hernandez now.

you're right Peter, Hernandez, man what a waste.

it amazes me how stupid some of these players are, this guy had just about everything he wanted and to be implicated in a murder?..wow.

The Patsies are in serious trouble now, Brady has no one to throw to.

what say U Naples?..

or we could do the annual preseason hype of the Canes about this time. How, "this is the year!" "We are back!" "We will be going to the National Championship game this year!"

It's amazing how the Canes have been so bad that they have just about killed their best time of the year--PRESEASON. This is when we hear how X QB is going to the Heisman ceremony and he will wear a pink suit. This is when we hear all the annual BS and it is just about dead. Beaten into submission.

Well, looks like the cops just hauled away one cuffed Mr. Hernandez.

Doesn't look like Brady is going to be able to hit him with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Charges to be announceed at arraignment this afternoon Mass State police report they aren't releasing them now.

OJ forwarding Johnny Cochran's number to Hernandez. Poor dope doesn't know that Johnny has moved on.

Good thing for the Patriots that Belichick collects Tight Ends like so many pro stars collect Benz'es. Even with Gronk and Hernandez out, he still has five other ones to fiddle with.


it seems to me that passcatchers don't generally get drafted and many who have made it are low, low round picks or undrafted FAs like the dolphins former #15. that salsa guy on the giants was a nobody ever heard of him, kevin boss who replaced a first round pick in jeremy shockey the same. the patriots will find receivers to offset their now almost empty cupboard of wide-outs. haven't all their pascatchers been "never heard of him" guys over the years, excluding randy moss. the patriots have a system that eli whitney would love-interchangable parts. they play a lot of tough teams- just the AFC central (i refuse to call it north) has got three playoff types, plus they get denver, NO and houston. maybe little big baby is right, but they will finish ahead of the locals.


first baseball title (we won't mention how many USC won in the 60s and early 70s) to go along with all their basketball, track, and various other chapionships. they played almost flawless baseball, and won with a barrage singles and walks and HBP guys that they moved around the bases. miss state really helped them with horrible fielding and attempts at home runs in a stadium that doesn't surrender any. always like when a pac-? team wins, and the bruins were a deserving bunch. their submarine relief pitcher was devastating in the ninth- 11 pitches and the bulldogs were cooked. every pitch was low and at the knees and moved. except for those metal bats, college baseball at omaha is a really watchable game built for "little ball", as displayed by the bruins.

Finsnation can only hope that LBB is right shadow nice Eli Whitney reference I used to live in the town he was born in (Westborough, MA.) and knew people who lived in the house he lived in as a child.

Most associate him with the Cotton Gin but interchangeable parts was his first important invention nice job sir.

Hernandez has been released by the Patriots.

Not sure that's the release Aaron preferred.

He was released by the Pats and picked up by the Massachusetts State Police. Well at least he wasn't on the market long so he's go that going for him.

A Tight End going to the pokey. Sometimes reality just writes itself.

When you think you had a bad day, think of aaron hernandez's day.

It wasnt even 11 AM and he had been arrested for possible murder, and he got fired from his 40 million dollar job. Word coming out that he may even have to pay back some of his signing bonus.

Next up? The wife will probably tweet she is leaving him.

LBB can't understand why the team released Brandon Lloyd he thinks that was a mistake(leading to his 7 or 8 win prediction coupled with the losss of Welker, Hernandez and maybe Gronk kid knows football) I might have to agree with him.

The larger question is why is the guy still without a team he has put up some really good numbers over his career a bad apple maybe?

He was arrested at 8:45 am even worse.


Hate to say it, not really. TOLD YOU SO!!

Expect another century to pass by before boston becomes relevant again.

1 Decade every Century, Boston wins a Title(s). And That Decade just passed.

E.Smith is the MOST OVERRATED RB IN HISTORY! Only 1 Season With A 5.0 YPC. BEHIND The Greatest O-Line of its time. Pedestrian if you ask me. It wasn't like teams were stacking 8 in the box, Or he was being tackled behind the LOS. HE AVERAGED OVER 100 YPG ONLY 3 TIMES IN A 15 YEAR CAREER. No Bueno.

E.Smith wasn't even the best RB of his time. BY A WIDE MARGIN.

And that wasn't even my original point. MY ORIGINAL POINT WAS THAT UF HAS ONLY PRODUCED 1 RB IN OVER 100 YEARS. Tebow sucks, In the Big Picture TT will be forgotten in a couple seasons.

So 1 Offensive Playmaker in Over 100 Years. Yep, UF is a Football Factory.

UM QBs That Did Something In The NFL


UM RBs That Did Something In The NFL


P.S- L.Miller has the Potential to join that list. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/top-five-running-backs-played-miami-hurricanes-162300014--ncaaf.html

And We don't want to compare WRs.

smell fishy - definition

Be suspect or suspicious, as in His girlfriend's sister was dating the murdered victim, which by coincidence definitely smells fishy; This idiom alludes to the fact that fresh fish have no odor but stale or rotten ones do. [Early 1800s]

Even USC has produced better players than UF.

A young man was murdered let's not feel so much glee it's not some refugee stealing shoes off of beaches in the DR and then gets arrested have a little bit of respect for the victim and his family.

A Tight End going to the pokey. Sometimes reality just writes itself.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | June 26, 2013 at 11:05 AM


By Tonight he will be a Wide Receiver.


Talk BAD about DR, ALL YOU WANT. The family/The Whole Neighborhood would've already dealt with it. Eye for an Eye.

And Apparently you don't know what happens to thieves in my Country.

This was just the other day in Orlando, FL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMsJ_kb5DWU

We Don't like Thieves.

And Dashi was talking about boston not winning the Cup Or a Title. Not A.Hernandez. Before he got arrested, Dashi was saying the Pats are done.

NEW YORK (AP) — The Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup-clinching win was watched by almost two-thirds more viewers than last year’s Game 6.

Chicago’s 3-2 victory Monday night over the Bruins had 8.16 million viewers on NBC, up from 4.93 million for the Los Angeles Kings’ clincher over the New Jersey Devils last year.

It was down slightly from the 8.28 million for Game 6 between the Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers in 2010.

The series averaged 5.76 million viewers on NBC and NBC Sports Network, making it the most-watched Stanley Cup Final since records started being kept in 1994, though the population was smaller then.

© Copyright 2013 Globe Newspaper Company.

A young man was murdered let's not feel so much glee it's not some refugee stealing shoes off of beaches in the DR and then gets arrested have a little bit of respect for the victim and his family.

Posted by: Big Baby | June 26, 2013 at 11:38 AM



Learn the definition of the words you use. "Refugee"- Meaning the guy stealing Sandals wasn't Dominican. And he wasn't stealing them from a Dominican Either. We fix the problem ourselves, then call police.

And No Dominican Is A Refugee. IDIOT.

Refugee - One who flees in search of refuge, as in times of war, political oppression, or religious persecution.

You just Insulted/Expressed how you really feel about other posters from other Nationalities here. Not Dashi. My Family came here on its own free will.

Out of anything your family is a Refugee. This Country was built by them. You Idiot.


Props to the Pats, most teams would have kept him until the charges and tried to void his contract and recoup money.

Instead by releasing him now he's costing them $7.5M against the cap next season and they waive all rights to recoup bonus money or salary.

FZB- Next man up in Foxboro. Brady makes them all look great. Welker was a nobody in miami, gets with Bradyand he is all pro. Now you take T-FIZZLE, and the guy gets them 1 more win. The other top rookies get there teams in the playoffs. Now the excuse is, he needs help. Luck takes his team from last to the playoffs, now that is a qb for the future.

f- next man up in Foxboro. Brady makes them all look good. some qbs like T-FIZZLE, need a helping


Miami has a much tougher schedule than any of their AFC (central?) kin. In fact, there are only six teams that have tougher schedules than do Miami, and I doubt any of those other teams have a tougher first third schedule:

Partial Strength of Schedule list:

Carolina Panthers .543 138-116-2
Detroit Lions .539 138-118-0
New Orleans Saints .539 137-117-2
St. Louis Rams .539 137-117-2
Baltimore Ravens .535 137-119-0
Green Bay Packers .533 136-119-1
Arizona Cardinals .520 131-121-4
Miami Dolphins .520 133-123-0
San Francisco 49ers .520 132-122-2
Minnesota Vikings .516 132-124-0
Seattle Seahawks .516 130-122-4
Cincinnati Bengals .508 130-126-0
Jacksonville Jaguars .508 129-125-2
New England Patriots .508 130-126-0
Atlanta Falcons .504 128-126-2
Chicago Bears .502 128-127-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers .500 127-127-2
Washington Redskins .498 127-128-1
New York Jets .496 127-129-0
Philadelphia Eagles .496 127-129-0
Cleveland Browns .492 126-130-0
Pittsburgh Steelers .492 126-130-0
Tennessee Titans .488 124-130-2
New York Giants .480 123-133-0
Dallas Cowboys .480 121-134-1
Buffalo Bills .473 121-135-0

Do any Dolphins fans on here believe that the team will have a better than .500 record after eight games?

If so, please explain how.

FZB's son Ireland knows if he fails this year FZ will be forced to eat him as a Tiger eats her young. If that doesn't motivate him nothing shall...

If you're the Head Coach of this team. Do you tell your team to weather the storm until the second half, where the easier games are there to be had, or do you treat every game with the same expectations?

I expect most, plus Philbin, will coach in the later. Were it me, I would play for a 4-4, then tell them the worst is over and you can now go 6-2 the rest of the way.

Dare I have a dream? I can't stop thinking this is probably closest Finz have been to challenging Pats in decades...

OC Dolphin,

measuring strength of schedules for a 16 game season doesn't make for that much of an advantage or disadvantage-not enough games for separation it appears to this reporter. the patriots get the division winners in houston and atlanta and denver (along with NO, who will be recovering from last year's horrible circumstances. will now check the dolphins schedule.


if the dolphins lose at cleveland-a distinct possibility- they could start 0-5!!!

I don't know if I agree with you or not, dukey. Ireland's job, for the most part, is done. The players are in. What has to happen now is to develop a winning expectation.

This team (as any young, rebuilding team) has to experience winning. Much like a rookie QB, they ought to prevent getting shell-shocked at the risk of spoiling their confidence. If they get hammered getting out the gate, that becomes a very real possibility.

That's been my point, shadow. A very real concern and challenge to a coaching staff. What sorts of expectations do they place on the team and over those first eight games?

OC - Ravens are an AFC 'central' team, their schedule is tougher than Miami's.

Strength of schedule is nonsense anyway, parity is the rule in the NFL, last years records don't mean much, especially when the difference in opponents winning percentage between the hardest and easiest schedules is less than two wins (9-7 to 7-9).

OC Dolphin,

road games vs. browns and colts, and then atlanta, baltimore and away at the saints is looking pretty ominous to me. clevelnad was respectable last year and with my favorite player on their side ( i am assuming he will get time and throws his way, unlike the freeze-out when tannehill fell in love with hartline) i will be rooting for the brownies- loved them in the 60s and early 70s- the jim brown/leroy kelly years when they had the best o-line in football and they were my deceased brother's, OBM, favorites. i remember how he was heartbroken twice by denver (the drive and the fumble) and once by oakland (brian sipe decides to throw into the wind and gives up the SB on a mike davis pick). the browns also had one of the games underrated wide-outs- gary collins- who did all his catching at RE, as the browns were maybe the only team that didn't have their wide-outs switch sides of the field, unlike today's mumbo-jumbo or number of receivers and innumerable slotbacks (since they have to line up, they are technically backs although the league rightfully calls them "wide receivers", although they aren't that wide onmmany plays).

If one's a realist, they would have to own up to the fact that there are but two games out of those first eight, where Miami would be favored. And those other six games will not underdog by 3 points or less, either.

This reality best be addressed strategically by the coach. All's I'm saying.

Big Baby,

eli whitney patented many, many inventions (as opposed to benjamin franklin who patented none of his).
the importance of the cotton gin- which made for one "field worker" in the south being able to remove the cotton seed 50 times faster than manually and really made for the cotton boom and what followed. what is the nickname of "whitney high school"? the fighting inventors?

Expect Murder 1 Charges.

The Pats Know.

Why Else Release Him?

Didn't Want To Speculate. But Since Someone Thinks Dashi Was Talking About Hernandez. I Will Voice My Opinion.

Law Enforcement Took So Long Because They Were Building The Case. Hernandez Either Pulled The Trigger Or Ordered The Hit. They Know And In A Bit We All Will Also.

Book Him Dan-O.


You Don't Coach To Lose. Doubt Philbin Is Telling His Players 4-4 Is OK After The First 8 Games. That Isn't Good Coaching. You Coach To Win.

And Dashi Sees The Fins Going 5-3, The First 8. 7-1, The Last 8. Only The Falcons And Saints Worry Me The First 8. And The Pats Are No Longer A Threat. The Wheels On The Bandwagon Are Breaking Off. And They Are No Longer Allowed To Cheat. Pats Will Be Lucky To Go 8-8.

Brady Is Not That Good. He Just Dink And Dunks. And Now His Top 3 Receivers Are Either Hurt Or Not On The Team.

Yeah, The Pats Are Great At Drafting. And Signing Free Agents. GTFOH!!


first degree murder is not easily proved, as "malice" must be shown and a real motive must be shown. expect manslaughter (or second degree murder) charges which do not require the malice component and will be an easier conviction, and allows for "diminished capacity" which may be in the mix as they were partying that night. we'll soon see


You Might Be Right. Just Doubt That He Is Going To Jail For Obstruction. We Can Agree He Will Be Charged For Murder.

The Reason I Say Murder 1 Is All This Sounds Premeditated. They Shot Him In The House And Had The Know How To Destroy Evidence.

Plus, The Guy Was Shot In The Back Of The Head. Execution Style.

I'm Not Saying Hernandez Killed The Guy. But It Does Sound Like He Ordered The Hit.

If He Pulled The Trigger, He Is A Dead N***er. Just Saying.

OC...the Dolphins record will be 10-6..

Hernandez is fak..no questions about it.

Naples, Brady HAS NO ONE TO THROW TO amigo, I know he is great but there are limits to what he can do.

OC..U want me to look into my crystal ball on the Dolphins first 8 games?..all-righty then,

at Browns-win
at Colts-win
H Falcons-win

that's right, they'll start 3-0

at Saints-loss
H- Ravens-loss
at-Patriots-loss (giving Brady nod here but barely)

there you go OC..5-3 the first 8 games.

I sure hope you're right, FZ. We have to count on the two "positivos" of the blog to keep hopes alive. You and BB.


c. ronaldo back to man u? wayne rooney had a disappointing season and he gets transferred to anybody; ronaldo's right leg and RVP's left leg up front? with chicharito's fresh legs coming in from the bench!! they are certainly trying to compensate for the loss of sir alex with a star-studded team lacking only in defense, with a goalkeeper who got much better as last season unfolded.

Hey FZB please send me some of that shit you're smokin. I'm in horrible pain (left hip replacement surgery coming up July 8th) and could use a powerful hit. Let me just say this, if the Dolphins don't get a real LT before this season starts they'll be lucky to go 5-11.

Wow, Tom. A second replacement?! With so much titanium in your body, best not go swimming for risk of sinking!

on this Hernandez deal, there is no question he is either the trigger man or knows who is, more than likely his two "amigos" already sold him down the river.

shadow, I know he could be charge with manslaughter here but this thing looks like a murder one charge to me..

Tommy boy,

I hope your pain gets taken care of right away, wishing you a speedy recovery.

what chit I'm smoking?..none amigo, the Dolphins are going to surprise a few people this year, you're just to blind to see it, maybe is your hip pain..

positivo = delusional

OC I feel that way. Third major surgery in less than 2 years. Right rotator and 2 hip replacements. Good news is my shoulder is better than ever, my right hip is doing great and in about 7 weeks I will be walking again pain free and without a limp. Can't wait.

On Hernandez the cops are searching the water near his home for a reason. They have inside info. The two other guys who were with Hernandez and the victim the night of the murder have turned on Hernandez and are cooperating with police. Hernandez will never be a free man again, not even death will free him for HELL awaits him.

Colts-W, Maybe, No S.Smith Or Dansby
Falcons-L, Maybe
Pats-W, Maybe L
Steelers-W, Maybe

I Have The Fins Going Anywhere From 11-5 To 13-3. Can't Wait Til Preseason. This Is The Most Balanced Dolphins Team In A While.

Oh, And I Expect Major Trolling During Falcons Week. You Know The Whole We Should've Took M.Ryan Bologna. Over and Over. About 1001 Times At Least.

Hernandez charged with murder and five gun related charges...ouch !

1st Degree Murder for Hernandez.

The Men's draw at Wimbledon is falling apart. First Nadal and now Federer. Not going to be much fun watching this any more.

It's over for Hernandez.

In that liberal state of Massachusetts, he will get far more time for the gun charges than the actual murder. ZIIIIInnnnnNNNNNggggg

The DA hit this one out of the park. They nailed a timeline with cell phone use and surveillance. Despite his attempts to destroy all evidence, he forgot that this is 2013 and everything was recovered.

No Hernandez, no Welker, and Gronk is on IR. I feel so bad for those poor Patsies........"I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain......la la la......"

Rawpimple, Hernandez, as a former Florida Gaytor and loser, is already, guilty as charged. No jury in the U.S. will be able to avoid the temptation and delight to put another loser lizard in the pokey for a long, long, long, time. And rightfully so.

I wonder why Cote is so interested in seeying a naked G Stanton..

would you like to explain that one Cote?

Cote even has an exclamation point next to G Stanton nude! Hmmmmmmm. Something you need to tell your wife now Greg?

Now its 11-5 or 13-3? Before it was 12-4 or 13-3. This with a qb we last seen, being shutout, 28-0! Think about that for a minute, shutout! 256 regular season games last yrar,and only 4 of these games in a league that favors the offense. And who can forget T-FIZZLE only able to put up 3pts against the mighty titans. At home no less. Luck, RG3, Wilson, take there teams to the playoffs.What does T-FIZZLE do, 7-9. After the first 8 games, the excuses will start.


I'm more into french female volley-ball players..


or soccer...can't tell the difference..hehe

Called It, Murder 1. :-)

Didn't Expect The 5 Gun Charges. WOW, He Is Done. 1 Gun Is Enough. Why Have 5? Specially If They Aren't Registered. Must Be That Gainesville Education. Thugs From Connecticut. They Are Living Hardcore In Bristol. How Dumb Do You Have To Be? Really, How Dumb Aaron?

Reason, Dashi Rather Settle Things With Fist Than Bullets. You Can Still Walk Away. And Even If You Are Charged With Battery It Is Still Less Time Than Murder.

Guns Are Only Used To Kill. At Least That Is What I Was Taught.

Aron Hernandez, what a wasted life. Like they say, you can take them out of the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out of them. It sounds like the scumbags he hung with, turned on him. first guy that talks, gets the deal.

Relax Naples, the Patsies are "finito"..

now this is the kind of team that I wanna coach..mama mia!



I Was Also Going To Point That Out. But We Already Suspect Señor Cote. First, And Everything! We Are Going To Need Positive Reinforcement Señor Cote, Maybe Some Pics From Tootsies, For The A.Hernandez Case. Or Pics Of Ms.Spo As A Heat Dancer.We Already Know How You Feel About Ms.T-Sizzle.

And I Understand Hanley Using An Ironing Board To Cover Up. Originally Dominicans Used Platano Leaves To Cover Up. Pre-Columbus Era.


He is from Bristol, Connecticut!!

No Ghettos In That Beautiful State. Just Giant Ass Houses.

FZB- Your first 8 games look like 2-6 to these eyes. The only wins I see, are browns, and bills. Forget the falcons, ravens, Patriots,saints, you guys cant put up enough points to beat them.


Is The One With Black Socks The Goalie?

Agreed, That Is The Only Way I Would Watch Soccer.

NJPF is right. Hernandez's two buddies are singing to the cops about how Hernandez did it all.

Naples, 2-6 would seem most likely. However, the very reason you cite (put up enough points) was last year's problem, not necessarily a problem going forward. Improving scoring was the top focus during this past offseason.

It would not surprise me in the least to see them be as offensive as NE has been, and I need not remind you how offensive NE has always been to most of us around here:)


Naples is living in his own little fantasy world, this won't be last years team, specially on offense, they are going to be a dangerous and balanced offense..you'll see.

and no matter what front he's trying to portrait, NE has lost Walker, LLoyd, Gronk and now Hernandez, THAT is a lot, Brady is a great QB but he can't do miracles.

Philbin needs to treat this season as if he were riding a two-year-old thoroughbred; jump out of the gate tied for the lead, keep him 4-4 and with the pack through the back rail, then pour it on for a 10-6 finish.

The key is going to be if he can get to that 4-4 mark!

The First 8 Games We Have A Better Defense Than Most Of The Teams. And This Year We Have A Well Balanced Offense.

The Last 8 Games We Have A Better Offense Than Most Of The Teams. And Our Defense Is More Balanced This Year.

Oh, And Mike Sherman Has Coached Multiple Top 5 Offenses In The NFL. Philbin Also Has Coached A Top 5 Offense. They Know What A Pro Offense Is Suppose To Look Like. They Weren't Video Coordinators Like Spo. Yes, Soprano Started As A VC For Parcells.

Can't Wait.

Brady made Wes the player he is. As for Lloyd, forget him. The guy was a meat head in foxboro last year. Last I checked, nobody has signed him. Jake Ballard was a good te the year the giants beat the Pats. NY tried to sneak him thru waivers last year when he was hurt in preseason and BB took him and put him on Ir for the year. The guy never has enough TEs.

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