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June 18, 2013

Finals G6: Heat 103, Spurs 100 (OT): Survival! Miami forces a Thursday Game 7; plus will Heat win 2 straight and title? Poll. Vote!; also more Heat & other stuff

1aa1crawfordj1) It is WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19. I thought Uncle Fester I mean Joey Crawford (both pictured) did a fair job as referee last night. 2) Thanks to Tony Kornheiser for having us on to talk Heat today. 3) Bengals on Hard Knocks is further proof that series is struggling for teams to participate. People in Cincinnati are barely interested in the Bengals. 4)
In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat G5 loss, Faith Healers, NCAA/UM mess, Miguel Olivo, Sad-O-Meter.

Blog held hostage: Almost, folks. We've been mighty Heat-intensive as you'd expect throughout this playoff run, with no apologies. But right after the championship parade as soon as this thing ends, one way or the other, we'll be back to more of a smorgasbord format. Patience.

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My column off the game: Click on Survival for the full column, which did not make all Broward editions of the print edition because of deadline. Simply one of the great, big nights in Miami sports history.

FINALS G6: HEAT 103, SPURS 100 (OT): LEBRON'S 32, LATE HEROICS SAVE MIAMI: Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW! NO matter how long I've been doing this, some things still amaze me. Miami trailed by 10 entering the fourth quarter. Everything was slipping. The NBA discreetly was readying the postgame championship ceremony for San Antonio. And then? LeBron James. He took over. Scored 18 from the fourth quarter on, ended with a triple double and saved Miami's repeat-championship hopes, saved the notion of a dynasty -- saved everything. Now all they have to do is do it all over again Thursday. "Best two words in team sports," said coach Erik Spoelstra. "Game 7." Those are the two best words from Miami's vantage right now. For the dejected Spurs, not so much. Link to my column off the game is just above. ..... Original post: 1) Heat must use the crowd for a high-energy fast start. Dwyane Wade has lamented how Miami tends to start off slow; he's right. 2) A 1aa1heatspursgreat and efficient game from LeBron James. He shot 56.5% during the season but it's 43.6% in the Finals. And if you take away his 1aa1g6superb Game 4 it's 38.1%. Miami needs LeBron back to his normal (dominant) self. 3) Wade and Bosh must continue to complete a big Big 3 as they've down lately. 4) Better point-guard play. Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole are slumping simultaneously. Stop that! 5) Back to Birdman! Whether Mike Miller starts again or they go back to Udonis Haslem is not as important, to me, as significant doses of Chris Andersen off the bench. Miami remains a betting favorite (see below), even though only three previous times since the 2-3-2 Finals format began in 1985 has a team trailed 3-2 and won two straight at home as Miami must now do. Those were the 1988 Lakers, 1994 Rockets and 2010 Lakers.

WILL THE HEAT DO IT?: Yeah I know, this is another poll predisposed to be Miami-friendly given its place in a MiamiHerald.com blog. But we also know from experience that about half of all votes in our polls come from outside of Florida and that the last time we did a Heat-Spurs poll a huge number rolled in from Texas. Besides, our readers have always been pretty good about voting what they really think more than what they hope. You are challenged again. Will the Heat win two in a row and a repeat championship? Vote now and say why.

Heat still a betting favorite for crown: Despite trailing 3-2 in the Finals Miami still is a 4-5 betting favorite via Bovada, with San Antonio at 21-20. MVP odds entering Game 6 are LeBron James 4-5, Danny Green 2-1, Tony Parker 5-1, Tim Duncan 10-1 and Dwyane Wade 15-1.

1aa1craigsCRAIG SAGER BOBBLEHEADS: The minor-league Fort Myers Miracle are planning a Craig Sager Bobblehead Night on June 29, with a scheduled appearance by the sartorially ghastly broadcaster himself. This is a blog. Could I say it if it weren't true?

SAD-O-METER BACK IN HIBERNATION: Marlins have won two in a row -- see, Heat, it isn't that hard! -- and six of past 10 to vault to a .319 winning percentage. The Sad-O-Meter will return if and when the Marlins fall back below 300.

Click back. Will be updating/adding much to this latest blogpost...


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Burn the Boats!!!!!

Filomena is getting her middle fingers massaged and painted at a Palm Beach Spa as we speak. She is ready! Kaz is ready to say what a great game this is going to be and the Heat will win 155-55 in an exciting game. FZB is ready to coach the team like Eric Spoelstra.

Can't wait for the Heat game tonight, heard a nice interview by LeBatard on Cowher's radio show yesterday, gist was that the reason the Heat have such up and down play is that they can win with jump shots and it takes a lot more energy and physical punishment to play like they did in game 4, with everything going to the basket.

No margin for error, as Phil Jackson said down 3-2 against the Celtics with two home games to win it all - 'That's the way it's supposed to be, isn't it?'.

Yeah pretty pumped about the game tonight. I expect all out war from both teams. Heat a tough team to close out. Spurs an experienced, championship team, looking to end this at Game 6 because they sure as heck want no part of a Game 7 on the road. This is the game.

P.S. Eric, maybe put a player on Danny Green like freaking super glue. If that player can't handle it, maybe sit their butt down. He better see 0 open shots tonight, zero!

Is Young Ron really Young? Unless he started on the radio at the age of 1, he should be called OLD RON.

Sr Capitan,

let me assure you amigo that I would do a better job than Spo (if I were coaching the team)..

I would sit Chalmers and start Battier ( LeBron would play Parker the whole game and Battier would be Green's shadow the whole game.

the rest of the starting line up would be Bosh,Wade and Miller ...

Birdman would be my first big off the bench along with Allen,Cole AND R Lewis (if necessary)..

I would mix it up from time to time and go to a zone..

Chalmers and Haslem would not see a single minute.


Thanks Dirty !!! the Beatles rule !!

and in honor of your name..this is for you amigo.


FZB, happy birthday. Beatles still overated.

Happy birthday bro. I sent you all of my Beatles records, it's a very small package but it's the thought that counts.

Oye...gracias but its not really my birthday.

dirty hairy pussy said it not me, hehe..(cool name though)..

Oye, don't worry I don't own any Beatles records.

Didn't OC guarantee the Heat would win it in Six?

yes he did...Heat in six he said, hey..Kaz said Heat in 4 or 5..hehe, right Kaz?

if the Heat put on their big boy pants then they can win the next two, the problem is the Spurs have a HUGE advantage at PG..

somebody needs to do a "despojo" and soon so the Heat can win.

Pretty nice that it only took Spo 6 games to figure out: "Green will not be open tonight". Geez, thanks. Only 6 games it took? Cue Captain Obvious for Eric Spoelstra.

which is why I'm coaching the team tonight...

when does football season starts again?

hey pimple..I see another one of your criminal thugs got arrested a couple of days ago...hehe


still waiting for the spurs to win that fourth game; unless the heat pull a 2011 tank job it says here that they will win both games. (from a heat "non-fan", but one who respects the fantastic abilities of #6).

hey retard, it's start not starts, no speekee english?

Dukey...U can call me anything you want amigo..Thank you for correcting "mi ingles"...

si, this is how I learn....unlike Kaz who is "perfecto"

Calm Before The Storm. Expect A Hurricane If They Lose. Hurricane Dashi. Tahiti Isn't Even Good at Soccer, Nevertheless Coaching Basketball In The NBA.

Agreed With Everything FZB Said. But We Aren't The Coaches. So Doubt That Happens.

Game 6, And Now Is When The Head Coach Plans To Stop D.Greene. WOW!! Please Explain How He Is Competent To Lead The Heat. And UD In 2003 Isn't UD In 2013. Only In That He Was Overpaid Then He Is Overpaid Now.

Chalmers, UD, And JA. Shouldn't See A Single Minute With The Talent On This Roster.Not One.

None of you would even come close to doing a better job than Spo or even the lowest coach on the entire NBA ladder..stop the madness..you are delusional and embarrassing yourselves....armchair warriors are hilarious.....

Spain completed the treble by beating Italy in the Under 21 Euros in Israel.

Raza Ghoochannejhad.

This guy is a sudden mega hero in Iran, He scores the goal, away at S. Korea, to send Iran to the World Cup. If he hadn't, it would be Uzbekistan going following their nice 5 - 1 vs Qatar. S.Korea edges the Uzbeks for the automatic spot.

Uzbek gets a 2nd, the hard way. Two game playoff vs Jordan...the winner goes to 2 game playoff vs S. America #5.

Australia packed their stadium 80,000 for the final game, and were rewarded .....Aussies knocked off Iraq, and qualified for the World Cup.

Summary of qualified teams:
Brazil, Japan, Australia, S.Korea, Iran

Ethiopia admits to fielding ineligible player... Likely means they forfeit their games and S.Africa is back in the mix.

Raise hands, who's going to watch US v Honduras in the crucial World Cup qualifier in Salt Lake City? Who's going to watch the Heat!
Who's going to watch both!

I know the answer....


Go Heat!

Games are same time.

I gotta handed to you Mikey...you do have enthusiasm for soccer ...

mike1 you are right how many more times can you possibly be expected to want to watch yet another heat spurs game?



I just think he's not taking his meds.

Heat win big tonight. Can't wait for game 7.

I have tried soccer on a number of occasions and each time I had to wrap my head with duct tape to keep it from exploding. But because I have such respect for mike1 and shadow, and the fact I really love rooting for the USA, I will be tuning in the USA v Honduras match tonight during timeouts and halftime of the Spurs v Heat game. I will let you know if I survive.

I have to admit I am chuckling about the turmoil in New England. They sign Tebow. Gronk may be done with all his injuries. And now Aaron Hernandez is a suspect in a murder.

I'm liking the Dolphins chances more and more.

Aaron Hernandez is a suspect in a murder ?...chit..I gotta check that out.

Yup...is true..reports are that Hernandez has been uncooperative ...wow.

Another criminal Gator implicated in a crime, shocking hey pimple?...hehe

All right guys....here's my prediction for tonight's game, the Heat will win the game if they score at least one more point than the Spurs...

How kazonian of you FZB....

33 minutes into USA v Honduras and I'm looking for a sharp knife to slit my wrists. My gawd SOCCER is boring. Oh well no sharp knife available so I think I'll switch back to the Heat v Spurs. Now that's a game!

Some games are boring some are great, just like any sport. You have 75% of football games already over by halftime especially college. Nothing happens in baseball. Each of the NBA finals have been blowouts, hence boring..though the non-watching big picture is interesting.

This game has been a standstill, each with just two close calls , that required some great saves.

If you had seen last week's US-Panama or especially, the weekend's game between Portland and Dallas, that was awesome. Frenetic pace with loads of opportunities.

What you see now is two evenly matched teams. Not sure why USSF decided to play this at high altutude in hot city. It's beneftting Honduras

The actual World Cup Final is notoriously dull because the team's are so even and nervous to be watched by about 700M to 1B. There have been a few exceptions. World fans don't tend to think of it as boring, pthey accept it mych we Americans accept dull games in their sports.

ESPN just showed a giant TV setup in a park in Chicago to watch this game with a few thousand fans.. This isn't even a finals game...just a qualifier.

You don't have emotion intp the game, Each time Honduras gets free in our end I get nervous, and that's where the excitement is.

Keep in mind, Honduras strategy since it's an away game is to earn a point. They are putting 10 men behind the ball and very hard to break through. Then they hope for the quick conterattack which almost worked twice ...requiring great save from Tim Howard.

US scores.....oops, offside, by about a foot.
Header by Brad Evans...close but at the goalie.

What's great is it seems like every fan is standing all game.

Ending in a tie isn't the worst thing..but it's like 2 points lost since it's at home. They need about 6 points in their last 5 games.

Heat down by 6 at ht

Well, if you didn't just see the mad scramble if the Honduran goal, you just missed a good piece of excitement. ...and a bad miss by the ref on a handball.

Tom, they just showed a scene of thousands of fans watching in a park in Chicago...they certainly don't look bored.

Tom, are you seeing this? Back to back awesome opportunities for US on close call shots. US is putting it together now, but not finding the net,..,or rather, the back of the net...they found the side.

Crap, Honduras almost wirh a goal on the counter had to be cleared near the line.


USA. Altidore,. U-S-A!

Wild scene at the park in Chicao

You could see the US gradually taking control in the 2nd half ..and finally connecting.
18 mnutes left.

Most dangerous time for US, they have a tendency to slack wirh a lead.

Ah I feel it my duty do do to tell you FZ that the guy or gal who made the comment about your English was not I. Sorry to disappoint you sir...

A liitle nervy at the end. Success...3 points. They're taking care of business wirh their home games. They swept June. 9 of 9 points.

US needs about 3 points from their last 4 games to qualify. That could be one win, or 3 ties. The games aren't easy.
Remaining games in order:

at Costa Rica, Sept 6

home v Mexico (who will be desperate at that point), Sept 10

home v Jamaica, Oct 11

at Panama, Oct 15

Great chant by the US fans, "we are going to Brazil, we are going to Brazil, we are going, we are going, we are going to Brazil!".
The big screen was set up at Grant Park in Chicago.

Ok, now to the Heat game , though it may seem like a waste of time barring a 4th qtr comeback.

Come on Heat!

Oy, Heat down by 10 after 3. They are at home..what gives?

Heat coming back....finally an exciting finals game. Can't bear to watch.

Pretty neat....Heat fans doing the same tune the USA fans were doing.

Costa Rica 2 goal lead v Panama at home. If it stays, they're on the US tail. behind by 2 points. The heagonal is pretty tight except for Jamaica so far.

Despite Mexico struggling, 1 win, 5 ties. .a C.Rica win leaves them in 3rd spot and decent shape going into the final 4.

Heat pulled ahead.

Shadow, I keep thinking of the opening game at Honduras where Klinnsmann botched the defensive lineup wirh a bunch if new guys who never played together. We had a 1-0 lead, and then the defense blundered it away, ok, maybe the experence paid off long term. But if we had won that game, I think we'd have qualified today and didn't have to wait it out til the fall.

6 of 10 games played....
assuming C.Rica holds on to their 2-0 lead at home

1. USA, 13 pts
2. C.Rica, 11 pts
3. Mexico, 8 pts
4. Honduras, 7 pts
5. Panama, 6 pts
6. Jamaica, 2 pts

Damn, Spurs lead

Heat are hosed.

How can you blow the game so bad with such mstakes with 20,000 loudly behind you? How is that possible? Wel..it's not over yet.

Maybeeeeeeeee.....20 sec


That's not fair......the replay


Crazy miracle......now this is a great game....unless we lose in OT

Oh, can't watch again..


Ok, who paid the ref? Imagine, a long, great, seesaw game..and a foul not called.

Good day for USA and Miami.

Wow! This is why the NBA rocks. Just two great teams putting it all on the line no one giving an inch. This will go down as one of the classic series in NBA history. Buckle your seat belts for game 7.

Holy sh*t.

Mouning people...

Holy chit is right Kaz...

The Heat came back from the dead...the Spurs have to be crushed...bad loss for them.

Spo put LeBron on Parker...hhhhmmm, where did I heard that suggestion before.

The worst PG in the NBA had a decent game...probably will be a " stinko " in the next one.

Thank you Celtics ( for R Allen )

So, there's no tomorrow anymore, are the Heat going to put on their big boy pants on?

Duke, I knew that wasn't you amigo...no problemo.

When does football "start" again?... Hehe

Well my prediction of the Heat in seven is still alive...barely.

I can't believe the Heat won. You see what being a Dolphin fan has done? It makes one assume the worst when rooting for a team. No offense to the ZONK powered teamz of the past...

That loss will really be a crusher if the Spurs lose the next game. Yup that one will leave a mark paisanz...

what. a . game.


as repeated many times, with #6 playing for miami losing just doesn't seem to be in the cards for the locals, even with defeat seemingly close. as stated, call me when the spurs win their fourth game- it isn't going to happen. i am not a heat fan, but #6 just doesn't have lousy games, even if he has to score 16 points in the final quarter. ho-hum

OMG the Spurs snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Talk about the agony of defeat. The Spurs choked this one away at the line BIG TIME. Thank you to Manu and Kawhi for their early Christmas gifts to the Heat and their fans. I suspect ABC is thanking them as well.

I will admit I turned away from the Heat game late in the 3rd quarter when the Spurs went up 15. Couldn't take it any more. Miami was awful.

Then I couldn't stand not knowing so I looked at my phone and saw the Heat up 3 with about 2:30 left in regulation. Waited about 5 minutes then turned the TV on and the Heat were down 2. SHIT! Then two bad Lebron turnovers and Miami is down 5. Game over, right? No ffing way! Two MONSTER possessions by Miami both with multiple chances for the Heat where Lebron and Ray knock down 3s. Hitting the 3s was key but the real kudos go to Mike Miller and Chris Bosh for coming up big with offensive rebounds when the game was on the line.

Game 7 is going to be fun.

mike1 I really tried to watch some of the soccer last night. I just can't do it. That was mindnumbingly boring. sorry. that said, I'm still rooting for the USA to make it through to Brazil2014 for you and shadow.

Classic Heat fans. LOL. I think Kaz was even pictured leaving early and begging to be let back in.

Kaz screaming to a guard outside the arena: "Do you know who I am? Do you? I am a guppy PhD! Let me in NOW!!!"


Yes Tom missed free throws cost the Spurs that game that's a tough thing for them to accept I am sure.

Great game regardless I don't watch many NBA playoff games but I watched this one and it lived up to it's billing.

Mike1 I also watched the US vs. Honduras game and it was over two hours before the Heat game ended no big conflict there.

The US could sleepwalk through the next 4 games they are in a great June was the key.

That was as good as it gets. Watched from the middle of the 3rd and on. Had that game been played anywhere but Miami, Spurs win. I'm sure everyone would agree. Then again, it's why I comfortably had the Heat winning back-to-back titles from the moment that it became clear they would have the best record. Just too much Juju that goes with that accomplishment.

Those 2-3-2 home court advantages mean a lot. No visiting team will ever get a questionable call, in the end, and when it would decide a championship. Doesn't matter which team. Whistles are swallowed -- so advantage to the home team.

The home team also draws much needed energy, especially after going through the long regular season, the playoffs, and three games in the enemy's court. That's when you need it most, when both teams have nothing left in the tank and the home team can get...forget second wind...try sixth and seventh wind.

So put a fork in it boys. I thought 6, but it will be in 7. And don't expect a close game either. These sort of games come around once every 10 years or so. No back-to-back there.

Tom, sounds to me like you are the typical Miami bandwagon fan. Had you been at that arena, you would have probably walked out late in the 3rd quarter. Real fans don't do that.

Is basketball rigged & tinged with corruption in the USA ?

Did you see mike1's post from last night?

Oh, can't watch again..

Posted by: mike1 | June 18, 2013 at 11:56 PM

Real fans go through a range of emotions during a game. And that includes sometimes not watching because it gets to be too emotional.

In any event, I don't give a flyingfuck if you think I'm a real fan or not.

Have a nice day.

There will always be questions due to the Tim Donaghy scandal Oceania that changed a lot.

I like to think no and in my estimation it is the hardest sport to officiate but home teams and superstars do get more calls and that's probably not as fair and balanced as it could be.

STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — The Stanley Cup finals’ Game 3 drew the most viewers for the NHL on NBC Sports Network since the cable channel started televising the league in 2006.

The Bruins’ 2-0 win over the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday night averaged just over 4 million viewers, topping the 3.96 million for Boston’s overtime victory in Game 2. It’s nearly double the close to 2.1 million for the second finals game on the network last year, Game 4 between the Devils and Kings.

Lastly, it will always remain unfair. Miami will go on to win this championship and no one will remember the Spurs. Miami will be heralded as one of those great teams. Teams that win multiple titles, even a back-to-backs. Lost will be the reality that they were five points down with 28 seconds to go.

From goats to kings and conversely, from kings to WHO?

For you youngsters, familiarize yourselves with game 7, 1969 and note Don Nelson’s lucky-bounce game winner, and subsequent dynasty increasing legacy of the hated ones (sorry BB) and the crushing dismissal of a team that as good, if not better.

The hated ones is a little strong but no need to apologize I know you are a faker fan.

44 years of dislike sours to hate somewhere in the second decade.

Didn't your mother tell you don't hate?

Hey did you see recently where Phil Jackson said he turned down the coaching job because he wasn't up for losing in the Finals?

That's the guy I want coaching my team I can't believe he said that it had nothing to do with the Buss family.

...but I'm not bitter, BB. Not when knowing that since I became a Laker fan (back in 68/69, and when Wilt jumped from Phili), the Lakers have won 11 championships to the Celtics' 7.

That always keeps a smile on my face.

...Phil is Phil. He's just rubbing salt into Jim's wound.

...and Phil didn't turn down the offer, Jim told him that it was his to which Phil wanted to the weekend to consider, then Jim had Mitch phone him on late Saturday evening telling him the job was given to D'antoni.

Those two actually DO hate each other.

Came off sounding like a guy who wasn't up for the challenge.

...btw, BB. You can't possibly be cool having Ray Allen save the day the way he did, are you? I mean, I know your Mom taught you not to hate and all, but I know that any ardent Celtics fan can't possibly be neutral on one of your own keeping an arch-rival in championsville.

OC he said he didn't take the job because while he thought he might be able to get the team to the Finals (confidence good) he didn't think they had enough to win it all simple as that he said it last week.

Vegas has it at 8-1 that OC didn't watch the game last night.

Come on 'C, come clean, you went to see Superman with the family and snuked in to Iron Man 3 for the 25th time instead of watching the Heat game, right?

Ray Allen is too much of a pro human being to hate on I am sure all of Celtic nation is throwing up right now but I am bigger than that.

Well, he was/is right. But his ulterior motive is still to stick it to Jim every chance he gets. In fact, I'm sure Phil has sent home movies of he and Jim's little sis, Jeanie, over to Jim just to piss him off.

Good man, BB.

Raw, go to youtube and check out Kazaam Heat Game for the laugh of your life. They have our boy, running back, getting to the VIP secret entrance on the south side of the arena and then spending the next 15 minutes trying to push the door in finally giving up in frustration and turning around in a a huff while the camera pans in and focuses on the door sign that says, "Pull to Enter."

Wow, what a dweeb. No doubt Ray hit that 3 because someone else was sitting court side in Trust's seat.

Anyone who has watched Ray Ray in cruch time knew that shot was going in the review wasn't even close he knew he was well past the 3 line.

I think he made 10 3's in a game against the Lakers in the Finals a few years ago.

...and the Clippers being the Clippers. Passing on Doc Rivers & KG cause they're too cheap. That Sterling guy has always been such an idiot.

I dunno OC I think Ainge is asking too much D. Jordan isn't great but at least he can start at Center.

Standing firm on 2 first round picks is asking too much I still think it gets done though or at least I hope it does Rivers can't possibly coach the Celtics ever again at this point.

Just an amazing game. OC and Kaz, I have a betamax tape at home of the last 4 minutes and overtime if you guys want to see the end.

Yea, "such an idiot." He has over 10,000 properties all paid for in Southern California, he bought the Clips for $595,000, he didn't spend a dime on the Staples Center yet he plays there just like the Lakers, and his secretary is 22 years old and can suck the moon through a swizzle stick, but he's an idiot. Do you have a secretary, OC?

That 96 draft class had Iverson going 1st overall, Marbury going in front at #4, Kobe #13, Nash #15 and Fisher #24. Ray Allen has always played as if he had something to prove anytime he faced any of them.

I still remember watching him get all flustered as a Settle Supersonic back in the early 70s and when going up against Kobe and Fish.

early 2000s, that is. (2003-2007)

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