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June 13, 2013

Finals G4: Heat 109, Spurs 93: Come on up for The Rising! Big 3 totals 85 points as Miami saves season, evens series 2-2; plus Dolphins, Marlins & more

1aa1billbbq1) It is FRIDAY, JUNE 14. Meal of the trip so far was lunch (right) at Bill Miller's BBQ, a cafeteria-style joint as unpretentious as its name, but a San Antonio legend. (At least to me). Green beans some of the best I've had. 2) Thanks to ESPN's Mike & Mike for having me on the radio. Did it at 6:45 a.m. in San Antonio. That's an ungodly hour. I looked out my hotel window while doing the show and saw the devil rummaging through a dumpster. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat Game 3 loss, SI on UM/NCAA, Dolphins poll, Pats recycle Tebow, Shula No. 3, 'I Just Shipped My Pants.'

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Click on Welcome Back, Big 3 for my column from San Antonio off last night's Heat Game 4 victory.

FINALS G4: HEAT 109, SPURS 93: TOUR DE FORCE EFFORT FOR WADE, JAMES and BOSH: LeBron James 33 points, 11 rebounds. Dwyane Wade 32 points, 6 steals. Chris Bosh 20 points, 13 rebounds. Welcome back, Big 3. What an emphatic, tremendous performance in Game 4 by those three individually and as a troika. Redemption is theirs. They saved the season last night. A team never has overcome a 3-1 deficit to win a title; that was the mountain Miami avoided. Now it is assured this Finals will end back in Miami, on the Heat's home floor. See link directly above to my Game 4 column from San Antonio. ..... Original post: Bench Wade! Trade Bosh! How 'bout we try this first: Wake LeBron! Surprised the panic hasn't yet reached a level where somebody in the 

1aa1heatspursnational media is suggesting Pat Riley swoop in and take over for Erik Spoelstra. It's only a 2-1 series, folks. If Miami wins Game 4 tonight -- which seems likely, based on the Heat not 1aa1bronsupelosing consecutive games since Jan. 10 -- then an all-is-well calm will sweep once more across South Florida. If not, OK, then we panic. As I write in today's column (link is above), Miami needs its Big 3 to be big again, starting with LeBron. He wore a T-shirt cape-style yesterday (pictured), which had better be an omen, because Miami needs its Superman back. The league MVP is averaging 16.7 points on 38.9 percent shooting in the Finals. That cannot continue. James must assert himself offensively. And the time to do so is growing frightfully short. The Lakers' Metta World Peace said he thinks the Spurs are mentally stronger. He said, "I think LeBron and Bosh, they want it to be given to them. I don't think they're taking it upon themselves like a Jordan would have done." Ouch. As much as it pains me to lend credence to a man calling himself "Metta World Peace," the onus is on LeBron, Bosh (and Wade) to prove all the critics and doubters wrong, all over again. Tonight.

Poll results: Dolfans oddly optimistic: We asked how optimistic you are the Dolphins will be a playoff team this season, and a plurality of 46.1 percent voted "somewhat/60% chance." Another 30.4 percent voted "very/80%" and only 23.5 percent voted "marginal/40%." We call that oddly optimistic because 76.5 percent thinking playoffs does not jibe with the Vegas over/under of 7.5 on Miami wins. That isn't a playoff number.

RETURN OF SAD-O-METER!: We have this blog feature we update as long as Marlins' winning percentage is 1aa1bbsadunder .300 -- as long as the New York Mets' infamous 1962 record of 40-120 (.250) is within dubious reach. It had tipped up over .300 briefly, but last night's 10-1 loss to Milwaukee restores order. Updated Sad-O-Meter: Current record, 19-46 (.292). Season projection, 47.35 wins, 114.65 losses.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Game 4 is HUGE. Heat lose and they will have to win 3 in a row to win the title, with one of those being on the road. This is a game where we better see an aggressive Lebron take over (like Boston series) and the Heat win by double digits.


Say Kazaam, let me be the first today to "extend" you a Woodcock invitation to do shin ups on my member, you over officious dweeb. Who's going to win tonight, fish? Or are you still mulling it over about who would be the "tougher opponent, the Spurs or Pacers......"

Wow, what a nerd.

Oye Wood's..

I'm calling for a Heat win tonight but I reserve my right to change my mind based on who OC picks..if you know what I mean.

I guess some dopey fools here are the only ones not watching hockey you know who you are.
The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins 4-3 last night in triple overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, but it was NBC who really scored. Going from 8 PM-1:06 AM ET, the game drew a 4.8 overnight rating, which is up 100% from the 2.4 overnight rating of last year’s Game 1 between the LA Kings and New Jersey Devils. Wednesday’s result was also the best overnight rating for an Stanley Cup Final Game 1 since the Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers in 1997, which drew a 5.2 overnight rating on Fox. Up 140% from the fast nationals 1.0/3 of last year’s Game 1, preliminary ratings have Wednesday’s game between two of the league’s Original Six garnering 2.4/7 among Adults 18-49. The game was watched by 6.42 million viewers overall based on time slots across the country. As is typical with live events like sports, those results will likely be adjusted in the final numbers later today. NBC topped the night among Adults 18-49 with encore heavy CBS No. 1 in total viewers.
Some other numbers from last night’s game in the Windy City: There were 117 shots on goal, and with 52.08 minutes of overtime last night’s barnburner was the fifth-longest Stanley Cup Finals game ever. The Bruins also played in the longest Stanley Cup Finals game ever, on May 15, 1990 against the Edmonton Oilers.
Posted by: Big Baby | June 13, 2013 at 12:29 PM

so today is the day (finally) that the U goes in front of the NCAA's infraction board...

if they are smart (the NCAA) and I have some serious doubt there, they would let MIami go with penalties served and minimal schoolies lost 10 over 3 years..

Miami wants this thing to end but I don't think they'll accept another bowl ban in addition to a high number of schoolies...the school has been under a dark cloud for almost three years, that is a penalty itself.

either way...fac-U NCAA

Big Baby,

I guess I'm one of those "dopey fools"..hehe, since I didn't watch the game, on my defense I grew up in a baseball country (Cuba and never heard of hockey until I came here) and when I came to the 305 our only team was the Dolphins..Football...

forgive me amigo but if is any consolation I'm rooting for your Bruins.

Ouch Metta dropping the will to win bombs.

You are excused FZ at least you don't play the "sport sucks" card like some here you were raised in Cuba that's understandable.

Just read that Jared Odrick is getting a lot of looks at DT.

Can we see more Kazaam backtracking on the Pacers being the tougher matchup. That was pretty hilarious yesterday.

PLEASE sign Leach, and pick up McGahee! McGahee is much tougher and smarter than Daniel Thomas's fumbling, low ypc ass. Willis would be motivated to finish his career, he'd be a great mentor to Miller, he's terrific at picking up the blitz, and he could be solid in the red zone. Do it!

That's a good call. I'd bring in Willis ASAP. They have nothing to lose.

Yea, that was the second dumbest thing that he's ever said on this blog. Tied for first are all the positive things that he's ever said about that chickenshit Auntie of his Butch Shalala.

Now Kaz that last dukey was not this dukey even if some dukies look all the same. Jimbo I would like to see LJ bulk up and be Finz next demolishing fullback...

Maybe if he put on 40-50lbs & bulked up...

or is it all dukies look some of the same or some of the dukies look some of the same sometimez. Whatever eh...

so we have a Dukey impostor?...hhhhmmmm

I think it was Anti, you all know what a trouble maker he is.

I bet LBJ played alittle football in his day...

Ever since the middle ages Anti has been stirring the bot and calling the kettle black...

can McGahee still play?..I mean the guy is like 40 years old..geezz..

Leach for sure, the guy is a beast...Bye Javorski Lane

OC, I'm still waiting on your prediction for tonight's game, what say U?

yeah OC, Mr. Woodcock needs to get his betz in and ah, with all due respect, his trouserz down...???

If LJ bulked up etc all the O-line would have to do is MOVE...

i'm rooting for lane; i just like him.. i hope he improves.
the guys i watch games with here got me a javorski lane jersey last year.. :)
and baby?

"ladavid listening to NPR all day and playing the tambourine does not make you a musician."

you're right; that doesn't.
unfortunately for you, though, touring the world with jackson browne, edgar winter, the english beat, ivan neville and ricky martin DOES, you douche.
and your celtics still suck, sweetie.


Maybe I should change my handle from FZB to Dukey-jr-of the 305...


wow dude, you played with J Browne and Edgar Winter ?..not bad amigo...Ricky Martin?..eh, but he is talented.


Kazaam: "Well, uh, uh, you see I said the Pacers were a bad matchup and the Spurs were a better matc-hhhh, I mean, better team."

The simple answer is Vegas over/under of 7.5 on Miami wins is wrong. This should be a 9 win team and may sneak in with 9 or 10 wins

You keep this up and I'm going to have to put your horse FZB se las tragas in to the my next horserace at the Prickness.

Heat should win tonight. That's my pick.

1. Parker is 50%, won't be able to drive consistently and as effectively deep in the paint.
2. Miami plays best when their backs are up against the wall, and their backs ARE against the wall.
3. They were embarrassed last game.
4. LeBron felt he let his teammates down by not using his size to his advantage, resulting in zero trips to the line.
5. Miami hasn't lost two in a row since January.

Now, FZ, and Woodcock, let's see who you've got. Go ahead, now that I've made my pick for this evening, go ahead and state that the Spurs will win. State it emphatically!!

You guys are just retarded, I said the Heat match up better with the Spurs than the Pacers but that the Spurs are a much better team.

There's nothing controversial or confusing about that statement unless you have the mental capacity of Dashi, Woodcock, or duke.

It's not even original or outlandish, pretty much every talking head offered some variation of that thought in between series.

i'm taking miami tonight..
i'll tell you, the ricky martin gig was probably the most musically challenging; that particular show was straight up puerto rican salsa and brazilian samba for 90 minutes straight. i had to shed for that gig for a week straight, practicing every day before the ONE rehearsal.
i had lost a lot of the latin chops i had in miami; most of the LA stuff lands in the rock, singer songwriter or soul side of things.
i actually toured with the ringling brothers circus when i 1st moved here..
THAT was an insane experience; you guys haven't partied untl you've done extacy with dwarfs and gymnasts
.. :)

I have already made the call to Chris of Irvine and rolled the 5 benjies I made on OC's last call on the Spurs. Thanks, OC. Why are the Heat going to win again? I was in such a hurry to place my bet on the Spurs that I stopped reading right after I finished reading the part about "the Heat winning tonight."

Nice call.

OK, boys, you heard OC, this is where the sharpies here on the blog make out like a girl at a Sadie Hawkins dance in West Virginia.

Wow! Kaz dissing on the dukester. That was unexpected.

Lots of drum rolls and crashing cymbals in those Ringling Brothers days, eh, Dave?

Hey Woodcock, I've got your Sadie Hawkins right here, bro.


OC..May I refer U to my 1:17 pm post in which I picked the Heat to win tonight, I don't see any reason to change my pick at this time but I must admit I'm not as comfortable as before since you picked the heat..hehe

Mr Willis MccGaee was released recentley I think he'll be a nice veteran pickup for the Dolphins. He'll get tough yards and wants to play for the Dolphins

Hey Duke,Woody and Dashi...

not that I wanna start any trouble but Kazy-Puuh just call you all a bunch of dummies..hehe

I'm just glad he didn't mention me.

Hola Kaz and how are you today amigo?

Unexpected indeed, didnt even know he watched basketball.

Greg, welcome to Texas. Glad you liked your barbecue. These Texans are enamored of the stuff. You can't go 15 yards before finding yet another joint serving up the stuff. It can be at a gas station and cooked in a converted oil barrel by the grassy parking lot entrance (lots of them), or one of the roach-coaches.

Don't forget to put on a little skipper's hat and take that mandatory boat ride through the canal.

Dashi and Woodcock are idiots, don't know what duke's deal is, not an idiot but apparently a hater.

OC, with every dis I'm being taught detachment. Kaz as I said in earlier post some individual is using my alias to debate or rather provoke you sir. I don't generally attack others or make an effort to incite them...

Ahhh Kaz you beat me by a nanosecond into the cosmic socket...

FZ, No one knows who is going to win. That's why they play the freaking things. All's I'm saying is that tonight's game favors the Heat more than it does the Spurs, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the Spurs win a close one in the final minute.

Blogging under another's identity is as low as it gets. It sunk this blog for months, back in the Bostonian days. What's the motivation in wanting to disparage a fellow regular's cred?

Blogging under another's identity is as low as it gets. It fouled up this blog for months back in the Bostonian days. What's the motivation in wanting to disparage a fellow regular's cred?

Oh, not even a hater. That makes more sense, duke isn't usually passionate about how NBA teams match up.

That's obviously 'Captain Obvious'/'Clue', either a local using a pseudonym or else a passerby who's creepily obsessed with me and my posts for some reason.

Yea, that's exactly what the big purple dinosaur on Barney and Friends said also.

"Yuk, yuk, hi boys and girls, the Pacers are the team with the big black guys and the Heat doesn't have big black guys so they are bad boys. Now, the Spurs they're also big bad boys but they only have one big black guy but he's old. But our Heatsy Weetzy will shtill win the series, boys and girls. Everyone who agrees with Barney raise your hand and say Barney, Barney, you're so smarmy."

Yea, dweeb, even that big dumb lizard knows more than your sorry ass.

"Say Ralph, you think you can give me a hand with this rubber head?" "Sure, Fred, tough day at the office today, eh." "Yea, I hate when the Heat are in the finals and we have to do all that NBA stuff for ABC. Usually the kids come in and we play basketball and then have our usual, who do you think will win, but man today that one kid with the giant head and the coke bottle glasses kept asking all these dumb ass questions I almost shoved my rubber horn up his ass." "Who, Goldstein's nephew, Kazaam?" "Yea, that little dweeb. Listen I don't give a crap how much of the show is owned by that SOB this is the last year that we allow Kazim..." "You, mean, Kazaam?" "Whatever. This is the last year that little midget and his size 10 balloon head comes on this show. Get it? I don't get paid enough to have to wear this piece of shit dinosaur costume in this heat get punched in the jimmies all day by those little bastards and then once a year during the finals have to put up with that little dweeb. Either he goes or I go, get it?" "Calm down Fred, I'll talk to Irwin, maybe next year he can take the kid to the zoo." "What's up with the little freak, Ralph? I mean he's been coming here dressed like B.J. every year since Magic's rookie year....." "I'll talk to Irwin, now settle down big guy we still have two more shows to tape."

The Dolphins are like an expansion team. Lucky if they win 6.

I want McGahee too he would be a nice addition to the team for sure.

All about defense and always has been for this team.

If Heat play defense to their potential (as in Spurs sub-40 FG%)they'll win the game and series but which Heat team will show up?

Don't worry about the completion Limpdick, don't think anyone could be more creepily obsessed by me and my posts as you are.


so we have a Dukey impostor?...hhhhmmmm

I think it was Anti, you all know what a trouble maker he is.

Posted by: FZB | June 13, 2013 at 02:22 PM

Not me Amigo's, Had Class from 8AM till 3 PM(West coast time)(Or as you all would say "LEFT COAST TIME")

Bench Chris(My Time of month) Bosh tonight...
Heck he has'nt been seen since early may anyway..
You could him name him Claude Raines as far as I'am concerned...

So Spo Is Starting Miller.

Please Explain Kaz How That Is Not A Video Game Move?

Please Explain How Dashi Doesn't Know Basketball.

I Been Said That Miller Should Get More Shots Than Haslem.

Wallace's father, Mike Wallace III, told USA Today Sports that his son declined a $76 million contract offer from Minnesota.


Seems Ireland didn't overpay for Mike Wallace. I'm no Ireland fan but it does appear he didn't go crazy to sign Mike Wallace.

Hey Kaz and David in lala,

You guys still think Chalmers is any good?...yup, the worst PG in all of basketball ..

Is a miracle we are up at the end of the first Q...

The Heat are clueless. Totally exposed when they played Chicago now everyone has their number.
They will lose tonight and you can kiss this year goodbye along with James, Bosch and Wade. R.I.P. multiple championships....

Ho hum...I would give Woodcock a ration of sh**, but the guy is doing me a solid by picking up Jr. and all his gear from UCLA then dropping him off at OC central after finishing up his first year. Flying in on Sat. and I can't wait to see him.

hey whocares?
come to los angeles and BElow me, you idiot.
chalmers is a good defender and can get hot offensively; definitely not the worst point guard in the league.

and anti-christ? good thing your miniscule knowledge of basketball has you nowhere near the miami coaching staff; bosh outplayed duncan tonight, genius.
it's amazing how all the haters scatter like roaches when miami does what we do better than anyone in the league: bounce back. when we HAVE TO WIN, WE WIN.
series tied, and there will be a game in miami; hopefully the closeout game.

This thing has seven written all over it, David.

dukey, this one is for you, buddy. You're in need of a little love, so here's my gift to you. One has to be crazy to understand crazy.

Little secret: The one sound OC likes more than those from awesome guitar work are those of pure vocal notes.

full screen for maximum effect:


I completely forgot about the game....decided to work late; just got home and I occurred to me. Very impressed by the score.

Now I don't really know which team is better. Not one game has had an exciting finish, though the overall series battle is interesting. It's exciting enough just to follow it rather than watch it.

you guys and the media probably are over analyzing. in my little basketball brain (from just reading a few sentences and heaqdlines)..it seems like this is what happened so far:

Game 1: Heat tired from 7 game series vs Spurs 4 game
Game 2: Very even til Spurs hit a rut; while Miami didn't
Game 3: Spurs had a very hot 3 point shooting game
Game 4: the other Heat players stepped up

that is the exciting thing about the game; at least playoff games. There is psychology involved. You get hot or not.

See what happened at Shuckers? I used to go there; it's very near to my origins on Normandy Island.

Big Baby, Chicago and Boston are huge hockey towns (original 6) and big cities. They probably accounted for all 6 million. Game is shown on major network in prime time. Also, I think Chicago hasn't been in a final in a while..but I'm not sure. If the Cubs made a world series, the ratings would equal the population of Chicago, plus Chicagoans everywhere, plus the opponent. even White Sox fans would watch.

Generally, NHL ratings don't do that well and only a few playoff games have.
Hockey is ok...exciting, fast sport. Only problem is you can't see the act of scoring because the puck is too small, traveling fast, the net is small, and there is a huge guy standing in front of it. The only sport where it's tough to see it go in outside or replays. at the stadium..forget it? I never saw a goal happen in all the games I went to; suddenly you see players poking their sticks in the air..celebrating.
I still prefer World Championship and Olympic hockey. more discipline and finesse, less violence. Too bad still just 6 countries dominate.

US vs Panama World Cup qualifying game Tuesday night drew 1.5M viewers in US on ESPN (not counting Spanish network)in direct competition with NBA Final. Not counting tv in Panama or rest of the world. 41k attended in Seattle...capacity was limited for safety reasons because of Astros - Mariners game next door which had 3,500 (announced 10k..but 6500 no shows).

Spain had about 90% viewership during the Euro 2012 Final. Most European countries had very high % of viewers for their games.. they don't just have one channel there. I don't know how they figure numbers when 200,000 stand in public squares watching each one of their games just in Barce and Madrid; similar in about every city.

USA had astounding numbers in the last World Cup..games being mid-day,mid-week...people skipping work to go watch. Even neutral games did well considering time of day/week.

Confederations Cup opens Saturday, in Brazil..Brazil vs Japan. Most looking forward to matches involving Tahiti..vs Nigeria, Spain, Uruguay. Could be a disaster. Record for a major competitive game...Australia 32 American Samoa 0 in World Cup qualifying. They weren't even sure of the score.:)
Imagine if it was a top tiered team like Brazil or Italy...

yes, we know Amer Samoa breeds American football players..but still.

I have to re-do my NAB comment; didn't get saved. Trying to to remember what I wrote.

I had forgotten about the game; and stayed at work til now.. and just now realized it and looked it up. I'm very impressed. Now I can't tell who is really better. None of the games have had exciting finishes but overall the series is interesting. Just as interesting to follow the game rather than to watch it.

The neat thing about basketball playoff finals is the psychology..who's hot and who's not. Can change daily.

The fans and the media tend to over analyze this stuff. In my tiny basketball brain ...just reading a few lines; and having watched little..this is my take:

Game 1: Heat tired from 7 game series, Spurs had 4 games
Game2 : Close game until Spurs got in a rut and Miami did not
Game 3: Spurs had a very hot 3 point game. Psychologically whipped Miami because of it. ..having to listen to the crowd go wild after each one and the frustration of seeing them hitting constantly
Game 4: From headlines alone, looks like the others finally joined in contribution

I'm back bitches!

Party!!!!!! Unce unce unce unce unce unce unce wawh wawh wawh wawh unce.

last night was a turning point..
i think we're winning sunday and closing it out tuesday.
apparently wade used heating pads WHILE he was playing, and said he felt better than before.
if he can manage his injury the way he did tonight, it's over..

All right ..2-2,

A couple of things...the defense was very solid , specially rebounds .

D Wade had a monster game on offense/ defense ( about damn time )

C Bosh also had a monster game ( surprising since he's been playing like a girl lately) but he had a great defensive game.

And Dashi, starting Miller created a big problem for SA, good move by Spo.

LeBron?... What else do I need to say, he is the best out there.

And David in lala, Chalmers can't cover Parker , he is Parker's bitch ...this is what he did last night, 6 pts , 4 turn-overs ...yes amigo, he is the worst PG in the NBA...

Wow,'whocares' looks really really stupid now...so many people with no perspective talking mad shit...hilarious...

Tom - Wallace's dad said that when he signed with Miami, not sure why the story is being recycled, maybe he didn't give the amount at the time? No way the Vikings offered Miami's guaranteed money or Wallace would be there but just because another team wanted to make him the third highest paid receiver in the NFL doesn't mean he's not overpaid.

Wallace got slightly above his inflated free agent market value, he's a good player, and the Dolphins' offense should be much better with him as a deep threat.

Doesn't excuse the fact that Ireland has to overpay other team's players in free agency because he can't draft. That's not how good GMs or franchises operate.

Wow OC thanks for the love. Great song...

FZB - Chalmers is a 5 year vet, if you don't know what he is as a player by now that's on you.

Heat don't win game 2 without Mario Chalmers, doesn't mean any more than his crappy performance last night - that's just him, he's consistently inconsistent, not close to the worst point guard in the league, not close to the worst starting point guard in the league, and not in the top half of point guards in the league.

And Dashi - you were saying Mike Miller and Rashard Lewis needed to be playing over Haslem in the Pacers series. With David West on the floor.

There is such a thing as matchups, even if the basketball savants on this blog can't understand that.

And not that I disagree with the move but Miller finished with 0 points on 0-1 shooting, 1 rebound, 2 assists in 21 minutes.

### Like San Antonio, Indiana also had quality size (Roy Hibbert and David West) and skilled defenders covering James (Paul George, Lance Stephenson).

So why, entering Game 4, was James having more trouble scoring against the Spurs than the Pacers?

“I consider us a better team than Indiana. That explains it,” seldom-used Spurs forward Tracy McGrady said. “We do a better job. Our guys are disciplined, less mistakes, make it tough on everybody…. We’re a great defensive team.”

"Miller, the notable lineup change for Miami in Game 4, didn't score a point in 21 minutes. And it didn't matter. The San Antonio Spurs never punished the Heat for their small-ball lineups. That's because their big men couldn't duplicate the damage wrought on Miami by Indiana's Roy Hibbert and David West in the Eastern Conference finals."


Is Dashi still talking s h i t about Spo?

Joe Paterno's back. Huh!?

Big Baby,

the stanley cup isinfinitely more exciting than the (insert snoring here) NBA finals, which start late and have endless commercials. despite the NHL allowing for time-outs (and therefore commercials), the games have been fabulous. starting at 8 PM makes it possible for bad sleepers like me to watch 2/3 of the game before the pills kick in and it is lights out. i understand how mike1 feels about the fast pace and his difficulty with seeing the goals, but after a few decades of watching one "sees" the puck go across the line. as stated many times, hockey is the only sport among the american sports wher the games have actually improved, while bad officiating and laxity on the rules have almost made the others impossible. i used to enjoy the heat radio announcer, but he has gotten into going into "chesty jack ramsay type" voice modifications and now he too is unlistenable. he used to be good but now has become horrid. maybe i'll listen to the national radio feed if it is available here- used to be on 940, ESPN's radio spot.

mike1 Chicago won the Stanley Cup in 2010 they have been there recently.

Olympic hockey is played on a larger ice surface and while exciting it's not the same game as NHL hockey.

It's not as violent a sport as you remember it to be either many bigger stronger players making legal hits but they have really begun enforcing hits to the head area by suspending players frequently for most infractions.

It's clear from last night the Heat's troubles this playoff season are primarily due to DWs injury. When DW plays up to his capabilities, it's no contest...the Heat are the best team in the NBA.

It appears that Doc Rivers is going to leave the sinking ship in Boston for the LA Clippers. Think of that. Could you imagine even 5 years ago any coach leaving the Celtics for the Clippers? Shows how far the Celtics have sunk.

Rivers has been denied permission to speak with the Clippers at this time.

Every team has to rebuild at some point Tom have they really sunk that far though I mean what is your definition anyway?

The Clippers are a top notch team in the West and Boston while rebuilding should at least be a playoff team with some opportunity to get better.

I think Doc is gone he was a good coach for Boston but I don't blame him if he leaves it's his choice.

BB that was chum. Thanks

Hey Kazywazy, did you have to pay extra to get into the game dressed like this?


Mike 1- I hate to break it to you buddy, calling hockey violent is funny. what is violent is going to a soccer match in europe or south america as a fan. As far as passion for the game goes lets face it, what else do they havr to watch in south america, cock fights, and dog fighting. In europe its cycling. hockey is a physical game like football, only a little less scoring. I cant imagine spending money to watch a game with little to no scoring,with guys flopping all over the field like they have been hit buy a car.

Stop thinking about me so much Mr. Woodcock, it's creepy.

Go run your old queen act on OC's kid, sounds like you're making progress there.

Kaz is BRUTAL, absolutely BRUTAL. Then he goes on here beating his chest because the Heat won last night and thinks SA isnt the tougher matchup. By implying Indiana was the tougher matchup for Miami what you are also saying is Miami should have an easier time against San Antonio and clearly they are not--even after watching last nights game. I never had the impression Indiana was going to win that series at any point, but San Antonio still certainly can win this. Everyone was all hyped up on Indiana and basically dismissed San Antonio when San Antonio is the much better team and tougher matchup for Miami. Just because Indiana has a bigger team and rebounds better than SA doesn't mean they are a tougher matchup. You have to take the whole picture into consideration and clearly Kazaam as well as many others did not. That was the prevailing theory from Heat fans--"Indiana was tougher matchup" (i.e. again easier team for the Heat to beat) and that again is clearly not true.

You cant win by being sloppy and Indiana is one of the sloppiest teams in the NBA. Hey you know what, the Heat feast on turnovers and sloppy play. Tough matchup there!

Crawl back in your hole.

You want another matchup issue in the Spurs favor? Tony Parker. There is no one on the Heat that can cover him for the entire game; however, Tony Parker was clearly banged up and not himself last night. Thus, the area the Spurs had a big mismatch in was negated. Ignore that one too. Just clueless man, clueless.

No more excuses Wade. You better step up for the rest of the series.

No, of course I didn't say or imply that Miami should have an easier time against San Antonio, just because you want me to be the spokesman for an overconfident Heat fan doesn't make it so.

Immediately after saying the Pacers were a worse matchup for the Heat I said the Spurs were a much better team. It was in the exact same sentence, half of which you reposted with a ... at the end.

Can't imagine why you can't understand me and most of the media pointing out the obvious - that Heat matched up particularly poorly against the Pacers - but then again I don't really care anymore.

F*ck off.

I copied your entire post, but yet again you seem to have a very poor recollection of the BS you consistently spew on here. I did not omit a word, much less a sentence from your original post. You never said the Spurs were a better team in that post, so quit making stuff up.

Pacers were a much tougher matchup for the Heat, Spurs are a much better team than the Pacers.

Posted by: I am Kazaam | June 04, 2013 at 05:14 PM

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