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Trayvon Martin vote too close to call. Poll. Vote now!; plus LeBron, Miami up for 6 ESPYs, Heat slip into NBA Draft, surging Marlins & more

1aa1allenr1) It is SUNDAY, JUNE 30. Heat keep Ray Allen (pictured) for next season. That's big. Not unexpected, but big. 2) See Dwyane Wade appearance with Jimmy Kimmel HERE. 3) Craziest Wimbledon I can recall. Loving it. 4) The NCAA gave Oregon a metaphorical slap on the wrist. Can Hurricanes hope that signals NCAA is in a good mood? We'll find out. 5) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Giancarlo Stanton going nude, over-scrutiny of Heat, Marlins surge, Aaron Hernandez arrest, Serena-Maria catfight, '14 NHL odds.

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Brooklyn now Heat's biggest threat in East: Bovada's post-draft NBA title odds for 2014 have Brooklyn Nets, after their big trade with Celtics, now at 10-1 odds, tied with L.A. Clippers and trailing only the favorite Heat at 2-1 and OKC Thunder at 11-2. Nets inched ahead of Bulls (11-1) and Pacers (15-1) and Miami's biggest theat in Eastern Conference. 

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AND THE VERDICT IN THE TRAYVON MARTIN CASE IS...: I write about the arrest of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on a murder charge in my latest column, because I'm a sports columnist, and such a 1aa1georgez 1aa1geoz2case involving a main Dolphins rival is riveting. Click here to read that column. But the murder trial that interests me as much is the one ongoing in Sanford, Fla., where former neighborhood security watchman George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year. Accused and victim are pictured, left and right. Zimmerman pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense. Chances are you too have followed the trial, and since our blog colors outside the sports lines on occasion, I thought we'd invite our readers' collective opinion. This trial might not O.J.-big, but it ranks with Casey Anthony and other trials that have struck a chord and been followed closely and with passion. Now you play juror. Based on what you have read, heard or learned of the facts of the case, would you find Zimmerman guilty? Vote and say why, keeping the discourse civil, please.

LEBRON, HEAT UP FOR SIX 'ESPY' AWARDS: I like to make fun of The ESPYs (to be broadcast July 17) 1aa1espysbecause nobody is more unabashed with their shameless self-promotion than ESPN. [Self-awareness check: Me, a guy constantly inviting you to join him on Twitter, Instagram and Vine, making fun of others' self-promotion!] Yet this is big in the sports world, and so it's noteworthy that the champion Heat are finalists for six awards, with nominees newly announce: LeBron James is up for male athlete of the year and NBA player of the year; Erik Spoelstra is up for coach/manager of the year; Ray Allen is up for play of the year for his Finals Game 6 3-pointer, and the Heat is up for team of the year and game of the year (Finals Game 6). Click here to see all the nominees and to vote.

HEAT TRADE INTO DRAFT, LARKIN GOES 18TH: Heat acquire 50th overall draft pick James Ennis from Hawks for a future second-rounder. Ennis, pictured left looking NBA-hip, is a 6-7 G/F from Long 1aa1ennisjBeach State. UM's Shane Larkin went 18th overall to Dallas (via Atlanta) but as interesting, to me, was Tim Hardaway Jr. going 24th to ... the New York Knicks! Son of a Heat icon playing for NYK. Ouch! Also, Glen Rice Jr. went early second-round to Philly. Kenny Kadji and other ex-Canes undrafted. Someone, by the way, convinced Shane Larkin he looked good in that teal bowtie. Find that person and demand an apology! Original post: Miami has no picks in either the first or second rounds tonight so it's as if the NBA Draft is sort of happening but not really. Reason to not watch 1aa1draft13the draft: It's a down-year draft overall, plus Cleveland picks first (again), and I can't bear the idea of seeing Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and his nerdy son Nick both parading around in their stupid bowties. (Yes, I know that Nick is battling a disease called neurofibromatosis. I'm sorry for him. But he's no less a nerd in that ridiculous bowtie). I also have a long-standing policy of not watching any draft in which the overall No. 1 pick is a guy named "Nerlens." Reasons to watch the draft: The Miami factor, of course. Ex-Canes guard Shane Larkin should go around mid-first round and UM's Kenny Kadji is a possible though not definite second-round pick. The sons of two prominent former Heaters, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glen Rice Jr., also are likely to be chosen late in the first round and maybe in the second, respectively. Plus, one Gator, Erik Murphy, is stamped 2R.

LEBRON VS. MICHEAL? VERDICT IS IN: Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., on Chicago radio, asked who's greater between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, said: "I would say LeBron James." There you have it! Settled once and for all!

MARLINS CONTINUE NOT STINKING: The Fish lost last night but still a heady 14-10 since May 31. The team credits our mocking Sad-O-Meter, which only appeared here when their winning percentage was below .300, for inspiring the recent surge. OK, no they don't. But wouldn't it be neat if they did!

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