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June 27, 2013

Trayvon Martin vote too close to call. Poll. Vote now!; plus LeBron, Miami up for 6 ESPYs, Heat slip into NBA Draft, surging Marlins & more

1aa1allenr1) It is SUNDAY, JUNE 30. Heat keep Ray Allen (pictured) for next season. That's big. Not unexpected, but big. 2) See Dwyane Wade appearance with Jimmy Kimmel HERE. 3) Craziest Wimbledon I can recall. Loving it. 4) The NCAA gave Oregon a metaphorical slap on the wrist. Can Hurricanes hope that signals NCAA is in a good mood? We'll find out. 5) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Giancarlo Stanton going nude, over-scrutiny of Heat, Marlins surge, Aaron Hernandez arrest, Serena-Maria catfight, '14 NHL odds.

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Brooklyn now Heat's biggest threat in East: Bovada's post-draft NBA title odds for 2014 have Brooklyn Nets, after their big trade with Celtics, now at 10-1 odds, tied with L.A. Clippers and trailing only the favorite Heat at 2-1 and OKC Thunder at 11-2. Nets inched ahead of Bulls (11-1) and Pacers (15-1) and Miami's biggest theat in Eastern Conference. 

Click on Random Evidence for today's latest Sunday notes column.

AND THE VERDICT IN THE TRAYVON MARTIN CASE IS...: I write about the arrest of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on a murder charge in my latest column, because I'm a sports columnist, and such a 1aa1georgez 1aa1geoz2case involving a main Dolphins rival is riveting. Click here to read that column. But the murder trial that interests me as much is the one ongoing in Sanford, Fla., where former neighborhood security watchman George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year. Accused and victim are pictured, left and right. Zimmerman pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense. Chances are you too have followed the trial, and since our blog colors outside the sports lines on occasion, I thought we'd invite our readers' collective opinion. This trial might not O.J.-big, but it ranks with Casey Anthony and other trials that have struck a chord and been followed closely and with passion. Now you play juror. Based on what you have read, heard or learned of the facts of the case, would you find Zimmerman guilty? Vote and say why, keeping the discourse civil, please.

LEBRON, HEAT UP FOR SIX 'ESPY' AWARDS: I like to make fun of The ESPYs (to be broadcast July 17) 1aa1espysbecause nobody is more unabashed with their shameless self-promotion than ESPN. [Self-awareness check: Me, a guy constantly inviting you to join him on Twitter, Instagram and Vine, making fun of others' self-promotion!] Yet this is big in the sports world, and so it's noteworthy that the champion Heat are finalists for six awards, with nominees newly announce: LeBron James is up for male athlete of the year and NBA player of the year; Erik Spoelstra is up for coach/manager of the year; Ray Allen is up for play of the year for his Finals Game 6 3-pointer, and the Heat is up for team of the year and game of the year (Finals Game 6). Click here to see all the nominees and to vote.

HEAT TRADE INTO DRAFT, LARKIN GOES 18TH: Heat acquire 50th overall draft pick James Ennis from Hawks for a future second-rounder. Ennis, pictured left looking NBA-hip, is a 6-7 G/F from Long 1aa1ennisjBeach State. UM's Shane Larkin went 18th overall to Dallas (via Atlanta) but as interesting, to me, was Tim Hardaway Jr. going 24th to ... the New York Knicks! Son of a Heat icon playing for NYK. Ouch! Also, Glen Rice Jr. went early second-round to Philly. Kenny Kadji and other ex-Canes undrafted. Someone, by the way, convinced Shane Larkin he looked good in that teal bowtie. Find that person and demand an apology! Original post: Miami has no picks in either the first or second rounds tonight so it's as if the NBA Draft is sort of happening but not really. Reason to not watch 1aa1draft13the draft: It's a down-year draft overall, plus Cleveland picks first (again), and I can't bear the idea of seeing Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and his nerdy son Nick both parading around in their stupid bowties. (Yes, I know that Nick is battling a disease called neurofibromatosis. I'm sorry for him. But he's no less a nerd in that ridiculous bowtie). I also have a long-standing policy of not watching any draft in which the overall No. 1 pick is a guy named "Nerlens." Reasons to watch the draft: The Miami factor, of course. Ex-Canes guard Shane Larkin should go around mid-first round and UM's Kenny Kadji is a possible though not definite second-round pick. The sons of two prominent former Heaters, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glen Rice Jr., also are likely to be chosen late in the first round and maybe in the second, respectively. Plus, one Gator, Erik Murphy, is stamped 2R.

LEBRON VS. MICHEAL? VERDICT IS IN: Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., on Chicago radio, asked who's greater between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, said: "I would say LeBron James." There you have it! Settled once and for all!

MARLINS CONTINUE NOT STINKING: The Fish lost last night but still a heady 14-10 since May 31. The team credits our mocking Sad-O-Meter, which only appeared here when their winning percentage was below .300, for inspiring the recent surge. OK, no they don't. But wouldn't it be neat if they did!

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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The Heat do not have a draft pick, so I doubt many on here are going to care.

From where the Lakers are picking (#48, I believe), I would take a chance on Steph Curry's little brother - Seth, out of Duke. The guy can flat out shoot, has basketball smarts (did I mention Duke), and due all that family exposure, will not be prone to all those bright lights.

Dear Dwight,

Don't let the door hit you on A$$ on your way out.

PS. do yourself a favor and: a. develop a champion's heart, b. wipe that silly grin off your face. c. learn how to shoot free throws, for Pete's sake!

PSS. can you please take Mike D'Antoni and Jim Buss with you?

miami need to go after gregg adom from the potland trail blazer and we will go to the ship for the next 5 years

so the godfather (Riley) says he wants to keep this Heat team together...Ira from the sunsentinel mentioned the tax penalty could be as high as 30 mil..

brother, that is a lot of "dinero" to pay for a chance to 3-peat..I won't blame the Heat/Arison for not doing it.

OC, if Howard bails out on the Lakers you guys are "finito"..you'll be on the lottery next year, the ultimate insult would be if he signs with the Clippers.

having said that, I would make the Bosh for Howard trade in a minute..and I'll throw in Chalmers for you guys.

OC how will it feel when the Lakers are second fiddle in LA?

They'll be the NY mets for a few years dude.

At # 48 OC they can take the invisible man and he still won't leave the bench.

the Michael/LeBron argument is just getting old.

they are both two great but very different players, MIchael was a great defensive player and a great offensive player..

LeBron is a great defensive, offensive, rebounder and passer, more like a magic, I'll take both on my team.

my all time team


tell me we won't win ten in a row ships with that line-up

Greg Oden isn't putting any team over the top he's a draft bust and not much more what's the fascination with this guy?

me second team is:

SG-Ice man (Gervin)
PG-Oscar Robinson

No Kobe? Even I know he belongs on one of those lists FZ.


guys who haven't played 2 years of college basketball and are handed millions. the nizerd guy from UK didn't play 5 games i don't think. shane larkin had a very good year but first round shows that his somewhat limited experince is a premium. there are so many of these "one and dones" who make the NBA almost impossible to watch for lack of fundamentals. and when was the last time (other than kyrie irving) that a player from duke lit up the NBA? same for the tar heels of whom i am a fan- but at least harrison barnes is looking to be on the imbrove and ty lawson i think has been okay.


The fascination is we need somebody that can rebound, it doesn't matter who they get, they just need somebody.

Oden could be a bust but he just gets injured all the time..no one knows what type of player he is yet.

Kaz, that's a nice comparison of Michael and LeBron.

I don't buy the ring argument, So Jordan is better because he has six?..please, Robert Horry has seven rings, is he better than Jordan?


You caught that?..hehe, I just wanted a response from OC..Ice-Man was one of the greatest but you're right, Kobe should be there instead of him.


Upset is when one loses something when it's close. When it could have gone either way (think Spurs, game 6).

Acquiesce is when you know your team is controlled by an idiot who hires yet another idiot to run the team which he constructs with the help of his bartender.

I am not upset because it's not close. Every Laker fan has plenty of championship caps to draw from.

I remain acquiesced because most of us Laker fans realize that unless Jeanie Buss delivers a coup d'état and subsequently places fiancee, Phil in control, the situation remains hopeless.


I hate to see you this down on your team, maybe you should be like the woods-ter and have more than one team to root for, like the Clippers..

desperation time OC??


don't worry, the Heat did the same for D Wade and Haslem..


The Curry family continues to do the right thing. Given today's prima donna characters, all running about. Father Dell was a decent player, a sharpshooter who could would not be able to take advantage of what has now become, the three point line. His oldest son, Steph, came out of a small, religious college, where he played three years. The kid has blossomed into one of the very best players in the pros, while remaining an exemplary model athlete. His younger brother, Seth stayed the full four years at Duke after transferring over from a smaller college. Father remains very Involved in the community and providing drug counseling through his foundation.

By all measures, and individual display, exemplifying great character.

I would draft Seth in a NY second. Even if he provided just bench support, I know I would be able to count on something positive from him as opposed to any magnitude of other surprises from the current crop.


Most People Here Didn't Even Know The Draft Was Today. Agreed On The Marlins. Mike Redmond Is A Superb Manager. He Can Make Chicken Salad Out Of Chicken Chit. Not Almost Ruin A Filet Mignon Like Someone I Know.


Disagree With Both All Time List. All Are Good Players. But I Just See Things Different.

And Kobe Won't Even Be In My 3rd Team All Time. He Hogs To Much To Share With All Time Greats. Just Being Honest. Kobe Is A Bad Teammate.

Dashi All Time


Bird Is 6'10" And Can Rebound. Plus, Shaq Let's You Have 4 Shooters On The Court At All Time. Stockton Is The All time Steals And Assist Leader. MJ, Bird, And Stockton Can Shot Over 90% From The Line. Which You Will Need With Shaq On The Court.

Truly, FZ. It's no big deal. I'll tell you where it will hurt, it's with the Dolphins. Back in the eighties, nineties and this last decade, I could always count on the Lakers to offset the misery I would feel year-in-year-out with the many failures of the Dolphins.

All you Heat fans now have that pain killer available to you. The Dolphins may crash yet again, but that bitterness will be alleviated somewhat by the knowledge that you've got BB supremacy.

Who is this dashi clown anyway?

That's a heck of a team also Dashi...inside and outside shooting plus defense and a great PG...

not bad.

Shaq was a force but man Kareem was just unstoppable with that sky-hook, a thing of beauty...maybe I'm too old school.

Dashi, your opinion is your opinion, but you are wrong about Kobe. It's not hogging the ball when the style of play requires one go-to-guy to consistently deliver. MJ's teams where built and played the same way; the triangle. Ultimately, and when things just did not work out, MJ took over. LBJ, guess what? The same thing, when things get bogged down, every player shrinks and passes the ball to the one guy who is never afraid to take the shot.

Now, Carmelo is a whole other animal.

Oye, FZ, that's a pretty good team, brother. Heck, even OC or Dashi or Kazaam could coach those guys.....barely.

Leave it to Dash to have someone else at PG than Magic. Que clase de nalga.

Actually If I Could,


Wouldn't Lose A Game Against Anybody. Not Even The Harlem Globetrotters. Basketball Is About Height. Just Look At The Draft. The Taller You Are The Higher You Get Drafted. You Know How Many No Talent 7' Footers Get Drafted High Every Season. Just Watch Tonight.

I hope cavs take 205 pounder 1rst over all !!! Set back city!!!! I don't like Gilbert .. The man is repulsive .. I dislike him as much as I dislike Skip Bayless .. About the Heat staying pat ! I love it !! Chemistry ,Chemistry and mote chemistry!! Go Heat go Marlins go Dolphins!!


It Is Hogging The Ball When You Go 3-for-30. Ask Anybody With An Objective Opinion. Kobe Hogs. Always Has. Why Do You Think Shaq Slapped Him?

Kobe Isn't A Team Player.

And Woody,

As A PG Stockton Is The Best All Time. Magic Might Be A Better Player. But Stockton Is A Better PG.

Who Will Give More Assist To MJ, Bird, And Shaq? Stockton Or Magic?

The PGs Job Is To Run The Offense. And Stockton Was The Best At It.

I would field this team and take any challengers. Remember. It takes a team, not a bunch of individual stars.

Coach - Pat Riley

C - Kareem
PF - James Worthy
PF - Jamaal Wilkes
SG - Byron Scott
PG - Magic

Bench: Kurt Rambis, Michael Cooper, A.C. Green, Mychal Thomson



Numbers Don't Lie. And Stockton Didn't Have Multiple Players. Better PG.


Shaq didn't get along with Kobe because Shaq wanted to be the #1 guy. The same thing with Howard. That's why Howard is leaving. You can't attempt to connect two positively charged magnets together. It's impossible. It's science.

Stockton was a decent PG, but like all PG's assist numbers go, you have to have a finisher. Karl Malone is only second to Kareem in terms of numbers. Fantastic finisher.

The difference is NOT assist. The difference is to which degree does the point guard make the whole team better. Magic had and has no peer.

As with most things in life...**Bling** is the difference.


95-96 Bulls.


Best Team All Time. Better Coach Better Players.

And I Would Take The Celtics Of That Time Over The Lakers.

Now On My All Time Team @1:33. Which Would Spank Any Team. Period. I Would Make Larry Bird The Player Coach. One Of The Highest Basketball IQs Of All Time. And You Don't Get More Clutch Than Bird And MJ. But I Wouldn't Have To Worry About That With Shaq And Kareem Down Low.

Coño, Dashi, that was just brilliant. Both are point guards, Magic is a better player, but Stockton is a better point guard...."Say what." Suelta el pomo, bro.

Magic Johnson = 5
John Stockton = 0

Shaq Was The #1 Guy. Kobe Was The One That Thought It Was His Team.


Your View Is Lakers Skewed. So I Doubt You Will Give An Objective Opinion.

That Was My Point Why I Would Put Stockton At PG. How Did Malone Play Without Stockton Setting Him Up? You Are A Lakers Fan You Know.

Assist And Steals. That Is What I Want Out Of My PG. And To Make Shots When You Have To. Stockton Is A Better Shooter Than Magic.

Dash, I'll cut you some slack on this Magic thing, one because you're a young man and God's not finished with you yet, two, because you are a young man and you didn't see him play, and three, because you're an idiot. Did I just say that, sorry dude, you being a veteran and all, but you really have to start proof reading what you write here.

Sucked into an argument with he who shall not be named c'mon guys you're better than that.

What he's selling is fools gold Magic is the best PG of all time dashi is either too young or too foolish (both?) to know it.

The Spo rants should tell you all you need to know about his BB knowledge.

OC Dolphin,

nice that someone remembers keith/jamaal wilkes, who scored 39 points in the 1980 game 6 that was forgotten by the incredible game that magic johnson hit the 76ers with. when wilkes used to put that ball behind his head and swish one shot after another, dear old chick would say "another lay-up for wilkes". playing in the shadow of walton at ucla and all those guys with the lakers makes him a semi-forgotten ballplayer, but remember that he also was part of the terrific warrior team that beat the bullets in four games, in each game falling behind and then moving like secretariat in the stretch in wilkes rookie year, in which he was the rookie of the year. not reggie miller, but in the group right below of deadeye shooters from distance.

Riley said most of the improvement will come “from within.” He wants his players to come back “leaner, lighter, stronger, quicker and faster. Erik [Spoelstra] and I have already had two conversations about that.”


Oye, Dashi, is it true what Kazaam said about Dominicans in the army? He said that you guys didn't wear a helmet in the field because you couldn't hear the merengue on your I pod with it on.......

Lord Voldemort, Lord Voldemort, Lord Voldemort, there, I said it.

Oye, Kaz thinks that's the reason why you make these asinine comments. Any truth to that? Kaz, you should be ashamed of yourself, Dash, is a decorated war veteran and a great Dominican-American. Oye, brother, I wouldn't stand still and take that crap from a four foot tall midget with coke bottle glasses and a pocket halo on top of his head.

If Stockton Was 6'8"? Who Would Be The Better Player? Now If Magic Was 6'1"? Who Would Be The Better PG?

The Height Thing I Was Talking About. You Guys Think Magic Is Better Because He Is Taller.

Name Who Else Played With Stockton?

You Can Name At Least 4 HOFers That Played With Magic. Name 1 Other Than Malone That Played With Stockton.

And Woody,

You Can Be A Better Player And Not Be Better At The Position Than Someone Else. I Know It Sounds Like Something Kaz Will Say. But It Is The Truth.

Randy Moss Is A Better Player Than Jerry Rice, But Jerry Was a Better WR.


"the big o" was a robertson, not a robinson and a legitimate candidate in GOAT discussions. still with us, thankfully, and there will never, ever be a backcourt better than the 60 olympics with oscar and jerry west. both fell just short in winning the NCAA championship and took a long time for each to win an NBA trophy, but these were primo players and top five guards without question for their NBA accomplishments.

Hey Shad, did you congratulate OC on UCLA's CWS victory? Do you think he even knows what the CWS is?

Dash, if you had a brain inside your cranium instead of in a pickle jar in the kitchen you might actually make sense sometimes. Maybe.

OC Dolphin,

the magic/kareem led lakers would hold their own against any configuration of individuals. bench players the caliber of michael cooper (bird said coop was the toughest defender he faced, besides all those early coop-a-loop dunks from magic, who just switched coop for greg kelser), bob mcadoo, mychal thompson... jerry west just kept stockpiling great players with just enough left to contribute a few vital minutes and points- something pat riley has done successfully for the heat.


Good One. That Is What I am Saying. If You Are Going To Make A Joke. Make It Funny.

But No, We Didn't Wear A Helmet Because We Needed It For Merengue. La Tambora. And The M-16 Was The Guira. You Can't Charge Your IPod In the Field.

Didn't You See The WBC? We Bring The Merengue Everywhere.

And Baby,

Don't Say The Guy Who Shall Not Be Mentioned. Then Mention My Name The Very Next Sentence. Like Your Refugee Comment Yesterday. Asinine.

I Know You Are Mad Because Boston Is Full Of Dominicans. If It Wasn't For Us It Would Be Over 100 Years Since The Sox Won A Series. Don't Hate.

Yes, Woodcock, I know all about it, and yes, shadow did post a nice compliment a couple of days ago about it.

What city hosts the CWS? Don't google, OC.

Shadow, Thanks for correcting my spelling, sometimes the memory just fails me..hehe

I only saw the Big O towards the end of his career when he helped a young Lew Alcindor win his first title.

what's a CWS anyways?..chemichal warning system?..hhmm

Dash, you're a good sport, bro. That's why I like you.

guys check this out..


man, this Hernandez is some kind of "mafioso" wanna be.

Omaha, nalga. And they won it because they have stud pitching.

Preguntale a OC, he just googled it 15 minutes ago. I guarandamntee you that OC has never, I repeat, never, watched a college world series game in his entire life.

He has barely watched, maybe, ten college football games in his entire life, college baseball....no chance.

Is that what google said? Nice, OC, you win a cookie and today's regurgitate it award. Very impressive.

My advise to you Woods is to take some LSD and plant yourself in front of Reservoir Dogs for a spell.

Yes, I Was Just A Baby When Magic And Bird Were Going At It. But I've Heard The Stories And Seen The Tapes.

And You Are Either A Larry Bird Fan Or A Magic Fan. Dashi Is A Bird Fan.

PGs Were Smaller Then So Magic Had A Huge Advantage.

Now If We Are Going All Time Even Without Seeing Him Play Every Game. I Would Pick O.Robertson. He Seemed More Natural With The Ball In His Hand.

Magic Looked Ocky To Me. He Looked Like A 5 Year Old Dribbling. Stiff.

My Favorite Player From That Era Was Dr. J. He Just Moved With Such Grace. That Is Who MJ Copied. Gripping The Ball With One Hand. Dunking From The Free Throw Line. Chitting On Kareem.

LeBron Dribbles Like Magic. LeBron Is A Great Athlete. But He Just Looks Weird Dribbling Sometimes.

clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am...stuck in the middle with you.


you think is a coincidence that the Bruins started winning the minute OC's boy showed up in campus?

hhhmmm, very strange.

and OC, is he still with "la chinita"?

he needs to come to the 305 and get himself set up with a cubana..


too bad you missed those battles between the Lakers and the Celtics...those games were for big boys.

No, el bon bon was camping his studies.

FZ, have you seen WWZ yet?

I Thought They Were Moving It From Omaha. Is It Next Season?


Why Get Mad?

Dashi Doesn't Even Take Himself Serious. I Just Sit Back And Laugh When People Hold Grudges. Like The Huge Infant And Shazaam. They Take Things Personal.

Let's see...it's 11:39 in Ca. That means Woodcock is out on his 2 1/2 hr. lunch break.

OC, not yet (on WWZ) but I'm kind of hesitant to watch it, it looks kind of stupid...

Oh, no. Not at all. In fact, if you can deal with being at the edge of your seat for two hours, I can almost guarantee you that you'll love it.


The Hardest Working Man In Basketball. Player/Agent/Promoter/Scout Team. He Even Created A App.

The Reason Kobe Doesn't Have As Many Scoring Titles As Jordan.


I Didn't Watch The Games At The Time, Probably Did But Was To Young To Remember. My Dad Told Me About The Battles Though. And I Have Seen Some Of The Games On ESPN Classic. The NBA Has Gone Soft. And I Would Say It Went Real Soft After The Pacers Brawl.

Do You Think Jordan Or Even Magic Will Allow People To Slap Him In The Face Like LeBron Does? The Coaches Would've Sent A Hit On The Other Team. Back Then You Had Guys That Enforced The Rules. The Unwritten Rules.

But Hey If they Allow Gay Players And Gay Coaches In the NBA. What Did You Expect?


I know it did not escape you that the NY Times is selling The Boston Globe for 1/10th of what it originally paid to acquire it.


For sale 141 year old daily newspaper. Liberal and progressive. Hello!!! Anyone out there????


Cote is busy looking at naked pictures of Giancarlo Stanton, he may have missed that story...

Funny how the very things The Globe and other "progressive" rags fought for for decades; union protection, high pensions, etc. are the very things that are the root cause of its demise.

The internet is the sole reason that every newspaper in the country is struggling.

Not sole. Operating costs are operating costs and some are higher than others chiefly due to the kinds of protection, benefits, etc. not pervasive in right-to-work states.

You'll note that even The Miami Herald is transferring its footprint to cheaper land and size in Doral. In business, one adapts or dies.

I always wonder about the people who pay $80 for a year of online content whenever the Herald puts up their pay wall.

Do they get that money back when the Herald inevitably gives up and takes it down?

Costs seemed to be OK before the print newspaper industry became obsolete.

Too bad, I kind of liked having a paper that you can actually hold but there's no way I'd pay for yesterday's news when today's content is available for free.

so the internet is the root of all evil?

just remember Kaz without the internet you wouldn't have the pleasure of talking to all of us..

I was enjoying my coffee and breakfast taco this morning. Over at the original Whole Foods store in downtown Austin (love that place). When after a couple of minutes some really old, I mean, really old, well dressed dude with a cowboy hat sat down in front of me. White mustache and longish hair. Dude proceeds to s-l-o-w-l-y sit down, he opens his recycle food-bag and grabs his copy of The NYT, then unfolds and proceeds to read.

I look around and there are two others, each over 60, all reading a newspaper. All around them/me, and the majority, mind you. are 20 somethings, all inked up, all with their heads firmly fixed on their technology.

btw...file this under fun facts to know and tell...

The city of Austin passed a measure whereby ALL plastic bags stores use to place your goods after purchase are verboten. Gone, see-ya!

Everyone now runs around carrying bags into the stores or gets to carry home however many items one can juggle at one time.

I love being a conservative amidst all this Austin progressivism. It helps crystalize many of my positions.

coffe and a taco in the morning?..


Hernanadez Is Done Done. They Say The Picture He Has With A Glock Is The Murder Weapon. He Killed 2 People Last Year. And A Couple Months Ago He Shot A Guy In The Face. A Couple Inches To The Side That Guy Would Be Dead To.

On Newspapers. And Magazines. The Thing Is They Need To Find A Way To Sell The Same Amount Of Advertisement. That is How They Have Always Made The Money. Magazines And Newspapers Don't Make Money Off Selling Papers. They Make Money From The Ads.

Encyclopedia Are Extinct. And So Will All Paper Mediums In About Another 10 Years.

The First Newspaper That Can Go Fully Online Will Win The War. Right Now They Are Stretching Themselves Thin. Paper And Online.

If I Were The Herald I Would Try And Associate Myself With A TV Channel. That Is The Way I See Things Going.


I know you like Austin a lot and I don't really wanna alarm you but you need to take a look at this..U may wanna move soon.


Kinda hard to take serious the ramblings of guy who sounds like Chris Berman, especially if he's a fully grown adult wearing a boy scout uniform.

FZ, I'm hooked on those things. They make them fresh to order. My version...wheat soft tortilla that they warm up for 5 seconds, two scoops of scrambled eggs, one of chorizo, a sprinkling of cheddar, scoop of pico de gallo, and some green delicious spicy sauce they call dragon sauce. $2.35

That and a small French black coffee. $1.50


This is thinking out side the box but bron will have to get his jumper and 3 pointer better (elite level). To be on this team, All I would do is foul shaq. 100 attempts you will have at most 70 points. Gives my team a chance.

OC- You are right about unions killing the newspaper industry. I was in advertising and printing before I retired, and they have sucked the life out of papers.Young people do not read papers. Advertising in papers cost so much compared to radio,tv, and the internet.

Newspapers do not hit the right demo.

El Bon Bon, ahahahahahahaaaaa, come on OC, eso era un pescadito. Now, that he's a sophomore and got rid of the rice crica for good he can concentrate on some real honest to goodness red blooded 38 DD American cup cakes.

Damn, Woody. You're back from lunch early!


I called it didn't I folks? Two hours and a half for lunch!

Hey Woods, why don't you shuffle some more paper for a couple of minutes and go do the back nine. You can probably get 12 holes in.

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