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June 20, 2013

CHAMPIONS! AGAIN! LeBron leads Heat past Spurs for repeat NBA title; Parade scheduled 11 a.m. Monday



1) It is SATURDAY, JUNE 22. It's Championship Saturday in Miami! Watch for a new blogpost by Sunday morning. 2) Was stunned to hear about James Gandolfini dying at age 51. R.I.P. Owned every scene in The Sopranos. So sad. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat G6 win, Heat poll, Craig Sager Bobbleheads, Sad-O-Meter.

Follow us on TWITTER @gregcote and INSTAGRAM @ upsetbird and VINE @ Greg Cote. Bunch of new pix and vids from Heat-Spurs Game 7.

Click on Champions! Repeat, Champions! for my column off the title-winning Game 7 triumph by Heat. And click on Exhale, Appreciate for today's follow column.

Bulletin: LeBron James abruptly retires!: This was reported by The Onion, which of course famously makes s--- up. Click here for the frivolity. 

1aa1finals7FINALS G7: HEAT 95, SPURS 88: LEBRON'S 37 LIFT MIAMI TO SECOND STRAIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!: LeBron 37 points, Dwyane Wade 23, Shane Battier six 3's off the bench, tenacious defense -- it was a championship formula for the Heat here Thursday night in Game 7. See just above for link to my column off the game. ..... Original post: Forget the confines of just sports. This is a huge, huge night for Miami, period. For South Florida and anbody who cares about it. 1aa1final72You needn't be a sports fan to have allowed yourself to get caught up in this and feel the civic pride of it all. Heat vs. San Antonio. Game 7. Winner take all. Somebody celebrates on the court tonight. The only question is how loud it will be at that moment inside and outside the arena. Everything has been said. All that's left now if for the Heat and this Big 3 era to stake its claim to a dynasty or to endure the rest of the country labeling this whole thing a failure. That is the harsh reality. Not much gray in those extremes. So... LeBron James. Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh. How big are you feeling? How high is your reach? Let's all find out together.

WAS LAST NIGHT BIGGER THAN MARLINS' '97 WORLD SERIES GAME 7?: Heat-Spurs last night marked the ninth Game 7 home game for the Heat, Marlins or Panthers, but only the second that was winner-take-all for the championship. The only other one of those ultimate Game 7's was Marlins vs. Indians for the '97 World Series title. It was historic, a vivid night in Miami history, not just sports. Remember, we loved the Marlins back then. They were shiny and new. I think this poll should be a close vote, but I'm not at all sure it will be. There was a just-happy-to-be-there element in '97, with the fifth-year Marlins. There is more gravity attached to the 2013 Heat, a team that can less afford to lose. But you'll define what constitutes a "bigger" Game 7 by however you wish. My only requests: Don't let any current animus against the Marlins seep into your consideration, OK? Now vote and say why.

On Heat fans who left early: Two things. First: Y'all have every right to show up late or leave early if you wish. You bought the ticket. It's your life. You want to beat the crowd by leaving with a minute left in a close, thrilling Game 6 that means everything? See ya! Second: But then don't bitch and moan if you walked out on a miracle comeback and missed overtime because the arena rules cleary state there is no return-entry. Once you leave, you're done. No sympathy here -- zee-ro -- for the early leavers who got locked out. The national media reaction was predictably overboard. What those fans did was neither embarrassing nor outrageous; they were a miniscule sliver of the overall crowd. Move on.

Poll result: Confidence in Heat winning two straight tops 70 percent: We asked this before Game 6 -- would Miami win two in a row and the title? -- and the "yes" vote dominated with 70.5 percent. It would have been higher, but the second-most votes came from Texas (7.6% of the total), where 73.9 percent voted "no."

GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS FOR DOLPHINS' "FUTURE RANK": ESPN ranks the 32 NFL teams based on where they'll be in 2016 based on current roster, QB situation, 2013 draft, coaching and front office. the top five are 49ers, Packers, Seahawks, Ravens and (still!) Patriots. Miami is ranked 20th, a spot suggesting more mediocrity, not a leap into imminent playoff status. The good news? The other two AFC East-ers rank 29th (Bills) and dead-last (Stinkin' Jets).

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Voted for the Marlin game, since unlike the Heaties, their championship will be the last one recorded until some time in the distant future, around the time man walks on a yet to be discovered planetoid in the Triangulum Galaxy.

Anti-climatic game ahead.

Yeah voted for the Marlins too.

As long as the Heat have Lebron they will be in the mix every year.

That Marlins year was special and there may never be another Marlins World Series appearance again.

All's I know is that Lebron better score 60 pts, 30 rbs, 25 assits, 15 blks in a winning effort. Anything less than that, and with a loss he will instantly feel like Brad Pitt in World War Z.

It wasn't all that noticeable in the arena that fans had left, it was pretty filled out and loud, especially after LeBron's three.

What was noticeable was the yellow shirts lining the baseline, the pieces of the stage being assembled in the tunnels, and the Spurs family section going nuts. Ray Allen had the line of the night running back down the court - 'get that motherf*cking rope out of here'.

Miami fans are the worst in the country, at every level in every sport. But what I noticed from my section was that the idiot bandwagon fans were the ones who still thought we were going to win, the quiet old guys who were season ticket holders and knew there was a 98.5% chance the Heat were done were the ones leaving.

I sure didn't think they had a chance, I was just sitting there with my head down waiting to gather up souvenir cups until Leonard missed that free throw. Couldn't watch.

Before the game I was emailing back and forth with the 'whore of Akron' guy, who wrote a terrible blog post in esquire Tuesday idiotically claiming that the Heat couldn't sell out finals games in 2011 and had to use white covers to hide that fact. He admitted that his post was factually incorrect but gave me a bunch of links of articles about Miami fans being awful.

He's right, the media's right, but game 6 wasn't a smoking gun example of Miami fans being terrible - LeBatard says they should have stayed to cheer the team's season, we did that in 2011 and it was brutal, this isn't a team made for moral victories and 'good job, good effort'.

Can't wait for tonight, one of these teams is going to get a big boost to their legacy.

Just read a good review on that movie OC how was it?

What those fans did was neither embarrassing nor outrageous

Greg you usually are the first guy to poke fun at anything even mildly funny in sports it happened in your city and everyone laughed get over yourself.

It is not screening until 8pm here in Austin. I'll be watching something else.


Nearly all the local sports talk radio guys here are picking the Spurs. They cite bad performances by Manu, low shot % by Parker, e.g., "they couldn't play worse."

It's an interesting thing when one is neutral. Not that anything is guaranteed, but clarity becomes impartial.

Like I said yesterday CP is steering the ship.

It wasn't a regular season game Greg it was game 6 of the NBA Finals big difference that small detail was lost on you I guess.

fans leaving early??? who cares..they paid for the tickets, they have a right to leave when they want to..

boy, it sure looks like the NE offense will be but a shell of what it was last year..

no walker
no Gronk (to start the yr anyways)
no B LLoyd
and now,NO HERNANDEZ and it looks for quite a while..


...btw, has there been a more over-the-top movie than Superman? Those last 25 minutes were unwatchable. Clearly the FX director was issued a bigger budget than the regular director and made sure to use every penny. That movie sucked! Too bad, cause the story development and acting showed promise.

thanks for telling me OC, I won't watch the movie now

Aw man, the director stopped short of having Superman and the chief bad guy each grab a skyscraper and proceed to hit each other over their heads with them.

I wonder what Naples thinks about all this drama going on in NE...

Speaking of science fiction, I recommend Googling and familiarizing yourselves with the work of Ray Kurzweil. Not so much science fiction as science from a guy with vision.

I need to stay alive for another 20 years!

looks like the Dolphins are hot after V Leach..


it would be a good pick up.


If Kurzweil is right and if you and I can hang for another 20, it won't matter. Even if Cam Cameron returns! We'll all live long enough to watch the Dolphins win another SB!

all right now,

I have decided to look into my crystal ball and it tells me the Heat are going to pull out the game...now never mind that the Spurs have the advantage in three of the five starting spots (so maybe I'm not thinking this thing through)

Duncan over Bosh
Parker over Chalmers
Green over Wade

our defense has to be the key, we can't let their three point shooters loose and Parker can't be creating easy baskets for them but I'm confident our bench will step up..

so there it is boys, Heat 88 Spurs 85

bring on football !!!!!

the heat only have to win a game in front of their home crowd against an away team coming off a choking effort and a fairly miserable sleepless night. thats all


chit...Spo says now that he will probably play Haslem, we're doom..

that's it Spurs will win..

Patriots' Hernandez likely to be arrested


Typical thug Gaygotor

Hey, what's up, Kaz. Remember tonight when you step out for a bong hit that you have to "pull" not push the door to get back in.

OC, is that Ray guy the science teacher that used to teach in the Ring at Kinloch? You remember him the guy with the flat top and the short sleeves white dress shirt with the plaid tie. Don't you remember he used to put the microphone in his back pocket when he was conducting an experiment in front of the class and when the thing failed which it always did he would inadvertently pass gas and the sound of it would reverberate through the Ring to the sounds of uproarious laughter. Is this the guy that you want us to read about?

OC 20 years more.........is that all? Damn life is good. I thought I'd be dead 40 years before they won another SB.

Aaron Hernandez.........destroyed his home security video system.........destroyed his cell phone......called cleaning crew wipe his house clean Monday......was with the victim at a Boston bar the night of his murder...

Say adios to Hernandez. Good thing Hoody signed Tebow otherwise he would have no tight end

Pichy films!!! Candela!

Tommy boy , it sure looks like Hernandez is history..

of course the texan sports guys are picking the spurs..
out here, john ireland says the heat will come out and DESTROY san antonio; he's predicting a blow out.
the other folks here on 710 say it'll be close, but miami should win.
i don't see how we lose; we were given new life last game. if we don't win tonight it'll be a disaster..

Here's the good news guys...after the Heat win tonight ( hopefully because nothing is certain in a seventh game ) ..we will have just about over a month to training camp !!!!

You guys think that Chalmers will score more than two points tonight?...


the spurs blew their chance tuesday night and #6 arrived just in time. although not a fan of the heat, it says here the game won't be close and lebron james willbe hugging the trophy that he deserves for basically being a one-man team all year. the guy is toomuch and and i don't see the spurs winning and, like i've said since the finals began, call me when san antonio wins the fourth game of this series. barring danny green going nuclear, line up the parade route on biscayne.

Gawd this is ugly so far.

Tebow At TE?

You Guys Forgot The Ball Bouncing Off His Helmet?

How bout those Heat.

Note the timeline:

Forget it FZ, Heat win by no less than 7 points. This is done. Now, let's get on with football!!!

Posted by: OC Dolphin | June 19, 2013 at 12:43 PM


Hey Woodcrap, how much $$$$ did you lose going against me?

I tell you folks. Little secret. I've known Woody for a lifetime, and I can guarantee you that he thought the Spurs would win the 7th game. It's in his DNA. He receives impressions as to who the underdog is and roots for them. Twenty, thirty, forty years have gone by and every member of our tribe (50 strong) know HE IS THE ANTI-PICK. Those of us with smarts just wait for him to spout off his predictions and go the opposite way...every time!

Woodcock, muerto!

Congrats to the Heat. Wade stepped up and, in my opinion, won this game. That and their stifling defense. Nice job and the Heat best freeze one LJ to take out whenever the comish shines that Lebron emblem up in the sky.

Back to back! Who's down for Tootsie's?

Great game, series, and ending. OC, I put this one in the refrigerator at half time. Nalga.

if only for one night ... Go HEAT

damn skippy good on []_[] #40 n #13 GATORS

College Football in 69 Days

the week after you will get yours

back to back. told you, haters..
and we'll take it next year too.
here comes the dolphins!

Had the feeling the Heat were winning by 15 the whole game, but the score said otherwise. Amazing those old guys minus Leonard kept fighting back. Duncan missed an easy one to tie. Lebron took over. He did what the best player in the world should do. Heat were settling for long range shots, but thankfully they were going in. Didn't like all the chucking of the 3s especially by Mr. Chucker, I mean Chalmers himself.

Heat gotta get some help for Lebron now. Trade Bosh for a legit player. Heck, even trade Wade--although the Heat would never do it. There is a clear #1 in Miami--Lebron. You build around him. If they put the right pieces around him, Miami could be a champion 5 more times. Dude is only 29.

Wade is on his last leg. Bosh is soft.

Biggest player last night not named James was Battier. Without all those 3s, the Heat are not champions today.

You'd think that after winning back-to-back championships the haters would have the common sense to know when to STFU. Apparently not. Which goes to show you the haters have no sense, common or otherwise.

Now let's hope this winning thing gets to be contagious for all of the Miami teams, especially the Dolphins and the U.

Kaz for once we agree. F Boston. Warrant issued this morning for Hernandez. Not for murder but for obstruction of justice. The murder warrant is coming. Lovin it!

F both of U.

temper,temper guys...

heck of a game and series, two evenly matched teams, great drama..glad the Heat won.

By the time Michael Jordan was 28 he had been in two NBA championship games and won both. Lebron James is now 28 and he has been in 4 NBA championships and won two. Their career stat lines are almost identical

PPG 30.1 v 27.6 MJ
RPG 7.3 v 6.2 LJ
APG 6.9 v 5.3 LJ
FG% 49.7 v 49.0 MJ
3P% 33.7 v 32.7 LJ
STL 2.3 v 1.7 MJ
BLK 0.8 v 0.8 -

Lebron has a chance of being recognized as the greatest player who ever played the game. Now he might not get there but at 28 years old he has plenty of time to get the job done. MJ won his last championship when he was 35. Can LJ win 4 more in 7 years? Maybe and I hope he is in Miami the full time.

Congrats from me to you Heat fans.

LeBron is hitting Kobe status,,,, Jordan status? Long way off. Like comparing Sammy Sosa to Babe Ruth. NBA is the house Jordan built (modern times)

Actually MJ won his first NBA championship in 1991 when MJ was 28 (born Feb 1963). So he only had one at 28 years of age.

Another championship another WELL BEHAVED CELEBRATION! No city celebrates better and more responsibly than the city of Miami. For all the negatives that are constantly bandied about, unlike almost 99% of other cities in America who's team wins a championship Miami's citizens do not set fire to cars, burn down buildings, or go on a rampage, no, we scream, laugh, bang on pots, dance, and have a good time. Very, very proud of the Magic City, my hometown.

You sure about that? I guess you don't live in Hialeah.

Yea, I'm sure. Especially in Hialeah, douche bag.

I am glad "lifelong fan" Anthony Pena age 18 didn't have to wait long for another championship in order to paint his face who writes this crap?

What's up guys !!!..glad the Heat won , heck of a series..LeBron is the chit..what a player he is.

Kudos to the Miami fans for celebrating responsibly..

I'm off to the Bahamas with the fam for a couple of days of R and R ...talk to U guys next week..


Football is just around the corner !!!!!!!!

You celebrate reponsibly too bro easy on the fruity drinks in Bahamatown have fun.

Absolutely, Tom. So many people just hating on Miami all the time, their problem not ours. We have the best behaved fans in the country.

You joking Mrs.? Maybe I should post a link to some videos showing your well behaved Canes fans starting fights left and right. Canes games have turned into 3k of your most ghetto South Florida kids crammed together looking for a fight.

Kids fighting during a college game has zero in common with what we're talking about here, Douchie. We're talking about a city celebrating a team championship. Douchie, you don't come on here for the stimulating intellectual conversation, do you? May I suggest that you go back to sticking your finger in your ass and drawing cute little pictures on the wall with it.


More Respect. The Word Douche And All Other Spellings Of The Word Refer To Dashi

People Will Think You Are Referring To Me.

Heat In 7. Yeah, Dash Is A Idiot. GTFOH!!

LeBron Is Starting To Live Up To His Full Potential. These Last 2 Games Really Helped His Legacy. He Needs To Win At Least 2 More In A Row To Be Considered Better Than Or At The Same Level As MJ.

MJ Never Won 4 In A Row.

Now, The Know Nothing Idiots Can Finally Say The Head Coach Is Good. Heck, They Can Call Him Hall Of Fame Worthy. He Became One Of Only Six Head Coaches To Win More Than 1 Title In The NBA.

Now Can We Please Go 72-10 Next Season. And Win In A More Convincing Fashion Next Year. This Team Has The Talent.

Winning Breeds Confidence. And There Should Be No Reason For This Team Ever To Doubt Itself. Not Even The Head Coach. I Expect A Supremely Confident Team Next Season. And Riley Will Probably Finish Building The Roster.

Cut JA And UD. Sign Oden. Keep Miller And Ray Allen. Even Shane. All Are More Deserving Than The Other Two. Heck, Keep Birdman. I Trust Riley Will Know what To Do. I Just Hope That Loyalty Doesn't Get In The Way Of Evaluating Talent.

Draft Gamble And Reggie From The U. Late In The Draft. Solidify The Center Position.


LBJ is an incredible player but i wouldn't say that winning team championships is a way to determine whether he or jordan is the better player. they are both in the ionosphere of basketball players and trying to nitpick on stats is absurd. the two of them, olajuwon and kobe bryant are the best players since bird and magic entered the league, and my opinion won't change even lebron james doesn't get to six titles.

Ahh, boys,

Col. Jack Ripper, CEO—wait, sorry, Col. Pryor---had his Home Page picture taken in front of The Alamo. Now, while I have written about the battle at the Alamo and gave great praise to its effect (excepting the Dallas Cowboys) in giving us Texas and therefore probably the Union and the rest of the way west, I have not been particularly impressed with the moral make up or military courage of the defenders of the old mission, and have said so. I wonder about the wisdom of declaring one’s organization is dedicated to preserving the lives of foot soldiers while standing in front of a place where more or less everybody died. (The records are fragmented and contradictory in minor ways.)
Curiously, he then is going to Little Big Horn, site of a massacre of U.S. troops ( no U.S. troops were at the Alamo) brought about by one of the biggest self-glorifying bone heads ever to be given command of troops. Our singular affinity to enshrine losers is epitomized by the esteem Custer is held in in the popular mind. He lost a third of his command. That lily livered coward Clinton withdrew troops from Somalia after a skirmish during which we lost less than twenty troops and the enemy suffered over a thousand causalities. But we insist on glorifying Custer. (I bet his family feels differently , since most of it was killed there.)
For instance, a few years ago the City Council of Butte, Montana, in ‘honor’ of Custer’s blunder, wanted to commemorate it. They commissioned a sculpture for one of the center city parks. Even back then Montana and Wyoming were ‘artists’ enclaves.
The day of the unveiling approached and a couple of dozen trucks arrived at the park and off loaded a number of large, heavy looking items, all covered in an elaborate system of drapes. On the designated day the Mayor and City Council and assorted dignitaries assembled on a grandstand, along with the sculptor. To the accompaniment of several high school marching bands and in front of all available celebrities, a large crowd gathered. After several speeches, the Mayor turned to the sculptor and asked, “Are you ready to unveil your work?” The sculptor said he was, raised his hand and dropped it. At once a crew of men pulled the cords to the drapes and there was revealed to the astonished eyes of everybody (except the sculptor) three dozen Native American couples engaged in copulation. Rising amid this group orgy was a huge cow, topped with what appeared to be a halo.

“What in blazes is the meaning of this?”, demanded the Mayor. “ I’ve never seen such a terrible display of sleazy work in my life!”

Nonplussed, the sculptor replied: “You wanted to commemorate Custer’s Last Stand”. This display represents his last words, to wit:
“Holy cow, look at all those fucking Indians.”

Enjoy the start of summer.

now that's some funny stuff. thanks for the smile this morning.

It's not just the know nothing idiots.

Most who know anything about basketball and even former NBA coaches and players agree that Eric Spoelstra is one of the brightest young coaches in the league.

Winning another championship just supports an opinion that had already existed.

It Is Erik With A K, Cause He Is Gay Like That.

My Point Is That NOW It Is Justified To Call Him Good. Not Great, But Good.

If The Heat Underachieved And Only Won 1 Title In 3 Years. How Can You Justify Calling Him Good?

Standards!! I'm Not Old, But I Am Old School. I Believe In Standards. High Standards At That. Dashi Isn't A Conformist Like 95% Of The People In This World(Not Insulting Anyone In Particular Just Stating The Truth). Everyone Accepts Average As Good Now. The World Has Gone Soft. And Part Of That Is The Losing Is OK Attitude. Losing Is Not OK!!

This Country Wasn't Built On Just Being OK.

Like I Said, Those Who Thought He Was Good Before Can Say He Is Hall Of Fame Worthy Now. For Me Now Is When He Solidified Himself As A Good Coach.

You Can Even Say He Is A Better Coach Than Doc Rivers.

Still Doesn't Stop Him From Being A FF!! But He Is Our FF!!

It Is Only Right, LeBron Wanted To Come To South Beach. And He Got The Best Coach South Beach Can Offer. Mr.Cliche Himself.

(Notice Your Boy, The Coach, Uses The Most Generic Responses For Everything. Never Says Something Original.)

After he signed a 5-year, $40 million contract extension, Hernandez said he had conquered his irresponsible impulses and proven that Patriots owner Robert Kraft “trusts my character.’’

“You get changed by the Patriots way,’’ Hernandez said.


Character changed by the Patriots way? Nah, better said, his lack of character was reinforced by the Patriots way.

Couldn't happen to a more fitting organization.

Right Dashi, 95% of people just can't understand the kind of excellence you demand out of the teams you follow.

Now go back to the Dolphins blog to wax poetic about how amazing Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin are.

The Heat could actually drag this statue to coach; sit four of the worst, still active pro players to sit beside it, and as long as Lebron James continues to stay healthy and play the team will continue to win championships.

Spoelstra gets only mild credit from me. IOW, if great coaching were 10 alarm hot sauce, Spo barely registers the taste of salt.


Not even paprika.



My Comment Wasn't Just About Basketball.

And You Have Proven To Be A Conformist. You Were One Of The People That Said, "I'm OK With Just Reaching The Finals".

Thank God LeBron Isn't A Conformist. Else He Would Still Be In Cleveland. Comfortable With Just Reaching The Playoffs.

And If You Know Dashi From The Dolphin Blog. You Know Dashi Is One Of The Biggest Critics. I Just Know Ireland Had A Bad Coach(Spo) When He Joined The Fins. And The Fins Aren't As Talented As The Heat. You Can't Buy A Trophy In Football. Common Sense.

And At Least They Don't Have To Make Up A GF For Philbin. Plus, Philbin Develops Talent. Not Destroys It.

P.S.- My Bad For Intruding On Your Blog.

Maybe I Should Change My Name Like Everyone Else. That Way We Limit The I Hate Dashi Conversations On Señor Cote's Blog. We Don't Want A Repeat Of Dolphin In Depth.


Agreed With Everything You Said. But The Fans Of The Head Coach Will Say Different. When Anyone With 2 Eyes Can See LeBron Won The Title Cause Of His Own Will. Game 6, Game 7, Were All LeBron James.

Heck, The Heat Players Hugged Popavitch Before Even Congratulating Their HC. Shows You How Much They Respect Their Own Coach. The Players Know Why They Won. And It Wasn't Cause Of Coaching.

I just kinda think it's pretty much of a no-brainer. There are 25 current HC'es in the NBA, plus five vacancies. You have to know that those other 24 coaches wholeheartedly believe that - had they had LBJ in their team this past year - they would have won the championship.

Even Mike D'Antoni would have won, and that's saying a lot!!!

Conversely, you place Erik Spoelstra as coach for the Orlando Magic and they finish close to the bottom, again.

Anyone doubt that?

I don't know Dashi from the Dolphins blog, I don't read the Dolphins blog. All I know is that whatever the Heat and Spoelstra do isn't good enough for you and whatever Ireland and Philbin do is.

Two straight championships and they didn't win enough regular season games, didn't roll through the playoffs quickly enough for you. Dolphins are wallowing in mediocrity still stuck with Parcells' protege trying to buy a year or two of being competitive and yet they can do no wrong.

Would I be 'OK' with the Heat losing the Finals? I don't even know what that means, you're still a Heat fan after they lost in 2011 so I guess you're 'OK' with losing too.

Even Julius "freaking" Caesar couldn't have won any battles with the current Italian army. No matter how good a coach you are at the professional level you still need the stars to win. In high school and college coaching is everything but not in the pros, and especially in basketball where you only have 5 players on a starting team. Basketball more than any other sport one guy can make a spectacular difference.

Oye Dashi, suelta el bong, brother. Before Phil Jackson got to the Bulls and the Lakers those teams had Jordan, and Shaq and Kobe, and they couldn't win didly until he got there. Yea, no doubt everyone wants the big stars but you still have to know what to do with them. Give it a rest bro, Coach Spoelstra has earned the right to be respected for what he does. Any way, let's look at it this way, Pat Riley has forgotten more about basketball than all of Spoelstra's critics combined and he made the decision to hire him to coach the Heat. Now, you're not stupid enough to tell me, Dash, that you know more about basketball than Riley?

Yes he is.

Heat didn't win because of just LeBron they have a good bench and the other 2 members of the big three contributed when it counted.

Spoelstra figured out he needed to play Battier before it was too late and the addition of Anderson was important.

Don't forget that Ray Ray saved your bacon no Ray Ray no Championship.

Just a total team effort from top to bottom that much should be obvious to everyone.


Who Said Riley Connects The USB In Spoelstra?

I Give Credit Where Credit Is Due.

And Criticize When It Isn't.

I'm Just Giving My Analyst And Being A Dick While I'm Not.

Kaz, I Didn't Say You Did, You Were The One Who Is Sending Dashi There.

Re-Read. Just Saying...

Dashi Could Care Less. I Back Up What I Say. About 95% Of The Time.

Yes I Wasn't Ok. When We Lost In 2011.

Remember Dashi Was The Guy Last Year During The Pacers Series Saying Fire Spo.

If He Developed Players. He Would Have Options Down Low. The Heat Drafted A Center In The 2nd Round Last Year. That Didn't See Playing Time. 7-0, Can Shoot. Bigger Than Bosh. Way Better Than J.Anthony. Even Better Than Pittman.

The Draft Is Next Week.

Trade Some Players Get Some Mid Round Pick. Or Just Add Picks. Get Younger. Get Bigger.

If The Heat Can Develop 2 Picks Out Of This Draft. Hopefully A Center And A PG. We Will Be OK For A While. They Can Be 19 Years Old. This Team Has The Players. It Will Even Help With The Cap.

Pat Riley Can't Be Worst Than Ireland When It Comes To Drafting. Heck, Hire A GM.

The HC Can Be A GM. So We Can Hire A New Coach.

I Heard He Use To Be A Real Good Video Coordinator. For The Heat Dancers.

You're 95% incoherent Dashi - we get it, 'Spo's gay', 'fire Spo', 'Heat should win 72 games and sweep the playoffs'.

Basketball's over, move on.


Why Did The Coach Stop Playing V-Ice In The Middle Of The Series?

Would You Have Replaced Him With Haslem?

The Heat Have The Players. They Have A Bench. They Can Consistently Go 5 Deep Every Game If They Want (A1A, R.Allen, M.Miller, S.Battier, N.Cole, R.Lewis, J.Jones). LeBron and Wade Don't Need To Be Playing 40 Minutes A Game Not Even In The Finals. Maybe 1 Or 2 Games. Heck, I Will Even Dress J.Howard 1 Or 2 Games. Especially With The Lack Of Height On The Team.

Players The Heat Need To Get Rid Of For The Betterment Of The Team.

J.Jones(I Definitely Feel Bad For Him He Deserves Better.)

Basketball Isn't Over.

I Told You The Draft Was Next Week.

The Heat Need To Get At Least 2 Players In This Draft.

Right Now It Is Baseball Season. Marlins 1-1 Top Of The 11th.

Mike Redmond Is A Superb Coach.

Ozzie Guillen Was Also A FF!!

They won the championship...get over yourself...you sound even dumber than usual...

As hard as that is to believe, I believe you're right doomride.

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