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June 23, 2013

It's Parade & Coronation Monday! Put Heat's run in context of Miami's greatest sports accomplishments. Poll. Vote!; plus Paula Deen & more, y'all

1) It is MONDAY, JUNE 24. It's Championship Monday in Miami! 2) Click on Champions! Repeat, Champions! for my column off Heat's title-winning Game 7 triumph, and on Exhale, Appreciate for my most recent column. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat win NBA championship, biggest Game 7 poll, Dolphins' future rank.

Follow us on TWITTER @gregcote and INSTAGRAM @ upsetbird and VINE @ Greg Cote. Bunch of new pix and vids from Heat-Spurs Game 7.

1aa1kwest"Kanye West named his daughter North. If she grows up to marry the grandson of singer Joe South and they are photographed at a religious sunrise service, the caption would read: North West-South at Easter." -- Greg Cote

WHAT IS OUR BIGGEST, PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN MIAMI SPORTS?: We are in the moment right now, surrounded by confetti. The Heat's Game 7 championship win still pulses in our minds as we prepare for Monday's celebratory parade. It's all LeBronLeBronLeBron today and that's fine. But it has struck an odd 1aa1dols 1aa1marlinswschord with me when I have read and heard it said so casually and certainly over the past several days that the Heat have given us the greatest feeling we have ever had in local sports. As if that were not debatable. I hear that said and I assume those saying it were not around in the the winters of 1972 and '73 when the Dolphins were capital-P Perfect and back-to-back Super Bowl champs back when football defined us. Or maybe we have too quickly forgotten what those two Marlins World Series championships felt like. Or perhaps we don't recall what 1aa1heatJan. 2, 1984 in the Orange Bowl meant, when the Miami Hurricanes began their 1aa1canesntrun of dominance in college football. Celebrate the Heat; they deserve every bit of it. But don't dismiss all of the wonderful feelings that preceded them. The Heat, after all, did not invent the Miami championship parade. We ran a similar poll once before, a good while back. The timing is right to reprise it. OK, your turn. What have been our two biggest or proudest major team-sports accomplishments to this point? Step back from the moment and see the question from the broadest view and largest context. I offer the four obvious choices. Pick the top two. Vote now and say why.


PAULA DEEN'S IN SOME TROUBLE, Y'ALL: Food Network has dumped Southern-fried cook Paula Deen after it 1aa1deenp2was learned, via a deposition she gave, that her use of the N-word seems rather casual, y'all. Paula previously had been seen as disingenuous only when it was learned she was a diabetic yet had been pimping some of the unhealthiest recipes on TV. Predictably her fans have rallied, threatening a boycott of the Food Network unless she is reinstated. Hey, she might be prejudiced or whatever but her food is yummy, y'all! Paula's future is difficult to predict. Do not write her off. Martha Stewart survived jail time, did she not, y'all?

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the canes were great, but USC from 62-78 also had five, although one was split with an alabama team that they had beaten in alabama. 62-undefeated, 67- one loss to oregon state in the muck by a 3-0 score (now that is my kind of game; oregon state was a powerful team &handled three teams ranked #1 that year-purdue with leroy keyes (great two-way player, tied beban and the bruins and defeated #32) and used a pure T formation, 72- undefeated and considered by many the GOAT, 74- one tie with powerful aklahoma, and 78 a loss at arizona state when paul mcdonald was saddled with a 4th string center and dropped snaps galore. miami was a great team but had some mediocre seasons owing to NCAA sanctions; USC had two mediocre years in 70 and 71, going 6-4-1, but getting jobbed against nebraska's first title team on a no-call pass interference on the last or next to last play of the game. my vote is for the 17-0 and 15-2 dolphins, magnificent teams in an era of other greats- cowboys, steelers, raiders, chieves, redskins, bengals were all great but not dolphin great.

exhale appreciate

we don't have to talk about basket ball for a while


Game 7 Florida Marlins down 1 in the 9th. Next to Ray Allen's shot in the final seconds, nothing comes close to a extra inning game 7 in front of 67,000 fans. Probably the largest sporting event capacity in South Florida history. Call me bias, I was there. Amazing as a 10 year old and still sticks with me today.

I was at that game 7, too, and it was incredible. ALL the titles are special.

But nothing can top Perfection. Can you think of any season--for any team, anywhere, ever--that grows in stature with each passing year that it remains unequaled?

It's the only one with that status, and it belongs to us.

And if you were around back then, if you remember the hold the Dolphins had on South Florida as the ONLY pro franchise we had at the time, then you know that kind of regional pride and excitement can never really be recaptured as it existed then.

In no way does that dilute what others (especially the current Heat) have accomplished. But as big as that? No.

Maybe you just had to be there.

Sorry Shadow, USC was a powerhouse long before McKay got there. Back in those days they would stock pile recruits to sit on the bench just to keep them from other Pac 8 teams. And, they played in an 8 team conference, and played at the Rose Bowl each year against a Big 10 conference with the ridiculous rule that its champion could not go back to back to the Rose Bowl. And, they played against a plow horse Big 10 every single year at home in the Rose Bowl. Powder puff conference, plus home game bowl game, plus Big 10 opponent which some years sent their second best team, all add up to an SC legacy that couldn't compare to the University of Miami's run after rising like the Phoenix from the basement of college football to the top of the heap, with 5 championships under 4 different head coaches, a 58 game home winning streak, and heck they lost 5 championships in that streak, one on the worst call of all time, and another on a BCS snow job when Florida State somehow wound up in the title game against Bob Stoops OK team instead of a Miami team that had slaughtered FSU a couple of weeks before the season ended. Sorry Shad, I'm afraid you're entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts.

Go Canes!

free Paula! free Paula!

shadow, george well said appreciation for '72 Finz. Hopefully written website below will work...



for all those couples who break barriers!

written huh?

Thank you Horace for ny new screen saver..

How could anyone vote the Canes when the rampant cheating during that time was exposed over and over again? How does a small private school compete? Answer: Rampant, uncontrolled cheating. More proof? Not much if any cheating going on at all now and they can't even show up to the ACC title game, much less win it. The ACC is as weak as it gets.

Dolphins perfect season by far the best.

"Rawpimple" - yet you'd be the first one to bury Miami for their 'scandal' with S*****, when they were 'cheating' and not winning anything. Almost as if the 'cheating' that every college football program has going on doesn't matter nearly as much as the talent and the coaching...

Fact of the matter is that losers like you wouldn't have so much hate for UM if what they did wasn't special. UM was a dynasty in the '80s, UF's just another nondescript diploma mill state school with a football program that has little to no national interest.

Again, you haven't won crap without excessive and uncontrolled rampant cheating. Who cares what other schools cheated or not during the time? The fact is the U was completely out of control. How does a small private school compete? I think we all know the answer to that now. I can speculate the U isn't cheating now and seems to be running a clean program, and look at what they have done--given meaning to the word mediocrity. They are done and can't compete with the big boys unless of course Uncle Luke comes along and passes out 100 dollar bills like candy to the boys or Nevin treats the recruits and players to Boats and Hoes.

In the state, UF is a much better school and value. Why would you overpay and go to an ok private school? Get a real college experience and go to a big public University. Private schools are a waste of money. They have their place for very select people, but for the majority, the much better value is public Universities.

UF footbal has a .632 winning percentage since becoming a program in 1906 that's outstanding.

3 Championships in less than 20 years makes them nationally relevant.

Again, you're making my point. Why do you care so much about UM? Why does Big Baby, who doesn't like college football and is only a casual BC fan go out of his way to aggregate UM fans all the time?

You care because Miami is special. Historically we get national ratings and UF doesn't, the numbers don't lie. UM-FSU games is the top series for ABC, not UF-FSU.

If you think Miami's success is from 'cheating' then you really don't know anything about college football. Look in the mirror, UF is trying to be UM, recruiting talented criminals. Look at what these players do in the NFL and tell me UM was good because their players got free dinners and not their talent.

And don't even bring up academics, yea UF is a better 'value', so is MDCC.

I don't go out of my way but when you deny that the Shapiro scandal isn't real or never happened then I try and bring you back to reality I have no dislike for the program per se.

Yea, of course you do. You dislike 'rah rah' college football but you looked up UF's 0.632 winning percentage.

Big interest and admiration for UF football all of the sudden.

No it's just that saying they aren't nationally relevant isn't accurate it was a weak attempt at a comeback they are a top notch program and have been for awhile.

They're not even one of the top five most popular teams in their conference, they're just another big state school nationally.

That is measured how?

Here's another tidbit for you since you're intent on saying that UF isn't a nationally relevant program.

Since 1990, the Gators have not only won more games (228) than any other college football team in the NCAA's Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly known as "Division I-A"), but also have the highest winning percentage (77.99%) of any college football team in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Mr. Woodcock,

get my facts straight? USC was a power before mckay- true; however you have to go way back to howard jones' teams-1925-1933- to find a trojan team that had less than one loss, besides the 1952 10-1 team. mckay took over from don clark- 1-9, 4-5-1, and 8-2,had two mediocre seasons and then the fun began. the only rotgut team on the SC schedule was duke in 62, but they had jay wilkinson, son of bud, who was an ll-american. played navy w/staubach in 62 one year before the sailors played texas for the crown in the cotton bowl. 63 played ohio state with snell and warfield and triumphed 32-3! 1966 & 67 played texas home and home and won twice; 66 lost to the canes 10-7, but next year in an o.j. versus the stork it was 28-3 SC. SC's openers during the mckay years were alabama, nebraska, and arkansas- no FAMUs. the ESPN encyclopedia is a treasurehouse of information. the canes' glory years- starting with the pipe- were louisville twice, florida four times (before the gators ever won an SEC title) in openers, and assorted dogs on their independent schedule like east carolina,la tech,vandy, houston, cincinatti, rice, colorado state, northern illinois... USC played traditional powers in their non-conference schedule, and as you stated many from the big ten but in the day when the big ten was a powerful conference. SC has opened on the road against tough teams- arkansas (mcfadden was hurt but the trojans scored 70 on them in arkansas, the 72 great team opened with a game in alabama and had oklahoma on their schedule a lot during the fairbanks/switzer wishbone years. i know you are gearing up for the college football season, andthis year will be a banner year for you as USC will stink!! bye, bye lane kiffin as both oregons, stanford, the bruins, and the desert schools will wallop the trojans, who will catch a break when utah or colorado pop up on their schedule. as stated (by the ole shadow) when SC was supposed to be #1 last year, SC wouldn't beat the ducks once let alone twice, and that matt barkley was way overrated even though he has a bright football mind and can throw well over the middle but not to the sidelines. a guy who can't throw out patterns in college is gonna have a tough time in the pros.

Again Big Baby, you make my point.

So they're a "big state school nationally" but not a nationally relevant program?

The debate wasn't about Conference popularity.

Torrey Smith is having a twitter war with Pats fans maybe you should go follow that instead this topic shows that you have your UM blinders on either that or you're opinion just refuses to be based on facts.


What's up guys...had a great time over the bahamas..its always good to get away even if its for a couple of days...

Hey pimple...reading at some of your wrire ups...it looks like you're still an asswipe...

Welcome back hope you had fun I have been to Nassau a few times assuming you went there (I know many many islands in the Bahamas).

I went to Freeport and didn't get off the boat it looked like an industrial wasteland.

Haha, the debate's all yours bro, I didn't say either of those things.

UF is just another school, UM isn't. The ratings and media coverage don't lie.

More double talk.

Just like last week.

Even dashi admits when he is wrong at least some of the time.

The Canes used to be great entertainment with those top 5 match ups with FSU, new years day games, and greats like Reed, Irvin, Andre Johnson, Hester, Portis, Ray Lewis, etc. They're boring now, though. You could be the biggest Cane homer, but as long as they keep having 6 loss seasons, no ACC title win, and 10,000 in the stands they will be has beens.

The only 'double talk' is coming from you Bog Baby, you're debating yourself.

Implying that I am a Gators fan is silly I just like pointing out the obvious to you.

Were going to fail, fail forward.

Never implied you're a Gators fan just like I never said anything about UF being 'irrelevant nationally'. You're arguing semantics against your own words. Saying UF is 'JUST ANOTHER big state school nationally' is the complete opposite of saying UF is 'a big state school nationally'.

There are teams out there that fans are more interested in, Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, Red Sox, Yankees, Cowboys, 49ers, Packers, UM is one of those brands because of the period of time this poll is asking about.

The "Rawpimple"s of the world would exist in any fanbase where a diploma mill state school set up in a podunk college town with no newspaper or public blogs was 'rivals' with a university in one of the US' major sports cities.

But here we have a Bostonian who doesn't even like 'rah rah' college football looking up UM's rivals' winning percentage since 1990.

We just need one name:


Enough said.

Go 'Canes

As a fan of all four teams, but probably more of a Canes fan than the others, I still have to say that the Dolphins' perfect season is the greatest accomplishment in Miami sports history. It has stood the test of time and may never be duplicated again. All four are amazing though for their own reasons.

Blackhawks Win The Cup. Dash Is On A Roll.

Also, You UF Sympathizers Give It Up. Who Is The Best QB UF Ever Produced? Exactly. He Sucks.

UM 5 Titles In Less Than 50 Years. UF 3 Titles In Over 100 Years.

Who Has More Players In The Pro Football Hall Of Fame? Or College Hall Of Fame?

UM Has Produced Over A Half Dozen Legit Pro QBs And The Same At RB. UF Has Produced Tebow And E.Smith. Huge Difference In Talent Disparity. And E.Smith Is The Most Overrated RB Ever. Any Of The Great UM RBs Is Better. Bet Most Of Them Have Gained More Yards In A Season Than E.Smith Ever Did.

Oh, And You Gaytor Fans Are Just Scared. The U Is Finally Back. The Duke Will Run Wild This Season. And The Gaytors Will Sink Back To Mediocrity. Book It.

Dude it's not the dewey decimal system anymore it wasn't hard to look up.

Hopefully you learned something yesterday about how successful a program they have been for over 100 years.

You probably had no idea the success rate over the last 25 either you sound petty when you dismiss a major University like that is all but I understand how rivalries work no problem and they are in state rivals.

I agree. Duke will run wild against the Canes. The Canes have had an ugly fall from the top. Every year it is the same thing---We are back! Guess what, as Pimplehead said you can't even show up to the ACC title game. You have a team of scrubs. Ohhh you got Johnson, thats about it. An undersized back who has to be limited in his carries otherwise he will end up like Dwayne Wade--banged up all the time. The Canes play in the worst conference and if this Kaz guy thinks being on ESPNU on most weeks is what the Yankees, Cowboys, and Bama are on, he is sadly delusional. The Canes being a nationally relevant team is a distant past and with each continued passing year it goes deeper and deeper. All the current teenagers know, is the crappy, Canes with a ton of negative results and publicity.

UM Qb's lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again not a Gator fan but 42 first round draft picks have come from UF.

You guys are delusional.

Fan--fanatic--delusional---1980s---it is 2013. Wake up! I guess Kaz hasn't watched a Canes game because they are barely on regular channels unless they play FSU or UF. You need a premier sports package and numerous monthly charges to be able to even come close to watching a Canes game. You play in the ACC--the freaking ACC--which is brutal and you cant even win that. Once you joined a conference with a conference title game, how many championships have you won? ZERO.


Sorry about your Bruins..That was a total collapse amigo...

Rivers leaving the Celtics to coach the Clippers? hhhmm, very strange.

The godfather (Riley) better get some rebounding help for next year..

Chalmers back for another season?..chit..no bueno

the Cubano rookie (Puig) is on a tear, what a player, I wish the Marlins had him..

The Gaytars will always be the Canes "putas"...

when is that criminal Hernandez going to the big house?

when does football "start" again?

Hey Chaz...

Are U a lizard?...do tell.

Fz Doc didn't want to coach a rebuilding Boston team his legacy takes a bit of a hit but the Clippers will be better than the Lakers next year and he will be in the spotlight there.

Take the first round pick they are years from contending anyway with any coach.

Bruins had a good run can't win them all they have been on both sides of those types of games this season but yes a tough way to lose regardless.

Big Baby Are You Saying In Total?

Or Over A 10-25 Year Period?

Yes, This Was A Bad Decade For The U(And The Fins), But We Have Had More Good Decades Than Bad. AND WE ARE BACK!!

Yes, The Heat Won The Title. They Did What Was Expected By Most. Call Me When They 3-Peat. They Want To Be All Time? Do It 4 Times!! Anything Less Than That Will Be Uncivilized. They Have The Talent. We Will Have To Settle For 3. We Can Do Better. OK Back To The Subject.

(And The 2003 Title Was The Best Title, The Marlins Have Won With A FA Team, But That Year The Lowest Payroll Beat The Highest Payroll, J.Beckett Shutout The Yankees In New York To Win The Series In 6.

The U Will Have A Good Season. And Overall One Of The Most Dominant Athletic Programs In The Country. UM is More Than Just Football.

Urban Myers Is A Great Coach. Steve Spurrier Was Good. That Is The Only 2 Era's Of UF Football.

UM Was Better For Longer. And We Will Be From This Moment(Season) Forward. Again.
All Golden Is A Great Coach.

And Even In Basketball, A Coach Is Important. You To Will Say The Same After This Season. Depending Who The Celtics Hire.


I think the Celtics should hire Antoine Walker to be their next coach...

You're kidding right?


Seems to me George Karl should never be out of work he's a good coach and Doug Collins was good with Philly a few years ago.

Stan Van Gundy is in the mix he's a good coach too despite what Shaq and man child Dwight Howard think.

It's going to be a tough rebuild for any coach taking the job but there are some pieces in place they could still be a 7 or 8 seed right now maybe depends on what KG and PP do also.

Emmitt Smith ran for over 1200 yards in a season a remarkable 9 times there isn't one UM RB better than him please be quiet now I am done discussing UF football.

Stan Van Gundy is a good choice, he is very good with a young team...He would be my choice.

I think P Pierce will be signed by the Clippers after he is released by the C's..Garnett?..no..

if the Clippers land Howard they are an instant contender..

I think the Heat should go after someone like Dalembert, hopefully we can get rid of Joel Anthony and Mike Miller.

and maybe get a young PG in the draft to groom for the future.

Duke Johnson Has Some Help This Season. The U Added A Couple Of RBs. And D.Johnson Is Rarely Injured, And He Doesn't Fumble.

Plus, This Season Falls On S.Morris. This Is His SR Year. With A Good Year He Can Be A 1st Rd Pick. He Finally Has WRs And TEs This Season. The Defense Is Better Than Last Season. And Golden Has Finally Built Most Of The Depth This Season.

You Will See. Just Watch. Why Do You Think The Charges Were Dropped This Season? Even The NCAA Knows. They Don't Want To Look Bad When UM Has To Play In A BCS Game. Not Just The ACC Title Game.

And The ACC Is a Major Conference. The SEC Is Only Good Cause Of Alabama. That's It.

We like the Stan Man. Cleveland just offered 2 second round picks for Pierce they have until June 30th to either keep him at 15 mil, trade him, or buy him out at 5 mil.

Numbers were decent last year but he's slowing down no idea what happens with him or KG Mike Miller is a good player they should keep him.

Howard destroyed the Lakers and Magic not sure Doc wants that headache.

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