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June 09, 2013

Finals G2: Heat 103, Spurs 84: Miami wins big, ties series 1-1, because even LeBron's bad games are good games; plus Heat poll result, Marlins & more

1) It is MONDAY, JUNE 10. The Monday live blog chat remains on hiatus, today because we are off prior to our trip to San Antonio. Stay tuned for the chat's return. 2) Click Random Evidence for our latest Sunday notes column, leading with the Heat-Spurs Finals and the toll it exacts on fans. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat Game 1 loss, LeBron on NBA 2K14, Heat confidence-level poll, Marlins win in 20, Serena wins French, List: Big 3 vs. Big 3.

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Click on LeBron: He's Good Even When He Isn't for my column off Heat's Series-tying Game 2 win last night.

FINALS G2: HEAT 103, SPURS 84: BALANCED OFFENSE, BIG D LIFT MIAMI: Mario Chalmers as the leading scorer with 19 points is not the common Heat recipe for success, but it works when you have seven players with 9 or more points and you play terrific defense, forcing 17 Spurs turnovers and allowing only 41 percent shooting. It also works when Mike Miller and Ray Allen are popping three 3's each. And it works when the combo of this balanced offense and great D are fashioning a 33-5 second-half run. LeBron James had only eight points on 3-for-13 shooting entering the fourth quarter but still managed to end up with 17 and create the game's most memorable play -- his emphatic fourth-quarter block of Tiago Splitter's attempted dunk. We are constantly reminded how great Le Bron is. Here's the latest reminder: LeBron's so great, even his bad games are good. (Watch for my column off the game online). ..... Original post: Miami is 4-4 in it past eight playoff games and 0-1 in the Finals heading into Sunday night's Game 2 here. Something isn't right, and we don't need an arcane bog of analytics or sabermetrics here to figure out what it is. Break it down to three men and bottom-line numbers. 1) 1aa1boshwadeDwyane Wade's regular season to playoff averages have cascaded from 52.1% shooting and 21.2 points to 44.8% and 14.3 points. 2) Chris Bosh's numbers have tumbled from 53.5% and 16.6 points to 44.9% and 12.3 points. 3) Shane Battier's 3-point accuracy has fallen in half, from 43.0% to a startling 21.9%. He is 14-for-64, one postseaeson after leading the NBA with 42-for-110. Battier's icy fingers can be compensated for if Ray Allen or Mike Miller (who has taken his minutes) are hitting, but Wade and Bosh together (pictured) are 11.2 points per game off their season averages -- and that's huge. In a sport, at a time of year, where just a few points are the difference between wins and losses, championships and disappointment, that's huge. LeBron's season-to-playoffs numbers in those two categories also are slightly down -- 56.5% and 26.8 to 51.0% and 25.7 -- but he does so much overall that he is absolutely the last guy you'd target for doing too little. Overall, though, Miami's BIg 3 scoring average has lost 12.3 points from its season average, and that's been tough to overcome. Dwyane's right knee has troubled him and Bosh's ankle isn't perfect, but history won't care. If Miami fails to repeat, history will only note that LeBron didn't get enough help. The chances to set this right are growing small.

Poll result: Heat fans still confident but Texas votes skew overall numbers: We asked in previous blogpost how confident you are Heat still win win championship after a Game 1 home loss (you may still vote), and results were split. Slightly more than half remain confident ('very' 26.6%, 'fairly' 25.3%). Slightly less than half are less so ('not at all sure' 19.8%, 'not optimistic' 28.3%). However! A breakdown of votes is telling. More than half of votes have come from Florida and Texas, in that order. In Florida, the combined very/fairly confident vote is 70.1%. In Texas, those voting 'not at all sure' or 'not optimistic' (as if they were Heat fans) totaled 78.5%. No matter. Our blog knows no borders, and all are welcome. God Bless America!

UPDATED SAD-O-METER: MARLINS WIN IN EXTRAS AGAIN: We have this new blog feature we update as 1aa1bbhappylong as Marlins' winning percentage is under .300 -- as long as the New York Mets' infamous 1962 record of 40-120 (.250) is within dubious reach. However, in honor of Saturday's 20-inning win and last night's in extras, both over the Mets, we have temporarily replaced our Sad Baseball Face with a happy face. Updated Sad-O-Meter: Current record, 18-44 (.290). Season projection, 47.03 wins, 114.97 losses.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Miami Heat will win in 6 games.

Why anti isn't that the pick that changed the course of our dear Potterz life? Perhaps not. Yes swagster swimming should be an olympic sport...

Yes well Jimbo what toy did you take from WWll?

Dashi you are a Patriot son LOL. Wish I could get that lazy son of his mother duke to be more like you. Yes The Complacency of Foolz Will Surely Destroy Him. Duke get away from the sugar cubez and come look at AMERICA'S GREATEST FIGHTING GENERAL!!!

D-backs draft ASU's Cory Hahn

PHOENIX -- When the Arizona Diamondbacks reached the 34th round of baseball's draft, they didn't pick for need or take a chance on potential.

Instead, they made a gesture to a player whose career was cut short.

Bypassing conventional wisdom in the draft, the Diamondbacks used the 1,020th overall pick of the draft on Arizona State's Cory Hahn, an outfielder who was partially paralyzed during a game in 2011.

"It's not about us. It's really about Cory and his family," Hall said. "I was able to spend time with them right after the injury in his hospital room and he's a wonderful kid. We want to make this permanent. We don't want this to just be about the selection and him being a draft pick, but about him working in full-time employment with the Diamondbacks and hopefully we'll make that come to fruition for he and his family here soon."


Bravo to the Diamondbacks.


Yes well Dashi oddly when duke's laughter finally died down around part where the General was discussing threat of Iran he turned pure paleface...

With all due respect daddy-O why would I want my bosses name to be Old Blood & Gutz. It just seems such a namesake would, would ah be like an omen...

Shula placed 3rd today. Overal, I'm not surprised by 3rd, but am surprised at the order of the final 5. I don't see Walsh as #2 over Noll and Halas. He stifled Marino in his best year, who had no trouble outscoring opponents.

Walsh to his credit had what 3 SB wins? Plus left Seifart with strong enough team to get his own loving cup(s?).And he had revolving door of great playerz

Wade attended the Spain-Haiti match at Joe Robbie yesterday afternoon, hope he wasn't wilting in the heat..though he is a Heat. :). The defending Euro 2012 and World Cup champs could barely get by Haiti 2-1.....something for the Haitian fans to get some satisfaction. Just 34,000 attended.

Over 53,000 at the Sounders game last night, saw a come from behind win. The atmosphere over there is electric. ...I'm wondering if a similar crowd at Seahawk stadium century or whatever it's called, will attend the qualifier vs Panama Tuesday evening,

I could've seen Shula as 5th, but once Noll and Halas fell, I thought for Walsh was below those two.

Well, 3rd is pretty good, but Shula should've been 2nd.

Hmm sometimes what I post materializes sometimes not. So if it repeats. Anyway Sir Vincent Lombardi must rightfully be #1. Yes?

Must Win.

If Heat Win, They Will Win Big. By 10 Or More.

Play Heat Basketball. And Nobody Can Beat Them.


Old Blood And Guts Never Lost A Fight. Even Hitler Was Scared Of Patton. Chuck Norris Has A Picture Of Patton On His Dresser. He Prays To Him Every Night.

Would You Rather Be Lead By Bob Knight Or Spo?

Depending On The Answer It Explains What Kind Of Person You Are. How Much You Love To Win, How Much You Accept Losing.

America Loves A Winner.

You Can Just Look At Spo And See He Doesn't Have "IT" To Lead.

Cam Cameron Or Bill Belichick?

All Great Coaches Are Great Leaders.

Phil Jackson, Has A Stern Side. That Zen Stuff Is Just Psychological. A Nice Way To Keep Players In Line. But He Still Makes Them Follow Him, Not The Other Way Around.

OH, THE DRAMA CONTINUES!!! "heat faltering..."

please let the ole shadow know when the spurs win their fourth game. i have seen a lot of ballplayers, but none who can control a game from anywhere on the court. ,ebron james would get eaten alive by wilt and other pivot players of reknown, but they weren't gonna chase him all over the court. magic johnson was phenomenal, but without the quicjness and athletic ability of #6, who is coming on to display the, ahem, "basketball IQ" of magic.

He scares me too and I don't mean that disrespectfully. To disrespect someone like Patton is suicide...

Huh I wonder if respect & fear can be mutually exclusive. Yeah well ah Jimbo what are you using to combat my Iowa class Battleship...

About tonight's game..

Will the worst PG ( Chalmers ) in the NBA "step up" and score 10 pts ?

Will the girly-est of all NBA centers ( Bosh ) "step up" and grab 10 rebounds and score 15 pts?

Will one of the best team defenders and three pt shooters in the NBA ( Battier ) suddenly remember how to score again?

Can a whiny one legged former super-star ( Wade) be enough of a compliment to LeBron?

Must game for the Heatles ( obviously ) , lose and this is ova...like I have stated before, win,lose or draw after the playoffs Riley needs to fix this rebounding deficiency , Riley built this team which is the reason I give a pass to Spo for now, sorry Dashi.

When does football start's again?....

Chuck Norris's acting is more frightening than his martial arts prowess. So I ah really respect his acting. Huh!?

They're naming the coaches day by day, i didn't start paying attention til a few days ago because I knew Shula woukd be top 5. Belicheck is 7. He's capable, like him or not, to become 1 if he keeps it up.
Yes, I fully expect Lombardi to be #1, especially over Walsh. I started to get greedy thinking Shula may be 1 at the rate things had been goung,

I would really expect Jimmy Johnson in top ten. That was a great Dallas team he designed and coached...

To me Shula was top two, him and Lombardi where Shula failed miserable was as a GM, one of the worst talent evaluators around...

Just my opinion gents..

In fact I enjoyed it more than 49er teams. I'm by no meanz a Cowboyz fan but I am an Emmitt Smith fan and a fan of pulverizers like that particular Dallas team...

Argentina and US have split their games (3-1 each) in the opening round of the World Volleyball league. Both were played in the US. US has the point advantage though.

Bulgaria swept France.
Brazil beat defending champs Poland 3-1 in the first match; right now Poles have come from 2 sets and it's 2-2 going into the last set. They have a sold out 15,000 capacity arena behind them, but this is Brazil.

Nontheless, an exciting match going on...glad I can watch.

US pool has Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Bulgaria, France. I think the top 4 make the finals in Argentina...I think. maybe it's less..I need to look it up because they changed the rules from last year.

That didnt last long, despite 15k support in the Atlas arena in Lodz, Brazil won set 5 15-10.

I checked the new format. It's really stupid. There are 18 teams. Pools A and B have 6 teams each, they are the best 12 teams. Pool C has teams ranked 13-18. For some really stupid reason, Pool C gets a place in the Finals. Man, that's dumb. Why does 13-18 get a better chance than. 1-12?

Only 6 teams make the finals to be hekd in Argentina in late July. Winner of C. Hosts Argentina. And then two each from Pool A and Pool B.
Pool A is really tough, wirh Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland and the US. Only 2 can advance.

Pool B features Russia ,Italy, Serbia..Russia is the strong one. The others are hit or miss depending on the year.

Jimmy Johnson was 13. The list is on ESPN, NFL section. Today's headline is Shula since today is #3 and they picked him as #3. I have no problem with #3, but the order. Noll had 4 Super Bowls in how many years? And he also turned them around ..I think they were 1-13 in the late 60's. Noll should be above Walsh.

I dont know Halas personally, but thought he'd get 2. However, Shula did beat his record.


I'm kinda partial to the basic luger. It's simple, nicely balanced, and would always be discharged by every bad guy portrayed in WWII film, just to underline how truly bad they were. Ultimately, it would have to be something like this, though:




Can You Win A Title With This Roster?

Dashi Doesn't Blame Riley. Year 1 Of The Big 3? Yes, Riley Was Partly To Blame. Year 3 Of The Big 3 Falls On Spo.

You And Everyone Else Knows. Mario Chalmers Is Less Talented Than N.Cole. Yet, Spo Sticks With Chalmers. That Is On Spo, Not Riley.

I Have Some Gems From Barry Jackson To Point Out Spo's Incompetence. But Dashi Is Trying To Keep Positive Today.

If The Heat Want To Win. They Need To Win By At Least 10. If The Game Is Close, We All Know The Outcome.

AH OC whatz zat yer basic 88mm Luger? Dashi now THAT'S cheating.

Actually isn't a railroad gun much bigger than 88mm. Jimbo? If so OC is really cheatin'...

I think I still take a sub.....we can go anywhere in the world...fun stuff.

Dashi, to answer you question...yes the Heat can win a championship with this team but long term type dinasty teams?... No way, you need a dominant rebounder / defender in the middle, he doesn't even have to be a great scorer with LeBron around.

Cole has a chance to be better than Chalmers but he's not there yet...I keep complaining about Chalmers but there is nothing the Heat can do about it, they just have no money available for anybody else, it is what it is.

The Heat ought to put Marino in at center now that he's ah, like ah done wit' football and all. Yeah a real crowd pleaser Mr Dan the Man Marrrriiinnnooooo...

If I'm Not Mistaken The Rail Gun Is Bigger. 800mm.

The Only Thing Bigger Is A V-3 Cannon "Hochdruckpumpe"


A Mountain Gun. You Need A Whole Side Of A Mountain Just To Shoot It.

Hitler Wanted To Create A Even Bigger One By Stacking 3 More Cannons On Top Each Other One.

Duke, 88 were one size fits all,, Tiger canon, anti aircraft gun, etc. Rail gun is whole different animal.

I saw an MG34, tripod, cloth belt feed, ammo at a Army surplus back in Colorado sometime 1998. I stood there studying that thing for about 20 minutes. I carried an M60 yrs ago while in the N'tl Guard 82-85, could see similarities. Store wanted quite a bit for that old MG34.

Ok Jimbo. Rail gun VS Iowa class Battleship. Who winz? Me or OC?

Really what WWll toy beatz an Iowa class Battleship...

A Rail gun Luger. Yeah like that's gonna happen...

I mean even with money being no object a Rail gun Luger is simply not a practical weapon. Am I right Jimbo??? What is OC gonna hide it inside his lapel...

Yah really have to wonder about Hitlerz insatiable appetite for BIGER AND BIGGER AND MORE OF 'EM GUNZ. Senor Woodcock what would Irma have to say about that I wonder...


Interesting 4th quarter...

dukathon...what WWll toy beatz an Iowa class Battleship?


...but they weren't on our side.

This one has always been an enigma to me. Sometimes I've awaken in cold sweat blasting this thing, faceless...over and over and over, years on end.

I'd ask Kazaam if he believed in multiple lives, which, like astrology, is in the wooo-world of nonsensical. Still, I can't figure out why I keep seeing me blasting this f&*&*ng weapon like 2,000 times in my life. Freud, please call.


...by the way. It always ends the same way. I'm blasting away until I'm put away.

awakened, probably correct.

OC I'm not generally a poor loser but I think that a death starship is ah cheating again. Jimbo what say you? Plus Jimbo what piece of artillary did you purchase?

Probably hard to put that gattling handgun down OC. Sure looks fun...

OC I see your death star and raise you wit my. You'll see...


Did a bit of research and apparently, that Sterling submachine gun was used by the Allies in that unsuccessful Arnhem operation.


Eerily familiar.

From what I read you were right to keep firing until they took you away soldier...

Next time you dream of being in WWII pick being one of the guyz on the Missouri watching Hirihito(sp?) sign over title to Japan to the US...

Ackwardly put but you get the idea...

You're right. There's simply no match for the Q continuum.

Just weird. Anytime I have trouble falling asleep, I simply go to that scene where I'm blasting - Stallone (Rambo style) with the Sterling. Puts me out instantaneously.

Some people count sheep. I guess I count rounds, which is where I'm headed. Later...

I used to visualize B-52 strikez against former employer in order to get to sleep. It worked like a charm...

I would even imagine payload in megatonz for each plane...

Must Win.

If Heat Win, They Will Win Big. By 10 Or More.

Play Heat Basketball. And Nobody Can Beat Them.

Posted by: Dashi | June 09, 2013 at 03:11 PM

Oh and Practical Use,

Tommy Gun. From WW2.

M240, Now.

As Collectibles.

Game 3 winner of NBA finals under new 2-3-2 format goes on to win 92% of the time. 12-1
Only 1 loss was your Miami Heat against the Mavs.

So Are You Saying The Heat Are Going To Win? Or Are They Going To Lose Even If They Win?


the worst PG in the NBA had a terrific game.

the girliest center in the NBA had ten boards

our bench was solid (Miller,Allen,Birdman)..great defensive effort..

LeBron showed his all around brilliance even when he was having an off-night.

D Wade needs to somehow show up in the second half.

now that they have a win, the next game IS a must game to take home field advantage back..SA is very,very good at home so it won't be easy, this is shaping up as a 7 game series.

when does football starts again?

7 games with the second best team in the West?

They beat the best team in 5 last year.

You're really hard on the players of a team you supposedly like sort of weird sometimes FZ just be glad you lucked into Lebron and put on your life is good t-shirt.


I like the Heat but I'm not a crazy rabid basketball "aficionado" compared to football, it'll be great for the fans and the city if they win but I won't go crazy either way it goes..

and yes I am glad we got LeBron, the best basketball player in the world, who wouldn't be?

football is totally different, I live and die with each Dolphins game, they could be losing by 40 pts with less than a minute to play and I'll watch to the bitter end.


last years finals was more the Thunder were glad just to be there and the Heat on a mission, this year SA is a better more complete team than KC, specially the bench.

two evenly matched teams, this can go either way, rooting for the Heat but being a bit realistic also.

in the stranger than fiction dept..8-5 got in trouble again for "slapping his attorney in the butt"..hehe


lucked into lebron, baby? as if that's all we needed? cleveland had him 7 years and couldn't win.
enough about chalmers, FZB. he's big game mario; he makes mistakes, but he doesn't turn the ball over as much as cole and shows up when it counts.
he was better than parker yesterday; he shut him down and lead that rally with his offense.
and dashi? spoelstra outcoached popovich in the 3rd. the defense and substitutions were perfect.

How about the stat I heard today that the player who has taken the most shots in this years NBA playoffs--not including last night was none other than????

Carmelo Anthony and dude was out in the first round..BAHWHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHA

After last night, now it is Lebron.

so the Heat are on less of a mission this year not buying that.

OKC had Harden last year no way this current SA team is better.

I'll argue the teams are not evenly matched how many teams have Miller, Anderson, and Battier coming off the bench not many this series goes 6 max.

la david Cleveland had the suckiest supporting cast for Lebron ever is Danny Ferry still employed that was a one man show oh yeah they had that Columbian scrub with the dreads and Ilgauskas and Eric Snow lol.

Comparing the Miami team LeBron is on to those horrible Cavs teams is dumb even for you.

Melo is still a stud laugh at him all you want he probably feels like LeBron in Cleveland.


If you're talking about Verajao I think he is Brazilian.

I still think the Heat need to somehow take care of that rebounding problem they have in the off season.

I had the right continent!

I was confusing him with that soccer player with the dreads from Columbia mike1 knows who I am talking about he had a bad own goal in the World Cup I think otherwise a good career.

Or maybe they both just had curly hair I dunno it's Monday.

The judge says to a double-homicide defendant, "You're charged with beating your wife to death with a hammer."

A voice at the back of the courtroom yells out, "You bastard!"

... The judge says, "You're also charged with beating your mother-in-law to death with a hammer."

The voice in the back of the courtroom yells out, "You rotten bastard!"

The judge stops and says to Paddy in the back of the courtroom. "Sir, I can understand your anger and frustration at these crimes, but no more outbursts from you, or I'll charge you with
contempt. Is that understood?"

Paddy stands up and says, "I'm sorry, Your Honour, but for fifteen years I've lived next door
to that arsehole and every time I asked to borrow a hammer, he said he didn't have one."

8-5 screams for attention. face it dude, your irrelevant now that your no longer an NFL WR. irrelevant.

Chalmers had his 15 mins of fame.

Spurts in 6 games.

Heat emblem still looks like my swollen hemmorhoid. Watching the Heat play is like a pain in the a$$.

While I'm by no means a Ocho Cinco fan its a travesty and abuse of power that the judge sent him to jail for 30 days just for patting his lawyer on the butt. What a waste of tax payers money.

Chad Johnson ✔ @ochocinco
Love me through the good and the bad because I'm gone love you regardless... See you in 30... 🙏

Pats about to sign Tebow....ya can't make this shit up...

It's done.

Let the Circus begin Bellychuck has lost it.

"Comparing the Miami team LeBron is on to those horrible Cavs teams is dumb even for you."
um.. that was in response to you suggesting miami "lucked" into lebron.. we didn't "luck" into anything. they signed a hybrid player, then, after some mistakes, crafted a team around him to support that special player.
my point is, having lebron doesn't guarantee anything.
oscar robertson was the lebron of the 60's and early 70's and he only has one ring.
it's not golf.
it's a team sport.
as for melo, he'll never feel like lebron. he's a scorer, plain and simple.
lebron, like magic and jordan, make their teammates better, they get them involved, AND they thrive in other aspects of the game, (assists, rebounds, steals).
it's idiotic to compare melo to lebron.
the day melo has a triple double with 18 points, 18 REBOUNDS and 10 assists is the day kaz and i meet you for church on sunday..

Yup, Big Baby loves to set LeBron up so he can tear him down.

'LeBron will win every title no matter who's on the team - and if he doesn't then he's the biggest loser of all time'

Weak stuff from a guy who's team is finished.

Jimbo here's my navigator for those long off shore excercises...


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