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May 03, 2013

Dion Jordan: Building a beast and brand; plus Bulls-Nets. Who'd give Heat tougher time? Poll. Vote!; also Susannah Collins, Tebow prank & more

1) It is SATURDAY, MAY 4. Happy quatro de Mayo! New blogpost coming later today. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat's preference for next round, Dolphins' biggest-need poll, NBA gay player backlash, Sad-O-Meter, glowing sheep. 3Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

LeBron to collect fourth MVP award on Sunday: ESPN citing "sources" in saying it'll be official on Sunday. ESPN sources also indicate the sun'll come up tomorrow.

Click on Waiting For A Game And A Challenge for my most recent column, on the Heat's long wait for a second-round oppoent that, either way, doesn't look too scary.

THE BUILDING (AND BRANDING) OF DION JORDAN: The Dolphins' No. 1 draft pick is missing this weekend's rookie camp as he recovers from shoulder surgery, but I use the occasion to share two things about Jordan I find interesting. 1. Building a Beast On the Field -- Jordan has trained with MMA legend Chuck Liddell and Fox 1aa1djordanSports' Jay Glazer (also a former fighter) on his aggressiveness and hand-work. Glazer has taught him to attack blockers with "hammer-fist" techniques. "Why would you not want to make it a bad day on that [blocker's] forearms," says Glazer. 2. Building a Brand Off the Field: Jordan enlisted Tallahassee-based public relations firm 180 Communications for "media training" to better tell his story and grow his profile in Miami. His training specialist, Elton Gumble, says Jordan's is "a story that could rival Michael Oher's Blindside for popularity." Jordan's mother lost custody due to drug addiction when he was 12, and at 17 he suffered burns on 40 percent of his body in an explosion when he and friends tried to siphon gas from one car to another in a buddy's garage by using a vaccum cleaner. ("Dumb idea," Jordan admits). Gumble sees his story as one of perseverence and overcoming odds, and thinks he'll be active locally working with burn victims and inner-city kids. Of course, it will take his becoming a star commensurate with the third overall pick to fully provide that forum. It'll be interesting to watch his potential -- on and off the field -- play out.

1aa1waitingBULLS OR NETS? WHO'D GIVE HEAT A BETTER SERIES?: I know, I know. Heat fans are supremely confident, and should be, and so the natural reaction is to harrumph and say what difference does it make because neither Brooklyn nor Chicago -- who play a Game 7 Saturday for the right to meet Miami -- will seriously challenge the Heat. Neverthless, one of them would give Miami a tougher time for whatever reasons. Which one? Vote and say why. (I know "Neither one" would win here; that's why it isn't a choice...)

THE STRANGE TALE OF SUSANNAH COLLINS: She's a Chicago hockey reporter fired this week by 1aa1collinssComcast for saying during  a live report in front of the Blackhawks dressing room that the Blackhawks had enjoyed "such a tremendous amount of sex during the regular season." Now, while that may be true, Collins (pictured) meant to say "success" and quickly corrected herself. The blooper (click here) went viral. But that isn't what got her fired, exactly. The misspeak going viral led to a probe of Collins' past that included some mildly risque sports videos done in 2009-10 as part of the Sports Nutz for Middlebrow Media. Click here for those. She'll be out of work for about a minute and a half.

TIM TEBOW TO THE DOLPHINS! WHY IS THIS GUY TAKING CREDIT FOR AN ABSURD RUMOR?: Miami New Times online has a story by a Ryan Yousefi headlined, "Tim Tebow to the Dolphins! How I 1aa1doltimTrolled Twitter Into Believing An Absurd Rumor." Two thoughts here. 1) It wasn't that asburd. What this guy Tweeted on Thursday found whatever traction it did largely because Tebow's own agent, Drew Rosenhaus, had said on WQAM the day before that he "wouldn't be shocked" if Miami showed interest. So the speculation already was out there. I'd been deflecting Tebow-to-the-Dolphins rumors and email inquiries from the moment the Jets cut him. 2) Sounding a false alarm on Twitter is so easy that any giggling adolescent with too much free time can do it. You Tweet, "OMG. [Famous Celebrity] just died!!" and chances are the celeb's name will soon be trending. This Tebow stunt, despite the bow for applause, hardly invented or perfected the art of Twitter pranking.

Poll result: Left tackle Dolphins' biggest need by far: We asked what Miami's biggest remaining need was, post-draft, and 68.0 percent voted left tackle, followed by 10.9% cornerback, 7.9% running back, 5.9% tight end and 1.0% linebacker. Another 6.3% voted "something else."

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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The Tackle decision is simple .... If we feel that Martin can do the job at LT, they we need to pick up a good RT, probably Eric Winston. However, if we are not confident using Martin at LT that make the trade with KC ... offer them our 2014 #4 pick ... then sign Albert to play LT.

jordans pr firm have done a fine job. hes well spoken humble and quite charming. the bow tie however is a bit too much


That Miami New Times really has a professional staff over there an employee bragging about a fake twitter story that he started is this where we are going as a society?


the caricature of tim tebow in davone bess' dolphin jersey/uniform-PUKE CITY


Nice article you posted on the Dolphins (previous post).


since your going to be 6 DECADES OLD in a couple of days you now qualify for the FZB internet VIAGRA special (this is only for my buddy's and you qualify)
I can ask my son (El Doctor) to write up a prescription for ya no questions asked.

the Missus would be grateful, your welcome.


its not even worth commenting on it...

Thanks FZB it's a new blog that's pretty good it charts all AFC East teams it should be a good source of information as long as it stays around.


Still rooting for the C's tonight, hoping they take care of the stinkin-Knicks

the Nets are probably going to win their series now but man, they are a soft team, the Bulls have all kinds of injuries and they are still right there with them (Nets), scrappy team..

For OC and whoever enjoys these things go C's!


could Obi be suppressing evidence of ET's?..hhhmmm


could Obi BE and ET?...now THAT would explain a lot of things.

Happy 60th Mr. Woodcock. 6 decades in this periodically grueling and nightmarish society is an accomplishment indeed, AARP or no. Plus don't sweat it. Our bodies rightfully belong to Mother Earth but underneath we're BRILLIANT MULTIDIMENSIONAL MINDBLOWING DIAMONDS! So don't sweat the small stuff...

My goodness I am amazed at the lengths to which some of you will defend Ireland for mindboggling stupidity. Let's see....Brandon Marshall caught 81 passes for 1206 yards and 6 TDs in 2011. Based on total yards and number of receptions Marshall was in the top 10 of all receivers that year.

Hey Tom,

I don't think there's any question that Legedu Naanee is a better receiver that Brandon Marshall...

Happy birthday, Woody.


the peanut farmer from plains, georgia claimed to have seen a UFO in 1973/74, and was elected to the presidency!! no lousy stinkin' 1/100 senators, but the big, boss man- and worst president of the 20th century by a country mile!! and moonbat brother and mother along for the ride! plus that homely daughter amy!! unlike susan ford, no rumors amy was ballin' rod stewart in the white house.

CINCO DE MAYO: invention of dos/tres equis and jose cuervo!!!

not mexican independence day, but celebration of a mexican peasant and army uprising against the colonial troops of napoleon III. hey, any reason for a good margarita- good margarita defined as the kind served along with the horrible mexucan food at "el cholo's" on vermont above pico, close to Mr. Woodcock's favorite university. out for the Sabbath with the good news that my favorite NBA team, the warriors, dispatched the nuggets, even minus david lee. much credit to mark jackson- fine ballplayer, TV guy and now coach. harrison barnes and young curry gonna be around for awhile-YAY!!!!

Woodcock's birthday? Happy Sinko De Mayo & Happy Birthday my friend. Now, make us proud and post some bold sh*t.

Yeah but the guy was a heck of a peanut farmer shadow! And Billy Beer swill to help loosen them from one's esophagous was just what Dr. Kavorkian ordered!

Bryant McKinnie update. The big man signed with Ravens. One of Miami's potential upgrade move at O tackle is gone. My NFL friend, who goes by the name of Willie B Free gave me insight on why McKinnie didn't sign with Miami. Apparently Ireland found out that Bryant has a club foot & cleft pallet. Ireland asked if the foot stays out all night partying & if Bryant could be so kind a saying "Wersheshire sauce" 6 times. McKinnie angrily limped out of the office while Ireland was rolling on the floor laughing. The real truth is Ireland gets his jollies screwing with people with disabilities & whose moms have a bad habit of being a "ho".

Your post explaining what the Fins may do at T is straight forward & probably 100% correct.

Happy Birthday Woodcock.

Ms Ross and his henchmen trying to fool the public by holding a job fair to screw the tax payer. How low can you go puckered anus face Ross? POS!

This loser just cost South Florida millions and millions.

Wow, he has the perfect face to eat a knuckle sandwich.


Thanks boys. FZ, it's no strain on the crane the cable is able for the old Cuban Comet, bro. But thanks for the viagra script, you never know when it might come handy....

Mr. Woodcock, That's not a very nice thing to say about an over the top richy rich guy who is likely no longer in touch with the common man...

Oye OC, if you want I can walk Sammy over to this guy's new pad and have him dump a pyramid of dog crap on his front lawn for you.

He might be a lousy coach, OC, but he sure knows where to buy a pad.


Dukester, you know this clown? If he reached into my wallet and cleaned me out like he did to the people of South Florida today I would hit him across his grill with a 36 ounce Louisville Slugger so hard I'd shove his teeth through his ass hole.

I assumed you were referring to Ross but could not click on your web address. Hell there are lotsa people that could benefit in the short run from a knuckle sandwich but all too often these are the same ones that can't remember what caused their pain in the first place...

Screw the Head Jew, I'm talking about this fish, the House Speaker who dropped an anvil on the JRS remodel. He cost every South Floridian big bucks by killing this bill. I bet this fish is a freaking lizard from Gaynesville. I hate those guys.

This bill was going to be a huge win win for every South Florida citizen. The money was all going to come from tourists and it wasn't going to cost us one thin dime. That fish has to be a Gaytor.

I hope we have a 40 point margin when we play them this year and we call time out with 5 seconds and bring in a 4 foot tall midget from Nicaragua still dressed like a rainbow in one of those loud soccer shirts and the Indian kicks a meaningless 15 yarder against the Gayturds to put an exclamation point on the ass whipping.

Wouldn't want tourist dollars diverted away from politician's & big businessmen's wallets would you Mr. Woodcock?

Predator's gotsata eat too...

Dukey, what's wrong boss, don't you want to sit in the shade?

Ah who am I kidding. I don't follow the newz or politics because it is a vexation wrapped in a doughy major depressive edisode. The news I need and don't need generally getz to me through the grapevine. I have this habit of assuming that when an area say the size of South Fla. is denied financial perks it's because bigger greedier beasties are finding another self-serving means for it. Could be wrong. Could be to many stories of greed and corruption has resulted in a stigmaticism when matters of money, politicians & businessman come to the fore...

Definition of implacable(PREDATORS) (adj)

im·plac·a·ble [ im plákəb'l ] impossible to appease: impossible to pacify or to reduce in strength or force
Synonyms: pitiless, merciless, relentless, ruthless, cruel, hardhearted, callous, rigid, unbending, unyielding, obdurate, cold-hearted

Yes just bigger, greedier beasties and by the way they adore the shade...

Valiant effort by the C's...

Of course the Bulls would be a tougher opponent for the Heat, as that would instantly come to mind to so many people. However, if the Nets some how come back and beat the Bulls in game 7, then you have to consider how much momentum and confidence the Nets will be playing with after trailing 3-1 in this series. Brook Lopez is really beasting in this Chicago series. I do not think the Brooklyn Nets would best Miami in a 7 game series but they would put up a fight as would Chicago. Miami was 3-0 against the Nets and 2-2 against the Bulls in the regular season. Kirk Hinrich gives Dwyane Wade all kinds of problems and he is a dirty bum that plays tackle basketball. Plus, if Derrick Rose returns that could instantly change the complexion of that series. I am not picking any favorites here, but both teams would definitely give the Heat an entertaining series. After I saw how complacent the Knicks were today, I am just not convinced NYK can beat the Indiana Pacers in a 7 game series. I don't know why, but I'm starting to think the Knicks are fools gold. That team goes the way Carmelo Anthony goes.

Earl - yea but look at it this way, last season it was GREAT for them to get pushed around by the Pacers, really drove home that they need to compensate for their lack of a center by having Wade and LeBron crash the boards instead of trying to get out in transition so much.

Maybe better to struggle against the Nets than to be taken by surprise down the line. Plus they'd be much healthier going into the next round playing the Nets than the Bulls.

Knicks are most definitely fools gold, they rely on Carmelo and JR Smith going off and making a bunch of shots they have no business taking. That's a two way street though because those two player usually do produce, Knicks wouldn't be the second best team in the East if they didn't.

Do the phins relocate to san diego, if they go to LA. Or simply to LA. Every city that failed to build, soon regretted it and built one later. Read the Houston Chronicle, all bragging about winning it from Miami. Claiming there stadium is superior even with upgrades....yeah, if you like bland, gray structure. However, therir readers are commenting how Miamians are smart not catering to corporate greed as Houston has done. I guess they're a bit behind on the Marlins stadium saga.

Is it possible to get some of the money the Marlins are getting? The Dolphins stadium is the most worthy. Fans care mote about the Ohins on about a 10,000 to 1 margin.

Agree on the Nets,

rather see them instead of the Bulls, also let's hope the Knicks and the Pacers go seven...


sorry about the C's man, that's it for that team, time to rebuilt.

Nice that Miami-Dade stood up for itself for once, Superbowls help South Beach hotels and South Beach restaurants, they do f*ck all for the City of Miami. Why should Miami-Dade punish ALL of it's hotel owners (who have to pass it on to their customers) for decades to pay up the front costs for the Dolphins' renovations?

ROSS DOES NOT GIVE A F*CK ABOUT HOSTING SUPER BOWLS. He wants a couple thousand more Miami fans enticed by shade and cover to buy tickets to 8 games a year. Joe Robbie has the BCS championship on rotation and the OB and college playoffs every year. Miami will keep getting Super Bowls because it's Miami, the NYC Super Bowl will make the case for us. They already had to cancel the NFL Experience because there was no space in NYC and you can't do it outside if it's freezing out.

Ross can't control demand but he can control supply. He could get those couple thousand fans by removing seating, people wouldn't be so quick to cancel tickets if they didn't know they can renew at any time. He could probably sell out every game if he took the capacity down to 64,000.

Woodcock I told you not to jinx the stadium deal.

Yes rebuilding time for the C's FZB listening to Doc after the game he didn't sound like a guy who was going to be around for that.

At least they have Rondo and Sullinger ther'es some hope but it could be a LONG time before banner # 18 arrives.

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