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May 19, 2013

Frank Vogel, professional irritant, spices Heat-Pacers series; plus predict MIA-IND winner. Poll. Vote; also, Spurs take G1, Marlins win & more


1) It is MONDAY, MAY 20. Happy birthday, Eldest Offspring. Love you! 2) R.I.P., Ray Manzarek of The Doors, player of the iconic keyboard on "Light My Fire." 3) Maybe I'm too cynical, but Dolphins safety Reshad Jones missing a May workout day in a contract tiff -- I don't give a crap! 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): It's Heat-Pacers, Heat title odds, Preakness, Wade goes to prom, Chad Johnson, Sad-O-Meter. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote.

Heat prohibitive faves over Pacers: Bovada as of today has Miami a 2-15 favorite to win the Eastern finals over Indiana, which is 21-4. Individual series scoring-leader over/unders are Heat's LeBron James at 26.5 points and Indy's Paul George at 18.5.

Spurs take Game 1 of Western finals: Miami's presumed eventual NBA Finals opponent looks more solidly like San Antonio today after the Spurs dominated Game 1 at home vs. Memphis, 105-83. 

Marlins win! Marlins win!: Fish beat visiting Arizona yesterday 2-1 to end a seven-game losing streak, thanks to Ricky Nolasco's 11 strikeouts in eight-plus innings. See updated Sad-O-Meter below.

VOGEL YAPS AS INDIANA IS UP NEXT ON HEAT'S 2013 UPPER-MIDWEST ANNIHILATION TOUR: I'd almost forgotten what a little irritant Pacers coach Frank Vogel (pictured) is. He has the Heat's attention after 1aa1fvogelsaying of Miami, "They're the next team that's in our way, and that's how we're approaching it." Granted, the comment is fairly benign. But everything this time of year is magnified and heard as if it were shouted, and so LeBron James has found a way to take umbrage and use Vogel's remarks as fuel. "We're not just another team," said James, interpreting Vogel 's comments as a dismissive insult to Miami. History: Vogel wasa fined 15K by the NBA a year ago for calling the Heat the biggest "floppers" in the league. The latest exchange is mighty tepid as "War of Words" go, but it's enough to construct the new framework for this series: Lil' Pacers feeling saucy, big Heat intending to put them in their place. Can't wait! Original post: First, Milwaukee fell. Then, Chicago. On deck, Indiana, with Game 1 of the Eastern finals Wednesday night in Miami. Fate 1aa1ecfhas the Heat mowing through the upper Midwest to get back to the NBA Finals. Milwaukee was an easy 4-0 sweep. Chicago was a lot harder, but, bottom line, still a 4-1 breeze. Indiana figures to be a more difficult; to the point, more difficult than New York would have been. The Knicks are a one-man show (Carmelo Anthony) and below-average on the defensive end. Indiana rebounds better, defends much better and has a player (Paul George) who bothered LeBron James into 15 turnovers in three regular-season meetings. Plainly, NYK would have been an easier opponent. There were other reasons to wish the Knicks were the next opponent. From a fans' viewpoint, the Knicks presented a sexier foe as Miami's biggest rival. Oppositely, the Pacers are star-less and not an historic rival (though last year's playoff meeting was contentious). Heat fans may be feeling cheated of the opportunity to watch boorish Knicks fans and No. 1 cheerleader Spike Lee turned sad by defeat. From the vantage of Your Friend the Media, well, would you rather spend a few days in New York City or in Indianapolis? Exactly! As I mention in my Sunday notes column, New York is The City That Never Sleeps. Indianapolis is The City That Makes Me Sleepy. But it is what it is, as they say, so the 2013 Upper Midwest Annihilation Tour marches on. How do you see this series going? Vote and say why:

Poll result: We wanted Knicks, not Pacers: We asked, and seven out of 10 voters preferred the Heat face the Knicks next rather than the Pacers. When last we checked it was 69.98 percent landlside for New York, and 30.02% for Indiana.

SAD-O-METER: MARLINS NOW ON RECORD PACE FOR LOSSES: We have this new blog feature we 1aa1bbsadupdate as long as Marlins'  winning percentage is under .300 -- as long as the New York Mets' infamous 1962 record of 40-120 (.250) is within dubious reach. Well, seven straight losses pushed Miami beyond that 120-loss pace, but yesterday's win worked in the reverse. Updated Sad-O-Meter: Current record, 12-32 (.273). Season projection, 44.18 wins, 117.82 losses.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Gayturds play with cows...

The Heat SHOULD beat the Pacers but there are reasons for concern:

D Wade's health issues, rebounding and the fact the team is not running on all cylinders..our three pt shooting needs to improved also...but as long as we play good team defense and we don't get hit with injuries we should be ok..


When's football season?

Don't rely on man it will only let you down better trust in God alone!


we'll start with "do you believe in magic" then followed by "you didn't have to be so nice", then "daydream", "summer in the city" and near the end, with a lot of chart making songs in between, the throroughly beautiful "darlin' be home soon". to dismiss the music of the lovin spoonful is anybody's prerogative, but to say they had "a couple of hits" shows a true lack of the content of billboard's "hot 100".


went on my g.l. stevens history before the derby, and mentioned that getting him at long odds is a good bet. well, 2 bucks apiece in the two races returns almost 33 zops. our host calls him ancient- hold off until he's riding and winning into his late 50s like the great johnny longden before calling him ancient. it is funny how he looks like eddie arcaro in yesterday's photos- gary stevens was a good looking young man when he was a dominant rider on the southern california circuit


At least we speak English in Indianapolis....We should have put you away in game 4 last year! We won't make the same mistake again. #BlueCollarGoldSwagger

Oxbow appeared to be shot out of a cannon. Wire-to-wire on a fast track. Impressive. So much for the Triple Crown.

shadow, I remember when Gary Stevens began his career. The guy seemed to be winning everything, back then.

Another safe bet by-way-of the "anti" vote. Anytime Mr. Woodcock feels strongly about a team, score, song, movie, whatever. Move swiftly and go against his pick. The guy just said that the new Star Trek movie almost put him to sleep. Dude, aside from having tiiiiiiiiirrrrrible taste (just look as how you dress, for instance), you must be certifiably deaf. That movie might be the LOUDEST flick I've ever seen. The decibels may be high enough to bring back (spoiler alert!) the dead.

Stick to black & white movies from the late 20's, you may not hear the tinny pianot, but you'll be able to read the subtitles.

Who's this clown RCG ?

Shadow...like I said, nice band and they did have a couple of hits..


I feel better now, so since The Wood's-ter is saying the Beatles suck then it must be the total opposite and they are still to this day the greatest rock band ever..he,he..

I'm going to see Star Trek next weekend, 3D I max...can't wait !

Wood'ter, may I recommend an old black and white flick ?... Check out " to kill a mockingbird" where a young Gregory Peck stole the show...

Jimbo, is football the only sport you watch? Broaden your horizons sometime.

RCG, yes you speak English in Indianapolis. We get it. I like the Heat in 6 games if they stick to their game plan.


if your definition of "a couple of hits" means about 10+ that reached the charts, we are agreed on a couple.

OC Dolphin,

my gavorite track in america is los alamitos, especially during the summer when del mar (the greatest race in america is the first race of opening day where the turf meets the surf; all those nice girls in see-through whie dresses between me and the sun) and the orange county fair meet at los al make for day night doubleheader; it is there when i discovered that gary stevens was winning about half the races on the thoroughbred card. even though lafitt pincay was a friend of the family, gary stevens remains my favorite. pincay is the greatest rider of my lifetime and the fact that no horse ever finished ahead of affirmed with pincay up (one DQ in the travers) solidifies my feeling. charlie finley wanted pincay to play second base for the As, and dr. robert kerlan ststed that pincay had the greatest physique of any athlete he ever treated.

I watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction last night. Good show, not great, everything was fine until that jackass Harry Belafonte came out talking his usual commie bull crap. The guy has the perfect face to explode a right cross right through it. Once he started talking his usual anti American commie crap it was see ya, chief.

Cockster, Gotta agree, His 50% " black Men incarcerated" Was almost laughable Maybe they would'nt be "Incarcerated" If they'd did'nt commit crimes..
Maybe some of these Left wingers should think before they speak...
Just saying..

Is Randy Newman really a rock and Roll Hall Of Famer?

That sounds like a reach to me someone convince me otherwise.

Didn't see the whole thing but what was that crap song he sang with Don Henley geesh he should have at least sang I Love LA.

Big Baby,

randy newman is a decent songwriter, but the rock and roll hall of fame is not the place for him, or for billy joel either. aside from the incredible "travelin prayer" i find every one of his songs unlistenable/irritating. there are fewer and fewer deserving candidates, but they've got a TV show to fill and it won't be like baseball where some years there are no entries. since r'n'r was kaput decades ago, i guess in about twenty years would be the right time for the phenomenal derek trucks and wife band to be invited to cleveland.

Felt more like The Lawrence Welk show than the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction show.


"a young gregory peck"= the great actor was born in 1916 and the mockingbird was circa 1962, which means the young gregory peck was 46, +/- when he portrayed atticus finch in one of the great performances ever. well if 46 is "young", i guess +/- is "a couple".

Best part of the R and R hall of fame show was John Mayer's introduction of the late great Albert King and his duo with Gary Clark jr..." Born under a bad sign " ...just a classic blue's song.

Shadow, it depends what you consider young amigo...lol Gregory Peck at 46 is still a young guy, I think.

It's an absolute joke that Kiss has not been inducted yet one of Americas Greatest Rock Bands ever.

Randy freaking Newman and no Kiss?

What a sham that voting panel is.

Big Baby,

lou adler and quincy jones are okay, heart is vomitus, rush i have never listened to but understand they have a good drummer, public enemy and donna summer (except for the scintilating "hot stuff") don't seem like rock and roll. albert king? the absolute worst of the worst blues guitarists, only real contribution to the world was "born under a bad sign". is little milton in the HOF? try these:



the first was a little willie john song which he called "all around the world"; the second was the best of many best songs and blood, sweat and tears- the first track we spun on our component systems to check out the sound. BST nailed this one with its amazing horn section.

There aren't many guitarists better than Ace Frehley alive today what a joke.




listen please till the mighty ending!!


done by the blasters pretty good

and for the insomniacs and lovers of the hammond organ:


LWJ was among the greatest of the greats, even if he hadn't written the incredible "fever", well done by the mccoys:


for those of you that missed J Mayer's induction..


born under a bad sign...yeah,..Woody, I hope you at least like the blues brother..


I'll be in Austin TX for a couple days in August. On vacation for 2 weeks, going camping, dirt bike riding then off to San Antonio to scope out real estate & neighborhoods. Maybe we can meet up & get thrown out of a 6th st bar.

I see that the Herald sports forums are still filled with the hateful, paranoid, fascist numbskulls that they have always contained. Belafonte is a great American and a true patriot in the Jeffersonian sense. (Look it up). Does anyone under the age of 70 still use the term "commie"? How childish. Randy Newman is one of the great singer-songwriters in the history of rock. But I agree, KISS does belong in the R&RHOF.

Belafonte is a girly commie..and an asswipe.

Who cares about an entertainer's politics, Belafonte rocks!


New pope's even more of a socialist and anti-capitalist than Belafonte, guess he's an asswipe too?

That's not rocking it's calypso music but you're right tune out the political noise or at least try.

Dixie Chicks are great and I am sure that even liberals agree right?

I'd guess liberals like the Dixie Chicks more for their politics than their poppy country music.

Nah those chicks can play many instruments new or old country and why would liberals like them for their politics they were Bush supporters.

I'll take your word for it, never really listened to them, I prefer bluegrass or Johnny Cash-style country music to the poppy stuff.

Dixie Chicks said they were ashamed president Bush was from Texas, their anti-Bush views almost cost them their careers...

I thought it was the opposite but see it shouldn't matter I like them and politics wasn't a consideration for me.

That the loser, Spike Lee, would bring in a foreigner to lash out at this country on national TV is a disgrace and speaks volumes about Mr. Lee and his ilk. Apparently, it's not enough for these people that a black man was elected to the presidency of the U.S. by an overwhelming number of white voters. The same whites that that piece of excrement saw fit to criticize and denigrate on the podium. That in a country where even a foreigner is given the freedom of speech to stand up in public and say what ever he wishes, including the specious lies that he uttered on the awards show.

What do you think would happen to this pile of garbage if he tried that in places like China, Russia, or Cuba?

KISS was a good, solid band, I liked a couple of their songs but not one of my favorites, more for the younger generation like BB..

Hey Kaz,

If the Pope is a socialist and an anti-capitalist too then yes he is an asswipe (sorry BB)..

Harry Belafonte is a wacko..


FZB Kiss made their best music about 40 years ago if that's for the younger generation then you must be about 85 years old.

Scre blu, Cest, mamel mi pingon, mon fre.

I always thought of KISS as more of a 80's type band..Didn't they really become popular in the early 80's???

and I'm younger than Woody...

Oh, oh, bye bye, Obi. Nice knowing you, dude. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, buddy.


I would say mid to late 70's with their incredible Live Albums that put them on the map their 80's music was mostly crap.

Things are about to heat up and not because summer is coming. As it appears more and more that the current White House is involved in one breach of law after another with the latest revelation of criminal violations from the White House, Obama's rabid supporters will now circle the wagons and claim that "their boy" is being railroaded and set up for a lynching by "Whitey." Never mind that it was Whitey who put him in office.


I wonder what the NAACP will say about that, I mean their messiah is trampling all over the first amendment....Maybe even the fifth too...

That's easy, they will throw his white half under the buss and say that he was not of "pure" blood.

It's called, "The Devil made me do it." excuse.

Be prepared to hear this from the lips of Mau Maus all over this land.

But then, everyone knew this would happen, thus the largest purchase of guns and ammunition in U.S. history during the past 5 years. They better be careful who and where they decide to try to burn down and riot when their uprising begins.

SSSSoooooooooooooooo, when do we impeached the clown?


TK with all due respect it's not just a sports blog the author reminds us of that often enough.

Hey TK SWAN...U need a hug buddy?

here, this is for you...


See, I told you that the Mau Maus would start yelling about their "boy" getting railroaded.

Why are you yelling at me Swan? I'm not the one who's breaking the law here. Why aren't you yelling at your boy?

Also, if you were a regular on Gregg's blog you would know that sports topics are not the only topic discussed on this blog. Frankly, I could care less about your opinion although I respect your right to it, apparently that is a lot more than Obama's administration thinks of the rights of those that they have discriminated against.

Hey Woody,

which one of us do you think TK called a "dickhead"?, I think it was you..he,he.

TK is correct about my dickhead but he's mistaken on it's geographical location on my body. What TK doesn't seem to understand is that all of those slave ships stopped in Cuba on their way to Alabama and through natural selection all Cuban males are hung like a full grown African Bull Elephant....

really?...WTF happened to me then?...lol

TK sounds like a misguided young lad, doesn't know chit yet, he'll learn the truth soon.

This blog does have pop culture and political stuff as well as sports but there's no place for the ignorant racist garbage Woodcock posted above.

Absolutely disgusting, especially coming from a hispanic immigrant.

You have had your moments too making fun of people from other countries and saying that people don't desreve help because they are from other parts of the US.

Not as bad as racism but not your finest hours either.

Satire is constitutionally protected speech, "dickhead."

Judge Not Lest you be Judged.

Hey Kaz,

this is a perfect example of you taking things too damn seriously, So the Woods-ter is saying the reason he's got a big "member" has to do with his ancestors from Spain playing a little hookie back in the day with black slaves...so what dud, you need to relax.


I make fun of canadians jokingly because of the movie Canadian Bacon and have never said anything about people not 'deserving help' (whatever that means) because they're from other parts of the country.

Hate speech is constitutionally protected but that doesn't mean it isn't disgusting or that it doesn't speak to a person's low character.

Yea, because I'm the type to be offended by dick jokes...

"That's easy, they will throw his white half under the buss and say that he was not of "pure" blood.

It's called, "The Devil made me do it." excuse.

Be prepared to hear this from the lips of Mau Maus all over this land.

But then, everyone knew this would happen, thus the largest purchase of guns and ammunition in U.S. history during the past 5 years. They better be careful who and where they decide to try to burn down and riot when their uprising begins."

Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | May 20, 2013 at 01:09 PM

NFL and NFLPA are close to moving the draft to May and beginning the league year earlier.

Darn wating until the last week of April seemed long enough looks like it will be more waiting now.

That's funny I looked up mau maus and still can't fugure out the connection.

I have never heard or know anything about the "mau maus" until today but I like the name...

Hey Wood's, I think you've pissed off senor Kazaam you know, Mr. perfecto.

That's your opinion, Kazaam. Some like red some blue. If you don't find my attempt at humor funny that's your prerogative. I can't help it if you have no sense of humor. What's really outrageous and speaks to character is not a joke about a generalization but the abuse of executive power that is evidently running rampant in the Obama administration.

It's not an opinion, calling black people 'mau maus' is unambiguously racist.

Whether or not other racists might find it funny is irrelevant to me.

from what Iread the Mau Maus were a puerto rican gang in NY back in the late 50's..hhhmmm, Kaz Like Woodcock just said you have no sense of humor.

Woody, here are a couple of songs showing the genius of the Beatles, making songs from reading a card box or a poster..try to have an open mind and enjoy.



I still don't get the connection must be missing something.

In the context that I use it it is a pejorative term to refer to that group of blacks, or African-Americans here in the U.S. who are devotees of the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Maxine Waters school of thought rather than the Bill Cosby, Collin Powell, or Frederick Douglass one.

It's quite obvious that there are almost zero Mau Maus living here in the United States. Although descendants of Patricio Lumumba are probably still living the life of Riley here in the United States after Lumumba stole millions of dollars from his country in the 60's.

African Americans as a group have made a huge contribution to the United States of America. I, however, reserve my right to disagree vehemently with certain elements of the African American community who's views I strongly disagree with.

Ok so that explains it and it's not a racist remark used in that context.

You should be condemned more for liking that Randy Newman crapola on tv this past weekend he could at least have sang Short People for kicks.


in my humble opinion I don't think you needed to explain anything, Kazaam has a particular way of looking at things and most of the time he is wrong anyways, its his right to think the way he does just like its just right to call him an asswipe if you choose.

I still remember how upset he got with me when I said prior to the election most blacks would vote for Obi simply because of the color of their skin without digging into the issues at all, calling me a racist and all, remember Kazy?..

Don't worry FZB he will get his when the Dolphins finally start winning this season he has criticized every move the team has made dating back a long time hopefully he wears egg on his face this season.

FZB - well obviously your sense of humor is so good you'll find something funny even when you have no idea what it means.

My only point here is that there are political and pop culture prompts on this blog but that doesn't excuse people posting racist garbage and that TK SWAN was absolutely right to be offended by it.

What you posted FZB, word for word and in upside down font because you're just barely smart enough to know better, was 'black people will vote for Obama because they're dumb like him'.

What Woodcock posted has nothing to do with puerto rican gangs in NYC, it's comparing black people in America to tribal Africans who rose up against colonists. Basically along the lines of calling them 'spear chuckers'.

Now that's a good memory I wish I had all of the dumb things you have said about the Dolphins organization from Philbin not being a good coach on up.

Offended? Why, because he agrees with Spike and Belafonte and disagrees with my position? I have the same right to free speech as Mr. Lee and Belafonte. If TK want's to take me to task for it that's fine, he's entitled to his opinion just lime I am.

Hey Kaz,

Thanks for the kind words, insulting me with class, I like it, so you're so perfect that you have no tolerance for imperfection?...hhhmmm...Look in the mirror asswipe.

but I still like you..hehe

That "spear chuckers" reference is your interpretation. And not a surprising one at that coming from a politically correct automaton like you. The African American community is much more than the caricature of it that's presented in the media and characterized by the cartoon character persona of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's "I see racism behind every rock here in America," mentality.

Frankly, you can take one of those spears that you're tossing and shove them up your ass.


even if the Dolphins start winning he'll find something to complain about, its his way..

It will still be a joy to see fewer complaints and my memory is good too I will toss some good crow at him for him to eat.

Honestly even if they get off to a slow start I think they will win a lot of games the second half of that schedule I like your 10-6 predicition but I may already be on record at 11-5 so no going back now gasp.

No Woodcock, he was obviously insulted because you expressed your opinion in an incredibly hurtful and clearly racist way.

There's no avoiding the negative connotation of comparing african americans to a tribal uprising in Africa.

I think he was hurt because he's a Democrat that's how I read it.

Could be, but it's pretty clear that Woodock's opinions (which someone posts a variation of at least once every blog post) aren't what drew that all-caps rant as much as his racist overtones.

Dolphins should extend d Reshad Jones - he might be their third best defensive player after Wake and Jordan.

Woodcock often writes with racist overtones he walks the fence of being overtly offensive to downright funny he's the Archie Bunker of the blog and that is what makes him sort of likable.

The term Mau Maus was used for grammatical effect...

Except that Archie Bunker was funny and played by an actor who didn't actually believe any of the racist jokes he told.

Just like when I use the term "gentleman" loosely to refer to you, Kaz.

Archie Bunker was a great and funny character who was played to a T by Carroll O'Connor, but Carroll didn't write the dialogue some else as funny as me did. You just have zero sense of humor, "Spear Chucker."

Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.

And you can't tell the difference between jokingly calling someone a spear chucker and using 'grammatical effect' to imply that black people in american politics are like tribal africans revolting against colonists, in the middle of a rant about barack obama.

Your problem is less that you're a racist and more that you're unfunny. FZB thought it was funny, he got your joke about the 1950s era Puerto Rican NY gangs.

He's the only one.

There's a reason they played a laugh track after every one of Archie Bunker's jokes - no one got the wrong idea.

Hey Kaz, did you ever hear of Capt Oliver Harmon "spearchucker" Jones ?

Ray Manzarek of the Doors has passed away, great rocker..RIP .

WOODSTOCK!! you have your right to your opinion and so do I and it's obvious we totally disagree. I for one do not tolerate racism period. Especially when it's done in my face and I am not a "young black man that don't understand". You can have political differences and not be racist but to group a race of people as "spear throwers or that they will vote for a candidate because they are dumb is racist. I even indicated that I wasn't too fond of Spike Lee for what he did. I do not support everything Obama has done or is doing but I voted for him twice because he was the best choice of the two. This is 2013 and to think that you can just insult a race of people because is "free speech" without a response is as stupid as trying to repeal a law that has been upheld by the Supreme Court instead of trying to protect this country from" dickheads" that kill a bunch of children. I refered to you and your racist buddy Fzb. The only reason I haven't directed more of my comments toward him is because he at least some what changed the subject to the dolphins. As for you woodstock "F... You! You have your opinion I have mine I am just not going to not respond to a bigot who displays his dislike for me and other African Americans . That is your right and free speech! THIS IS MINE "F YOU AND YOUR RACIST SIDE KICK FZB!! GO DOLPHINS!!

TK, your amungst adults here who freely talk about ALL topics. Don't like it, find the door.


You are obviously entitled to your opinion , kindly tell me which racist remark You are referring that I said?...because if you are referring to what I posted around election time then I do stand by what I said, most black people voted for Obi because he was black and most minorities voted for him because they viewed him as one of their own..that's how liberals win elections now,not on issues.

Like I said, you can call me anything you want, what's in a name anyways . Sort of like mind over matter, if I don't mind it doesn't matter..

By the way...blow me

You said, word for word, 'black people will vote for Obama because they're dumb like him'.

In upside-down font because you know how f*cked up that is.

Horrific images out of Moore, OK...our prayers are with those people.

Well Kaz, it makes no difference now, Obi got elected again, he's doing a terrible job on the economy and has managed to trample on the first amendment of the constitution while putting his reelection / presidency ahead of the lives of 4 americans...other than that those people that voted for him made the right call..

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