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May 06, 2013

Live Blog Q&A/Chat has ended; next Chat May 13

Monday Live Blog Chat: Done for today. Do it right here every Monday 1-2 p.m. Click into 'Comments' below to transmogrify into the prestigious if garishly appointed Chat Room and read a transcript of today's Chat.


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NBA playoffs are relatively boring this year. There is little drama in who is going to win it all. Indiana with Danny Granger could give the Heat a series. OKC with Russell Westbrook could give the Heat a series. A fully healthy Bulls team including Derrick Rose could give the Heat a series. None of those things will happen and barring several devastating injuries to Lebron and Wade or Bosh, the Heat will coast to their second championship. You finding this years playoffs to be anti-climatic?

Greg - it seems one of the Dolphins' big problems is supply and demand - why wouldn't they still go through with removing those nosebleed seats? People (including myself) would be a lot more hesitant to cancel season tickets if they didn't know for sure that they could renew at any time.

In football towns people will keep their tickets no matter what because they know they'll be at the back of a decade long waiting list if they give them up.

Hey all, Greg here. Welcome. Starting in just a second...

Kazaam, I say the Dolphins do what the Canes do and just put large tarps across most, if not all of the upper and lower decks and let 5k people duke it out for the seats.

Rawpimple, yeah I know what you mean on NBA playoffs. Could extend that to OKC missing Westbrook. There is a foregone conclusion to Heat winning it all again, but that isn't just others' injuries. Miami is that good.

I am..., Dolphins should not limit capacity. A winning, exciting, properly marketed team sells out that stadium just about every Sunday.

I miss the NBA of the 80s and some of the 90s. Teams hated each other. There were legitimate confrontations. Charles Oakley, Patrick Ewing, John Starks and the Knicks were nasty. The Pistons with Laimbeer, Thomas, and the bunch were nasty. Now we got a bunch of players, making too much money and no one wants to get hurt. Everybody is friends. Everybody slaps each other on the back or even the butt (since that is now socially acceptable due to Collins) and it is all lovie dovie.

Read somewhere New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft funded a brand new stadium for ($325 million) $413 million in today's figures. Why can't Ross, whose worth almost twice as much as Kraft ($2.3B versus $4.4B) pay up for the entire cost, perhaps as a last minute measure before May 21st vote?

Sure it will drive up the price he paid the franchise for to $1.5B at least but there is no doubt he could sell it 5, 6, 7, years from now and get at least $2B for it.

Chaz, I think you'll see some real animus with Heat-Bulls. Don't like each other. Watch Noah. Good overall point, though. So many friednly rivals now, like LeBron/Durant. League also hurt by too few teams being actual title contenders every year.

I know its early but looking ahead at the Heat roster, do you think Miami invokes amnesty clause on Joel Anthony this offseason to help with the tax?

Rafael, that's easy for you or I to say because it isn't our money. I thought the arrangement Ross hoped to strike was fair, with Dolphins paying a much bigger share than Marlins did. The private/public consortium is how big cities get things done, even if the no-tax zealots don't see it.

Hola Greg,

in your opinion, who's the biggest asswipe between Gary Wasburn (Boston Globe) and Will Weatherford (speaker of the house) ?????

Hola Greg,

I'm OK with J Martin going to LT, what about U?

Jaime, I have my doubts they'd use the amnesty clause on Anthony when Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem could be other options as far as I know. (I'm not a capologist or luxury-tax authority. Defer to Heat beat writer Joe Goodman or ace reporter Barry Jackson for those details...)

Are you surprised that there weren't more 'backlash' votes after LeBron had been anointed MVP maybe a month into the season?

I know many fans will see it a bluff, but the Dolphins could seriously relocate if they could because they are not tied down to any lease. Unlike franchises like Rays, who have a deteriorating stadium, they can't move cause they are tied down. Dolphins are free to do so.

But how would such thing work if any new owner also has to buy Sun Life Stadium and they would play there games elsewhere?

FZB, a great question! Weatherford, who screwed the Dolphins, or Washburn, who denied LeBron. I vote Weatherford, who I think lied to Ross and company. Washburn cast a bad, dumb vote but nobody would care if he'd happened to be 1 of 2 instead of alone.

Cote I am all for people being treated fairly. All for pro-choice. Where I disagree with the liberal agenda is the destruction of families (and the wild out of control spending). You look at the far left Huffington post as an example. On a daily basis, there is glamorization of divorce, being a single parent, infidelity, etc. The destruction of the basic unit of civilization, a family, is going to be the downfall of society and making things like this socially acceptable is really going to be devastating to society.

FZB, Jonathan Martin is unproven at a very important position, but shows enough promise to give him a shot there. Clabo only getting a 1-year deal proves OL still a work in progress for Miami.

I Am..., actually, yes, on the LeBron vote. I thought -- as Carmelo-voter Washburn did -- that Durant, 'Melo, Chris Paul and maybe even Kobe all would get a few stray votes.

Greg, what is going to happen with Syria? North Korea? Will we see another world war soon? Haven't had one in awhile.

Eddard, the idea the Dolphins might relocate because they lost this renovation fight is pretty preposterous to me. I think it far more likely that the NFL itself would step in to help Ross with getting the stadium into shape.

Chaz, not exactly sure what that rant is about. If it's touching in what I think it is, the core family values will survive some people being gay. We have overpopulation as is, and so many kids out there needing adoption. A gay couple adopting is a family, too, at least to me.

Where do you think Tebow ends up?

Tevin, I can't even fake the qualifications to speculate on a world war. Not even sure what would constitute a "world war" in the modern age. Just hope we don;t find out. C'mon, North Korea, fall in line!!

I just look at some people being gay as more women for me. Wish most guys were gay.

How much could the NYC Super Bowl help Miami's case? They already had to cancel the NFL experience because they can't do anything outdoors in the freezing weather.

Hey Greg, I think many people around here think the NFL will continue coming here because its Miami. WRONG. They like new shiny stadiums and reward cities who get them. Now sure, they may not go to New York every year but as a year passes, another new retratable/dome stadium pops up. Minnesota and Atlanta are on their way, then you got San Francisco, Arizona, Indy, Dallas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston. And now Denver wants to get in on it if New York goes well, and eventually an overseas Super Bowl in London, so your see, there is so much competition now that Miami becomes obsolete.

The game is not being played on a sandy beach or at the dancefloor at LIV but rather at a stadium, and NFL wants it to be in state-of-the-art shape. Now sure, people may care more about Dolphins being in actual game than whether its hosted here but the economic impact and getting added exposure is gone.

Abraham, where do I think Tebow ends up? Do I get to vote "nowhere"? Because I think that may be most likely. Unless the Jax Jaguars bow to public pressure and at least give him a shot.

Rawpimple, I like the pragmatic view on gays. Makes some sense in an odd sort of way. Less competition.

If NFL helps with the cost, wouldn't that be colluding if they got the Super Bowl then? And wouldn't Dolphins have to pay that back somehow? And wouldn't it open a can of worms/ set a prescient?

I find it shocking that a politician from Pasco County with ties to Florida State University pulled a political bully move that wound up screwing the Dolphins and the Hurricanes, but, you know what? I don't care. I'm so fed up with the Dolphins. I've never rooted for another team, never will root for another team, but, after decades of incompetence, with the last decade being an absolute laughingstock, I'd rather they didn't exist. Let them move. Let Stephen Ross take his orange carpets and Tebow Appreciation Days to Los Angeles. Let Jeff Ireland take his fascination with streetwalkers to Hollywood Boulevard. Maybe he can find the next Julia Roberts. What was once a proud franchise has turned into filth. And it won't change, even if the results on the field do. (Which they won't.) And I'm glad this wasn't given to the voters, because if there's one thing that Miami-Dade County voters have proven consistently, it's that they shouldn't even have the right to vote for an American Idol contestant, much less anything that really matters. We're being treated like babies by the state legislature? Maybe it's because we ARE babies. Somewhere, there's still a cop car roaming around South Miami with 12 ballot boxes from the 2000 election in the trunk. Stephen Ross could've offered to pay for the whole thing himself and just required the zoning permissions, and I'd have been against it. Because, to hell with him, that's why. Sorry for the rant but I had to get that off my chest. Been a long time. Hope you are well.

I Am..., yeah it's so ludicrous for the NFL to put a Super Bowl in the snow and then wring hands over whether there might be rain in Miami. Absurd. Super Bowls should go to cities where people want to visit in winter, and Miami with an older stadium trumps New Jersey with a new one.

Hola Greg,

I saw a movie a couple of days ago that told how Abraham Lincoln used to hunt vampires before he became one of our best "presidentes", I think vampires still exist today disguised as liberals, your thought's ???

Never a more appropriate moniker than Negative Tim, hey Cote?

Robby, I don't disagree that the NFL rewards teams with new stadiums. That is the subtle extortion used to GET those new or renovated stadiums. Other leagues do it, too. Still think Dolphins stadium as is is suitable to host an SB.

Chelsea, I think NFL (and MLB) have been involved before with loans or other aid under certain circumstances. NFL looks out for its best interests first. Not saying it'll happen here, but wouldn't rule it out in some form.

Hola Greg,

I think this blog has already been a success for having "negative Tim" make his usual "negativo" rant.

welcome back "negative Tim" !!! and how are things in homestead amigo?

Heck, if I lived in Homestead, I'd be pretty negative too.

Negative! Good stuff as always. Special points for the out of the blue reference to 12 ballot boxes stuffed in a trunk.


you should be happy, the Dolphins drafted three Lizards.

FZB, no, because if vampires existed today disguised as liberals, I'd be asleep right now, not doing this chat in broad daylight.

Yeah, even bigger Dolphins fan now. Once they bring in Tebow, that will make amends for having Jennifer Lopez.

Raw..., yes Negative Tim is both descriptive and to the point as a moniker. Simplicity has its virtues.

Hey there Greg, how's it going? Have you given it any further thought in writing that book of yours? Given all the various shows and appearances you're making, what better platform to plug your words?

I believe Ross should have gone all the way with this. Instead of a piecemeal renovation, he probably could have had more support for a state of the art New Stadium. $365 in renovations is way over 1/3 of the cost of brand new. And yes, Weatherford was probably told he would get "support", ie money, by denying this vote. In my mind that makes him a criminal and another Tallahassee douchebag..

AFC East: Patriots, Jets, Bills and Miami gators.

Do you think Tim Tebow will be willing to accept a position change? He's not an NFL quarterback and Warren Moon made the great point that he has no chance in the CFL because of the premium put on throwing and accuracy by the bigger field.

But he'd be a great fullback and special teamer, he's a good football player.

Hi OC! No on the book, although you are kind to suggest anyone outside of my immediate family (and maybe not even all of THEM) might read it. Will let you know though if I am overcome with an unexpected wave of ambition.

Mike Dee needs to go. You don't strong arm a city that you just spit on, by turning a blind eye to all their complaints about changing the logo/uniforms. Ross is one of the richest men on the planet, he owns the team and stadium, and should follow the example set by Joe Robbie (a man who was nowhere near as rich) by paying for it on his own. That would create admiration for him from a community that hates every current owner we have aside from Micky Arison. If Ross still doesn't want to pay for it all himself then pass a collection plate around to J-Lo, the Estefans, the Williams sisters, Marc Anthony, Fergie and all those other millionaires you brought in as partners.

Heard ex-NBA player, Jason Collins on the radio and after he talked about coming out, was asked about Tebow and said Tebow would make a great tight end.

Bobbyd12, climate wasn't right for wanting a brand new stadium. Call it the Marlins Effect.

Tax payer money should go toward social welfare issues, upgrading natural parks, fixing roads, etc. Not towards entertainment costs.

Isn't it funny when billionaire owners want taxpayers to pay for stadium renovations so the billionaire owners can make more money?

If you can't run your business without corporate welfare, then sell it.

I Am..., I'm not sure if an NFL career is important enough to Tebow to all of a sudden be a blocking back. I might be wrong, I just don't think so. The Wildcat fad was made for him, but it's all but gone.

Okay, okay. How about a cookbook using the names of personalities in the local Miami scene? The Don Shula naturally would have to be a steak of some kind, while the Stephen Ross would necessitate a turkey.

You can call it... Greg Cote: "Cooking With Words" and have a pic of you dressed all in a chef's outfit, including the big hat!

Ben, yeah but was Joe Robbie did, while noble, bankrupted his family. Anybody blame Ross for wanting public help? I don't.

No I didn't, oh yes you did! (Can't have enough double entendres with 'tight end'!)

Greg, didnt know you speak Spanish?

Alfie, valid, but I think overall quality of life should be weighed when dispersing public funds. That might include a stadium or a performing arts center as well as cops, schools, roads etc. But that's just me.

LeBron James is not leaving now, that video yesterday sealed his fate here for another 6 seasons, right? He was almost in tears, he has a family here and sense of belonging, so enough is enough on these LeBron to LA or returning to Cleveland with Mike Brown its done with. Only a matter of how right (money and cap)?

Are the Dolphins wining?

OC, I will admit the thought of me on the cover of a book wearing a lavish chef's hat is very appealing. I'd call my agent, if I had one.

Cote---Derrick Rose---What's your take? Should he be playing? Do you think less of him now?

Kazaam's spawn, and I didn't know I wrote a Spanish word in this Chat!


Why in basketball do they distinguish between "20 second" timeouts and "full" timeouts? The 20 seconds ones are never 20 seconds. They're as long as the commercials are. Are the players and coaches required to stop talking after 20 seconds are up?

Hola Greg,

I think Ireland has done a good job the last three years of building the team and cleaning up the cap mess we had, considering how well him and Philbin work together, I think it makes sense for the Dolphins to give him a contract extention since the alternative is for another GM to come in and fire everybody and start the process all over again...what say U?

Loria has to be elated right, I mean, now Hanley Ramirez gets hurt and is out until All-Star Break along with Jose Reyes. Josh Johnson has injury woes again, Mark Buehrle has left his heart in Miami, Bonifacio has gotten scared for stealing bases again (without McKeon around) and can't hit a lick. Heath Bell's ERA is through the roof again, I mean he must have hired a voodoo specialist who might have put in Giancarlo's hair by mistake that other day into some special dark magic calderon, amirite?

Unbelivable and now his young guys, Ozuna, Hech, Fernandez are doing better. He has to be genius? SMH

Genesis, I think LeBron wants to end his career in Cleveland, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't re-up for a few more years in Miami. Legacy and place in history is huge with him. Another couple rings and MVPs in Miami would entice him a great deal I'm sure.

Nice of Jeff Loria to join this chat. Welcome!

Rickster, did you mean winning or whining when you said wining? Winning? Not itl September. Whining? Yeah, a bit.

Raw..., I have a new blog poll on Derrick Rose. As much as i want to take a hard line, if he was MY 24-yr-old superstar I'd be much more worried about long-term than about losing to the Heat in four games or seven.

Andrew, agreed, the 20-second timeout never is and should be abolished. Might take that up as a righteous cause!!

That 20 second question is going to end this chat and give Greg a headache. Watch. That guy just killed this chat.

Wrapping it up with a combo answer: Good chance on Ireland contract extension; Ross is a big backer. And, yes, the way Toronto is doing and some of young Marlins are WOULD make Loria smile rather smugly I would think.

Damn. And I wanted to know if it was to-may-toe, or to-mah-to.

I don't know about you guys, but if Greg writes a cooking book I'm not buying it, come to think of it I won't buy any type of book Greg writes, sorry Greg.

Thanks to all. Great response today, end to end. See y'all next Monday. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

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