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May 06, 2013

G1: Bulls 93, Heat 86: Stunner! "Our backs are against the wall now." Champs must respond; plus D-Rose poll, the man who denied LeBron & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, MAY 8. New blogpost coming later this morning! 2) The Steelers signed an offensive tackle named Guy Whimper. That's right: Guy Whimper. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): LeBron's MVP, updated NBA playoff odds, Dolphins' stadium loss, Tyson Clabo, Orb, media bias, Sad-O-Meter retired. 4Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

Click on This Just Got Interesting for my column off Heat's Game 1 Heat loss.

G1: BULLS 93, HEAT 86: MIAMI FLAT AFTER LONG LAYOFF (Bulls lead 1-0; Game 2 Wednesday in Miami): Too easy to blame the rest and the rust. Too convenient. That might explain the slow start for Miami Monday, but does it also explain the Heat leading by four after three quarters and then surrendering 35 fourth-quarter points? Miami shot poorly (39.7%), got out-rebounded and maybe underestimated the Bulls' will. "Our backs are against the wall now," said Chris Bosh. "We have to respond." The backs-against-wall thing might be a bit dramatic, or at least early. But the need to respond Wednesday in Game 2 is beyond paramount. ..... Original post: The Bulls are talking the talk, but when they try to walk the walk, the walk has a limp. Can an injured, hobbled Chicago squad coming 1aa1bullsheatright off a wearying 7-game series stand up to a rested, reigning 1aa1holly2champion? Let's find out! Bulls will be missing both Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich tonight, and a couple of other guys, notably Joakim Noah (foot; pictured left in an intimate moment with LeBron James) are not 100 percent. Then there's the whole missing Derrick Rose drama. Da Bulls are feisty, though, still smarting over the 2011 playoffs when Chicago was top-seeded but got bounced by Miami in five games. That's when Noah called the flashy Heat "Hollywood as hell," remember? This time around, says Bull Taj Gibson, "Words cannot express how badly we want to beat them." Added teammate Marco 1aa1hollywoodBelinelli, "We're not going to be scared and our mentality is to win." OK good luck with that. Fully healthy (Rose, Deng) I do think Chitown matches up pretty well, as a rugged-defending, strong-rebounding team. They can stretch this series if Carlos Boozer comes up big and Nate Robinson is hot. But the Bulls just aren't healthy. Oh, and Miami ain't Brooklyn. Series pick: Heat in 5 games.

SHOULD DERRICK ROSE BE PLAYING?: It's the question Chicagoans have been wondering, and now it 1aa1droseovershadows this Heat-Bulls playoff series that starts tonight. Derrick Rose, star guard, had his knee surgery almost exactly one year ago and is medically cleared to play but says he is not ready. "You want that (to play), but you've got to look at the big picture," he said over the weekend. "If I'm not healthy, no way I'm stepping on the court. I'm in control of the whole process." It is not ruled out that Rose might return later in this Heat series -- but not expected. Imagine if Rose were on your team. How would you feel about his continuing caution. Vote and say why.

1aa1garywMEET GARY WASHBURN, PROFESSIONAL SPOIL SPORT: The Boston Globe's Celtics writer Gary Washburn (pictured) has identified himself with a story today as being the one voter, of 121, who did not cast a first-place vote for LeBron James for NBA MVP. James would have been the first unanimous winner ever if not for Washburn, who voted for the Knicks' ball-hoggin' Carmelo Anthony. Washburn made two points in his mea culpa. One was that he was surprised to be the lone wolf, thinking that Kevin Durant, Anthony, CHris Paul and perhaps Kobe Bryant all would get first-place votes. (Dear Gary: No, because everybody else but you knew who the clear MVP choice was). His second point was, "I thought Anthony was the most valuable player to his team this season, not the best player in the league." (Dear Gary: Voters every year, including 120 of 121 this year, sort of see it as a league-wide award, not a team award). I was harsh last night in the blog to call the then-mystery voter an "idiot." I don't think Washburn, whom I do not know, is an idiot. I do think he's a guy who cast a really bad vote that he'll wear like an ill-fitting suit the rest of his career.

SERENA WILLIAMS SLAMMED BY PROTEGE: Rising American tennis star Sloane Stephens, 20, calls her former hero Serena Williams, 31, a fraud who has been unkind and shunned her. Surprising stuff (click here to read), because I saw Serena as a mentor to Stephens. Not shocking, though. Serena is a real diva and I have written as much, including noting during the recent Key Biscayne tournament here that she kept a room full of reporters waiting close to an hour without a word of explanation, let alone apology.

UPDATED BASEBALL AWARDS ODDS: From Bovada, favorites as of today: NL MVP, Braves' Justin Upton 9-2; Cy Young, Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw 3-1. AL MVP, Tigers' Miguel Cabrera 2-1; Cy Young, Red Sox's Clay Buchholz 11-4.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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according to mike dee ross might eventually sell the franchise to someone who won't pay for the stadium because of relocation plans. and why would a new owner want the stadium... it doesn't have a roof!


Cote you cast questionable votes too you just wait until election time to do it.


These are the current headlines for the various internet news portals - i.e., CNN, ABC, NBC, Huffington Post, Breitbart, CBS, FOX (in no particular order).

Can you guess which outlets believes is the most important breaking news? What YOU want to know more about?

• Sanford, Colbert Busch poll shows South Carolina candidates in tight race

• 42 soldiers dead in Syria strike

• Israel bolsters defenses after strikes against Syria

• Faces of the NRA: Inside America's gun club

• Newlywed, 4 Friends die in Calif. limo fire

• $6.3 Trillion to fund amnesty?

• Benghazi witness: 'You should have seen what (Clinton) tried to do to us that night'

No Miami ain't Brooklyn and I am now completely disinterested in the NBA starting my nap in 3...2...1.

Maybe the Dolphins will move to Austin OC Austin City Limits baby they can play in the Longhorn Stadium no?

Derrick Rose hasn't won a lot of fans with his decision not to play, usually after a doctor clears a player for full contact they're back in games after a couple practices, Rose has been practicing full contact for MONTHS now.

Sure doesn't mesh with the personality of his team - Noah's out there with plantar fascists, Luol Deng angrily tweeted from the hospital that he was having a spinal tap and there's no way he'd miss a playoff game 'just' for the flu.

Rose won't play and won't explain himself. Bill Simmons made his case for him - Gilbert Arenas came back and destroyed his knee, Magic Johnson has said one of his biggest mistakes was coming back from a knee injury too early.

It's just not a good look, if you're going to produce a series of commercials basically promising your glorious return for the playoffs you at least owe Chicago fans an explanation for why that isn't happening.

Great article by David Neal on the Dolphins' stadium problems.

What Stadium problems you said they don't have any.

BB, Austin cannot support ANY professional franchise. Their infrastructure sucks. They have the 4th worst rated traffic, city behind, #1 LA, #2 SF, #3 Honolulu. This is basically a college town and the Longhorns is about all it can support.

Their problem is that their idiot owner started a campaign against having any Super Bowls down here unless they build a roof.

Pressure tactics, that's all.

Cote doesn't think we have a Stadium problem either he said it was "fine".

Greg- Gary Washburn isn't the only one living in fantasy land you seem to be as well.

Mike Dee is sounding the alarm bells.

Of course it is, Huizenga dropped a quarter billion on his way out doubling the size and completely modernizing the club level lounge, putting in the world's largest LCD banner, upgrading the sound system, and installing the two largest HD displays in the world (now #2 after the Cowboys new monitors).

When was the last time you even went to a game at Joe Robbie Big Baby?

Look, Califonians continure to support the over $68 Billion bullet train even though the state is broke. SoFla may be caught in an instant of fiscal sanity, moreover, fresh after recently buying into the $2.4 B public supported, Marlin stadium.

I think it was 2010 I have been to maybe 10 games since it was built it's not terible but despite those upgrades it's still a bottom tiered NFL Stadium.

I just would hate to see the team moved at some point because of this situation my biggest issue is with traffic getting out of there it's beyond bad they need to get some engineers in there.


Ross and Dee are just not good marketers. They would have an easier time selling it if they instead proposing all these changes, they sell the public the idea of installing a big giant raft under the stadium, so that when the polar icecaps melt and Florida is underwater, like Al Gore and all his other doomsday loons predict, then Sun Life would act as an arc and save 80,000 people.

The Bulls should just start Dr. O in the place of PG, Rose. Dude is unstoppable.


Dr O. said Rondo couldn't shoot maybe he should work on his own game.

The funniest part of that video has to be the spontaneous, unedited and honest voice overs one hears from guys who are accustomed to dishing out "takes" on shots and shooters..."Brick house!"

Haha, that's funny, just saw OC's post about the different news networks.

Syria is the only real news story out of all that noise, the funny thing is the two news stories he wanted to set apart as being important are just exploitative nonsense from Foxnews.

* Heritage foundation says it will cost three times the entire budget of the United States to grant amnesty to every illegal immigrant in the US.

Gee, could that be why no one from either party has ever suggested granting amnesty to every illegal immigrant in the US?

* And of course more Benghazi noise, another completely non-news worthy twist that a random bureaucrat in the counter terrorism bureau says communication wasn't good with the White House that night - which the bureau director completely denies. Says he was completely in the loop.

dolphins stadium is way too hot and sticky when youre not doused by torrential downpours but the billionaire real estate tycoon owner has changed his mind about the urgently needed improvements.
is mike dee in charge of ticket sales?


Deng and Rose out, Hindrich doubtful - Heat need to make sure they're not caught off guard tonight.

Now, why would you be so quick to cast any kind of judgement and presume to know and understand exactly what my position is?

#1, it is in order, your two Foxnews bullet points are set apart at the end.

#2, you editorialized the Benghazi headline yourself.

#3, your position is whatever Foxnews tells you your position is. I can read the Huffington Post and Foxnews and know exactly what real david and your positions are on any political subject.

right, and you're a 27 year old moron who knows only what daddy taught him.

How's it feel to be misrepresented and spoken for, A-hole!?

I may be an A hole but I'm not wrong.

We should all just go away, after all, the mighty and powerful, all-knowing Kazaam has already uncovered everything there is to know about life, religion, and the cosmos.

Dude, shut-the-f*** up.

You think you know. You've convinced yourself you know. You don't know!!!!!

"Benghazi noise"?

Wow. Four Americans died in Benghazi because our government is run by incompetent nitwits who ignored prior warnings of terrorist activity in Benghazi from AMBASSADOR STEVENS and an idiot on this blog calls a story about Benghazi "Benghazi noise".

Why am I not surprised?

No, Tom. Unless you get your news from Al jezeera... and only is said news was approved by his highness, Kazaam, or is being reported as gospel, (check that), we can't use that religious term...and as reported by Ron Paul... then, then, maybe, perhaps and only if Kazaam is also having a good day, then maybe it might be considered innocuous, superfluous news.

Your close mindedness is only surpassed (if even possible) by Woodcock.

Brother, I'm not the one posting one politertainment team's nonsense here all the time. Stop preaching sensationalist talking points if you don't want them exposed as exploitative politertainment.

Benghazi was a tragedy but the 'noise' is the right wing conspiracy that the White House somehow tried to cover it up and that it's this huge scandal exposing massive incompetence because four people died.

4,500 US SOLDIERS have died in Iraq due to the incompetence of the previous administration.

Have a shred of perspective.

The earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old, and this 27 year old has accumulated more understanding in his quark of existence than makes any of our own knowledge and experience deemed sheer folly.

And where the hell do you come off knowing what MY F****** PURPOSE for posting what I posted? What gives you the right to put words in my mouth!!!!

Should all of us then equally provide a dismissive commentary counter to whatever you post next?????

You can deduce that you think you know. But until such a time that I say something in black and white....not GREY, then, and only then are you within your right to critique.

Hell, for all you know, I might have been trying to make your point. But then again, we mustn't f****** forget that you know everything.

Haha, feel free to correct me if your point wasn't that conservative media is covering more 'important' stories.

Seriously dude? Right wing conspiracy theory? So the WH did not lie about Benghazi from day one? Seriously? The whole ffing world knew it was a coordinated terrorist attack within 5 hours and the WH pimped it's bullchit video story for over a week. My gawd kaz if you honestly believe your nonsense you might well be the dumbest ff on the planet.

Hey kaz did you used to go by the blogname ginrai? There is an incredible resemblance. He, like you, is a world class moron. Good luck in life kaz, luck is truly your only hope.

The problem isn't the facts of Benghazi, it's perspective on foreign policy and what constitutes an actual scandal.

Oh so now I see your point. The other guy was incompetent so it's ok that the current guy is incompetent. Nice.

This is not a wash, George Bush killed 1,000 times more Americans for no reason with his incompetent foreign policy.

And no, neither one is OK, they both have abominable foreign policies.

My only point is that front page articles like this wrinkle about Benghazi and the 'printed gun' on the front page of the Huffington post is just politertainment that drown out any intelligent discussion of the actual issues of foreign policy or gun rights.

Seriously - look at this:


WTF are you talking about? President and his Secretary of State intentionally lie to the American public about a terrorist attack that results in American deaths for partisan political reasons and that's ok? Seriously? If Bush had done this he would have been impeached!

I too have issues regarding Iraq. But this discussion was about "Benghazi noise". Iraq was a bad idea that was poorly executed. But let us not forget that the current and former Secretaries of State (along with a majority of Democrats in the Senate) voted for that war. So while I agree that W gets most of the blame for that failed policy, he had a lot of help getting us there from the hypocrites on the left.

Forget it Tom. Kaz is an oracle. He was born knowing everything. There is no wiggle room.

Yup, not just politicians either, all of America went along with it - 'someone had to pay'. But that war was over in less than a month, Baghdad fell in early April, fewer than 200 US troops were dead. Hard to believe Bush ran in 2000 against 'nation building' and 'policing the world'.

The 'scandal' of Benghazi isn't what happened, it's the White House's reaction, which I think was planned out and political and completely in line with what every politician does in response to every event (see, 'Iraq').

But look at the coverage - every detail, every angle, completely twisted to the full effect. Right now the top story on Fox is about a 'whistle blower' who said that if the US had gotten air clearance from Libya they could have had air support come from somewhere in the Mediterranean could have gotten there before the second attack on the CIA annex.

Well yea, maybe. But that's just complete monday morning counterterrorizing, it's not evidence of the White House sitting back and letting the embassy be taken (for unexplained reasons), which is the storyline Foxnews is creating for it's fans.

OC - not an oracle, just know what the politertainment teams' story lines are and so I know your and real david's positions.

Or am I wrong that the point of your post was 'conservative media covers more important stories'?

Well there's another angle - if Derrick Rose has already decided that he's not coming back this year, is he just helping his team by giving the opposing team something to waste their time thinking about?


Correct. You were wrong about my point. You elected to bypass any other consideration, as you had already cast me into a position.

For whatever reason, it seems that you are caught in some form of rigid self determining loop that casts one brainwashed either by the likes of Glenn Beck or Soledad O'Brien, and once pigeonholed, any further word that emanates from any of "us" poor mindless slobs is instantly and obviously colored, and the result of targeted brainwashing each camp actively conducts every day as these "politertainment teams" of yours pursue ratings above truth.

That is of course, but for yourself, who was born with a yet unexplained and innate ability and superior brain capable of rising above either camp.

Tom and OC,

he,he,he..I see you two boys are getting a little exasperated with our amigo Kazaam..

bottom line Kazy-puh, the WH and Secretary Clinton flat out lied to the American people for over a week regarding Benghazi and there is no doubt they covered it out.

the "monkey in the middle" we have in the WH running our country is responsible for that debacle but the fackin liberal media doesn't hold him accountable, get your head out of your ass amigo.

now back to regularly schedule programming.

'Can you guess which outlets believes is the most important breaking news? What YOU want to know more about?'

Bullsh*t, what was your point if not that conservative media outlets cover more important stories?

question for you guys,

besides Tom and Kazaam, what's your opinion of the Dolphins getting Clabo?..I think it was a good move, the guy is a solid tackle.

The funny thing is that the purpose of that posting was part educational, in that it was my intent that the reader would play a form of "match the sites" kinda game. One, I dare say, could be played every single news day, and with similar emphasis.

Actually, my focus and findings for this particular post was how seemingly irrelevant ABC has grown to become, placing the death of four friends in a limo fire over what I personally think are far more important news of the day.

...and my dear Kaz. Just for your fyi, I generally visit up to 10 different news sites each and every day for my news, sans Al jezeera. I dare say, I am more open-minded than most would care admit to themselves.

You can believe whatever you wish to believe, no matter how wrong you are.

Can he pancake block FZB if so he's the man but not better than Incognito that guy has a mean streak in him.

And that concludes my knowledge of the offensive line postition although I can sort of tell the difference between pass and run blocking and our Center is really good too that's important he is the anchor of the Oline.

You believe what you want to believe but you don't have to live like a refugee.

Oh, your point was that liberal media covers 'less important' stories, not that conservative media covers 'more important' ones. My bad.

FYI the limo story has been cycling through the top four boxes on Foxnews' website all day as well.

Thank you Mr. Petty.

ABC is liberal??? Who knew?


"I read the news today oh boy" and I have to tell you, it depressed the hell out of me which is the main reason I talk sports..

Yeah, I hear ya, FZ. From now on I think I'll just get my news by listening to dogs bark. Certainly wouldn't wish to be accused of being brainwashed by the whatever outlet I may happen to click on.

I hear ya, FZ. From now on I think I'm only going to get my news by listening to dogs bark. I wouldn't want to be accused of being brainwashed by whichever news outlet I may happen to click on.

The media is overwhelmingly liberal and that is the way our society is going. Everything you read and see you must take with a grain of salt because there always seems to be a spin. If you can't see that the media is overwhelmingly liberal, then I don't know what else to say other than, there is little hope for you.

The Heat are Hollywood as Hell but it's LeBrons league now and we all have to suffer through it much like a liberal media telecast.

alright you infidels, everyone seems to be a bit uptight today, we are all fighting about something we have no fackin control over, we all need to relax, call a time out, here you go ladies.


What this basically come down to this morning is something very simple, really. Kazaam has rejected my observations regarding a two-camp world and existence. That everything known to us is ruled by sets of duals. Black/White, good/evil, life/death, +/-, etc. And that a great many things that would otherwise be absent in either extreme, is in reality, moving in one direction or the other.

It appears to me, that in the past, Kaz has basically defended more liberal tenets than those from conservative camps, perhaps wishing to retain his independent status. However, episodes like what happened this morning do shine a light and expose true leanings. Would a conservative have exploded with such immediate and negatively slanted dis? Or would it be more likely that a defense had to be posted against what surely could only be interpreted as an attack to the left?

Enter the convenient independent slant: Both sides brainwash, he stipulates, but somehow, and don't ask me to explain, I'm above it all. Now, there's the real bullsh*t.

The truth of the matter is that Kaz is correct in his assessment in that I hold conservative views. Not EVERY view, mind you. Nor an automatic "Bush" & GOP all-the-way type guy either. What he remains unwilling to admit however, is how he shares political views which are more in keeping with those of dave from LA (to use his polar opposite example), than to those of my own. Hence, the attack.

He may not wish to acknowledge it to himself, but he's picked a side.

Are you just figuring this out now OC where have you been?

wow OC,

How long have you been debating Kaz on a number of subjects in this blog ??...is he a "contrarian" or an asswipe liberal?

I already know the answer, I'm glad you finally have yours.

no offense Kaz.

Oye OC,

I finally saw this Lincoln movie but the dude was an outstanding citizens/hard worker by day and a vampire killer by night, I don't think that was the movie the Wood's-Ter wanted me to se, hehe

ps, don't tell him...

you infidels have not heard blues in a while....


perfect song since I'm leaving my office in about a half an hour....

I live in a swing state and I wrote in Ron Paul because I didn't know enough about Gary Johnson.

The black and white view and complete brainwashing of the 24 hour politertainment cycle is the biggest problem with politics in this country, bar none. Jon Stewart and Foxnews are largely to blame for congress' unwillingness to look like they're compromising. If I sound like I'm a liberal on this blog it's because there are more conservatives here regurgitating that team's talking points on non-important issues. At my work, where 90% are raging liberals, everyone thinks I'm a secret conservative.

Like 80% of this country I'm a fiscal conservative and socially tolerant. Unlike the majority, I recognize that neither Demorats or Republicans are at all in line with my views or interested in anything other than increasing their party's power and that the news media (with few exceptions) is complete entertainment, presenting sensationalized accounts of 'news stories' in order of fan interest, not importance.

And those "non important issues" are what makes you the member of the team that you are on.

How could two people, who, like 80% of this country, view themselves fiscal conservatives and socially tolerant and who recognize that neither Demorats (I prefer your version) or Republicans are mainly about their power be so off-thinking?

I believe in the rule of two's and you don't. Which brings about political votes towards the lesser of two evils, which conversely, cause you to abstain or render superfluous, though perhaps morally right, and can see some obvious glaring truths, even while delivered sugar-coated and through hypersell. Whereas, you don't

That's an interesting observatin, BB.

I think the biggest polarity which exists between views is that one side believes, wholeheartedly, that the reason radical islamists wage war against us is due to US invasions, or that drones periodically kill their bad guys, or that Osama said so, whereas the other side views dualities and dismisses stated reasons, accepting that polar conflict is human nature; this case being, that they view us as the devil.

I don't know what this means but PFF rated Clabo as having the highest screen grade for an OT in 2012.

Do the Dolphins have a legit left tackle?

The Dolphins signed who they felt is the best right-tackle option, but they are taking a risk with Martin potentially on the left side. Martin's development is one of the biggest keys to Miami's success this upcoming season.


I agree!

It's all about the ZBS guys don't think I am totally clueless about the offensive line.

Big Baby

That same organization, PFF, ranked Jonathan Martin 76th out of 80 tackles last year. I suspect Ireland is going to regret passing on Lane Johnson with the 3rd pick.

Former Miami quarterback Vinny Testaverde will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as part of its 2013 class.


Vinnie had a great college career and a very good pro career. That said, he should be kept out of the College Football Hall of Fame for giving away the 86 national championship with those 5 picks. Those interceptions were so bad they almost looked intentional.

RE: mvp voting

i guess we have short memories as the vilification of the one writer whose OPINION was that carmelo anthony was the most valuable player is unwarranted and un-american.how about that fellow who cast his ballot for alabama all year while everyone was voting for UM? he was getting hammered all year but when the sugar bowl came around, george teague and friends whupped the U badly, to say the least. OPINIONS, men!! while it may not be popular around these parts that lebron james didn't get every first place vote, it is very easy to see the fellow's point in casting the sole vote for carmelo anthony. lebron james gets his trophy and the fact that it wasn't unanimous is no big deal, at least to me. lebron james besides being the current holder of best basketballer alive, is a decent fellow and bright guy; i would be very surprised to find him engaged in a rant over the missing vote. i also heard about the year shaq didn't get every vote in garnering his MVP, 1999 is the year in question i believe (the shadow was in the Holy Land). there is always gonna be a dissenter and most times a dissenter with good reason. alabama proved their man right against UM. take it from a guy who was screaming VILLANOVA in the college basketball year of 84/85 while everyone conceded the trophy to the hoyas. things worked out perfectly for the wildcats- they got memphis state in the semis while a st. john's team that handled them all year in the big east was ousted by the hoyas. in the title game everything went right fore villanova, sinking almost every shot and still they barely got by ewing and company. a year later and the game is played with a shot clock and the wildcats would probably lose by 20, same as NC state would never have gotten close to houston had there been a time clock. you just never know, and as the paltitude goes "that's why they play the games." in the instance of an MVP vote, there is no game of H-O-R-S-E to determine the outcome. lebron james will be happier with trophy number two than with MVP #4, guaranteed. if he lost one bead of sweat over not getting every vote i'd be surprised. this is a man/ballplayer/man who after losing to dallas the year before went on a mission and completed it. he went "magic johnson" and decided there were parts of his game that needed further refinement. he is always dropping in his assist totals when asked about his scoring. youngest player to hit 20,000 points and he is talking about his assists!! while mt favorite team is golden state, and my favorite player is kawhi leonard, it is impossible for me- not a fan of LBJ from the get go- not to admire his incredible skills. forgettingf the "old schoolers"- there will never be another wilt- it is my opinion that LBJ, kobe bryant and #23 for the bulls are the mountaintop of players of the post magic/bird years, and of the three LBJ is the most decent human being. the talk of whether he is better than the other two will go on- and anyone whose OPINION opts for jordan or bryant is entitled to that view. these three are in the rarefied air of NBA eliteness and picking one from between the three is anybody's right. i'll take the guy wearing #6 for the locals and would understand anyone who opted for the laker or the bull.

I wonder if Ireland secretly getz excited at the mere prospect of Dolphin fanz suffering every year and even more tingly watching it actually unfold. Hey could just be my stigmaticism at work again but you never know. As Jim Morrison said, "people are strange..."


He's not that smart.

Fortunately for the Dolphin organization and it's fans it's Jeffery's lack of IQ as opposed to his lack of heart that accountz for Dolphins perennial woes. Hmm on second thought is that the lesser of two evils...???


You're dangerously close to joining the the dark side of the force, resist it....

My son Ireland will prove all you guys wrong...this I'm sure of...

You know you Dolphin fanz are real inbred ingratez and moronz. What do you even need a left tackle for any how? Maybe we'll just save a few bucks and not even have one. Four guyz on O-line is just as good as five. I'm the GM not you clownz!!!

FZB I'm trying sir. I was going to add "PS I bet all your mothers are crack hoes" but I resisted it...

FZB if your son proves you wrong will you do the right thing and eat him as a tiger eatz her young?

The Dolphins and Chiefs are playing a game. The Dolphins sign Clabo and let stories go unchallenged that Martin will play the left side. The Chiefs leak stories that they are trying to sign Branden Albert to a long term deal to play left tackle and their first round pick Eric Fisher will play right tackle.

NO FFING WAY the Chiefs drafted Fisher to play right tackle. And NO way the Chiefs pay Albert $10 million this year (the franchise tag).

Dolphins want the Chiefs to believe they are willing to let Martin play LT and the Chiefs want the Dolphins to believe they want to work a long term deal with Branden Albert. NEITHER IS TRUE.

All-righty then....

FZB I'm not completely heartless. You can marinate him first...

The Heat look like they are sleep walking out there...

Just read Mike Tyson wants to play Othello. I think it's a spectaculary good idea...

No OC I meant SPECTACULARY. I think that's how Mike would would've wanted it...

I'm certain the tattoo on his mug will just augment the pathos!

Don't worry about the Heat. It's not the 4th quarter yet.

I think Chalmers has got to be the worst PG in the NBA...maybe the NBA and the NCAA combine but what do I know...

FZB, I don't know what it is but I sure feel full of salt and vinegar today. Maybe you won't have to eat your son afterall. Then again..

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