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May 10, 2013

G3: Heat 104, Bulls 94. Miami in control as Bosh and Cole -- that's right, Bosh and Cole! -- spark road triumph; plus 'Good Effort' kid, Dolphins missteps & more

1) It is SATURDAY, MAY 11. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): A jam-packed thrill ride! Heat win Game 2, Middle-Finger Lady, D-Wade's wardrobe, Lil Wayne runs with Bulls, Dolphins threats, Charles Ramsey's 'Dead Giveaway,' Sad-O-Meter. 2) Look for Marlins Sad-O-Meter update in the blog on Saturday. 3) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

Click on When Push Comes To Shove for my column from Chicago off last night's Heat Game 3 victory.

1aa1chickenLive from Chicago: Checked into my hotel about two miles from the arena. Dreary day in Chitown, misting rain. Fortunately, they tell me this evening's game was to be played indoors. A bit of Harold's Chicken Shack for lunch, perhaps?

G3: HEAT 104, BULLS 94: MIAMI TAKES COMMAND OF SERIES WITH HUGE ROAD WIN (Heat leads 2-1; G4 Monday night in Chicago): Here's what is most impressive to me. LeBron James shoots 6-for-17, Dwyane Wade scores a mere 10 points and yet Miami wins by double digits on the road. Yes, Chicago is depleted, still m issing three key players. Admire their fight. But also admire the Heat's fight, and resourcefulness. Chris Bosh steps up big with 20 points and 19 rebounds, and a clucth Norris Cole was just as big with 18 off the bench. Huge, huge win. Watch for my column off tonight's Game 3 win posting online soon ..... Original post: I don't know how this playoff battle 1aa1bullsheatcan get any more volatile than it was in Miami's series-evening Game 2 win here Wednesday, but no doubt the Chicago crowd will do its 1aa1g3part to amp up the intensity even more tonight. Should Derrick Rose actually play, as is rumored, the roof is liable to blow clear off the arena. I'll be at the game columnizing, and happily, as Chicago is a great city and this should be a great game, an event. Winner gets to feel it is in control; loser gets to feel genuine pressure. Bulls should be back closer to full strength, but if Miami shoots and defends as well as it did in Game 2, the Heat will not be beaten. Have a feeling the crowd will feed the Heat as much as it does the homies. Miami plays well angry. Booing in a hostile arena, that's nourishment.

EXCLUSIVE!: RETURN OF THE "GOOD JOB GOOD EFFORT" KID: You may remember Jack Meyer, the 9-year-old from Coral Gables who flared as a media sensation and Heat good-luck charm during the 1aa1jackm2012 playoffs with a YouTube video (click here) that caught Jack (pictured right) consoling dispirited Heat players with, "Good job! Good effort!" after a home playoff loss to Boston. Well, Jack's back, now 10, and in the news 1aa1juliadagain after Chicago's WGN radio phoned him this week to make a friendly bet. The bet: If Miami won Game 2, Jack would get 10 Chicago-style hot dogs. If Chicago won, WGN's Jon Brandmeier would get Jack's dad's 2013 Cadillac STS. Hmm. Either that was a bad bet, or Jack was that confident. Now they've got a double-or-nothing bet on Game 3: Jack gets 20 hot dogs and a deep-dish pizza, or the radio guy gets any car he wants from Jack's uncle's Cadillac dealership. Sounds reasonable. [Postscript: The Good Job Good Effort Kid is roughly the same age as Heat good-luck national anthem singer Julia Dale (left). Hmm. Arranged marriage, anyone? Burnie officiates, DJ Irie leads the wedding band, Birdman as best man, Pat Riley on the toast. I'm just sayin'!]









LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ... YOUR PALM BEACH DOLPHINS!: Doomsaying Dolphins president Mike Dee is at it again. Just a few days after calling the future of the franchise "bleak" because its stadium-renovation plan died in Tallahassee, Dee on Thursday hinted the club might consider switching counties and exploring a new stadium in Palm Beach. Asked directly of that possibility, Dee said, "We're open-minded to all long-term solutions." This strikes us as a major public-relations misplay. At a time when Dolfans finally are feeling optimistic about the team, the owner and president are grousing, threatening, wringing hands and saying how shaky the future is. Wrong, wrong message.

On Dolphins' Super Bowl L bid: Host city for the 50th Super Bowl will be awarded May 21. The 1aa1acarrier49ers' new stadium in Santa Clara is expected to win, but South Florida is bidding, too -- even though the Dolphins just spent the past four months barking about how their dilapidated stadium would never get another Super Bowl. Self-fulfilling prophecy, anyone? The SoFla bid for the golden-anniversary SB includes celebrity football games aboard an aircraft carrier docked by the Heat arena. File it under: Strange Ideas That Will Never Come To Fruition.

MAXIM HOT 100 TOPPED BY ... REALLY!?: Miley Cyrus -- overcoming that overbite that makes her a little too toothy for some of us -- is the sexiest woman alive for 2013, according to a fan vote. She is pictured, as sexified as she can be. Rounding out top five: Selena 1aa1cyrusmGomez, Rihanna, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence. My pick, in 8th place, Kate Upton. Other notables: MMA fighter Ronda Rousey 29th (because guys dig a woman who can beat them into submission), Andy Roddick's Brooklyn Decker 59th, and (seriously) Manti Te'o's invisible girlfriend 69th. Nominated but denied the Hot 100: D-Wade's girl Gabrielle Union. Gabby must be pretty pleased about losing to a woman who does not exist. I must say, between Miley Cyrus winning and a hoax finishing 69th, I believe I may have lost all respect for something probably not meriting much in the first place come to think of it.

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