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May 23, 2013

Bad coach, sad Chuck: A six-pack of obs on Heat's Game 1 thriller; plus new Heat song, LeBron's latest honor, Urban Beach Week, Sad-O-Meter & more

1aa1bring1) It is FRIDAY, MAY 24. [New blogpost coming today by mid-afternoon] We're back! Blog was held hostage by technical issues yesterday but we seem to be back [Archaic Reference Alert] shining like a Mercury dime today. Thanks for the patience. 2) Pictured right: Pacers fan lends new definition to phrase, "Be Careful What You Wish For." 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat Game 1 win, Frank Vogel's rare talent, Shula dissed in coach rank, Super Bowl shutout no big deal, Tiger-Sergio tiff, Sad-O-Meter. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote and now on Instagram at upsetbird.

LeBron tops All-NBA vote; Wade third team: Heat star LeBron James' 119 first-place votes and 595 total points -- that's unanimous, the max -- leads All-NBA first team announced today. Also on 1T: Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan. Second team: Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Marc Gasol, Tony Parker, Blake Griffin. Third team: James Harden, Dwight Howard, Heat's Dwyane Wade (145 points), David Lee, Paul George. Chris Bosh (59 points) only other Heater to get votes.

A SIX-PACK OF OBS (OBSERVATIONS) IN WAKE OF HEAT'S GAME 1 WIN: We got us a series here, children! Click on This Is More Like It for my column off last night's 103-102 Heat overtime win over Indiana in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. A few thoughts in the wake of the thriller...

1aa1frankv1. Good coach, bad coach: Bad coach: Pacers' Frank Vogel for taking rim-defender Roy Hibbert out of the game in the crucial last minute, allowing two LeBron James drives to the hoop including the game-winner. Even Vogel second-guessed himself. Frank knows how to balance a spinning basketball on a toothbrush but did not know how to balance his defense when it mattered most last night. Start a conspiracy theory. Stand on the roof of your car and shout, VOGEL THREW THE GAME BECAUSE THE NBA WANTS HEAT TO WIN! Good coach: Miami's Erik Spoelstra, for having LeBron on his team and giving him the ball last. (Pictured: Vogel, rocking the Eddie Munster hairline, shouting back home to the folks in Indianapolis, "I MADE A REALLY, REALLY DUMB DECISION THAT REALLY COST US!")

2. Ostracized Charles Barkley: Fun, telling scene in the emptied arena near 1 a.m. as LeBron and Dwyane Wade had finished their post-game media session and were being driven away on a cart. Departing TNT analysts Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Albert stopped the cart to exchange niceties, Shaq even giving LeBron a big bear hug. Close enough to join in but conspiciously hanging back: Charles Barkley, whose criticisms in the Heat Big 3 era, and recently of Wade not being as good as he was, have estranged Chuck from the Heat's good graces.

3. Wade's quiet big game: LeBron 30 points, triple-double and game-winner rightly made the headlines, but Wade played 41 minutes, shot 9-for-15, scored 19 and chipped in six rebounds and five assists before fouling out late. If Miami can keep getting that much or close to it from Wade on a balky right knee, that'll be plenty. 

1aa1birdca4. Bird 'n the Bench: Miami's strong bench dominated Indy's weak bench in Game 1 minutes (100-48), and Pacers did not have anyone to match Chris "Birdman" Andersen's 16 points on 7-for-7 shooting. Miami really needed what it got from Bird, because key reserve Shane Battier, Ray Allen and Norris Cole were a combined 2-for-16 shooting. That won't continue. All five IND starters played 40-plus minutes. Bench play really separates these teams.

5. The board game: Indy is a great rebounding team. Miami, statistically, is not. But Heat closed an early Game 1 gap and only were out-rebounded 43-38. That's close enough to work. (How is it possible, though, that Chris Bosh only gets two rebounds? C'mon, man!

1aa1hanst6. Tyler Hansbrough: Cannot say I missed the Pacers' irritant of a reserve, but recalled avidly last night why he's so annoying. He'll be under somebody's skin all series, the kind of guy you want to boo (or discreetly elbow) just on general principle. Hansbrough is like a whiter Joakim Noah, but without the samurai hair-bun.

 NEW HEAT SONG: "5 KINGS & A BIRDMAN": It's by local Heat fan Frank Cornelius Jr., and you might call it a sequel because during last year's playoff run he penned a rap called "Tell Mr. Stern Get Those Rings Ready." The gentleman says he is related to the old group Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose. That's good enough for us. It's too late to turn back now. And remember, fellas, treat her like a lady.

SBJ's odd choice: SportsBusiness Journal's annual award winners announced Wednesday included a curious choice for Team of the Year: Oklahoma City Thunder. Hmm. (Somebody want to inform SBJ of last year's NBA Finals result...?) 

URBAN BEACH WEEKEND: Innocent visitors from Indiana in town for the Heat-Pacers series, I'd like to provide a public service by informing you that Friday through Monday 1aa1urbanin Miami Beach/South Beach is an annual Memorial Day-related extravaganza we locals like to call Utter Mayhem "Urban Beach Weekend." I would never suggest this is an area to be avoided. The weekend is expected to attract some 300,000 people. And that's just local police! No, seriously, we're talking about 300,000 visitors, many aligning themselves with the hip-hop culture and all looking to party. Other than expectations of police-involved shootings and acrid clouds of tear gas, a good time may well be had by all. The photo shown might be said to perpetuate a stereotype, except that the photo comes from a website called urbanbeachweek. Also, the people in the car are believed to be Pacers fans down from Indianapolis.

UPDATED: MARLINS SAD-O-METER: We have this new blog feature we update as long 1aa1bbsadas Marlins' winning percentage is under .300 -- as long as the New York Mets' infamous 1962 record of 40-120 (.250) is within dubious reach. Well, a shutout loss last night (if that didn't go without saying) has the S-O-M back humming. Updated Sad-O-Meter: Current record, 13-34 (.277). Season projection, 44.81 wins, 117.19 losses.

Click back. Will be updating/adding much more to this latest blogpost...


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It wasn't THAT bad of a decision by Vogel, if he leaves Hibbert in the Heat would have gotten an open jumper instead.

Just a great individual effort by LeBron to get around Paul George and lay it in.

Reposted by overwhelming popular demand....

Wow, what a freaking game. I watched the end of the game at a sports bar with OC Jr. in Westwood. Jr. kept telling me to stop screaming. I can tell he's only 1/2 Cuban.

Say, Kazaam, you walked to your car after the kid hit the last of the three free shots in overtime, right? At least that's what I told Jr.

"Jr., there's this fish on the blog that your dad wastes all his time on who has Heat season tickets. What? No, no, he's a trust fund baby he's not a millionaire. Anyway, will you listen to me. This fish, his name is Kazaamster....yea, that's his name, I told you he's a fish. I bet you that he decided to leave for the parking lot right after they took the lead. Thank goodness he left the building and took his mojo with him or else Lebron would have missed the layup...."

Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | May 23, 2013 at 11:08 AM

well, I wasn't one of the ones's that said it was going to be easy but it was a good back and forth game, great plays by both teams..Indiana is strong where we are weak and Paul George is an emerging star, the Heat were lucky to win it.

what needs to happen in game two, Chalmers was horrible and got hurt, I'll give his minutes to Miller, Bosh had two facking rebounds the whole game!!, that needs to change and we need to drive more to the basket to get their bigs in foul trouble.

Battier and Allen are playing like dog poo also.

Oye Woody,

If you wanna bring OC-Jr's ride down to the 305 I can hook you up with my cousin's husband, He's an old school cuban mechanic that can let you know what's wrong by listening to the engine ( he was a master mechanic with Eastern airlines back in the day)..

I'll tell him "que te trate suave'..

Yo se lo voy a llevar a un boricua que mi mama le cosina un flan cada ves que yo le llevo el carro pa' que el tipo no se equivoque.

FZ, you think Kazaam was in the building when the layup went down?

Wood's - Nah,

Kazaam seems to be more like he belongs to the "Perrier Water" club, you know he get's there around the second quarter and leave in the third, gotta beat the traffic and the fun.


you know those people have their nails done (male and female), not that there is anything wrong with it..

They had a close up of Kazaam on TNT yesterday. He was sitting right behind the Heat bench wearing a bow tie and a lime green fedora and the boy had a pair of Clark Kent style black eye glasses with the thickest milk bottle thick lenses that I've seen since my visit to the Mt. Palomar Observatory last summer. Bro, if he was po' like the rest of us and he had to sit up in the nose bleeds he couldn't follow the game even if he had the Hubble with him.

Wassup, Kaz!

while the Pacers gave the Heat a scare yesterday Let's not forget the Heat have not been playing lights out themselves, they have a number of players that have been struggling , the Pacers palyed a great game yesterday and they still did not beat the Heat, so that's a positive from that perspective..

Chalmers,Allen,Battier and Haslem have been awful..Cole had a bad game yesterday also, LeBron needs more help out there, time for all these guys to step up.

This series is a joke.. All drama ..the heaters were playing with them..they know the miami fans are NOT interested in a blowout so they keep the game close and win at the end..you guys don't see that..pure wwe ..fake sport..i bet they blow out indiana in indiana ..in miami they like to make the games close to make the fans excited..wade loves showing the cuban heat fans off..pleasing them.why do you think the cavs got the first pick again..this was a plan for the nba for james to win 5 rings with the heat and try and turn miami in to a basketball town..thats pat rileys plan..him and alonzo m..are always on james and the heat players tto win..and win big in that waterdown league.

In the first game vs. The bulls it backed fired ...that's why they blew them out so easy in the second game..they can afford to do this cause they are so much more talented than the other teams..if they want they can blow every team out but they make it drama filled and exciting for the miami fans they keep it close till the end..

hhhhmmm, that's an interesting take on the series.

Dan LeRetard has a nice piece on LeBron, you guys should check it out.



and speaking of Santana..here is a classic.





Great game last night.Hope the Heat can go up 2-0 heading up to Indy for Game 3.THAT would be BIG.

Congratulations Kazaam. You can finally fulfill your dream of being a Boy Scout....


I can't beleive that TNT hasn't fired Barkley. He can't even talk correctely. You can't understand him, he's awful. He continues to go against the Heat, predicting that the Pacers will win the first game of the series and win the entire series. That God! he's off again!

What are you on drugs? The NBA post game show on TNT is the best studio show in the business for any sport and Barkley is a huge part of it. But don't take my word for it just look up the ratings and all the hardware that the show has won.

“And he’s hurt all the time," Barkley added. "That tells me Father Time is kicking in…. That’s one of the reasons I don’t like these reporters in Miami. You can’t say anything about these guys without them over-reacting.

From The Great Barry Jackson

Truer Words Couldn't Have Been Spoken. And Don't Say Anything About The Incompetent Coach. They Think He Is A God Because He Coaches The Most Talented Team In The League.

OC my response to your post on previous thread...

If Shula consistently had a GM like Joe Thomas helping to build and maintain champion it would have been no contest. Unfortunately there were many years when Shula was supposed to be GM and Head Coach and it just doesn't work. Philbin will see that clearly soon enough unless FZB isn't forced to eat his young afterall...

OC that was very cool Jeff Beck walk though memory lane. Thanks. Talent is a wonderful thing.
People want to give you guitars just because you're talented & famous...


You have touched on a great secret and one that I have mentioned before, Shula as a talent evaluator and GM was average at best, the real architec of the early Dolphins was Joe Thomas to this day the greatest GM and talent evaluator the Dolphins ever had.

The best combination to built teams is to have a GM in charge of personnel and the coach in charge of coaching , WE have that now, Philbin is a great fit us too and him and Ireland have a good thing going , I HAve also said that Ireland is the best talent evaluator we've had around here since Joe Thomas and in time and if Ross allows him to he will prove you guys wrong.


FZB I'll be first in line for you to tell me, "I told you dukey you gringo." And I'll be glad you were right...

Damn it, dukey. You made me spit out my coffee!

Ah man look at this...my computer is covered with french roast!

Great coaching by SPO to draw up a play to give the best player on the planet the ball with 2.2 seconds left. I mean no other coach in the world would have let Lebron take that last shot. AMAZING COACHING.

Double standard by the great, wild, wacky liberal Cote?

Cote says "Hansbrough is like a whiter Joakim Noah, but without the samurai hair-bun."

If someone had said, someone was a blacker player, the far left loons would be up in arms with their self-righteousness. If something offensive is said about a white person---have at it. Let me add every single race, culture says negative things about other races and cultures--it's not just the good ole white folks, but the far left loons only like to point out things in one direction and turn a blind eye, a hypocritical view to anything else.

What A Play. Give LeBron The Ball.

He Even Asked LeBron For Permission. (Look At LeBron's Quote)

LeBron Runs The Huddle, Not The Coach.

What Respectable Coach Lets His Players Run The Huddle?

And How Can You Draw A Play Without A Marker?

Mental Visualization.

Barkley Was Right. Some Of You Don't Know Jack, But Root For The Home Team.

Like The Other Clown. "I Only Watch In The Postseason."

Yeah, You Are A Fan Of The Game. So All Those Times The Heat Didn't Even Make The Playoffs You Watched No Basketball That Season. GTFOH!

Great coaching by SPO to draw up a play to give the best player on the planet the ball with 2.2 seconds left. I mean no other coach in the world would have let Lebron take that last shot.


This Has To Be Sarcasm.

My Bad.


a great shooter from wyoming (any of you remember the cowboy's ferris dembo?) who was a big part of the lakers' first championship in los angeles; used to shoot the ball from behind his head, the way keith wilkes did for the bruins and then the warriors and lakers. i am trying to imagine game 1's winning lay-up with wilt, walton or russell on the floor- wouldn't have happened. i find NBA playoff games that start so late to be past my bedtime when they end about midnight; hoping that ABC has one lined up for urban weekend monday.

Ferris Dembo. Wow, there's a name I haven't heard for quite some time.

shadow, are you thinking Jamal Wilkes?

I couldn't name you one player from Wyoming's current team so I sure as hell couldn't name one from the distant past.

Never mind, I just read that Jamaal was born Keith. That was very Marion Morrison of me.

duke, nice picture of the cow you posted. well done soldier. Youtube of Beatles songs we hear in discount stores, payday loan shops, elevators, thank you.

Heat should crush everyone in their way to earn this years NBA Championship.

Reports saying Grimes, Tannehill looking very good in initial practices. If 100% healthy, Grimes will be make everyone forget about Sean Smith. Too early to read much into how the season starts but,, positive news. John Jerry has melted some of his baby fat off (IMO he still looks like a slob), Martin has added strength by working out since the close of 2012. I wonder if coaches whispered in his ear that Long will be let go & left tackle is his if he adds lean muscle.?

Ireland,,, Fins haven't had Rashard Jones' proven ability at Safety since.... Jake Scott/Dick Anderson era. Find a way to lock him in for 5-6 years. The Dude is going to get better as his career progresses.
Try giving Starks a 2-3 year deal. The man is a rare DT, fairly big without the blubber, explosive & quick enough to get fair up the middle pass rush.
If I had to chose between keeping one & forgetting the latter due to cap reasons, I'd keep a younger Soliai over Starks.

Duke !!!

Like Jimbo just said so eloquently, I didn't know you were into cow's..mmmuuuuhhhhh, not that there is anything wrong with it.

by the way Jimbo, thanks for posting that article about Obi but you know the whack "liberales" are just going to say is made up propaganda, right?

Pimple, Yes amigo, Cote is a liberal asswipe and has a double standard but I thought you knew that.

Dashi..Why are you posting "incognito" ?..Don't worry I won't tell Big Baby.


I think most Dolphin fans are cautiously optimistic about the upcoming season, the team has gotten younger, faster and better..we still have a couple of question marks in a couple of areas but those can be addessed in next years draft.

Obi joke of the day: ( disclaimer, this is for all you guys except Kaz since he has no sense of humor ).

Obi and his wife michelle were on a plane cruising at 30 thousand feet & Obi says to michelle [I could throw a 1,000 bill off this plane right now and make someone very happy, michelle replies you could do that but I could throw 10 100 dollar bills off this plane and make 10 people very happy, the pilot of the plane is listening to both and thinks to himself I could throw both of you off the plane right now and make everyone in the U.S. happy.

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