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May 04, 2013

Who's the idiot? LeBron 1 vote shy of unanimous for MVP; plus new NBA playoff odds, Dolphins' big loss, Tyson Clabo, Sad-O-Meter retired & more

1aa1cinco1) It is SUNDAY, MAY 5. Happy Cinco de Mayo! 2) NCAA refuses to dismiss UM case in advance of June hearing. "No duh," says rest of America. 3) Click on Random Evidence for today's Sunday notes column, leading with Heat playoffs. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): The building and branding of Dion Jordan, Bulls-or-Nets Heat poll, Susannah Collins, Tim Tebow prank. 5Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

LEBRON MVP VOTE: NEW PROOF THAT 1 OF EVERY 121 PEOPLE IS A MORON: Heat's LeBron James got 120 of 121 frst-place votes for league MVP today, denying him the first unanimous vote in NBA history even though he was deserving. A funny Internet rumor spread that my colleague Dan Le Batard cast the lone vote for Carmelo Anthony. It wasn't true. That didn't stop it. "Probably a writer out fo New York," surmised LeBron, likely more accurately. LeBatard, sensing Twitter gold, didn't deny the initial speculation, merely re-Tweeted it. Deadspin said it was so. One of life's small pleasures is watching self-important Deadspin say, "Ah, um, uhh, oops. My bad!" Anyway, the mystery lunatic-voter is still out there. Oh he WILL be found!

HEAT-BULLS ON DECK; NBA NEXT-ROUND PLAYOFF ODDS: Second-round pairings and betting odds via Bovada, by conference, entering second-round play: Eastern: Miami over Chicago: Heat a prohibitive overall favorite at 2-11 to win East, 4-9 to repeat league title. Bulls are 40-1 to win East, 75-1 overall. There are no early indications Derrick Rose will play vs. Miami, but the fact he might will be an intriguing cloud hanging over this series. New York over Indiana: Knicks are 6-1 to win East and 14-1 to win league. Pacers are 12-1 and 25-1. Western: San Antonio over Golden State: Spurs are a big 5-7 pick to win West and 11-2 to win it all. Warriors are 9-1 in conference, 40-1 in league. Oklahoma City over Memphis: Thunder is 3-1 in West, 9-1 in league. Grizzlies are 5-1 to win West, 14-1 to win it all.

A WORD TO ROSS AND TO NFL IN WAKE OF DOLPHINS' LEGISLATIVE DEFEAT: Although it sounds as if Florida House speaker Will Weatherford (the smug-looking guy on the far right) may have done a bit of backstabbing up there in Tally, I can't get as worked up or disappointed as I'm sure Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is over the sudden collapse of his plan for 1aa1willw 1aa1dolrossmassive stadium renovations. That's partly because the plan faced a likely defeat in a Miami-Dade referendum vote even if the Legislature had let it get that far. A quick word to Ross (near right), and to the NFL. To Ross: Understand that most Dolphins fans think the stadium is fine as is (and it is), and are hugely more concerned about the Dolphins getting in the Super Bowl than they are about the stadium hosting Super Bowls. As long as your emphasis is on a winning team, you'll be fine with Dolfans even if there is no canopy to shade them. To the NFL: Threatening to withhhold future Super Bowls if this renovation didn't pass sounded a bit like extortion to folks down here, and that didn't play well. Miami -- even with Dolphins stadium as is -- should continue as a main-rotation factor in the awarding of Super Bowls. This is a destination city. That won't change. Also, a league that just awarded an outdoor Super Bowl to New Jersey -- where snow is very possible and freezing temps all but assured -- ought not wring hands over the idea a Miami Super Bowl might face the threat of rain. If the NFL wants to do what's best for the league and for fans, it should swallow its pride over this legislative defeat and get back to realizing Miami was, and is, a Super Bowl-caliber host.

Dolphins sign Clabo: That's Tyson Clabo, the long-time ex-Falcons right tackle, 31, a one-time Pro Bowl guy (2010) who'll help the blocking front. Good signing.

1aa1howardORB TAKES KENTUCKY DERBY: Orb, third-to-last early, saves energy for a brilliant finish and comfy win. Smartly run race. Good to see the Florida Derby as the springboard here. Pictured: A familiar former FAU football coach, Mr. Howard Schnellenberger, takes in the race today with his properly be-hatted wife Beverlee. Original post: The 139th running is today to launch racing's Triple Crown season, and my rooting interest probably is the betting favorite, Orb. I always root for our Florida Derby winner to represent. I have a funny feeling, though, that 5-1 shot Goldencents may carry the day. It's Rick Pitino's year, and he's part-owner. I always put more stock in gut feelings and supersition in horse racing than in other types of betting. Is that weird? Doubt that'll change until the horses start talking.

1aa1chrgayDOES MEDIA HAVE PRO-GAY, ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIAS?: A reader passed this political cartoon along to me, and I found it thought-provoking enough to post in the blog. I don't know that Christian vs. gay is a parallel discussion. Christian vs. atheist or gay vs. straight would be parallel. I'd also point out that something very unusual is more newsworthy than something common, and so Tebow's religious beliefs are much more common than Collins' ground-breaking revelation. Nevertheless, the cartoon makes its point very well.

1aa1bbsadUPDATED: MARLINS "SAD-O-METER" IN HIBERNATION: We have had this new blog feature we updated as long as Marlins' winning percentage was under .300. The New York Mets' 1962 record of 40-120 (.250) is widely regarded as the worst season in modern MLB history and Marlins had been on pace to threaten for awhile. But Miami is now at 10-22 (.313) after today's win, so our Sad-O-Meter is on indefinite hiatus.

Poll result: No contest. Bulls tougher next foe than Nets: We asked, and by an 84.8 percent landslide you said Chicago would be a tougher next playoff opponent for the Heat than Brooklyn. (They meet in Game 7 tonight in the Kings County borough for the right to face Miami).

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Spot on by Cote - good for MDC, standing up for itself, why should ALL Miami-Dade hotel owners be paying the upfront cost of the Dolphins' renovations when Super Bowls only serve South Beach?

The NYC Super Bowl will make Miami's case, they can't even host the 'NFL Experience' because they can't find a venue and can't do it outdoors in cold weather.

Miami already has the BCS championship game and playoffs on rotation and the OB every year.

Let them go Super Bowl in Minnesota, see how it works out for them.

Saw that cartoon but was there a single media outlet that didn't capitalize on Tebow's christianity? Who walked away saying 'keep it to yourself'?

Obviously a lot of readers are turned off by Tebow's christianity and Collins' fanny banditry but the media eats these stories up.

Nothing matters but ratings.

the renovation of ross's stadium is hardly an issue critical to the future of our local economy. our hotels are full during high season anyway with tourists who stay a lot longer than just the one weekend.

if the nfl held every superbowl in indianapolis (or weatherfords tampa) our local tourist economy would be just fine


our hotels are full during high season with tourists who stay here longer than just the one week end. if the nfl wants to hold every super bowl in indianapolis (or weatherfords tampa) the local tourist industry will be just fine


Sure Cote,

You're right, being a fag is in vogue now and apparently more important than family values, shame...


Um Duh.

I disagree about the Stadium it needs to be renovated the question now is whether Ross pays for it himself or not.

our hotels are full during high season with tourists who stay here longer than just the one week end. if the nfl wants to hold every super bowl in indianapolis (or weatherfords tampa) the local tourist industry will be just fine


our hotels are full during high season with tourists who stay here longer than just the one week end. if the nfl wants to hold every super bowl in indianapolis (or weatherfords tampa) the local tourist industry will be just fine


One of the only things that the Florida legislature has done right is to tell Ms. Ross and his puckered anus face to go to hell. No welfare for BILLIONAIRES.

Media bias? yep. 80-20 left vs right.

Kaz, Tebow shows his love for his religion with or without the cameras flashing. When Tebow mania first started during his Denver stint, I lived in Colorado. We used to relentlessly tease our coworkers about Tebow.

With Collins on the team, I guess it isn't just the female reporters who are meat gazing in the locker room.


The Bulls are putting it to the Nets , the Nets have no heart...

Jimbo, I guess soon they'll have to have separate showers , one for the real men and one for the girly men..


avery good price for two bucks on orb. great for his connections who had to suffer when easy goer was ridden by the worst jockey in the world, pat day-dumb as dirt- who let sunday silence pin him on the rail in the derby and preakness and then the breeders' cup (UCCHH to that whole concept). easy goer romped in the belmont over sinday silence; both weere great horses with easy goer having the bloodlines, while sunday silence was just a smarter animal with a better rider: much like affirmed and alydar.

If Tebow were to come out as Gay than the media as we know it would implode...

I hope this area never gets another Super Bowl because these myopic nincompoops of a citizenry don't deserve one.

christianity hasn't been socially unacceptable since the roman times; THAT is why this story is a big deal.
the root of much of christianity is the proselytizing that comes with it.
no one on the left is claiming straight people need to be gay or face an eternity of damnation; they want to be accepted as equals, have the same right to share property and tax rates that straight people have, and they want to be left alone.
it's pretty simple, and the only people making a big deal about it are the very christians who falsely promote love and tolerance..

If Derrick Rose returns, how does he fit into Chicago's current chemistry? Even without Derrick Rose, the Heat are going to have to play their gritty style of defense that dominates the league in so many ways. If Kirk Hinrich returns for the Bulls, does this mean he is going to tackle LeBron and DWade some more? If so, I hope he gets whats coming to him. If Carlos Boozer continues to be as efficient as he was in the Nets series, this series could be a real nail biter. If Nate Robinson has his hot hands, look out. But I am confident with this team because we have the best player on the planet on our side. What more could you ask for? I think the Bulls will push Miami to 6, maybe 7 games, but I do like the Heat's chances of winning this series if they play their 'A' game. It will be fun and exciting to watch. Go Heat!!!

BTW, yes the Dolphins stadium could use the upgrades and renovations. From what I heard, the league does not want to continue Super Bowls in Miami simply because Sun-Life stadium does not have HD video/sound. Also, the seats are old and decapitated and could use some new ones. Most could care less about the canopy or roof.

Speaking of media, isn't the media always biased in some way?


David in LA, you're just as much of a bigot for ranting on Christians. Give it a rest.

spare me, earl. i'll call out hypocrisy as i see fit; i ain't giving anything a rest.
when you call out people for being bigots or intolerant, that doesn't make you a bigot OR intolerant.
i have no problem with anyone believing any myth they desire.
pointing out the hypocrisy of most religions doesn't make me a bigot, it just makes me more enlightened than YOU, obviously..
as for the heat and the bulls, miami in 4

Mouning guys...

WHAT DID THE DOLPHINS ACCOMPLISHED THIS OFF SEASON?..Let's start with the players we lost, as far as I can tell Jake Long is the only one we wanted back but only at a reasonable salary, obviously not a BIG PRIORITY, the rest we didn't .

Jake Long, Sean Smith, Reggie Bush,Anthony Fasano, McDaniels...CUT, Dansby,Burnett

REPLACEMENTS...Mike Wallace-best free agent WR available, resigned B Hartline a solid ,reliable WR , Gibson , a dependable third option, move the chains guy , D Keller very good receiving TE , Dannell Ellerbe LB, faster and younger playmaker and Philip Wheeler another fast younger playmker, we were also able to retain our free safety (solid but must improve).


This is were we also improved specially speed wise, Our Two OLB's three CB's, RB and TE are fast , our defense needed it big time, only time will tell if all these moves pan out but on paper the Dolphins did a hell of a job.

FELL SHORT BUT THERE's still time..

the Tackle position needs to be and will be addressed within the next 60 days.

It is possible the team is waiting until after June first to see who's going to be let go by other teams, Peters from Philadelphia will be and maybe Moore from Jacksonville will be available by trade in addition to Winston and Clabo...

So guys, over all a very good offseason. ....Can't wait for Sept !!!!

In the meantime go Heat !!!!

Earl - actually not at all, Wayne Huizenga DID renovate Joe Robbie on his way out the door - we have the largest LCD banner in the world and before Dallas' new stadium the two largest HD screens. The sound system is great and the seats are just fine.

The ONLY perceived problem is that there's no roof - and the ONLY reason that's perceived as a bid-killing problem is that Stephen Ross started a media campaign telling everyone we'll never get another Super Bowl without a roof.

The truth is Ross doesn't give a f*ck about a Super Bowl, he just wants a couple thousand more fans enticed by the prospect of shade and rain cover to buy tickets to 8 games a year.

Curious to see if Derrick Rose will come back now - he's been cleared for full contact and practicing for MONTHS, usually once you're cleared for contact you're back in games after a couple practices.

It's actually quite the mystery what's keeping him out, a lot of people in Chicago are upset about him not even explaining himself.

Bill Simmons made a good point the other day about Gilbert Arenas coming back too early and reinjuring his knee but the amount of time Rose has been sitting after being medically cleared is unprecedented in this sport.

Nice Orb won as happened in the recent Florida Derby.Reminded me of my last attendance as a young guy watching Seattle Slew win the Florida Derby and then go on to win the Triple Crown.Only difference then of course was that at that time...Seattle Slew....a big beautiful black horse won at Hialeah in 1977 I believe.

Regardless whether S Ross has an agenda or not regarding the stadium renovation is immaterial, the fact is the stadium DOES NEED Renovation.

The bed tax penny increased was being paid by tourists and on top of that the deal had built in guarantees that the team was going to pay most of the money back, it would have helped the local economy ...win, win for the county and the team..

Those of you that are agains't it either didn't take the time to read it or were simply too missinformed on the subject...too bad.

I think there is a good chance that D Rose will be back for this series...either way the fun starts monday...

Barry Jackson is reporting that Clabo has agreed to terms with the Dolphins on a one year deal...nice


Woody !!!!!!

HB buddy...the big 6-0 today, wishing you spend a great day with your loved ones, peace out brother...

her-ya go wood's-Ter.


and in four years I'll play this one...you and shadow seem to be the oldest (maybe Naples too)..hehe, so you'll get there before any of us..


or if you're more into the Jimi, this version is more psychedelic.


If FZB is right and this is our starting OL...


Tannehill is DEAD and so too are Miami's chances of making the playoffs.

From NFL.com

The signing (Clabo) means that Jonathan Martin will shift to left tackle, where he played at Stanford. After Martin's uneven rookie campaign (ProFootballFocus graded him 76th out of 80 qualifying tackles), it's not a development that should help quarterback Ryan Tannehill sleep any easier.


Jonathan Martin graded 76th out of 80 qualifying tackles. Yup, that's what you would expect from our nitwit GM, Jeff Ireland.


Relax amigo, Martin will be just fine at LT..we'll see who's right but I hope is me..hehe

I hope it's you too FZB, but it won't be. Jonathan Martin is NOT an NFL LT. All the good work done this offseason will be lost on one mindboggling mistake.......

with martin at left tackle do we have to spend the whole season going on and on about protecting the blindside?


I am happy for Jason Collins and the reception he has received after coming out. Gay rights are important and public advocates like Jason help destroy nonsensical stereotypes. That said, it's too bad the media (i.e., leftwing clowns) are not as accepting of Tim Tebow's personal beliefs and lifestyle. The ugliness directed toward Tim Tebow because he is Christian and pro-life is unfair and un-American. The pro-choice ad (the choice his mother made was for life) he did with his mother before the Super Bowl a couple of years ago made the abortion on demand crowd (i.e. lamestream media) go crazy. I thought they were for CHOICE! Thus, the cartoon Cote posted this morning is right on the money.

I for one am a Tim Tebow fan and I am certain he will do well in life. I'm also a Jason Collin fan and I'm sure he will do well too. I am not a fan of those who criticize others for intolerance but have no tolerance for those with different views.

Well said Tom...


seattle slew was just as described him- a beautiful black horse with speed to spare. his owners bought him for $17,500 because they vetted him and claimed he was the perfectly balanced equine they had ever seen. balance might not seem like much, but the also incredibly good spectacular bid was very unbalanced- watch his "action" in some of the monster races he had and you'll see what i mean. his front legs took a pounding and keeping him sound was not easy. on the other side of the spectrum is my favorite ever, affirmed, whose action resembled that of a grasshopper- he hit the dirt and then sprung into his next stride-effortlessly. in recent years the florida derby has seen a lot of its entrants find success in kentucky, while the santa anita derby hasn't produced a winner at churchill downs in many a year, i do believe. seattle slew was truly a beautiful black (not common) thoroughbred who was also a very good sire, with the blood of the brilliant stud, bold ruler (daddy of secretariat)flowing through his veins as slew was a son of bold reasoning, who didn't have any other get close to seattle slew.

yes tom, very well said.
MY only issue with christianity is when I'M told if i don't believe, i'm going to hell. or gays are going to hell.
truth is, i have many christian friends who have moderated their views, (no stoning for pre marital sex, no hell for non believers, etc), and i have no issue.
when it becomes a "my way or you're damned"; well, then it gets iffy.
and tom, we had MANY holes on this team, and many were filled. i read that martin has been working out all summer, and it's possible he can make some improvements. that need was addressed in the draft, as well as free agency.
i know they had their eye on jordan for a couple of years, and if he becomes the player they think he can be, our defense is going to terrorize every QB we face.

Cote: Wrong, the stadium needs renovations. Badly. It's not a good venue for a game, never has been.

The idiot above who said fine if Tampa and Minneapolis get SB's, and we don't, is part of a super minority.

So Lebron gets 120 out of 121 votes to win the MVP...What I wanna know is who's the moe fo that didn't vote for him...


What some of the guys don't seem to understand is that J Martin played 4 years LT in college and did a very good job of protecting A Luck's blind side...he was rated as a first rounder but fell to the second round because of lack of strength not talent.

Once he came into camp he was changed to the right side because of Long...the guy played out of position last year and this year he'll be at his more natural LT position, Like I said he'll be fine there..no worries.

Stadium needs upgrades, not just to stay competitive. Ross should solicit his many celebrity friends and strike a deal with. This thing still should've gone to a vote. Let the people decide. Sees like a very Rick Scott type of thing to do like with HSR.

LA Dolphins? I have seen lot of dolphins on my trips to Catalina Island. Uniform colors need to adjust for the deeper blue ocean.

Stadium is sort of a dinosaur Jimmy Buffet and Jlo are worth how much lets just get this thing done before it becomes embarrassing.

Just read a report from the state dept that states that we will have between 46 to 48 million people on food stamps this year...nice

Thanks to the "monkey in the middle" running our country...

Or maybe I should have said " ruining" our country...he,he

FZB I heard it was Dan Lebatard who didn't vote for LeBron he should have his voting rights revoked if that is true.

Dan LebaRetard is the ONLY vote against Lebron for the MVP. UNffingbelievable. My gawd Dan ffing LebaRetard. Well Dan you certainly earned your name today. You are the dumbest ff on the planet. Carmelo Anthony over Lebron............hahahahahahahahahahaha....what a joke.

Being from Miami you should know better. But then again, you are Dan LebaRetard.

Cote asks "Who's the idiot? LeBron 1 vote shy of unanimous for MVP."

Hey Cote it's your colleague that dumb chit, Dan LebaRetard.

Ok so it's starting to look like Le Batard didn't vote for Melo (and doesn't even have a vote), but instead just told people he did/ran with the rumor.

He's still a tool.



Thanks for posting that photo of LeRetard...check out the girl in the red bikini, nice piece of assshh and your right, he's a tool.

Just read it was a few of the House Repubs that killed the stadium without a vote. Whatever happened to democracy in this country, One man killed HSR which was already approved and supported by most and nw one man kills the stadium renovations. Was no compromise even attempted? In the last 10 yrs, it just seems like Repubs want to kill everything , which is what is leading to my 180.

The boring city of Houston shouldn't get a Super Bowl, but they are almost celebrating.

Miami had a shot at the big anniversary Super Bowl .

Yes, I wish we could see a bit more if the red bikini gal in that photo. Think it's a real bottom? Harder to tell these days than chests

I think the Christian - gay discussion is related to the history of ultra Christians who feel very righteous and condemning. Media and maybe the public too are now having a reactionary period - supporting the underdogs that have always been gay bashed by deep rooted, and often hypocritical Christians. As Dave says, they like to tell you to your face that your going to hell. I've been told that simply because I don't believe Earth is only6000 yrs old and that I believe there could be other life in the universe.
A local fella here known for his strong Christianity and Christian community support as well as condemnation of homosexuals, was caught in public in a compromising position with another guy.

The Crystal story is quite interesting. FZB be aware. The guy was drawn to her by her exotic looks. Hope she ges caught so we can see more than a sketch, Pretty sharp gal and dumb guy. Hard to believe a guy who has succeeded in life to the extent if having $6 k laying around and 4 expensive watches, doesn't know better to let a stranger pour him a drink. Bringing someone to your place s also not genius.

Would be interesting to see how it would've played out if he offered to make the drink. Or hung around with her while she made it. She probably wouldn't have slipped the drugs- the situation may becme awkward.
I'm referring to the side article on the front page.

Not only is Ms. Ross a bad owner but he is a bad loser. This saggy balled billionaire owner wants public money to improve his toy. F him and anyone that wants to use my money for BILLIONAIRE welfare.

Haha, how dumb are you people, no way LeBatard voted for Carmelo...

So how long have you been gay David?


You gotta be like 5 years old right?....hhhmmm, I'm trying to be nice here but if you're that dumb or missinformed on the stadium deal I think it just would be better not to write anything.

Who ever that person is who voted Melo MVP should have his voting previlges taken away from him. He should not be able to vote again in B-ball. What was that guy smoking?

Lovely, a one year stop gap at the wrong position.

Cote!! Now your starting to get IT! When there is a chance to vote, not the most intelligent people show up. THAT EXPLAINS OBAMA being elected not once but twice!!

for all the married man, past, present & future:

A Man invited a buddy back home for dinner.

When they get home, his wife, upset at not being notified begins yelling at him.......

"I haven't done my hair, not to mention my make up, ......

I haven't done any cleanup, let alone the dishes!!!...... besides, I'm not interested in doing any cooking!!!!.......

Why the f**k did you invite him over tonight ? ? ?

The Man replies...... "Cuz' he was thinking of getting married."

the one vote shy? a self absorbed New Yorker? hrpmmh. Who woulda thought?

FZB, good comment about what the Fins did in the offseason to this point.
But... where is it proven that Miami got a "fast" TE in the draft? quite the opposite. Sims was regarded as the best slow footed blocking TE available. Sims is considered good in the 0-15 yard from line of scrimage & viable red zone target.
Just say'n

It was Gary Washburn Celtics beat writer that voted for Melo he also thought that Durant, Paul and Bryant would all get some votes.

shadow yes great coaching job by Mark Jackson he deserves a lot of credit I thought he would do well he was an excellent analyst during games.

I tended not to pay attention to mike1 and the guy from San Diego (don't like typing name) when they said the team could move but this Stadium problem is now very real.

Ross says he won't move the team in his lifetime but that means nothing he could change his mind tomorrow I am not optimistic despite the team being in the 8th largest TV market in the country.

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