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May 31, 2013

Best/worst: Miami having both LeBron James & Jeffrey Loria is our deal with the devil; plus Birdman suspended!, Prancerise, Exxxotica & more

1) It is SATURDAY, JUNE 1. Watch for our Heat-Pacers Game 6 post from Indianapolis by early-mid- afternooon. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat Game 5 win, Heat biggest-problem poll, LeBron fined, Hands-Free Whopper Holder, Armando Salguero, Sad-O-Meter.

TWITTER: @gregcote. INSTAGRAM: upsetbird. VINE: Greg Cote.

Birdman suspended by NBA from Game 6: David (Gramps) Stern did not like Chris (Birdman) Andersen shoving Indiana's Tyler (Annoying) Hansbrough last night. He "should have been ejected," the commissioner said Friday. "A serious review of his activities is called for." That suggested a possible suspension from Game 6 Saturday -- which the league handed down today. Will likely mean more minutes for Joel (Forgotten) Anthony.

Click on The Heat's Big 1 for my column off Game5.

THE BEST AND THE WORST. MIAMI HAS BOTH ON FULL DISPLAY: Mentioning Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria in the same sentence as Heat superstar LeBron James is a bit like spooning a pile of dog poo onto the plate beside the filet mignon, but it occurs to me Miami has the absolute best and worst in all of sports -- the greatest of all and the most vilified of any -- and that both men are on full display right 1aa1jameslebnow, doing what they do. Last night, LeBron's 30 points and tour de force third quarter were carrying the Heat to a 3-2 Eastern Conference finals lead over Indiana and closer to a second straight NBA championship, just the freshest evidence that nobody in any American sport is greater or more dominant than LeBron right now. Around the same time, the 1aa1loriajeffMarlins team ruined by the hated owner Loria was losing a ninth consecutive game and is now on pace to lose more than even the woe-standard '62 Mets. (See our Sad-O-Meter feature below for the unfortunate quantification). Loria somehow thought he could get away with betraying the public who built him a new ballpark by decimating his team payroll again. He either thought his cheap, minor-league-quality roster would somehow win or that fans would blindly show up anyway. He's been dead wrong on both counts. Loria has made the Marlins a laughingstock and left fans no choice but to count days until he is gone. Sports' two extremes -- both ours. You know what, though? If this is our deal with the devil, we'll take it right? If I told you the new stadium had transformed Loria into a big-spending, likeable owner of a competitive ballclub but that meant LeBron never took his talents to South Beach ... would you make that trade? Joy is more powerful than heartache in the sports arena. Happiness trumps anger. Among all of the benefits and pleasures of calling LeBron James our own, there is this: The success he embodies and pride he brings to South Florida make it a little easier to stomach -- or better yet ignore -- Loria and his kingdom in ruins.

SAD-O-METER: NINE LOSSES IN ROW HAVE MARLINS HURTLING TO IGNOMINY!: We have this new blog 1aa1bbsadfeature we update as long as Marlins' winning percentage is under .300 -- as long as the New York Mets' infamous 1962 record of 40-120 (.250) is within dubious reach. Well, nine straight losses now have the S-O-M exploding on record pace. Updated Sad-O-Meter: Current record, 13-41 (.241). Season projection, 39.0 wins, 123.0 losses.

1aa1pranceMEET 'PRANCERISE': A strange-looking woman with 1970s Texas hair (pictured) has developed an exercise program called Prancercise. It is the marriage of slow jogging and fey dance steps to a little bit of an equine beat. (Or is it a cameltoe beat? OY!) Click HERE for the video but be warned: It as as creepy as it is unintentionally funny, and you may never be the same for having watched it. It would be bizarre to see a woman in a park actually doing this. The word has not yet been invented for what it would be like to see a man doing this.

1aa1teaganpEXXXOTICA EXPO: The annual festival devoted to sex (and if necessary, love) moves from South Beach this year to the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale today through Sunday. Pictured: Adult-film star Teagan Presley rocking the Birdman-like tats. Odds Teagan Presley has heard of Chris Andersen: 15-to-1.   

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Nice job of peacekeeper and preaching non violence. What other pearls of wisdom do you have for us today?


Damn, first you sign up with social media sites, now you're posting viral videos that aren't three years old??

Way to step up your game Cote.

Odds Chris Anderson has watched a Teagen movie? High, very high.

Wow, Cote. When I asked for pearls of wisdom I didn't expect to see Ric Ocasek prancing about in a too-tight, grossly revealing white spandex, just waiting for the two guys from the asylum to show up and bag her.

This from Dennis Miller: How does Birdman Anderson check for melanomas?

Speaking of ink. I would be willing to bet that Austin has more Birdmen and Birdwomen running around here than any other place on earth. I swear, I've yet to see anyone under 40 that is not fully inked!

I suspect even OB/GYN's are currently delivering babies, fully displaying Mike Tyson graphics.

Wassup OC, did you watch the game last night?

Woods, what's up, man! Looks like Tiger is flirting with missing the cut.

OC Dolphin,

as a youngster i read that tatoos were the single most common way to identify the criminal class in any society, excluding sailors and that princeton elitist club that george schulz belonged to that had little tigers on their asses. i cannot stand any ink, let alone these walking graffiti borads that breathe. sorry austin is crawling with what you described. i mean in brooklyn as a kid the italians had full color religious tattoos on the biceps, but at least i could understand them. these blue on people of color jobs make me puke. samoans have them as a rite of passage io their thighs, but american gone inked is putrid. i guess i haven't banished davone bess or capt. curtis because they have tats, but jeez what a statement about our country or any country where a huge percentage of citizens have them. even though there is a Biblical prohibition against them, many, many tatoos are "worn" by MOT in the holy land. some of my radical zealot religious "fanatics" and i considered torching the original parlor in the Holy City of Jerusalem, but figured we wouldn't fare so well in the hands of the secular police force and that destroying property isn't a very religious thing to do, however abhorrent.

There is something called Karma and it would be the greatest Karma in the World if Jeffery Loria is the owner of the baseball team with the worse record EVER. Having his name associated with that in the records book would be the greatest thing ever.


the pacers will be cooked saturday night, but only because they don't have #6 and miami does. ho hum


they are currently at 13-41, while the mets were at 16-40. thus the marlins are a full two games behind in their run for futility. while i don't think they will finish below .250, consider that they, unlike the mets, were not a first year expansion team and that the mets played in an undiluted, except by them and houston, ten team league where the bottom feeders of the day- the phillies, cubs, and pirates- would probably be at/near .500 in today's 15 team league. all of the botom feeders had players of talent-banks, billy williams,lou brock, clemente, johnny callison- and the cubs even had some decent pitching. the reason these non-expansion teams had bad records was, besides their frailities, that nthe teams on top-dodgers, giants, cardinals, reds- were really good and pounced on them regularly.

having a #6 sure makes you look like a much better coach than you really are. similar to having a great qb in football. you think phil jackson is going to come back and coach a bunch of scrubs, like the bad news bears to victory? heck no. he needs a jordan and kobe. if he could coach lebron, he would definitely come back immediately.


yet they cannot seem to see that their phenom's troubles of late stem in great deal from the fact that he does not back batters off the plate and gives them the optimal view of the strike zone. the young man is near the plate on most of his pitches, but he could be afraid to pitch inside for fear of hurting a batter. well, the way things are going he will be a two inning pitcher for awhile and then become the closer, which would be a shame. the young man has tremendous stuff and is being ruined by "baseball men" who are blind/ignorant. he is getting hammered on first pitches and will continue to do so as long as he gives the batter the inside of the plate, and perforce, the outside also. too bad drysdale is dead, but maybe bob gibson could explain to young fernandez what getting guys away from the inside of the strike zone would mean. it is ludicrous that a guy with his control and array of pitches is getting knocked around to the degree that he has.

Capt. Obvious
Your not by anychance also Dashi?

Justin Bieber owns the world. Kid can do whatever the hell he wants. Drive his ferrari at warp speeds through a development and when Eric Dickerson tells him to slow his butt down on twitter...he gets trashed and death threats and called old...lol

what a world we live in.

the human species in on the decline like D-wade's career.

Captain, I've always said the Population needs to be no more then 3 million.

Always appreciate Cote's support of his next favorite hobby, besides stalking and slobbering over Lebron James, and that is pornography. You think this guy just pulled Teagen out of the air? Heck no! This guy is in love and is a Teagen movie connoisseur. Watch out Mrs. Cote. Not only he is getting some tail in Indiana, he has an affinity for young blondes who do some pretty wild things on and off camera.

Pete, Cote's show's his "MAN LOVE" For lebron every post, Show me a post that Cote is'n dribbling about Lebron Before Lebron decided to take his "TALENTS" To south beach and I'll give you a grand for each post.

Shadow - besides your religion's seemingly hypocritical ban on tattoos (unbefitting to mutilate god's handiwork yet no problem slicing off the end of a baby's dick?), there's nothing inherently bad about them.

If having a tattoo used to mean that person was a criminal, it hasn't meant that for at least half a century. Everyone and their grandmother has a tattoo, doesn't speak to their character.

Wish the Marlins would move to Vegas, we could use the stadium for high school football or something.

U could host soccer in the Marlins new stadium. Beckham would love it!

What does a tattoo on the lower back of a girl mean to you?

Cote spends countless hours at night (between Teagen movie watching) wishing that gold trophy Lebron is cradling so gently and tenderly above was really his noggin.

i don't generally care for tatoos on lovely womens bodies but My God GOT MILK?


Really who actually believes Dolphins will take AFC East besides FZB. No offense FZ..

I do! Ohhhhh my toe!

OC I don't know how much longer I'll be comfortable with this catchey username. I'm afraid it will end with a lobotomy followed by being suffocated with my pillow by a very large Native American...


i don't think that tatoos have been "in" for half a century; maybe half of a half.


didn't watch past the first quarter last night, but did read that #6 outscored indiana by his own personal self last night. i don't think that will happen against san antonio.

Cote AND Loria ARE the same person...

Anti,..uuuhhhmmm, you say the world should not have more than 3 million?..what do you suggest we do about it?...do tell amigo, nuclear "bombas'" perhaps?..if that's the case can we start with the middle east?..hehe

just kidding guys, I'm a peacefull guy..

Hey Kazy...DO YOU HAVE A TATTOO???..or maybe the people that live in Key Biscayne all have one?

OK, basketball talk now..

the main and only reason the Heat are having such a difficult time against the Pacers is we do not match up well with that team.

Hibbert=Bosh- adv Hibbert
West=UD--adv West
George=LeBron-adv LeBron (but Greorge is not slouch)
Chalmers=Hill tie
Wade=Stephenso tie (Wade is injured)

the Pacers are controling both the defense and offensive boards, the Pacers have out rebounded the Heat by maybe 50 boards in 5 games, that's fifty more chances for them to score...

if we can beat this Pacers team we'll have a much easier time against the Spurs..

ps-Bosh is a girl

I bet Bosh has a lower back tattoo.

Has anyone ever seen an NBA player injure themselves after attempting a 3 pointer? Just curious.

Shadow - 50 years ago was 1963, tattoos weren't popular with the hippie folk?

I think the Heat match up better with San Antonio than Indiana, if LeBron's making jumpers there's really nothing any team can do to stop him.

Tattoos look the greatest when you are 50 and above. Then you start regretting those teen and early twenty decisions.

Jeffrey Loria is a plague, a curse that has befallen the city of Miami. I have no idea what sins we committed to deserve a scumbags like Loria & Samson, but they are the absolute worst, not just as ownerrs, b jut as hjuman beings. I will never spend another dollar on gtnhe Marlins as long as Loria owns ther team.

You stealing my line Kaz?...I already said the Heat match up way better against SA..hehe

I don't think the hippie crowd was that much into Tattoo's as I recall...but I could be wrong on that one.


From some of students that are Around 18-22 Year olds Girls with a tattoo above there butt line is called a _Tramp-Stamp..
Just saying..

I'm Not Captain Obvious. But I Agree With Everything He Said.

Dashi Always Types In Capital. Call It My Signature. At Least I Stop The "!!" After Every Sentence.

Phil Is Taking A Break, Until OKC Or The Heat Call. Or Someone Is Willing To Sell A Portion Of The Team.

The Heat Have The Most Talented Team. AND THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!

SPO STILL SUCKS & ...... !! (You Know The Rest)

LeBron Or Juwan Howard Are Not Paid To Motivate. Why Didn't Spo Say Something During Half Time? Ran Out Of Cliches? GTFOH!! Spo Sucks!

And Everyone On The Heat, Except V-Ice and Hasbeen, Are Softer Than Charmin.

I Love LeBron James. But He Is One Of The Biggest T.Presleys I Have Ever Seen. Maybe As A Child He Wasn't Allowed To Hit Other Kids Cause He Was So Much Bigger. Whatever It Is You Can Tell LeBron Is Scared To Fight. Add Norris Cole And D.Wade On The List Of Heat Players That Aren't Scared Of Anyone. The Rest Of The Team Acts Like The Coach. (I'm Not Saying Initiate The Fight. But Stand Up For Yourself. Like Carmelo)

And FZB, Spo Is The Problem For The Mismatch. Not The Players.

Hibbert- Should Be Gaurded By Birdman and UD. The Only Mismatch The Pacers Have. And The Energy From Birdman and UD Will Wear On Hibbert. Plus, Both Know How To Take A Charge.

West Vs Bosh- Bosh Will Have The Advantage. And Bring R.Lewis Off The Bench.

George Vs LeBron- LeBron Is Better Than Anyone.

Stephenson Vs Wade, R.Allen, M.Miller, J.Jones- Wade Is Hurt. Cut His Minutes. Between The Other 3 Go With The Hot Hand That Day. How Do You Do That You Say? Simple. Play Allen, If He Is Missing, Put Miller In, If He Misses, Put J.Jones In. Give Them 3 Shots Each. If They Make Their Shots Give Them More Minutes. Put S.Battier In That Rotation.

Hill Vs Cole- Chalmers Should Be The Back Up. That Way You Start The Game With Speed. The Heat Need To Play At A Fast Pace. And Cole Does that Better Than Chalmers. Plus Cole Is The Better Player.

The Heat Win Cause Of Talent Not Coaching! Fire Spo!

someday those young girls will be grand-mama's..


FZB, I think hippies were more into paint than tatoos...

"I Love LeBron James. But He Is One Of The Biggest T.Presleys I Have Ever Seen."

I agree with everything Dashi says EXCEPT his Armando style bashing of T. Presley. I have seen a few movies and she can take a serious beating. Tough as nails. Not just one guy, but ten, twenty, thirty. I seriously doubt any Heat or Pacer player for that matter is as tough as T. Presley.

Cote knows.

Nothing Wrong With Tattoo's If They Have A Personal Meaning. Dashi Has A Couple.


Agreed. The Multicolored Tattoos Fade Nasty And Look Cartoony At Times. Dashi Likes The Monochrome Ones.

And Certain Skin Colors Shouldn't Get Them. Not Being Racist. But What Is The Point When You Can't See It. They Look Like Burn Marks.

Oye Dashi..

If Hibbert out-weight's Bosh by 80- lbs and is physically beating the crap out of him then how is that Spo's problem?

I think this song would be great to listen to while getting a tattoo..


Lower Back Tattoos and Cigarettes

Two things I look for and know I got a great shot when i'm 2/2.

what, no comments about my granny-tattoo lady?

Word on the street that this is Dukey's 19 year old daughter..


Dukey, What say you?

Anyone think Cote reads these comments or is he too busy surfing Lebron and Teagen photos?

Anti wouldn't even post on my Labian Laptop Hal- 60,000. Must have been one rude pic even for you sir...



well, if that's the case then it means the Dolphins have already won the SB in one of those (maybe even multiple SB's), bummer, we just happen to be living in the wrong one..


I'm going to take up a collection with the boys at christmas time to get you a new computer..

Dukey, It weas just a joke pic anyway, No Disresepect.
FZB, How dare you post such a song about Tattooed Womens Bottoms..


Spo Is The Only One That Thinks Bosh Is A Center. IN His Positionless Basketball.

Bosh Vs D.West

Then The Heat Have The Mismatch.

Hibbert Will Get His. But UD And Birdman Will Make It More Difficult. And They Are More Active In The Paint.

The Heat Were Expecting Indiana To Put Hibbert On Bosh. But Hibbert Doesn't Leave The Middle. He Switches To The Guy Closest To The Rim.

FZB, In the other universe they did win the SB, it was the Universe where your son was a tax collector in the Roman Empire.

Love Pink Floyd. Way Better Than The Beatles ;-)

Only Problem Is You Can't Put 11 Minute Songs On The Radio. Which Is Almost All Pink Floyd Songs.

I Don't Know If I Want The Person Tatting Me Up To Be Tripping Out Though.

And Even When She Was Young, That Old Lady Was Sloppy. Perfect Example, What Happens To Color Tats When They Get Old.

FZB, This is a hint perhaps.. Infinite Bottles of Beer on the Wall, Infinite Bottles of Beer. Take One Down Pass It Around, Infinite Bottles of Beer on the Wall.. Anti you never offend me. You either make me laugh or entice me with pics of your studentz...

Don't worry guys, I'm not going to say anything about my beloved Beatles today..since I love the Floyd also.

Dashi...just so you know the Floyd has a song called echoes which is like 25 minutes long.

and Anti...you think gamma rays exist in those parallel universes??? and do you think the USS Enterprise has been to those already?

an Anti,

this is a photo of my son as a Roman Tax Collector...


do any of you guys know what is this "Instagram" that Cote is promoting?

like if we don't have enough chit on the web now..

FZB,Put down that glass of vino...

Of course Gamma Rays exists, Other wise I'd have no job....
Havent seen the new Star Trek flick yet.././


this is for all you sucker's that voted for Obi..


this is the beginning of the end boys...

Anti, thanks for remind me, I'm going to have a glass of vino tonight...


"G-ds handiwork" was a snare that one of the roman bigshots tried on the saintly Rabbi Akiva when asked which is greater G-d's work or man's with the circumcision question awaiting. the roman was a bit surprised when R' Akiva (later martyred) told him man's was greater, using a kernel of wheat as his example; whilew it is true that G-d causes the seed to develop into a wheat stalk with one of his great "tricks"-rain and sunshine and earthly minerals- consider the making of bread, requiring something like 11 steps to the stalk of wheat. it is in the Talmud sopmeplace. have a good weekend


Watching the "Rock-N-Roll" Hall of Fame, Looks like theu Jumped the shark here, Listenng to Mr. Harry Belafonte babble about there's 70% "NEGRo POPULATION" in todays prison system And hoping the "BLACK PRESIDENt) "LESSINS THE POPULATION) By Releasing them is almust a insult to everone ...

Did'nt know "RAP" was Rock..
Who'd have figured..
A Sad Day.

Flavour-Flav now a member of the RARHOF????
I'am out.....

Shadow needs to go take a nap...

70% negro population in prison?.... Hhhmmm, well what can I say..it has to be the white devils fault, right Kaz?

Most rap is garbage now, I used to like it just a tad in the beginning but now?...eehh.

But then they finish with this classic..

Go figure.


The Beatle Remark Was Just A Stab At A Couple Of You Beatle Fans.

Wasn't Echoes One Whole Side Of A LP?

How Many Beatles Album Can You Play To A Whole Movie?

Dashi's 2 Favorite Old School Bands. Pink Floyd And The Doors.

I Know A lot Of People Won't Agree On The Doors. But J.Morrison Is What A Frontman Should Be. The Man Had More Charisma Than All The Beatles Combined.

There Dashi Goes Again. I'm Not Saying The Doors Are The Best Of All Time. Just That Jim Rocked.

Who Else Has The Balls To Drop Trout In Front Of A Packed Arena?


What Is Roseanne Doing On Stage?

Rap Is Rock, And Rock Is Rap. They Both Have Just Been Overcommercialized Pop Music, Now. It Is Like Hearing Jingles On Commercials Now. None Of The New Stuff, Rock or Rap, Have Any Substance. Just Repeat What The Other Person Is Saying. And Change The Melody A Little. Keep The Same Drum Patterns.

Back Then Musicians Actually Studied Music. Now They .... , That Is All I Got. Now They Study Nothing.

70% Is Actually Down. They Are Making An Improvement.

FZB, I Thought You Were Going To Bring Up M.Obama Telling People That The Republicans Are Going To Take Your Food Stamps Away.

Obama Had A Chance To Be The Best President In The Past 100 Years. Now He Doesn't Even Look Like The Best President In The Last Decade. Which Isn't Much.

I Still Wouldn't Have Voted For Romney.

And What About McCain Taking Pictures With Rebels?

The World Of Politics. More Scandals Than TMZ. Gotta Love It.

No. Tats were not popular in 1963. Even Popeye was only sporting a couple of anchors on his forearms.

Dashi I believe Echoes was whole side of album as was Dogs off Animals. Animals much better album inmo. Great hypnotic melodies and dehumanizing, slaughterhouse imagery. Kinda like society...

The Heat should thank whomever drove LeBron to the arena last night. The boy did everything but sell popcorn at halftime. About as dominant a quarter as I've seen anyone have in the playoffs. And when the chips were down. Just a great, great performance by a great player.

Shadow, spending money on a tattoo is about the dumbest thing that you can do. If God wanted you to look like that idiot that plays for the Heat he would have painted you like a peacock. It's like those imbeciles who spend money on their cars for mag wheels, and racing stripes and what have you. You only spend money on a car when you need to and you only spend money on your body when something breaks. And yes, anyone with a tattoo is either a low life scumbag, an idiot, or both.

Oh oh...Birdman suspended..

Hopefully girly Bosh can step up but I doubt it.

The Doors?...greatest american band of all time, sorry BB

Anti, so which is it, 3 mill or 300,000 thosand people?

Dashi, I suspect a lot of people are a bit disappointed in Obi but its too late now.

So I'm watching this rather syrupy, rah rah, imbecilic show called the Voice. Ahemm. I always thought Shakira was attractive but came to the conclusion between her "areeba areeba" voice and opinionated takes on "WHO CARES WHAT?" listening to her is like Eagles talons on a chaulk board...

after much contemplation, I decided to get my first tatoo. a brown ring around my butt hole.

Thanks for the visual Jimbo.

What about Heat Logo? I might go fo brown ring around my mouth. Nah on second thought I'll go with MOM.

Says on wikipedia that she replaced her implants in 2008 and auctioned them onEBAY 20% to charity.

Mexico -Nigeria just ended 2-2 in Houston. Was going to go, but work got in the way, 63k. Mexico dominated, bt then gave up a PK and red card, Down 2-1, but still looked better and Chucirito got his 2nd and the crowd went wild. Game was on two channels, ESPN and Univision or galavision..one if those.

buenos dias people,

so it seems like it was yesterday but its been 46 years since the greatest concept album ever created hit the shelves (this weekend) and the whole world received a gift.

It was 20 years ago today
sgt peppers taught the band to play
they've been going in and out of style
but they guaranteed to raise a smile..


ps-the Heatles are in trouble tonight, if coach Spo doesn't play R Lewis tonight then he is as bad as Dashi says he is.

when does football starts again?

what do I do when my love is away?
does it worry you to be alone..
how do I feel by the end of the day?
are you sad because you're on you're own?


so what are the chances of girly Bosh showing up today?,,slim at best.

I have way more faith in D Wade even if he's playing with one leg.

R Lewis IS a liability on the defensive end but he can score and that's what we need.

M Chalmers has played surprisingly well the last couple of games, he need sto keep that up.

Cole, Battier and Allen have been non-contributors, that needs to change.

I doubt the Heat win tonight, prove me wrong Miami!

My spirit has traveled to the foothills of Laos, where I am engaged in Buddhist mischief and selling portraits of Chihuahuas in ballerina dresses to Russian tourists.

Heat In 7.

I Hope JA At Least Gets Some Minutes. Spo's Ex-Love Thang. It Is Crazy How Bad Spo Is At Managing Minutes. Give Your Starters At Least 2 Minutes Rest Each Qtr. They Will Be Fresher For The End Of The Game. Tired Legs = Missed Shots. The Heat Have Depth. Play Your Bench.

Good Game Tonight. If The Heat Want To Make A Movie Out Of This, The Series Will Be Going 7 Games.

If The Game Is Fast Pace, The Heat Win. If It Is Grind It Out, Pacers Win. That Has Been The Whole Series. If You Are Spoelstra What Do You Do?

Simple. Pray LeBron James Does Want To Win And Takes Over All 48 Minutes!! Cause We Know LeBron James Won't Be Getting A Water Break Tonight. Then Don't Ask Yourselves Why Is He Tired At The End Of The Game?


Maybe they should play J Howard..hehe

As much as I love Pat Riley he is the one to blame for not having a defensive center, even if he is average...

Pink Floyd? Doors Ugh. What a bunch of tedious, masturbatory pablum. I imagine you probably like equally dreary crap from the likes of Jethro Tull as well.

No thanks. I'll take intelligently crafted pop/punk from the likes of XTC, Human Switchboard, X, Elvis Costello, Pixies, and a hundred other bands you never heard of because they didn't cater to the lowest common denominator.

FZB I beg to differ, I think the Hansons are best American band ever. Whatever happened to them anyway? Did they end up going back to boyztown?

Yeah that's what I'm talkin' 'bout...


No I want to be the Lowest Common Denominator like Jim Morrison wanted to be The Door of Perception...

Pixie Sticks wayyy too much sugar. Bad for the teeth...

Anyone care to join me in a vintage 1969 Sugar Cube and Zeps first album....

FZB they should play Howard Hunt not J Howard...

Cote hows a bout some hot picks of Justine Joli sopping wet on your next thread intro...


Potter is now running a hoochie coochie show in Bangkok, Thailand.

For a so called musician this musician dude sure does has chity taste..

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