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April 17, 2013

Vote! Who is Heat's MVOG (Most Valuable Other Guy)?; plus Heat-Bucks schedule, Kiper plays Ireland, Marlins, reflections on Boston & more

1) It is THURSDAY, APRIL 18. NFL says Larry Litttle will anounce Dolphins' 2nd- and 3rd-round draft picks. 2) UM linebacker Eddie Johnson officially departs for Hinds Community College. 3) R.I.P. Pat Summerall, 82, for many the voice of football. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Boston Marathon tragedy, Man vs. World on Heat, Dolphins' Mount Rushmore results, UM spring football, New Orleans visit. 5) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

Heat-Bucks schedule: Game 1--Sunday 21st at MIA 7 pm; 2--Tuesday 23rd at MIA 7:30; 3--Thursday 25th at MILW 7; 4--Sunday 28th at MILW 3:30. If necessary: 5--Tuesday 30th at MIA tbd;p 6--Thursday 2nd at MILW tbd; 7--Saturday 4th at MIA tbd. Click on Must Win for my forward-looking column off last night's regular season finale. Dwyane Wade says Miami must win a repeat title for the record-setting regular season to matter.  

Click UM In Right, But NCAA Has Might for today's latest column.

FORGET THE BIG 3. WHO HAS BEEN HEAT'S MOST VALUABLE OTHER GUY?: LeBron James will win another NBA season MVP award or the league should be disbanded. So a vote on the Heat's season MVP 1aa1heatwould be pointless; it's obvious. Likewise, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are the Heat's second and third 1aa1mvogbest and most valuable players beyond argument. But after the Big 3? There the debate begins. In this poll I offer a choice of the eight other players who have played most. Any of four of them, to me, might be legitimate picks here. Have your say. Vote and say why.

KIPER PLAYS IRELAND ON DOLPHINS DRAFT: Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland, take the month off. ESPN draftnik Mel Kiper has done your job for you by revealing Miami's picks in the first three rounds. Dolphs are only NFL team with five, by the way. They'll be, says Mel: 1st round (12th overall)--Alabama OT D.J. Fluker; 2R (42nd)--Florida State DE Tank Carradine; 2R (54th)--UConn CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson; 3R (77th)--North Carolina State CB David Amerson; and 3R (82nd)--Harvard FB Kyle Juszczyk.

MORE REFLECTIONS ON BOSTON: I grew up in South Florida but was born in Massachusetts, 25 miles west of Boston, in Lawrence. Many longtime readers know the Red Sox and Carl Yastrzemski were my 1aa1bosnyfirst love in sports. My second was the parquet floor on which Bill Russell and John Havlicek worked. But of course I felt Monday's Boston Marathon tragedy not because of those roots, but as an American. Background matters not at a time like that. We are all one country. It sounds corny, but it is the one truism that the terrorists fail to understand: That what they think will tear us apart, binds us together instead. I was so moved to see people running toward where the bombs blew, to render aid. To hear of runners sprinting straight from the race to the nearest hospital, to donate blood. New York understands, and so the Yankees last night displayed both teams' logos with the banner, 'United We Stand,' and played the Red Sox anthem Sweet Caroline during the game. (Click here to see and hear that sweet gesture). Times like these remind us there are so many evil people in the world .. but also that there are so many, many more who are good. [Click on We Deal With It for my reaction to the tragedy, a column I am grateful to say has appeared in newspapers all over the country].

Papelbon goes there: Jonathan Papelbon, Phillies (and ex-Red Sox) pitcher, might have had a little internal voice saying, "Don't go there." But he went there. He might have heard that little inward voice warn, "Don't be that guy." But he was that guy. Papelbon, yesterday, on the Boston bombings: "Today's day and age has gotten so crazy. Shoot, man, Obama wants to take our guns from us and everything."

MARLINS UPDATED WORLD SERIES ODDS. NO, SERIOUSLY!: Hey, Mr. Vegas wants somebody to bet on everybody. Hence, odds. Updated World Series odds from Bovada, new today, have a bunched crowd for favorite, with Tigers 7-1, Braves 15-2 and Nationals 8-1. Your Marlins are dead last now at 1,000-to-1.

SHANE LARKIN, DON'T GO: Hurricanes point guard Shane Larkin's protrcated decision whether to return 1aa1larkinto UM or enter the NBA draft is said to be leaning toward go-pro, according to ESPN's Chad Ford. That would be unfortunate for him, I think. Larkin would not be a certain first-round draft pick. TNT's Steve Kerr, appearing on 790 The Ticket recently, responded to my question about Larkin's NBA future by saying he'd be a career backup. Larkin needs another college season to solidify his first-round status and improve perceptions about his upside on the next level.

On FIU's basketball hire: Norfolk State's Anthony Evans taking over FIU men's basketball feels like a solid hire if only because -- unlike star names Richard Pitino and Isiah Thomas before that -- Evans seems like he might not treat the job as an immediate stepping stone. FIU doesn't need another fast-break outta town. It needs a coach who wants to stay, and build.   

1aa1gokartqb"DEAR GREG...": "...your blog's OK but would be better if occasionally you would show a picture of Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill riding a go-kart. Thank you." Dear reader, I'll see what I can do. No promises.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Larkin isn't an NBA talent, his stock will never be this high, he should go while he can.

Nice article by Cote but it was a calculated risk to tear into the NCAA, of course they knew the NCAA would defend themselves. They can't very well wait for a penalty and THEN tear into the investigation, this is all a bunch of meaningless noise anyway, UM will lose some scholarships and that's it, that's all the penalty was ever going to be.

On the very off chance the NCAA tries to hand down another bowl ban the stage has been set for the lawsuit, that's all.

Good article, Cote.


If you had read what I've posted here about Donna Shalala's response to the NCAA investigation you would have come to this conclusion months ago.

Contrary to all the individuals who have applauded her actions and were elated that she was going after the NCAA in this manner the truth remains that in any fight you have to "know when to hold them and know when to fold them."

Ms. Shalala, who is not a lawyer, and has one of the biggest cases of "short man" disease that I've ever seen. Is not only not equipped to make any legal decision involving this case but she has a history of being on the wrong side of legal issues going back to her days as Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, when she instituted a "hate speech" policy that was latter ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. In this case against the NCAA she didn't even think to follow her own misguided beliefs when it came to "harmful speech." The only harm that she has done with her idiotic attack on the judge, in this case the NCAA's Enforcement Committee, is to the University of Miami football and basketball programs.

Now that she has embarrassed and backed the NCAA into a corner she has to plead for mercy from the court. Fat chance.

When Clark Clifford, former White House counsel for Harry Truman, wrote his memoirs the first thing he mentioned was a story about his early days as a country lawyer in Kansas. He told the story of a share cropper who had a dispute with his landlord, one of the largest land owners in the county. The poor share cropper had a signed lease allowing him to farm on his plot for ten years and now the landowner was giving him the bum's rush. Clifford listened to him and told him that "He didn't have a case." The share cropper said that he had a signed contract and that he would prevail in court. Clifford looked at him and said, "Son, that little piece of paper that you have is nothing compared to the 100,000 acres that the other guy has."

In other words, "You've got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them."

Donna Shalala is the worst thing to happen to the University of Miami football program in its illustrious history.

Lawrence, MA is almost due North of Boston on the New Hampshire border are you sure you were really born there?

Very nice gesture by the Yankees (and by other teams and cities) with stadium banner etc even though most fans there don't know who Neil Diamond is it seems.

Stay Strong Boston.

Not sure if Tannehill wearing his jersey in public is good or weird.

we don't need no stinking badges

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) warned today that "radical Islamists" are being "trained to act like Hispanic" and cross the U.S.-Mexico border.


As usual, Kazaam, you're talking out of your ass. Stick to studying the African Giant Snails and stay the hell out of something you know nothing about.

Haha, yea Woodcock, and then when the NCAA hands down an unfair penalty six months after the news of the botched investigation, THEN they're supposed to have a problem with it?

That would be convincing. If only UM had the brilliant Woodcock defending them this whole thing would be over by now!


shane larkin will make an NBA team, but won't have a long career in the pros. i aw the twins from texas (headed for kentucky) and the playmaker of the two is better than shane larkin as is jabari parker. he had a great season at UM, but projects in the long term for the israeli league.

Shadow - I think Kadji has a better chance of ever cracking an NBA rotation, at least he has the frame and athletic ability.

Something I know nothing about? What did you even do for a living Woodcock, weren't you a postal worker or something? You didn't even go to UM, you're just a bandwagon fan who's butt hurt because the team you only liked because they won championships isn't winning championships anymore.

Bucks in the first round then probably the Nets or Bulls in the second. Heat could get themselves some rest before the ECF if they can take care of business on the road.

Just one day back into Austin, TX, after driving some 1,656 miles (exactly). Some observations are in order:

New Mexico should just drop the "New" off it's name. What a dump! This would be a good place to round up all the undesirables; you know - criminals, aliens, liberals... and wall them all inside its borders.

Arizona is California "lite." We stayed at friends who recently relocated from Long Island into some palatial 5,300 sq.ft rock cave in Troon (Scottsdale). I am certain that the local officials have outlawed all colors but for brown. Nice place that needs an ocean by it.

Anyone traveling west should consider taking i40. After miles and miles of flatland it's nice to be introduced to the west by some rather majestic mountains that backdrop Flagstaff.

North/Central Texas is flat and windy. One sees places where people live and immediately realize reasons why the left questions a conservative's IQ. On another front, a good eye will make sense of all those round rings one can see while flying in a plane.

Austin, TX. is just weird. Not much of interest here other than perhaps its food, which naturally follows that - there is no place like home, especially, when home is OC.

All I know, Kazaam, is that you are an imbecile. You might be a great marine biologist, maybe, but stay out of the legal profession.

"A man has to know his limitations."

I miss you already you SOB. They don't call it the Golden State for nothing.

You might have been a great ditch digger but you sure as hell don't know anything about the NCAA process, which plays out as much in the public arena as it does in the infractions committee.

Because now, IF the NCAA is arrogant enough to overreach with any further bowl bans, they know UM will be taking this to an actual court room where the authority of their entire 'governing body' will be on trial.

OC driving across Arizona.


Hey guys,

In reference to Cote's article and with all due respect to mine 'amigo' Woodcock....Miami is 100% correct in not playing nice.

they tried cooperation only to have the NCAA turn their back on them and tried to go behind UM's back with the intent to bury the program listening/ getting in bed with a convicted liar who's spend his whole life stealing people's money and had publicly stated he wanted to bring the program down....So while UM was playing by the book trying to get to the truth and convinced this was a joint investigation the NCAA was in bed with that clown.

these moves are simply preliminary for a potential future lawsuit if the NCAA goes ahead and brings down the hammer, if this thing goes to court the UM lawyers will have a field day deposing all the NCAA employees involved including that jackass Emmert.

I don't think the NCAA would be as stupid or has arrogant to let this go to court, it will show the world how corrupt they really are and would be the demised of the NCAA, it will all come down to a 'slap in the wrist' with time served and minor schoolies lost, if not they will have a lot more to lose than Miami.

fighting back?..its about damn time, it has also shown the way for other schools to do the same.

fack U NCAA.

Oye, played Mesa Linda on Monday. Get this, with Vinny, Chama, y el Bestia. Yes, there was a Bestia sighting in SoCal. Needless to say we stopped after 13 holes right after that little par 3 after the first par 5 on the back nine. Bro, the wind was pretty good and I took the new 3 wood from at least 240 and hit one of those lucky shots that you flush and put it in the middle of that narrow green with the bunker in the front. By the time I hit Chama's house for tri-tip (You boys in Florida don't know what you're missing. I don't know why you don't have tri-tip in Florida), black beans and rice, and platanitos maduros, I was three sheets to the wind. El Vinny tiro un "dead tuna" right after dinner.

Man, Woodcock, that's some group. Did anyone but you break a 100!?

OC !!!!

welcome back amigo..

Wood's...I've been practicing my miniature gold swing, I can beat you meng...lol

funny you mentioned black beans and rice, I had that a couple of days ago..

Oye Wood's,

Let me defend Kazaam here, he knows a lot about a lot of things with the exception of football..fair is fair.

see Kaz?..I still like you.

Big Baby,

Funny! Not quite, but there WAS something of note. We drove into Amarillo at about midnight. We checked into a Holliday Inn Express, new, nicely appointed. Anyway, we drove in our Ford Escape which was packed full of our most valuable items, including two banker boxes full of photos I found while downsizing all our home's rooms. Anyway, it would have been risky leaving said valuables inside the car, so I started unpacking the boxes into one of those garment/luggage wracks that hotels have, when a massive wind comes ripping through and flies the lids of the boxes. Thirty photos must have instantly gone air born, raising to the open field beyond, and we're like running after them. It looked like that scene in Close Encounters, when the cop cars fly off the cliff chasing after the saucers. I think I hit the pillow at 2am. We did find most, if not all the pics the next day.


Wow, do you always put that silver steam shovel in your mouth? Dude, trust me, you're talking out of your ass. The NCAA hasn't even finished their investigation nor have they issued any sanctions or penalties. As a result they haven't suffered any damages. This is not a criminal case you idiot. In a civil case the preponderance of the evidence is all that's necessary. As I've told you over and over, the NCAA is a private member organization with their own rules and bylaws. The more you open your mouth the more seawater you swallow. Dude, I'm sitting here laughing at your dumb ass. Google tort, civil procedures, and the rights of private organizations.

Kazaam: You're a total f**king IDIOT...you talk down to people who are UM fans, but didn't attend UM...what is that about?
So. what you're saying is that people can ONLY BE FANS of a certain school IF THEY GRADUATED FROM THAT SCHOOL?

Just proves what a total moron you are, you make me sick.
I'd like to meet you just so I can spit in your face for all the stupid things you post all the time.

So, when UFelony draws 95,000 people to a football game, all those hillbillies with crap on the bottom of their shoes ACTUALLY GRADUATED FROM UFelony, right?

You're a total moron...a total idiot...you LIVE for posting on this site, which makes you more sorry and sad than anyone that you respond to...when you "try" to act all smart, you only make a total fool of yourself.

GO CANES...no, I didn't graduate from UM, and I'm not a bandwagon fan....I AM a Hurricane Club member...(wow, should everyone be impressed? NO WAY...you can be a UM fan and be a janitor...as long as you bleed orange and green, it doesn't matter what you do or where you went to school)...the ONLY fans that UM doesn't need are people like YOU, Kazaam.....so, poof, you're outta here, fairy boy!!

Vinny is playing pretty good. Especially when he only takes 1/2 a pint of Glenlevit to the course, and, he doesn't have "el bururu" with him. Needless to say I was laughing my ass off.


#1 yes their investigation is over, it was over two months ago, idiot.

#2 no it isn't a civil case, it's an internal proceeding of a private organization, idiot.

#3 UM's bashing of the investigation is in anticipation of excessive penalties, idiot.

#4 if UM deems the penalties excessive, they will be filing an antitrust suit in federal court against the NCAA. Idiot.

Can't tell, did the childish name calling make my answers any clearer for you?

I'm guessing you had Armandito in your cart and not either of the two j̶u̶v̶e̶n̶i̶l̶e̶ adult delinquents in there with you.

UMcanes, I am as big a Canes fan as anyone on this blog. I live and die with every game every season. I love football, pro and college, and as much of a Dolphins fan as I am it pales in comparison to my support for the Canes. They are by far my favorite sports team. Well said, buddy.

UM has plenty of great fans who didn't go to the school but the vast majority are bandwagoner Miamians, who are the worst fans in the country in all sports, professional and college.

You can't argue the attendance numbers - 'there's too much going on in Miami to watch a bad team'? Fine but to the rest of the country that makes Miami fans bad fans.

Mr. Woodcock, I've never seen you make a comment about UM football on this blog, and I've been following it for a while.

There's no chance you could name 10 current UM players off the top of your head. None.

You tuned this team out the second they started losing.

OC just glad you made it through the desert...


Amarillo doesn't sound like the cure for boredom glad you got your photos back though.

This is no way to run a desert lol!


Jimbo would also appreciate this. Those traveling out of SoCa on the i10 would have to go through a place called Blythe. The place is all desert. Hottest place I've ever experienced. Anyway, there is a state prison there and when one is about to enter the hour-long drive there is a sign that says: DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHIKERS !!!!!

Losing Eddie Johnson now is old news.He wasn t stable enough as a person to play and hold himself accountable to the standards all Miami Hurricanes have been held to through the years.Yes he showed glimpses of being a good player..without a doubt.However other tangibles are required as a player and a person that the majority achieve in a big time football program.Would have been nice to have him stay but team players are needed and he caused a distraction to the growth of the team.HE was a liability not an asset overall.Too bad for us and for him I guess.Life goes on.Good luck to the kid.


You up to some draft talk?

Ok, here's the latest, supposedly these are some of the players that will be there at 12th..

Lotutelei (out), will go in the top ten
Warmack (out), will go top ten

Cooper G, Ansah DE (maybe), Richardson DT, K Vaccaro S,
T Austin WR, T Eifert TE (Miami is considering him), who would you pick?

Really, an anti-trust case. What are Miami's grounds to file an anti-trust case against the NCAA for enforcing their rules and bylaws in connection with this current investigation?

If you want to argue that the NCAA is a monopoly that's another argument. But it has zero to do with this simple case of an investigation of a member school that allegedly violated the organization's rules.

The bottom line is that in this particular case the NCAA is both the investigator and the trier of facts. Regardless of how sloppy they went about their business they have every right to investigate any rules violation by a member school and issue sanctions and penalties.

What you don't seem to get through that thick arrogant skull of yours is that "You don't tell the judge to fock off in the middle of his courtroom!"

Looks like the authorities will be identifying and hopefully arresting the monster who killed and injured so many innocent people very shortly. Given the amount of intelligence gathering available to well trained people, it's a wonder these folks think they can evade capture or deadly retribution.

Unfortunately, and as soon as the culprit is apprehended, one can count on some group or personality politicizing the fault.

No men, I rode with Vinny, he of the fifth of Glenlevit in his cart! He he.

The NCAA aren't judges, they're corrupt witch-hunters. And if they had cause to give more than three bowl bans and scholarship reductions before they won't have the balls to do it now.

They almost certainly won't hand down more than additional scholarship losses and there almost certainly won't be an anti-trust suit.

But that's obviously what the posturing was all about.


You didn't answer the question.

FZB, there will be good players who will be there at #12 for sure. The key question is whether or not Ireland moves up to nab Johnson or not.

I'm pretty sure that I would trade one of my picks to move up and get him. The team lands Lane will have QB security for years to come.

Besides, everyone knows that it is far more desirable to possess a big Johnson than a little Tavon.


attn miamiherald.com:

you added the f$u version of the ACC digital network ...


an arrest has been made in the Boston bombings..

If Lotutelei, Warmack, Cooper and Ansah are not available @ 12th then I'M going to go out on a limb and say the Dolphins will draft T Eifert TE numero uno if they can't trade down.

I'm 99% sure the Dolphins will not trade up..My NFL amigo says this is a pretty deep draft and picks are like gold this year.

It's the same logic as the State of Pennsylvania's anti-trust suit - if they give UM's football team a postseason ban Miami will challenge under section 1 of the sherman act. Restraint of trade or commerce against members is illegal.

And again, it's not happening because the UM jumped out ahead of the penalties and the NCAA won't dare to give Miami anything more than a scholarship reduction.

I think Ireland will arrange a trade with Cleveland for Johnson. There will still be a quality corner for Cleveland to take at #12.

That's my prediction.

US Attorneys Office has issued a statement saying that no arrest has been made and that no one is in custody.

There are conflicting reports that an arrest has been made.

it looks like the Heat's opponents will be the Bucks, Bulls and the Knicks ( sorry BB )..

we beat the Bucks 4-1

the Bulls could give us trouble because of their defense...maybe we win 4-2

we beat the Knicks 4-2

the West?..I guess the Thunder will be our opponent..

Glad to see you have your crystal ball in full working order FZB.

Oh yea, so if you work for me and I fire your ass and you can't find any other job in widget industry that I'm in I'm restraining your ability to work?

Please, you're way over your head.

Kazaam, here in SoCal all my SC friends were singing the same exact tune about the SC investigation. Mind you, that here at SC there were only basically two individuals who were in trouble, Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo, yet they were handed down the usual two year bowl ban and three years of scholarship reductions. Every non-lawyer that I know that is an SC fan was talking the same nonsense about anti-trust, that USC was going to destroy the NCAA, that they were going to sue them, that they had congressmen and senators ready to write legislation to take care of the NCAA, etc. And you know what happened? Nothing. And do you know why the NCAA dropped the hammer on USC? Because that idiot Mike Garrett the AD for USC went to a meeting with the NCAA Infractions Committee and played the arrogant card. When he said that the only reason that USC was being "singled out" was because all the other schools were "jealous of the Trojans." he sealed their fate.

Compared to the allegations against Miami what USC did was child's play. You are either too arrogant, too emotional, or too close to the administration to see the forest because of the trees. And let me tell you something, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to say to you, "Kazaam, you were right, the NCAA backed off on their sanctions because of the public relations blitz that the university started."

Unfortunately, ain't gonna happen, bro.

What you don't seem to understand is that every major university football program breaks the rules in some way or form. The only instrument that the NCAA has to police their members is the threat of sanctions. If the NCAA was forbidden to penalize their members for rules infractions it would be an even bigger free for all that it already is. That is why they make a big deal and use either the threat or actual sanctions in order to keep things "reasonable." If they went away and a laissez faire attitude took over the playing field would tilt to a handful of the most powerful schools who would do everything in their power to attract the best athletes. Heck, it's almost like that now anyway.

Don't waste your time he thinks the allegations are bogus anyway when they pretty clearly are not.

What you don't seem to understand is that every major university football program breaks the rules in some way or form. The only instrument that the NCAA has to police their members is the threat of sanctions. If the NCAA was forbidden to penalize their members for rules infractions it would be an even bigger free for all that it already is. That is why they make a big deal and use either the threat or actual sanctions in order to keep things "reasonable." If they went away and a laissez faire attitude took over the playing field would tilt to a handful of the most powerful schools who would do everything in their power to attract the best athletes. Heck, it's almost like that now anyway.

Not complete child's play Woodcock that was a fairly large chunk of change Reggie was reported to have received.


Relax, there is a big difference between the Miami and SC case, in the UM case the NCAA got caught with its pants down and did something unprecedented by their own standars, they admitted they messed-up.

then they claimed they had purged all the tainted evidence only to have Miami called them out again (Kyle Wright's testimony) and they had to throw that out also, Miami has grounds now to take them to court.

slap in the wrist amigo...relax

Scholarship losses are not really a slap on the wrist FZB they might be looking at more than that.

I'm not the one saying UM is going to sue, UM is the one saying they will sue if they don't like the sanctions.

And they will, because this botched investigation has put the NCAA in a historically vulnerable position and UM has already won in the court of public opinion by jumping out in front of any further sanctions.

Woodcock question why are you arguing with someone who sees no value in the NCAA and thinks that college athletes should be paid for playing?


if the NCAA comes down with say 10 schoolies over three years then that's a slap in the writs...

now don't forget that UM has already self imposed two bowl bans and an ACC-CG and that's pretty steep.

Miami has always maintained and agreed that infractions were commited and have been willing to take their punishment but fair is fair...

that little weasel had claimed 2.5 million in benefits for 72 players and in the end the NCAA report said 150,000 and 90,000 of that on two players ( Wilfort and Rolle) and those figures have not even been proven correct yet, so the "other 60,000" comes to $869.00 per player if you go by their math...peanuts.

the SC case on two players was for over 250,000 ...

Baby, even if they had paid Reg two mil it would pale in consideration to the number of athletes, the years involved, and the coaches and school officials that were either in on the action or were fiddling while Rome burned, or both, at the U.

Man, Kazaam, you are one innocent SOB. "The court of public opinion." Get real, son. If that was the case the IRS would not have an audit division.

OC Dolphin,

i saw the same "beware of hitchhikers sign" while travelling across the country just outside springfield missouri. having ben to blythe, only escaped convicts would be travelling on foot in the high desert of southern california.keep the doors locked and the windows rolled up!!

Big Baby - you know that you can't answer my basic question as to why it's morally wrong for student athletes to be paid stipends`56l[

You have absolutely no idea why, you just know that those are the rules and every time the rules are broken it reinforces in your head that 'it's wrong to pay players'.

But you can't explain why the rules are there. Why is it amoral to pay college athletes? Is it equally immoral to pay teaching assistants and research assistants?

Just brush it off again because you have no idea what the answer is and you haven't given it a second of thought.

You know on the compensation issue I agree with you Kaz. I think that some programs, football and basketball for sure, at major institutions that make huge profits, far above the cost of the free tuition that they give the players, should be compensating them in some way. The easiest way would be to create a players organization that student athletes could join once they receive their scholarships, a portion of the revenues earned by the athletic program could be paid to the players organization and the players could get assistance depending on their needs or what have you. Star athletes who's jerseys or other school gear makes more money because of who they are could benefit financially from the sale of such items. Something like that I have no problem with.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of Ed O'Bannon's case now going through the courts.

lawrence,Mass- what a shit hole city. That is where the dirt bags from the dominican republic go, to set up there drug business. Was a mill town, when that business moved out, the scum from the DR took over.

OC- It will be tough moving from Calif to Texas. I have lived near the ocean my whole life, can't imagine moving that far away.

In other countries universities aren't farm systems for professional sports. Soccer leagues have their own farm systems with paid prospects. Schools have soccer teams made up of STUDENTS that play each other on an amateur level in front of their peers and interested alumni.

We don't have that here. For historical reasons college athletics (with football and basketball) became professional farm leagues that just happen to not pay the athletes because they started out as amateur sports.

The athletes are there for athletics and wouldn't be there as students otherwise. The schools make billions of dollars selling tickets to the games, jerseys, TV deals, and advertising.

I don't personally care if they're paid or not, they are getting 'screwed' but that's just the way it is. I think they should be paid but I recognize that it causes legal problems in terms of employee benefits. It's an unnatural and strange setup with a lot of angles.

But the one angle I don't accept is the BS notion that college athletics are amateur sports and therefore the athletes shouldn't be paid on moral grounds.

That's not the case at all. There's nothing 'amateur' about the professional farm leagues of college football and basketball.

OC - sounds like Phil Jackson wants to become Pat Riley.

Any chance he can be the Lakers czar or are his problems with the owner too much to overcome?

Naples, I have "the privilege" of driving to and from work everyday along the Pacific Ocean. Unobstructed view for 2 miles. Nothing like it. I have never lived farther than 4 or 5 miles from the ocean. Yep, it's going to be tough on OC, although he's not really an ocean guy. Me, no way, could in live far from it. At least not on purpose.

Agreed. Avery Brundage has been dead for a long time and his notion of "amateur athletics died with him." If they are paying Olympic athletes I don't know what legal argument they're going to make to keep the current system. The same way that Curt Flood challenged the reserve clause Ed O'Bannon is challenging how schools can profit from his persona and not compensate him. His case has an excellent chance of succeeding. And if and when that happens it's going to be "Katie bar the door."

You're wrong, Woodcock. I need the ocean or some body of water nearby. Fortunately there is a river running across the city which somewhat calms.

Naples, We look at it as a four year plan of which one is pretty much over and done. Wherever OC jr. ends up going after UCLA will probably determine our next destination, which is one reason we didn't put our property up for sale. The thing is, Ca leadership has driven the state into an abyss. Everyone in SoCa is either on a handsome gov. pension, about to be on a handsome gov. pension, a mouthy actor, a student, unemployed and on the government dole or busy climbing a fence.

Best looking state in the Union, but idiots have been running things into the ground for decades.

Kaz, Phil has got two chances coming back to LA, the Lakers and the Clippers, and as such, those two chances are none and none, not even slim is possible.

Check this out. Very cool. Anti and Kaz, you guys seen this?


Here's the thing. Pat Riley shapes the identity of the Heat. Spoelstra coaches the team, but make no mistake who the architect is. As far as the Lakers go, Jim Buss considers himself to be such an architect. He's clipped Mitch Kupchak's wings to the point of only responsible for the most tedious office chores. He chased Phil away first, as he was the big guy in control. Why on earth would he even consider bringing him back? Dude is about to marry his sister. It would be like the king and queen holding court and Jim doing what, exactly.

No, the franchise will not see the light of a championship for a Looooonnnnnggg time. The idiot brought in D'Antoni, who proceeded to try to turn an old triangle, big team into a run and gun four guard team. Ran Kobe right into the ground in the process.

I'll let you know when I will be considering owning another dog, but I don't see one coming my way anytime soon.

FZB and anyone else interested. If Miami stays at 12 this is what their board should look like.
Luke Joeckel OT, Eric Fisher OT, Dion Jordan DE, Lane Johnson OT, Dee Milliner CB, Ezenkeil Ansah DE, Chance Warmack G, Johnathan Cooper G, Tyler Eifert TE.

Joeckel, Fisher, Johnson OT's shouldn't fall to 12, nor should Milliner or Jordan. Cooper & Eifert might be the best picks for the Fins. Cooper is more athletic and faster than Warmack but the former is a beast of football player. IMO either one will solidify the interior line. Eifert could give Miami an all around top TE for the next decade. OT's Fluker or Long could be available in the 2nd round. Fins could double down on CB's in rds 2 & 3.


BARKEVIOUS MINGO!!!! how can anyone pas up a combination of name and talent like that? or CORDARELLE (whatever his last name is).

Arney Barkley, JoJo Starbuck, HeHateMe, John Wilkes Booth, Sirhan Sirhan, Vlad the Impaler... what's in a name? a story.

what about Mo Cool Ice T? D'Anta Hightower, Vanilla Ice, Vern Den Herder, Willie B. Free (actual inmate name). oh boy shadow,,, look what you started, I could go on for hours.... sure Duke can throw a few gems 2.

Barkevious Mingo? catchy name indeed. He could be a nice compliment to Cameron Wake.
Cordarelle Patterson. I want to say corduroy when I see the name. Could be a fine prospect. Supposed to go late first rd to the Stillers.

Latest word is Miami & KC Chiefs are in the initial stages of a trade. My sources say Miami will give Chiefs a 2nd rd pick for LT Brandon Albert. Chiefs franchised Albert at $9 mil this yr. Reportedly Albert requests to play LT, long term contract averaging $9 mil per season. Expect (fat) Albert in for a physical & workout soon.
Does anyone know much about this T? Athletic or fat man? Strong Run & Pass?

Trade Jimbo?...hhhhhmmmm, you could be right about that 2 but I hope they don't do it, I rather they trade Starks...


i was wondering who the albert at LT everybody was mentioning; thanx for the info. and to be formal, it was/is sirhan b(ishara)sirhan, and he is gonna be locked up forever. put him in there with charlie manson.

i also think corduroy when i see that player's name, which is wild because i have gone back to my youth and have started to wear corduroy slacks when not in the "sabbath suit mode". comfy, cotton and inexpensive from this great company called "haband" which sells a lot of assorted products mostly polyester (which i don't buy or wear) made in china (another no buy). lately i have been surprised to see some of their products being produced in zambia and other african countries. whatever the wages are for the african workers, it is not the pure slave wage of the chinese, i hope.


This draft has quite a few solid TE's , there is a good chance we go Eifert at 1 but just like you I rather see a stud linemen ( G or T ) ..but if don't take Eifert at 1 they can still get a good one later.

The NFL network keeps saying the Dolphins are desperate for a LT and that they are going tO trade up, I find it hard to believe they'll do that...Ireland is very fond of those picks.


told you that your "primo cubano" was a terrific pitcher after the game he should have won against the mets that sunday. now that he has thrown sprarkling game #2 the media is all over him, and methinks the hype is very valid. in beisbol, there are two types of twice- twice around the order in any game ( the guy has passed this test so far) and twice around the league (familiarity breeds base hits). it will be awhile before he faces a team he has pitched against already, but it says here his overpowering stuff and fantastic location are no joke. the guy is near the plate and throws hard stuff and brutal breaking pitches. barring a trade or injury, he might surpass steve carlton of the 72 phillies for greatest season working for a putrid club. if the marlins can't get a sell-out crowd for his next start they ought to look for a new marketing/public relations staff. i'll listen to the spanish radio broadcast when he throws, just like i did when fernando was in that glorious rookie year of his snf jsimr jarrin (ecuadorian) was doing the dodgers. gotta tell you that i have trouble with the cuban accents which are not like mexican spanish to these ears.

mouning guys,

about this Albert trade rumors...you guys need to read what Armando wrote about it this morning, it makes a lot of sense to wait until draft day for a number of reasons and then its debatable whether it makes sense, there is a reason that Albert is available, teams don't just give up on a really good player, the guy has baggage.


I have my reservations about it because I know how much Philbin and Ireland valued draft picks and the draft process.

ps-I still think my idea makes more sense for both teams

Albert for Starks and Bess


that young Cubano pitcher does have great stuff and a great story too, him and his mom came on a raft, unbelievable..

the kid has the goods..

There is something else the Dolphins should not forget ...Eric Winston is still out there, I rather give him a two year deal to be our RT than make this Albert trade.

Less baggage plus I think J Martin will be a fine LT if given the chane..

Papaelbon is a complete horses ass. This is why jocks shouldnt be taken seriously at the mike.

I see the Herald is normally a half day late in publishing news. Albert to Miami possible trade was yesterdays news.

fellas, Ireland drafted Pouncey last yr while everyone was thinking differently. Who knows how the Fins will draft? That's the fun of it all. It gives us all something to talk about....

LOL, the irony. I was going to post that if we were at work, we'd be standing around the water cooler discussing same... I'm on vacation, staying at step-daughters place, sitting at the table with laptop, water cooler 2 ft away on my right..

What city/state are you in, Jimbo?

I be in Colorado Springs,, or after yesterday corrected to Colorado Winter Again. Heading to Vegas tomorrow.

Damn! you're doing more miles than I just pulled.

Are you going up to take the 70, or dropping down and running the 40?

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