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April 22, 2013

Live Blog Q&A / Chat has ended; next chat April 29

Live Blog Chat returns!: Today's chat has ended. We do it every Monday from 1-2 p.m. expects Mondays when we don't. Click on Comments below for transcript of our latest chat.


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Is it too soon to start thinking about the Miami Marlins setting a modern-era MLB record for most losses for a team in a season? The 1962 New York Mets holds the record with 120 losses. From what I have seen so far, I think the Marlins will set a new record. What do you think?

Hola Greg,

Miami will have a field day poking holes at the NCAA's credibility/lack of proof in the upcoming june hearing based on the latest piece by Barry Jackson.

you still think the NCAA will have the "balls" to hammer UM?...and do you think Miami will have grounds to sue them?


Hola Greg,

I took a looksie at the people you follow on twitter and I saw you follow one Chris Matthews of CNBC, I must say I'm dissapointed in you, or maybe I shouldn't be?

hi greg,

lets say that the dolphins go after and get Albert from kc, do you think it would still be possible that they trade up in thursdays draft to get a guy like millner?

OK let's roll! Jose, I doubt even the Marlins can lose 120 games. Although based on what I've seen they could approach 110. Sad, sad.

Hey Greg,

So who would you rather have the Heat face in the second round, the Bulls or the Nets?

FZB, I think they NCAA won't hammer UM with additional severe penalties, but I do think the NCAA will save face by tacking on minor additional sanctions. Doubt a lawsuit happens. Everybody wants this mess done.

FZB, I wasn't aware Chris Matthews was on any do-not-follow lists. Freedom, baby!

Greg, do you believe Tyler Eifert and Jonathan Cooper are the favorites to go to Miami at No. 12? Who would you take?

david a, still possible, but less likely. If they give up a 2 to get Albert, doubt they'd want to give up their last 2 in a trade-up.

Hey there, GC,

I've been a bit on the busy side moving from SoCa to Austin, and all that that entails, soooo...this is the first time I actually have a chance to thank you for any contribution you might have had in selecting one of my Haiku entries for 1st place. With two titles within three years I'm definitely feeling like the Heat, who will no doubt soon be back-to-back champions. I will email you my new address in Austin soon.

Save one of those Dolphins media guides for me.

BIRDMENG, Chicago-Brooklyn is for me the closest of all the 1R pairings, but Nets are healthier and so I think Heat would probably rather face Bulls. Either would be a tough test compared to Milwaukee.

Keith, I just don't see them taking Eifert, after they just signed Dustin Keller, and with Eifert more of a lower-1st-round projection. Don't see them taking Cooper 12th either if he's available,as he's a guard. Glaring needs are OT and CB. Or if you prefer, CB and OT.

Figured we'd be a bit slow today, after not doing it for a few weeks, plus me being about 5 minutes late starting today. Oy! I cry your pardon. Anybody home?

I'll be the greedy one. Is there a specific first-round CB who jumps out at you? Rhodes is a popular mock pick for the Dolphins, and some people think Milliner could fall.

"Raindrops keep falling on my head...!"

Dolphins schedule looks tough out of the gate and then easier after the mid way point will this help the team as the season nears the end?

I'll be the greedy one. Do any of the first-round CBs jump out at you? Rhodes is a popular mock pick for the Dolphins, and some people think Milliner could fall out of the top 10.

We'll wrap this at 12:30 today. Quiet in here this week, plus am busy birthing a Mock Draft today.

It's 1:30 right now Greg.

Greg - I think Birdman brings a motivational ascpect to the team they havent had since 'Zo played. Lebron and Wade get the crowd rowdy and out of their seats with high-flying dunks and shots but I dont think anynoe has inspired the fans through blocks and sheer passion since Zo...thoughts?

or close to it.

Big Baby, I looked at the schedule and saw more should-win games than probably-lose games. All those 1 o'clock home dates will help. Think 10-6 looks doable.

Greg two questions why did Revis agree to a 100 percent nonguaranteed contract and why did Tampa agree to pay 15 million dollars per year for a CB?

(I'll keep going as long as the questions keep popping). Keith, no way Dee Milliner falls to 12th, although Miami could trade up to try to get him. Xavier Rhodes may be a reach at 12 but looks like a very possible pick for Miami. Trying to sort thru all this today for my Mock.

Hi there, GC,

Didn't get a chance to thank you for any part you played in selecting one of my Haiku entries this year. Now that I've won two out of the last three I'm beginning to feel a bit like the soon to be back-to-back Heat champions!

Anyway, save one of those Dolphins Media Guides for me, and I'll send you my new Austin address soon.

P-Sos, agreed on Chris Andersen. Birdman has become a real fan favorite very fast. It isn't just the energy or the novelty of the tattoos or mohawk. This guy brings a real offensive presence in the paint. Nobody wanted Joel Anthony to touch the ball offensively. The opposite with Birdman.


attn miamiherald.com

you added the f$u version of the ACC digital network ...
notice how their highlights always list 1, 2 or 3 ...
I want mi(a) digital playa ...


Do you see the Dolphins taking a safety within the first three rounds? Any names?

Big Baby, Revis coming off that injury was not in the power position on guarantees. And yes Tampa overspent but that's a position you do that with. OT is another one, which is why Miami was prepared to overspend for Branden Albert.

OC, you are a budding Haiku Challenge legend! OK on the Dolphins media guide. New one should be out around mid-August.

Greg what do you make of the Odrick financial situation?

green, thanks for the day's most unfathomable question/comment. It was a landslide.

Got to love this tweet from Bill Plaschke on Twitter:

"Kobe continually tweeting for Lakers to get the ball inside...Lakers, unable to play w/smart phones, continue to miss from outside."

Have I told you that Laker fans HATE D'Antoni!!!

Just remember it wasn't 5-7-5 OC asterick city on that one.

Oye Greg,

nothing wrong with taking a Warmack or Cooper at 12th if they are rated the BPA...but I do think that Eifert is very much in play at 12th for the Dolphins, you're going to have to trust me on that one.

Sour grapes, BB, sour grapes.

Hola Greg,

Mike Mayock said he thinks Milliner will fall out of the top ten, if he's there at 12th for Miami its a no brainer, what say you amigo?

ps-Chris Matthews blows.

FZB, I'd be surprised if they drafted a guard or tight end 12th. Then again, this is a very strange draft.

Greg I vote in advance no more deviations from the traditional 5-7-5 Haiku form just so OC knows that I am not bitter about him winning again (sobbing now).

Sorry OC, I think Kobe is kind of an asswipe for trying to coach from his bed...

Big Baby,only know what I've read about Odrick supposedly being bilked by a shady financial adviser. It wasn't me. i have an alibi.

FZB, yes if Dee Milliner is there at 12 Miami grabs him. Chances he'll be there at 12: 12 percent. If that.


what's a movie that you WILL always watch no matter how many times you've seen it?...

It's a cinch that Jeff Ireland's decision on who to select will come much easier, knowing that not one of the top 15 rated players has a mother who might still be a prostitute.

Big baby, rules stated 5-7-5 preferred but not mandatory, so exceptions fly within the bylaws. FZB, Kobe is infatuated with Twitter like most are when they first join. At least he's not tweeting, "Rise and grind!" like most athletes.

FZB, Wizard of Oz, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Dog Day Afternoon...

OC, ha! Ireland learned his lesson. This year he asked prospects if their father was a pimp.


Ok all, let's wrap this. Thanks to all. Decent response after a slow start. Not bad since we'd been away a few weeks. See you next Monday. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

Greg glad you are a Mass homie like me but Lawrence Massachusetts is not "west of Boston".

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