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April 29, 2013

Live Blog Q&A/Chat has ended; next Chat May 6

Live Blog Chat: Today's Chat has ended. We do it here every Monday from 1-2 p.m. Click into 'Comments' section here to enter the spacious and lavishly appointed Chat Room live on Mondays or to read transcripts of past Chats.


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Hey all. Greg here. The Chat Room is now open for business.

Hola Greg,

Shane Larkin leaving creates a very big hole for the Canes, does the Cuban Don (Larranega) have a replacement ready?

Nothing? No problem. I'm-a take quick power nap on the cot here, so bang on the door loudly as you enter the Chat Room.

A lot of respect to Jason Collins for the courage to become the first in professional sports. How will the media cover the story and will it be different when a All-Star/Hall of Famer comes out? Does a team sign him as a free agent during the summer or will this possibly end his NBA career.

Do you think there's a place for Tebow on the Dolphins?

FZB, the Cuban Don now has about six or seven very big holes to fill, with Larkin the only underclassmen of the main guys. Norris Cole could still pass for a collegian. Maybe Larranaga can borrow him from the Heat for next season.

Frank, I'll be tackling all of those questions in a column today that should be online by 5ish. Much respect for Collins for what he's done. Not the impact as if a younger star had come out, but still very significant.

Jeff, I do not think the Dolphins will try to sign Tebow, no. Maybe if he were an H-back/tight end-type, but he isn't. or maybe if team was still infatuated with the Wildcat, but it isn't. Think some team will give Tebow another shot, but that it won't be here. Jaguars an obvious possibility.

so Greg, Let's talk Dolphins draft before the "negativos" chime in...

I think the move to three was a great move, considering the potential that Dion Jordan has and what we gave up in return to get him but what I think is being a bit over looked is the fact the Dolphins drafted a lot of fast players..

your thoughts over all?

Slow in here today. Trend: Start starts, picks up about midway through. Not sure why that is.


it could be that since Ireland did such a good job in free agency and the draft the Ireland hater's can't find anything to complain about..

FZB, I give Dolphins draft a B-grade overall as a gut reaction. I too love Jordan's potential, and cost to trade up 12-3 was relatively small. They really need one of those corners (presumably Jamar Taylor) to be starter-quality. they also need to close the deal on Branden Albert or at least sign a stopgap like Bryant McKinnie to lessen the wondering on why they didn't draft a tackle sooner.

FZB, there is big truth in that. Complaint always fills the room. If Dolphins had had a consensus lousy draft or even if Bucks had beaten Heat Sunday we'd be more active in here.

Think I need to promote these Chats a bit better. Maybe give it a mention on Le Batard's show when I'm in-studio on Tuesdays.

Are you as amused as I am at some in the media who killed Miami for "reaching" for Dion Jordan after almost every mock draft had Dion Jordan in their top five picks?

Jeff, yeah I am amused by that. For example, I had Jordan going SECOND overall in my mock. But it was trading up to take Jordan that mystified most analysts as much it was them NOT taking OT Lane Johnson I think. That is the decision, more than the tradeup, that is questionable.


I went to my first Marlins game on saturday with the family, around the 6th inning the grand-kids wanted ice cream so I went and waited in line 45 minutes, when I get to the counter the girl tells me they ran out and to go to another stand (lucky me right?) so I told the supervisor I didn't want to stand in line again and to please go with me so I could get me ice-cream served right away, the supervisor told me that was not his job..

I thought the customer is always right, what would you do?..send a letter to Jeffrey Loria???

true story,

Greg all of this Heat angst makes me laugh NO ONE is beating that team in a seven game series this year, next year or for the forseeable future (it will depend on Wade's late career production) but the NBA is now officially a snooze fest in my book too bad my Celtics look to be finished for awhile.

FZB, wow am actually surprised to hear. Write to Loria or David Samson and tell me what if any response you get. If it's none or the wrong one, we'll splash it in the blog.

45 minutes for ice cream at Marlins Park FZB how is that possible when only 45 people attended the game?

Tell me Stugotz doesn't pay more than $5 for his haircuts. If he is, he's getting taken worse than the Raiders did on Thursday night.


Did you see Real sports Bryant Gumbel interview of Sampson?

Big baby, of course Heat will be faves throughout playoffs, but Knicks in East finals could at least be interesting, and so could Spurs -- much more than Westbrook-less OKC -- in Finals.

Jeff, I cannot promise I will be discussing haircuts and their cost with Stugotz. :)

Could LeBatard break out in a sweat even in a blizzard? Does he believe a blizzard is inherently racist?

Uglyaqua, did not see it but heard about it and have seen excerpts. A certain credit to Samson for agreeing to do it because he knew it'd be a minefield.

Jeff, yes Le Batard does believe blizzards are inherently racist because they are so white. He also thinks black cars drive better than white cars.

Would your one do-over be to not write the trade Marino column or would it be something else?

Isn't today Willie Nelson's 80th birthday or something. Fire it up! Or simply wear a bandana in his honor.


everyone is stressing about the LT position, I think that Jonathan Martin can and will do the job there, they just need to go get Eric Winston and a veteran DE pass rusher and called it a day...

over all off season grade?.. A+ I say....

Uh oh M. Wallace tweeted negative comments about Collins situation and then deleted them someone saved them have you seen them Greg?

They weren't really mean or bigoted just unnecessary it seems.

Jeff, I actually don't regret that column believe it or not. It's infamous, memorable, brought me lots of attention. Those are good things in my line of work.

Greg, as I recall, you were for building the Marlins stadium as an opportunity to finally give the Marlins their chance. Do you think the stadium was an expensive mistake? Are you ready to make a ruling on sustanability of MLB baseball in South Florida?

Do you see a scenario in which the Dolphins miss the playoffs but Ireland keeps his job? Tannehill injury? 10-6?

FZB, Martin is a young question mark at LT; still like to see them give up a '14 pick for Branden Albert. Or get a stopgap like McKinnie or Winston. Still think they're a bit suspect at corner. I might give their offseason grade so far a solid B shading to B-plus.

Big baby, what was the Tweet that was deleted?


How many games do you think the Bulls will push the Heat (assuming they are to match up in the semi ECF of course). I know, nothing is said and done, but I think Brooklyn's goose is cooked after that major collapse in Chicago. Miami was 2-2 against Chicago in the regular season and 3-0 against the Nets. Let's not forget the Bulls snapped Miami's winning streak. To be honest, I think the Bulls will be the toughest opponent Miami faces in the playoffs next to the Knicks. After all, Kirk Hinrich likes to play a dirty style of basketball by simply tackling his opponents. Pain & Gain? Something tells me this series is going to be a dog fight.

McKinnie visiting the team soon.

George, the new ballpark was needed for Marlins' long-term stability. It'll be here long after Loria is gone. Miami-Dade got fleeced on the deal, but that is their fault more than Loria's.


did you get a chance to watch the ESPN 30 for 30 Elway to Marino piece, I thought it was great television, U?


it was UM day at Marlins park saturday, place was pack ( I think is because we only paid a buck for each ticket )

I appreciate that you seem to live by the adage "everyone likes the man who can laugh at himself--no one likes the man who can't." Keep UP the good work and tell Dan to put DOWN the nachos!

Jeff, I think 10-6 is doable. Also think Ireland cold very well keep his job even if they miss playoffs. Stephen Ross likes Ireland, and only his vote matters.

Bambam, I agree Bulls would be far from a pushover, and that's even assuming Derrick Rose won't be back. Miami in six would sound about right.

He tweeted:

"All of these beautiful women in the World and guys want to mess with other guys SMH...".

"I am not bashing anyone don't have anything against anyone I just don't understand it".

Big baby, yes McKinnie taking physical here but no contract offered yet.

He was ctiticized loudly and took them down.

FZB, did not see premiere of 30/30 on Marino/Elway but plan to watch it. Marlins almost literally are giving away tickets. Smart. Although season-ticket holders can't be happy. They're about only one paying full fare.

Jeff, thanks. Somebody who writes about games for a living should never take himself too seriously.


In all honesty, I think Dwyane Wade's health is going to be a crucial aspect in this series. There have been rumors that Derrick Rose MIGHT return (from his brother) and that he is 90% 'mentally' ready. Coach Thibs said there is no guarantee of Rose's return, but even if he does return, I just don't see how he is going to fit instantly into their rotation after not playing for so long. Back to matters, if Miami plays their game, they shouldn't lose this series. Of course, LeBron is going to need that superior help off the bench. We'll see what happens. I think it will be an entertaining series.

Are you happy to be a weekly co-host or are you hoping for the Greg Cote show in your radio future?

Big baby, actually I DID see that Tweet but (being dumb) didn't immediately link it to Collins thing.

Bambam, agreed on CHI-MIA as an entertaining series. And that they'll need a close-to-healthy Wade from here on out. Rose question will be a real intrigue in buildup to series.


being gay is a choice, if that's what rocks your boat then go do it but what I don't like is why everyone has to be so politically correct, hey the guy (Wallace) said what was in his mind, chit I'll say the same thing, give me tatas and legs and well you know over a male organ anyday..

Jeff, ha! No I'm happy with one day a week on radio, thanks. Enjoy the heck out of it but frankly I'm not a workaholic like LeBatard. Maybe it's the wife and kids factor. or maybe I'm just lazy!

If you're being selfish as a writer, would you prefer Miami sports teams to be really good or really bad?

FZB, I agree Wallace has right to say what he thinks if he can deal with the backlash. We'll disagree, though, on whether being gay is a choice. Don't think so.

Jeff, I prefer really good over really bad, although either extreme is way more preferable to mediocrity.

OK all, let's wrap it. As usual slow start, big finisgh. thanks to all. Back in the chat Room next Monday. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Would Dan be more unhappy with having to do "greatest QB ever" radio for a day or having to drive a non-convertible for a year?

Right, Richard Simmons had the choice to be straight...

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