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April 09, 2013

Referendum on referendum: Do you support Dolphins stadium-improvement plan? Poll. Vote!; plus Manti in Miami, The 3 Faces of Marlins Fans & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Marlins drop home opener, Louisville wins NCAA, Tiger/Masters odds, Heat play it safe with Wade. 2) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

Manti Te'o on official Dolphins visit: Notre Dame linebacker/slow-40-runner and girlfriend-hoax victim Manti Te'o is headed to Miami as one of the Dolphins' 30 official draft-prospect visits, the Palm Beach Post reports. Very slim chance they'd actually take him I'd imagine.

A REFERENDUM ON THE REFERENDUM: YOU FOR OR AGAINST DOLPHINS' STADIUM-IMPROVEMENT PLAN?: A planned May 14 Miami-Dade referendum will ask vote to approve or deny a plan to use public tax dollars to help renovate Dolphins stadium. Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Giminez and Dolphins president Mike Dee announced agreement on the plan, but their agreement means what Granpappy used to call diddly-squat without voter approval. The issue is complicated; click here to read details. But I have kept my ballot simple. Are you for or against using tax dollars to help renovate the stadium? We had a related ballot on this issue back in January; time for another, more streamlined pulse read. Vote and say why.

1aa1fansprotestTHE THREE FACES OF MARLINS FANS: Face 1--The Boycotter. These fans will have nothing to do with the Marlins as long as detested Jeffrey Loria is owner. Or at least as long as the team remains low-budget and lacking major-league talent. Face 2--The Loyalist. These fans will continue to root for the uniform, for the hometown team, despite the owner. Face 3--The Angry Attendee. These fans will attend, but not be happy about it. Meet Rachel P. and her father, who last night attended their 14th consecutive home opener together in the loss dropping Miami to 1-6 -- but did so wth a message to convey. Thanks for the pic, Rachel. You have taken the Classic Paper Bag protest to a different level with the T-shirt adaptations. (Particularly like the Triple-A'ing of the word MAAArlins). Photo was shot on a concourse. We can only imagine that moments are this image was taken, the two of them were swept away by Loria's Gestapo, never to be heard from again.

Protesting fans booted from park?: There have bee reports (click here) that some Marlins fans protesting Loria were escorted by police from the game last night. 

WOMEN: UCONN, LOUISVILLE = TWO SHOTS AT A DOUBLE: Women's NCAA basketball wrapped up in New Orleans last night with UConn beating Louisville. It made for a double shot at history in category of one school's men and women both reigning in same season. Very short list. Only UConn has done it, in 2004. Louisville had a chance last night after its men had won Monday night.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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It doesn't much matter how often these kinds of warnings are made, they're are most often dismissed by many whose only common denominator seems to be possession of some sort of self appointed wisdom, forged in naivete.


...blind even to pearls of wisdom (note the 2:00 min. mark) by our dearly departed Margaret:


Liberalism will damn us all.

Wouldn't that be ironic, considering that Jesus' primary mission was the redistribution of wealth to the poor. Who knows, maybe if that fairy tale is the one out of the thousands of completely made up religions that's actually true the liberals might just be saving you from damnation.

I'd vote no, Ross can pay for any upgrades he wants.

Hmm. "Jesus' primary mission...poor." Elevating to God status in order to disclose purpose.

loria is a con artist who got his stadium precisely because he never had the financial means to be a successful pro sports franchise owner in the first place. why is ross trying to behave in the same way?


I can't remember how far back it's been since winning the NBA Championship has been so foregone a conclusion.

Realistically, the only real question I have remains; Will Pat Riley refuse to take pressure off his players by publicly stating "Threepeat" AGAIN? Worked once, a cinch he will do it again.

Horace. Why did you have to go out and post a photo of our President and First Lady for?

MSNBC reporting Marlins fans were kicked out of the game last night for protesting Loria...
stay classy Fish...

Loria could never get a tv deal in Montreal that was his undoing there plus a tepid fanbase (except for a few seasons of team success) he has the same fanbase in Miami maybe that's his problem plus choosing markets that don't support baseball and being a bad owner not a good recipe for success.

This is the only team that could possibly - and I do mean - possibly, might stand a chance going up against The Heat.


Note the remarkable resemblance between James and that green looking dude.

“Beisbol been bery, bery bad to me!”

Maybee I poot litel shortsi ong and kick da ball. Bring in meny meny peephol.

Beisbol like religeon to Chico Loria. Get on my rodillas and prey for fans.

Ah, enough of that...

I thought that was you.

You know me, BB. Got to keep the entertainment fresh!

I know Chico loria he is da man!

I will vote yes on the Dolphins referendum, we need it and its not costing us the tax payer's any extra money out of our pocket (unless we book a hotel room).

I think Obi is gay and he should be the first presidente to come out of the closet..Not that there is anything wrong with it.


That girl form the 'avengers' is mucho hot.

Yah know I like lesbians climbing all over one another on a picnic blanket as much as the next red blooded heterosexual American male but when I see one start to eat the others a** well.. Well I think, "Man that girl is HUNGRY!. Isn't there a vender or canteen truck nearby where that poor girl could get herself a sandwich????"

Arokoyo said after the game he was in pain but not seriously injured.


Let Ross pay his own way. It's not like the guy has done much for the fan base. I do not beleive the tax payers will fall for this con.


Please tell me that you're not the porn star in this story, are you?


OC - a Finals appearance is almost a given but the West is strong.

The Heat may be the best team in the East without LeBron James, I'd take that team over the Knicks in a seven game series.

Kazaam, the West has been relegated to a Mash unit. Take the Lakers, for instance. They've had various two starters out in all but six games. I'm hoping for a loss tomorrow night (haven't won a single back-to-back all year), plus a loss to SA and maybe Houston to put them out of their misery.

Denver is toast, SA is without Manu, Memphis has Gasol nursing a knee. There are but two teams in the west that might meet in the finals; The Clips and definitely, OKC. After Miami mops up with everything out of the East, they'll meet up again with OKC and similar results.

Money in the bank.

Probably true, OC. Oye, I just checked the remaining schedule for the Jazz and the Lakers. Bro, you said the Jaz had an easier schedule. They play Minnesota twice! We play NO, Portland (on the road), San Antonio, the Rockets and one more team that I can't remember, maybe Phoenix. I don't like our chances.

Talk about a bust of a season for LAL Dream goes POOF!

OC, I know you're not a Cat Steven's fan but here goes... "Baby, Baby it's a wild world. It's hard to get by just upon a smile girl..."

Best Team Ever Goes Bye Bye.

Might as well pull a Woody and root for the Clip Joint.

Can't stand the Clippers. Only surpassed by the hated ones. No offense, BB.

You're right, dukey. I am not a Yusuf Islam fan. As far it goes he is free to go to the exotic pet shop and buy himself an eel.

People should vote however they want in the referendum but I would add there seems to be a TON of misinformation out there.

First of all, if you are a Dade resident nobody is asking for so much as a nickel of your money...not unless you are in the habit of sleeping in hotels on the mainland (Miami Beach is not included in the proposal).

People are, of course, free to be against the bed tax but to claim Ross or whoever is seeking to raise property taxes, or the sales tax or anything else even remotely like that is COMPLETELY wrong.

Second, to compare this to the Marlins deal is ludicrous. If you are even slightly familiar with the details you know this already yet many insit on drawing a comparison where there simply isn't any.

Again, I have no problem whatsoever with anyone in opposition to this deal. I simply wish more folks would take the time to actually understand what is being proposed unless they simply want to be willfully uninformed.

It's a good deal but I don't think it's fair to charge hotels another percent of their earnings to build a roof on a football stadium.

The city has nothing to lose with this deal but what about the crappy hotels that are going to be paying more taxes for the next 30 years and won't see any Super Bowl or BCS traffic?

If the city commissioners think we should do it let the city's residents vote on whether or not they want to pay for it.

Evening boys, Oye Woody,

I thought you hated the Lakers.

The Heat are the best team in the east but they still could have trouble against the bigger more physical teams (Bulls/Pacers)..Out west?..SA or OKC.


I was watching last sunday's Clippers/Lakers game and Kobe was just playing by himself out there, either that or he didn't trust ANY of his team mates, it was sad to see.

D Howard is a clown, he doesn't deserve to wear that uniform.

draft talk.

I don't think the Dolphins will trade up to try to get L Johnson, most teams that run the "zone blocking" schemes have great success in finding more athletic offensive linemen later on in the draft because most team put an emphasis on the big,strong maulers, this draft has good depth at both tackle and guard, no reason to panic.

as per my NFL amigo there have been some teams drafting in the 20's reached out to the teams from 11-12th to 15-16th just in case there is one or two player that "slip"...there are 3 players now that may cause a team to try to trade up.

Tavon Austin, C Patterson and Lotulelei, Patterson is coveted because of his potential (Texans would love to paired him with A Johnson).

The Dolphins will probably have their choice between Ansah, Austin, Cooper, Mingo and Lotulelei (maybe).

If Ross wants a new or improved stadium, he caNput a better product on the field1!! More sales equals more money!! He's only worried about Miami hosting a Superbowl not the Fins playing in one.

To finality,

So you actually think that Ross doesn't want his team to win?..

Good one. I laughed.


mouning guys,

Heat are one win away from securing home field, hopefully D Wade's knee is ok...You guys see LeBron's play last night?..



like the guy really needs an extra rebound on his stat sheet; he had a straight path to the hoop and decided to provide "NBA entertainent". the ole shadow is not impressed.

Cat Stevens Greatest hits is one of my favorites of all time a brilliant songwriter and singer too bad about his current life.

Greg Cote is a retard.

Heat aren't beating the Knicks without LeBron that's absurd.

You did say the Knicks were going to be good this year though you were right about that first division title since 1994.

OC why don't you want LAL to make the playoffs anything can happen right why root against them?

E. Sanders has signed a one year offer sheet with NE Pitt has until Monday to match deal is in 4-5 mil range NE would have to give up a 3rd round pick if they don't match.

A bit curious to give up a third for a one year deal but maybe they hope he will resign he hasn't really done much in Pitt.

Shouldn't have been going out on a limb to say the Knicks would be the second best team in the East, that seemed obvious with Rose out.


Yeah real obvious you dope.

"Dominant" only begins to describe the Celtics' play in the Atlantic Division in recent years. From 2007-08 through 2010-11 -- non-lockout seasons -- the Celtics won the division by an average of 17.5 games a season. The closest any division contender came in those four seasons was 10 games -- Toronto in 2010. In each of those four regular seasons, all of which went into mid-April, the latest the Celtics clinched the division title was March 26. (The Celtics won the division by three games last season.)

BB, if you had a horse with a broken leg would you hope beyond all hope that the leg would mend, or would you put it out of its misery?

Nash-out, Gasol-heh, Howard-disconnected, Kobe-spent (logging 47m/g), Meta-playing after being scoped 12 days earlier, Blake-heh, Meeks/Jamison-lone bright spots, D'Antoni-worst offender (has them hoisting shots from the dressing room.

They haven't won a back-to-back all year. We'll see what happens tonight.

From 2007-08 through 2010-11, the Celtics were 14-2 against New York, 14-2 against New Jersey, 14-2 against Toronto and 13-3 against Philadelphia. Maybe that explains those double-digit, division-winning margins in those four seasons.

Hahaha, Boston? Those things all happened before they swapped Ray Allen for Jason Terry and Courtney Lee. Guess you missed the memo that Boston's Big Three era ended last season?

OC - you're trying to reverse jinx them, you know you wouldn't be surprised to see them put it together in the playoffs and make a good run.

Regardless of what happens this season do you want them to offer Dwight Howard the max contract this offseason? They're going to of course but as a Laker fan do you want him becoming the face of the franchise when Kobe rides off into the sunset? They'll probably have to include a no-trade clause.

Yeah Ray Allen and his bad wheels saw he's hurt again get used to it I'll take the other two.

If I'm Pittsburgh I let E Sanders walk and sign Brandon LLoyd, that guy can still play.

I think the knicks do match up well with the Heat, if Carmelo stays hot anything can happen...

draft talk,

I was listening to Mike Mayock this morning on the Joe Rose show and he was saying that he doesn't see much of a difference between players 10-50 on this draft and he didn't think if the Dolphins drafted JD Fulker RT (alabama) would be a reached at all, says he would probably go in the 16th to 22 range anyways and he would solidify our O Line, said the most importtant thing is to make sure Tannehill is protected, what do you guys think about that.

Pitt has 2 mil in cap space FZB they aren't signing Lloyd they're done especially with that aging defense.


you seem to be a little depressed, How can I help?

Um, he's looked great since his offseason ankle surgery, you didn't see that he's hurt 'again' because he's not, and he's only missed three games. Two of those were the flu.

I'll still take the other two Ray Ray whined his way out of Boston and signed with their biggest rival thanks for the memories.

Cool, works out perfectly then, Heat will take Ray Allen, Boston can take the other two, and we'll see how it turns out.


Ray was basically run out of town by you boy Ainge, and I must say he sure looks good coming off the bench for the Heater's, don't be hatin amigo...

He won't be the reason the Heat win the title this year he might be a small part of the reason unlike in Boston when he was the man.

The Heat are shooting almost 50 percent for the season when that happens you win Ray Ray or no Ray Ray.

Run out of town nice spin FZB and I will hate it's the Heat remember?

No teams going to beat the heat in a seven game series,This year or next, We might just hat Pat Rielly saying "Threepeat" next year.
(Oh yeahBTW, I doubt very much any teams gonna get Miami to go 7 games,6 Maybe, But 7??

Oye Anti,

what's up with that green meteorite they just found?..prelude to Super Man coming?

Kaz, Nah, I don't think so. Let me put it this way. You're at the racetrack and your feature race is about to start. All the trainers walk their horses into that area they use for public viewing and your horse, the one wearing purple and gold looks like he's ready for a vacation:


I hope..
That lil chink in North Korea needs a smackdown.

Anti Christ - don't be fooled by the fawning media coverage this season, the Heat are a deeply flawed team by design. They can't afford a true center, so they decided they would acquire and play the best players possible instead of throwing dead weight (Ilgauskas, Turiaf, etc.) onto the court.

But they're vulnerable to big teams, the Pacers, Knicks, and Bulls could all give them trouble and make it a series in the East. Spurs would be a big matchup problem with Duncan.

FZB, Not depressed at all, I'm ecstatic. Life is good!

Kaz, I just dont see it that way, Yeah those teams will win a game or two but the heat will beat them in a 7 game series..
But then again, WTF do I know ??


I'm rooting for the Lakers to make it, I think they can give the Spurs trouble, if they go against the Thunder they have no shot.

No shot. Funny, that's what I was observing about Pau.

Yea but two wins makes it a 6 game series, three wins makes it a full 7 game series.

I don't think the Heat will lose to any of those teams either, but they're going to have to earn it, especially against the big teams.

OC, Thats gotta be the greatest picture taken..

Yeah, that was a good one, I have to admit.

Miranda Kerr won't be one of Victoria's secret angels anymore...Bummer.


FZB- Let me tell you something my friend, brandon Loy is done. the guy is a gutless little girl. No balls, and that will not cut it with the Pats. When BB cuts a wr, he is toast in the NFL.

He's better than any WR on your current roster Naples he could still sign for less money there that possibility still exists.

here you go guys, just what I've been telling you, no one really knows what's gonna happen in the draft..


this is total speculation on my part but if the following dolphin targets are already gone by 12th..

Warmack, Cooper, Ansah, L Johnson and Lotulelei then why not draft a player with a big upside like Tyler Eifert or Cordarrele Patterson instead of a Xavier Rhodes ( which is a need but it will be a reach at 12th also ) ...

Looks like only me and Jimbo are on the trade up to get Milliner bandwagon Eifert might be a good pick at # 12 just don't trade up to get a tackle that isn't good value take one if he's there at 12 only.

Think Dion Jordan is worth trading up for?


the problem is the Dolphins have way more than one need, OL (G and T), CB ,TE , pass rusher , Safety and Running back, if we were close to contending I could see it but is better to stay at 12th or try to trade down and draft as many players as possible.

our time will come, patience my young Jedi.

I posted comments a couple hrs ago which was all sports, nothing devious. Cut and pasted part of FZB,s post that I thought was good, then injected my own. I correctly followed the security zig zag BS code only to have it evaporate like a fart hrs later. WTF is going on with this BS News company?

Did anyone see that Jay Z and Beyonce went on vacation in Havana?

How did they get away with it? I want in on that.


Jimbo, Just like you, its happened to me a few times..

big brother is watching amigo..

Funny Kaz,

JZ has nice legs...

Jimbo - if you're writing a longer post (multiple paragraphs) copy it before submitting.

If you don't have to type in the code words that post is going to be dropped. All you can do is split it up into smaller posts.

Who names a kid "Barktavuos"??

White people.

OC, regarding the eel thing. Hey could happen to anyone. Regarding Yusuf, Hey at least he never blew up a Sbarros Pizza joint...

I just took a dump on a photo of a beaner

Kazaam is an ugly brownie.


dwight howard is useless with the ball and causes problems for his team every sinngle season. it is unfortunate (fortunate for him) that he never played against wilt, who would have broken him in half, as would have nate thurmond, walt bellamy, moses malone and a slew of other real centers/post players. after this season the lakers will return to the elmore smith years which precipitated acquiring KAJ in that monster deal with the bucks. excepting that there is no KAJ around- the lakers were expecting the talent of the great abdul-jabbar and got a whining sissy in dwight howard. the "braintrust" of the lakers that saw dwight howard as a dominant center ready to play must have had a few too many margaritas, and proves mitch kupchak ain't no jerry west in talent appraisal/GMing.

shadow, Kupchak had nothing to do with that. Literally. It is common knowledge in these parts (Lakerland) that Jim Buss remains fanatical in trying to carve his own identity away from his more accomplished father. Beyond that, he hates Phil Jackson, so one may note how he is doing everything diametrically opposed to what his dad would have done.

Where was all the outrage from any sports hole before the taxpayer got screwed? Certainly not from Kotex or Le Bastard.
Now they jump on the F Jeff bandwagon after the fans have started it. Thanks for nothing.
Dont forget to cancel the Herald!

Dude, who the fock is Jeff?

Ha Ha Rasta, Is Le Bastard, French? I know what Kotex is...

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