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Referendum on referendum: Do you support Dolphins stadium-improvement plan? Poll. Vote!; plus Manti in Miami, The 3 Faces of Marlins Fans & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Marlins drop home opener, Louisville wins NCAA, Tiger/Masters odds, Heat play it safe with Wade. 2) Join us on Twitter @agregcote.

Manti Te'o on official Dolphins visit: Notre Dame linebacker/slow-40-runner and girlfriend-hoax victim Manti Te'o is headed to Miami as one of the Dolphins' 30 official draft-prospect visits, the Palm Beach Post reports. Very slim chance they'd actually take him I'd imagine.

A REFERENDUM ON THE REFERENDUM: YOU FOR OR AGAINST DOLPHINS' STADIUM-IMPROVEMENT PLAN?: A planned May 14 Miami-Dade referendum will ask vote to approve or deny a plan to use public tax dollars to help renovate Dolphins stadium. Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Giminez and Dolphins president Mike Dee announced agreement on the plan, but their agreement means what Granpappy used to call diddly-squat without voter approval. The issue is complicated; click here to read details. But I have kept my ballot simple. Are you for or against using tax dollars to help renovate the stadium? We had a related ballot on this issue back in January; time for another, more streamlined pulse read. Vote and say why.

1aa1fansprotestTHE THREE FACES OF MARLINS FANS: Face 1--The Boycotter. These fans will have nothing to do with the Marlins as long as detested Jeffrey Loria is owner. Or at least as long as the team remains low-budget and lacking major-league talent. Face 2--The Loyalist. These fans will continue to root for the uniform, for the hometown team, despite the owner. Face 3--The Angry Attendee. These fans will attend, but not be happy about it. Meet Rachel P. and her father, who last night attended their 14th consecutive home opener together in the loss dropping Miami to 1-6 -- but did so wth a message to convey. Thanks for the pic, Rachel. You have taken the Classic Paper Bag protest to a different level with the T-shirt adaptations. (Particularly like the Triple-A'ing of the word MAAArlins). Photo was shot on a concourse. We can only imagine that moments are this image was taken, the two of them were swept away by Loria's Gestapo, never to be heard from again.

Protesting fans booted from park?: There have bee reports (click here) that some Marlins fans protesting Loria were escorted by police from the game last night. 

WOMEN: UCONN, LOUISVILLE = TWO SHOTS AT A DOUBLE: Women's NCAA basketball wrapped up in New Orleans last night with UConn beating Louisville. It made for a double shot at history in category of one school's men and women both reigning in same season. Very short list. Only UConn has done it, in 2004. Louisville had a chance last night after its men had won Monday night.

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